Ashley Judd’s rep explains her puffy face: she has a sinus infection

Yesterday we ran a story about Ashley Judd’s face looking puffy. News outlets were speculating that she’d had fillers. I wrote that her face may have been filled out due to a medical condition and/or steroids, and a lot of you agreed. Some of you mentioned that Ashley is rumored to be bipolar, and that a side effect of bipolar medication can be weight gain and water retention. Also, Ashley had her adorable dog Buttermilk with her during an interview, and Buttermilk was seen at the airport with her wearing a “service dog” vest for some reason. So it sounds like something is going on medically with her. We do know that she sought treatment for depression several years ago as she was open about it at the time.

Ashley’s rep has issued a statement to explain his client’s changed appearance. He claims that Ashley has a sinus infection and is on medication for it. I don’t think that it explains what’s going on. They don’t owe it to us to explain or anything, but given all the coverage of this, I definitely get why they did. Here’s more:

“For the record, this is unequivocally not true,” Judd’s rep, Cara Tripicchio, told E! News. “Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu. Therefore, Ashley has been on a heavy dose of medication to overcome it so she could get on a plane and travel to Toronto and New York to fulfill her commitment of completing four consecutive days of press to promote her new show Missing.”

Judd herself tweeted as much this morning, writing, “Thanks to all asking how I’ve been feeling. still very sick (flu + viral infection in sinuses = wicked) but staying positive & having fun.”

Hard as it may be in the wake of the speculation.

“This may have contributed to her face appearing ‘puffy’ on the talk show in Toronto, however anyone who is truly paying attention and not looking to perpetuate a ridiculous story can look online further at photos of her last night during an Apple Store event in NYC and see for themselves that there is zero sign of plastic surgery, puffiness, fillers, etc., that has become a silly and erroneous topic of conversation. Ashley is a natural beauty enjoying her 40’s gracefully.”

[From E! Online]

I googled “Tamiflu side effects,” and it’s possible that this explains why Ashley’s face is puffy. One of the side effects of an allergy to Tamiflu is “facial swelling and severe nausea.”

Well I’m not buying the “natural beauty” part of this denial, but I hope that whatever is going on with Ashley that she’s ok. She still bugs me. As I said in the earlier post, whenever I gain weight it goes straight to my face so I do feel bad for pointing it out with her.

The photos in the blue dress are from yesterday. Photo credit

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  1. Ravensdaughter says:

    Believable. I am bipolar-2 and I am on meds (you must be referring to lithium re-puffiness-don;t take that). If I had a serious sinus infection, I might have to take antibiotics and perhaps a short term oral steroid (although the oral inhalers would be better) to get through it. Sinus infections, if you’ve ever had one, are horrible. The headaches especially, which many people with BPD are prone to anyway. She should be home in bed with her dog and some chicken soup.
    Please stop digging around in this woman’s medical history-this isn’t just about whether she is ‘toxing or not-and let her live her life. Trust me; it’s a challenge every day, and she is amazingly functional. I am getting ready to leave a graduate program and look for work, and Ashley reminds me that so many things are possible if people with mental illness stay strong and don’t let prejudice and the nature of the being mentally ill-good days and bad-get them down. You just keep believing in yourself, and you keep going….

    • Lis says:

      I don’t think anyone is “digging around in” her medical history.

      She is an actress who went to an event with a face looking like…that. People are going to talk, and speculate.

      Her rep is the one who brought up the topic of medications. Being bipolar (? – it’s the first I’ve heard of it) does not mean she’s exempt from internet gossip.

      I can see why you’d get a little antsy about this, but no one is picking on the mentally ill here. Just someone who looks like she’s ruined her face with “work”.

      Also, congratulations on your progress. I really hope everything goes okay for you.

      • Ravensdaughter says:

        Lis-her meds-including her meds for BPD-and her conditions were part of an entire speculative discussion, which annoyed me, e.g.-Why does she need Buttermilk to be a service dog?

        This is not at you Lis, but….

        I still can’t believe you people are all over her having work done….why don’t we just wait a couple weeks and see if her “sinus infection” clears?

