Enquirer: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s kids are “hooked on junk food”

Has it occurred to anyone else that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has the same haircut as Michelle Williams? Because that just occurred to me when I saw that Angelina (or somebody) tamped down Shiloh’s hair so it now looks like Michelle’s pixie cut. Anyway, these are some newish photos – two sets, actually. One set is of Angelina, Shiloh and Zahara leaving their hotel in Amsterdam yesterday, and then the second set is of their arrival at LAX. Note the bears!!!!! The girls got some Dutch bears. Is that a thing in the Netherlands? Bears? I thought that was just a German thing. Basically, these gigantic bears are the new “gerbils”. Whatever happened to those gerbils of doom, by the way? They were probably signed with CAA and now have a book deal. The gerbils are trying to “brand” themselves. And now it’s the bears’ turn. BEARS OF DOOM.

The Enquirer has a long story this week about Angelina and Brad’s bad parenting style. Basically, they are the Anti-Goop. Remember when Gwyneth – Brad’s ex! – said she’d “rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can”? Well, Brad and Angelina would rather feed their kids processed junk food than force them to eat veggies.

Brad and Angelina are way too liberal in giving sweet treats to their kids.

“With their money and resources, you’d think their children would be eating like kings and queens,” an insider told The Enquirer. “But they pride themselves on giving their kids a simple, normal upbringing – and that includes soft drinks, candy, cookies and everything sugary that children love. Their youngsters are hooked on junk food.”

“Angie and Brad don’t know how to say no to their kids. And with six of them screaming at once, it’s just easier to give in than fight.”

Brad recently admitted, “There’s times like, ‘We gotta get up. Get up! Here’s your shoes. Drink this Coke. Drink it all. Right now!’ Just so we could get ‘em up and going.”

The insider says: “Brad and Angie fight over the nutrition issue constantly,” revealed the insider. “He sometimes cooks up organic vegetable and tofu stir-fries or big salads, but everyone – including Angie – turn their nose up at the healthy stuff. For all their fame and fortune, they face the same dilemmas as any stressed and overwhelmed parents.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Eh. Since I’m not a parent, do I not have the right to chime in? I was raised in a different era, and I was raised in the South by a Southern mother. Sweet tea was a staple of our household, and while I no longer drink it regularly, I do get a hankering for it a couple times a year. There was also a lot of fried food in our house, and a lot of sweets (my mom has a huge sweet tooth). I ended up not having much of a taste for pastries and the like (I love anything salty), probably because I outgrew it by being introduced to it early on. I don’t know, though. I’m not the picture of extreme health today (I‘m about average), but I don‘t think it‘s because of how I was raised. But when you think about what OUR parents’ childhoods were like (back when pregnant women were smoking and drinking), I just don’t see how this is some HUGE deal. Should the Jolie-Pitts eat better? Yes. Should the kids eat their veggies? Of course. But it’s not a war crime to give your kids candy.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. heyhey says:

    the NE is a joke magazine.
    so because they were pictured buying McDonald once or twice now that makes them bad parents…. snort

    • leelee says:

      So sick of Nutrition Nazis like the Goopster!Crack has killed thousands, Cheez Whiz hasn’t taken a soul yet, my friend.

      My kids indulge in Snickers, sodas, and sourpatch kids, but they also eat veggies, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, etc. Just because a kid consumes sugar, salt, and fizz doesn’t mean he or she isn’t eating the healthy stuff, too. Then again, I’m a marathon-junkie who starts off nearly every morning with an ice cold Coca Cola.

      The good with the bad & all of it in moderation, it’s what life’s about!

  2. Marjalane says:

    With the kind of hectic lifestyle this family seems to live, I’d have to think candy and other junk would be prime bribes to behave and not fuss!

    When our kids were little, I’d travel with a bagload of bribes- they’re very helpful.

  3. anemoneblue says:

    big deal if they eat junk food. i’m sure they are not been papped when and if they eat healthy. for crying out loud, people will just pick on anything with this family. let them be….there are other things to worry about than what Brangelina’s kids eat

    • Freya says:

      Why not have junk food sometimes. The Jolie kids look just fine, so I have no doubt that they also get and eat their vegetables!

  4. Lem says:

    Those bears are hideous
    Junk food? Meh. I’m all for the occasional treat but where I live I regularly see fools pouring mountain dew in sippy cups. Sounds like Brange want to raise fat American children. Wonder if they feed them pink slime as well?

    • Linda says:

      If they want to raise fat American kids, shouldn’t one of the kids be fat by now. They all look skinny. In fact, Shi is thinner then she was. She is losing her baby fat.

    • atorontogal says:

      “fat American children”??? wow you couldn’t have just said fat children? Tell me which country is not dealing with obesity right now? And then show me pictures of Angelina’s kids where they are fat! I’m waiting….

      • Minxx says:

        I highly doubt Brad and Angelina feed their kids junk ALL the time but they probably give in a lot to keep the peace, so this is where the junk food comes in. It’s their problem, their responsibility.
        As to American habits as far as junk food and raising kids, I can say a few things since I lived in the States for many years and I raised my kids there but I’m from Europe and this is where we live now. From an outsider’s perspective, MOST (not all) American parents make a few major mistakes: a) think they should be “friends” with their kids (which robs the kids of the sense of security and grounding), b) are afraid to say “no” to the kids (same as above, kids don’t know any rules of behaviour, c)praise ANYTHING even when the kid didn’t really make an effort (kids lose self-esteem this.. if everything is “wonderful” and everyone is “special” all the time… nothing is really that great). Other parents constantly commented how our kids were polite, nice and helpful (and knew how to use fork and knife.. at the same time). but it takes certain EFFORT to do.. to say “no” and to make sure the kid behaves, even if he/she throws a tantrum sometimes because they don’t get what they want. As to junk food, I could write a book. It’s just pure laziness on the part of most parents. I worked full time since the kids were 2 years old and I fed my kids proper meals, no stops at McDonald’s all the time, no soda in the cup, breastfeeding babies (that helps develop healthy habits) and making them lunches so they don’t eat junk at school. Other kids laughed at my daughter who brought homemade meals to school instead of having pizza. No, I’m not into tofu and crazy vegan stuff.. just veggies, some meat, some fish, lots of beans, whole grain breads. Nothing crazy. On the photos from the prom, my daughter was one of the two slim girls on the picture (we’re talking well-to-do coastal Connecticut town).. other girls were BIG, not to mention half of the class had ADHD, many were on anti-depressants etc. But what do you expect, when their systems were overloaded with sugar from babyhood? When my daughter had a sleepover at a friends house in high school, the biggest girl suggested Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and my daughter said.. “maybe that’s not the best thing to eat”, the girls MOTHER (a huge, annoying, difficult woman) SCREAMED at her, how she dares to give them advice. Well, I said.. “let them kill themselves”. The girls dropped out of college now, she lives with her parents, weights over 200 lbs by now, is constantly sick with something and depressed. But she gets a steady supply of Dunkin Donuts delivered.. “because it makes her feel good”. Sorry, I end this rant here. If you guys feeding your kids a steady stream of sodas, fries, tacos and pizzas, because it’s convenient, expect heath problems and do not blame anybody other than yourself for it. I have to add that not only American parents exhibit this attitude (Brits are almost as bad), but it’s mostly seen there and it’s spreading, unfortunately, all over the world.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Paragraphs please, Minxx, use paragraphs!!

