Angelina Jolie, Shiloh & Zahara have fun on a boat in Amsterdam: adorable?

After Angelina Jolie went to The Hague to see the International Criminal Court’s first conviction (of a Ugandan warlord), Angelina decided to lighten her day. She had flown to Amsterdam with her two older daughters, Shiloh and Zahara, so they had a girls’ outing on a boat. You know how much the Jolie-Pitt children love boats, right? Remember Venice? Those kids love boats, and they love gelato. Anyway, the paparazzi got lots of photos of Zahara and Shiloh playing around on the boat. The girls were even making faces at the paparazzi, and the photos are just… too cute. They just seem like really happy little girls. Even Angelina was laughing at their antics.

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine is still claiming that Brad and Angelina will have a wedding this year – I guess they don’t realize that Brad’s Oscar campaign is over? Not only will there be a wedding this year, but OK also thinks that Angelina will be giving birth to twin boys in the fall. I’m including a profile photo of Angelina in Amsterdam – does she look pregnant? With twins? As you can imagine, Gossip Cop is calling BS on the story. Why don’t the tabs ever let me write fake Brangelina stories? “Empress Zahara demands wedding, Angelina and Brad acquiesce!” “Zahara declares: blue hair ribbons for ALL!” “Zahara does not approve of Shiloh’s mullet, says her parents cannot marry until Shiloh gets a proper haircut.”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Dibba says:

    Are they home schooled?

    • Cameron says:

      i was wondering the same… are they home schooled?? within the last week they’ve been in new orleans, LA & now amsterdam??? jet lagged, maybe?? i don’t understand the constant need to be on the move with these kids…

      • Leikyn says:

        Lots of military families home school their children. Also bear in mind military families move a lot and thus their kids change schools a great deal. Also there seems to be a little bit of a trend towards home schooling for the Average Joe. While the Jolie-Pitts have indeed chosen a more mobile lifestyle, their kids look happy and seem to thrive. Who is to say that a few years down the road their parents take their travels down a notch? At least they DO give their kids an education, and these children don’t walk around like entitled little divas i.e. Suri Cruise. That girl is the next Paris Hilton/Kim K.

        My own kids are military brats and have attended more schools than I can count. It hasn’t hurt their education at all, and all the places we’ve been have made them pretty well-rounded.

      • cerulean says:

        It is a lot of plane time for children. I agree on that. The time zone changes have to be hard. The world is their playground I suppose.
        I homeschool and find it great fun. We do get to get out and do more because of the freedom. Its a challenge but I am happy with the results.

      • samira677 says:

        I don’t know this is always asked when they have said several times they are tutored and go to Lycee. They went to school in Hungary and I think during Brad’s last film. Also they spent the last six months in LA. They probably spend mpre time in LA than out.

      • Mongo says:

        The thing is, oridnary people like us, cant imagine that this life could be “Normal”, but who ever said what is normal? The Human beeing used to be a Nomad, in Asia, some Nations are sill living that way in Mongolia. If your family is with you, and love is around, everything is fine! The most people are smallminded, living in their place in their limits. But some people dont need that.

      • Wendi says:

        @Samira: for the record, Pitt has said that they are no longer following the CNED (French homeschooling) and it appears they dropped that a while back. After Budapest probably, and they were probably writing exams under an approved CNED invigilator rather than attending classes. They weren’t attending the Lycee in London during Pitt’s filming.

        It would really only have affected Maddox and Pax if they dropped it two years ago, mostly Maddox. All the rest would have been too young for CP (Grade 1) back then anyways.

      • The OG Sasha says:

        Back in the old days, there were no schools — ALL children were “home schooled.” Of course, hiring tutors was expensive, so only the very rich were educated, hence the advent of “schools” in a central location with, as of 2010, an average student to teacher ratio of approximately 18 to 1.

        I’m sure the Joile-Pitts can afford really good tutors, so their children are most likely getting A LOT better of an education than the average child in a public school just based on student-teacher ratio alone. Not to mention — traveling and being exposed to different peoples & cultures is just about the best education you can get.

        But it is so sweet of you to be concerned.

      • Freya says:

        You don’t need to understand it. Just mind your own children.

    • Len says:

      I was wondering the same thing!

      • Flan says:

        Better to have this education, than to go to a vapid American high school where you learn that only cheerleading and doing sports are of worth.

        And if you disagree, you get treated like scum. There are few things more detrimental to kids and society.

      • Freya says:


        I agree. The Jolie Pitt kids are home-schooled, and I have no doubt they will grow up to be educated adults, unlike so many who have gone to public schools, and can’t even read and spell for toffee.

        I have a neighbor who home-schools her kids, and there’s a school a few minutes drive from her house. She said she was a teacher before she married and enjoys teaching.

    • Toot says:

      Yes they are homeschooled. Brad said it in some interview.

      • MS says:

        …and if he said it, then it has to be the gospel truth! Please!

      • Dibba says:

        I don’t want to open up a can of worms. The children seem happy and healthy, but my PERSONAL feeling is that school is so important developmentally for countless reasons. I think they should be in school with peers. That’s all. Doesn’t mean AJ and BP are terrible parents or that kids will be messed up. Just bothers me and is probably the only major thing that really bothers me about them.

      • Molly says:

        Um, I’m pretty sure Pitt knows how his kids are being educated.

      • Toot says:

        Well since he’s their father I would think he knows how they’re being educated, but if that logic is too much for you then I apologize.

      • MS says:

        Toot, my point was that 99.9% of you believe every word that comes out of their (Jolie and Pitt) mouths! Like the fact that Pitt said he stopped smoking, when in fact, he was photographed, not long ago, smoking cigarette after cigarette. But yet, you go to the mat defending him, only because he SAID he quit. It is comical!

        …and if you can’t understand that, my sincerest apologies.

      • Rena says:

        The children have attended school in NYC, in Prague, and in Budapest with paps and sad to say other parents acting fools at times. Now they are being homeschooled as both Brad and Angelina have stated like many children are these days.