    • Roxy750 says:

      I’m with you on this one!

    • Hubbahun says:

      well said 😀 I’m bipolar too and it’s nothing to be ashamed of – in fact survivors should be celebrated for managing to get up and breathe in and out everyday. It’s a terribly debilitation disorder and stuff like this doesn’t help. I hope Ashley feels better soon – she’s gorgeous.

    • Sassy says:

      I have suffered many horrible sinus infections and you are sick as a dog, and they are hard to treat and may linger for weeks. My Ear, Nose and Throat specialist put me on Prednisone immediately, along with antibiotic Levaquin and a Cat Scan of my head. So, this could indeed be the reason her face is distorted and rather puffy.

      • ol cranky says:

        believable if it weren’t for the fact her face doesn’t look that much better in the previews of her TV show which makes it seem to be of a longer duration than even chronic sinus infections

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I have anxiety disorder and one of my close friends has BP2 so I relate to my bipolar and depressed sisters. I didn’t know that BP meds puffed you up. My friend is not on Lithium either. I don’t think anyone is picking on her for her illness, just speculating if it could be a side effect of her meds.

      To me it just looks like she gained a lot of weight in the last 2 months. She has a tent dress on to hide it. Her face is not just puffier but wider and she has a little double chin. No fillers here. Move along.

      I didn’t know we could get service animals for a chemical imbalance. I want to know more about this. I know this is awful but my apt doesn’t allow pets but they would HAVE to allow a “service dog”.

      • polk8dot says:

        @ ‘To me it just looks like she gained a lot of weight in the last 2 months. She has a tent dress on to hide it. Her face is not just puffier but wider and she has a little double chin…’
        I was focusing on the same issues. I definitely agree that it looks like much more that just a ‘meds puffiness’, whatever the reason for the meds.
        My sister tried unsuccessfully for many years to get pregnant, and finally had to turn to the hormone/steroid therapy. They made the pregnancy happen, but they gave her this permanent ‘bloated’ look. She gained weight significantly, and in some places we did not even know you can gain weight in. Her face is very ‘moon-y’, and the whole body feels like it has just balooned. She does not wory about it though, since the trade off for a baby ws definitely worth it.
        What I’m thinking is that maybe Ashley is trying to concive too, and after several years of marriage, she finally gave in to the therapy. I believe that her kind of ‘weight gain’ is more lake a body exploding from within because of water retention etc. I would not be surprised if we get an announcement in a few weeks/months that she is expecting.
        The way she looks, the way her whole body changed (very apparent in her new show) made me think immediately of the fertility treatments. We’ll see, I guess.

    • Leelee says:

      Could be meds or infection, I guess, but, honestly, it looks like she took the fillers and botox at least one step too far. She looks absolutely terrible, which is sad because she’s so naturally pretty. Now she looks borderline unattractive and much older than she actually is. I don’t get why anyone would inject a filler into cheeks or anything other than a wrinkle.

    • SillyT says:

      Think Lupus ppl. Her momma had it.

  2. Aiobhan says:

    I will give her the benefit of the doubt regarding this issue because she just does not seem like the type of person that would get plastic surgery and then lie about it. I hope she gets well soon.

    • Loulou says:

      I hope she gets well too. My head swells like a Klingon on Start Trek if my hair dye contains PPD. It’s antihistamines she needs if that’s the case. Looking at her hair, I’d say it’s freshly dyed. Just a thought!

    • Chickenlishus says:

      Just shut up. That face is injected!

  3. Lis says:

    I still think it’s work gone bad.

    She’s clearly been having work for quite a while now, and it seems to have finally slipped into “blatant frak-up” territory now.

    I also find that any weight gain goes straight to my face (and I’m – *ahem* – baby faced as it is, so it’s not pretty). We should start a club or something.

  4. Laura says:

    Her face is puffy on the promos for her new show. Either she has been battling the flu for 6 months or something else is going on.

