Deena from Jersey Shore got a new face: improvement or downgrade?

Bedhead is our resident Jersey Shore expert, but after seeing this story on Evil Beet I wanted to comment on this chick Deena’s totally different face. I remember when Deena Nicole Cortese, Snooki’s friend, first joined the cast in season three when Angelina left. She’s a buddy of Snooki’s and Snooki brought her on to party with. They were two short chicks getting wasted and acting like fools. Well it looks like Deena lost weight and got both a nose job and a bunch of Botox and fillers. Her face looks so different to me, and it’s way more than just her warped eyebrows. (Which look scribbled on with a Sharpie.) She’s only 25 years old, but she’s got LA Face and she now looks at least 10 years older.

I asked Bedhead for her take on Deena’s new look, and she said that Deena “suffers from very low self-esteem, so I can see why she’s done the nose job thing.” I was going through old photos of Deena and it looks like she’s had the nose job for at least the last year, but the injections are new and they look kind of painful.

I’ll try to be delicate here. I guess I understand why Deena got her nose done, although her old nose was perfectly fine and I think she was cuter before. All the Botox and fillers just make her look like she’s wincing. Some may think this is better than the permanent bitchface she used to have, but it must be hard to look happy when you’re hungover and trying to cover blotchy skin with smeared orange bronzer and caked on Maybelline. Now she’ll always have the same expression, no matter how much cherry vodka she had the night before. At least she didn’t get her lips filled – yet.

Update: I wrote that last line about not getting her lips done, and then I looked at these pictures again. It does look like she got her bottom lip filled. So I take it back.

Second update: Thanks to Bee for noting that Deena has admitted to a nose job, along with implants. It’s possible she had two nose jobs, as Zelda points out below.

Deena circa 2010:

Older photos of Deena:

New Deena:

Here’s a video of Deena from season 3 talking about joining the cast. She doesn’t look like the same person.

Photo credit: DJDM/ and Fame

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  1. Zelda says:

    Oh. That is…not a good nose job.

    I’m not talking about the choice to have one, I’m talking about the suregeon’s work itself. It’s just a poor job.

  2. heatheradair says:

    now she looks like a Jersey Bristol Palin…….

  3. paola says:

    It looks to me that these girls put a lot of effort into making themselves really ugly. Even uglier then before!

  4. bee says:

    Deena had a nose job years ago. She even talks about it, I’m not sure if she has got another nose job. It doesn’t matter, Deena is unattractive. Her makeup, clothes and hair all look awful. Deena is never referred too as cute or beautiful.

  5. NeNe says:

    I thought she was prettier the way she was. This new face ain’t working for her.

  6. Rux says:

    OMG, I thought it was Anjelica Houston with a tan!

  7. christy says:

    Am I the only one that think she looks like Kim K? Thats not a good thing.

  8. Minty says:

    You can put a pig in a fancy dress, but it’s still a pig.

    No offense to pigs of the animal variety. They are smart creatures – more intelligent than dogs.

  9. Kate says:

    She needs to let her eyebrows grow in & then have them waxed professionally

  10. yuya says:

    She’s 25? I don’t even have forehead lines like that and I’m 20 years older than she is.

  11. jano1981 says:

    Does anyone think this girl would look better without that makeup??? Those eyebrows!! I actually think it could possibly be a decent nose job. Who knows with all the makeup and horrible brows tho.

    • gg says:

      I’m with you on that – I don’t know how these chicks can even see with the layers of black crud caked on/in/under/over/around their eyes. Nasty! I tried to rim my eyes once and the liner got all over my soft contacts and pretty much ruined them, and it stung like a mother.

    • Naye in VA says:

      I think that its absolutely the makeup that is killing her here. I think that once to TOX settles under her eyes she will look much better. Ive always loved Deena but felt bad because she was obviously not doing great in the looks department and her confidence relflected that she knows this.
      i think the makeup is too much for all of them. the only one who doesnt overdo it si JWow

  12. Amanda G says:

    Well, she had the face of a man before and now she has the face of a 45 year old woman. What a horrible nose job.

  13. Maripily says:

    I think it’s the way she styles herself. These Jersey girls need to get a more natural look…lay off the tanner, the over arched eyebrows and the spackled makeup. She’d look a lot better if her makeup and appearance were softer. I like this nose better than her old nose. I don’t know why people have such disdain for nose jobs.

