Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend hates that he doesn’t bathe or use deodorant

This story is funny on a few different levels. First of all, an A-list actor worth millions and millions of dollars has body odor and hygiene issues. That’s just funny on its own. But then you have to add to that the whole idea that Leonardo DiCaprio’s 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend would TOTALLY dump him just because of his B.O. I mean… let’s get real. Erin Heatherton is going to be supermodel now that she’s with Leo. She’s in the big leagues with Gisele and Bar now. She’s gets to front major ad campaigns. Do you think she’s going to let Leo’s stank get in the way of that?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is making a huge stink over his hygiene! Leo avoid underarm deodorant and daily showers in his bid to help save the planet – but his personal environment has completely turned off his gorgeous galpal, model Eric Heatherton, say sources.

Erin is nauseated by his abbreviated bathing schedule, not to mention the rancid recyclables that pile up at his house, according to insiders.

“Leo has let his love for the environment take over his whoel world, and it’s killing his love life,” a friend told The Enquirer. “He only showers a couple of days a week to conserve water, and he considers deodorant t be ‘unnatural’.”

Leo is also an avid recycler, but sources say he often misses the pickup days, and the rotting refuse results in a funky-smelling kitchen. Leo went “green” years ago, but his environmental obsession is giving Erin that sinking feeling. And that’s bad news for Leo, because it’s said he’s finally ready to settle down.

“Erin loves him dearly, but she’s starting to feel like Leo loves the environment more than her!” noted the friend. “Eric has warned him to clean up his act and his hygiene… if not, he may wind up chasing off the woman of his dreams.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I don’t know if Leo really eschews deodorant, but I’ve read various articles about certain deodorants being not only bad for the environment, but bad for your health too. Aren’t their all-natural, environmentally-friendly deodorants, though? YEP. I’m sure that the stank still comes out, though, because if Leo isn’t bathing on the regular, there’s only so much that organic sandalwood deodorant can mask. This might also explain why Leo looks so greasy and skuzzy all the time – he actually IS greasy and skuzzy.

But Erin is still going to stick around. Until Leo dumps her. And orders another one from the catalog.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. T.C. says:

    Please. Erin is going no where. You have to drag her away. Yes there is natural deodorant but it wears off quicker. I don’t think it’s true about Leo smelling.

  2. ???? says:

    `She’s in the big leagues with Gisele and Bar now.` Really? Is Bar in the big leagues WITH Gisele? Erin is in the big leagues WITH Gisele? You have got to be kidding me. Waving bras in malls is what the big leagues means these days? Being Leo`s girl is a cliche by now. This girl is not special that Leo or not she is not going to be `big league`.
    But I agree with this. `Until Leo dumps her. And orders another one from the catalog.` It`s coming sooner than later.
    Other than that the story is from National Enquirer so the credibility is pretty questionable…

    • normades says:

      Agreed Bar was never, and never will be, in any league close to Gis.

      • TruthTella says:

        Co sign, the only reason anybody knows about Bar is because of Leo…

      • Honey B says:

        She might be obnoxious but Gisele is a SUPERMODEL. Bar and what’sherface will never see her shadow. There’s only so much Leo can do. And even he cannot do that!

    • Leikyn says:

      Supermodels = Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Linda Evangelista, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell…NOT every little chickie that gets her photo in Victoria’s Secret. Supermodel is a WAY overused term these days. These “new” models all look like they were cooked from the same generic recipe.

      • Gene Parmesan says:

        very much agreed..it pisses me off when they say any nook and cranny girl that photos in VS is a supermodel. The only Supermodel of the past decade is Gisele love her or hate. Bar is nowhere on anyones radar i mean check models.com if u dont believe me

    • Sarko says:

      You guys pretty much said it all.
      WTF big league is Bar in?
      She’s as much of a ‘supermodel’ as Kim Kardashian!

    • Maria says:

      Agree with you! Even Bar is not in the big league like Gisele. Who are they kidding? Bar is pretty and her body is amazing but she’s NOT a supermodel. She became more famous because she dated Leo.