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      That’s just it. OK so she has a sinus infection, but since when? Because she has been looking progressively tweaked ever since she started doing promos for her book. Even in the comparison photo, taken in January, you can see she has wonk eye which is usually a dead giveaway for plastic surgery. Well, I guess we’ll see for sure in a week or so when her “infection” clears.

  5. ohmy! says:

    I really dont think it is fillers. she doesnt have the “filler outline” at her cheeks and nose. Its always visible when they smile and pretty easy to spot if you know what to look for.
    This is one of the few times I can honestly say I believe it is from meds.
    Looks like she might use a little botox but thats about it.

  6. samanthalous says:

    um stay puft face needs to keep away from the injections.

  7. cat1 says:

    It’s very possible, yes. But she has had work done or used fillers or something to this point. I cringe a bit to admit this but has anyone seen that movie “Tooth Fairy?” She looks totally different in that film and that was at least a few years ago. She looked like she was not aging naturally there. She is someone who would look gorgeous with a few lines. Early ’40s the lines don’t come out that much in force! It’s such a catch 22 at this point for women in Hollywood.

  8. Maguita says:

    I believe it is a combination of sinus infection, anti-depressants, AND fillers.

    Badly administrated fillers puff up the face (see Lara Flynn Boyle). Anti-depressants, or a combination of anti-depressants/bi-polar drugs, are reputed to play havoc with one’s metabolic system.

    Add to that sinus medication… Well, mixing medication is never recommended, and facial injections are still considered medicine, and flying only adds to the swelling.

    As for Ashley, there was a Lainey blind that was revealed during one of her Smutty soirées. It was about an actress that was absolutely lethargic, where her assistant needed to do everything for her: take her to the bathroom, shower her, dress her, put on her make-up, almost carry her to the interviewing chair. But once on the chair, and asked the first question, the actress would suddenly come to life and act very poised… and alive! Until the end of the interview.

    It was revealed to be Ashley Judd. That is why she always rings your “liar button”. You feel that she is faking something, yet you don’t know what exactly, and this makes you not really like her for unexplained reasons.

    • cerulean says:

      Lainey also said that there are very few people crazier than Judd. Another blind was about an actress that used the bathroom all over her house and that was revealed to be about her too. Maybe she was unmedicated for a time and with the pressures of Hollywood it could make her disease even worse. But I am thinking its only a fraction of what is going on with her.
      Remember the Mute Stones blind also about her?
      It makes me sad for her. She obviously needs to leave the business and get healthy. She has admitted to having problems but they seem much deeper than she has said. Not that she owes the public an explanation.

      • Maguita says:

        I had forgotten about the dreaded “Mute Stones”!!!

        But could that be blamed on her bi-polar-ism, or on her simply being from the start, an all out weird passive-aggressive with some big-ego issues?

        Wasn’t she behaving quite normally up to hitting it big with Double Jeopardy? It seems that living that much under the Hollywood microscope had put her in an extreme state of emotional distress.

        Sad, especially when she had worked so hard to make it as an actress.

      • cerulean says:

        Stress is the enemy of mental illness and few vocations are as stressful and ego battering as being a successful (beautiful)actress.
        Her catatonia could be signs of a deep depression and the ‘mute stones’ could be a sign of manic grandiosity but I also think there are personal issues there too. Sometimes bipolar is comorbid with a personality disorder and sometimes people with borderline personality disorder are sometimes misdiagnosed as Bipolar. Bipolar is a ‘friendlier’ diagnosis than borderline.
        You see it with actors all the time. They say bipolar when clearly a personality issue is involved as well or is the true issue.

        I just wish some of these people would put health in front of their addiction to fame and money.

  9. Luise says:

    I feel bad for her. She may be going through menopausal weight gain which is so awful and impossible to lose.

  10. Jackson says:

    I think it’s meds of some sort. Either that or just plain old weight gain since she is looking a little thick. (No, not fat, just heavier.) I’d put my money on meds though. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

  11. Jaxx says:

    I lean toward medication bloat too. If she was having work done before the new show why leave her eye wrinkles and bags? Her cheeks look swollen enough to pop and it draws even more attention to her eyes.