    • gg says:

      The problem is that, past the eye level and down, the wide bridge of the nose is still there, which used to support a wide nose. But if you pare that down as well, you wind up with Michael Jackson. Better to just leave it alone. The only nose jobs that work are slight nostril narrowing, and that’s only sometimes.

  14. S says:

    If she had all that botox, you’d think she would have it done on her forehead? Surprised she has a lot of lines there for someone young imo.

  15. Sweettart says:

    I don’t watch Jersey Shore, so I don’t have an opinion on her from that.

    But I did see her on an episode of WWHL. She seemed a little . . . full of herself.

    She also said that she hadn’t had any work done . . . ???

    I’m not an expert at ID’ing plastic surgery, but one giveaway to me is when they look like they have some sort of placket stuck up under their upper lip.

    It’s just weird. Maybe they think people will believe them when they deny having things done because everyone in LA looks that way . . . but it’s NOT normal.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I saw that WWHL and what struck me was how stupid she was. She called “The Situation” a hermaphrodite instead of a pyromaniac (when he was playing with the campfire). They also gave her a quiz to see if she knew the meanings of certain words, and the only one she knew was “paleontologist,” because “Ross from Friend’s was one.”

  16. marlee says:

    I just…. I can’t. How is it that there’s so much to say about this, but I am having trouble saying ANYTHING about it?

    If you’ve ever watched JS, you’d know that she does have some serious insecurity issues. I’ve always felt bad for her, because she was never really attractive on the show, and felt like she knew that she was the least attractive girl there. BUT, she had Snooki, who everyone referred to as an ewok or wookie, and was kinda chunky, and also the butt of everyone’s jokes. Maybe when Snooki lost all that weight and started getting her shit together, Deena flipped out a bit and decided to get a new face.

    I think this would look way less harsh without her horrible orange tan, drag queen makeup and overall terrible styling…. but, this was not a good move for her.

  17. ChronLogic says:

    Does that face hurt? ‘Cause it’s killing me.

  18. Hanna says:

    Wow. Never realized how horrible and gross she really looks :S That nose job didn’t do anything for her lol.

  19. lanster says:

    I just like anyone with a brain realizes how ridiculous these jersey shore people are but Deena, as much of a hot mess that she can be is an adorable hot mess like her meat ball counter part, I like to criticize plastic surgery to the enth degree HOWEVER I really think she looks FANTASTIC with her nose job. Beautiful girl just leave it there please no more! I think she looks kinda like a miniture Jersey version of Nicole Scherzinger kind of….haha really though I think she looks great!

  20. nikzilla37 says:

    She looks better, I guess. Definitely made herself look older though.

  21. Chell says:

    WTF?! She looks like she is wearing a halloween mask!!!
    She looks terrible…I feel sad for her.

  22. Me says:

    Deeeeeeeeeeeena! WTF! Why would she do that? She wasnt a super model before and she isnt one now… she was cute in her own Italian way. Sad silly little meatball.

  23. Jaxx says:

    My God, I can’t believe that girl is 25. When I first glanced at the picture I pegged the woman at around 45 so you could have knocked me out of my chair when I read she was 25.

    I really do not understand how plastic surgery is making all these young girls look at least ten years older than they are. Just don’t get it. Could someone please explain it to me?

  24. FeverDream says:

    I think she would be a goddess if she would take better care of herself physically.

    Some diet, some exercise, some not being an alcoholic – she would fall right into place 30 lbs lighter.

  25. GirlyGirl says:

    “Deena from Jersey Shore got a new face”

    I hope she kept the receipt

  26. Mary jones says:

    Really ugly before. Now just ugly. Whoever said she looks like Nicole from The Pussy Cat Dolls needs glasses! That is one ugly troll.

  27. really says:

    Before – Due to styling: UGLY
    Now – Due to procedures: CREEPSHOW

  28. Bonfire Beach says:

    I don’t watch Jersey Shore & I don’t know who this chick is but she was way cuter before. I think I feel sorry for her, especially if she’s insecure.

  29. MrsPotato says:

    She still looks like Porky The Pig.

    And her eyesbrows … WHYY!!! Stop plucking them, girl!

  30. Agnes says:

    A different “busted” than before, but definitely “busted”.

  31. lettylynton says:

    I think Deena looks gorgeous. Maybe when some settling has occurred it won’t look obvious to everyone. I hated the way some of the cast talked about her appearance when she started on the show, and I’m sure the media did the same. I hope she’s doing it for her and being happy!

