Cindy Crawford is different at the Caliche Rum launch: has she had work done?

Let’s start this story off with a rather embarrassing admission on my part. I adore Cindy Crawford to the point where I still do the arms segment from her first “Shape Your Body” workout video five times per week (although it’s now common knowledge that the legs segment should be avoided at all costs). Not that I actually watch the video — I’ve long since had that sh-t memorized. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve got a lot of goodwill and residual warmth for Cindy, who has always been a different breed of supermodel in that she has maintained a much more normal, toned body type that stands in stark contrast to the anorexic norm that is the modeling industry.

For the most part, Cindy’s approach to aging has been realistic as well, and she seems to generally aim for a more dignified, less tweaked look. However and as you can see though from the above comparison, something has gone amiss, and Cindy seems to have indulged in a bit too much filler treatment before a recent public appearance. Her makeup is much different than her usual softer look as well, so that may account for part of the difference we’re seeing, but In Touch has spoken to an “expert” who claims to know what’s going on:

At the Cliche Rum launch in LA on March 1, supermodel Cindy Crawford’s eye sockets looked a bit hollowed out. “Aggressive Botox injections or too much fat removal during lower eyelid surgery may responsible for her sunken appearance,” says Dr. Matthew Schulman. Whatever you do, Cindy, don’t get rid of that famous mole!

[From In Touch, print edition, March 19, 2012]

Cindy is 46 years old now, and she’s always made her living off her looks, so aging in the public eye must be extraordinarily difficult to manage. She must feel enormous pressure to look young, but like CB stated this morning, botox and fillers often have the unintended effect of making one look older, so it’s quite the tricky little paradox. I really do think that Cindy’s eye makeup is doing her no favors in these 2012 photos though, and one thing cannot be denied — her body still looks spectacular.

Back in 2009, Cindy looked much more like herself. That bod never quits, does it?

Here’s 2012 Cindy again. With any luck, these are only temporary fillers and botox that will wear off. Cindy has already demonstrated that she’s capable of aging gracefully, and I’d like to see a grand return to a more natural look for her.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Bite me says:

    Well damn, why Cindy why

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Seriously…oh Cindy, I never thought that I would pity you but dang girl. :(

    • NoNameYet says:

      Uhhh…she decided she’d rather look like Marie Osmond?

    • Jilli says:

      Her eyes look like Sarah Ferguson’s. I would guess Cindy has had eye surgery and a brow lift. Looks like she has a more full upper lip as well. She was more attractive before. Ah well.

      • HadleyB says:

        Cindy has had eye work done but photos from 2010/2011 should be put up..she looks different even in those years compared to 2009 and today….

        I would say she either had another eye lift OR lots of botox and filler in the cheek. I do hope its just too much botox and filler and it will die down. She already has that sunken in look now from her eye lift – not shown in 2009 but maybe later 2009 or 2010 ..

      • Cleveland Girl says:

        I think you hit it right on the head! Just what I was thinking. She should lay off the heavy eyeshadow. She doesn’t need it with that much work done on her eyes.

    • Cha-Cha says:


      Because the aging super-model can’t handle getting older, her husband is an alleged repeat philanderer (who has been sued for sexual harassment), and their BFF George Clooney prefers the company of young women… make that wannabe bimbos, who steal the attention and spotlight away from her.

      Here she is, before the tweaking….


      And then has the nerve to tell people that she owes her ‘natural youthfulness’ to french melons. :]

    • Cha-Cha says:

      Here she is on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ (a week ago).. comparing herself to her daughter…


      “But, yeah, I look at my daughter and I’m like, ‘You have my old skin and I want it back!’” she laughed. “‘You have my old legs, I want them back! You have my old hair, I want it back!’ She is just getting more and more beautiful, and, you know . . . but at the same time, there’s so much good that comes with it. And I think if you’re happy in your life, it’s a lot easier to take.”

      ‘Poor’ Cindy…

      I mean… Poor Kaia. :)

      • Beck says:

        That is so wrong on so many levels. The poor kid indeed.

        I don’t have kids but I can’t imagine being jealous of my daughter. The kid is what? 10 or 11 years old?

