Gwyneth Paltrow talks Beyonce, feminism & infidelity with Harper’s Bazaar

Gwyneth Paltrow is the cover girl for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The photo shoot was done by Terry Richardson, and… I don’t really care for it. It’s like Goop is trying to look all shiny and glitzy/sexy, with maybe some hints of rock-star-trashy. And that style simply doesn’t work for Goop. That being said, I think the subscriber’s cover (the one where you don’t see Goop’s face) is intriguing and interesting. Mostly because you don’t see her face. You can see the full Richardson photo shoot here (and the full online interview too). Here are some highlights from Goop’s Bazaar interview:

She doesn’t like Botox: “I’ll take my wrinkles,” she says. “I don’t like the Botox thing.” But she does enjoy sunshine for the vitamin D, despite “my dermatologist yelling at me.” (She admits to “little things, like lasers” and regular facials, often with the London-based Vaishaly Patel.)

She still trains with Tracy Anderson: Today, like every other weekday morning, she has spent an hour and a half with her trainer, Tracy Anderson, doing dance aerobics and a precise series of exercises that changes every 10 days. The aim, she says, is “that you’re muscular, but you don’t get used to anything.”

She’s detoxing too: Right now, the dedicated eater (see Gwyneth chowing on a bocadillo with Mario Batali in Spain or on fried chicken while filming Country Strong down South) is also on a 12-week detox program. “I have a lot of inflammation in my system, so I’m not having anything I’m allergic to—no gluten, no dairy, no sugar.” The trigger for these seasonal detox sessions, she says, is recognizing her physical symptoms: “I’ll wake up exhausted; I can feel my adrenal cortex being really high. When I get into bed, my heart will pound, my skin won’t be good, I’ll feel cranky, and then I’ll just know it’s time.” But such consciousness has an emotional impetus as well: She cites the death in 2002 of her beloved father, director Bruce Paltrow, from throat cancer at 58—after decades of vodka and smoking—as a catalyst for her own conversion to clean living. “All I’ve learned about nutrition and health came from his cancer,” she says. “I’ll probably have a long and healthy life because he didn’t.”

When she’s not detoxing: “I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.” But an outline of her regular diet, along with the rest of her timetable, reveals a model of restraint. She’s up every morning around 7:00 with her two children, Apple and Moses (seven and five, respectively). “I don’t really like eating that early, so I usually just have coffee and then a couple of bites of their leftovers, like granola and yogurt or scrambled eggs.”

What does she do all day? During the day, Gwyneth’s attention turns to her rapidly expanding and soon-to-be-redesigned Web site, goop (which now has more than a million viewers a week and is relaunching next month), and its associated apps, including a new range of city guides, starting with Los Angeles and moving on to London and other world capitals. Then there’s her second cookbook to complete. (The first, My Father’s Daughter, came out last spring; this one, as yet untitled, will focus on “really delicious health food.”)

The Goop Brand: “Everything I’ve done has been completely organic, and that’s why the brand is a strong brand, because there is no ulterior motive behind it,” she says.

Chris Martin is described as “hugely supportive”: The two of them seem affectionately relaxed together—”he’s very communicative,” she says, “which is rare for a British man”—at ease with their nine-year relationship and their roles as parents. “If I’m in L.A. for three days working, then my husband does the school run; it’s always one of us,” although they do have a nanny for the children. “She’s French, so she’s teaching them French, and their previous nanny was Spanish, so they’re fluent in Spanish.” But it’s Gwyneth who gives the children their bath—”we all get into the tub together”—and she’s the one who cooks dinner for them before Apple and Moses go to bed at 8:00. It’s a family dinner, unless she goes out with Chris to eat at her favorite Japanese restaurants in London or for seafood at the members-only Arts Club.

She’s archiving her wardrobe for Apple: “I’ve been saving my clothes for her since before she was born. I was like, I’ll bet you anything I’ll have a daughter, and she’ll be a really cool butch lesbian and be so above clothes, and I got a very clothes-obsessed child. So if she’s a lesbian, she’s a lipstick lesbian. She doesn’t like anything avant-garde at all. She likes anything that’s pretty, pretty, pretty or has a bow or a ruffle or is pink.”

Goop name-drops Beyonce: As it happens, while Beyoncé was headlining the Glastonbury Festival last June (the night after Coldplay), Gwyneth was watching by the side of the stage with Jay-Z and testifies to the fact that her friend’s performance was punctuated by the miserable side effects of early pregnancy: “She was absolutely incredible, especially as she was barfing in between.”

She’s a traditional wife and mother: “I have little kids in school. I want to maintain my marriage and my family, so I have to be here when he comes home.” Hence her recent advice to a girlfriend (who remains tantalizingly unnamed): “She is an actress and in a new relationship with someone else with a big career, and I said this may not be feminist, but you have to compromise. It’s been all about you and you’re a big deal. And if you want what you’re saying you want—a family—you have to be a wife, and that is part of the equation. Gloria Steinem may string me up by my toes, but all I can do is my best, and I can do only what works for me and my family.”