        Other kids are seen out with these kids from time to time. Brad said that they fly out their friends if they are away from LA for a time period (which is where they live most of the time). There are pics of Mad and a friend often seen with him at the MIR Gala last Saturday in NOLA. The paps don’t focus their cameras on the kids seen with celebrity kids as their pics are not money makers. Now that is common sense.

        As to the Brad not smoking, well I watched that Bill M show in 2009 I think it was and Brad said he had given up smoking weed, not ciggies but weed. Bill M said lst week he still smokes weed twice a day so he asks that question of everyone. In a recent interview when asked Brad then said he wants to stop smoking but so far has not succeeded.

        I wish some here would TRY to not unleash their own misery and negativity on this one family. They have not caused you or anyone else any harm, they are people just like other people who happen to be celebs in a time in which celebs and most other people have no personal privacy.

        Saying this I know this modification in behavior will not happen as their judgemental attitudes are too ingrained and etched in concrete.

      • Mari says:

        Well if school is important, then it is impotant not juat for the JPs… I mean, a lot of Americans are turning to homeschool their children for their own reasons… Why not this family? Why is there a double standard? Are they the only ones in the US who are homeschooled or have been homeschooled?
        Venus and Serena were
        Sandra Day Oconnor
        Tim Tebow
        Agatha Christie
        Thomas Alva Edison
        Surfer Bethany Hamilton
        FD Roosevelt
        Michelle Kwan
        Some child actors, now grown up
        Some other actors do homeschool their children. Done right, it must be a challenge. School is fine, but they chose this for their own reasons, and I bet the teachers they hired must be pretty good.

      • Rin says:

        The native people’s of America were nomads and lived lives full of storytelling, tradition, and philosophy that is quoted by many today when delivering speeches on the environment, stewardship, and integrity.

        The schoolings of many of our ancient “greats” was not all day, not (in most cases) every day and yet Alexander and Julius Caesar are considered giants among humans, both as strategists and in Caesar’s case a damn good manager.

        The Founding Fathers spent but hours a day in a one room school house when they could go–which was not always.

        Our school systems put out cookie cutter students of a short-term thinking mentality because they only see the inside of a schoolroom. They lack inspiration and a sense of adventure.

        I say this having taught language to high school students.

      • drea says:

        @MS: I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve quit and then started smoking again. At the time Brad said he quit, he most probably did. And then I guess he started again, for all we know just weeks later. The smoking thing doesn’t exactly prove your point.

      • Lolie says:

        MS you are DESPERATELY reaching for something to attack Brad and Angelina with, so much so that you are reducing yourself to a childish, petty and immature chariacture. Comparing quitting an addiction like smoking which has a high recividist rate, to something straightforward like where children go to school, is really pathetic and you have really made a complete fool of yourself here. Grow up.

    • Molly says:

      I read somewhere that they’re on the Lycee curriculum and have tutors. World class education!

    • Talie says:

      They have a pretty amazing life and can probably speak a few different languages. I agree that school is important for social reasons, but on the flipside, I would’ve loved to have grown up like this.

  2. cmc says:

    LOL! These pictures are too too cute! Shiloh kills me…that is one huge personality right there! And Empress Z even manages to elegantly make faces. WTF, a 6 year old is more ladylike than me!

    • Trek Girl says:

      Lol I love this comment; it is right on the money.

    • Karma says:

      LOL! :)

    • Stellax2 says:

      I agree. Here’s a question-6 children. I would bet there will be one that extremely smart if now brilliant and one will be a hellion, a black sheep.
      Any ideas as to which one’s might take that path?
      I think the kids are receiving a world class education on real issues. I think that both parent’s are concerned for their children and their well-being and well-rounded thinking.
      My only tickling of concern would be the socialization that everyday school provides. Say that Viv wants to play soccer with a team, will she able to as they travel constantly?

      • drea says:

        I’d imagine that at some point, the kids will probably attend regular school. For sport or arts, I guess they could be sent to those special summer camps when they’re old enough? I read somewhere that Brad was into sports when he was young so I’m sure he’s thinking of ways to integrate that kind of socialization into the kids’ lives.

        As for who I think is going to be who in the fam…
        *Mad – the perennial older brother, responsible and dependable
        *Pax – you can tell he’s going to be trouble (and I think Angelina said something to that effect in an interview); he’s going to be the one who gets up in the face of anyone who messes with his siblings
        *Z – the fabulous fashionista who will probably end up in something like eco-friendly fashion
        *Shi – she’s still a mystery to me, I think she’s going to be the most unpredictable, like young Angelina
        *Knox and Viv – too young to tell, but something about Viv’s pap-friendly smile makes me think she’s going to be in showbiz

  3. Nev says:

    Queen Zahara!!!

  4. Maya says:

    They’re so adorable. Reminds me of what my sister and I were like as kids – goofing around, making each other laugh. :)

  5. Anguishedcorn says:

    They’re so damn cute. I love seeing pictures of them.

  6. jc126 says:

    I like to see Zahara smiling! I don’t think she ever looks unhappy, but it’s nice to see her having fun instead of just holding court.

  7. Gia says:

    Super cute. The Jolie needs to eat a burger though.

  8. Toot says:

    These pics are very adorable. I love how the sisters seem very close.

  9. SRM says:

    Don’t get why there are always question marks in the headers but yes, they are adorable.

  10. Veruca says:

    Proof, yet again, that Angelina is a horribly abusive mother.

    These children are obviously neglected, shunned off to nannies, and used for PR purposes only.

    It’s so sad when you see the unhappiness in their faces.

    *Take that, haters.

  11. dorothy says:

    Do they not interact with other children? They seem so isolated within their own family. I believe travel is immensely educational, however I also think that the security and comfort of a home is needed as well.

    • Molly says:

      Big families are awesome. I hear they socialize with Gwen Stefani’s kids.

    • Kara says:

      Home is where your family is! Brad and Angelina work to keep their family together which is amazing. They are really never apart other than a couple days once in a while when one is traveling for work/charity.

