Lindsay Lohan’s GQ Magazine Photoshoot video

This photoshoot video for the issue where GQ named her their biggest celebrity car crash includes riveting quotes from Lohan set to music. Watch how willingly she lets the cameraman pose her on all fours. Note that I did not run her latest vag slip as I’m pretty much over her hairless kitty.


Here’s the photoshoot:
Update: Video removed by YouTube.

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14 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s GQ Magazine Photoshoot video”

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  1. vanessa says:

    OMG i love her she looks terrific mysterious and edgy…i don’t care if she flashes her kitten around she just emanates sexuality a baby-girl with so much power and languid-vampy glances…i mean, GQ oBSESSİON OF THE YEAR…i’m totally hooked!

  2. Viv says:

    You fucking crack me up, K.

  3. b! says:

    I noticed the “hip and edgy” wrap around her wrist–covering the cuts, I assume?

  4. Viv says:

    Yeah, I started noticing all those bangles, she never goes anywhere without them. It’s really sad…

    I really do think she is really hot even if she’s a tool.

  5. i heart lasagne says:

    I can’t stand this girl – she has on so much make-up, and underneath it all she’s not that gorgeous! She is allright, but could be anyone’s neighbor, coworker, etc. Also, she is not as interesting as she may think – most people I know and most things I read about her, it seems that the majority of people are over her, as am I – I really wouldn’t mind if she disappeared! In fact, I can’t wait for the inevitable OD, or whatever scandal is coming.

  6. Marmel3000 says:

    How is she “willing”? You have obviously never been on the set of a photo or video shoot. The photographer directs how to move, and if they’re reputable, the actors/musicians trust them. Enough misogynistic crap already, people want to see her on all fours, how about condemning them for it rather than blaming her for cooperating with a photographer.

  7. xiaoecho says:

    Why is she doing a ‘hot,edgy’ photoshoot with a grubby bandage around her wrist? Did I miss something in ‘hot, edgy 101’

    If she is a cutter, I wish she would cut her kitty instead of her wrists- THAT would be something to talk about

  8. AC says:

    yeah you pretty much always do what they tell you. and she doesn’t dress herself and do her own makeup … so you really can’t say much about her other than that she’s a good model.

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