    However, if her eyes magically improve next then we’ll know this was stage one of an overhaul.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I agree with some of the comments that she’s been looking different for a while, I kind of remember thinking that when she did a book promotion tour or something a few months ago. The illness may explain the puffiness, but I also think she’s had a little something done.

  13. Theuth says:

    Having some allergy doesn’t mean she didn’t use fillers, which is pretty much clear given the fact her face has been swollen for some years. The reaction is probably so bad because of her filled face – the puffiness is just more obvious.
    Plus, as you age you face lose fat and thin out. Hers has been growing. Aging naturally, no.

  14. bros says:

    she’s been puffy for long time, so i dont think its the flu. perhaps she is on systemic steroids or something for autoimmune something, which might explain the service dog thing-that’s the strangest bit.

  15. zoe says:

    it looks like plain old weight gain to me. she is not the skinny girl she used to be and why should she be. she looks great. leave ashley alone. although why was buttercup wearing a service vest? it could be she didn’t want people to touch her dog. she has issues with being touched-does not like to shake hands for example and it probably extends to her dog.

    • leslilly says:

      I agree w/Zoe. And big deal – she’s freaking human. I LOVE that she has a service dog. It could be for her – some meds cause seizures. Or perhaps she is fostering service dogs.

  16. Snow says:

    This seems about as likely (for a celebrity in a high-pressure town) as getting mercury poisoning for having too much sushi or going to drug and alchohol rehab for depression.

  17. kokopolo says:

    Saw her do an interview on Strombo last night and her face moved normally, like frowning, forehead wrinkles and everything. I think her puffiness is med related. She’s still pretty insufferable and preachy though.

  18. Rhiley says:

    She tweaked with her face a long time ago. The story shouldn’t be Is Ashley Judd tweaking her face but rather Is Ashley Judd going too far with tweaking her face? Ashley Judd seems to be the 90s version of Katherine Heigl to me.

    • Rachel says:

      I think it’s seriously ridiculous that so many people are assuming she’s done injections etc. She clearly stated that she’s gone through clinical depression. I have too – and the SSRI’s puffed out my face just like hers. I’ve been off the SSRI’s for 10 months (because of these side effects) and I’m still fighting off the puffy face and weight gain. Un-informed people make stupid assumptions about something they have no clue about. If you read about the effects on your body of SSRI’s you’ll clearly understand so stop making idiotic assumptions.

  19. Seymour Butts says:

    Bullshit. Same thing with Kim Kardashian’s lips: “my lips are swollen cuz I had the flu,” when she covered them with her hand because the paps caught her, hahah.

  20. Ravensdaughter says:

    Arrgh!-let’s just all agree that Miss Piggy is 100% botoxed-very funny story-keep going..

  21. Jayna says:

    She has gained weight, definitely, compared to her usual tiny figure. Her face is getting older. Shocking to see as she was a beauty. Maybe add a puffy face from illness, medication or filler. I don’t know. But weight gain and aging eyes makes her look older. She has smile lines so it definitely doesn’t look like she has overdone fillers.

    She does suffer from depression, and I have had friends pack on some pounds on antidepressants.

  22. cerulean says:

    Well her mother is a plastic surgery addict so it is not surprising that she is too. Its hard for a beauty to lose their youth. Especially publicly.

  23. Rhiley says:

    I just looked at pictures of AJ with her dog Buttermilk. They are really cute and the dog seems so relaxed and happy. I take back the Katherine Heigl comment. She seems like a really responsible and loving dog owner and that is a plus in my book.

  24. smith says:

    I have never liked her, even for a second.

    My sister is on steroids for her back and it causes weight gain so I know how difficult it is to be a thin person who is now overweight due to medicinal side-effects.

    Even with that, she’s clearly had work done before and with the blatant fib by her rep (naturally aging? okay) I’m calling lies with a side of fries.

  25. Palermo says:

    A sinus infection would not make your face swell all the way down to your mouth now would it. I have always disliked this woman since I read an article about how nasty she was to everybody on a mission trip to Africa. I think she is phony as the day is long, all three of those women are messed up. Look at poor Winona, keeps getting involved with really bad guys and the mom lied to her kids about who their dad was.