      Other families/couples in Hollywood spend up to weeks, even whole months apart while one is on location.

      And I have seen photos of them with other kids. At the end of the day it is none of your business and most of their lives take place in private w/o any paps.

      • mln76 says:

        I have also seen other kids in the background of pap photos on occasion. But still, I think its great that they have a big family and are probably closest to their siblings it will keep them grounded and they will always have eachother for a support system growing up.

      • Fair and Balance says:

        Well said

      • Freya says:

        Excellent post, Kara!
        At the end of the day, their life is nobody’s business.
        Brad and Angelina are responsible for their children’s wellbeing and education. They keep the family together as much as possible and we know nothing about their lives away from the paparazzi.

    • Dibba says:

      I can speak from my own experience on this one. I come from large family. Moved alot. Really depended on each other. We are very close because of this, BUT it wasn’t healthy. Too much emphasis put on relationship within the family. The kids really need PEERS, especially the older ones. Nothing wrong with being a close family, but connections with others is vital for personal growth and growing up, going out on their own. I think even more important for these kids because of their fame and fortune.

      • Hypocricy says:

        But staying in one place doesn’t guarantee having more peers and a better education. nor doesn’t guarantee being more happy or grounded.

        I don’t think Suri Cruise interract with children, same with the Smith kids the way i have seen those kids interracting with children in Africa, France, Bosnia…and probably in different languages…learning firsthand how not to be prejudiced.

        Many children in the US are homeschooled and single children. They don’t interract and have no sibling to interract either. Where is the concern ?

        Plus i am sorry listenning to certain stars who have went to highschool you wonder what type of education they had.

        I know those kids are well educated coming from an international school system myself and Maddox probably speak better english and can hold a conversation better than certain Hollywood bimbos.

        I heard Madonna’s daughter Lola, speaking perfect english, then moving to spanish and finally translating online in a topnotch parisian french to her mother what the french interviewer was saying…she was barely 7 at the timee, Lycee Français pupil and extremey mature.

        She later was homeschooled and she seems better grounded and matiure than most american girls her age though she was often on tour with her mum and often splitted between her father and her mother’s place, speaking spanish with her father, english with her mother and french with her teachers.

      • Wendi says:

        Where did you see anything about Lourdes being homeschooled? She went to the Lycee in London and then moved to NYC, where a quick google shows her going to La Guardia High School.

    • cerulean says:

      I come from a large family and we are each other’s best friends. I have other friends but nothing like my brothers. Large families are different. The need for outside company is not as strong when you have playmates available all day long. Not to say others don’t play important roles but the desire is different.

      • MariPily says:

        I agree, Cerulean. The dynamic for desiring friends is different in a large family. Why do you need outside friends when you have sisters and brothers around your same age, sharing your life and experiences? And a fun life, at that. Also, these children are famous. As they get older, outsiders might want to be their friend just for that reason. It’s best if they develop a strong bond within their family, because their siblings will probably be the only peple they will ever be able to fully trust.

      • cerulean says:

        You are right on with that. Sometimes when we get together it can be exclusionary for others because we can talk about things no else in our lives can relate to. We traveled a lot(nowhere on the scale and extent as the Jolie Pitts) and we have similar senses of humor. We all remember our upbringing in England and what it was like moving to the US. I think that bonded us even closer. When I was sick as an adult my brother dropped his life to care for me. I can’t imagine a friend making such a sacrifice though maybe the special ones do.
        Who else remembers commiserating late at night about what a cow your mum was being or how embarrassing your father could be?

        These kids will always have each other no matter what comes in their lives.

  12. ahoyhoy says:

    Could Shi be any more obviously overloaded with actor (ham) genes? I’ll bet she is fun and exhausting 24/7.

    Z is already such an elegant young lady. I can’t wait to see these kids grow up!

  13. Talie says:

    Shiloh definitely has Angelina face…as she gets older it will become more pronounced.

    • MS says:

      Shiloh is a Brad Pitt “mini me”, except for the hillbilly missing tooth! She looks exactly like her daddy…

      • bina says:

        I know people always say Brad, but whenever I see Shiloh I think she looks just like a young Jon Voight

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      When Shiloh was a baby–and up to around age 3–I thought she was ALL Brad. :) The kid looked like Brad had given birth to her all by himself. Now, she seems like a perfect blend of both her parents, and I see Angie’s expressions on her face more than Brad’s.

      Each time Shiloh has a growth spurt you can tell that she’s going to be a tall, lean stunning lady … just like her Mom.

      • Camille (The original) says:


        But you know the haters have to say the opposite! After all they couldn’t take after their Mum at all, especially when Brad takes the bio kids and runs back to Jen! ;)


  14. ohmy! says:

    I think they’re going to have their hands full with Shiloh when she gets older. she already has such a beaming personality.
    I almost cant wait to see what she does in the years to come.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    well I will probably be the lest popular poster here, but I think their behavior in public is atrocious. If me and my sisters had acted that way, while in public, we would have gotten the skank eye and a firm restraining hand from mother as well as a severe talking when we got home.

    I think zahara’s hair looks awful.

    Finally, I wonder if these kids can read or write since they never seem to be in school – oh wait, they are home schooled -ha ha – sure they are.

    OK – start throwing the rocks I put my helmet on. ^_^

    • cmc says:

      Although I think you’re a troll, and a part of your comment is rude (oh you think Z’s hair looks awful? She’s a CHILD, not a celebrity on the red carpet)- agree that if me and my siblings had acted like that in public we would have gotten a skank eye at the minimum. Imagine though…if she had given them a public stern talking-to and had been photographed, that would have been TERRIBLE for her image. “Angelina screams at the children! They’re so unhappy and repressed! Angelina’s abuse; why Brad took the kids and went back to Jennifer’s!”

    • Jill says:

      We realize you think Angie is a demon and Shiloh and the twins have no right to exist but can you turn down the hate several degrees?

