Star: Jennifer Lopez’s “gut” is telling her to marry Casper Smart in Mexico

I know. The tabloids are always full of speculation about Jennifer Lopez and her facially-challenged boy-toy Casper Smart. Some say that Jennifer thinks Casper is “the one” and that her kids already call him “Papi”. Some say that Jennifer is self-aware enough to NOT marry this one. But after Jennifer gushed about Casper in her Vogue Mag interview… I’m more inclined to think she might end up married to this one. It was looking iffy there for a moment, especially since Casper didn’t get to be J.Lo’s plus-one at the Oscars. But I think Star Magazine is on to something:

J.Lo is planning a small, intimate yacht wedding in Mexico with much younger man Casper Smart! It’s only been eight months since her split with Marc Anthony, but Jennifer Lopez, 42, is wasting no time to become a bride again for the fourth time, reports Star.

“Everyone in Jennifer’s inner circle thinks she’s lost her mind,” a source says. “Her mom, Guadalupe, flat out told her that marrying Casper will be the biggest mistake of her life!”

But Jen is determined to wed Casper, 24. Wedding plans are already underway, and even designer Roberto Cavalli tweeted he’s prepping for the big day.

“Today, Jennifer Lopez. Call me…She ask me. To create a special dress. For her next wedding!” he wrote on March 12. (Although his rep later claimed that someone hacked into his account and tweeted the statement, there were no other impostor tweets from the alleged hacker.)

Reportedly, J.Lo and Casper were vacationing in Acapulco when they decided to tell their family their decision to tie the knot.

“Jennifer called her mom, sister and a few trusted friends from Acapulco…She said that she and Casper decided to get married in Mexico. Her mom…thought they had eloped, but Jen just laughed and said it was only a matter of time.”

But her family wasn’t happy with the announcement, believing Casper to be a golddigger.

Thankfully, Jen is already in the works of putting together a prenup that stipulates she’ll “only” be paying Casper a cool million per year for the next 10 years.

“Jennifer’s gut is telling her that Casper is marriage material,” a source reveals. “And there’s no talking her out of something once she sets her mind on it.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Can we talk about how funny this line is – “Jennifer’s gut is telling her that Casper is marriage material”? Like, Jennifer is known for having a really “gut”-detector or something. Like she hasn’t already been through three marriages and she’s the wisest woman ever, and we should all respect her infatuation with a 24-year-old backup dancer. But yes… that Cavalli tweet really was sketchy, and God knows, Casper doesn’t seem eager to move on. They’ll totally get married.

Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN, Star cover courtesy of Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

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  1. NancyMan says:

    Is it her ‘gut’ or her big ass talking?

  2. brin says:

    I think it’s just the refried beans talking.

  3. EmilyM. says:

    I would rather talk about Brad Pitt apparently lusting after Jennifer Lawrence. Hilarious (and also gross to think about).

  4. Lisa says:

    Personally…I’m trying to see what’s wrong with this…so she’s older…so she just got out of long term marriage…if it’s a mistake, she KNOWS how to get a divorce…it’s obvious that she’s head over punany for this boy…he seems real good with her children…real good with her (which we ALL know ain’t easy)…and most importantly…SHE CAN AFFORD IT!!!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Well, let’s start with the obvious: Yes, she certainly KNOWS how to get a divorce, as she’s done it 3 or 4 times now.

      And once she’s done with that divorce, it’s on to the future ex-Mr. Jello.

      She’s a grown-ass woman who can certainly afford what she wants, but she’s one of those “can’t be alone women” and when there are children involved, that’s never a good thing.

    • Hellover says:

      The world of celebrity ppl is way different from ours, for them this is “normal”, the fast life, the drama, the luxury to play with everything. In that world everything has meaning and not in the same time. The fans, the movie characters an other factors in time they dissolve line between fantasy and realty, and when you don’t see the difference between the two very clear… here comes the drama.

      But i like your approach, you are talking with so much assurance, as if you are reporting from their living room.:P

  5. Maya says:

    Question: why do you call him “facially-challenged”? Is there something weird about his face? In most of the pics I’ve seen he’s wearing sunglasses, so I can’t really tell.

  6. SkyNet says:

    Even if it wasn’t her 4th marriage, isn’t it a bad idea to marry your rebound dude? I hope it works out for her. She really has an interesting taste in men.

  7. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Whatever works, Casper is not a bad looking dude and they seem happy together, this could be the marriage that works out.

  8. Puleeze says:

    J lo seriously, 24? He’s still young and dumb! I guess she’ll find that out sooner or later.

  9. Jaded says:

    More like her butt, not her gut.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I doubt this is true, but if it is…? JLO is 3 and out. She needs to stop getting married and divorced, and just be happy with someone. At this point all she’s doing is putting her divorce lawyer’s grandkids through college.