  26. Riana says:

    I think its meds or a reaction to something. I feel really bad for her. If you need to do something you have to do it and I’m sure it hurts her to know there’s such fervent discussion about her puffy face.

    She doesn’t have the filler look at all and her face has all the same wrinkles + moves normally.

    I think she’s just suffering from her meds and can’t escape the side effects, I really hope this doesn’t add to her mental strains.

  27. hstl1 says:

    She has “moon face” from prednisone, that’s all!

  28. thiajok says:

    A sinus infection can most definitely make a face swell.

  29. kari says:

    why is the fact that her dog is wearing a service dog vest being glossed over? is it a scam so she can bring her dog with her everywhere? how do you get a service dog vest? what would the dog be doing to make it a service dog?

    • slopsip says:

      I live abroad and work with a lot of other American ex-pats. We’re fairly islolated, gographically, and this is a poor country with a tiny airport–it takes a long travel time to get here.

      One of my colleagues told me the other day that when she moved here, she was too nervous to fly her (large) dog in the live cargo (or whatever it’s called), so she got a doctor to write her an official note stating that she had some anxiety disorder that required her dog’s constant company. Her dog got a “service dog” vest and a pass to fly with my colleague in coach. Not exactly medically ethical, but not the end of the world, either.

  30. Jackandkatearelost says:

    It’s not a sinus infection. I’ve had lots of them. It’s fillers gone bad. That and she’s gained weight.

  31. Embee says:

    I don’t think she’s had surgery or injectables. She has always had that softer face, even when she was underweight. If you look at her limbs you can see that she is no longer starving herself and has achieved a more healthy weight…everywhere.

  32. Ramie says:

    she’s just gained weight…look at her arms too.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Yup, I hit my 40’s and between being run ragged stresswise and just being 40 (dammit!)-my face definitely looks older now and I have gone from the 130’s to the 160’s poundwise. I fit in my clothes (except for my tummy)-where the heck did all that weight come from?
      The Stones said it best-“What a drag it is to get old”, although Keith seems preserved forever!
      I am procrastinating from doing my LAST term paper-must stop this fascinating thread!

  33. Jill says:

    If it’s a sinus infection she has a lot of company. Just about everybody and his mother has had sinus infections this winter. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  34. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I had a neighbor who took some type of med because she’d had a brain tumor in high school. IDK exactly what it was but it made her hold a TON of water weight. She didn’t look “overweight” it looks different, like with Ashley, there was a strange swelling all over.

  35. dahlia1947 says:

    I love Ashley Judd! She’s a great actress! I think that it’s weight gain from meds or just weight gain. In any event, she looks good.

  36. Cinesnatch says:

    She gained weight in her face and she has subtle lines on her forehead.

  37. UK Grad says:

    Ashley was nuts in college. She was “dating” several of the UK basketball players while she was there, especially Tony Delk (who she still sees when they are both in town). She was full of drama with other basketball groupies and any girl she saw as prettier than her. We all knew who she was but she wasn’t famous at the time. It’s funny to watch how she acts now, knowing how she was and what she was up to then.

  38. The Truth Fairy says:

    Let me add more fuel to the fire:

    Here is a blind from BLIND GOSSIP about an actress who had a full face lift at age 40 and the main guess is Ashley Judd:

  39. buell says:

    She looks like Fran Drescher in the 3rd picture.

  40. FFS says:

    Give the woman a break. She don’t look as waxen as Naomi, yet.

  41. Madison says:

    Still looks like weight gain and to me. She doesn’t have the perfectly smooth face with no eye lines or bags and mouth lines that someone like cindy crawford does and when cindy smiles you can def tell she’s had cheek fillers.

  42. No Way says:

    I am going to make an educated guess, based on a radio interview I heard where she said she got a really bad infection in some Turkish Catacombs for her new tv show. She has been given large dosages of prednisone, a steroid often used for bad lung ailments and asthma. It gives you that lovely bloated look. Her neck and arms look bigger too. Prednisone can be life saving, but the side effects suck. I know a lot of people who have been on it. It takes a while to lose the look and weight. Hope she is okay.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      If that’s prednisone, she looks great! I’ve never taken it but one of my friends is on it for Lupus and has to be on it. She went from a normal size young woman to a very plus size young woman.

