Jolie-Pitts flee India amid racist bodyguard scandal

Amid reports that Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards roughed up young children and their parents at a school and used the epithet “bloody Indians,” the Jolie-Pitts are returning to America. Jolie’s haughty denial of the incident blames the paparazzi and claims that her bodyguards can’t be racist because her family is of “mixed race.” Isn’t that like using the “I have black friends” excuse?

“It is not surprising that the press involved failed to mention their share of the responsibility in the chaos,” Jolie said.

“As for this horrible rumor that someone referred to a local man as a ‘bloody Indian,’ let me say this: I would never work with anyone that was derogatory towards another man’s race. My family is of mixed race.”

Three of the bodyguards were arrested by Indian police and released on bail. Brad Pitt and Angelina’s co-star Irfan Khan personally apologized to Indian authorities after the incident. The bodyguards, including notorious murder suspect Mickey Brett, must meet with police every day for a week until they go to court on November 23rd.

If Brad Pitt can apologize to the police chief, why can’t Angelina say she’s “sorry for the confusion” and take a more contrite stance? Maybe it’s true that the paparazzi caused the chaos and that it’s just a rumor that someone used the Muslim religion as a slur, but Angelina could have sidestepped the blame and still said she was sorry for the hurt that was caused. She sounds bitchy in that statement, and even if she feels targeted she should have backed down.

This is not the first time her bodyguards have been accused of brutality. Brett was videotaped choking a photographer, and another photographer says he was threatened with a gun after trying to hand Angelina his business card. In Namibia journalists claimed that Brett and his thugs followed them and threatened their life, and he was said to have beat a man to a pulp while little Maddox watched.

IndiaGlitz reports that Brad and Angelina and their family are flying back to the US today, and most of India probably says “good riddance.” This is the first I’ve read that they’re leaving, and we’ll have to see what happens to production of “A Mighty Heart,” which was said to be delayed by this latest scandal.

Pictures from Socialite’s Life and Splash News Online.

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  1. Sirio says:

    Hopefully this will teach their overblown egos. then again, probably not. nothing will.

  2. Mariposa says:

    Angelina disgusts me. She tries to pretend like she gives a damn about the world’s issues but it seems all for show. Total hypocrite.

  3. kellie says:

    You seem to have a real chip on your shoulder regarding Angelina. Can you imagine be surrounded by hoardes of paparazzi pushing and shoving and yelling your name everywhere you go? You tend to believe everything you read that is negative toward this couple. That is really too bad.

  4. Borat says:

    Kellie is right.
    And where is the PROOF the bodyguards did ANYTHING wrong?With so many paps and cameras and videos, why isn’t at least ONE proof that the bodyguards did anything?
    I tell you why:because they didn’t DO anything.Things got blown out of proportion AGAIN, because EVERYONE wants a piece of Brad and Angie and also the movie they were shooting is about terrorists…and some muslim school peeps won’t be happy with it.
    Why did the school take the money and didn’t arrange for the kids to be off the premises at the time of the shooting?
    Why-knowing the media frenzy B&A presence creates-the Indian people PAID to arrange the security didn’t stop the razzi from blocking the way for parents??Because, if you DO CHECK THE VIDEOS available..all you can see is the razzi pushing towards the door and blocking the way for the parents.
    As usual, they are all out to make a buck-razzi and government and all-India is WELL KNOWN for the VERY HIGH level of corruption,desorganisation and terrible relation with foreign counterpats.They all want the dollar but don’t want to do anything for it!!
    They would have been better of in my Kazakhstan!
    Go, Brad and Angie!It’s India’s loss.

  5. Solitaire says:

    Mariposa: Adopting several children in need which involves a lifelong commitment seems to me to be taking her wanting to “pretend to the world she is caring” a little too far wouldnt you say?? I think she and Brad genuinely ARE loving people, it is possible to be gorgeous AND caring AND succesful as much as us mere mortals may hate to admit it?

  6. Viv says:

    I don’t think that C|B has a vendetta against Angelina, she just reports what she finds regardless if it ass kisses the celeb or it trashes them. I love Angelina and I’ve ready plenty of good news about them on C|B.

  7. kellie says:

    Really Viv? I read this site daily and noticed almost everything posted on Angelinia is negative. I can do without editor commentary.

  8. Viv says:

    What’s the fun without editor commentary; all celebs are fair game. I read the site daily too. =)

  9. dark faith says:

    this writer on this knews has it out for her eny way you are not a journalist if you cant be bias

  10. Gigohead says:

    I don’t blame the media at all – they weren’t the ones being called “bloody indians” it was the children and parents who wanted to meet Angelina. If I were Angie’s press agent, I would have told her to save face and arranged a meeting with the parents and the kids to save face. Could the media have made the incident worst — you bet..but Angie should have reacted and saved face.

    I’m not a hater. But Santa Angelina doesn’t come close to Melinda Gates who is, for me, a true humanitarian. Just because she isn’t married to Brad Pitt.

    This is just a small blemish for Angie, it will past.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    Oh puh-leez ‘my family is of mixed race’ What this self absorbed woman does not seem to comprehend is that it is her bodyguards actions that tell the truth, not her feeble bleatings. Time and again, there are REGULAR reports in the press of Brangelina and Co treating ‘little people’ like annoying insects to be swatted or stepped on as needs be.

  12. RONI says:

    The whole incident was unfortunate. I do not know what was said or what exactly happened. My feeling is that many are so quick to grudge these two people. When they take the children minus the baby out to witness the sights and sounds of India they are blasted. When they give to others they are called names. When the baby is not seen they are blasted, as a mother I would never let a small baby be subjected to that madness, by the way they would be slammed for that if they did. When does it end. Perhaps just perhaps it would be a good thing if every one of you so quick to judge had someone follow you around 24/7 where you can’t even go to eat a burger without a big deal being made out of it. They love those children you can tell if you are any sort of a human being. By the way you don’t allow children to walk along side you when total chaos is all about hell I would pick up my six year old in that situation. To all of you wonderfully perfect humans out there open your life your home your past and present to public scrutiny and lets see what the out come would be. The bet is on. Oh by the way I sure wouldn’t want people dogging me and speculating about my every move…..SURPRISE I AM A HUMAN I AM NOT FLAWLESS, AND YES I GIVE TO CHARITIES AND TALK THE TALK WHEN THE NEED PRESENTS ITSELF.

  13. gg says:

    Hey Roni!!!!!!! Get over yourself!!!!!!!!

  14. Providing protection for such high profile individuals in not any easy thing. Along with the well wishers, you may have to deal with others in the crowd who may pose a serious risk to the celebrites.

    It’s true, the three (3) bodyguards by their actions, make it very difficult for the rest of us in the industry.

    We have had our share of negative experiences over the years with the media. The lesson learned, don’t get on their bad side because we need the media.

    It does not mean that you can’t be firm with them when you need to.


    Sunil Ram
    Director ofOperations
    Executive Security Services International