      I see two little girls mugging for the cameras. Nothing more.

    • Suz says:

      Yeah, I think you posted this to get attention and here I am giving it to you…but here we go.

      It appears to be mild goofing off, not some egregious breach of child etiquette. Who knows, we weren’t there.

      And the comment on Zahara’s hair in the middle of your post was really awful. She looks lovely. I’m not sure how you would like to see her wear her hair and it certainly doesn’t matter.

    • Rhea says:

      Well, if there are a lot of people in the boat I would tell my kids to calm down, of course. But if I have tons of money like Angie and able to rent the whole boat for me and the kids, I think I would let my kids a bit have fun like that too. Why not? It’s not like they are throwing the glass and the food around or doing something crazy…

      About their ability to read and write? Please, even if you do not believe they are home schooled, doesn’t mean that no one ever teach them that. Don’t you think the people around them like Jane Pitt would complaint if they can not read or write yet at that age?

      And I’m not even gonna start with your comment regarding Z’ hair…

    • pamela says:

      I am LMAO reading your hate. I see two little girls having fun on aboat where they are most likely the only occupants,so they are not disturbing anyone else. How in hell is that misbehaving? Can’t youjust try,for once,tolet the hate go? At least just for a day?

    • Judy says:

      DOn’t put a helmet on, just have your nasty tounge removed. You hate little kids? You make fun of the hair this child was born with? In so many words you call little kids illiterate? I don’t care who’s kids they are you are a mean nasty person full of hate and i would hate to hear what you would say about a Special Needs child. I hope to God you have no children and never have them or grand children to teach your nasty vile hate too.I believe that AJ and Bp and their children are 100 times the person that you our are. You carry your JENHEN crap too far.

    • drea says:

      Now I feel sad that you had to grow up like that. Seriously. I had cousins who did too, and their childhood is not something any of us really talk about. We all turned out pretty much the same though so whatever, right?

    • Freya says:

      Sounds like your mother wasn’t much fun, ladybert62!

    • Lolie says:

      I think you mean STANK eye, not skank eye, lol.

      And the kids are just being the usual hyperactive kids having fun, there is NO misbehaving shown in the photos. None at all, so what are you on about?

      Do I detect racism towards Zahara?

      And its more than clear if you have followed (which YOU HAVE) Angelina and Brad is that the children have been educated in the most prestitgious international school and receive excellent tutoring. There is no question that their education is mature past their years, and make you look like a bumbling illiterate idiot.

      I also note that you are a MAJOR *COWARD*. You post and RUN. You never come back and reply to replies. You are a coward.

      One of the things I like about Angelina apart from her being classy and a decent wholesome person that is a great role model for all women, is that she makes sure her children live as normally as possible. Children acting like children. Going to McDs. She has gone above and beyond to not only educate her children but to keep them grounded. She is a good moral woman and a great role model.

  16. Ravensdaughter says:

    OMG-jet lag with two little girls. Angelina is even more my hero.
    Shiloh=Brad-it’s amazing! My son and I were identical in our 4 year old portraits, even though I had a little dress and tights on and he had his little rugby shirt on.

  17. faye says:

    I don’t thnk the girls are being rude or “acting out”, they are obviously playing off the reactions and urging they are getting from the paps who are taking their pics. Two little girls gleefully playing who are not harming or interferring with anyone else is no reason to call out the parenting police. Their choice to home school their children is one that is made by countless families. Quite frankly they have a leg up on most kids who are homeschooled because they have professional teachers and not parents who guide them through their studies.

  18. lisa says:

    Why is there always such Deep concern about the education of these children. And only these children. Brad and Angie have said the kids are home schooled. I know many families not famous that are schooled this way. I hope people are saving some of this concern for their own children or the children in their cities.

    They are the parents. And being so get to raise their children as they see fit. That includes education. the kids have friends and probably do many social activities the public or gossip sites are not aware of. Imagine that. We don’t know every thing that happens in their lives.

    I mean when I was a child I went out with my parents. I don’t see most parents going out and about with a gaggle of kids that are not their own. When I played with my friends it was at home. not out in public.

    • Hypocricy says:

      I always find it very ironic when it’s Aniston fans (they know who they are) with their fake concern about those children they often put down, when suddenly they want for them a better education system.

      No offence, but i am sure multilingual Maddox speaks better english and can hold a more mature converstaion than their idole with her ‘thinking thoughts’ sub par education and childish expressions….She is the one who they should feel concerned about education wise…Just sayin….

  19. teri says:

    What an adorable close family, nothing but love and respect. I see two happy little girls playing it up. I have seen other celeb kids or just daily outburst from children being rude and disrespectful…..time to focus on the real issues and leave the worry to the more deserving.

  20. Waldemar says:

    Can not believe that she was >< this close to where I am and didn't even know about it.

    Did she really took a plane from The Hague to Amsterdam?? The Netherlands are a very small country. Three hour drive in a car from any point in our country and you are either in Belgium or Germany. I think she just took the car. Much faster!

    • cr says:

      I think what Kaiser means is she’d flown to Amsterdam from LA, no mention of how she got to the Hague. But I’m presuming it was either car or train from Amsterdam, since it’s not that far.

  21. Lucky Charm says:

    If she was pregnant, she wouldn’t be drinking a glass of wine. And I just see two little girls playfully making faces for photogs, not acting up or misbehaving. Believe me, you can certainly tell the difference! Also, since I have friends who homeschool their kids, and friends who are nannies or employ nannies, none of whom are rich or famous, I have to say that their children are all fine & healthy so absolutely no reason to worry about the JP children.

  22. cbear says:

    These kids get a combination of school, homeschooling and private tutors. They’ve been exposed to many different and amazing cultures and languages. Their mother and father do amazing philanthropy with long-term commitment that is much more than just showing up an event and lending your name. They seem amazingly well-adjusted and close, especially with being stalked by paparazzi their whole lives.