      We have biannual biometrics checking at work which they more or less pay us to do. Other than Lupus, my friend is perfectly healthy – eats well, works out regularly between flare ups but every 6 months she gets the weight loss speech from some strange nurse and then she passes the tests with flying colors.

      It also swells people differently, my friend still has her same thin face. Other people end up with moon faces and their normal bodies. Prednisone is life saving but it’s mean.

  43. ZenB!tch says:

    She may have botox because that seems to cause major undereye wrinkles but no fillers. She’s heavier.

  44. Playlist says:

    She didn’t just film that pilot yesterday. Because it’s a brand new show that had to be shopped around the networks ahead of time, it had to have been filmed far in advance (many months to even over a year) to even get picked up. The commercial clearly show her puffy face then, and she still has it now. That is a long “temporary” illness. How will they explain it on the show if/when her face gets thinner? That had to have come up ahead of filming.

    The other suspect is that it was mentioned her “service” dog was running around while left unattended on set. A service dog doesn’t do that. They are trained to remain fairly close to their subject all the time and don’t run around playing with other people. And if she needed a service dog, why hire her for a show that has such strenuous physical action?

    Ashley has had physical and emotional issues in the past, so no doubt she is on long-term meds, but she’s also not a stranger to plastic surgery. I’m surprised someone gave her a series, as she has been known to be difficult to work with (with or without meds). In the cutthroat world of TV series, with her fat cheeks and really awful bowl-cut hair style, I don’t think she’s going to get or hold an audience for her show. I have a hard time just watching the commercials. Seeing her run around and kick butt with her puffy cheeks, does not make her believable. It makes her look winded, aged, and out of shape.

    Sidney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) she’s not. If only they could have used Jennifer Garner, returning as Sidney, now that would be fun since the show looks like it is based on a version of Alias years later. It’s a given rule on TV – the hero, male or female, has to be fit and attractive to hold an audience, unless the show is based on the hero’s life as an unattractive person (Ugly Betty, Beauty & the Beast, etc). I like A. Judd as an actress, but she was a wrong choice as a lead in this show.

    • Belle says:

      The service dog thing seems sketchy to me as well. Hate to say it, but I wonder if she got ahold of one of the little service dog vests, and just uses it so she can take the dog into places it wouldn’t normally be allowed? Sounds terrible, I know… but…

      Agree about Sidney Bristow (JG), oh how I would love to have her back!

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      On her Twitter she says the doggie is a “qualified psychiatrist support animal” (her words) so, yeah.

  45. Rux says:

    I have my Bach in Psychology and working on a Masters in Addictive Psychology which also crosses into Abnormal Psychology; i.e. mental disorders, all BP or AD medications have the tendency to cause puffiness and water retention; this is a chief complaint of patients. Adding antibiotics will cause further irritation and will make one even more puffy and bloated. From the latest pictures, you can see that her arms and legs have the “PMS” retention factor. This is not cosmetic work in anyway shape or form.

  46. gee_gee says:

    Bottom line: This woman does not owe us any explanation for her appearance. Be it from cosmetic surgery, an injury, medication or an illness.

    Can I get an amen?


  47. JennJennM says:

    If Ashley Judd doesn’t want people speculating about her face, then the most effective way to discourage such chatter is to avoid making remarks that feed the chatter. Give a curt response like “Well, why would you ask about that?” and then walk away.

  48. anne says:

    Sinus infection? Then why do all the promo’s for the new show look the same?

  49. d says:

    Hear, hear, Gee-gee. There but for the grace of God…

  50. Peachy says:

    I heard Ashley is the new spokesperson for Sinus Infection Watchers.

