Katie Couric tells Sarah Palin to learn about government

Katie Couric has a little bit of terse advice for Sarah Palin if she wants to be seriously considered as a candidate in the next election. Although Katie is pretty nice about it, it basically amounts to, “Acquire some knowledge and be less dumb. Then people will take you seriously.” But the sentiment is wrapped in much more polite language.

CBS anchor Katie Couric thinks Sarah Palin has a thing or two to learn about politics before she contemplates a White House run in 2012. “I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing. But I’m not anyone to give advice to anyone about anything,” she told Page Six at Glamour Magazine’s 2008 Women of the Year Awards dinner at the Essex House. Although her interview with Palin made the Alaska governor look dumb (while rejuvenating Couric’s flagging career in the process), Couric won’t give herself too much credit. “I was really just a conduit that allowed her to air her views,” she said. “I don’t want to judge. I’ll let the voters do that.”

[From Page Six]

It didn’t seem that Palin was very well prepared for her interview with Couric. As Celebitchy pointed out, she was unable to name newspapers or magazines she read – and aside from Roe v. Wade, she couldn’t list any Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with. She also gave a long speech to Couric about how John McCain is a reformer and does what needs to be done regardless of popularity.

Palin talks almost entirely in generalizations, forcing Couric to keep pressing her, saying, “I’m just going to ask you one more time, not to belabor the point: specific examples in his [McCain’s] 26 years of pushing for more regulation.” To which Palin responds, “I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring ‘em to ya.” She’s not a person who’s great with concrete examples and/or specifics. Couric was nice about her advice, and she’s got a good point.

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Here’s Katie Couric at the Stand Up to Cancer Benefit in Hollywood on September 5th. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. Michael C. Gretton says:

    In other news…

    Sarah Palin Tells Katie Couric To Learn About Journalism If She Wants To Be Taken Seriously.

  2. Kaiser says:

    I’m actually getting excited just imagining the insane clusterf-ck of the 2012 Republican primaries. IcanseeRussia Palin, Mittens Romney, Charlie “Established Bachelor With A Bitchin’ Tan” Crist.

    Happy days!!!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Haha! Like her or not, Katie Couric has worked to get where she’s at and I could see her not having much sympathy for Palin “not doing her homework” (so to speak)

    Good for you, KC!

  4. wow says:

    Katie Couric needs to focus on her own floundering career. Maybe learn about broadcasting a nightly news program?

  5. Bodhi says:

    Palin DOES need to learn about the government if she wants to be a GOP leader in the future. She clearly isn’t anywhere near up to it now

  6. vdantev says:

    Thank you Katie for helping to sh*t-can the pit bull in lipstick with that staggeringly hard-ball question,”What newspapers do you read?”


  7. Wenchie says:

    I am not impressed with Katie Couric, never have been. She needs to get over herself.

  8. CeeJay says:

    Sarah Palin may be the flavor of the month now, but I imagine 4 years from now she will have drifted into the abyss, at least I hope so. If the conservative wing of the GOP hopes to “mold” this woman into a candidate then that is their time to waste. There are so many other viable candidates out there and believe me, over the next four years many, many more will surface. For the time being I’m over the “fascination” surrounding this woman. She was used by the GOP and now must stpend her time trying to repair the severe damage she created for herself on the campaign trail. Her rally’s attracted the wackiest of the wackos. Gun sales and gun registrations rose 49% during the three months she was spewing communist, socialist, fascist rhetoric about an Obama presidency. She attracts wackos with guns. Yeah. That’s the type of person we want running our country. Bye, bye Sarah. Go home and enjoy your new baby, and soon to be born grand child.

  9. ri23 says:

    Can we never hear about these two again? Thanks.

  10. Donna says:

    Katie Couric needs to just go away…far far away. She grates on my very last nerve….always has-always will.

  11. gg says:

    Michael, you so took the words right outta my mouth.

  12. Lore says:

    Ditto Michael.

  13. RReedy says:

    Katie Couric needs to get a real job…she has gone from playing Peter Pan on the Today show to try and fill some mighty big shoes at the news anchor desk. She comes across as a smug know it all. She is a way overpaid snark. I watch lot of CBS shows, but not the news and nothing with Couric on it.

  14. jim says:

    The election is over in case you haven’t heard. You can stop with your Palin bashing articles at any time now…

  15. Snappyfish says:

    the newspaper question didn’t bother me that much as she clearly is uninformed.. However the fact the the gov of Alaska couldn’t site Baker v. Exxon that had just been handed down by the supreme court and so eggregiously effected the citizens of Alaska was beyond incompetent

    Plus she was mean as a snake

  16. ER says:

    Did anybody expect Katie to be kind? She’s an idiot!

