Bobbi Kristina Brown doesn’t consider it incest to date her “adopted” brother

When I covered earlier details of this story yesterday, I mentioned that I have a brother and that’s why this creeps me out so much. I can’t imagine getting with my freaking brother in any way and I think I’d feel the same if he wasn’t my biological brother. It’s just – no way in hell. I talked to my brother yesterday and he was teasing me about this, which caused me to yell at him and cover my ears in horror. (Although he loves making me do that, he knows just what to say.)

So that’s an intro to this follow up about 19 year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown (some of you schooled me that I should call her “Krissi” as she goes by that, so I will). Krissi doesn’t consider it incestual in any way to date a dude she grew up with. Yesterday we heard that Krissi’s grandmother, the late Whitney Houston’s mom Cissy, was slamming Krissi’s new boyfriend, 22 year-old Nick Gordon, for taking advantage of her granddaughter at a vulnerable time. Cissy also called Krissi and Nick’s relationship “incestual,” but Krissi of course disagrees since Nick isn’t her actual brother. (Some of you mentioned the rumor that Nick is possibly Bobbi’s half brother, and was Whitney’s son with another man. I just hope that’s in no way true.) Here’s TMZ’s story on this. Oh and also, Krissi has been wearing a ring on her engagement finger, so she could be engaged.

Sources close to BK tell TMZ, the 19-year-old finally ‘fessed up to her close buddies … she and 22-year-old Nick Gordon are dating — ten years after Whitney unofficially adopted the boy because he was having problems at home.

TMZ broke the story … Bobbi’s grandma Cissy Houston saw the video we posted — showing Bobbi and Nick holding hands and kissing on a lunch run in Atlanta this week — and told a close friend, “What [Bobbi and Nick] are doing is incestuous.”

But Bobbi couldn’t care less — telling friends … she doesn’t give a damn about what Cissy thinks about her controversial relationship … and because Nick’s not her blood brother, she definitely doesn’t consider it incest.

As one source put it — Bobbi “can’t please everyone, so she is going to please herself by doing what she wants to do for once.”

As for the maybe engagement ring Bobbi was wearing — we’re told she’s been mum on what it means … but cryptically told friends, she and Nick ARE planning a trip to Vegas in the near future.

[From TMZ]

I just hope these kids aren’t stupid and impulsive enough to actually get married. And if they do, they should get a DNA test first but you know that’s not going to happen. At least they’re there for each other at a really sad time I guess. Krissi needs support from her family.

Krissi and Whitney are shown on 9-1-09. Credit:

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  1. Susan says:

    When you are that ugly…I guess her pickings are slim.

    • Ana says:

      That was harsh!

      I am not saying I consider her a pretty girl, but we all are “hot”, it depends on who’s looking at us.

      Still, it worries me she is having a relationship with her “brother”. Yikes

      • Annie says:

        I agree with Working. I think she’s unconventionally cute and in some pictures like that first one with her mother even beautiful. She just needs some braces. Yet I can think of a few people everyone seems to think are hot that I find downright fug. “Different strokes” is right.

      • Shannon says:

        What are you talking about? She just inherited all of Whitney’s $$$$. That more than makes up for any appearance flaws on the dating market. And frankly, I don’t think she’s ugly at all. She just needs to fix her teeth. Otherwise she’s beautiful.

      • The Bobster says:

        All that money and she can’t find a decent dentist? Or maybe she likes the Mike Tyson look.

      • Snowflake says:

        Funny, I think she’s cute! and the gap makes her even cuter.

      • Da Original Me! ;-) says:

        In some cultures, that gap tooth is considered beautiful. I can say that for a fact cos, i have one (though not as wide as that). In Nigeria where i come from, people undergo procedures to get that. If he’s not her half brother then, i don’t see anything wrong with it. Having said that, she IS beautiful.

      • Luffy says:

        Its a shame really. Whitney was so beautiful and this girl clearly doesn’t take after her mother. She looks just like Bobbi unfortunately, and that means she’s slightly unnattractive.

        This is why attractive women shouldn’t marry ugly men, think of the children!!!

    • cupidityrox says:

      I don’t think she’s ugly
      & but this is sick & wrong. I grew up in a house in with tons of cousins & i can’t imagine being involved with anyone of them.. Yuck!!

      • Working says:

        Strange…i looked at her in these pics and thought WOW she’s a beautiful girl! Especially her skin. Oh well…different strokes for different folks and all that!

    • Lady D says:

      Any particular reason you decided to be so ignorant this morning Susan? Are you having a bad day or is this your normal state of being?