On her exes: Gwyneth remains discreet about her previous boyfriends, who include Brad Pitt (they dated for nearly three years from 1994 and were engaged for six months) and Ben Affleck (in the late ’90s). She met Chris Martin in 2002, three weeks after her father’s death, and married him the following year. But she does confess that she knows what it feels like to be betrayed—”I had a boyfriend who used to cheat on me all the time. I was quite naive. I knew on a cellular level, but I bought his story”—while making it clear that infidelity is not part of her marriage.

But she’s not judging cheaters: She does not condemn others who stray. “The older I get, the more open-minded I get, the less judgmental I get. Life is long. I have friends who I love and admire who have had an affair. When I was younger, I would have said he’s a terrible person or she’s a terrible person. But who made these laws?” And if the commitment to remain within a relationship can be renewed, she believes, then it should survive the inevitable challenges… “I think you do fall in and out of love and you just keep going, and every time you go through a really difficult phase, you rediscover something new and it just gets better. We’ve been married for more than eight years now, and we’re still into it.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

I mean… ugh. Nothing she said offended me on a deep level, but there’s some interesting and controversial stuff in here. I find it interesting that Gwyneth is putting herself out there as the anti-feminist, the woman who is holding up traditional values, the one who advises peasant womanfolk to stand by their men and make sure to take care of their families. As for the conversation about infidelity… well… I don’t even know. I think Goop’s marriage is a lot harder than she wants to admit, and she puts up with a lot more than she’ll admit. Which makes me sad for Goop – it feels like she’s “given up” a lot of herself to keep her marriage and family going.

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson/Bazaar, slideshow here.

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  1. Sisi says:

    She keeps talking about her daily schedule in interviews, and I just.don’

    • Mimi says:

      I know, poor dear has such a brutal work schedule. However does she find time to do it all?

    • Lisa says:

      And she is still around because… Did I miss something? Is she trying to be “fashion icon”? Again.

    • originalone says:

      Yeaaah, the traditional housewife has her trainer in every morning for more than a 90-minute session, then goes for a colonic, then after that the poor over-whelmed housewife goes for a horrifying massage session, then after all that, she goes to her dermatologist, who yells at her, because the poor desperate housewife keeps spending vacations in the sun.

      But after all this, she does come back home and cook for her family.

      No matter how much I agree about the perception of fidelity, or infidelity, within a relationship (every couple is different, and deals with it differently, we should not judge), I just don’t like her as an obnoxious, elitist, idiotic twit.

      Feminist my ass!

      • Trashaddict says:

        Yup, that pretty much sums it up! Something annoying, condescending, rationalizing and deluded in every paragraph! Her poor kids. Mommy’s eating off their plates, building their future wardrobes, invading their bath, incantating their future sexual orientation – let’s hope she’s not insisting on colonics for them too! I hope Apple turns out to be a raving bitch of a hormonal teenager.

  2. atlantapug says:

    That close up of her smiling is hideous.


    Anyway, I detest the lesbian comments. They seem SO stereotyped!!! Only Lesbians aren’t into frilly clothes? Only LIPSTICK Lesbians like frilly clothes?
    You are truly an idiot, my dear.

    • Rhiley says:

      I totally agree. There are more than 2 types of lesbians, just like there are more than 2 types of striaght women, bisexual women, and uptight sour puss bitches. Also, I find the way she talks about her father in the media much more offensive than the way Michelle Williams talks about Heath Ledger. Goopy is trying to sell the imagine of down home daddy’s girl and we all know she is all about 20,000 dollar Spring outfits, 5 dollar glasses of coconut water, and 1000s of dollars worth of filets of giant tuna with truffles.

      • autumndaze says:

        My area of education is Public Health and Human Physiology. I find much of her advice on health and nutrition to be ignorant and bordering on dangerous.

        What ridiculous person claims to be allergic to some foods and avoids them during a “cleanse” only to indulge in them later? Allergies are allergies all the time. And what is this about feeling her adrenal cortex due to all the inflammation in her system? Gah!

        THis woman makes me stabby.

        Celebrities should stick to what they do best and we should ignore their advice on everything else.

      • atlantapug says:

        It won’t let me reply to Autmn Daze….

        I agree with you 100% about the allergies. I suffer from MANY food allergies (including peanuts) and have friends with real gluten allergies.
        It is NOT something you can eat sometimes, feel “tired” and “swollen” then cleanse out. She is talking about bloat from carbs or metabolic syndrome or something else she knows zero about.

        I’m going to go feel my adrenal cortex now…… la dee da dee da…

      • Dawn says:

        I agree! How can Goop give advice about nutrition? As someone who has gluten and dairy sensitivities I avoid these foods all the time! I can feel almost an immediate gut reaction, sleepiness and crankiness if I do eat them. I don’t rely on a detox.

      • originalone says:

        @automndaze – Very brightly said.

        As someone who suffers from carb addiction/allergies, I simply don’t eat carbs.

        The only difference is, I don’t call my lifestyle “cleansing”, just a healthy lifestyle that keeps me away from feeling sluggish, and getting extreme tension migraines. And I do this instead of taking medication. It is a sacrifice, but one that pays off long-term.

      • Ama says:

        Oh good. The Lesbian Police are here to tell us there are so many different types of people in the world. Thank you so much for your enlightening comments! We are the world!

    • MJ says:

      No shit. I have plenty of lesbian friends who are not “lipstick” anything and still care for fashion, makeup, etc. What a cunty thing to say. As if an interest in fashion means you’re not a real lesbian (whatever that means)!