    I am much more worried about the 12 year olds or so that I see running around late at night in the city, their parents having no idea where they are ’cause they’re too busy growing more obese by the minute, spending their lives on their couch glued to reality tv, or, hanging out with their drinking and drugging friends. They probably don’t know crap about what goes on at their kids school, and don’t care. Being in a structured school setting doesn’t mean you are being “raised right” and all will be well.

    I mean, I know which group of kids *I think* are more likely to be adults with issues…..

    • Wendi says:

      Which “school” are you counting as being part of that “amazing” combination? The last time we saw those kids anywhere near a school was in Budapest, 2 years ago and that was for what… two or three weeks?

      A comment about the “cultures and languages” they’re being “exposed” to. 3 days in Japan here, 2 days in Amsterdam there, short little trips everywhere and none of it where you can actually interact with the people (and that’s where the REAL culture lies) probably isn’t exposing them to much other than a tour of the various Four Seasons hotels around the world and which one has the best room service. Travel is nice, but they’re getting about as much real exposure to other cultures as you or I would get by lying on a beach at a resort in Hawaii, Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

      • cbear says:

        Oh, you’re making your judgment of their whole lives based on the last few weeks, not…you know, the last few years. Gotcha!

      • Rena says:

        Travelling does expose one to other cultures, no matter your negatively slanted viewpoint on everything about this family 100% of the time.

        Trying out new experiences, hearing other languages, visiting museums, visiting places like the Tower of London, riding a boat through a canal in Amsterdam or on the Seine in Paris, being exposed to other cultures at an early age is wonderful and opens a child’s mind to the fact that acceptance of others and their similarities and differences is a positive attitude to hold.

        A lesson some adults here are sadly missing.

      • Colette says:

        According to their parents they hired a italian tutor to teach them about Venice for the 3 months when they were there . AJ mentioned she wrote some of her screenplay while Shiloh attended art classes. The kids they met in Budapest at school visited them in England while BP was fiolming WWZ. As late as 2011 there were pap pics of Zahara coming from school in LA. The twins also attend pre school on the paramount lot. Brad and Angie travel with 3 teachers and 3-4 nannies I wouldn’t worry about their kids education. Where is the concern for other celeb who homeschoool like Lisa Whelchel (Blair from Facts of Life)?

      • Wendi says:

        Rena. Let’s get a bit real here. They stay in 5 star hotels and frankly once you do enough of them, they all start to look alike regardless of what country you are in. The staff in these hotels speak English to them, if they speak to them at all and not the nannies. When they go for a cruise in Amsterdam, Venice or Paris, they rent the whole boat and are surrounded by their entourage, not the locals. Museums, unless they’re hands-on Science museums, aren’t of any interest to small children. The soon to be 6 year old Shiloh and 7 year old Zahara are not standing in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, agape at the mastery of luminosity and subtlety of stroke as evidenced by DaVinci.

        And frankly, anyone who thinks that travel automatically equals open-mindedness has never run into the all too frequently found nasty little racists that some of the expat crowd turn out.

        Re: hearing other languages. How many languages are spoken in the average mid-sized American city? Would you think that taking your child to eat three meals a day in Chinatown is going to make him/her more “wordly”? That’s essentially what they do with their kids, only with lots of jetlag involved.

        You have a very romantic, but very false view on what travel can do for someone. Travel is not going to make you openminded, it can make you very much the contrary if you are already inclined that way. Staying at the Swisshotel in Istanbul isn’t going to give you any understanding of the Turkish culture and the Ottoman Empire. You’re not going to be suddenly imbibed with an understanding of 4000 years of history just because you stay at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Egypt.

        28 hours of flight time for a 2 day stay. In that direction, the jetlag has you up until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning, which when you’re a kid, means you’re sleeping until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, otherwise you’re a horrible whiny sleep deprived brat for the rest of the day. Toss in breakfast, shower, getting dressed. How much “culture” do you think they absorbed during 2 days when they likely didn’t leave their hotel until mid to late afternoon?

      • pamela says:

        For heaven’sake Wendi aka Heine, can’t you just give it a freaking rest? So what if… you SEEM to know EVERYTHING about the Jolie-Pitts….they don’t go to school,they have enough money that they won’t be dependent on the government and your tax dollars for their upkeep, so it’s none of your business. Sheesh!!

      • The OG Sasha says:

        Bless your heart, Wendi — what makes you think a “school” with an average student-teacher ratio of 18-1 is better than the private schooling the Jolie-Pitts are providing for their children? Just the student-teacher ratio alone indicates a better education than the average child in public schools.
        And FTR, a private home school with professional teachers/tutors is a SCHOOL — that’s the only way people were educated for a long time until people decided to pool resources/taxes to create public schools so that it wasn’t just the children of the very rich who got an education. But make no mistake, if you are rich enough to provide your kids with private tutors, your kids are going to have a better education than those in “schools.”

      • cameron says:

        There goes Wendi Aka Heine again. Have never met these kids, heard them speak, been to their home, have no idea what they do or where they’ve been 90% of the time. But she can determine by looking at several photos (at most 10 different locations and mostly at airports) this past year that they’re not getting a good education. I don’t judge my siblings parenting and neither do they of mine and I know them.

    • MariPily says:

      Wendi, I’m a huge AJ fan, but you do make some very valid points, a few I’ve never considered.

    • Wendi says:

      Well Pamela aka Pamela, once those kids inherit all of that trust fund money and have no idea how to manage it, what do you suppose is going to happen to them?

      Maybe they’ll luck out and not end up with some parasite that scr*ws them out of millions, just because they can because the kids won’t be equipped to look after it themselves.

      Or maybe they won’t be so lucky. Chances are…

      • pamela says:

        Like I said Heine, don’t worry about these kids. They are not or will they ever be YOUR responsibility. And IF in the very distant future they are not able to manage their money, then just think of the joy that will bring you, and you can even declare a holiday for yourself. Until that time, their schooling is NOT your beeswax.

      • Jill says:

        Seeing as how you never miss an opportunity to snark on the parents or the children, why in the world should their welfare be of any concern to you?