      • Missy says:

        She’s ignorant because she called someone ugly? That’s what we do on gossip sites all day, comment on people’s looks. Stop getting your panties in a bunch.

    • HA! says:

      Yeah, i guess she doesn’t have to worry about dental floss…a clothes line will suffice.

    • bo says:

      Was thinking of the same thing. Too bad she didn’t get an ounce of whitney’s looks bc she looks like her dad and they are both so FUGLY!!!!!!!!

    • Abryan says:

      God made us all unique and beautiful. Bobbi is a pretty girl and her gap makes her even more beautiful. There will always be jealous people around though that try to bring others down. Smile Bobbi with your cute self!!

  2. marlee says:


  3. maemay says:

    Of course Nik would latch on to Kris especially since he was not in the will. My heart aches for this girl.

  4. elvyn says:

    Are we sure he is her natural brother?
    They could just consider like him that because they growed up together. I mean in my family I consider certains cousins (boys/girls) like my brother/sister. I will even say it in public because we were raise like that.
    But that doesn’t change the fact we are not blood related. So if someday we fall in love, that won’t be a problem.
    In fact, this guy might be the only one who really understands Bobby kristina! Her bestfriend.
    Don’t be so quick to trow something at him thinking he just want her money.

    • Original Lucy says:

      If they are your cousins then you are blood related…

    • Lolie says:

      “growed up together”.
      Wtf type of English is that? Its GREW up together. Or they have grown up together.

      Also like Original Lucy said, I don’t think you understand what the word COUSIN means, either. It means you are BLOOD related. They are the children of your mother or father’s own sisters and brothers. Ie they are children of your parents blood siblings. Therefore, they are BLOOD RELATED TO YOU. Marrying cousins is ILLEGAL, so that should tell you something. It WILL be a problem if you fall in love with your own cousin and its illegal so you can’t marry them. Cousin means BLOOD related. Get someone to explain the concept of cousin and blood relations further because you seem to have absolutely NO IDEA what a COUSIN is.

      • trillian says:

        Only in some states of the US. In most countries it’s not illegal to marry your cousin.

      • saylor says:

        There’s really no need to be rude. Some cousins are related by marriage and some people you just call cousin because your parents are such good friends. Step outside of your box sweetheart. Also English might not be elyvyns native language. You try and go write a comment in another language on a gossip blog nonetheless where the rules of English grammar dont necessarily apply.

  5. BK says:

    Incredibly Unattractive

    Freakishly so

    • Indra says:

      Arent genetics interesting.

      • Original Lucy says:

        Whitney was so gorgeous and poor krissi looks exactly like bobby brown with a wig…always felt bad for christie brinkleys daughter too. The most beautiful mother in the world and she comes out looking exacttly like billy joel…

  6. TruthTella says:

    No1 – He was never adopted and Whitney never described him as her son, she took him in when he was like 12. There is nothing weird about them dating IMO, if he was actually adopted by Whitney or was with Bobbi since she was a baby then yeah but he wasn’t.

    No2 – That ring was Whitney’s it isn’t an engagement ring.

    • Aiobhan says:

      ITA. May be I read to many romance novels but I do not have a problem with her dating this boy. They are not blood related or even legally related. It may be too soon for her to date but if she is finding comfort with someone who has a positive influence on her, why not?

      • Enny says:

        Krissi has always called him her brother. That’s the relationship she had with him, whether there was a formal adoption or not. Therefore, even if he wasn’t her “legal” brother, that’s how she defined their relationship. So she has now embarked on a relationship with someone she’s considered to be her brother for a decade. Let’s not get bogged down in semantics – they have a sibling-type relationship that they’ve cultivated for a decade. Now, suddenly, they are sleeping together and saying “oh no, we’re not really brother and sister, just kidding about that.” I dunno, I think I have a problem with this.

      • Quinnie88 says:

        ^^^This. Couldn’t have Said it any better !!!

      • Colette says:

        I have no problem witth it . I’m an only child but I have several people in my life that i refer to as ‘play’ sisters and brothers because we grew up together.Our moms were best friends/”play sister’s”. When people ask me how many siblings I have I always say I’m an only child. Despite the fact we lived with these families for several years off and on.If this guy was really a son/brother Whitney would have mentioned him in the last 10 years and taken care of him in her will IMo. Also Krissy tweeted about “sleeping” w/ “brudder”-as she called him, last year months before her mom died.