      • Wendi says:

        @Minx: I am so totally with you on this. That said, I’ll add something you may not have thought of.

        So much of the food that you buy in North America is tasteless, processed, picked before it’s ripe etc. So it may LOOK nice, but much of it has no taste. And I’m completely in agreement with the GOOP about canned cheese. That’s not cheese. I have no idea how they ever convinced anyone that it is.

        In order to make things taste good, the general tendancy is to add either sugar, salt or fat (or any combination thereof). And when your food tastes like cardboard, that’s what you add. Also most European countries with an intact food tradition tend to eat seasonally, which ties into fresh and ripe and tasty. North Americans do not.

      • smallwonder2738 says:

        @Minxx…You sound like an uptight snooty b!tch. I think it is rude and ignorant to say all of America is this way.

        I too have lived in both Europe and the states equally. I hardly find it fair to put 300+ million people into one category. So, I should say since I encountered rude, hairy, smelly people in France, that’s how all French are? In England I encountered yellow snaggle-toothed wino’s and chavs, that’s how they all are?? Let’s not forget to put down the Italians as all dirty, perverted mobsters! Really?! I have met amazing people from every place. I have met some not so amazing people in every place. So to clarify, yes, America does have an obesity problem…along with many other nations… but that doesn’t make us all pre-packed, refined sugar eating, no taste bud idiots.

        I’m all for each person having their own opinion, but please don’t be an ignorant b!tch…just be a b!tch if that’s what makes your world happy.

      • karolina says:

        @minxx: very true. I am from europe too and my 2 cousins went as au pairs to the US for 1 year. They are super slim without much effort, they don’t put a lot of thinking in what to eat and in working ou but then they went to the US. Both were horrified what they had to feed the kids according to their host parents and of course they had to eat it too. Which resulted in a 5-10kg weight gain for both. A combination of diet and driving everywhere with the car. But I think the most shocking thing was the pill-popping..all 3 kids of one host family were taking adderall. This is definitly completely foreign to europeans..however and unfortunatly young kids here also get bigger and bigger due to adapting ameican habits like Us fast-food chains big shopping mall. Luckily we are better off with our national supermarkets which offer a wide range of unprocessed fresh and organic foods. I could never ever live in the US because of the lack of eating culture.

  5. Linda says:

    So the NE only see these kids with junk food when they are out. Did they see the kids eat junk food when they are home too? Life is too short. Let the kids enjoy what they want when they are out. I eat healthy M-F but on the weekend, I like to enjoy really gooooood not so healthy food. Leave the kids alone.

  6. Cherry says:

    I’m from the Netherlands, and I can tell you that ‘bears’ are not ‘a thing’ here. Nor am I aware of it being ‘a thing’ in germany, although admittedly, I don’t have kids so it might be something I’ve missed?

    • Waldemar says:

      Did some googling. Bears are not a Dutch thing, but when Teddy bears (after Pres. Roosevelt) were “invented” in USA at the same time in Germany a company made a stuffed bear aswell, unaware of the US teddy bear.

      So it is a German thing, apparently.

      • Pia says:

        Steiff is a well known and very high-quality German bear company. Some of their early mohair bears are worth thousands.

    • sup says:

      i spent part of my childhood years in germany and my parents got us these huge teddy bears as a present, thinking they were cute. i effing hated them. still no idea as to why. maybe they’re just not that cute.

  7. paola says:

    Don’t believe it, not for a second. Angelina is constantly dieting so i don’t believe she’d let her kids to eat junk food every day. maybe once in a while, when they’re having a day out because it’s easier for the kids to eat something quick on the way!

    • Candee says:

      I don’t believe Angie’s on a constant diet .Why is it so hard to believe some of us are naturally thin. I’m 41 years old and 5’6″ and weigh 115lbs my body shape is very similar to Angie’s skinny legs and all lol. I get tired of defending my size. People constantly feel the need to make negative comments about my body , You must never eat ect. When I was younger it really bothered me even to this day I want wear shorts or dresses because of my skinny legs.

      • sullivan says:

        I wonder why it’s become a sport to insult women for being underweight. Some women are naturally quite thin, just as some women are naturally thicker/curvier than average.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Thank you! I’m so sick of the skinny bashing, guess what, we really do come in ALL shapes and sizes. They say we’re all supposed to love and accept our natural bodies, just as long as we look like SOME people say we should…Otherwise it’s alright to constantly tell us to “eat a sandwich”. Gotcha! :roll:

      • Freya says:

        Ignore the negative comments, Candee! I think people just envy you. It’s better to be a bit skinny than a bit f*t.

        I’ve read that Angie loves French cheeses. I do too! Who doesn’t like a double or triple Brie, or Boursault on crackers. I’m sure she eats but, I guess. she could eat MORE!

      • Annie says:

        I know, it puzzles me as to why people with a naturally heavier body type are always sooooo skeptical that some folk could just naturally weigh less than them. I don’t go up to them and ask how they possibly afford all that food and how they find the time to stuff it all in so why do they ask me stuff like how I function on “so little food” (I eat average amounts, not masses, but the RDI of calories, I’m 5’8 and weigh 130lb)? It’s pretty simple to tell the difference between a natural thinner build and someone who is underweight for their frame. It’s not rocket science. Angelina’s weight is mostly the result of natural thinness, although I do think she sometimes loses too much under stress. However, even then it really shouldn’t be OK to call her body “disgusting” etc.

        Society these days seems to tell us “you are beautiful as you are, love your body whatever shape or size it may be, so long as that shape and size is AVERAGE, and is something the majority can relate to: if not then you better change to become acceptable to us, you freak”

      • Lisa says:

        Show it off! Everyone loves skinny legs. People who don’t are jealous.

  8. deb says:

    I just realized how blue Shiloh’s eyes are. How pretty.

    • Tapioca says:

      She does indeed have pretty eyes, but why do AJ & the bodyguard get sunglasses to protect theirs from the paparazzi flashes, yet the kids have to squint? And it happens seemingly every time they go somewhere where they know the paps are going to be.

  9. Miffits says:

    Hmmm, Coke seems a little unneccessary. Then again I am THAT mom who’ll be pretending raisins are a treat for as long as my son buys it.

    • Rhiley says:

      I am not a mother, but I would not give a child coke. It is so terrible for their teeth and the sugar and caffeine combo cannot be good for them. Maybe an occasional Sprite or 7 up, which isn’t much better, but not a whole can and really only on “special” occasions.

