Gwyneth Paltrow makes fun of herself & goop: passive aggressive or cute?

Sometimes it’s just too easy to hate on Gwyneth because she’s so bloody unaware of the reality of the world outside of her own well-financed little bubble. She’s constantly doing pretentious stuff like selling her own $400 Goop-branded colon cleanses and exposing her own hypocrisy by shilling frozen processed food when she thinks the peasants aren’t watching. However, Goop wants us all to know that she knows we make fun of her, and she has alluded to as much during a guest spot on this morning’s episode of ABC’s “The Chew,” which is co-hosted by her dear friend Mario Batali. During her visit, the hosts asked her several quick questions during the Celebrity Egg Timer portion of the show. Her answers were less than illuminating.

During the sixty seconds (of hell), Goop sort of makes fun of Goop, and she admits once again to not being able to do her own makeup. Surprisingly, Goop did not find a way to namedrop Beyonce during these sixty seconds, although she did work in an obsequious reference to Batali himself. The video clip isn’t cooperating too well with an embed, but you can watch it here, and here are some excerpts.

The best dish that Chris ever cooked: “Ummm, nothing.”

The funniest person she knows: “My dad. He’s dead. Does that still count?”

When she feels the sexiest: “When Mario Batali is cooking.”

When she had her last hangover: “After the Oscars.”

What her blog would be called if it wasn’t Goop: “”

What she had for breakfast: “Coffee.”

Her essential makeup item: “Makeup? Um, I would say maybe blush? I don’t know, I’m not so good at makeup.”

[From Popwatch]

So has Gwyneth earned any points of goodwill by making fun of herself with the “” quip? Some people might think so, but to me, it feels like Goop is just passive-aggressively hitting out at those who’ve pointed out the ridiculousness of her website, which is essentially a compilation of weekly newsletters urging the peasants to buy $50 blank notebooks, $75 cake knives, and $1850 watches. This is not to mention her outrageous spring wardrobe recommendations — last year’s cost $18,000, and this year’s costs in excess of $20,000. Sure Goop gets that we all think she’s a pretentious, snobby brat, but she still thinks that we’re all wrong. In Gwyneth’s mind, she’s white and rich but definitely not spoiled. After all, it’s not her problem that she refuses to relate to anyone who makes a mere $25,000 per year. It’s our problem, right?

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47 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow makes fun of herself & goop: passive aggressive or cute?”

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  1. spitfire says:

    Pretentious piece of poop! Please let her be obliterated from the face of the earth already. It’s long overdue!!!

    • shanghaichicken says:

      “pretentious piece of poop”

      HAHHAHAHAHAHAA Totally!!!

    • bns says:

      Poopy GOOPy

    • Molly says:

      She disgusts me. There are so many actresses out there who grew up with a privileged life and are wealthy even now, and they don’t act half as snobby as she does. They seem to somehow spare a thought for people who haven’t inherited their careers through nepotism.

      She could really use an education. It’s not cute, and she needs to get it through her thick skull that nobody is really jealous of her. There are way prettier, richer, and smarter actresses who have at least a smidge of humility.

      Gwyneth is just yuck.

  2. Bite me says:

    For someone who is suppose to be so fashion foward… Doesn’t she relieve how dated that flat iron parted in the middle hairstyle of hers look

  3. Momoftwo says:

    Its funny but I don’t fault her for enjoying her money. She is privileged…she can’t help that, and I find that sometimes I bash her out of jealousy.

    I am by no means at g’s level of wealth, but I stay home with two kids and had a cleaning lady and she probably thought I was a spoiled brat (in fairness, that is pretty spoiled :)

    I know there are people who would look at me at me and think “u have know idea what a hard life is”…but I should be able to enjoy guilt free the life I have worked to achieve and the things I have been blessed with.

    Ok…stepping off my soap box now….

    • po says:

      Its not about what you have its about how you behave. There are plenty of rich celebs out there not being obnoxious about it and she happens to not be one of them. Also, its always a little hard to take snobbery from someone who probably never even broke a nail to get what she has.
      Just my opinion.

      • Agnes says:

        YES! i couldn’t agree more. you can enjoy money without being an obnoxious douche about it, like she is.

      • kim says:

        exactly. How to act when you have a sh_t load of money, please see: Jason Mraz

    • Raven says:

      ITA,momoftwo. I like her a lot, but then I live my own life rather than spend it glued to her website.

      I like how much she’s grown up since her dad died. No one’s perfect but she seems to do a good job of raising her kids and dealing with life in a bubble. No one who is truly pretentious can laugh at themselves.

  4. NYC_girl says:

    She has always been high-brow so her behavior should be expected after so many years. She IS a spoiled, rich, white girl and never seemed to ever hide it (esp if you know who her parents are). Unfortunately she comes off like a conceited, out-of-touch, pretentious b*tch. Her target audience is not me. Although I’m white, I’m not rich or spoiled and can’t spend $18,000 on a wardrobe. I DO like that houndstooth jacket though. Would I spend a week in her shoes, living in London with 2 cute kids and husband in a big-ass house, shopping and cooking? Of course.