        I recall reading somewhere about a supposed fake kidnapping of the daughter. This had to be at least a couple of years ago. It seems like someone (the nanny, maybe) tied Kaia up in a chair and took pictures. The FBI was called in but I never heard anything else about it. According to the story, Cindy and her husband travel a lot (up to 4 – 6 weeks at a time) and leave the kids with nannies while they are gone. It happened during one of those times. Cindy said it was just a joke. Before the story broke, there were numerous pics of Cindy and the husband at Clooney’s Italian villa.

        Does anyone remember that story?

        I have felt sorry for her kids since then.

      • Claudia says:

        So sad!!
        I used to appreciate Cindy until i read this interview!Poor child …and poor Cindy , you got your chance , That’s life !

  2. Michelle says:

    Did she… Did she get a nose job? Is this only me who’s seeing this?


    • cr says:

      I’m not seeing the nose, I’m too distracted by the eyes.
      And the rum barrels.

      • Michelle says:

        Her bridge looks narrower to me now… But it could just be that fillers/everything else threw off her facial proportions.

        What are rum barrels?!

      • cr says:

        The Caliche rum barrels behind her in the first full pic.
        I’m still leaning against her having done something to her nose, but since she’s obviously had other work done the area, it’s hard to tell. You’re correct, it throwing everything else have. We may have wait until everything else settles in.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I’m sad this morning. Why are they doing this to themselves? While I am sure that in 09 she was already doing a little bit, but now? She is getting a Marie Osmond vibe. I think her nose looks different too, but maybe it’s the odd combo of everything else.

        I am more and more determined to get nothing done when the most gorgeous women in the world lose their looks in a backwards attempt to look younger. Cindy was gorgeous. She is still a beautiful woman with a killer bod, I much prefer the old Cindy. :(

    • Molly says:

      Her mole looks huge now.

    • Umlaut says:

      I think it’s just the eye lift.

    • sandra says:

      I wondered about her nose too – but those hollowed out eyes grabbed my attention more. That and the sheer largeness of them suddenly. yikes. she looks cheap somehow. And believe me, I use botox so I’m not against improving your appearance.

  3. Catherine says:

    She looks like Marie Osmond now. What a shame.

  4. mel says:

    She looks so gorgeous in the 2009 pics. Um…ok..only mean comment today – she looks like a drag queen. OMG – I am so sad for her right now.

    • Marjalane says:

      Now instead of Elisabetta Canalis trying to look like Cindy Crawford, Cindy Crawford is looking like Elisabetta Canalis. YIKES!

  5. SweetLou says:

    I feel so sad seeing these new pics. I mean how can you mess with a work of art like that??? I hope this is a temporary effect because she looks like a completely different person…Janice Dickinson…Nightmare!!!!! :(

    • heidiho says:

      Totally going janice dickinson, under her eyes looks weird……WHY?

      • Snappyfish says:

        Fat pad removal eye surgery. In an eye lift they remove the little fat pockets below the eye so they don’t “pop out” when the brow is lifted

  6. The Truth Fairy says:

    She had an eyebrow lift and they pulled it too tight IMO. She looks scared and her eyes are a different shape now. HUGE mistake! She looks much older and the eye shape doesn’t fit the rest of her face. When will these celebrities learn?????

    • yuya says:

      Yes, she definitely had eye surgery. She’s got the Kenny Rogers bad eye surgery going on. I feel bad for her, but as someone two years younger than her and has done nothing, I kinda don’t. I don’t look all that different from when I was in my 20′s. I wish women would just learn to love themselves and quit doing this crap to themselves.

      She really must be horrified with her new face. I know I would be and I am not in the public eye. Are a couple of wrinkles worth doing THIS to yourself? Hell NO!

    • tracking says:

      I agree it’s bad eye work. Tragic.

  7. Christine says:

    Blame it on the French ie- that French skin doctor she’s been hanging out with- the late night infomercials.

    Yeah, blame it on the French.

    A common refrain.

    • Relli says:

      Hahaha OMG!