    • taylor says:

      I agree. Way to date yourself, Gwyneth–those characterizations as being the ONLY way lesbians are “allowed” to be is so mid-90s.
      Also, what’s anti-feminist about being a good partner? I mean, if she’s saying that men don’t have to compromise, too, than she’s definitely not for equality in relationships, but why does she have to make it about feminism in the first place? Being a feminist is thinking that women and men are EQUAL. Sheesh, I hate it when people characterize it as anything else.

      • Sarah says:

        I hate it when people (women and men)generalize feminism as “anti-men” and see it as some type of radical, bra-burning philosophy. You can be a good mother and wife without being anti-woman. Feminism is just believing that a female is equal to a man. It doesn’t mean beating up your husband and abandoning your children. This bitch is spouting such nonsense…

      • Ally says:

        Feminism is equal rights and access for women. You don’t hand that over as a ‘token’.

        No one asks minorities to give up their hard-won access to equal rights to get along better with morons.

        With this anemic couple, the stupid thing is that he married a global starlet, so I can just imagine how elated he is to find himself married to cleansing-Martha-Stewart. No wonder he snogs new blonde Hollywood starlets. Not that he’s a prize either, mind you.

      • DrM says:

        such great comments…@autumn daze…thanks for that caveat on GP’s nutrition “advice”. I have worked in health research and much of what is on her site is utter rubbish. Eat sensibly, exercise, don’t drink overmuch and do NOT smoke. Simples. And as for her ‘analysis’ of ‘sacrifice’ in relationships (sorry I just cannot help putting her in quotations) she’s a fool. Compromise comes from both people, not just women. And you do not, and should not sacrifice your ambition or career on the altar of your marriage (the book The Feminine Mistake has a really good take on this.. if you are interested).
        My husband has spent hundreds of hours with my twins, worried about them, made their lunches, taken them to sport, and really helped them through high school in such a wonderful way. And he didn’t have to – he could have stayed single, had a hell of a lot more spare cash and less worry. We both sacrifice and both of us get to advance our careers and our relationship with each other by doing so!! And most people know this…except GOOP who thinks its all her doing, and her selflessness. Please…do us all a favour and sit down for a bit! LOL

    • Girl says:

      Yes. Pretty offensive.

      And is she operating on a different definition of the term “allergy”? She drops dairy and gluten during her detox because she’s allergic, then she “enjoys” them otherwise?

      Overall she comes off as a completely insufferable asshole.

      • autumndaze says:


        Hahaha. I totally agree! (I didn’t read far enough down; see above :0)

      • layla says:

        In her defense….

        You CAN have food intolerances or non immediate food allergies to certain foods that DO cause inflammation of the intestine (say, over time) but do not render an immediate (classic) allergic reaction. (Say, hayfever or immediate pains/gas etc after eating gluten if Celiac)

        It’s a differnce in the type of allergen & antibody involved in the reaction. There are 5 types of responses in total. IgE (classic reaction – hayfever, immediate food reaction vs IgA/IgG (food intolerances) would be the difference here.

        Here she was talking about inflammation, so I can understand the point she is trying to make… ie: dairy, gluten cause a build up inflammatory allergic response …so when detoxing she is avoiding these to calm/cleanse her system.

        Im not allergic to diary or gluten in the classic sense… but I DEFINTELY feel a difference when I consume them, especially over time as the inflammatory response/allergic reaction to them in my system builds up.

        But yes – intolerance would have been a better choice of word as most people associate the terms “allergic/allergy” with only the classic IgE response. :)

      • Mari says:

        Goopy herself speaks good Spanish, so she probably practices with them a little.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Has anyone picked up on the fact that she LOVES food, but that each season, read 4 times per year, she goes on a cleanse?

        Um, unless I am suddenly bad at math that equals 48 weeks per year. OF CLEANSING! Does this sound normal to any human being here???

    • Lee says:

      really? I’m a lesbian who is neither butch nor lipstick, and I found her comments pretty funny. I actually rather dislike Goop, but that section cracked me up. I don’t see her saying there are only the two types of lesbians, just that her little girl loves pink frills and bows.

      But seriously, there’s no way her kids are fluent in Spanish and will become fluent in French just from having a nanny who speaks to them in those languages. I’m sure they can get by, but there’s no way they’re fluent. And beyond that, if the parents don’t speak those languages and don’t maintain the usage of them with the kids, they will lose their abilities pretty quickly. What a haughty b*tch.

      And how can your adrenal cortex be “high”?

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        They probably aren’t totally fluent, but it is possible for her kids to be fluent in multiple languages. The younger the children are the easier it is for them to learn languages because they’re learning to think in the languages instead of translating later on. I know a pair of sister where the parents spoke English, the grandmother spoke to them in German, and the grandfather spoke to them in Spanish, so they were trilingual by the time they were like, 3. If they don’t keep up on the Spanish they’ve already learned they’ll probably lose most of it, altho Spanish and French are so similar that they’ll keep some basics.

      • Esmom says:

        Yeah, I laughed when she said they’re fluent in Spanish — and soon to be in French — because of the nannies. If counting and knowing a couple words equals fluent, well then I guess it’s possible! It reminds me of my kids’ old school where they supposedly learned Chinese. The parents loved to brag about it but after 8 years the outgoing kids couldn’t string a single sentence together. It was all for show.

