Did Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy get secretly married or what?

I think I’m the only one around here that actually likes Kate Hudson at this point. I don’t think she’s a brilliant actress or anything, but she’s cute and she’s bubbly and I like that she doesn’t whine and she never pulls the “Woe Is Me” card. She’s the product of Hollywood nepotism, but she’s been helped along the way by her positive attitude too. Basically, I’m a Kate Hudson apologist. One of the few. It’s actually funny at this point – I used to not care much about Kate or Drew Barrymore, both of them hippie-dippy flower-girl types, but over the past couple of years, both Drew and Kate have done a lot of “growing up” – outside of the spotlight. And now people don’t care about them as much. Have you noticed that?

Anyway, that was all my “I bet you don’t care about this, but I do” prologue. Several days ago, a new Goldie Hawn interview came out, and Goldie seemed to be saying that Kate Hudson and her current boyfriend/fiancé/baby-daddy Matt Bellamy had gotten married. Goldie said, “My kids are fantastic with their children, they have an amazing parental ethic and I’m very proud of them for that… When my daughter Kate married an English rock star [Matt Bellamy] it didn’t worry me; all that matters is that the relationship is a good one.” Now, Bellamy totally proposed to Kate when she was knocked up with little Bungham Hawn Bellamy, but since then, we’ve heard nothing about any wedding plans. So did Goldie let the cat out of the bag? Or was Goldie just drunk/confused?

Did Matt Bellamy finally — and secretly — make an honest woman out of Kate Hudson? Some wondered whether the actress and Muse rocker, 33, had an on-the-downlow wedding after Hudson’s famous mom Goldie Hawn gave a confusing interview to British paper Evening Standard.

“When my daughter Kate married an English rock star it didn’t worry me,” the bubbly actress, 66, says. “All that matters is that the relationship is a good one.”

But a source close to Something Borrowed star Hudson tells Us Weekly it’s “not true” that Hudson and Bellamy, parents to 8-month-old son Bing, tied the knot in secret. The insider notes that Hawn herself never wed longtime beau Kurt Russell, but frequently refers to him as her “husband” — and seems to have the done the same for her daughter.

Hudson and Bellamy were spotted in Riviera Maya, Mexico over the weekend. Following Hudson’s split from Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, the couple debuted their romance in late spring 2010; they met years ago in Australia.

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, I actually buy that argument. Matt is pretty much Kate’s husband already, in everything but paperwork. And that is how Goldie thinks, after all. Here’s a question, though: who do you think is more ambivalent about making their union official? Do you think Matt is all, “Eh, we don’t need a piece of paper, baby”? Or do you think Kate is all, “You already feel like my husband, I don’t want to plan some dumb wedding. Arsehole”? I’m thinking Kate is the one who is gun-shy.

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  1. Carobell says:

    That red dress is absolutely hideous and isn’t helped at all by her styling.

    If they did get married and managed not to turn it into a three exclusive tabloid cover, multiple morning show interview train wrecky circuit all the while crying for privacy good for her I guess?

  2. Queen of Superficial says:

    Oh, dear God, nooooo!!! lol

    BUT I already knew that Matt is lost forever, he has a child with her, so…who cares anymore? Married or not, they are bind to each other eternally because of little Bingham. Hopefully, Muse music won’t suffer, this is all I care about.

    Though I hope they’re happy, with or without a piece of paper.

    Ange and Brad are practically married too, right? Just not officially…

    • marie says:

      Didn’t she have something to do with the Black Crowes breaking up for a while, I seem to remember an article/may have been a tabloid, deeming her the new Yoko..

      • Leikyn says:

        There was an article a few months ago proclaiming members of Muse were also calling her a Yoko. I hope not. I really like Muse.

  3. cranky chica says:

    in California you can request a confidential marriage license. Get one of those, and your marriage license does not appear in the public record. Maybe that’s what the crazy kids did. Ran off and got married without telling the press.

    Or maybe Goldie’s just off her meds….

  4. Marjalane says:

    Meh. I hope she enjoys, and is good at motherhood, because those awful romcom’s she’s always making are hideous.

  5. heyhey says:

    good for them if they get married

    till she gets tried and on to her next dong.

  6. Hayley says:

    Bungham? Really?

  7. SS says:

    Answer: Who cares?

  8. Gossip Hound says:

    My vote is for drunk and confused. Goldie was just blathering and maybe said that for publicity’s sake.
    Kate’s dress looks like a figure skating outfit. Just awful.
    Does anyone think she looks different, like she had some work done in the nose or eye area?

  9. Jackie says:

    i’m sure he won’t be around in a couple years, so why get married.

  10. maddie says:

    I give this marriage two years tops before she does another movie and has an affair with a co-star that shatters her marriage.

  11. dorothy says:

    Bored by her.

  12. Nev says:

    like them as a couple. cute.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Do people care? Isn’t Kate a has-been? Or a never-was?

    • Kara Ann says:

      I think she is a could-have-been. She showed promise with Almost Famous but after that she went straight downhill.

  14. WOM says:

    There goes that “all men look good in a tuxedo” theory.

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Matt looks a lot like Eric Bana.

  16. Brigitte says:

    Of course she doesn’t whine or play the woe is me card, she has always led a super entitled and entirely spoiled lifestyle. She has minimal talent to boot.

  17. Beth says:

    I’m with you — I agree Kate Hudson isn’t a fantastic actress, but for some reason I find her appealing. Maybe ’cause she doesn’t hesitate to be a bit of a goofball on screen or off, kinda like her mum!

  18. mazzy says:

    I adore Matt & Kate as a couple (I’m a rare breed it seems). She is insanely in love w/ him from recent pics — there are some of them in the sand in Mexico from the weekend which are really cute. I can see them staying together long term, married or not.

    But Goldie…ah Goldie, she messed up big time here — if they’re married they’re married & if they’re not they’re not — I know she & Kurt have been together since the dawn of time, but is it so difficult to remember basic terms? Now she’s caused a minor shitstorm for a very private couple, all for nothing. I wonder if Kate, or especially Matt, is pissed with her?

  19. sup says:

    the real question is: who cares? 😛

  20. Roxy750 says:

    You think with her Hollywood “ness and beauty and just the over all fact she can almost have the pick of the litter she would have picked the macho’est manliest pup of the bunch. yikes….low self esteem I guess, it’s a pretty girl complex. Maybe, just maybe he’s the nicest and sliciest guy around and father of the year but when you got it you really should take advantage of it…..Oh well.

    • mazzy says:

      Oooh, them’s fightin’ words Roxy….

      He might not be much to look at, but Matthew James Bellamy is quite literally the most talented musician I’ve seen. Operatic voice, composes piano concertos like no big deal, and is a wizard innovative guitarist. His song lyrics leave a bit to be desired & Muse is not for everyone unless they can handle bombast, but as far as sheer talent?– can’t be denied.
      *Muser out*

  21. Maritza says:

    No need to get married at all if they are happy why complicate things, or at least wait until after the 7 year itch has passed then get married.