      I thought forever i was the only one seeing those. Have you ever seen the one where she drags her sisters and mother onto the infomercial. The first time i saw it, i kept trying to figure out where she got her looks because she DOES NOT look like any of them. Her dad I guess.

  8. My Darling Pinkett says:

    What the heck did she do to her eyes???

  9. Seymour Butts says:

    She has had an eyelift, My Darling Pinkett.

    • heatheradair says:

      almost feels like an entire face lift — the entire landscape of her face (cheeks, chin, forehead) looks like it’s shifted to a more “joan rivers” quadrant of spooky…..

      • cr says:

        “joan rivers” quadrant of spooky…..

        I’ll be saving that one, don’t know where I can just randomly drop it in conversation but I’ll be looking for opportunities.

  10. Nev says:



    her hooded bedroom gaze was her appeal…now she looks surprised and like Marie Osmond for real.

    this is depressing.

    her AMAZING first Playboy cover is framed in my bathroom…i guess that’s all I have now.

    she better fix this crap.

  11. Sara says:

    It’s SAD!!!

    The before pictures are so much more youthful and beautiful.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Very ironic that women turn to plastic surgery, botox, filler, etc. to look young(er) and these things make them look old(er). Just leave it alone, ladies. Get some good cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer and just leave it alone. A healthy diet will do more for your skin that surgery (I think).

    • Meg says:

      Fillers are THE best thing ever invented if put right by a very good doctor! Do you know how much I save from face serums and creams now?! :)

      • sandra says:

        Do tell! You aren’t using as many creams and serums since you’ve had fillers? I’m debating filling my marionette lines …

      • hunter says:

        Fillers are awesome (so’s Botox) when applied with discretion.

        I had my marionette lines done 3 years ago and haven’t needed an update since. Good stuff.

  13. Jezi says:

    OMG what a difference. This is just sad. Sometimes allowing the natural aging process to take over is much more attractive than doing this.

  14. Jessica says:

    oh no!! She looked so much better before!!

  15. Mirella says:

    Oh Cindy, WHY?!?

  16. Jayna says:

    She had her upper and lower lids done. I had two co-workers get it done too early in their 40s, and both had a somewhat startled and/or harder look for several years. She has the same look when you compare it to her earlier photo.

    • HadleyB says:

      True… the cruel beauty of some plastic surgery is you sometimes have to look old and crepey before you get something so you don’t look like sh*t after. Cruel cruel.

  17. ladybert62 says:

    Her new face looks awful – would not know who she was if you had not identified her.

    Those dresses and shoes are horrible.

  18. Jaded says:

    OK, this is scaring me. She’s got a mannequin look, her face looks dead, her nose has been shaved down, her cheeks look like hamburger buns and WTF is going on under her eyes??? Stop for the love of God Cindy, you’re a much better looking woman without all the tweaking!!

  19. Cirque28 says:

    No one should do their eyes without a lot of serious thought first. You can probably have your jowls yanked up without too much danger (though less is always more), but this… damn. The eyes really are the windows to the soul! Zombie Cindy. Poor thing.

  20. Quinn says:

    What a shame…she ruined the shape of her eyes.

  21. Sumodo1 says:

    Just give Cindy a few weeks. She’s got the best at her disposal and will be back to being 46 and fabulous shortly.

  22. Perspective says:

    She ordered the face that Dolly Parton left behind after her last tweak, with a side of Marie Osmond for variety.

  23. Meg says:

    She obviously got upper eyelid correction, fillers in the lips and cheekbones, botox in the forehead. The last can open up your eyes if put on the side of the eyebrow. Damn, this made her look 10 yrs older. WHY in the name of God you have to touch something when it is perfect!

  24. Cathy says:

    I kind of like those spiderweb type shoes she is wearing in the picture with the rum barrels. They’re different.

  25. Meg says:

    Second look – chin is done as well. wtf?!

  26. Jackie says:

    so, so sad. these women look so much worse after surgery. please, please stop!

    we have a real sickness when it comes to aging.

  27. Me says:

    Looks like a bad makeup job.

  28. Toot says:

    Cindy looks BAD in the updated pics. Like she looks rough.