        You haters are a trip. “Poor Jolie-Pitt kids yadda-yadda-yadda.” You will seize on anything and everything to reinforce your weird notion that Brad and Angie are lousy parents.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t give a damn about any of those kids. Your hypocrisy reeks.

      • Hypocricy says:

        No offence but if Anistion and her broken english at 43 isn’t of your concern why are you up in arms for those multilingual children who probably speak better english than your idole ?

        It’s Aniston’s education level you should feel concern about. At 43 miss Uncool and Thinking Thoughts has proven time and time again that being educated in a US only system doesn’t always translate into a superior education.

        She is the one who has proven time and time again that she needs extra education SO FAR, yet you always defend her when she is dubbed as a bag of rocks who can’t even speak proper english, her only language. Not the multilingual JP kids who are still on an ungoing education.

      • Wendi says:

        Frankly, I’m always a little shocked to see how little the true welfare of these people actually seems to matter to some of her fans. Aren’t you the ones who are actually supposed to care?

        It’s probably more fun to cover your ears and sing “lalalalala” though.

        Let’s hope the kids never meet up with the sort of predators that Britney did. That sort of thing is the exact reason that rich kids need to be able to look after their own affairs.

      • Jill says:

        Okey-doke Wendi, tell you what: since you and you alone have the welfare of these poor neglected little tykes so much at heart, go ahead and file a complaint with CPS that Brad and Angie are bad parents. I double-dog dare you.

      • Wendi says:

        Oh Jill, such a drama queen, aren’t you?

        Odd that someone who claims to be intimately involved with screening people for the adoption process can be so taken in by well crafted media appearances. I hope you’re not so indiscriminate in your job.

      • Wendi says:

        @Drama Queen: as noted earlier, reading comprehension = zero. My point stands.

      • Jill says:

        @Wendi/Heinie/Nobody: You never had a point, just a lot of stupid sound bytes.

        I can see why you answer to any name you’re called by. You have no identity of your own either in real life or in cyberspace. Every time you come on here you desperately try to reinvent yourself, and all your attempts add up to a big zero.

        Looking into a mirror and seeing no one looking back at you must be disconcerting, to say the least.

        -Mod Note: Multiple Nicks are an automatic ban. This person also goes by the name “Cheyenne”-

      • Wendi says:

        Oh Dear! You mean Jill has been hoist by her own petard? I guess she knew of what she speaks, answering to multiple monikers.

        Out of curiosity, was she also some of the others who suddenly stopped posting too? It got awfully silent all of a sudden.

      • Josephina says:

        @Pamela, Jill,and Hypocrisy:

        Wendy is about as learned and eloquent as Chelsea Handler. Behold her artificial intelligence… and let it pass along to someone lazy.

        She has already admitted that she can’t stand Angelina Jolie, and so it is no wonder that Wendy would continue to throw air punches at anything Jolie–her film career, her lovelife with Brad, her size, her style of motherhood, etc…. you get my point.

        She wants everyone to have this type of love and adoration for the Sad Spook, aka Aniston. We cannot identify with Aniston’s dead-end, flavorless personality. Aniston’s fans can’t even shell out a few bucks to support their girl in her latest movie when she is the “biggest star” listed.

        Angie’s kids will continue to receive a very unique education stemming from a global perspective. That is the best best way to prepare any child for the future, and there exists more than one way to achieve it.

        Brad/Angie have chosen to provide an experience in education that is inclusive of their multi-cultural and multi-racial needs. They are apparently committed to achieving this goal, just as they have completed already many other goals as a family.

        As a fan, I am in full support of their unique family deisions.

      • Lolie says:

        Wow. So now Wendi thinks the children can’t add up and won’t be able to handle their finances?

        DRAMA QUEEN, much, Wendi?

      • Wendi says:

        Posting from the local Starbucks now, are we Jill / Cheyenne / Lolie? Talk about dedicated.

        Managing millions and millions, especially when it’s set up in Foundations and other people are running them for you requires a bit more than just “adding”.

        I’m pretty sure that the twins don’t know how to add yet though. I know, shocking isn’t it?

  23. Reece says:

    I totally hate myself for thinking/typing this but that second needs to be a meme. So funny!

  24. wedding fair says:

    De laatste roddels over in het huwelijk treden.

  25. the other mel says:

    Nothing makes me smile first thing in the morning like a photo of that adorable goofy Shax. She just cracks me up! What an amazing life they have. I wish I’d been one of their kids!

  26. LMB says:

    They are in my hometown. Of course they look happy!

    • skuddles says:

      Love your hometown LMB! Beautiful place… beautiful people. Dutch folks are incredibly trim and fit – wow! And so polite and pleasant. I’d love to go back again sometime.

  27. Jayna says:

    Every family lives differently. I see no problem with this. It keeps the family together. The kids are young enough that they get time with other children, but your life is more within the home anyway when you’re young. They are a strong family unit and the kids will be better understanding adults for it and exposed to so much.

    What bothers me is Angie has said repeatedly and even very recently that she wants to travel like this forever and would hate it if the kids wanted to stop and have a more permanent home. Wow. And wow not in a good way. Living somewhere every two, three, four, five months and leaving for the next destination until you’re 18 sounds horrible to me. I thought they had a timeline and would settle down more with less travel when the kids hit a certain age, but Angie doesn’t want that.

    • pamela says:

      Angie has also said that they realize that the time will come when the kids will want to settle in one place, so I wouldn’t worry about that. She has also said she will work less as the kids get older. I’m sure Brad and Angie will always do what’s best for their children.

  28. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    “Zahara declares: blue hair ribbons for ALL!” LMAO!

    Love Z’s new ‘do, she’s such a pretty little girl. Shiloh seems like she’s the “ham” in the family. :D

    • AMY says:

      However, no wedding until Shiloh gets a proper haircut…LOL

      The children are so freaking cute..I love Queen Z….Especially when she is annoyed by the paps and she gives them her side eye glare…too precious!!