  51. girl says:

    sorry, it looks like she is one medication Ii mean her face is so bloated! I would die before I got in front of a camera looking like that! Sorry but I do believe it is genetics.. look at her mother and sister… I also beleive she most be taking some anti depresiion/anxiety drug…

  52. Veronica says:

    One of my patients brought her little dog into the medical off I work in wearing a service vest and when we got into the exam room she took the vest off and said she just uses it so he can go places with her. I was flabbergasted but kept my mouth shut as the appointment was only a few minutes. To do it is one thing, but to admit it? Sheesh! In my opinion it’s the same thing as having a fake handicapped parking sticker on your car just so you don’t have to walk or hunt for a space. Despicable!

    Sooo… I hope she really needs it if her dog wears a vest. Her weight gaindoes look like steroids tho

    • Sugar says:

      TRU that Veronica I work for mental health & we get requests ALL the time for service animal letters for All kinds of reasons. I do not doubt that “service animals” play a big part in the life of those who suffer mental illness but I also see the loose definition of it played out.My brother trained two seeing eye dogs when we grew up in
      the 70’s. I was so proud of my big brother & the dogs who went on to live with their partner for life:)

  53. Sugar says:

    I suffer reoccurring sinus infections usually starting in March huh here we are & what did I wake up w/this morning but the telltale symptoms. Only one time a few years back when I first started to suffer from these did I do a steroid packet where I tapered down the dosage on my 3rd day into the treatment I was on my way to my brothers house a few miles from me & all of a sudden I got mad @ the driver in front of me for driving slow only we were going the speed limit. I decided I didn’t want to take steroid type scripts for my sinus infections-flonase was the tough one to give up last year.

  54. Lisa says:

    Well I’m on Bactrim for sinus infection! The Seroquel samples i took blew me up like a puffer fish!I believe it’s side affects from bipolar drugs! I hope she feels good!her pets are her children!she’s beautiful and on kelly today she looks like she’s been happy with HER hubby and put on a few so what! She’s like a size 6 ! Beautiful Lady!

  55. wkbee says:

    Funny, I was just at a specialist’s office today looking for some new solution for my chronic sinusitis. (Nothing new, not clear surgery would help.) No idea what’s going on with this lady but prednisone — which is effective for sinus problems — DOES give you “moon face.” If I take it, it happens to me overnight! So I avoid it except in dire emergencies.

    • Kim says:

      Ive taken prednisone for years and my face has never puffed up like this nor has anyone I know who has taken it?? Maybe she had allergic reaction? doubtful. Me thinks its fillers.

  56. crazycatlady says:

    I would buy it. I used to have frequent sinus infections, sometimes so severe that the last-resort med was steroidal (don’t recall if it was pills or spray or whatever). And yes, one side effect of steroid therapy is swelling (though it didn’t happen to me).

  57. RTR Girl says:

    Longtime lurker, first-time poster! I think it’s a combo of the three things – meds, weight gain and having some work done. I lived about 10 minutes away from the Judd family for a number of years and would see them around in Franklin and Brentwood. Naomi, in particular, would always do stuff to make sure she got recognized — like wearing these HUGE sunglasses indoors while shopping at Target — just stupid. You get used to seeing famous people out and about in Nashville, and I can assure you no one would have noticed her or cared if she had gone out dressed like a normal human being. They are insufferable, and Ashley’s pretentiousness has always pissed me off, considering her family’s trashiness.

    • Bad Fairy says:

      Have worked with her. She is an insufferable pretentious snot. Winona is really cool, though. Its hard to believe when you talk to them that they are in any way related. What’s funny to me is I can just see Ashley rolling her eyes and pretending to be exasperated by all this attention to her face all the while basking in it.

      • lileneboheme says:

        Yep, I’ve heard the same thing many times about Ashley. And didn’t one of her co-stars even say that too? I’m surprised she was even given another show.

  58. Kim says:

    Hollywood Medical Terms:

    Deviated septum = nose job.
    Long vacation = cosmetic surgery
    Well rested – botox
    Exhaustion = rehab
    and the latest…
    Sinus infection = to much filler

  59. Mar says:

    Lmao @ these comments. It’s aging,drugs and surgery. solved!!!