Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan engaged to his super-secret baby-mama Hilarie Burton?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton might be engaged. And before all of you bitches start screaming “OMG, WHO?!?” – just hush. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the hottie character actor you’ve seen in Grey’s Anatomy, Watchmen, P.S. I Love You, etc. Hilarie Burton is the former CW girl who now appears on occasional episodes of White Collar. Under normal circumstances, if everything was on the up-and-up, I probably wouldn’t care about this couple at all. Unfortunately for them, their relationship has always been shrouded in sketchiness, in my opinion. JDM and Hilarie “got together” when – by most accounts – he was still with Mary-Louise Parker. In fact, I tend to think Hilarie is the reason why MLP and JDM finally ended their relationship for good. Not only was JDM screwing around with Hilarie, but he got her pregnant.

Hilarie’s pregnancy was also shrouded in sketchiness. She went into “hiding,” like this was old-school Hollywood in the 1940s. She gave birth quietly, no announcement, nothing. She walked the red carpet with JDM shortly after giving birth, and barely anyone knew she had just had a baby – because that was the first time they had ever walked a red carpet together, and everyone was like, “Hey, Jeffrey, who‘s your new girlfriend?” Hilarie later confirmed the birth (sort of) after months of minor speculation. She had a boy – they named him Gus. Anyway… at this point, JDM and Hilarie have been together since 2009. They walk the red carpet together occasionally, and they made an appearance at the Independent Spirit Awards two weekends ago. Hilarie was wearing something that looked like an engagement ring:

The secret’s out! White Collar’s Hilarie Burton revealed an eye-catching diamond bauble on Feb. 25 at the Independent Spirit Awards, where her beau, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 45, was a presenter.

“They are engaged,” a source confirms. The pair also hid the birth of their 2-year-old son Gus for months.

But Hilarie, 29, did tell Star how they keep the flame alive.

“We’re always coming and going… it’s hard, but there’s something exhilarating. I write him love letters he has to get his reading glasses to read. It’s all very cute!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Giant ball of sketch. Look, if JDM and Hilarie are totally happy together and their romance isn’t as controversial as I think it is, then God bless. I hope they live a long and happy life together. But really… this is weird. It just feels like there’s some giant conspiracy and I haven’t put it together. YET.

Here’s the closeup of Hilarie’s “engagement ring.” It looks sort of like an engagement ring.

…But in the past, she’s always worn rings on her left hand.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. elvyn says:

    She is so skinny now. She was great when she was in One three Hill!
    I don’t think there is anything strange. They are just a low key couple and I like that, I like the fact that they don’t sell their love everyday. They are a normal couple as normal you could be in Hollywood.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I stopped watching One Tree Hill some time ago and tuned in the other day to find that both Hillary and Chad Michael Murray are no longer on the show. OT, but how were their characters written out?

      • elvyn says:

        I don’t know, I stop watching that a long time ago.

      • Jen Wind says:

        They had a baby and moved away. She almost died during child birth. He was actually on the show again last week. I miss thier characters.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        That’s true..they moved away. Was actually a big fan of her character getting written off, she annoyed me. CMM was hot (duh!) and I love that he is guest appearing in a couple of episodes this final season.

  2. Jackie says:

    mary louise parker really knows how to pick a douche.

  3. Hautie says:

    Well if history tells us anything… whoring out your relationship will destroy it.

    Keep the media out of your home life and things might work out.

    As soon as they are all loved up in People Magazine and selling pictures of their child. It is a count down to it all ending.

    Courting and using the media to sell your personal life in LA. Will never end in a positive way.

    And JDM has a new show starting on Starz this month. That I am soooo looking forward to watching.

    • vicky says:

      Magic City?

    • Koi says:

      The problem with THAT rationale, is that Hilarie has done nothing BUT whore her relationship and the kid! Since she was pregnant she has baited rumors and as soon as she got her gig on White Collar she started dishing to the press, all while trying to play innocent and private!

      • cham says:

        I used to work at a retail store in NYC and they came in once to shop and were probably the nicest, friendliest, most into-each-other celebrity couple I’ve ever witnessed. They were all over each other, complimenting each other the whole time, and seemed very much in love. I think they’re just down-to-earth and don’t feel the need to be in the spotlight like other celeb couples.

      • Carol says:

        Funny, because I used to work at a store in Rhinebeck and several times in 2010 and 11 I saw him come in and he was usually with this younger woman who was absolutely not Hilarie and they are very much into each other. Holding hands, whispering, kissing each other. So I don’t know what’s going on!