  17. yadira says:

    so many snarly people on here. what ever happened to the people that bitch about jenn, brad and angie and whine that it is so over? this is an old subject now, focus on the present and future and quit being little bitches about it.
    re: guns…that is such a closed minded opinion. do u even own a gun or even been close to one? live, interract, explore before opening up your negative trap just cus you have different opinions.

  18. Meow says:

    Everytime I see Katie Couric’s mouth, it scares the bleeding hell out of me. It’s like it could unhinge and swallow me whole.

    She’s about as much of a journalist as I am a cosmonaut. She’s a lackey for the Democratic party, as are 90% of “journalists” out there. She has no integrity.

  19. vdantev says:

    The election is over in case you haven’t heard. You can stop with your Palin bashing articles at any time now…


    She’s a lackey for the Democratic party, as are 90% of “journalists” out there. She has no integrity.

    Which is why 95% of the major networks are owned by registered “Republicans” and Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Liar still have jobs. 🙄

  20. morgs says:

    @Kaiser: LMAO
    Could you please make me a shirt with those names on the back? I really really want the Charlie Crist one. Thanks for the laugh. Maybe on the front you could do something in the vein of Mick Jagger’s lips, but instead with Crist’s glow-in-the-dark chicklet teeth. Crist looks like George Hamilton.

  21. Bodhi says:

    focus on the present and future and quit being little bitches about it

    Some of us ARE focusing on the future. Her future & the future of the GOP & how effing terrifying it would be if she ran the country.

    She lost the election because people don’t want the GOP running the country, get over it & quit being a little bitch about it

  22. Chun Li says:

    Yeah Meow…the “liberal media” was something Republicans came up with to “blame the messenger” when their party looked bad–Newt Gingrich has admitted this.

    The 1st Amendment is 1st because it is the most important. Freedom of the press is in the 1st Amendment. I’m informing you because you are probably too busy waving USA flags and screaming about socialism to find time to be intellectual.

    That said, Michael C., I completely agree!!

  23. Yadira says:

    I’m asuming since she didn’t win, that it had a big part to do with the fact that people didn’t like what she had to bring to the table right? Isn’t that part of why you didn’t vote for her? So then now you have been informed and you know for next time, what the hell is the point of Katie Couric to bring this up after the choice has already been made? We all noticed she wasn’t fully educated in politics and it is just so hypocritacally funny how people that are always ragging on others to “get over it” to constantly not be “over it” themselves

  24. lanette says:

    i can’t believe all these people defending Palin’s dumb ass.

    My GOD couric’s questions were not GOTCHA journalism….she (Palin) is a pathetic ass.

    $150,000 dollar wardrobe talkin about some joe the effin plumber……..bitch please. 😕

  25. Bodhi says:

    Totally missing my point…

    Believe me, I’m “over” Palin. Not like I was ever under her, but whatever. What I am not “over”, however, is the fact that she is positioning herself as the future of the GOP. That is an issue that is wholly separate from the election. Which I am actually “over”.

    Edit: I voted FOR Obama. Not necessarily AGAINST McPalin

  26. Yadira says:

    She is positioning herself only in her mind. Do you think the GOP’s are going to be backing her after all this? Sure they might defend her in the media just to keep face but she has become a liability for them. This is a pointless topic

  27. Bodhi says:

    Yeah, I do. She has already won over a huge majority of the social conservative base & she isn’t the only envisioning a Palin Administration.

    Personally, I find that terrifying, not pointless.

  28. Feebee says:

    Yes, the election’s over but Mrs Palin didn’t get the memo… maybe because she doesn’t read newspapers… because she’s STILL TALKING. Matt Lauer brought up the magazine/newspaper question again with her just a few days ago – she still couldn’t name one publication (she said, the same ones you read in New York). Which are???

  29. MonicaBee says:

    It bothers me that there are people in the USA that would want her to be president.

    That is FRIGHTENING.

  30. RaraAvis says:

    Like her or not, Katie is in a touchy position. She can’t really take sides and remain an objective reporter. I’ll wait for her autobiography to find out how she really felt about the interview that sank Sarah Palin and dragged John McCain down with it.