      P.S. I don’t wear a deodorant either and I don’t have a problem with body odor. But I shower everyday…

    • Sue says:

      What exactly is a supermodel? Some of these women are making millions, sounds pretty super to me.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Along with everyone else, I co-sign on this. AS IF, Bar and Erin are even close to Gisele’s caliber. Gisele is the BIGGEST supermodel ever and to put these two girls in her league is silly.

  3. Cleveland Girl says:

    What is it with these male celebs and no deodorant? I think Matt Mchauanahey is the same way. Gross.

    • thebutlerdidit says:

      I used to work in celebrity PR. There’s all kinds of insider tales of Josh Hartnett, Brad Pitt, Leo, Johnny Depp, Ethan Hawke, Matthew McConaughey, etc., and their disgusting bathing habits and refusal to wear deodorant. I know someone who did some of the costuming for The Tourist, and they all couldn’t get over Depp’s nasty and skid stained undies, and horrible breath/greasy hair. Something happens to them when they get famous, they think that people should like the smell of their sh*t.

      • Cerulean says:

        Ewww. I believe it but ewwww. I wonder if it correlates to smoking weed or drinking. Either way it’s nasty.

  4. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Would be a deal breaker 4 me. He could at least wax his armpits so the sweat and bacteria have nothing to hold on to! Wax is organic Leo!!!

  5. kazoo says:

    HAHA the pictures you chose are appropriate for the subject.

    I really hope he doesn’t smell. And doesn’t he use private planes sometimes? That’s much worse for the environment than freaking showering.

  6. Helvetica says:

    Love for enviroment ? Pfffttt

    Then stop riding those private jet!
    Ever see any of his photo at LAX ?rarely
    He always fly private

    I hate those tree-huggers like him and Al Gore who preach people to save the enviroment, and they are doing the exact opposite. Private jet and mega mansion with huge electricity bill, hypocrite

  7. Julie says:

    i dont believe leo is really into the environment. its just good for his image.

    hollywood stars are opportunists. if advertising nuclear power would be good for them they would do it in a heartbeat. if landmines would help their image they would lay them themselves.

    • Tapioca says:

      Nuclear power IS cleaner, greener and statistically safer than almost any other kind of electricity production!

      But yes, Leo DiCaprio is an almighty hypocrite when it comes to the environment, although not as bad as John “It [global warming] is a very valid issue” Travolta, with his FIVE private jets.

      • aenflex says:

        It IS greener, that’s for sure. But safer? Hmmm…only until an earthquake, meltown, power loss or any other such disaster occurs, resulting in the radiating and subsequent evacuation and death of a a large piece of country.
        Too bad they haven’t yet mastered cold fusion…

      • cr says:

        Well, there’s the waste issue and the actually expense/cost overruns of building the plants.
        I do understand your point, though. The nuclear issue is a very, very touchy issue, period and tends to lead to slightly heated discussions.

      • Tapioca says:


        Average yearly deaths from coal production & pollution in China alone – 500,000.

        Total number of deaths from radiation at the Japanese nuclear power plant in 2011 (the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl) – 0 (Zero) so far.

        Of course, 300 people were blasted with over the recommended lifetime’s dose of radiation, and many more will have had their health affected in some way, but nuclear still has a far better safety record than its “boogeyman” reputation would suggest.

        Hell, the Three Mile Island disaster released less radiation in total than you’d get in a chest X-ray.

        Don’t believe the Coal Board propaganda!

      • Trillium says:

        It is a lie that nobody has died from Fukushima and it shows the full extent of media brainwashing that anyone could possibly believe such obvious nonsense.

        It is not proponents of coal-power talking about the danger of nuclear plants. It sounds to me like you’re either listening to or part of the pro-nuclear propaganda machine.

        This is one story:


        Seek truth.

      • OhYeah says:

        Fukushima!! 3 Meltdowns. Remember that?

  8. normades says:

    Unfortunately I’ve found that most natural deodorants don’t work as well as the chemical stuff. One thing however that I have found to be very effective is baking soda. Just apply it with a bit of water.

  9. cerulean says:

    I don’t care who is a Stanky man is a no go. Its gross and unkind to do to your partner. He does look like he has a sheen of nasty on his body. His hair looks filthy and his face looks like you could carve your initials in his cheeks with your fingernail.

    • Stephanie says:

      “A sheen of nasty” how funny! Yeah I’m a normal peasant but if I met Leo and he was into me I would PASS.

