Is TomKat pulling a Britney – their wedding won’t be legally binding

The TomKat wedding is said to be happening between 5 and 6 PM local time in Bracciano, Italy where a media circus surrounds the medieval castle where the wedding will take place. Katie has arrived at the castle with Suri, and the first guests have started to arrive. Stars attending the wedding include Will and Jada Smith, J.Lo and Marc Anthony, Brooke Shields, and Jim Carrey.

When I tuned into CNN this morning the reporter mentioned that anywhere from 150-300 guests are expected to attend. He said that the masses of white flowers alone cost $100,000, and that decorations included 600 white scented candles. He also said that there have been no arrangements for a civil ceremony, and that since Tom is divorced he cannot be married in a Catholic wedding.

USA Today, reports that the mayor says that the wedding with be Scientology-style and that as of that morning, no arrangements had been made to ensure that it was legally valid in Italy:

Bracciano Mayor Patrizia Riccioni said the celebrity couple would wed in a Scientology ceremony at the castle, 27 miles north of Rome.

Scientology ceremonies contain many elements of traditional weddings, including rings and vows. But they also include certain Scientology fundamentals, including vowing never to go to bed without communicating about any differences.

Scientology rites are not legally recognized in Italy, and would have to be preceded or followed by a civil union.

Riccioni’s office had not received a request to celebrate a civil wedding as of early Saturday.

Are Tom and Katie pulling a Britney? Are they having an elaborate ceremony just for show? They are said to have visited city hall, so it’s possible that they took care of the legal issues and made sure to keep the details private, but officials in Bracciano are reporting that they have no evidence of that. Will they marry again in a civil ceremony in the states or have they already done so?

There was a story that they were married at sea in a Scientology ceremony in 2005, but that seems like just a rumor. Now they’re set to hold this huge wedding with all the world watching, but they haven’t even made the preliminary arrangements needed to make it legal in Italy. Maybe that’s what they planned all along.

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  1. Karen says:

    having a wedding for show isn’t that unusual–some people sign their paperwork several weeks before the wedding–they’re technically married at the signature, not the vows. The wedding for show is still very special to the couple.

  2. tina says:

    there was a rumour that there visit to the town hall yesterday was to offically marry and the big other wedding and celebrations are today

  3. baseball says:

    with all the pomp and circumanstance with this wedding, you’d think they are the most beloved and important couple in america, or the world for that matter. i’ll admit to being a bit intrigued by all this but i have to say, the money and extreme excess being spent on this wedding is quite obscene.