  29. spinner says:

    Her entire face seems to sit higher. Her cheekbones look more pronounced & also look higher. I don’t care for this new face. Maybe it will look better when it all settles.

  30. Jayna says:

    Well, the good news is the startled look fades after several years after the lid drops a little. Though my co-worker who did it at 46 says she regrets doing it even though it looks better now.

    It really should only be done by people with severe eyelid droop.

  31. Everlyo says:

    She had a Mini facelift a few years ago now it looks like fillers on top of that.

  32. Gossip PHD says:

    To top it all off, she is wearing a wig and a bad one.

  33. Calli P says:

    Grotesque filler face.

  34. Marjalane says:

    Definitely a brow lift AND too much under eye fat removed. Too bad, she does look like a slightly better version of Janice Dickenson. Who looks like a slightly better version of Steven Tyler. STOP, CINDY STOP!

  35. Gossip PHD says:

    Bet she is jealous of her daughter’ youth and beauty and that is the real reason she stopped her career inexplicably when she started working for Versace.

  36. DavidBowie says:

    Ugh…bless her heart.

  37. Cody says:

    What this says to me, is that, Cindy’s line of beauty products don’t really work and even she has to resort to cosmetic surgery to make herself look younger. So I will just stick to my Oil of Olay, Sun Block and pray I inherited some good skin genes.

  38. S says:

    I would sue the doctor who would do this to me. Very bad job.

  39. Chell says:

    Holy Marie Osmond look alike! I LOVED Cindy Crawford back in the 90′s….this actually saddens & disappoints me! What is wrong with people screwing with their looks?! Whatever happened to aging gracefully?! *SMH*

  40. Luise says:

    Poor Cindy. She has really done it now. She doesn’t even look like herself any more.

  41. Flounder says:

    I think she just looks really tired and strained!

  42. Cerulean says:

    Way too much work on a face that didn’t need it. These celebs are so insecure its kind of cringe worthy. They butcher and starve themselves into submission. For what? They only end up looking like unnatural freaks. They go too far.
    She looks to have had an eyebrow lift, eye work, lip fillers and something going on with her cheeks. I wonder if it has to do with her doppelgänger daughter being so young and beautiful.
    In any case I never was a fan. I found her too commercial and too much of an industry like Tyra Banks. I preferred high fashion edgier models.

    I don’t like her big hair at every turn either.

  43. NeNe says:

    WTF happened to her face. She was absolutely gorgeous the way she was. She didn’t need any work, as far as, I am concerned. That doesn’t even look like her, at all, except for the beauty mark. She looks like a totally different person.

    Wasn’t she pimping out some rejuvenating eye cream, that was supposed to make you look years younger. If that is the case, I guess the product is F.O.S!!!

  44. k says:

    “Cindy is 46-years-old now”

    should be:

    “Cindy is 46 years old now”

  45. fabgrrl says:

    Jay-zus, Cindy! The Hell?

  46. Mary Jane says:

    Not a good look… at all! And, she’s got some funky looking knees.

  47. Psyren says:

    Too much makeup, possible facelift and definitely cheek implants. They’re so big they changed the shape of her eyes. Her eyes look rounder and smaller somehow. Maybe she went the whole nine and got her eyes done too? Either way she should’ve left her lovely face alone.

  48. Agnes says:

    jesus christ, what is going on with her eyes?!?!

  49. Kathy says:

    Um, I didn’t see this mentioned so I apologize if it was and I missed it. But, damn, those knees in the third to the last pic in the magenta (or whatever color) dress are lumpy as hell. What’s going on with them?

  50. Gia says:

    OH MY GOSH – no way. She’s had something bad done. This is why even though I need to have a few tweaks myself I can’t get myself to go through with them. It looks like whomever did her so called eye lift just hollowed out her lower lids/upper cheek bone areas, either that or the uppercheeks she was sporting before were taking out.

    I always thought she had something done earlier, but it was done so well I couldnt quite pin point it. Was it her cheeks? She looks like an Osmond.