      • Aiobhan says:

        @Enny:We are in a semantics argument though. The issue is that they defined themselves as close as brother and sister and now they are screwing like bunnies. In our heads only hilly billies with 2 teeth have sex with family members and that is how they saw each other for their entire lives. People relationship status change all the time. They are not blood related so their is no ick factor or even a real issue about incest. I believe Colette summarized my argument better than I could.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I agree Enny, 100%. It seems a bit like she’s trying to show a strength she does not have, at the moment, but just ends up being rebellious and scandalous. Almost as if “doing what pleases ME for once” feels like a strong, bold, grown-up statement to her. Poor thing, let’s hope she does not do anything hasty.

        @Colette, The difference here might be that you did not live, eat, sleep under the same roof as your friends. We all have friends that feel almost or entirely like family, but the distinction is actually very strong when the moment comes to separate family from the rest: as much as we say “we’re like sisters, we’ll be together for evah!” most of the time those friendships just don’t survive the test of time or hardship.

        Here either Bobbi never developed real sisterly feelings for the boy (not uncommon if they met as teenagers) or she did and is now testing her rebellious side, in which case….ew. Disturbing, with all due respect.

    • Scout says:

      For the life of me, I don’t see the why this is a big deal, either! They are not blood relatives, he wasn’t legally adopted, they did not grow up together from infancy and Whitney never, as far as I know, stated she had a son. My only concern is that they are so young and it is so soon after losing her mom – I just wish they would wait on the marriage thing – if indeed they are “engaged.”

  7. Franny says:

    with all of that money, why couldn’t they have gotten her some braces? I know, I know…embrace yourself, blah blah, but seriously.

    • Anguishedcorn says:

      I just wanted to thank you for my first real laugh this morning over coffee. “embrace yourself, blah blah blah…”

  8. fabgrrl says:

    Why do we even know about this? Yes, I know Whitney Houston’s recent death was a huge deal. But was anyone really interested in what her daughter was doing? or who she was doing? And this Nick Gordon guy, never heard of him before all this. Someone is pushing this story out there. Someone connected to the family. If Krissi was just dating this dude quietly, then I doubt anyone would have bothered uncovering their connection. Somebody is looking for press. I would blame Bobby Brown, because he is such a douche, but I don’t think it’s him.

  9. Hollz says:

    I don’t consider it incest either, unless it comes out that they are blood related.
    He didn’t move in with them until he was 12, and by then it’s way to late for the brother/sister relationship (that prevents this sort of thing in real siblings) to occur. Weird, yes. Incest, No.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Who is this guy? What parents let someone unoffically adopt their 12 yr old? How did Whitney even know him? It all seems so very strange…..

    • Ana says:

      Right? It feels like he and somewhere behind him, are taking advantage of this girl’s state, given she inherited her mom’s money…

      I really hope that is not the case.

  11. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    But why the hell are people so pressed about this non issue?

    Diana and Charles were ninth cousins and probably all kinds of other related. Even Kate and William share an ancestor. I mean seriously, you can marry your cousin in some states.

    So why are people creeped out about two non related people who happened to be in each other’s sphere as older children and are now in a relationship? I’ve seen way worse.

    To say this is incest is offensive to those of us who have had the painful experience of actually dealing with incest.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      I don’t drink soda often, but I have seen Mountain Dew before just not often.

      When I came over one summer as a JROTC cadet training with the ACT Wiltshire cadets (basically a british JROTC and seriously one of the best times of my livses) I remember them having Mountain Dew in the Naffy (the cafeteria) and we told all the guys it messed with their sperm and they immediately started drinking more! Idiots. LOL

      It’s really rare to see it though so it does have to be imported.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      No, lol. I was in the junior version. I don’t think I’m cut out for the army as I don’t like being bossed about so heavily. I did for two years in high school and had blast. we went to uk, germany, france, or spain every summer to train with the other junior armies internationally. But that life, you gotta be a brave soul…

  12. sarah says:

    They aren’t blood so there’s really no issue there.

    As for the people only commenting to say how “ugly” she is. Wow, grow up.

    • saylor says:

      THIS and all the others that comment on her “lack of beauty”….well just look in the mirror guys.

  13. Looking at them together makes me to wonder if the jolie-pitts are going to have this problem. After all its three for three. Eww……….brain bleach needed.

  14. Newtsgal says:

    While I agree that it isn’t incest…there is a serious ick factor going on here.
    Of course Krissi doesn’t see anything wroung with it….but then again, this is the girl you thought it was a good idea to go to a hotel and get high and party after her mothers funeral

  15. PG says:

    This trick is only famous because her mother was a crackhead.