      • ol cranky says:

        the symptoms she’s talking about is HPA axis suppression but she doesn’t quite understand so she bleats out some corny lingo to make herself sound deep, educated and plain out goopy

      • Bobbie says:

        Yep, way to call BS on the lesbian comments and the ridiculous fluency assertion. You can pretty much be guaranteed that someone can barely ask to go to the bathroom in a language if they are asserting “they’re fluent.” Everyone I know who is fluent always denies it- “oh, I have so much more to learn”- except maybe on a resume. Either that Spanish speaking nanny was raising her children or they ain’t fluent, which one is it Gwinny?

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I too doubt her children are fluent. My dad (who’s Irish and German) had a grandmother who spoke only German to him. She died when he was seven and, a few years later, he remembered nothing (except how to say the rosary). Unless someone is there speaking Spanish to the children everyday, they probably won’t retain much of it.

  3. StrawberryGirl says:

    I think her marriage is in a better place now. Chris has mentioning her more and they’ve been seen out more together.

  4. Asli says:

    Cover shoot photo – that doesn’t even look like her own face.

    She’s the only ”actress” who talks about her daily life in EVERY interview (okay, besides SJP). Mention your kids okay, but we’re going to believe a 5 year-old speaks Spanish fluently and is learning French. Most 5 year-olds are busy trying to talk correctly (in English if that’s were you live). But oh no, Goops kids are perfect.

  5. Sarah says:

    Those aren’t photos, they’re paintings – the photoshop in the one with her face turned away is particularly heavy handed.

  6. kit says:

    Too much photoshopping, she doesn’t even look like GOOP in some pictures.
    I’m sure she likes bread and cheese and whatnot but i doubt she actually eats it on a regular basis.
    And I think the reason she seems less annoying is because we’ve gotten used to her now that’s she’s pimping her brand a lot. I’m still eyerolling her.

  7. Lisa says:

    I’m sorry…those photos are HOT to me…

    I like Gwinnie…so…

  8. whatthehell456 says:

    I think that by the time your kids hit seven and five, it’s time to let them be in the bath by themselves. Just a little creepy.

  9. LL says:

    Her face was photoshopped into oblivion and it still doesn’t look good.

  10. annaloo. says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnnnn…….there are more interesting people out there. She serves up the same vanilla every time…good for her & her pic perfect life.

  11. Koko says:

    I like her, she is no dumb hollywood girl.

  12. M3l says:

    Oh, honey. Like lesbians need more reasons to dislike you.

    And rare for a British man to communicate? Another eyeroll.

    Sometimes I think she lives in cheesy sitcom world.

  13. Mimi says:

    Took me a minute to place it, but they sure made her look like Claire Danes here…something in the nose area.
    Oh and yeah, you’re still the most pretentious b-tch on the block, G-Dog.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Gwenyth name drops Beyonce and talks detox. In other obvious news, water is wet.
    Detox again? I think she needs to see a doctor. If she is so into healthy and organic eating, her body should be functioning very well and she shouldn’t need to detox. That woman is obsessed. I feel kind of sorry for her.

    “I can do only what works for me and my family.” Then why is she always telling everyone else what to do?

  15. LadyJane says:

    You would think she was the only person who ever lost someone she loved. I am sure she was devastated when her father died. But no more more sad than anyone ever is, even poor and ugly people. I am tired of reading about it.

  16. Franny says:

    ” I can feel my adrenal cortex being really high”

    um….no you can’t.

  17. mel says:

    this interview actually made me like her a little bit more…she actually owns up to being a judgy bitch in the past…which she SO WAS…and she seems to be mellowing. I’m going on 21 years of marriage and let me tell you – what she said about compromise and falling in and out of love is so true…

  18. Happymom says:

    I don’t see that as anti-feminism. I see it as realistic. If you want a family, you are going to have make compromises and “sacrifices”. Gloria Steinem never had children.

  19. SG says:

    What’s up with Gwyneth’s constant mentioning of Beyonce?

    Does Beyonce ever talk about Gwen?

  20. Nev says:

    i agree…sounds like alot of angst in the statements…sad.

  21. Sumodo1 says:

    Where to begin? Let’s start with her adrenal cortex and end with her being strung up by her toes.

  22. Incredulous says:

    Her searing insights into relationships consist of saying that a relationship has give and take?

    Goop insights:

    Organic water is wet.
    Organic nannys aren’t peasanty.
    Organic conversation is possible with Tracy and Beyonce.
    Organic organics are organic.

  23. Talie says:

    I agree, she is clearly the one who has to compromise in that marriage. I’m sure he wanted out on multiple occasions and has pushed her buttons to the max.

  24. marymary says:

    There’s so much to hate here, I don’t know where to start.
    Mostly Goop seems to be repeating the same stuff she’s been saying for years: I’m the bestest mom ever and my husband doesn’t cheat on/hate my skinny, boring ass. Is she trying to convince us or herself?

  25. Lauren says:

    Goop looks so much better here than on the Red Carpet photos we see. Photoshop can work wonders. I am glad that Goop admits that you have to make compromises for your marriage and family. Chris has a lot of freedom. I think that her Mum Blythe Danner made compromises too..that is Goop’s role model.