  10. kit says:

    If it’s true about the smell…as long as these girls flock to him regardless, he’s not gonna change his ways, is he?
    He doesn’t have to be a good boyfriend or look after himself, the models are lining up anyway.

  11. anya says:

    I think Leo is a fine actor who is very choosy about his projects and very rarely makes bad films. It’s great that he’s into green issues. He seems to have a lot of integrity in some ways. What’s off putting is the younger and younger catalogue girlfriends…

  12. Adrien says:

    Oh Leo, you are not alone in the questionable hygiene thing. My boss worked with several celebs(she was a make-up artist) and she told us many of them, including high profile rockstars, have B.O. and bad breath. One A-list musician has a phobia of bathing and refused even dry-shampoo during a photoshoot. But I can understand rockstars and rappers. Having greasy hair and sweaty armpits matches their rebellious spirit. Leo’s a matinee idol, he has no excuse. Maybe his Howard Hughes character already rubbed off on him. Howard’s a famous ablutophobe.

  13. sarah says:

    My doctor recommended to me not showering every day. It depleats the natural oils in your skin and causes you to dry out and “age” faster. I don’t stink and my skin looks fantastic.

    • Veronica says:

      Yes, thank you Sarah!

      It’s so weird living in a society that’s so germaphobic. I don’t shower everyday, or shampoo my hair every day, and my skin and hair look very healthy, without having to buy chemicals in a bottle to replace what you strip away with more chemicals.

    • Shy says:

      Thank you. I don’t shower twice a day every day. But after reading all those comments in every post about shower I feel so dirty every time for not showering every day 🙂

      It’s like you are some dirty stinky animal if you don’t shower every hour. Why americans are so obsessed with showers? Somehow I think that people in Europe don’t shower every day too. What will happen to americans if some virus or zombies will take over the world and there will be no electricity and that means no showers every day 🙂

      And more important – how they go camping in woods? You know you will live on nature for few days and you can’t take shower. Which probably means that after two days you will be so dirty and stink so much that people will run from you 🙂

      • French says:

        In Europe, the majority take a shower or a bath once a day. FThere are deodorants and soaps natural 100 % which are very effective and protect the environment. But the fact of washing himself is not enough for not stinking, it is especially necessary to change clothes and underwear every day because it is them who keep(guard) most the smells..

      • Original Lucy says:

        I REALLY get sick of the American bashing…now we are horrible for showering and using deoderant! Sorry that we are clean and don’t smell like you advanced Europeans…Geez…..

  14. Insertrandomname says:

    thanks for the article – love reading about Leo 😛

  15. Nessa says:

    I kind of like the way he looks without the slicked back hair. I think he looks kind of cute with the messy hair. Don’t judge me.

  16. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    What you put on you put in so good on Leo – and Victoria’s secret perfume is horrid, hope Erin doesn’t wear it around him.


    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Obviously a Freudian typo as Leo is more interested in an ‘Eric’ than an ‘Erin’ anyway.

      I wish we could move away from having to hide who you are in order to be considered for big juicy leads in Hollywood. Poor Rupert Everett learned the hard way when he was set to become a very sexy leading man, but he mistakenly thought the film industry and the average movie goer was ready for an out and proud gay man.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        The Erin/Eric was weird, huh? It didn’t just pop up once. That Enquirer selection was full of problems.

        I’m certain that being gay has made things more difficult for him, professionally, but his terrible attitude and profoundly unsettling plastic surgery didn’t exactly help his cause. Being out makes it more difficult to attain leading man status, but the way that he characterizes every setback as everyone else’s fault and yet another case of homophobia in action is disingenuous on his part. He had a difficult situation, but made it exponentially worse through his own actions. Knowing that this kind of discrimination exists isn’t carte blanche to alienate people and defame them for not wanting to sign up for your scorn. Yes, I think the business will put up with more nonsense from their more ‘traditional’ (sexuality, physique, race, age, etc.) stars, but why does that mean that people are obligated to put up with your garbage, too? What a cancerous point to make.

  17. heyhey says:

    bo is a deal breaker for me, i dont care if the dude looks like leo.

    if he smells i wouldnt hit it eww

  18. Rux says:

    Great actor; never got the heartthrob thing about him. Ugh with the not showering everyday.