    • Cheryl says:

      Everything in moderation. If my child wants doughnuts for breakfast every once in a while, so be it! But forcing kids to drink coke to wake them up? That struck me as very very odd. Don’t forbid kids to eat a certain food, it will only entice them more. And don’t make kids “clean their plate” to get dessert. But if someone could tell me how to get my two year old to eat more fruits and veggies, I would appreciate it. She’s on this “bread and eggs only” diet and it’s killing me…

      • Kate #2 says:

        Seriously, don’t worry. Apparently most kids at around 16 months will only eat bread, potatoes, eggs and cheese for a few months. My family doctor told me that it would most likely happen, and that it’s an evolutionary thing. That’s when most kids start to be really independently mobile – not just a few steps, but properly exploring their own environment. Kids who ate adventurously at that age in hunter-gatherer cultures tended to poison themselves. She says the thinking is that’s what lies behind why so many kids that age suddenly get really conservative over food.

        The other thing she told me is that they average 16 refusals before liking a new foodstuff if it isn’t bland, and most junk is quite bland which is why kids accept it. So keep offering and just accept that they are likely to turn their nose up. My kid did, and now he chows down on pretty well anything with apparent pleasure. He even refused mango at that age and now it’s his favourite.

        I’m dreading the teenage years when I’ll worry over sex and drugs and smoking and friends and exams and driving. I worry so much already. Whether they eat mango will probably seem the good old days!

      • Freya says:

        You could hide vegetables in cake (carrots in carrot cake, zucchini in chocolate cake), and in fritters and juices.

        If your toddler likes her egg boiled, that would be difficult, but if she likes it scrambled, add some very finely cut up vegetable. Start with one teaspoon. She won’t notice.

  10. Laura says:

    There are lots I pictures of them taking their kids to McDonald’s. If I was rich as them I would absolutely NEVER do that. People generally resort to fast food when they’re poor and don’t have the resources for healthy alternatives that taste as good.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Only poor people go to McDonald’s? I did not know that. Apparently, neither did the lady I saw there the other day. The one driving the Mercedes SUV with a sticker on the back window from an exclusive private school in Atlanta. She obviously did not get the memo.

    • Kal says:

      That’s ridiculous. Everybody enjoy junk food once in a while

    • Elle says:

      Less than 10 pics at MacDonalds does not equal a lot! In the past 7 years there has probably been around 10 pics of them there.

      So how in the world can you say they go there a lot?

      None of their kids are overweight and having fast food once in a while is a treat, not a bad thing.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Diana took William and Harry to McDonalds many years ago. Are they poor?

    • Embee says:

      I know what you mean, as it was widely beleived that the poverty/obesity link was due to fast food consumption, and the data support a correlation between the number of fast food restaurants in poorer communities relative to wealthier. Recent studies have show that fast food consumption increases with income.

      My guess is that the poverty/obesity link has more to do with access to healthy activities (you’re not going to walk through your neighborhood if you’re likely to be jumped) and depression (it sucks to be poor in America–you basically don’t exist) than actual fast food consumption.

      • Lisa M. says:

        McD’s and other fast food makes people fat because those processed foods contain compounds like monosodium glutamate (MSG). Scientists feed MSG to rats to make them obese for experiments. Not to mention the other chemicals in fast food such as ‘pink slime’ – google it.

        Fast food is poison. Eating once in a while is not the end of the world, but I wouldn’t be giving it to my kids with their developing nervous systems…

    • Marcus says:


      • Isa says:

        I don’t understand why people think fast food is for poor people?! People that live off of it are either lazy or really busy. And lots of people enjoy fast food every once in a while.
        We went to McDonald’s yesterday. My husband remarked that it was always a special treat growing up because his mom couldn’t afford to take them.
        It cost $15 for the three of us to eat. That’s a lot to us. In my home we eat a lot of beans, rice, fruit, veggies and deer meat. We have three deer in my mom’s deep freeze. That’s a lot of meat.
        I’m sure Angelina’s kids are fine. They probably have a chef to prepare them nutritionally balanced meals.

  11. kristipistol says:

    It’s actually nice to see some normalcy

  12. olivia says:

    Constant travelling, no formal schooling, constant shopping at toy stores (so cultural) buying more sh*t the children don’t need and stuffing them with junk food. Mother of the year indeed Jolie. Still she is on record saying that the children won’t change HER lifestyle.

    Selfish to the core, if this was another celebrity say Britney Spears the press would be going mental.

    • Really says:

      These kids have the best home schooled money can buy. I’ll bet they know more about the world than you do. I’ll bet they are smarter than you because you actually believe the NE. Did you see them at the toy store everyday or every week? Don’t get piss at Angie just because your parents didn’t get you a big teddy bear or as much toys as you wanted them to.

      • Flan says:

        Well said, Really.

      • Bite me says:

        Does Britney even have custody of her children

      • sharylmj says:

        Really… I agree!!

      • OXA says:

        Cameraon Douglas, Tatum and Redmond Oneal had wonderful opportunities that money afforded them yet their lives are a mess and 2 are in jail.

      • mln76 says:

        @OXA yes but in those cases each parent barely spent anytime with their kids and instead lavished gifts on them and tried to buy them their careers.
        Mike Douglas confessed he’d see his kid once every other month or so between movie shoots, coke binges and affairs and take him to meet ‘important people’ which gave that poor boy an unreal perception of reality and no real support system.
        Ryan O’Neal barely acknowledged his daughter until he figured out he could put her in front of the camera. He was always bitterly jealous that she won an Oscar instead of him. Tatum was at parties and drugging with her dad at a young age. Redmond grew up amidst Ryan and Farah’s drug problems and decay.

        On the other hand we see that the Jolie-Pitt family is rarely apart for more than a few days and the kids aren’t being pushed into having a career in Hollywood. If you want to see a correlation between those examples look at the Smith kids. They are the ones who are being pushed way too early into having a Hollywood lifestyle (though I doubt it’s anywhere near as bad as Hollywood in the 70s).

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        The Douglas and O’Neal families are some of the lowest common denominators in Hollywood history. They all introduced their kids to a lifestyle that was rife with drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention their highly questionable personal behavior. Does anyone remember that Ryan tried to shoot his son Griffin at Farrah’s 60th birthday party?

        The Douglas, and O’Neal kids never stood a chance because of WHAT their parents were, and regardless of whatever money that was thrown their way. Cameron, Redmond, and Tatum are all cases of the apples not falling far from the tree, however, their familial predecessors were still far worse IMO…

        I’ve heard some things about one of the Smith kids. You’re right on the money in your thinking.

    • Really says:

      These kids have the best home schooled money can buy. I’ll bet they know more about the world than you do. I’ll bet they are smarter than you because you actually believe the NE. Did you see them at the toy store everyday or every week? Don’t get piss at Angie just because your parents didn’t get you a big teddy bear or as much toys as you wanted them to.

    • Fair and Balance says:

      If this is another celebrity, nobody would give a damn

    • pamela says:

      LOL,as if on cue,here you come slithering out of your hole. I think your main reasonfor existence is to hate Angelina Jolie. Pretty sad.

    • Mari says:

      Yes, It is all AJ’s fault, since she is raising those children out by her lonesome self… The father of the children doe snot have any responsibility, nor has the power to make decisions that affect their children… Yeah, right.
      Funny how you dump the bad on her. Such obvious hate.