  5. Helvetica says:

    Well if she’s trying to sounds funny or sarcastic, it really doesn’t work.

  6. Dana M says:

    I do think her clothing recs are unreasonably expensive. However, I do agree that eating processed foods on a constant basis is very unhealthy ( I think there is enough scientific research now to back this up).

    • Dana M says:

      Whether she feels it’s ethical to makes ads for proccessed foods after she’s proclaimed them unhealthy, is another story. It’s hard to always make food from scratch, especially with littles ones running around. Sometimes you have to turn on the oven and break out the frozen food out of convenience.

      • Kate #2 says:

        I’ll co-sign that. BUT – in the UK there is a chain called “Cook” that sell homecooked food, frozen. They do these pots for kids that serve two and are about $5 (£3) – it’s the main dish, and you add rice or couscous or potatoes yourself. All done. They save my bacon so often when tired and knowing my kid will turn his nose up (because let’s face it, nothing is worse than cooking a meal when exhausted and not hungry, and your kid rejecting it, when it’s just the two of you at that meal). And I found it hard to shift the baby weight when eating his share as well as mine – these, and it’s not such an issue because it’s 2 small portions. It’s that nice to eat, while not having excessive salt or anything else child-inappropriate in. I hate most ready meals but these are in another league.

        My point being that if she wanted to promote Cook, nobody would mind. It’s home prepared style food, with freezing the only preservative. But as you say, she didn’t; she promoted Spar ones, which are the standard not-ideal gunk she inveighs against usually.

        And Jen Garner and Kate Winslet, for all their annoyances for some in other areas, dress their kids in Boden and Gap. That’s sane behaviour IMO. You don’t actually need to spend obscene amounts to get cute things.

      • scylla says:

        The foodline she’s promoting is a far cry from “processed food”. The supermarket she endorses has a very good standing in Austria and this is an organic food-line. To call this food “processed” is like calling a leather shoe “synthetic.

  7. Mary says:

    Is it sad that before I started coming to this site I actually liked her? And now, I cannot stand her. Emma used to be one of my favorite movies, and now I can’t even watch it. :p

    • kazoo says:

      Aw, that’s sad. See, this is why I agree with actors who say they purposely don’t reveal too much of who they really are because it takes away from the characters they play. Instead of seeing the character, people see Gwyneth Paltrow or whomever. I have that problem now with Brad and Angelina, who I’ve always liked as actors. Now it’s so hard to watch a movie with them in it and get lost in the story. Instead, I’m thinking , “ugh shut up Brad Pitt and go pose for pictures with your 500 kids.” LOL.

  8. ahoyhoy says:

    I like Gwyneth. I’m the one. I look like her in that we have the same basic figure and, most importantly, the same hair! When she first became famous, I was always so happy that there was a star who embraced her natural, limp, stringy hair.

    I still like that she doesn’t live in hair extensions. Or make up.
    I started liking her when she was just an actress, so temper your flames please.

  9. gigi says:

    The word I want to use is Contrived. I don’t think she’s unaware of the world outside her bubble. I think she’s perfectly aware of it and that’s what gives her so much pleasure in showing us plebes what the good life is supposed to be. Her making fun of herself is just there to prove that “Haha look! I’m so clever and such a joy to be around!”

  10. Ann says:

    I don’t know why people whip themselves into such a frenzy over “hating” Paltrow. She’s easy enough to avoid if you’re not into her. She’s no Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, etc., who beat up women. So I can’t really work myself up over her website which I’m free not to go to.

    • artsygirl says:

      i agree with you, some of these people spend so much energy hating on her when in reality, it is after all a free world. no one forces you to go to her website and try to buy things that she promotes..if they are expensive then maybe because those are the “things” she can relate to..she grew up with money and that’s not her fault..i think it is just jealousy on some women because she is living the life that we can only imagine in our dreams.

    • Rav says:

      I also agree. Why the hate for this woman? It’s not like you can’t avoid her if you want to. So what if she is rich and has the life that goes with it? Lucky her. As stated by Ann she doesn’t abuse anybody nor does she come across as cheap or slutty. And quite frankly who cares if she is a hypocrite re: food, everybody is a hypocrite in some regard. If you’re taking nutritional advice from her, you’re a bit whacked anyway.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I give her points for the “spoiled” comment, but then take them away again for name dropped Batali.

    For someone so obsessed with health, who works out constantly, she should know that just “coffee” is not a healthy breakfast.

  12. anytime says:

    unfunny and pathetic. now listen dear dame poop, i’m really going to say this only as half-mockingly as i can as to save you (and us both) further torture. we already know you read every word written about you on these gossip blogs. you really feel a need for attention, to feel like on top of the world, and you are demanding that attention from people who weren’t brought up with as much attention as you. didn’t your rich parents try to boost your self esteem with delusional comments like “she could be anything she wanted, she could have found the cure to cancer-she was that smart”. i guess you cannot believe those white lies either, but your try-hardness show in your unfunny attempts at “i’m not taking myself so seriously”. really now. you are the rich 1%. if i was in your position, i would do some charity in secret, get rid of that “life of poop barbie” blog, and chill in my own time. i’d travel interesting and exotic locations, travel the world with my kids or something. you can do all that and i’m sorry (i really am) that your jerk husband and you drifted away but that is life, you know? just spare us anymore 2nd hand embarrassment please. for the sake of us all.