  31. Cynthia says:

    Katie Couric is the most biased, liberal, antagonistic “journalist” this country has ever known. We all know that she’s this incredibly bit*hy demanding person and the funny thing is, that she never seems to realize the joke is on her. Bob Schieffer was doing a GREAT job on the evening news and no matter what Katie says or does, she will never garner the respect. Does that sound familiar? Sarah Palin did NOT get where she is today by being “dumb” about government. Alaska is a HUGE state and has a lot of different elements. If you’ve never lived there, you will never understand it. How dare Katie disrespect Gov. Palin. I thought it was crass, rude and EXTREMELY unprofessional during, and AFTER the interview. If I see Katie on tv…I turn it off…THAT is my right as an American….As for GOV Palin…..You are just fine the way you are.

  32. Aspen says:

    I’m “dumb” because I have respect for a woman who has achieved a college education, a happy marriage, a healthy family, and been the mayor of a township and an effective governor of a large and complex state government?

    Wow…good to know.

    Frankly, I think people who care more about her clothing allowance and the way she conducts interviews with a hostile media have more to examine about themselves than I do.

    So you didn’t agree with her. I hope you voted against her. Everything you say beyond that is vitriol that has no real use.

    I disagreed with Barack Obama’s politics. Period. I don’t hate him. I don’t call him names. I don’t insult his hair or his wardrobe. I don’t care where he spends his money or buys his underwear…and I don’t use every time the man makes a verbal slip to impugne his character or intelligence.

    How, exactly, does that make you better or smarter…than me?

  33. Shay says:

    We’d like to move on but if you haven’t noticed some in the Republican party feel the need to keep airing her dirty laundry. I’d love for her to go away.

  34. cara says:

    Aspen, again Touche.

  35. Jeanne says:

    Sarah Palin should kick her ass. Katie’s lucky she’s still on tv. The ratings plummet almost pushed her out.
    Sarah’s got better legs anyway and that’s an ugly ass dress too!

  36. daisy424 says:

    Agree Aspen & Jim 😉

    “Which is why 95% of the major networks are owned by registered “Republicans”…”
    Dante, do you have a link to this info?

  37. Ter says:

    While I don’t subscribe to being an O’Reilly fan I find it hard to believe Bill O’Reilly is a liar and everyone else does journalist investigatory reporting. The other media folk were caught out in such a big way this election cycle. What a bunch of salivating lap dogs. It was insulting to watch but often laughable as well. Where did their integrity go? Do they expect us to take them seriously in the future? Let’s see if they have the gumption to report on negative aspects of the new administration. I don’t expect to see this reported anytime soon, “Barack Baroque It”. I still don’t know WHO Obama really is. Is he a paper tiger? Let’s hope he can run a country.
    And Katie can just bite me. I long, long for the time when you couldn’t tell the party affiliaction of a reporter because they were doing actual reporting. Now, everyone (the hyperbole heavy teleprompter remedial specialists) might as well take their turn on The View because with the little integrity they have left and all their stored up hyperbole that is plainly the next action plan avaliable to them.

  38. Kim says:

    Ter, he has a website. Don’t blame him for your ignorance. Try and find out more about who he is and what he stands for instead of sitting there feeling sorry for yourself.

    Celebitchy, keep tabs on her daughter Bristol. Should be giving birth next month.

  39. Ter says:

    Kim, specifically jump down my throat much? My point was that the media did not flesh him out enough, they didn’t do their job of full on reporting. I don’t feel that I have to do all the investigation in order to get a feel of who he is. Why would you think I am feeling sorry for myself? I hope he governs well and wisely, but I know that he won’t be able to do half of what he talked about due to beauacracy and the owing of major favors. Also, with Putin saber rattling already and the Taliban calling on him to get out of Iraq he is going to be tested sooner rather than later. Let’s see if he can walk the walk. Until then, I reserve judgement.

    I also predict that Bristol will have. . . A Baby. Where’s the newsflash?

  40. Kat says:

    Sara has been talking to the media 24/7. She needs to go back to Alaska and shut up for a while. If she continues at this rate, by the time 2012 is here, people will be throwing up at the sight of her.

  41. Syko says:

    Hell, I’m already throwing up at the sight of her.

    I don’t like Katie Couric, but Palin was being given some toss-away questions and she couldn’t answer them. She’s not bright, not educated, and has that cheerleader mentality that just gags me.

  42. dr.grrl says:

    i’ll let Terry Tate speak for me!

    check this, it’s HILARIOUS!


  43. vdantev says:


    GTF over it. If Palin were the better person she would have won. End of story.