    • TruthTella says:

      disrespectful much? Her mother was famous for being one of the best singers ever not for being a crack head.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        Unfortunately, she WAS known for being one of the best singers of all time. That was 20 years ago. Most younger people only know her for her rehab stints, reality show with Bobby and stupid behavior.

        And I say that as a person who grew up listening to her music. She hasn’t been known for her singing for quite some time.

    • Whatever says:

      Well I say the last 10 years weren’t her best. But she’s an icon, and was a living legend who struggled like many artists do.Some say she’s the best singer of all time.She was more than a crackhead. Anyone who just considers Whitney a crackhead needs to die a very miserable death. She was more than that.

  16. Kaboom says:

    So what are the known facts on this? He’s not her brother by blood and not even on paper by adoption, they grew up in the same household?

  17. Katie says:

    OMG, just leave this girl alone. Who cares what she does. It’s not like she was raised from birth with this kid!

  18. Shannon says:

    Wow. I could maybe understand if he’d been adopted when she was a teenager, but she was 9 when he became her brother. It doesn’t matter that they don’t share DNA. A brother is a brother. Either you believe that about adoption or you don’t. I happen to believe that your family is the people that raised you, regardless of what’s on paper, ergo this is incestuous. In my eyes, it’s a violation of the previously agreed upon sibling relationship.

    • Kimbob says:

      @Shannon, you totally nailed it for me! I’m reading where some of the bloggers are “hung up” on whether or not they’re considered “blood relations” when, to me, the fact that they grew up, considering themselves, and their “family” considering them to be “brother and sister.”

      Regardless of whether there’s a genetic or blood link, if one grows up w/someone that they consider to be a sibling, and that the family, as a WHOLE, considers this to be the case….YES, it’s a total disregard and VIOLATION of such. This, of course, is just my opinion and that’s ALL, but if I were Krissi….I personally could not “go there.”

      Of course this is a “personal issue,” but that being said, people ARE going to be opinionated on this topic. I have to side w/Grandma Cissy on this one. To me, she is right. This is pathetic.

      I wish someone in her family would TRY to intervene and get this girl some damn good professional grief counseling. This situation has GRAVE MISTAKE written all over it, and OF COURSE this dude Nick Gordon is going in for the kill…give me a f*#%ing break. He’s a sleazy opportunist going in for an obvious kill. It’s disgusting.

      I think if Whitney were alive she’d cut Nick’s nuts off. Sorry if I’m being a little obscene, but I think that’s the truth.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        I realize I am a couple of days behind most comments, but Kimbob, I am going to say that I do like they way you played devil’s advocate for several points. I have been kinda on the fence with this one, being such a sensitive topic. I never heard of the boy until now, making me think he might not have been around much, regardless of the ‘adoption’, so I didn’t know what to think. But, I noticed that I normally agree with your POV, when I notice your posts. Yeah, the potential for ‘grave mistake’ is huge and could be devastating for this young lady in a sensitive time of life. Best not to go there.

  19. Lady D says:

    Asli, it is stomach-churning and sickening how inherently cruel some people can be. Shallow would be a step up.

  20. S says:

    She doesnt seem to be the brightest bulb, at least dating a familiy member you keep it under the rugs…

  21. mln76 says:

    I don’t think this is actually incest STILL its weird. I think the guy has motives for getting so close to her right now. He’s probably a creep.

  22. Lalalala! says:

    Hm. I have never commented before! I actually have an adopted brother ( it was never legAlized) he came into our lives when I was 8 and he was fifteen and it took awhile before the brother thing and omg just thinking about it made me cringe! That could just be my situation or opinions but it seems a little odd if he could possibly really be her half brother by blood too! Seems like the kind of thing you’d wanna check! Lol

    Also it’s funny how everyone thinks she’s really ugly bc I’m he’ll critical and I thought she was just gorgeous back in their clusterf*** reality show back in the day and that she’s really uniquely pretty. Not arguing. Just saying that I found it funny

  23. Lalalala! says:

    Hm. I have never commented before! I actually have an adopted brother ( it was never legAlized) he came into our lives when I was 8 and he was fifteen and it took awhile before the brother thing and omg just thinking about it made me cringe! That could just be my situation or opinions but it seems a little odd if he could possibly really be her half brother by blood too! Seems like the kind of thing you’d wanna check! Lol

    Also it’s funny how everyone thinks she’s really ugly bc I’m hella critical and I thought she was just gorgeous back in their clusterf*** reality show back in the day and that she’s really uniquely pretty. Not arguing. Just saying that I found it funny

  24. Pose83 says:

    I kind of feel we should probably back off Bobbi Kristina at the moment. Talk about her mum all you like, but she’s young and vulnerable. Leave her alone right now, yeah?