  11. marie says:

    while some people date, she marries-some people are just serial brides. although i do wonder if her event planner is #1 on her speed dial..

  12. Julie says:

    of course it would be a bad idea

    but i also think if some people marry its not cool to write on your cover “is this the biggest mistake of her life?”

  13. Hautie says:

    Is she even legally divorce from Mark yet?

    Then again, Lopez never has let her current marriage to another man… stop her from planning her next marriage to her new man. :)

    Yet she still does not get the whole concept that getting married before the ink is dry on the divorce papers. Is never going to end in a positive way for her.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      That’s what I’m wondering. There’s a MINIMUM 6 month waiting period for divorce finalisation in Cali; and when there’s kids and assets and property(ies) and all the mutual business hullaballoo, that usually ties it up for a lot longer. (Unless they go the Kelsey Grammar/Camille Donatacci route.)

      I find it hard to believe that my divorce (when we only had 2 kids, a rented condo [which I moved out of with said kids], 2 cars, and otherwise not a pot to piss in) took over 3 years to finalise but her’s is done this quick.

  14. Leticia says:

    she is the Elizabeth Taylor of her generation, with the big jewels and serial husbands. And just watch, she will wind up remarrying a few of them. She is probably not done with Marc Anthony, for instance.

  15. Tazina says:

    She surely has enough common sense not to do something stupid like that. She surely isn’t that desperate and needy to actually marriage this guy….if she does, then she is one dumb and insecure airhead.

  16. cmc says:

    This may be a dumb question, but is her divorce even finalized yet?

  17. dorothy says:

    I think it’s her “tootie” talking.

  18. Agnes says:

    Maybe her gut is just telling her she’s hungry. :)

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    I thought marriages in Mexico weren’t exactly considered “legal” in the states. Am I incorrect? (I hate to say this, but Speidi is coming to mind.)

    Also, what does Marc think about this? Let us discuss, because I doubt he’s very pleased.

  20. gg says:

    I agree and hope so, she’s embarrassing. She is good on American Idol though. Much better than Paula.

  21. Maritza says:

    So the longer he stays with her the more millions he makes, well that’s a good incentive to stay married. All he needs to do is stay faithful with her for 10 years and voila 10 million! What I can’t believe is that the kids are calling him Papi, I would imagine Marc being really upset about this.Jlo loves to have a man she can call her husband. I wonder why she feels the need for a marriage license, it’s not like this is the sixties.

  22. skuddles says:

    That’s right JLO, because your gut is never wrong when it comes to men… right? But at least I’m sure she’d be smart enough to get sonny boy to sign a pre-nup and non-disclosure agreement right??

  23. dorothyzbornak says:

    My gut’s telling me to eat a whole bag of Doritos, but I don’t think that’s a good idea, either.

  24. Kosmos says:

    I could see her doing this, but I seriously doubt if there is any reason for her to do it right now…she certainly doesn’t need Casper for fame, like she did Marc, in order to boost her career, so I would think she’d be happy just “keeping” him indefinitely. I think these are the boys she’s innately attracted to in the long run, and she definitely wants to be the one in charge of the relationship. If she picked someone stronger than her, it wouldn’t work. She has to be the boss and Casper is definitely her tote-around boy for a variety of reasons.

  25. crtb says:

    Her last rebound marriage didn’t work.
    Has she learned anything from her past mistakes?

  26. LUP23 says:

    Dumb asses this has already been denied. You guys must be severely retarded to fall for these stories from STAR Magazine.

  27. BabyCakes says:

    Exactly how is he more ‘facially challenged’ then Skeletor? As far as I’m concerned he’s Brad Pitt in comparison.

  28. She Stinks! says:

    She is lying no class untalented uneducated trash! She is disgusting on so many levels. Go back to the HO stroll, JHO BAG!

  29. Angie says:

    Jlo once again is giving us latina women a bad rap. She is a mess! she needs to get it together 42 with kids and still acting like a damn fool. I feel for her mother.

  30. Kkkaren says:

    Wow! I’ve just realised who Casper Smart is. He isn’t a ‘back-up dancer.’ He is actually a supremely talented showbiz athlete. I’m a big fan of the Step-up movies – he was in those. And he’s one of the ‘robots’ in the Nicky Minaj section of flo-rida’s ‘where them girls at’ music video. Along with Mr Robot Man himself – whose name I’ve forgotten.(Sorry my bad) Do you know how hard that kind of dancing is? He looks absolutely awesome in that video. And wasn’t he also in Madonnas ‘Get Together’ music video. You need to stop with the ‘facially challenged’ comments. This guy is a supremely talented individual – J. Lo’s lucky to have him.I’m suprised no-one else has stood up for him. Shame.

  31. pretty jenny says:

    I think she’s crazy to marry a younger Guy who’s a boy who can’t walk and can’t offfer her nothing and wants to live off her don’t do it jlo