  51. danielle says:

    I don’t like Cindy Crawford – anyone remember her comment about J Lo “I don’t know if I would have the confidence to walk around with that butt” – I thought it was racist and incredibly stupid – but I always thought she was beautiful. This is why you should stay away from plastic surgery – even the ones who seem to be doing it right eventually cross the line and have too much done, and then they never really go back.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      What? How is a comment about a butt racist? FYI, women of all enthicities have butts of various shapes and sizes.

      • Gia says:

        I agree, I don’t see much “racism” in that comment of her saying what she said. Women, most women would like a well shaped more ample bottom if given the chance. I think that’s what she meant; you have to be really confident to have a booty and wear it well like J-LO does. I’m caucasion with european heritage and was given a nice butt but its shape has shifted in the last 10 years…sigh.

  52. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Susan Sarandon looks younger – I wonder if she gets surgery or is because she doesn’t yo you diet which can age a person.

  53. CS says:

    To me, it looks like her whole eye section got stretched – to either side. Right eye section pulled towards the right ear side, left eye towards left ear. The skin is too taut there now. Let’s hope she won’t have problems with her eyes drying out because her lids won’t properly&snugly shut. She’s still drop-dead gorgeous, though. “Work” on such a beautiful face was NOT necessary. What’s wrong with a few wrinkles? Nothing.

    • CS says:

      P.S. And her hair is most glorious – just amazing. I LOVE the color, texture, shine. Gorgeous.

  54. Dani says:

    Cindy is or has been a spokesperson for skin cream. Guess I will now assume the skin cream does not work. This surely doesn’t help her pocketbook.

    I still like Cindy but like most I am saddened that she felt the need to do this. I know it must be tough for a model to age. Just wish society was not so hard on women. There is beauty in all ages.

  55. kiki says:

    Stop the insanity!!! Why cindy why!!! She looks so much older now. Im really worried about how hollywood will look 10 years from now. Cant we just go back to the standard face lift of the olden days? This puff pastry filler look is getting real creepy. She looks really bad!!!

  56. Jane says:

    It looks like she had fillers put into her cheeks & they put too much in. Theres swelling in the cheek/undereye area when she smiles where there shouldn’t be.

  57. Dimebox says:

    How I wish this incredibly gorgeous woman would have had the strength to be an example of aging with grace instead of messing with her face. It must be difficult for her seeing her daughter on the cusp of stupendous beauty, and knowing those years are behind her. Here’s hoping her eyes relax some and that she stays away from fillers in the future. Cindy Crawford with pillow face would break my heart.

  58. Katherine says:

    You should never mess with your eyes. That is where the beauty is.

    You can get away with repairing those huge puffy sacs some people get over or under their eyes but if you do any more to them you lose it. Beautiful eyes are still beautiful even with crows feet.

    Cindy had the most beautiful eyes and they haven’t been the same since the last plastic surgery – this just takes it further away. She is starting to look like Marie Osmond NOT Cindy Crawford.

    With her great body and her fabulous looks she didn’t need to do anything as she aged. Maybe an imperceptable repair here and there but not this. It is sad.

  59. Nibbi says:

    I guess something’s wrong w me, she just looks stupendously tired.

  60. lh says:

    Ok, I’m going out on a limb. All I see is someone who is 46 years old. AND I think she’s actually eased up on the filler and that is why her eyes are looking the way they are. It’s the filler from 2009 that make her looked a little tweaked.
    I’m not 41 and the difference in my face from 39 is there. I can only imagine what the mid to late 40′s will do.
    I think she looks amazing.

  61. OhYeah says:

    She is 46 years old and looks fantastic!

  62. Francesca says:

    She looks exhausted and older. If it is the result of work on her face, boo to whomever did this… she looked so much prettier before!

  63. Stacia says:

    She looked so good in the 2009 pic. She should never have touched her face. Aging natually is far better than trying to perfect “imagined flaws”.

    Oh well add her to the J.R.C.

    Members List:
    Marie Osmond
    Donnatella Versace
    Meg Ryan
    Megan Fox
    The Lion Queen (you know who I speak of)

  64. Madison says:

    Yep awful eyelift. It’s a shame she doesn’t realize that the more work she has done to her face with botox, fillers, eyelifts, the worse she looks.