      • cham says:

        @Carol – sorry having computer issues and won’t let me me reply to you – very interesting, when I saw them it was probably 2009/early 2010, so before you did. Guess that’s just his MO with his younger ladies then! Changes my opinion quite a bit…

      • R says:

        Must have been 2009 Cham!

        Because JDM wasn’t in NYC in early ’10 and neither was Hilarie. He was in LA consistently from Nov ’10 (until he went to NOLA in May ’10)

        She flitted from LA to Wilmy all through ’09/’10 also. Not to mention in early ’10 she would have been very heavily pregnant as the kid was born in March ’10

        However, he was in NYC filming in June/July 2009 though. That was when they first started dating!

        Carol – That is really interesting! He has been notorious for being one for the ladies. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was/is cheating. Nasty!

  4. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t think there is any conspiracy except I do think this relationship started before he broke up with Mary Louise Parker or at the very least she was his jumpoff. But hey it’s not like he’s Brad Pitt and getting constantly papped so if he wants privacy he will get it. I think it’s cool he has been super classy in not famewhoring at every possible moment, many could take from his example. There was no lockdown either, it’s called no one cared. I kind of get annoyed by the quests for conspiracy theories. Can’t an obviously not a-list celebrity couple have some privacy too?

  5. Amanda says:

    Eh, I’ll always have a soft spot for Hilarie after the way she so publically fangirled over Angelina Jolie on TRL. I don’t get why her relationship is a ‘giant ball of sketch’ though. JDM and MLP broke up in 08 and JDM and Hilaire weren’t dating til 09.

    Also, I don’t think she went into hiding; I just don’t think people care enough about her, baby or not, to be following her around.

    • Koi says:

      Actually, I think you’ll find JDM was still dating MLP until April 2009! Might wanna go google it and see the facts!

    • WHO KNOWS WHO says:

      JDM and MLP were STILL TOGETHER in April 2009! Go check your facts! It was widely reported that they were still very much together up until April 17th 2009!

      They were seen repeatedly thru October 2008 to April 2009! At concerts, out to coffee, eating out, at celebrity events and even on vacation!

      JDM didn’t meet HB until the end of May 2009 and she was knocked up by the middle of June!

  6. Theuth says:

    Sir, what the hell?! It’s been a while since I have followed him, but this is a strange move, papa Winchester…sketchy indeed.

  7. Katalina says:

    If she’s 29, so am I.

  8. operagirl says:

    She’s 29? Really? ::boggle::

    Oops, LOL, GMTA, Katalina!

  9. Chelsey says:

    Good God she is skinny. Where is her butt?!

  10. HadleyB says:

    Um, they felt the need to go into hiding ? Why? do they think they are that famous?

    Was MLP coming after them? If she didn’t go after Claire Daines …she isnt interested in you honey, she was knocked up then, lost her man and still had class so these douche bag wanna be a listers think they are a big deal trying to stir up a big romantic deal no one really cared about.

    Yawn. next?

  11. K'mon says:

    Way to go, Kaiser!
    Finally someone who reads between the lines.

  12. gab says:

    They look stunning together in that last photo.

  13. kristiner says:

    Does anyone else see how she’s always clutching his lapels like she’s afraid he’s going to walk away forever.

    They’re faces say happy and they’re pressed against each other but she’s obviously afraid. The gripping hand doesn’t lie.

    • Koi says:

      You should go look at the most recent pictures of JDM posting alone on the red carpet. The difference in him compared to when he’s with Hilarie is NIGHT AND DAY! It’s clear he’s acting when he’s standing besides her and from her body language, she knows it!

  14. WHO KNOWS WHO says:

    If you guys wanna know the truth behind this relationship.

    Go and google WHO KNOWS WHO JDM HB and read the information there and follow the links to more discussion.

    You will see that this relationship is NOT how they are trying to make it seem. Very shady and very twisted! Kaiser, keep questioning it! Someone needs to expose this!

  15. WHO KNOWS WHO says:

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan on rules for relationships- March 2009 (just DAYS before Hilarie had his child)

    “We don’t get married, we don’t tattoo names” Flaunt Magazine March 2009!