  26. Kimlee says:

    Why is she on the cover is she promoting something?

    I agree not the best photo shot and I’m so over the name dropping can she be in one interview with out name dropping someone. Can you picture her and Matt Damon in a conversation together, I can see them trying to out name drop each other but in the end Gwen would win no one can drop names like Her, i mean really she can be talking about toilet paper and name drop 6 people; Matt needs to step up his game if he wants to be in her league.

  27. podzol says:

    Bitch, please. I’ll bet the reason she doesn’t “judge cheaters” is because her husband cheated on her, and she stayed with him afterwards. Gwyneth is one of the most judgmental and condescending people, ever; unless it personally happens to her, and then it’s all about “I’m zen with all this human behaviour and the fickle nature within us all”.

  28. Relli says:

    Why did they Photoshop her to look like January Jones?

  29. ladybert62 says:

    Hate the pictures – I like her better with the simple haircut, part in the middle thingie – not this slicked up “hot to trot” goop!

  30. Jayna says:

    I love the photos and outfits. Half of the interview was cringeworthy and I was rolling my eyes. But half I liked. The trying so hard to be cool with her daughter and lesbian comments, oh, Gwynnie. LOL

    But I agree with her about marriage and compromise for a celebrity couple. You can’t have it all and the marriage usually is the casualty in celebrityland. Very few make it together who don’t step out of it at times over the years. Meryl Streep’s marriage made it, but I think Meryl had a few affairs onset back in the day. But two high-powered couples on the road all the time can’t sustain the marriage. I do admire that she stepped back at a time when she still commanded a lot of offers and spent time with her husband and little ones and did small parts here or there for years. He goes on tour and it’s hard (Heidi/Seal anyone), but they have managed to make it.

  31. mln76 says:

    GOOP please don’t use words like adrenal cortex without first looking them up in the medical dictionary.
    Oh and how much you want to bet the cheating boyfriend was Ben Affleck?

  32. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I love how she tries to help her friend Beybumpless out by claiming this biotch had morning sickness in Glastonbury while she performed. Bitch please. Stop lying.

    And didn’t SHE cheat on Brad? So what the hell is she talking about BECOMING open minded. Bitch please.

    I love to hate her and I hate to love her. She has become a caricature of her former self. Aloofy Goopy!

  33. Suzy says:

    She needs to STFU about her adrenal cortex

  34. Austinite says:

    I like that she hasn’t had too much work done and doesn’t have huge implanted/filler lips. She looks great in these photos. I did also think of Ben Affleck immediately when I read the cheating part.

  35. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    It comes across like Gwyn has hyperthyroidism and wonder if she’s got it checked out. She should be eating breakfast like oatmeal and yogurt in the morning so her blood sugar will not get low as well.

  36. Photo JoJo says:

    “I can feel my adrenal cortex being really high.” WFT Goopy?!?

  37. LittleFATMe says:

    I hate that I love this interview.
    I was JUST SAYING the same thing to my friend about being a wife. I am a ULTRA femme lipstick lesbian and I like ULTRA butch girls. I have always adored that “wife” role and I wanted it, that picture of a family, but with a chick where the dude is. My wife (went to VT and tied the knot last April – how EXCITING) does all the grass cutting, trash taking, beer drinking… I do the cooking, packing lunches, grocery shopping, dance class runs… Anyway, my friend (also gay) is all about how awful it is that we have “roles” and then was talking about wanting a wife and a family like mine. I said, “If you want a wife who is gonna take care of you the way I do then you need to take care of her the way she needs or wants to be taken care of. It might not be PC to say, but I didn’t want to burn my bra or be equal in the work place with my partner. I wanted a provider so that I could do a different job and that is provide the best home for my family.” She was all OMG shoot me, women should never say that… Oh, well.
    I also love that she talks about the affair thing. I have come to that thought also, I was way to quick to rush into “bad person” mode when I heard stuff like that, now I have the whole life eye opened thought process and it’s still a bad decision, but could actually be made by a good person…
    Why is she making sense in this interview? What is happening? Am I high? Maybe I need more coffee.

  38. Bermuda Blues says:

    She doesn’t photograph that well, but I think Gwyneth is a knock out on film. It is sad that she feels she can’t make movies anymore because she needs to be home for her marriage. Gwyneth was a really great actress in the late 90s and early 00s… This whole lifestyle guru reinvention does not seem authentic. Its unnatural and feels that way. I think she should dump this Goop thing and get back to acting, but I guess that would mean giving up her marriage.

    • Jayna says:

      She’s back to making movies. She was the lead in that country western movie, but even being back, she spaces it out.

      She was a great actress in her twenties. She had the it factor on screen. I loved all her movies, the small ones and bigger ones. As she is getting older, she is still pretty, but something is missing.

  39. TxGal says:

    I really can’t stand this “B”. Her face/body has been photoshop way too much. How do we know that the faceless picture is her???

    I don’t understand why she mentions her little girl being a lesbian?

  40. Jezi says:

    The reason why she is justifying affairs is because she has 1. cheated herself and is trying to convince people that it doesn’t make you a horrible person or 2. her husband cheated and she stayed to make it work and doesn’t want people to think cheating makes you a horrible person.