    I had this chic at work who several people complained about. Her BO was off the charts and her sent would linger after she left the bathroom or when you walked down the hall. I was the human resource manager at the time and was asked to talk to her about it.

    Let me just say that was the worst conversation I have ever had with another employee. She said that she only showered once a week and no she did not use deodorant and would not start because it was against her religion because deodorant was not natural to the body.

    So I moved to her into an exec office with its own bathroom. If this was the game she was getting it, she won.

    • GoodCapon says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, what was the woman’s religion?

      • Rux says:

        She did not say and I could not ask because of discrimination issues. Even discussing it with her I had to be very careful as to not accuse or insult her; it’s a thin line.

    • OMSS says:

      Ugh, that is out of order and selfish of her! But some people may stink due to their genetics.

      I’ve got a condition where no deodorant work for me (yes, I have tried everything at my disposal for the last 7 years-natural and chemical!). I have to get botox done every six months, I wear clinical deodorant (the one you have to put on at night and it practically eats the skin away because it is so strong), bathe at least twice a day (I use three different soaps each time: ph balanced, surgical scrub, and deodorant soap), I use 48h strength deo during the day, and I scrub the effected areas on my clothing with washing-up liquid and I disinfect my clothing while in the washing machine! And, I still can’t remain fresh for more than 3 hours! I don’t stink, stink (most people say they can’t smell me, and I don’t get reactions from other around like I use to when it all started), but I get a little musty! My life!

      Oh well, I’d hit it (he’s sexy to me). I could pretend I’m against deodorant use- of course I’d still do all the above on the down low though! 😀

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I had a situation sort of like that way back. My sister worked in a (sort-of) mall at a YMCA that served as an after-school babysitting service for employees of that mall. The front half of the space was the ‘Playland’ area, and behind that were various offices, washrooms, lounge areas, conference rooms, etc.

      There would always be so many kids around that my mother and I would have to come in on Fridays and weekends. Woo-hoo, free labour! Anyway, I don’t really know what they were doing, but amongst the office regulars were always hoardes of professional men who had meetings for this, that and the other. None of them wore deodorant, and they were without fail tall and brawny.

      I want you to think about this: approximately 20-25 big guys per conference room–and it was always two or three on the go. We barely ever saw them, and heard what they were doing very seldom, save for the odd hearty group laugh once in a while. When we did see them, they were always really polite, but what were you going to say? And coffee breath. I’ve always despised coffee, it’s just acrid pulverized rocks in broth as far I’m concerned.

      Heavens to Betsy, how I still have my cilia is a mystery. And this was in the ’90s, at the height of the PC revolution and before the days of ubiquitous e-mail allowing for anonymous notes stating, ‘Dear, Killer Of Olfactory Cells, Sensory adaptation is a bigger myth than the idea that transmutation of the elements can somehow produce gold. There is no philosopher’s stone, but I am here to tell you that miasma DOES actually exist. It is real and it is deep and you are killing us. Canadian winter can only neutralize so much so much odour, and beyond that eventually everyone ends up inside and in close quarters…and warms. Please invest in some rose pills and HAZMAT suits or I’m calling Fragonard. Call this number to receive an emergency hygiene pack of baking soda, Dettol, armpit-strength Nair, turpentine, seven kg of epsom salts, aluminum amulets, strigil and a reproduction of David’s ‘Death Of Marat’ to remind that it could be worse.’ I don’t want to sound mean and closed-off superior, but we need our lungs back. Yours in Christ, STOP THIS, NOW!’

      I was only a volunteer, to boot.

  19. LeeLoo says:

    This could help explain why Blake bolted so quickly.

  20. Kal says:

    I’m amazed some people actually believe articles from the National Enquirer.

  21. truthful says:

    this would explain why he looks so dang gone greasy and wilted but I love his acting though.

  22. Day says:

    This is not the first time I ever heard about Leo being hygienically challenged. I know, I know–just because a rumor is persistent doesn’t mean it is true. But, this really is nothing new. Good hygiene is a MUST for me. I am sorry, I can’t be around people who smell.

  23. Trillium says:

    I would hope that he loves the environment more than he loves her.