  13. Bite me says:

    If the kids are so addicted to all junk shouldn’t they all be fat by now

    • sharylmj says:


    • jenna says:

      I thought that too! Sure, the kids all look like they are very energetic and active, but if they really are “hooked” on junk and eating it all the time, at least one of them should be showing some chub. Instead you have six kids who are not the LEAST bit fat. Even the twins are pretty skinny, they basically have the bare minimum of baby fat.

      I’m sure they eat junk sometimes, and maybe more often than is really ideal, but if they were really eating it to a point that was seriously detrimental to their health, they would be heavier. This story is total BS.

  14. I.want.shoes says:

    They should take example from Gisele Bundchen who gives her kid broccoli for dessert *eye roll*

  15. rkintn says:

    I love the blue in Zahara’s hair:)

  16. Me says:

    What kid isnt addicted to junk food? No matter what they eat otherwise, you’ll be hard pressed to find a kid who would reject junk.

    • Minxx says:

      Yes, I agree. NO kid rejects junk food IF you offer it to them. Otherwise they won’t find out about it until school but by then, if you make an effort to instill healthy habits at home, your kids will not be addicted to junk food and will eat it only once in a while. It’s up to a PARENT, not kid to choose what the kid will eat. I’m constatly amazed at the excuses people find to justify their own laziness (“all kids are addicted to junk anyway”) And btw, my kids to eat sweets sometimes, but not daily and not with preservatives and artificial colouring and all that shit. It’s really simple: just don’t have it at home.

      • Maripily says:

        You are right, Minxx. I feed my kids whole grain/whole wheat bread. They’ve never eaten white Wonder bread in their lives. One time I brought it home because they were giving away loaves of it at my job ( I can’t ever pass up a freebie, lol) and my kids wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. My son took a nibble and was repulsed. They rarely eat snacks or junk food, and my daughter claims McDonald’s gives her a headache. They do love soda, but it’s the only poor food choice I allow in my house.

      • cerulean says:

        My children do not eat fast food regularly if at all. I am a health food, organic, lots of vegetarian meals kind of mother. People used to marvel at restaurants that my step sons ate salads and my toddler ate chard with her meals. But its how they started. My husband is a health nut too so he started his sons on a fresh whole food based diet as babies. Plus in his culture they eat a healthier Mediterranean diet. To my children McDonald’s is inedible. They won’t touch it and I am glad. They don’t eat candy but do like a trip to the bakery once or twice a week. They will also drink sodas sometimes. What they like is good, fresh nicely prepared foods. You teach them that as their taste develops.

        Angie and Brad could do better. Sorry. I like them but with all that money you can afford higher quality food. If fast food is a must at least go to In and Out burger where the stuff is at least fresh. There are many many quick alternatives with better nutritious foods. Giving children coke as a morning boost is just crazy. If the child is that tired maybe a more disciplined approach to bedtime is needed. I get the feeling their house is pure unadulterated chaos. At least that is way they make it sound.

  17. Flan says:

    And yet none of them look even remotely obese.

    • Maripily says:

      Obesity isn’t the only indicator of poor eating habits. You can develop vitamin/mineral deficiencies, such as anemia, etc. from eating junk food all day. A lot of anemic people are actually thin. Not to mention eating a diet of steady junk food can lead to tooth decay, diabetes, poor cognitive development, dehydration, etc. Junk food isn’t a problem if it’s a treat, but to be honest, most kids won’t crave junk unless you feed it to them.

      • cerulean says:

        So true. There are plenty of unhealthy thin people too.

      • Flan says:

        A lot of them have different genes and yet still they are all not obese. Their junk food ‘addiction’ can not be that bad.

        If people want to worry about junk food than do it for kids who clearly eat way more than an average amount of it and are carrying so much fat that they are hindered doing sports (like so many American children).

  18. lisa says:

    So they are basing this on the picture of them in NOLA buying snacks for the plane trip home. How many parents do that, whether it be on a plane trip or car. The obsession over what they do with their children is getting sick. It would be one thing if this was done with other celebrity kids. But it’s not. Just theirs

    Such a dumb story and another way to attack them. but the blame will be on Angie.

    • Maripily says:

      Honestly! They don’t seem to have an issue with all the darn cupcakes Suri Cruise eats…

      • blouson says:

        To be fair I have seen Suri’s diet criticised. Look, Judging on pap shots the kids DO eat junk food at least semi-regularly. I am going to stand by my view which is that its is possible to pack healthy snacks. My kids eat sandwiches and I pack lots of punnets of cherry tomatoes and carrots and bananas. Do they whine when the other kids have chips? Sure, for 5 seconds, then they eat the banana. Its no crime to have chips, I give them sometimes, but I know I am being a bit slack. We all deep down know that. Its not ok for everyday.And especially not when you have staff who can prepare this stuff for you.

  19. Loralei says:

    You’re right. That haircut is exactly like Michelle Williams. As far as the food issue is concerned , I’m sure they have chefs at home cooking healthy foods, and fast foods are convenient when you have kids

  20. the usual says:

    the tellbies have no idea what Jp kids in daily basis. they just make their assumption from their outings which is the opp. their parents given them to be like every american kids. this story is because they were seen in the driving through of a fast food chaine.

  21. Rux says:

    I was born in Romania and lived in Bucharest until I was seven years old before coming to the States. During the summers I would stay with my grandparents in the country where my mom grew up. They had a farm with chicken, all the veggies you could imagine and that was basically my staple diet. Being able to go grab a tomato off the vine is one of my fondest memories. But when we came to the States we lived in the South. The heavy food for me bothered my stomach so I stayed with veggies and grilled chicken and the like. I have not swayed too much from that. I eat junk food at family gatherings and I always regret it because my stomach does a number on me. I guess I kind of got lucky in that regard. But I have nieces and nephews that I would babysit and let me tell you get those lil curtain climbers to eat veggies is like parting the Red Sea; I ain’t Moses so I give in because otherwise they will not eat. However, I do try and make chicken tenders that are breaded in whole wheat breadcrumbs and baked and also sweet potato fries that are baked too. It’s a small medium but I feel a little better than buying them Chicken McNuggets.

    I am a sweet tea person but I only use decaf tea and Truvia — greatest sweetner ever — because it reminds me of my time in the South.

  22. Naya says:

    Those bears scare me. I wouldn’t leave my kids alone with them and my kids are teens. I’d rather they had Chuckie dolls. This article makes me want some Twinkie pie and a big old Mexican Coke to wash it down.

  23. Hip-ster says:

    Let the kids eat what they want. When I was younger I ate all kinds of junk food, then started doing sports and ate healthy on my own. I never had a resentment towards food because while my parents ate healthy, they never forced me to eat what they did or hounded me about my choices.

  24. Dibba says:

    Not sure if I believe the story, but Brad’s quote is a little disturbing. Giving your kids caffeine not a good idea. Do they fly commercial or on private planes. Still amazed at all the travel. Makes me tired. I don’t like traveling myself and traveling with kids is a NIGHTMARE!