    I don’t think all people who cheat are evil and I don’t think all people who have cheated in the past will do it again. However, I still do think people who cheat don’t value their morals. People need to take responsbility for their actions and have self control. I think it’s hard in life to remain faithful. Doesn’t matter if they are from Hollywood or not. There is temptation anywhere.

  41. Lisa says:

    I’m not against detoxing, but I’d never buy her GOOPy shit.

  42. Delta Juliet says:

    Gah! She’s such a pretentious moron.

  43. spinner says:

    That girl has a pair of pins on her that won’t stop. huzza!!!

  44. HoustonGrl says:

    Goop doesn’t annoy me per se…I just find her to be extremely self-involved. That’s probably a natural reaction when one has too much time on their hands, and when one uses that time to think solely about themselves and their thoughts. That’s what I took away from this interview.

  45. jay says:

    it’s like Blake Lively in 30 years.

  46. constance says:

    For being so HiSo, WTF is she doing dropping stereotypical crap about her daughter being a lesbian in public?

    What does your daughter’s future choice for a mate have to do with anything?

    Why not just tell us your slightly racist stereotypical ha-ha observations too? lol #thisbitch

  47. Agnes says:

    This stuck-up dumbass doesn’t even know the meaning of “allergic to” (versus “sensitive to”). An “allergy”, Goop, means that you will go into anaphylactic shock if you ingest the thing you’re allergic to. “Sensitivity” means you’ll feel like utter crap (possibly), but you life won’t be threatened. See an actual MD, Goop, not just someone who gives you $500 worth of wood chips mixed with grass to cleanse your system with.

    • BW says:

      I couldn’t get past her detox comments.

      “. . . I’m not having anything I’m allergic to—no gluten, no dairy, no sugar.” . . . When she’s not detoxing: “I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.”

      Stupid idiot. If you’re allergic to gluten, dairy and sugar, then bread, cheese and wine would not be making your life fun and enjoyable.

      I couldn’t read anymore past that.

    • layla says:

      I posted this up thread a littel ways, but thought I’d respond here as well.

      You CAN have food intolerances or non immediate food allergies to certain foods that DO cause inflammation of the intestine (say, over time) but do not render an immediate (classic) allergic reaction. (Say, hayfever or immediate pains/gas etc after eating gluten if Celiac)

      It’s a differnce in the type of allergen & antibody involved in the reaction. There are 5 types of responses in total. IgE (classic reaction – hayfever, immediate food reaction vs IgA/IgG (food intolerances)- would be the difference here.

      Here she was talking about inflammation, so I can understand the point she is trying to make… ie: dairy, gluten cause a build up inflammatory allergic response …so when detoxing she is avoiding these to calm/cleanse her system.

      Im not allergic to diary or gluten in the classic sense… but I DEFINTELY feel a difference when I consume them, especially over time as the inflammatory response/allergic response to them in my system builds up.

      But yes – intolerance would have been a better choice of word as most people associate the terms “allergic/allergy” with only the classic IgE response :)

    • layla says:


      Well, the adrenal cortex regulates the adrenal gland and stress response so… yeah… when her whole system feels burdened she detoxes is my guess?!

      BUT – whether or not you can ACTUALLY FEEL your adrenal cortex “too high” is well ummmm… yeah, I rolled my eyes at that one too. ;)

  48. Jordan says:

    I think her husband probably has cheated on her and she stayed to make it work, either b/c she really loves him or for appearances sake. Ben probably cheated on her too b/c that’s his M.O. But I just hate that she is all like, ‘Oh,no, that doesn’t happen to me, of course not. I’m just big enough to have empathy for or forgive the peons that it does happen to.” I also hate when celebrities say they do anything in an “organic” way. STFU!

  49. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    She cannot open her mouth without mentioning Tracy Anderson or Beyonce’.

  50. Michelle says:

    The photos of her with her hair long look like Kirsten Dunst with a touch of Maggie Gyllenhall… not a good look.

  51. skipper says:

    Same old crap. GOOP stories are some of my favorite because I love to hate her. Why is she pulling up her skirt in every picture. Is there something special about her legs I am supposed to be noticing? And her body looks completely shapeless in the picture with her head down.

  52. Ann says:

    I don’t get why it’s always the woman who needs to “make compromises”. It’s a two way street, girl!

  53. Maria says:

    i’m a personal trainer, and her OVER exercising is ridiculous…if she is so strapped for time she can do what my clients do, a total body workout in 30 minutes….all she’s doing is releasing cortisol (stress hormones) which ages one like crazy. the nano second she ever STOPS all this over exercising, she’s going to gain weight very easily, especially after she hits 40 and her reproductive hormones start acting up as they do in all of us.

  54. Reel Wheel says:

    In the immortal words of some unidentified person who is a lot wiser than goopy here:

    “if people listened to themselves more often, they would talk alot less”.

  55. Reel Wheel says:

    Just an aside, but can she not keep her contradictions in a single article to a minimum?

    I love how she is the “traditional” wife and mother who has to be at home cooking dinner for her school age children and husband (who shows up for dinner no doubt promptly at 6pm) except when she is (a) out to dinner at some exclusive restaurant with the hubby or (b) in “LA for 3 days” (which translates to 5 days at a time when you add in that 11 flight both ways from London to L.A.).

    I guess the nanny wears a Goopy mash and apron when she’s not around.

    Really, she is quite funny.