    • Whatever says:

      Exactly. She’s only 19 years old. She’s bound to be vulnerable, and now she’s being stalked for our own pleasure. Kaise or Celeb please stop reporting on this girl.

  25. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    the problem is the term adopted. there was no adoption. Adoption gets used a lot in certain cultures and it doesn’t mean all that it encompasses.

    I won’t speak for all but in my community “adoption” had different levels. There were people who you took care of and made them a part of your family but their biological family was still there and they live with sometimes both people. Some took in kids and did raise their children as siblings from birth and it was made official.

    Being like a brother is the not the same as being a brother whether biological or adopted. It just isn’t. And people have a right to think that it’s creepy, but I’m just stating a fact. So what if she called him her brother. That’s not her brother in any way that would make it illegal.

    Real incest is real incest this isn’t.

  26. Carena says:

    I am adopted and have 2 brothers…”adoptive brothers” as many people call them but that term drives me nuts. They are my brothers plain and simple. I was not a baby when I was adopted. We are not blood related in any way. To think of dating one of them creeps me out! Call it what you will but I have a similar family structure and it sounds incestuous to me. Yuck!

  27. Jayna says:

    He didn’t get a dime in the will. Whitney didn’t think of him as a son.

  28. shaniqua nunyadambidness says:

    Poor girl could floss with twine. Regardless, I don’t believe the relationship is incestuous, so long as the blood tests come back evidencing that. I also don’t trust Nick Gordon’s intentions. I mean…let’s be real…Krissi inherits everything. And this young fella might not have a job or steady income with which to support himself. So, perhaps, he truly does love her very much…for her money.

  29. LAK says:

    So it’s ok to comment on the willis girls’ looks but not BK? At the very least, no one ever defends them on this site.

    The fact is she has a face for radio, is it rude to point it out? Yes. But it’s just as rude to point out the Willis girls.

    • divax says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Why the double standards? Is it because the kid is grieving that we shouldn’t criticize her appearance? I doubt Krissi is perusing and fretting over all the Celebitchy comments this morning anyway.

      I agree she needs dental work and I think she could use a decent nose job, as well. Aren’t I the bitch?

      This whole thing gives me a Woody Allen / Soon Yi type vibe, although it’s not as hardcore repugnant.

    • Endo says:

      But if we stop writing catty things about famous women, there would probably be less than 10 comments for every post.

    • divax says:

      @endo: LOL – and wouldn’t that be dull, huh? Though on a positive note, if that were the case I’d get through reading celebitchy much quicker and actually get some work done!

      Back to Krissi: I do think she has LOVELY eyes, though

    • Gabby says:

      I think there’s a double-standard because Bobbi doesn’t seem to be seeking out the spotlight/entertainment business, whereas Rumer and Scout actively are, inviting comment on their appearance.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Bobbi Kristina is shockingly ugly (I’m sorry, it’s true), but so far it seems like she’s only in the public eye because of her mother’s death, so it’s adding insult to injury, I guess.

    • divax says:


      Thanks for explaining the double standard. Now I understand the logic. She’s not a famewhore (yet!) like old lantern jaw Willis. How she became a model baffles me – oh right, good old fashioned nepotism!

  30. original sandy says:

    my problem is he got close really fast, i hope she gets a prenup if she choose to marry him, but yeah, it’s creepy, blood or not. i do not get a good feeling from him.

    • taxi says:

      To get so close this fast, I’d bet there was some hanky-panky “play” going on when they were younger, which isn’t unheard of. Remember how there was always some pair of siblings you knew in school who “played doctor” past an appropriate age?

      Does the girl shave her scalp & wear a wig? Very odd hairline. She looks nothing like her mother. And no, mom’s funeral isn’t an excuse for doing drugs that day.

  31. Thumeka says:

    I find her pretty, although not like her mom, Whitney was a beauty.
    Nick is not a blood relative so I really see no problem in the dating.

  32. ocean says:

    I cant stand seeing all these pics of her. What the hell is up with her teeth? You would think with all the millions she is inheriting her mother could have afforded to take her to the dentist. That girl is Damn Fugly

  33. T.C. says:

    She is only 19 years old, just lost her mother and has no one to turn to. This is not going to end well. It’s hard watching a train wreck happen. Yes I do consider it incest. He became her brother when she was 9 years old. They grew up in the same house as siblings. I know he is only 22 but he should know better and is using this girl.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Agreed. If she didn’t have so much fame/money I would give him more benefit of doubt, but I know from experience that the vultures circle after a death when there is money to be had.