  65. ellie66 says:

    Oh she is starting to look like Janice Dickenson not good!

  66. Lem says:

    No – Cindy started early. Way early. Almost as soon as she started modeling. I believe her doctor started when she was mid 20′s he said. She’s been having work done on her face for DECADES. Little bits. That’s how she’s managed to look unchanged for so long. I want to say this is the 3 rd time (in fairly quick succession) she seems to have had major work done. She usually disappears until it settles in.

  67. Missfit says:

    I agree…something had to be done and the eyes get my attention too. I was like…wtf when I saw the photo upclose. As everyone else says…why Cindy? :/

  68. shontay says:

    My goodness. Why didn’t she leave her face alone? How much worse would she look if she had just left her face alone? She looks like a cartoon. Damn shame.

  69. Kate says:

    The sad thing about Cindy is that she has always defined herself by how she looks. Remember years ago she said that she had to know she was the best looking woman in the room or she couldn’t relax (also admitting that it was pretty sad to think that way). Ageing is very hard for people like that. Her husband seems pretty shallow, his best friend (Clooney) hangs out with a string of young women and now her daughter is starting to get attention too…

    • Gia says:

      Everyone keeps mentioning Cindy’s beautiful daughter…I need to see a picture of her but one thing I can’t stand are women who are “jealous” or in competition with their own daughters…there is just something SO WRONG WITH THAT.

      I know its hard to age especially when you’ve been beautiful your entire life, I mean look at Cindys sisters – it’s obvious that she was the one who was kissed by the beautyfairy in that family. The same in my own…me and my sisters were considered very good looking in our heydays – now we are much older aging women. We still look attractive, but not raving beauties.

      My one sister is still trying to hold on to that and has done several things although very imperceptable. She’s also somewhat LOOKS obssessed and constantly compares herself to younger girls, its nauseating.

  70. Jami says:

    She looks like Camille Grammer in a brunette wig. I guess her secret isn’t her skin care line but bad plastic surgery.

  71. grey says:

    She lost everything about her that made her “Cindy”.

  72. NYC_girl says:

    I’m really sad about this. I used to read Mademoiselle magazine when I was in college and she was all over it – so beautiful. I loved her because she had brown hair and brown eyes like me (Christy Turlington was too perfect). WTF did she do to her face? I get scared when I see this crap – she’s just a few years older than me. Aging in the public eye f*cks you up!!

  73. Kim says:

    Upper eye & lower lid lifts combined with to much botox & filler. She also looks to have gotten cheek implants or filler in her cheeks.

  74. jkatz says:

    Eyebrow lift, upper eyelids done, nose thinned. At the very least.

  75. soulsister says:

    Yikes, she looks rough. What a shame, she doesn’t look like herself anymore.

  76. original sandy says:

    oh no…janet dickerson, stop cindy, just stop, no more.please.

  77. A Fan says:

    Terrible and sad – that once beautiful, interesting, unique face is gone…and the fact that people do this to themselves.

    At least that beauty has been passed on to her daughter so we can see it again.

  78. Jennifer says:

    omg…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! She is ruining her beautiful face!

  79. yuck says:

    SAD. These women who think that all that matters are their looks are delusional. Cindy looks like crap. She has had a great career,and presumably,a great life. Why is she trying so hard? Can’t she just relax and accept that her time in the spotlight is over? Truly pathetic. Is ANY attention truly that important?

  80. Rosina says:

    To me it actually looks like she has been very ill and has used a mass of makeup to try and conceal the dark circles under her eyes.

  81. Vince says:

    Is that face gone now forever? Maybe next pics it will fill out? But the eye shape does look changed. Damn.

  82. Kosmos says:

    I agree, eyes changed her looks too much :- (( She’s always been very beautiful, but I don’t think having work done should change your face up so much that you don’t look like your real self. Too bad people take this too far. It’s up to women to put a stop to too much plastic surgery. I know that’s asking a lot!

  83. MBGB says:

    She looks like the spawn of Marie Osmond and Janice Dickinson. Creepy. FTR, Marie Osmond is a pretty woman, but it’s weird to make yourself look like another celebrity.