      New law of the land…Blue Hair Ribbons For All :)

  29. Dibba says:

    The kids will have plenty of time to learn about other cultures. Why do they have to do it 365 days a year? I think when kids get older they are better prepared to appreciate other cultures and learn. Right now the kids should be settled into a home, with routines, learning about schoolwork responsibilities, friendships and little league! for everyone saying how they wish they had been raised like the Jolie-Pitts? I would have HATED it. There’s a reason why most people don’t do this.

    • blouson says:

      I think there is a lot of fantasy projected onto the lives of these children. Those who hvae lived this life (or one similar) know while it is great, its no better than a more “normal” upbringing. I think the down sides are hidden by the “glamour”. I speak from experience. Can I impress anyone at dinner parties with my stories of famous people and places? Yes. Did I have a perfect childhood, NO. Not terrible but definitely there were times my needs came behind my parents need/desire to travel/work. I see this happening here. But I am also sure those children have a world class education and many resources at their dispoal so I’ll worry about the kids a few suburbs down from me whose paremnts run P labs first.

  30. Twinsies says:

    Shiloh looks like her granddad Jon Voight.

  31. Cinesnatch says:

    Those kids are the cutest.

  32. rosa says:

    how would angelina look if she was ill?

  33. Sasha says:

    People are entitled to their opinion about how children should be raised, but just look at those girls. Those are HAPPY girls. They clearly get on with each other (love the picture of Z with her arm around Shi. Always the protective older sister!) and I think the whole family dynamic works well for them. Keeping children in school is quite a Western notion really.. and even gypsy children in the West get moved around a lot. Those girls are spending a lot of quality time with their mum and nothing can beat that!

  34. Dperson says:

    Seriously everyone. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Not our business who/where/how these children are educated. Not our business how often they travel. Not our business if they get jet lag. I am so sick of the judgement that all parents get from busybodies. These kids look healthy and happy. Get over it. And no, everyone is not entitled to their opinion. sheesh

    • Wendi says:

      Not our business if constant air travel raises your chances of cancer by up to 5 times due to the increased exposure to very long wave radiation…

      • Dperson says:

        Nope still not our business. Just like if I smoke and risk my own cancer it’s not your business either. I don’t smoke by the way – also no one’s business

      • Wendi says:

        Well then, if it’s not our business, why are you encouraging this blog to post about them by reading and commenting? Gossip blogs are, by their very nature, engaged in talking about nothing but things that are “not our business”. What are you doing here at all?

      • The OG Sasha says:

        Seriously — You honestly think how much these kids travel by air is YOUR business? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read on here.
        Here’s a tip: if you are concerned with the effect of airplane travel on health, don’t take your kids traveling a lot on airplanes. Otherwise, MYOB.

      • Wendi says:

        Don’t you think it’s rather deliciously ironic to be telling someone on a gossip blog to “Mind their own business”?


      • Rena says:

        Wendi, Try being truthful for once. You don’t like Angelina for whatever reason you have allowed to control your behavior toward this ONE family ONLY, so as always you are throwing everything you can at her. You could care less what these kids lives are like.

        These small kids are constanly bothered by paps when they go out the door, they are graceful under the unrelenting pressure of cameras and camera flashes of grown up stalkers. They hear their names being screamed at them by complete strangers. And they manage to be well behaved wth parents who make them feel as safe as possible under the crazy circumstances they live in.

        I don’t understand why you and a few others, adults all, have made it your life’s mission to carp about how other people are living their lives always and I guess forever. Sad sad sad.

      • Wendi says:

        Darling, their parents deliberately put them in the public eye. It’s a little hard to claim after selling baby photos and “private home shots” for millions of dollars, constantly trotting them out for photo ops that the public should pretend they don’t exist. Maybe you should petition Kaiser to stop posting about the kids, that way no one will talk about them. In the meantime, this post appears to be about AJ and two of her kids. Presumably, these posts go up so people will comment on the subject. You, me, anyone else who lands here…

    • Rena says:

      BRAVO Dperson!!!!

  35. Madison says:

    Kids being kids, they look like they having a great time.

  36. pamela says:

    @Wendi, for someone who doesn’t like this family,you sure know alot about their schedule,and their schooling. I am a fan,and I don’t follow them as avidly as you do…. at least not to the point where I can quote what Brad said about his childrens’method of learning. It’s actually quite funny.LOL
    You REALLY need to get a life.

    • Wendi says:

      Pamela: my kids attend school every day in the French Lycee system. It annoys me to no end when fans of certain movie stars who know nothing about it talk about it as if it’s some sort of global drop-in day care, because it’s not. That the kids weren’t in the Lycee last fall in London when Brad was filming is a pretty obvious thing when your own kids go there. No searching necessary, I’d have been facing that circus every day picking up my child.

      As for the interview in which Pitt said they were no longer doing that system, I believe it was the same as the much talked about Parade interview where he admitted to having spent his 30′s on a couch being a pothead because he couldn’t handle fame. That one got a lot of coverage, if you remember well.

      • Mari says:

        @Wendi .
        I find funny how you are so invested in this family, writing long dissertations and knowing details than only very savvy fans would know… And complaining of things that did not even happened.
        You seem to need a healthier, less negative and hateful hobby, your child would thank you for it.

      • pamela says:

        LOL, woman you REALLY need to get a life. Like I said,I don’t invest that much of my life remembering when and where these children go to school. Go back and read your posts, it is creepy but hilarious at the same time. You need to go take care of your kids and leave Brad and Angie to take care of theirs.

      • Jill says:

        @Wendi-Wendy-Wendie-Heine-Whoever: Gotta love the Internet — you can be whoever you want to be whenever you want, even if in real life you’re nobody. One week you can be in the diamond business, the next week you can be in the film industry, etc. etc. Sound familiar?

        Oh, and Pamela’s right: The Jolie-Pitt family totally owns you. I guess other people’s lives are all the more fascinating when you have no life of your own.