  44. Trillion says:

    “How dare she disrespect Palin”
    Wow. So she’s royalty now? Surely you right-wingers can find a better figure-head. If she’s the best you’ve got well…good luck.
    By the way, Palin, who gave zero press conferences during the campaign, can’t seem to keep herself away from the soft focus “news” specials now. See her make moose stew! See her wave goodbye to her husband as he snow-machines away! See her shop at her favorite consignment shop! See her dismiss her detractors as “jerks”! (ooooh that “dash of high school bitchy”)

  45. kate says:

    sarah palin shows her ignorance every time she opens her mouth…she really doesn’t need any help in that department.

  46. Christian says:

    “Pesky stuff like knowing Africa is a continent, on the other hand…”

    Hypocrites, all of you. Besides this not being quoted or coming from any real source except a “McCain Insider” whom ever that is.

    Obamas 57 states comes to mind…….
    Funny thing is that this IS proven to have been said, unlike the rumors that have spread.

    To all you moderate republicans and pro-choice catholics: Find a new Ideology and Faith because you cleary don’t understand the one you follow.

  47. Shay says:

    Bristol is due next month? In the last pictures and video I’ve seen of her she didn’t look pregnant at all. Yea I know that this happens sometimes but with all of these conspiracy theories it just seems strange. Ok..after the “baby” is born then I don’t want to hear anything else about them.

  48. Trillion says:

    Christian: We all know Obama knows there are not 57 states. He had been campaigning and speaking endlessly and misspoke. The man is a Harvard grad, has a doctorate in law and is a senator, a constitutional scholar and a professor. His error is NOT the same as not being able to name one single information source, one single instance where McCain has shown himself to be a “maverick”, or more than one supreme court case. We are talking about two totally different kinds of things here. Surely you must understand this.

  49. bill says:

    To Trillion: Good points. But trying to explain them to some of the posters here is fruitless.

    Although Palin has political savvy and is superb at speaking talking points written for her on the campaign trail, she has definitely proven that she has little interest, intellectual curiosity and knowledge about the world around her; either nationally, or globally. She couldn’t begin to hold her own in a serious conversation with any leading politician or interviewer/journalist. The way she presented herself during the campaign, and her vituperative comments at rallies, were not in the least presidential. In the final analysis, McCain’s choice for Palin as VP was an insult to the American people. She appeals to the ultra-right wing not-so-very-bright conservatives. She has more of the Paris Hilton appeal.

  50. Genna says:

    Palin’s fierce ambitions and delusions of competence will undoubtedly bring her back into the political fray before long. I am astonished at media pundits who asked why the “anonymous” campaign aides who leaked the ominous news about Sarah Palin waited until after the election. Unlike Salter and Schmidt, these campaign aides and staffers didn’t meet her until just before the RNC Convention. What were they supposed to do — march out on stage with protest signs? Tackle her by the ankles before she reached the podium? They tried to make the best of a disastrous situation, and failed, predictably. It was a no-win situation.

    For those who still have doubts as to the veracity of these insider comments: I would suggest, for starters, that they listen to the entire conversation Palin had with the prank caller from Montreal pretending to be President Sarkozy. Then follow that up with her interviews with Couric and Gibson. Absolutely terrifying.

  51. mr parole says:

    I used to watch only Katie Couric’s nightly newscast because, unlike the other network anchors,she reported relatively unbiased news and even did positive news stories. I was extremely disappointed to see her conduct an unprofessional,disrespectful “gotcha” interview with Governor Palin.
    Ironically, now that she has sunk to the level of the others anchors,she has garnered the misguided respect of her news media colleagues.
    This type of attack/humiliation journalism continues to perpetuate a lack of respect for public offcials
    ( accomplished individuals like a president,a governor and the like)simply because of disagreement with policy or personal bias.
    Couric’s interview is another example, exhibited by the mainstream press, of disrespectful classless behavior that pretends to be journalism. Thank goodness we have so many intelligent alternatives to the nightly newscast that we no longer have to endure this schlock masquerading as journalism.

  52. Ter says:

    Kim, Looking at someone’s website to get a synopsis of who that person is would be like looking at someone’s resume, an extremely biased and filitered vision of that person. Do you think that football teams post their weaknesses on a website for other teams to scout and use to their advantage? NO! So looking at Obama’s website would not garner a complete picture of who the man is. A pretty speaker, young senator, community worker, lawyer, Harvard grad, blah, blah blah! A full measure of the man, warts and all, I seriously doubt it!

  53. liz conley says:

    Obviously, Sarah is popular and katie is not! Sarah’s been offered a lucrative book deal and tons of media interviews…Katie still can’t get her ratings up…even with a little “tanorexic” going on and some “drama”…