  13. Happymom says:

    I don’t mind her. I agree that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, has had every advantage possible and appears to live a lovely, fluffy life. But she doesn’t seem mean, or snobby and she’s not out running people down with her car. I just don’t get the hate. I find her amusing-not always the way she intends, I’m sure.

  14. spitfire says:

    Dear NincomPOOP, please take a good look at the mirror. Your plunging neckline outfit is just horrendous with your lack of boobs. Your stupid “health” advices are short of quackery. You are just a plain face with connections. Barely pretty and your hairstyle is long past its due date. I hope everything about you expires. But then again, we shall be deprived of a laughing white stock!

  15. normades says:

    We might all hate her but she has so much good will in hwood that she must not be too insufferable in person.

    Also all the young actresses want to be her imo. Engaged to the hottest actors, Oscar at 25, married to an English rocker, time off for babies and now shilling off her “lifestyle”. Blake would love to be that.

    I find her pretentions funny and completely disconected from reality rather than her trying to be arrogant.

  16. Shelly says:

    I want those red booties she’s wearing. Now. And yes, she is a spoiled white rich girl who writes a website for other spoiled white rich girls. I don’t expect her to be able to relate to the girl who makes $25,000 a year. If she’d just cop to that, I’d like her more, but the fake “I am trying to write tips for the masses” is just BS.

  17. BlackMamba says:

    I like Gwyneth. I never got the “bad vibes” from her. She is also very very popular with nearly everyone in hollywood and she has tons of females friends which is often a sign that a girl is not a bad person. In my experience when a lot of females all gravitates towards another like that it usually means she’s cool. She is rich and has lived a very beautiful life it seems but that doesn’t mean she is obnoxious and should be hated. Personally, I just envy her life.

  18. Moi says:

    I think that she probably has a great personality when you actually know her personally. But I do agree that she can come across in a bad light in interviews and her website. I’ve just always adored her since “Emma” and I don’t see that changing.

  19. poppy says:

    i’m old and have had to put up with her nonsense for over a decade. i don’t read GOOP and don’t actively seek her out but there she is all over the place, still the same old paltry goop. she’s an entitled hypocrite. ignorant. no self esteem. a user.
    remember! the hardest thing she’s ever done is lose the babyweight and learn to pretend to play the guitar! she got to where she is all on her own! she’s all “natural” perfection! we all must love her! she’s friends with beyonce! and everyone who’s anyone! love her god dammit!
    she’s “liked” in hollywood because she’s connected and lord have mercy if you cross her.
    there’s nothing wrong with being a spoiled rich white girl. she’s an insufferable ass spoiled rich white girl.
    the 1% that she’s blogging for? seriously, they would read GOOP? they don’t already know (better than her) what is fabulous? her blog is a thinly veiled infomercial to sell worthless junk.
    she is unintentionally hilarious, though. love to hate her.

  20. Helena says:

    I love Gywneth ‘goopy’ Paltrow…….
    Can’t hate someone for living the best life they possibly can…….
    I’d do exactly the same given her money and opportunities……..

    • Sweettart says:

      She used to really irritate me, but I remember reading about how upset she was when Brad married Jen and I think for me that gave her some humanity.

      She has lived a blessed life. She had parents who were not only well off, but seem to be well balanced and actually did a good job of parenting in spite of her celebrity status.

      I think she is sincere and means well, she just can’t relate to 99 percent of the U.S. because she has at no point lived anything what most of us would consider a “normal” life.

  21. Cinesnatch says:

    I love how you have a Blanchett post so close to this.

    The Academy called Gwyneth, they want your Oscar back!

  22. Frayed_Edges says:

    I think I hate her even more now?

  23. MsMe says:

    Ever watch the news (as in the news that deals with stuff like politics, health care,jobs, war, poverty blah blah)? She needs to get over her colon cleanses and volunteer grassroot level for a charity occasionally.

  24. original kate says:


  25. Ferdis says:

    Sorry, i like her. Spoiled brat, for sure, but she doesnt pimp her children or her mariage as others.

  26. Jaye says:

    I just don’t get the seething hate some folks have for her. I’ve never been to her website, as I don’t think there’d be anything there that’d be of interest to me. I don’t know her personally, so I couldn’t say whether or not she was a bitch or sweet mary sunshine. I can get finding the ‘face’ certain celebrities present to the world eyeroll inducing, but to actively hate someone you don’t know? I find that perplexing.

  27. BabaRamBaba says:

    Ugh. When I see her now I want to slap those idiots at Glee for pushing her back into the spotlight. And she is absolutely horrible on the show. But then she has always been overrated as far as acting goes.

    I normally wouldn’t say this but she really is one of those people who should shut up and just look pretty.

    • anytime says:

      i agree she should be low-key, and let people forget about the dumb shit she said in the past, and just chill. but looking pretty is going to be kind of difficult imo

  28. salamanca says:

    Was she still drung or had hangover, when she told that?