    • OMSS says:

      I think you mean 2010, but oh my.. I wonder if that was directed at her at the time? You know, a sort of ‘okay you’re having my baby but don’t expect any commitment legally or in the common law sense (I’m saying this because he had plenty of chances to mention her as his partner and/or baby-mother but chose not to)’. From looking at the pictures she seems to cling on to him as if she is afraid he’ll bolt. Maybe he just not a commitment kind of guy or she might be insecure in relationships, IDK. Or, they could just be a very happy low profile family…

  16. K says:

    It says all you need to know that this is cooked by Hilarie, when the article states this will be JDM’s first marriage…

    It won’t! He’s been married at least once before and has been engaged three times!

    Just like her to spin it that she’s the one and only! SHE ISN’T!

  17. What? says:

    Hang on? The quote says that she “told Star magazine….” then how come she didn’t confirm the engagement to them if she was running her mouth about the relationship?

    • Shannon says:

      It’s a guess but I’d say that she’s gotten away with so much, including using his house (and his bedroom!) for her vlogs, that she’s under a bit of a gag order. The problem is that she can’t stop talking. She doesn’t know when to stop.

  18. BS says:

    This engagement is as real as 3 dollar bill….just like the relationship!

  19. Rachael says:

    Ohh that chick was on an episode of Castle recently. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything else. She looks WAYY too skinny in these pics. I don’t recall her looking that way on Castle. I hope she decides to eat a sandwich someday.

  20. renee says:

    I just love him. I have seen him on different talk shows. He comes across so charming and funny. I am jealous of her if they are engaged. I just see him with someone more “voluptuous”? Not someone so tiny and petite. I thought he and Mary Louis Parker were a good match.

  21. R says:

    Trying to reply to Cham!

  22. Tia says:

    my friend spotted him back in the late summer on lincoln road holding hands and lovin on some mystery woman she said he had shades on but she knew it was denny from his dimples and tattoos but she couldnt place the chick other than to say it wasnt hilarie said this girl was real pretty and looked kind of latino

  23. Fit4 says:

    No matter how hard they try, I just can’t get them as a real couple. They always look so awkward together and act strange. His smile always looks strained and forced with her. You can tell she adores the attention she gets at his side but he looks dead in the eyes. Like he is there in body but not in mind. He has aged something terrible the last couple years too!

  24. molly says:

    I just think they are private. I thought it was funny how she said that the reason she hid that she was knocked up was because she “Wanted to protect her son” as if she was some big star. She was actually married and divorced a few years ago and that was pretty private, so…

  25. rkintn says:

    I think the key to the conspiracy is that all those Winchester men are with women from One Tree Hill! 😉 Srsly, the only thing I find irritating is that he is with someone not closer to his age. Which is a big irritation of mine with most of Hollywood.

  26. Flossy says:

    You can’t knock the timing of this can you?

    He has a show coming out in a matter of weeks….which could make him or break him…and suddenly she shows up at a big event with a mystery ring and starts this speculation with unconfirmed reports….thus drawing the media to JDM…all wanting to know if the engagement is for real or not (of course there is no way he can deny it now!) 

    Seems to me that this was the ideal play to draw attention to him and there for his new show to launch a PR offensive for publicity for Magic City. I’m sure his phone hasn’t stopped ringing since this news broke. So many openings to plug the show! 

    Also, it’s rumored that Danny Houston and Olga K from Magic City are in a showmance to help get the show attention…so if that’s true…it wouldn’t surprise me to find this is all cooked up by some suit to draw in the crowds so JDM has plenty of folks to push Magic City to! Seems that interest in the show has been pretty lackluster so far! 

  27. Shannon says:

    They talked to her and got a quote but she didn’t say they were engaged. Since she has PR peeps with her all the time I’d bet that she had THEM do the talking about that. It may or may not be true at all because she loves to play headgames. The one thing that bugs me about how this has come up is she didn’t talk or do an interview with anyone else at the awards. He did all the talking; she was in the background. Does it make sense that anyone would come up and ask her about how they keep the flame alive when they’ve only been together supposedly for 3 years? It usually takes longer to lose interest and develop a big hate for each other. Been there, done that. There is something so stilted about this big engagement thing, just like there has been with them as a couple since the moment it was leaked (by her, with a pic of course).

    But she’s such a private person. Oh yes. Oh yes.

  28. Vani says:

    Oh….so that’s who his sons mother is.

    You might have to reign in hitting on anything with a pulse now Jeff, if this becomes common knowledge your days of getting pussy in any given town will be over!

    • Anonymus says:

      Vani, sounds like you know him or know more about this. Anything else you can share?
      Heard that he’ll be on craig ferguson next month, maybe he’ll confirm the engagement