Lindsay also bombed at the World Music Awards

Lindsay Lohan, the intended host of the World Music Awards, was met with boos whenever she went on stage last night. She was so upset that she tripped and fell down some stairs backstage. She stopped hosting about half way through after her accident, but that didn’t stop her from partying it up afterwards:

It was the night from hell for Lindsay Lohan at the World Music Awards.

She was visibly upset when the audience booed her every time she took to the stage, she fell down the stairs and was forced to abandon her role as main host of the ceremony.

The 20-year-old actress pulled out halfway through after tumbling down a flight of stairs backstage.

An onlooker at the awards in Earls Court revealed: “Lindsay was devastated, she came off stage and fell, and so she had to give up. It looked incredibly painful.”

Her role was from then on taken up by the individual awards presenters. Luckily, she was not seriously hurt – she was well enough to go partying afterwards, the only sign of injury a blue sticking plaster on a finger.

It seems like the Brits are fond of booing and that it’s more common there, judging from what I’ve seen of their sessions of Parliament, but I would like to see footage of Lohan getting booed. Did anyone see the Awards and can they verify the booing? The highlight video that was posted on The Daily Mail website did not include clips of Lindsay hosting, and nothing has hit YouTube yet.

Of course she went out partying afterwards. That always seems to take priority over her work obligations, no matter how obscenely paid she is.

Here is Lohan looking exceptionally orange at the WMAs last night. [via]

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  1. MoP says:

    Can someone please tell me why people love her so? I do not understand all the media attention she garners. I saw her host SNL once – meh.

  2. mimosa says:

    She can be really cute, but she chooses to be orange.

    I think she’s overrated.

  3. Patrillium says:


  4. Mr. T says:

    LiLo is so yesterday.

  5. Lady Metal says:

    I like her, I mean, as an actress. She is nice, could be lot better, if she puts her energy on acting…

  6. Viv says:

    People love her because she’s a mermaid. Check out her scales.

  7. renee says:

    she actually has a very pretty face. a good bone structure. but lately she looks so thrashy and somewhat her pretty face becomes dirty. too much smoking and partying and a bit overexposed i guess.

  8. millie says:

    she looks dirty and slightly bloated–too much partying, drugs and alcohol. This girl is going to crash soon.

  9. Clarimonde says:

    She looks like a 10 year old girl playing dress-up. She, like so many other bimbos making the headlines these days (Paris, Nicole, Mischa) are just talentless trash (unless you call shopping and showing your knickers talent) whose clocks are ticking loudly. I say the 15 minutes is about up with this one.

    The British do not suffer fools. Im glad she got what was coming to her.

  10. JB says:

    I’m British and all we ever see of her is pictures of her being a disgrace. I don’t think many people here have even seen her in a film. It’s safe to say everyone sees her a joke – not a serious actress.

  11. noo noo says:

    I’m British too and i agree. She’s not considered a serious actress over here…just another Hollywood ‘celeb’ who goes out and gets trollied all the time and photographed with her privates hanging out. Not exactly commanding respect, is she?!!!

  12. lady garden says:

    toyally agree Noo Noo and JB-we Brits retain a clear distinction between “actress” and “celebrity” and she’s taken the latter route. Plus-we tend to think less is more so getting your kebab out is an automatic entry to the D list

  13. Johnnie Walker says:

    OK I was there, she didn’t care about the public being there she was just after the cameras, Her first line was something about WMA being based on actual records sales and then some stupid joke about people over 34 nobody understood, thing is, she messed up her lines and the joke (which was supposed to be spontaneous) so she stopped and without addressing the public (like ups sorry I messed up, etc) or anything, started again and made the exact “spontaneous” joke at which point the public booed, it was pretty loud, she wasn’t booed afterwards (at least not as loudly as said time). Also the “background voice guy” was trying to help her with lines like “please welcome back the super talented..” the funniest was “please welcome back FOR THE LAST TIME (to avoid booing)…). Anyhow Maria Carey was booed much worse at live 8, again for the same issue not giving a crap about the public and just caring about the cameras (well, and also being a pretentious bitch which doesn’t play well here in the UK)

  14. dogpile says:

    Circling the drain

  15. Marmel3000 says:

    Oh please, the English obssess over the most pathetic lame non-celebrities on earth, then have the nerve to boo her because she’s not a serious actress? They have magazines and shows entirely devoted to z-list losers nobody’s ever heard of outside of England, and name their kids “Britney” and “Kylie”. Pleeeaase.

  16. paris herpes says:

    They booed her off the stage? And then she fell? Sounds like just another night for her…

  17. angela says:

    does anyone else notice how often she has “accidents” and hurts herself? she cant be that much of a klutz. its so obvious she hurts herself on purpose to get attention. its a sickness that alot of troubled girls have and someones got to figure that out soon! shes an idiot if she thinks the entire world aint gonna notice she does it to herself.