  34. Marianne says:

    Technically it isn’t incest if they are not related.

    However, the fact that they grew up as siblings does make it weird.

    I’ll co-sign with everyone else that said this isn’t going to work out. First of all, she’s young. And she’s also in an emotional place because she just lost her mother. Thirdly, I don’t see her friends or family supportive of the relationship. I think all 3 of these things will put a strain on their relationship.

  35. Kiss It says:

    Bobby Kristina will end up exactly like her mom dead, naked and disgraced. She’s going down the exact same path as her mother. I can tell that her brother is a cocky entitled asshole, he will use her, dope her up and when all of Whitney’s cash is gone he’ll dump her like trash. I feel so bad for Cissy she’s probably barely surving each day without Whitney, hate to say it but I guess BK will be the one to end her. How could she prance around the way she have been a month after her mom died, my God if I didnt know better I’d say this bitch killed her mom so she could get the money and be with her brother. She seems so happy and normal who could tell that the woman who she claimed was her best friend had even dies, looking at these photos. I’ve said my peace and if you don’t like it in the words of Whitney “KISS MY ASS !!”

  36. Playlist says:

    If Krissi doesn’t want to treat him like a brother, she needs to stop calling him one. “Sleeping w/brudder” suggests that she still sees him as her brother, not her boyfriend, fiancée or whatever. That makes it creepy. She needs support from people she is close to, but not in the way they are getting close.

    If Whitney cared so much for this Nick guy, why didn’t she leave him anything in her will? There are too many questions surrounding Nick’s relationship to Whitney to make sense of his relationship to Krissi. At least Whitney (or someone advising her) had the good sense to limit her daughter’s access to the full amount of her money until she is much older. Krissi sounds like she isn’t mature enough to deal with it and getting engaged at her young age says she will now have someone else in her life that can/will decide for her how she spends it.

    Krissi grew up with the terrible influence of a crappy father figure, so I wouldn’t be surprised she picks guys that are like her father, Bobbi Brown. Add that to having two parents that raised her while using drugs as the norm, then top if off with sudden wealth at a young age, and her questionable “sibling”, it all equals one completely messed up girl.

  37. Meanchick says:

    THey are not related. He is not “adopted” and although he lived with them for years, I don’t think it’s wrong. I do think BK is looking for some type of stability and is trying to create her own family. I don’t think this kid wants her money and even if he did, there are safeguards in the will against BK getting her hands on all of it at once anyway. Maybe it’s just her way of grieving, maybe it’s a phase, maybe she’s leaning on the only familiar person in her life, other than her dad/grandmother. I think it sucks to be so mean about her features. Different strokes for different folks. There’s funny and then there’s mean, note the distinction.

    • beanie says:

      I’m not for it, but you are probably right about the two of them clinging to each other as a part of their grief process. I don’t think they will get married or anything…I hope.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

      This is a very good post about this situation. I think Kristina is beautiful and very exotic looking and hope she doesn’t change a thing about herself to satisfy the comments about ugliness. Her teeth are nice, I like the gap – supermodel lauren hutton has a gap and it looks distinctive, much nicer than those bolt on chicklet teeth like so many stars for example demi moore have.

  38. Eric says:

    This is the same as Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter, completely inappropriate, even if Whitney never adopted him they were raised as brother and sister.

  39. Amanda s says:

    To me, this is like dating someone who was your good/best guy friend in high school, whats wrong with that?! No one here knows whats in her heart, or if their relationship was like “brother and sister”. To me, it sounds like they were probably friends and when nick needed a place to go whitney took him in. Big deal, so the biggest scandal here is that they grew up in the same household, big deal. Doesnt make it incestuous. Also, all those people that say shes ugly, you’re bitches. She never claimed to b a supermodel, and as far as i can see shes a pretty girl, even very pretty in some pics. Id like to see how beautiful these people are themselves, better be damn perfect to judge so harshly!

  40. Original Lucy says:

    How bad were this kids parents, that they let whitney houston, a known drug addict, raise him? Seriously, does anyone have the scoop on how whitney started caring for this kid?

  41. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh my, my, my.

    What a mess. Just what a mess.

  42. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    **seriously palm-face at these d*mb*ss comments…So, here we go:

    Incest: in·cest


    1. the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity or affinity wherein marriage is legally forbidden.

    consanguinity :

    relationship by descent from a common ancestor; kinship ( distinguished from affinity).

    In other words,geniuses unless these two are related by blood/genetics, they can bang uglies until no tomorrow.