  24. Agnes says:

    these are AMAZING and natural. there is no need to run around being filthy and a smell burden on others. 🙂

    • Trillium says:

      I agree. I have tried several brands of natural deodorants and Tom’s works the best.

  25. Turtle Dove says:

    Where the hell did this story come from? It’s making me lol.

    Leo doesn’t look skuzy and dirty. The guy doesn’t shave and wears baggy, casual clothes, but that doesn’t meant that he doesn’t bathe.

    And I’m giving a big AS IF to the idea that a man who probably has domestic help doesn’t get his recycling taking out.

  26. The Bobster says:

    I have two girls for him: Jessica Simpson and Brittney Spears.

  27. Cleo says:

    He’s who all those blind items are about for over a Decade!?? I remember Movieline, Ted Casablancas blind items about some hot fresh actor who used body odor to get “girlfriends” to dump him – at the time, there were so many pap photos of sloppy Keanu Reeves and pothead Brad Pitt that I NEVER even thought about Leonardo DiCaprio – Gisele Bundchen was with him the longest – five years – so she was digging in her heels, huh?

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      Don’t let the fact that she’s a supermodel fool you, Gisele’s a bit of a dirty hippie too. She’s grown up a bit but I seem to recall her saying she didn’t use chemical deoderant and didn’t wash her hair for days. Of course this was back when she was dating Leo. Now that she’s with Tom I don’t think she feels the need to be so mother-earthy.

      And how do recycleables smell? I recycle but cardboard, plastic, etc. that stuff doesn’t smell. Does she mean compost?

      Either way this chick isn’t gong to leave him. Maybe she planted this to put him in his place but methinks this will probably back fire since Leo can snap his fingers and have another model delivered to his door in under 5 minutes. I doubt he’d put up with ultimatums and the like. He’s nearing 40, he’s already set in his ways.

  28. RovingLass says:

    Showering is not necessary to be clean, but washing yourself is. What about some water in a sink with a washcloth and soap if he is so fired up about the environment? The green thing is just an excuse.

  29. gab says:

    When my son was 13 or 14 I got tired to telling him to use deodorant and he got tired of hearing it from me. One day I said, dear, we women like men to smell good! That was all it took for me. Never again did I have to say a word about showering or deodorant to him.

  30. sup says:

    this story is le groce~

  31. Cait says:

    No shocker to me. He looks like he smells. Doubt his recycling misses the curb though, he has ‘people’ for that.

    • sup says:

      he does look like he smells! now the mystery of his constantly wrinkled nose has finally been solved!

  32. Lisa says:

    Sorry I doubt Erin will be making any big leagues. The media doesn’t even seem to care about this new couple. She’s not getting the attention Bar got. His only dating model thing is old and boring.

  33. kittles says:

    I have to shower at least twice a day and wash my hair every morning because I just can’t seem to function without doing that. That is just my habit though… I get freaked out when I an tell people haven’t showered in the morning, I just think it is so gross. I just don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to smell nice.
    I am a vegan so I had to go through the process of finding a cruelty free deodorant but that also actually worked. So I tried that sandalwood shit and OMFG it makes you smell worse. So now I use a revlon brand one and it works really well. I smell fresh and clean!

    • zenb!tch says:

      I have to wash my hair every day too. My showering varies as to heat and workouts. Once a day is the minimum but when I went to Florida it was more like 3. I hate feeling dirty, even if I don’t smell (I check my self in the bathroom if I feel dirty.

      Leo and I grew up in the same area – I’m so embarrassed – it’s an otherwise clean neighborhood.

      It’s a bit Boho so there are a lot of Vegans and Environmentalists and what not all of whom are clean. They sell Green Products and LA has a low flow toilet and shower program. There is also an organic vegan salon in the area. No clue where Leo lives now but he came from a nice weird clean multi-culti place.

  34. Shy says:

    Sorry but I just don’t understand. Is it something in genes? Do americans really smell horribly if they will not shower every day? And after two showers they have to use few bottles of deodorant. I’m surprised there are no shower cabins in work so that they could shower third time in during launch 🙂

    And can americans actually “smell out” someone who didn’t shower two days? 🙂 They smell so bad? Because you can never “smell: it. People don’t stink if they don’t shower 3-4 days. They just don’t. And keep in mind that you would have to come really close and stink your nose in someone face or chest to “smell them out”.