  25. hillbilly in the corner says:

    If given your kids junk food while out and about makes you a terrible mother the every mother in america is a terrible mother …..only a man or someone who hasn’t taken kids in public would say something stupid like that….the minute they leave the front door of the house and get in the car they are hungrey, thirsty or have to pee…by the time you have gotten to the store or where every your going they are all in top form crying about starving to death or dying of thirst…do you take them into a setdown place to eat and wait 30 minutes to a hour for the food to appear or do you go to Mikey Dee’s for a Happy Meal….its a Happy Meal for me …and have you see whats in a Happy meal now….they have replaced fries with apples and cut the fat from the rest… and it keeps them quit for maybe a whole hour before they start into the sing song cycle of hungrey….thristy…and having to pee….

  26. AlexC says:

    I highly doubt the junk thing is true. A friend of a relative worked as the family’s personal chef when Angelina was shooting The Tourist in Venice. The chef shopped everyday in the market for fresh food and cooked 3 meals a day for the kids and it was all super healthy. She also said they seem to be excellent parents and each of the adopted kids have a nanny from their original birth place to teach them about their cultures. She also says Angie rolls out of bed looking gorgeous, ha. Wish she could tell us more but she signed a strict non-disclosure agreement.

    • Zimmer says:

      Finally, info I believe.

      • Rux says:

        I believe this more than addicted to junk food crapola. I am basing this solely on the fact that given the amount time, energy and sacrifice these two put into charities, good will, etc that they do not do research on what is good to eat and what is good for their kids. I mean come on they have nannies for the kids so they can learn about their cultures but they give them crap food; it does not add up.

        And so what if now and again they eat junk food on the hurry aren’t we all guilty of that.

    • sup says:

      this is great! love their family and god bless angie <3

  27. mymy says:

    It isn’t really the sugar that is the problem. Homemade treats with sugar are healthier.The stuff in packaged food today is unhealthy. Butter sugar etc is fine.I am not into the food police. I am not down with questioning parents on this subject.Not being able to say no to children. Now that is a problem. trying to be friends with children is a problem.
    I really don’t get why it is necessary to make excuses for her. I don’t care what she feeds her kids. They are her kids. And I don’t care if she home schools them either

  28. mln76 says:

    The kids do go to Mc D’s a lot but none of them are obese and there are healthy low calorie options on the McDonalds menu. They of course have a staff of chefs to cook whatever they want. I am sure they eat lots of candy but are also active,
    It’s sort of funny that this is the worst the tabs can come up with right now.

  29. Peanut says:

    My local newspaper this morning is reporting Angie is pregnant with twins?!?! Has anyone else heard this?

    • Jessica says:

      Rumor started in tabloid land. I saw that it was in some rag or other a few days ago on a gossip site….

  30. Jessica says:

    First, there grammar in that article (the Enquirer) is atrocious. They turn up “their nose”? So they share one nose?

    Second, I love how they seem to have a hidden camera in the Jolie-Pitt house, so they not only know exactly what is cooked (tofu stir fries), but exactly what they fight over with regard to food.

    BS article.

    The McDonald’s pap photos were only to “prove” Jolie ate anyway…or so it seemed to me. Regardless, it’s no one’s damn business what they feed their kids. And most parents allow a certain amount of junk (although, yes, the VAST majority way, way overdo it). From reading that Enquirer article you’d think the person writing was sitting high on a pedestal speaking from a place of saintly perfection. No doubt the person writing it finished it and ate a Big Mac or something. Anything to criticize, right?

    I agree with Kaiser. I spent a good deal of my young childhood in a southern household among lots of sweet tea and junk. It didn’t stick in terms of lifetime habits. I’m a vegan health nut now.

    • deb says:

      “The McDonald’s pap photos were only to “prove” Jolie ate anyway…or so it seemed to me.”

      You may be on to something there :)
      Next the tabs will expose the secret behind the slimness of the JP kids even though they’re hooked on junk food.

      Because that’s all they eat! And only on their excursions out of their manor-slash-dungeon. Inside the dank million dollar jailhouse, Maleficent denied them any food. Except a bottle of Coke in the morning and potato chips every few days.

      They’re being homeschooled in the art of cleaning the house, and doing other chores, as well as some dastard gender-reassignment brainwashing regimen.

      Poor Prince Pitt is being locked up in a separate-yet-no-less-scary room, where he is only allowed to wear dirty overalls, and has been denied his shaving and personal grooming kit by Ms. Maleficent.

      Meanwhile, Jacques the faithful dog is secretly trying to rally up his faithful friends to free Prince Pitt and the Six Little People. But ssssh, that’s a secret assignment for Jacques Bond.

  31. Franny says:

    I love that Angie took 2 of the girls on vacation. Gives them some alone time with their mom, which is important in larger families.

  32. Sakyiwaa says:

    the story has no real source…

    • pamela says:

      Sakyiwaa, are we really surprised at this “story”? As soon as the JPs were seen at McDonalds I knew this was inevitable. Nevermind that they have not been seen there in a long long time. Any excuse to bash them in the media.

  33. tango says:

    Like this is true. Those children are not overweight which would be expected if they had an unlimited supply of fast or processed food. They probably do eat unhealthy once in a while or even maybe a few times a day when they get chips or some candy. I see it as Brad and Angie giving their children a normal life where they are exposed to the things that nonfamous children experience. Like dressing their kids in Old Navy clothes instead of exclusive children designer clothing. I expect being famous can be stressful especially if what you experience is so different than what your age peers are going through. To eat junk food sometimes, wear normal clothes and do things that regular children do seems the way to make sure the kids aren’t isolated from the real world any more then they need to be.

  34. Paige says:

    Shiloh looks exactly like Brad she has his mannerisms.

    • Twinsies says:

      Nah, Shiloh looks like young Jon Voight. Face shape, Eyes, lips, dimpled chin and even the blonde hair = all Jon voight

  35. texbrook says:

    Cute that Shi’s bear has a Spider man (or whatever)costume.

    I had a short wedge haircut like Shi’s when I was a little older than she is now. My mom convinced me to get it and told me I could wear cool, giant, dangling earrings with that cut. Ha.

  36. Wendi says:

    Really shaking my head at those who seem to think that kids eating junk food is inevitable.

    It’s very simple. They won’t develop a taste for it if you don’t feed it to them. Hardly rocket science. My oldest thinks it’s disgusting and won’t touch it because for the first 7 years of her life, we lived in places that have never heard of McDonalds, Burger King or any other sort of fast food restaurant. Her tastes were formed via fresh fruit, meat and vegetables. The one time I tried to take her to McDonalds, she liked the toy in the Happy Meal, but declared the rest to be “horrible” and it was tossed in the garbage because she wouldn’t eat it. She’s a teen now and she still won’t eat it.

    As for those who think that kids can’t go to proper restaurants… think again. All kids are born as little savages with no manners, it’s up to us, the parents, to teach them to behave. They learn very quickly when it’s quite clear that the alternative is to be left at home with a babysitter while everyone else goes out and has a nice time together and you actually stick to your guns and do it.