  43. Eric says:

    Maybe it’s not incest but still inappropriate if they were raised as brother and sister. That kind of relationship is not normal. I can see why Whitney’s mother is disturbed by this.

  44. Kelly says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are saying she is unattractive. Not only is it pretty mean to talk about the poor girl that way, she is a very cute girl.

  45. a says:

    see, if there’s even a suggestion that you should get a dna test with you’re fiancee before getting married, you’ve got serious problems.

  46. Jennifer says:

    You’d think with all that money she’d do something about that ginormous gap. Holy Jeebus!

  47. Violet says:

    Personally, I can’t imagine having a romantic relationship with someone I’d grown up with. But to each their own, I guess.

    That said, there might be truth to the rumors that they’re blood relatives so they should get tested to make 100% sure that they’re not.

  48. Unfortunate says:

    She is beautiful and has her father’s teeth.

    I am sure she misses her mother terribly, but this is just wrong. As an incest survivor, I finally broke free of a cokehead who was also doing his adopted sister. Had been for years. It was always the elephant in the room. I couldn’t compete with her, nor did I really want to.

    Adopted or blood relations, this is just wrong. How did Whitney provide for this guy in her will? What will Bobbi do when he turns on her?

    • Annie says:

      I dunno, I think if he had been a legally adopted son introduced to Bobbi Christina as her brother from the get go this would indeed be crossing a social boundary (although still not incest in the eyes of the law. The legal definition of incest is sexual relations between blood relatives closer than first cousins, including first cousins depending on state), but from everything I understand about this situation, although they may have spent quite a lot of time under the same roof growing up they would have never considered each other as real siblings. I don’t really see how this is any different from dating a guy you’ve gone to boarding school or summer camp with or dating a family friend or neighbour you’ve practically grown up with. I suppose it’s a bit of a grey area and the boundary will be slightly different for different individuals but I personally see nothing wrong here (although I would understand if Bobbi’s family are a bit upset since they are not used to seeing them this way and it might upset a few apple carts so to speak).

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    Krissi inherited her father’s “gap” in her teeth. If she chooses to fix it, so be it. If not, check out Madonna. She’s done just fine, as has Anna Paquin.

    I’m more concerned about her emotional/mental state at this time. The last thing an emotionally traumatised girl needs to worry about at this stage in her life is a relationship with a not-really-her-brother dude.

  50. Dirty Martini says:

    He is NOT her brother. He lived with her and her mom. But he wasn’t legally adopted. They share no blood between them. So no–it isn’t incest. It is however quite convenient in timing, isn’t it? I dont trust him or it one iota. And I think this poor child is a train wreck in the making. I’d like to be wrong on that last sentence, but I just dont think I am.

  51. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    It’s one thing when a person is kind of homely. But this girl is really a dead ringer for her dad. A nose job and Invisalign™ will fix her right up, though. I hear Woody Allen is really rooting for them.

  52. jwoolman says:

    The guy himself apparently said he was more like 16 when he came to live with them. More like a teenage step-siblings situation, and it’s not uncommon for such feelings to surface. Apparently humans need to be much younger and raised together to establish a bond that works against romantic inclinations, in most cases.

    By the way, marrying your first cousin only very slightly increases the risk of birth defects. Not really enough to worry about. With second cousins (most common pairing in isolated communities), no more risk than with non-family. The riskiest thing is full sibling marriages since siblings can share more than half their DNA.

    • LAK says:

      What a lot of misinformation about 1st cousin marriages. Google bradford cousin marriages to see the devastation of that town due to the cousin marriages. The chances of making genetic mutations decrease the further away you are related to a person. The british royal family have hemophilia(a genetic blood disorder) for the very reason that for a long time they married their cousins.

      The scientific studies of the genetic disorders due to cousin marriages are many and varied. Google is your friend.

      • saylor says:

        People who aren’t cousins are just as likely to have kids with genetic defects or auto immune disorder. I’m not saying I would support a cousin cousin thing. I don’t that’s really weird for me, but there’s also research that indicates marrying your cousin doesn’t necessarily mean your child will have a birth defect. Hell yeah it does if you marry like that small town you said or like the royals, because that’s way to saturated and of course the chances of birth defects will increases. I definitely do not support getting with your step brother, but in this case I could care less because we prolly don’t know the complexities of their relationship, but if they are brother and sister like DNA wise then yeah they should get tested and STOP.

      • LAK says:

        @saylor- I was reacting to previous poster who is putting out wrong information about cousin marriages. Of course genetic defects can happen with non related people BUT it is very well documented that it is more likely to happen and new mutations occur if you are related. The closer the blood tie, the higher the chance.