  56. Shontay says:

    She looks great and I think she’s talented but she’s not getting any good work. I don’t care enough about her to read this interview though.

  57. Day says:

    “she’s “given up” a lot of herself to keep her marriage and family going.”

    Reason #1 has to why I have no plans to have kids or get married.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t think she has. She had a very successful career for ten years where everything was me me me. Broken relationships. Beloved father dying. Working sporadically and having her children she obviously adores and a stable marriage probably has brought her a lot of happiness. She has been all over the place for the last year, so not exactly a stay at home wife sacrificing her whole career for family.

  58. eileen says:

    I find her Plain Jane, snobbish, boring and insufferable.

  59. Kristen says:

    Why is Terry Richardson even allowed to take people’s photos any more? They’re all versions of the same thing: bright white background, too much make-up, trashy poses…

    Enough already.

  60. Alaina says:

    Well that was a whole bowl of substanceless dull.

    And that has to be the emptiest, least engaging, most charisma-free photoshoot I’ve seen in a long while.

  61. LeeLoo says:

    I can’t knock her for the choices she has made but how does any media outlet cobsider her to be an interesting person to talk to? She says the exact same thing in every interview.

  62. Madrugada says:

    If I were Beyonce, I would be pissed that Goop feels the need to advertise our friendship.

    Gotta say I do appreciate her comments on compromise in families. I have the feeling she’s compromised on more than she’d like to admit to, but she’s right that it won’t work unless you make that choice and commit to it. Yes, guys have to do it, too, even the British “uncommunicative” ones, but each person has to make that decision independently, if it’s going to stick.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Oh please, nothing makes Beyonce more pleased than being named dropped by someone she considered classy, elegant and WASPISH/JAPISH. That means she and Jay are closer to being in.

      Gwen uses her for cool points and Beyonce is always name dropping Gwen for status points. Both douchey bitches who deserve each other.

  63. kay says:

    well, that’s that.

    the lipstick lesbian comment finally pushed her over the edge for me.

    bye Gwen!


  64. anons says:

    she should do more shoots like the second pic, which highlights her trim physique while hiding her budda face.

  65. annabelle says:

    You know, up until now I had really never understood all the anti-Goopiness. I thought she was silly but harmless and I thought all the hate on her was a wee bit mean.

    Yeah. I’m over that.

    What an insufferable twit!

    Just so…ugh, I can’t even find the words but I am making the I smell spoiled milk face and that says it all.

  66. boo says:

    Wow, it takes a lot of money to be goopy. I guess I’ll go eat my Twinkie in peace somewhere.

  67. Teel says:

    From the HB interview: “As she falls naturally into yoga stretches during the course of the conversation, supple as a cat, you realize that this is a woman for whom working out has become essential.”

    Two things:
    1. Can they just never send a professional who will NOT be starstruck to do these interviews?; and,
    2. Oh, b**tch, please. Is it really necessary to strike yoga poses during an interview? I wouldn’t call that natural.

  68. Nan209 says:

    She doesn’t even hold a candle to her mother when it comes talent and personality. She can do the ” I’m a great mom ” bit because she rich and has paid help. I put in 10 hour days away from my family in order to make sure the necessities are taken care of…and that is with a dad who is actively involved with raising the family…can’t imagine how uptight and frazzled I’d be as a single mom ( and I’m willing to bet that infedelity is a leading cause of becoming a single mom ) .

    She lives in a little bubble.

    • JudyJudyJudy says:

      Yeah, she is really in a different world. Some women think she has the time to do research on the best things so she must know what she is talking about…but I think she has taken self-absorption to a whole new level when she talks and talks about poohing all the time.

  69. fabgrrl says:

    He son is five and she gets in the bath with him? Really? My son is a year younger and pretty much bathes himself. Dad or I run the bath and help him get in and out of the tub (because he thinks it’s fun to jump in on his own). We stay close to the bathroom, with the door open, but no one needs to get in the bath tub with him. I couldn’t even imagine doing that with a seven year old. And, no, I’m not a prude.

  70. Dolkite says:

    Are these pics supposed to be sexy? I don’t know a single guy who thinks she’s hot. Anyway, when’s the last time she was in a hit movie other than the Iron Man films? Why are people listening to her?

  71. original kate says:

    wow – she gets up at 7 am AND gives the kids a bath? however does she manage? oh, right – with a nanny, and i’m sure she has a housekeeper to clean up and at least one PA to run all her errands. and it takes no time at all to write that ridiculous tripe on goop. and of course she name-drops beyonce, and jay z and everyone else she has ever met; she always does.

    gwynnie’s a vapid twit, but “country strong” is the funniest movie i have seen in a long time. it was a comedy, wasn’t it?

  72. buell says:

    Who told her a cat-in-heat pose was sexy?

  73. Jackie says:

    i think i may actually hate her.

    she speaks like an immature woman who has not had many, if any, real hard knocks in life.

    wait till she gets some. then she won’t be so preachy and perfect…she might then have a chance at becoming interesting.

  74. kimberly says:

    okay who here DOESN’T think that her husband gets his dick sucked or fucks groupies? I mean, he’s an artist man . . . barf.