    • mln76 says:

      Raise your kids the way you want to raise your kids. Let other people raise their kids the way they want. Barring actual abuse and extreme cases of obesity a little bit of snacks and candy won’t hurt them.

      I can’t tell you how many grown-ups who were raised by vegetarians, health-nuts, and sugar-free nazis that are have the biggest sweet tooths and addiction to fast food simply because they weren’t allowed to have it when they were younger.

      • Wendi says:

        One: I’m not telling anyone that their way of feeding their kids is wrong. I’m simply saying that junk food is not inevitable. Teach your kids to appreciate proper food and they’ll most likely end up preferring it to junk food.

        As for food extremists of any sort, obviously there are reactions to that when you are forbidden all sorts of stuff. That’s NOT what I’m talking about. There is a big difference in giving your kids “food taboos” that they will probably rebel against and teaching your kids to prefer quality to quantity.

        Although I would guess from your defensive reaction that maybe isn’t your outlook on nutrition since you seem to have taken it as some sort of criticism.

    • cerulean says:

      See, I agree with you. Its not inevitable. I packed snacks for my children when we went places or yes we go to sit down places. I started taking them out to restaurants as infants therefore I never had behavior issues except the inevitable 2-3 year old years when they had to be taken on walks during the meal sometimes.
      People can do whatever they want but lets not pretend that there are not other ways of doing things. It depends on what your priorities are.

      • Wendi says:


        My kids have been going to restaurants from “still in the stroller” age. As you say, the terrible twos are well… terrible, but they quickly learned that acting up or disturbing other diners would result in their being taken outside to chill and left behind the next time and told why. As it is now, I constantly get remarks from service staff how polite my kids are. Which I have to say is more than sad, because what I find to be “normal good manners” has become such a rarity that people feel the need to comment on it when they see it in my kids.

        And it’s not like you can’t make healthy “junk food” in about 5 minutes at home. I do homemade “pizza” for my kids that consists of nothing more than a round of Pita bread for the “crust” (whole wheat or not), diced tomatoes, chopped fresh or dried basil sprinkled over that, slices of mozzerrella over the lot. 30 seconds in the microwave, drizzle a bit of olive oil on it afterwards. My kids, their friends prefer that to the take out kind and it literally takes 5 minutes max to put the lot together.

  37. No Woman no Cry says:

    Are these kids fat or in any way overweight???

    So, its clear they eat good stuff! Everybody loves junkfood sometimes. So what? if you dont eat it regulary everything is fine!

  38. original sandy says:

    i love how dedicated they are to their kids, taking time for each and as a whole, with their schedule?.., it can’t be easy. they had/have a plan on raising them and it looks to work, no one but them really knows what goes on in that family, nor should they. there are some posters who will vilify every single thing this family does, big or small, but go on brad’s ex thread and proclaim she walks on water and is a genius.. and everyone knows better. hence the heavy defending of her and heavy picking on j.p’s, you can’t respect anything coming out of their mouth. go figure.

  39. Candee says:

    I don’t believe for a second that’s all they feed their kids .If they did I would think at least one of their children would be overweight.

  40. Dusty says:

    These kids will be nightmares. Food, sugar, caffeine are just as addictive as drugs and alchohol plus it does affect your brain. Stupid people. Just like a big majority of this nation. Fat kids, fat parents, fat pets. Sick.

    • Marcus says:


    • lisa says:

      Well those kids are not fat neither are their parents. And how do you know if they are dumb

      your comment is way off the rails.

  41. Colette says:

    GMAB The only times we’ve seen the kids with chips, candy is coming from that store in NOLA which is at most 4-5 times a year. As for Mcdonalds I’ve seen pics of them at Benihana’s just as much as Mcdonalds.

  42. Olive says:

    McDonald’s was like a form of currency growing up, you had to do something to get it or got it to make up for something ( like going to toys’r'us to buy someone else a bday gift ) it’s not a big deal it’s a treat! And also when u have a tribe of them it’s probably easy to reel em in with candy

  43. Kate #2 says:

    There are some very interesting research studies done on kids who had cystic fribrosis. Their dietary needs were distinct – high fat and high energy. They needed to eat traditionally unhealthy food; salads were out. So guess what the ultimate treat was, the one they craved and pleaded for, as it was scarcely ever allowed? Freaking celery.

    My big rule is never to push or deny any food, and we don’t offer dessert after most meals either, but we never make a big deal of it if he asks for a snack – sweet or savoury. I never use food as a comfort thing, because I don’t want him associating food and love. Basically I try to be relaxed about it. If he wants chocolate he’s given it and can eat as much as he likes – the result being, he leaves most of it. He hates cake, and when littler he would throw tantrums in a cafe for an apple (he loves them but I think they’re stupidly overpriced when compared to home – I won’t pay £2.50 for one) which used to get us weird looks. His favourite food is fruit. He’s been taken to MacDonalds as part of a movies outing, and sure, he likes it. But he also loves humus and breadsticks, and Thai food, and pulses, and veggies, and a ton of other things. And I cook with him and take him to farmer’s markets, so he knows where food comes from and how to make it. That’s as essential for longterm health as what you actually feed them, I think.

    I wish people left good parents alone to do stuff as they see fit. If someone isn’t habitually shovelling a poor diet into their kids, and the kids aren’t either obese or malnourished, then let them get on with it. There are a lot of ways to parent, and no absolute proof as to which is best.

  44. pamela says:

    This isfor all the naysayers who criticize the Jolie-Pitts for their travelling.You see every family has it’s own”normal”.


    • Mrs. Odie 2 says:

      @Kate#2, exactly. We offer our 3 year old a variety of healthy foods and treats, don’t put pressure on her. She eats a healthy diet and junk food moderately. Since she can have it when she wants it, she doesn’t covet it. I’m sure the Jolie Pitt staff cooks great food for the kids and they get treats while traveling, which is when they get photographed.

  45. A says:

    LOL @ Jessica criticizing grammar when the SECOND word you wrote was used incorrectly. Looks like you need a little lesson in they’re, their and there.

  46. cerulean says:

    Incidentally, I do not believe they feed their children a steady diet of junk. I just don’t buy it. Angelina and Brad like high end dining and good restaurants. They have good taste in food and it is clear that they adore these children to pieces. I can’t imagine them not feeding them healthily 90 percent of the time. I think the junk food is a sometimes, in a pinch or for fun kind of a thing. I do think there are better choices than McDonalds but whatever.

    I think this story came out because of the recent photos of them in the drive thru and of her getting a hot dog in New York.

  47. Mari says:

    If this story is taken as truth for some, then the story on the ex and her boyfriend’s secret calls to his own ex must be true then…

  48. sup says:

    unless they’re feeding them junk food *all the time* i don’t see what is wrong with this. kids love mcdonald’s let’s face it. it’s not just the food, it’s the way the whole thing is marketed. and i think they do and should buy their children nutritious and good food, and there is no need to resort to mandonna’s or dame poop’s (“i’d rather die than feed my kids cup o soups”) level of analness. on mandonna’s questionable control-orthorexic/anorexic fascism on others refer to this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1078650/The-mad-world-Madonna-Grains-meal-rice-milk-TV-sleeping-plastic-suit-covered-500-cream.html there may be even more covering this issue. there’s no need to be a food nazi, let your kids live a little, better yet live a little yourself so neither of you will binge on junk food in the future! just reminds me of empress sissi who was extremely anorexic and orthorexic on a daily basis but then went on to binge on a bundle of sweets, including candy, cream and lots and lots of cake.