      • Lolie says:

        Wendi, I have no doubt that a selfish, hateful, nasty, bitter and resentful person like you wouldn’t have a boyfriend, let alone children, nor would the likes of you be able to even afford that school. You are full of crap. You honestly expect people to believe you have children or could afford that school? People who can afford that schooling for their children are usually busy people who are too busy to spend their lives hating on a good decent woman and her children, for NO reason at all. You come across as immoral, immature, lacking class and decency and full of nasty bitter hatred. Face it. You’re a loser and taking it out on a successful woman who you are supremely jealous of. Period. No one buys your wild stories and internet persona, so don’t even bother. You are one of the lowest of the low and you could only dream to have all that.

      • Wendi says:

        There you go again with the school being some sort of huge big deal. It’s not. You might find that disappointing because it’s not the bragging point you thought it was re: the JP kids.

        The French Lycees are underwritten in part by the French taxpayer so that the french kids abroad will have the same education as the French kids at home. For a French child to go to the Lycee here in London, it’s a bit under £4,000 a year. For info, thats way way way less than a decent private British school costs. Now, as the French govt actually cares about their citizens getting a good education, they provide bursaries for those families who have limited means. The parents also organize things like weekly bake sales to raise money to help those same people with limited means to pay for extras like school trips and so on. So you see, you’ll have to adjust your “elitist” outlook on how these schools are run because it’s very far from the reality of things. I don’t know where you’ve come up with your fanatsies on this. A quick look at some of the places they have French Lycees abroad should give you a pretty good hint that this is not a “jetset” organization. Uzbekistan anyone? The Sudan? Kinshasa?

        For the record, it’s quite a bit more expensive in the US based Lycees, because your govt was concerned about “subversive socialist interests” (aka the French govt) and so the status of the schools there is different than those elsewhere.

    • Wendi says:

      Ah, the typical sad and tired response tactic for when you have no good answer. That’s a bit desperately pathetic really.

      Film? Have no idea where you pulled that from, your imagination perhaps. And reading comprehension zero on the garbage man/ diamond district comment if that’s what you got out of it. Don’t let that stop you though.

      I think it’s kind of hilarious that you seem to think that it’s impossible someone else have their kids in a French school. The entire nation of France does. You do know that the Lycee in London has over 3000 students? I’m pretty sure they aren’t all Brangelina kids. What’s more, it’s whole reason for being is to educate French kids abroad to the same level as those at home so that they’ll be a fully functional member of society when they come back. It’s not as if it’s any big deal. You’re making it into some sort of exclusive selective school system and that’s the antithesis of the whole concept. Non-French students are a byproduct of available space, not the preferred target for the school.

      • cameron says:

        @ wendy
        So What? I still don’t get your point. you do seem very much invested in how the JP’s raise and educate their children. They are not yours, so mind your business.
        I don’t comment on how Suri, Willow or Jaden Smith, Violet, Kingston or how other celebrity children are being raised because I don’t know. I don’t know or care what Jennifer Garner does with her girls after grocery shopping at the Farmer’s Market.

      • Wendi says:

        Really, this over the top defensiveness is ridiculous. How exactly am I critisizing here? I pointed out they no longer do the CNED and are now doing some sort of homegrown program. This as per their father. I point out that they haven’t been seen in a brick and mortar school since Budapest. If that’s not true, please by all means, post links. I make the point that despite romantic notions of the benefits of travel, the kids probably aren’t getting as much out of it as some people seem to think due to the short stays and the manner they are isolated from the culture they are supposed to be experiencing. That’s not false, like it or not.

        And yet somewhere in there I’m being accused of alternately dissing homeschooling, claiming classrooms are better than private tutors and claiming the kids are being abused / neglected.

        Seems to me there are some people so determined to argue with me or anyone else that they feel the need to invent positions that haven’t been taken just so they can argue about something that was never said.

    • cameron says:

      You just remind me of a “nosey neighbor” hypothetically, if I walked out of my front door with an above the knee dress and red lipstick I must be having an affair or if you see my kids with the same outfit on a few days later you’re ready to call CPS (Child Protective services).
      Bottom line these are just photos of kids you don’t know, met, heard speak or know what they do 90% if not more of their time. So, if they are schooled in the Lyree Program or home schooled. Who cares?
      Let it go, it’s not that important.

      BTW, the above comment by a Cameron is not me.

      • cameron says:

        The first comment on this thread by a Cameron is not me.

      • Wendi says:

        You know what reminds me of a “nosy neighbor”? When I read posts written by someone who claims to be an adoption expert and who insinuates that they’ve pulled up the Brange files and snooped through them.

        And this is supposed to be a “fan”. How creepy is that?

  37. WTF says:

    wow. i thought i was going to scroll down and see all the comments about how adorable these two are. I was not expecting the parenting-wars.
    I don’t care about that.

    They are SOOOOOOOOO cute. I love that you can see their little personalities in their clothing. Shilo cracks me up with her ‘boy’ clothes. And Zahara is so dainty. I’m dying from cuteness over here.

  38. JP kids are adrobs says:

    awww z is hugging her little sister. cutiness over load.

  39. Insertrandomname says:

    so rare to see angelina smiling! so genuine and beautiful!

  40. LucyOriginal says:

    adorable children. I am glad they make fun of the paps.

  41. original sandy says:

    cute-cute-cute just adorable, who cares how brad and angie raised their children? they seem happy, not misbehaving, making faces at the paps.there is nothing wrong with that. some people are *%$&*#@ picking at nothing. such cute pictures of z and shi

  42. STOPGOOP says:

    I love them. They look so happy and fun. Just think if you had nannies and could plan special trips with just your “big girls”… I love Angie and I love this family. I wish them the best

  43. deb says:

    Angie might never be so good a dresser as Z, but her coats and jackets are always diggable.

  44. Hayley says:

    Jolie looks like she has a milk moustache in those pictures. What’s up with that?

  45. crazycatlady says:


  46. Sakyiwaa says:

    they are uber-adorable!