    I don’t know any other nation that would be so obsessed with showers. That is just too much.

    • zenb!tch says:

      We must have very sensitive noses because I can smell it I can feel it on myself. Dirt, grime, oil. I also work out every day so I do smell… I actually usually smell of Power Fresh Dove but I sweat enough for there to be a scent on my clothes that is not there if I don’t sweat. Men smell more.

      If you are in Europe you need to remember we have a much warmer climate.

      • Shy says:

        Well I understand showering every day in summer when it’s hot. Or when you work out in gym. You have to. But why shower twice a day or every day in winter. When it’s cold and you have so much cloth on you. I’m just too lazy to do it every day. But I read comments under this kind of topics and I a feel so dirty 🙂

        And it it bad for you skin to shower twice a day. So americans “dry off” their skin and then they have to put cream all over the body to give it fluid. You can’t get dirty or smelly for 10 hours. Or 24 hours. That’s why I ask – is it something with genes? Only americans have that “smell” problem. People in other countries don’t smell if they don’t shower every 24 hours.

        And I will never believe that ordinary men in USA shower every day. Not those pretty looking young models. Your ordinary co-workers. Age 35-55. I don’t believe that they came tired from work and run to shower every day. Which means that they stink very very much i guess.

    • kate says:

      in fact the place where i used to work had showers to use it not for us though, kind of make us laugh – i imagine like me they showered before at home in the morning and after getting to work they kind of showered again because it was up to one to two hours after last bath/washing. they must have get very dirty though:) place for rich and famous that sometimes sweat like leonardo – everybody must smell nice even 2 hour without bath not acceptable!!!

  35. Lindsey G. says:

    This totally kills any residual hard-on I had for him, ca. 1996 (Romeo + Juliet). I…don’t like bad smells and b.o. of other people has literally induced nausea. So…I couldn’t.

  36. Chris says:

    “Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is making a huge stink over his hygiene! Leo avoid underarm deodorant and daily showers in his bid to help save the planet”

    If Leo and his rich mates want to save the environment they should be funding campaigns for the Australian Greens. Then when the USA sees how well little America (Australia) does under a Green government it’ll be shinning example for the US of A to follow.

    And after seeing that photo of Leo’s girlfriend it’s now official: I wish I was him.

  37. zenb!tch says:

    Who does he think he is? Matthew McConnaughey? Although, at least this stinky loon has a better reason than “wanting to smell like man” for stinking up the world.

  38. Moirrey says:

    So, okay, normally I love this site, but their ≠ there ≠ they’re. I know it happens to the best of us on rare occasions… but please don’t make a habit of it.

  39. ryan says:

    Depending on what you spend your day doing, you may be able to get away with showering every 3rd day or only using deodorant a couple of times a week. Not all people are interested in smelling like a …..what’s really soapy? A carwash?

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    So he joins the ranks of Matthew McConaughey in the funk department. Big deal.

  41. Kailey says:

    Why am I not surprised by the stank…he does always look greasy.

  42. Apres Ski says:

    This is easy to fix. Make a note on the days Leo’s in the shower. Only be with him on those days & then just pack up until bathing days of the next week.

    He’ll soon figure out you’re only there on the days when he smells, “spring fresh & daisy clean”.

  43. Apres Ski says:

    No amount of money can overcome bad, body odors!!!

  44. lisa says:

    I always notice that Leo either dresses like an old man who has not style or a 9 year old boy.

    I just never got the Leo heat.

  45. jwoolman says:

    Oh, please. Just introduce him to the joys of sponge bathing and get over yourself. Really, you only need half a sink or less of water to properly wash yourself all over. I have to do that for lack of working tub or shower, doesn’t take long. I use a rough washcloth made out of some plant material.

    And just tell him to wash under his arms more often, that will fix the lack of commercial deodorant problem. He can experiment with other solutions also if he’s just staying away from certain ingredients. He can support some small businesses this way also, unless baking soda works for him. I would suggest grinding it in a blender to help reduce irritation, also it can be blended with cornstarch as a general body powder.

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  47. Reva Tutko says:

    He can use suitable products for avoiding smell burden on others.