    • cerulean says:

      Madonna and Gwenyth are extreme and snobbish about it. I am not saying the kid’s will binge but they may have unreasonable food issues and fears. Especially Madonna’s.

      • sup says:

        yeah, not necessarily binge but they def. might have issues! their (madonna and dame poop’s) eating issues are just not normal

    • Lisa says:

      “because she would not hear of processed meat crossing the threshold.

      He had to drink his tea every day with rice milk, as dairy is banned.”

      Just a sec, I need to grab my tiny violin.

  49. Mari says:

    This family stirs the commentS on everything elated to parenting, especially the criticisms of good parenting comandoes.
    If it is Zahara’s hair, bla, bla bla…
    Shilo’s outfits and even her hair…. Etc
    The boys’ playing, their hair, having a cEll phone, etc…
    What they eat or not… Nevermind that they have been seen at different type of restaurants all over the world but the emphasis is on junk food, yes an article from the Enquirer! And of course most of the blame is put on her…
    I tHink that the only JP kids that have not been criticized in their upbringing are the twins. Oh, wait, their names , Knox’s hair, Vivienne’s seriousness and even their looks have been criticized and called on as being ill or worse, as having any kind of syndromes, all in the name of “caring” for those children. Such hypocrites.

    • pamela says:

      Trust me, if these kids mother was anyone else,you wouldn’t here a peep from these hypocrites.It’s only because it’s Angie. They can’t resist themselves from spewing their hate for her, every day, all day.

  50. casey says:

    zahara is cute but shilo is the most beautiful little girl.look at her eyes.im sure she will be more beautiful than her mother.picture no. 2, 3 and 6 , she is just so beautiful.

  51. samira677 says:

    I get the feeling that the same people who thivk Brad and Angelina are horrible parents probably go to Mcdonalds more often than they do. Also why so angry at Brad and Angelina but couldn’t care less about the millions of parents who do the same thing.

  52. Jaxx says:

    I shouldn’t tell this on myself but, OK, I will. I fed my kid a healthy diet but I did allow her small treats with sugar in them in her lunch occasionally. Once I put one of those Little Debbie oatmeal pies in her lunch. She lunched with a girl who had a food nazi for a mother and her dessert was always carrot sticks. I gotta say those mother’s always irritated me with their self-righteousness.

    Anyway, the little girl wanted my daughter’s Little Debbie so badly she traded an expensive toy for it.

    When mine came home with the expensive gadget I got the story out of her and made her give it back. But after that when it was Little Debbie day I always sent two so the other kid could have one. I know I’m bad but it really gave me a thrill to make that kid’s day.

    The girls are grown now and my daughter has a healthy weight and the other child is now at least 60 pounds overweight. It appears once she got out from under her mother’s thumb she can’t get enough food in her mouth. So Food Nazi-ism can certainly backfire.

  53. Redheadwriter says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned in posts already, but Brad’s a Southern boy and down South the phrase “Coke” encompasses all sodas. So when he says they sometimes give the kids a Coke to get them moving, it may not literally be Coke.

    • Snowflake says:

      He’s from Missouri, my home state. I don’t consider that the South. It’s a totally different culture than Alabama and Georgia. It’s the Midwest to me and everybody from the South says the same when I tell them I’m from Missouri. Not trying to be snotty, just saying.

  54. Chris says:

    Meh, my six year old son eats candy and has desert after dinner everyday. He’s not overweight and when he went to the dentist the other day we were told his teeth were perfect.

  55. Karen says:

    It’s good for kids to have choices, a little candy and junk food isn’t the end of the world. Those kids are positively gleaming with health.

  56. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    Well, since their mom is allegedly “hooked” on Fentanyl, it makes sense…

    Aww. Mom’s lips AND addictive personality?

    Ahh, motherhood. XOXO

    • lynn says:

      Fentanyl? Says who?

      • Mari says:

        Who says that? Oh, probably the crazies at that FreakyFemales forum, you know it is full of crazies who read tabloids.

      • Wendi says:

        It was a poster on CDAN who goes by the name of Himmmmmm who, judging from some of the other things he’s posted about, appears to know quite a bit of dirt. His most recent comment (now deleted) concerned Kirk Douglas & Natalie Wood. He also, in the same comment section, told of how Ryan O’Neal’s career was destroyed because of : sleeping with and impregnating a very underaged Drew Barrymore (pre-rehab, so 12 or 13) and booting her out when he found out about the baby. Impregnating Melanie Griffith who wanted to keep the baby, and then beating her every day until she lost it. That comment was still up, last I looked. He also outed his own identity in the deleted post, it should be interesting to see what the rep of the actor he claims to be will have to say.

        It was interesting to see that Tatum O’Neal retweeted a gossip blog story that made mention of what Himmmmm had said about her father along with the Kirk Douglas thing.

  57. Kelly says:

    Who cares? Seriously. Let them be kids.

  58. Lolie says:

    Don’t tell me you believe this bs story, Kaiser?

    As to the food nazis on here, I have yet (and I’m a school teacher) to meet a kid that DOESN’T like McD’s, so I don’t believe any on here who say their kids don’t. Its a lie by the parents to make themselves feel good. What kid doesn’t like cheese burgers, apple pies and chocolate sundaes? Seriously, saying a child doesn’t like McDonalds is like saying chocolate is disgusting. It makes no sense. Don’t kid yourselves, self-righteous health food nazis; your kids ARE sneaking/stealing sweets at school or using their allowance at the shops on the way home, but are too scared to admit it to mommy. It is simply irrational and not normal for a child to not like sweets. Its just not reality. And those on here who are bragging about their kids not liking or having sweets or fatty foods much are COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL AND FOOLING THEMSELVES. I can PROMISE you; they are having them at school/after school. I can promise you that, they are doing it behind your back, because YOU have CREATED an atmosphere of FEAR AND SILENCE. Even if you didn’t introduce them to that food, they can never avoid it once they start school, go to sleepovers, parties etc. Its inevitable. And those selfish ‘no preservative’ self-righteous freaks (parents) on here who ban these foods from home are creating a wall of silence, an atmosphere of shame, guilt and cravings which leads to binge eating behind your back. Believe it. Food nazis do FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD. Believe me, I’ve seen it. Banning sweets, junk food and McDonalds is the worst thing you can do and 9 times out of 10 backfires drastically. So THINK TWICE before selfishly playing food nazi.