  84. Kloops says:

    It looks like an eye lift but I’m hoping it’s just too much Botox and fillers and will settle down and she’ll look more normal in time. This is painful. Women, age naturally!! Some botox and fillers can be good, but resist the urge to go overboard!

  85. Gossip Lover says:

    I’ve always thought she has a hard-looking face and in the Richard Gere days attended the Oscars (I think) wearing a sloppy, ill-fitting red dress. I was amazed that she could make money off her looks,

  86. MGMT says:

    She’s had some kind of upper eyelid liposuction, to make her eyes appear bigger (big eyes make you look young, apparently. Or startled.). I don’t think she necessarily looks older, just completely different to what she used to look like. If I was her, I’d be completely freaked out looking in the mirror every morning – must be so weird to not see your own reflection anymore

  87. shawn says:

    Her hair color is darker than usual and at least one shade darker than her natural chestnut brown hair. I wish she would stop messing with her beautiful face.

  88. Lauren says:

    CC’s face look rubbery. Shameful.

  89. NinaG says:

    It looks like her head or face got smaller. Weird!

  90. lisa says:

    Her eyes look like the eyes of a woman in her late 60′s. If you cover the face and just look at the eyes.

    I saw her on some show admitting that she does botox. But she has obviously done more. And I don’t know what 40 something women some people here see or know. But the ones I know look great. And they don’t do all that crap to their faces. Natural. She does not look good in her face in that picture. It could be the lighting that makes it worst.

  91. leslilly says:

    I thought Cindy was only 42 or 43. She looks horrible. She’s had work done earlier, and I think it’s all been a big mistake. She has wound up looking much older than she is.

  92. a says:

    maybe she stopped with the botox and that’s why her eyes look less cat-eyed.

  93. alady says:

    Somebody needs to stop Cindy before she turns into another Michael Jackson

  94. Cait says:

    I honestly thought that second picture was Marie Osmond at first!

  95. chris says:

    Awesome! I’m three years younger and looking at her I think I look fantastic and I only have drug store bought Cetaphil in my beauty regimen. Thanks Cindy for making me feel fantastic and still looking 30 something.

  96. mimi says:

    This is what happens to all the Botoxed women.

    In the beginning it’s allright and then after a couple of years it distorts their facial muscles and they look like another person.

    She looks like a completely different person.

    It’s not her face anymore.
    How odd.

  97. Eleonor says:

    She is morphing into Janice Dickinson territory, and that’s sad.

  98. Bobby the K says:

    It’s like these men and women become victims of their own vanity, and at the same time have no clue about the concept of irony.

  99. Jackie says:

    Whoa!!! When I clicked on this I thought Janice Dickinson (with hecka fillers) was in the picture on the right! Holy guacamole. Cindy looks like she just got her nose and cheekbones done, but she went too extreme with both. Now she looks like her head is starting to implode. Seriously, doesn’t it just look like her nose collapsed and is taking her eyeballs with it? Like they’re being sucked into a silicone vortex of doom? WTF is wrong with these gorgeous, world renowned stars that people idolize wrecking havoc on themselves?! Ugh, so sad. I would kill to look like her former self. But now she just looks like a Bride of Chuckie reject :/

    • Beck says:

      Slap some pale gray make-up on her and she could be a zombie on Walking Dead.

      • Jackie says:

        Nice, Beck! I like the thought. I could just see her as a zombie chillin’ in southern California, preying on plastic surgeons to get her fix. Instead of blood she can smell the botox from a mile away! Ahahahahahaha!

  100. Ice Bunny says:

    It is seriously sacrilegious to mess with God given perfection. I mean that literally. It’s one thing if you need help from the get go… but to be born perfect, and then do this??? Sad, and very very wrong. Cindy.. is Cindy no more, inside or out.

  101. kiki says:

    Ok, off subject i know…cindy messed up her beautiful face that is a FACT! But all the buzz about her beautiful daughter? Has anybody seen her son????? He is drop dead gorgeous!! Just had to put that out there :-)

  102. juju says:

    it’s unfortunate that no one has noticed the new teeth. This has added to her not looking like herself.