    She’s just another weak ass bitch who wants us to believe she’s more than she is.


    by the way the whole Vit D sun thing makes her a dumb ass. For someone who is so into detox and “eating right” she should know that Vit D from Veggies is the best way to obtain the crucial Vit. What a lame ass excuse maker for justifying her hypocrisy.

  75. marie says:

    Does she live on the same planet I do??? What is with the lesbian comments, too? She sounds so hoity toity and tries so hard to come down to the real world level.Also, the photos look so plastic and photoshopped.

  76. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    She’s so Reality Bites, mid-nineties, angst ridden in this article. Is that the last time frame she felt truly relevant in? Please like me, please accept that I can “feel” my adrenal cortex, and know what it is, please accept me as a lifestyle expert even though I do colonics, and cleanses that are not good for you, blah, blah, blahhhhhhh.

    If she’s that determined to be a lifestyle expert via her goop website, she needs to go to school and learn to not give out bad health advise. Although nothing can stop her from being an out of touch, waspy, pretentious, twat not that it matters anyway, let’s face it, some people love that sh!t.

    I will give her credit that she didn’t talk about Brad Pitt…Agian. Good going Gwinnie, you’re almost over him! Ha!

  77. darkladi says:

    my eyes hurt from rolling them

  78. Kelly says:

    Why is she on the cover of a magazine? How is she relevant? Doesn’t sound like a great marriage if she has to make those kinds of sacrifices. Its about compromise from both, not just one. Who would actually take advice from her? She sounds like an idiot.

  79. Dee Cee says:

    Whack-a-doo torments herself so much.. too much detox rapidly ages and cripples your body, but hey Miss perfect and proper exists to disprove that.. har har

  80. Ranga says:

    Ugh, I hope her daughter grows up happily a bit chunky and unfashionably ungay and doesn’t fit any of her stupid clothes. That would just wreck Gwyneth :D

  81. itstrue says:

    I don’t have time to read all the responses so if it’s already been said…sorry, but whatever is wrong with this bitch, this is the first photo I’ve ever seen of her that made me think…”What is up with her nose??” Just sayin’…

  82. Thelma says:

    Well, she shouldn’t be judging on infidelity given that her engagement to Brad was broken because she cheated! Not hating…she’s admitted it herself.

  83. taya says:

    this seems to be an un popular opinion but no matter how old i get i’ll never consider cheating to be a good thing. i know thats not what she means but ive read so many other actors with the same comments. I don’t care how many years a couple is together – there has to be a level of respect and cheating for me is never something i’d forgive.

  84. Jover says:

    She’s on the cover because fashion mags are owned by conglomerates that have entertainment interests and the mags generally have become marketing and pr extensions; she is the perfect example of the couplet: a little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep or taste not the pierian spring; she has just enough learing to make her moronic.

  85. ava says:

    Photoshop… it’s a hell of a drug.

  86. Sara says:

    She’s pretty much the most annoying real housewife on the planet. And she’s a part of the organic food cult. Personally I wish she’d retire from acting.

  87. Wow says:

    Many of the things she said are confusing.

    She cooks her rocker husband dinner and waits for him to come home?
    He doesn’t have an office job. He probably goes to work around 6pm or on tour.

    Her words about infidelity are odd, given the pictures/ stories about her husband, and her own “hanging out” with that Glee actor.

    I would never blame her. I’m not even sure her “husband” lives with her and after all the humiliation and cheatings, she is entitled to date/ have an affair of her own, but why talk as if they live in this wonderful marriage.
    Just don’t bring “cheating” up or at least be honest about it.

    I wonder if Ben Affleck cheated on her or was it Brad or some other guy?

    I can’t seem to understand if she is the one who is cooking the dinner to her children/ husband or if she is making sure “dinner” is served at 6pm.

    Many of her statements are confusing and one is offensive, and I am very surprised she used such terms. I thought she was much more politically correct.

    Finally, I don’t know why would any celebrity allow Terry Richardson ruin them and show them in the most trashy and unflattering manner.

    I felt embarrassed just looking at the very high cut of the “dress” in which you wonder if she waxed or used a razor in a private area of her body.

    She is still only 39 years old. Why doesn’t she just divorce and be free to find a real husband and love (and have more children).
    I don’t know why she stays with an absenty husband who is out there for all to see, and not even sure if he has any feelings for her.

    She can find many eligible men who would like to date her.

    Why cling to an empty marriage?

  88. Kacey says:

    Wow. I think all the snarky comments here say a lot more about each commentor (and author of the post) than they do about GP. If you were all happy with your own lives & yourselves, you wouldn’t feel a need to tear apart someone that you only know through trashy gossip sites.

  89. Zelda says:

    I have to say, I’ve never cared much for Gwyneth Paltrow, but I COMPLETELY disagree that her comments are “anti-feminist”. Being married and having children DOES change your role as a person. I wish that people would stop being so quick to characterise “feminism” as something resembling “being too independent for a man or for your children”. Granted a lot of her comments are pretentious and nauseating and I see no need to specifically pull Gloria Steinem into the debate, but still…

  90. Lee says:

    Doesn’t she have osteopenia or early osteoporosis? How can she quit dairy?

  91. moopsie says:

    wow she has a lot of haters. I actually like this woman. She seems is a high-maintenance lady but has a likeable side.

  92. Its such as you learn my mind! You appear to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you simply could do with a few percent to power the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.