    • MooHoo says:

      I remember someone telling me about a kid whose parents were really really strict food Nazis. Whenever there was a birthday party, all the kids were running and screaming and having fun outside and this kid was sitting at the party table stuffing his face with sweets.
      Other story, when I was a kid and my grandparents gave me money, my big treat was, buying a copy of Smash Hits (Brit pop magazine of the 80s), a tonne of sweets, then curling up in my bed, reading about my favourite stars and stuffnig my face. I told my 14 year old daughter this story the other day, and she said this is how most of her friends like to spend a lazy day and it’s nothing unusual.
      I think, you try your best on the home front with fresh produce and healthy meals, but the rest is up to the kids. It is hard to battle becoming obese nowadays as there is more money, more food and more choice, it is really important to be educated about food and understand that eating badly every day or eating a snack that has your calorie content for several days and no exercise, is going to be detrimental to your health and your size.
      as for aj brad and kids – this smacks a bit of photo ops to me although I hope the adults are sensible enough not to do that – but I really wonder. I don’t understand why these kids are so often in the public eye and how much we know so much about them. I would not want people to know who my children are and their names and to be talking about them on websites. There are so many whackos out there.

      • Wendi says:

        I think there is a big difference between being a “food nazi” who openly forbids everything, and just not making a big deal out of it, but not making it available. But if your kids are brought up appreciating food that tastes like food rather than salt and fat, they’ll end up not liking junk food places.

        As to all kids liking McDonalds, no they don’t. If they all automatically “liked it” so much, they wouldn’t have to target the kids with toys, playgrounds, a mascot that looks like a clown, movie tie-ins etc.

    • Jaxx says:

      Exactly right! That’s what I was saying in my story above. This poor child of a food nazi was willing to trade a beloved $30.00 toy for a 25 CENT Little Debbie’s Oatmeal pie. To put your child under that kind of strain leans toward child abuse to me. Not that they’ll ever see it that way. I would much rather give my kid some not so healthy treats once in a while so that they too learn moderation rather than making a whole group of foods so forbidden that they can’t help but crave them.

    • Alita says:

      What an extreme comment! Absolutes are rarely correct – of course there are children that don’t like McDonalds. Indeed, my 9yo son among them, though we’d happily let him eat it occassionally. Your scathing and arrogant rant assesses any parent of a child that doesn’t like McD to be a deluded fool – a bit over the top, don’t you think? And the nebulous future damage parents that avoid McD and lollies are facing, according to you – again, a bit much. Please, give over with your CAPS LOCK ABSOLUTISMS!

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Completely agree, and yet this person is actually in a classroom with children? That is truly frightening to me.

        Much more frightening than parents not wanting to feed their kids chemical preservatives, high fructose and trans fat, but whatever.

        A little junk food once in a while isn’t a big deal, but just giving up and saying it’s inevitable or “normal” so have it, is just irresponsible and unfair to kids.

    • Daphne says:

      Um, there are lots of people who actually don’t like chocolate. I agree that it isn’t common, but it does happen. And yes, there are children who don’t prefer junk food. As a child I would indulge in it when I had a sleepover or I spent dinner at a friend’s house, but I always felt unsatisfied and/or sick afterwards, and wound up eating something else healthy when I got home. It always amazed me that my friends could eat a soda and a white bread sandwich and make it through recess. Whenever I tried to do the same, my system couldn’t handle it and I wound up getting ill or craving a salad something fierce. It sounds weird because it’s not how parents are raising their children now, which I find kinda sad. Tastes and preferences are established early on, and we have the power to help or hinder our children that way.

  59. Snowflake says:

    Geez,I love Brad’s and Angelina’s lifestyle. Wish I could have it, minus the paps and the kids, lol!

  60. Maritza says:

    None of them are overweight so I don’t see a problem.

  61. The Leg says:

    I heard the kids even sing The Fast Food Song!

    “McDonald’s, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken & a Pizza Hut!”

    Carrots Sticks and a Broccoli IV STAT!

  62. teri says:

    There have been pics a couple times of this family going to a McDonalds drive through, NOBODY knows what they got. I think feeding your child a salad and veggies/fruit everyday isn’t right either. Let children be children.

  63. shannon says:

    Wow, welcome to the world of being a busy working parent. I keep all kinds of fruit and raw vegetables and yogurt in the house, and the boys eat them. Also, there are those mornings with a fussy toddler or pre-schooler where you say, FINE eat the bag of Cheetos, I have to be at work in 30 minutes!

    Hands-on parents cut corners, it’s a lot better than never seeing your kids but having a ton of nannies feeding them organic food all day, imo.

  64. Meanchick says:

    Little kids? Hooked on junk food? Call Guiness Book of World Records! Call the Pope! Call Child Services! This is not normal for kids to be hooked on junk food! What is this world coming to?! *facepalm* This is such a non-story. Tell me ONE kid who wouldn’t live off skittles, snickers, McDonald’s and cheetos if they could. Really NE? THIS is what you came up with? Did you let Jeniston write the story?

  65. Lisa says:

    Big deal. I ate a lot of junk food as a kid. White bread, too (dunked in coffee – god.) It was fun, but I also ate fruits and veggies, and healthy meals my mom cooked. I cleaned up my diet as I got older, and I’m far from fat.

    Nutrition isn’t rocket science. I doubt Angelina and Brad are dumb enough to think that McDonald’s is nutritionally sound. I ate it, and I survived. I’d never eat it now, but it didn’t give me an instant heart attack, or wreck my metabolism or taste buds. They have more resources than most of us, and assuming that a few trips to McD’s is going to set them on the path to sugar addiction is crazy.

  66. Mayday says:

    “He sometimes cooks up organic vegetable and tofu stir-fries or big salads, but everyone – including Angie – turn their nose up at the healthy stuff.

    gimme a break, one minute she is starving herself or only on a soup diet (no creambased) and the next, she is turning her nose up at healthy food and wants junk food.

    the idiots that run these papers cant even keep track of their own lies anymore

  67. Hate to change the subject, but AJ looks thicker in the waist, as in pregnant, and she looks healthy

  68. Daphne says:

    Some of you are annoying. I grew up with very health-conscious parents, and I craved the occasional sweet, but I couldn’t stomach the real fast food shit. It tasted and felt like poison. And your kids will know that difference if you give them healthy stuff in the beginning. And what’s up with the comments about obesity? Are you living under a rock? Obesity is not the only food-related ailment that comes from eating shit. I come from a family of naturally thin people, and after my daughter was born (and the beginning of several months of post-partum), I ate a pint of ice cream every single night. I kid you not. And I didn’t gain a thing. I recently did the same thing this Christmas. Nothing. That said, OF COURSE I wasn’t healthy! I felt sick a lot, I had horrible skin, and I felt anxious. I’ve since kicked the habit again, I’ve gotten back into an exercise routine, and gone back to my mediterranean diet. I feel much better and look much better…not to mention my mind isn’t as clouded. It’s not always about weight, people. There are many, many side affects to eating fast food and food with high sugar/fat content.

    • Lisa says:

      All very true, but please, don’t act as if people are ignorant to the deeper consequences of fast food. With the amount of information (albeit sometimes conflicting) out there, everyone knows that you can be skinny and unhealthy because of a bad diet.

  69. Elissa says:

    I really love her sunglasses!! Does anyone happen to know who makes them?