        Bradford and The royal family are two extreme and highly visible examples of what can happen when the tie is both very close and repeatedly used.

        With regards BK and her ‘adopted’ brother, my misgivings are threefold. She’s in a fragile state at the moment, having lost her mother. She should not be allowed to make life altering decisions right now. If this boy truly loves her, he should wait. Give comfort but not take it any further.

        Her own grandmother thinks this is incestous which lends weight to argument that while they may not be blood relations, they were brought up in a way that encouraged that type of relationship. Which makes this all types of eeeewwww. And for those people who don’t see a problem here, should also NOT see a problem with Woody Allen because he isn’t related either and therefore what he did was ok.

        Finally, whether or not what is written about BK is true, what is coming through is a headstrong wild child who wants what she wants when she wants…..just like her mother. I wish her family would do a conservatorship on her because what’s coming through is hinting at troubled, poor decision making by someone who is determined to get her own way and we know that way only leads to trouble. Someone, an adult who isn’t her ‘adopted’ brother, needs to step in and look after her properly.

        She will always be a figure of curiosity, and target for vultures, so she needs to be surrounded by people who can take her in hand, guide her properly and help her make good decisions. I could be wrong, and I want to be wrong but what is coming out of the tabloids, truthful or not doesn’t paint a good picture. These stories about her behaviour, drug problems started to circulate years before her mother’s death. And it doesn’t seem that anyone took her in hand then, so now her mother’s gone, who is to stop her?

        Ps:- if Whitney ‘adopted’ this boy, how bad were HIS parents that she was the best alternative? Or was it the cash that qualified her?

  53. jwoolman says:

    Oh, let me cast my vote for Krissi being very cute, gap and all. Yes, that gap even increases her cuteness quotient. She just doesn’t look like her mom, which is interfering with people’s perceptions. She’s going to grow into a very good looking woman if she doesn’t let surgeons mess with her face, trying to look like everybody else.

  54. Pers says:


    I’m not quite sure what I think about this…I just feel bad for that girl. She’s not in a good place right now :( Bless.

    My story to share. Two summers ago, I spent a month on Prince Edward Island, Canada. My mother’s family were having a reunion there. Follow with me on this: my cousin, Linda is not related by blood. She is my uncle Jean-Claude’s stepdaughter since before I was born. My mother’s youngest brother, my uncle Chris (big family) is about her age and have known each other for decades. Not a super close “uncle/niece” relationship ever, but many still found their relationship kind of odd and took a minute or two to think about.

    I was rooting for a wedding so that I could say my cousin and uncle were getting married, but alas – they broke up.

  55. Onyx XV says:

    It sounds to me that he’s more of a close friend of the family than a “brother.” I see no issue at all if they’re dating, and think those who are making it an issue must have too much time on their hands. *shrugs*

  56. Rant says:

    I’m sure she doesn’t consider it incest because it ISN’T incest. Incest is sexual activity between blood relatives, which they aren’t. Creepy, yes. Incest, no.

  57. faye says:

    ummm…if they’re not related by blood it’s not incest.

  58. skuddles says:

    From a strictly objective point of view (and not factoring in the tragedy of losing her beloved Mom), I think BK would benefit looks-wise from closing the gap between her teeth and maybe having her nose defined a bit more too. But I also think her looks are not the biggest worry here, it will be surviving the legacy of self destruction her Mother (and Father) bestowed upon her. Hooking up with her quasi brother, regardless of blood connection or not, will likely not end well, and I suspect drugs are, and will always be, in the picture. It saddens me to think of where she may be heading in life.

    Did anyone else find it tragic in the Oprah interview when BK states that her Mom “prepared her well” for handling the pressures of fame? I would think Whitney taught her quite the opposite…

  59. Gay Wade says:

    I am sorry for Bobbi’s loss but I think constructive criticism is always a good thing. She can use advice to help her move forward. When I first saw her pic., I was shocked because her Mom was so beautiful. Unfortunately, she looks like her Dad. To correct that, she definitely needs dental work (should have been done long ago with their bucks) and a nose job and wear hairdo that covers up the airport runway of her forehead (wear bangs). With these things done, she will look a lot better which will help her particularly if she wants a career in show business. My God, she must get food stuck in that giant gap all the time.

  60. MissMuffin says:

    Everybody’s talking bout how Bobbi look and what her mother left her the only thing I’m thinking is to keep her off the drugs and let her be happy cuz that’s not her brother it seem like everybody is thinking bout how they feel if Bobbi happy let her be damn”and leave her alone