  32. Penguin says:

    Should’ve stopped after the first nose job.

  33. says:

    She’s got synchronized swimmer’s nose (not that synchronized swimmers have bad noses, but they wear that thing on their nose that pinches it and prevents water from entering).

  34. Insertrandomname says:

    nooo Deena don’t do this to yourself!!! You used to be so pretty – please don’t do anymore of these things.

  35. mimi says:

    I always kinda felt sorry for her being that fat ugly one – I think the “NEW” is an improvement!!

    • mollination says:

      I thought that was Snooki? I’m being serious, not trying to make a joke. Deena wasn’t exactly proportional for her size, but I thought she at least had some classicly italian-girl features on her face that made her prettier to look at than snooki when she didn’t do the crappy-dirty makeup/tan combo. With just the nose job and a little bit of weight loss I actually think she’s quite nice looking.

  36. Karma says:

    Someone grab her and give her eyebrows a make over.

    That said, I feel for her, and hope this gives her a boost in her self-esteem.

  37. Dimebox says:

    This is just sad, and I agree that there must have been a lot of pain involved. The upper lip and especially the area above it are killing me. Looks like a cut-rate job.

  38. The Truth Fairy says:

    Wait, Sammi changed her face too????? This doesn’t look like her at ALL.!/AllJerseyShore/status/182849975208787968/photo/1

  39. Holden says:

    Hood ornament on a ’79 Pinto comes to mind.

  40. JessSaysNo says:

    Holy eek.

    She looked more attractive and natural before. As my husband says: it’s better to look naturally imperfect than artificially messed up…

  41. TeamGlanville says:

    Her nose looked pretty perfect for her in that pic w/ the gray & black top. sad that she still wasn’t happy with it and is now on the way to Michael Jackson-esque nose

  42. Chris says:

    “Fame is a mask that eats into the face”.

  43. CJ says:

    Gross!!! Was she trying to look like Jill Zarin??

  44. souths_sweets says:

    She lost weight, is over plucking her eyebrows and has had a BAD nose job! :(

  45. Shannon says:

    I think she told the doctor to make her look like JWoww, and this is the result.

  46. NYC_girl says:

    The eyebrows are terrible, and I don’t know why that super-straight ironed hair is still popular. It looks like crap. As does an upper lip piercing.

  47. Natalie says:

    Eh, who cares? As long as Deena got the surgery for herself and is happy with it, then it really is no one else’s business. Over-tweezed eyebrows aside, I think she’s beautiful in her own way, and by that I mean she stands out and doesn’t look like anyone else.

    Hell, if I had the money I would get a few things done as well. And at least Deena has admitted to it (the nose job, anyway)- how many stars get blatant, obvious work done and deny, deny, deny?

    Many like to shame others for having plastic surgery, but it’s ultimately the choice of the person in question. I say if it makes you happy and it is what you really want, then go for it )but know where to draw the line before ending up in Jocelyn Wildenstein territory.)

  48. Maritza says:

    She looks much better now than before, good nose job.

  49. Hm says:

    The nose looks a little lumpy. It does look like Nicole Scherzinger’s in that NS’s nose is also over-reduced. But overall she looks okay and she seems confident in her photos.

  50. Nibbi says:

    I hate to say it cuz i think plastic surgery is vile, but i think she looks better and her nose is actually pretty good.

  51. Maya says:

    I agree with the post. She does look older. She looks as though she is a forty year old surgically enhanced Hollywood type.

  52. jc126 says:

    She looks dreadful. I hate that show, and she comes off so sad and desperate on it, but seems like a basically decent person. It’s sad to see her make a fool out of herself.

  53. Nae says:

    I can understand why she got a nose job but she should stop competing with jwoww in the sculpted face dept. And if she lost some weight, good for her but grow in the eyebrows and lay off the MAC makeup. I dont think she is hideous but plastic surgery wont fix how she feels about herself.

  54. Ginger says:

    All I care about is the Spring Break photos were taken by my husband :)

  55. miss miaou says:

    She wasn’t especially attractive before, but she tried to fix the wrong things. Her issue wasn’t structural but lifestyle. If she’d gotten her teeth fixed, moisturized intensely and chilled on the tanning, and cut down on the drinking to reduce the bloat – not to mention quitting with that awful make-up and not dressing to her best advantage – she’d have been much healthier and pleasant to look at. Some serious therapy to work on her self-image and getting out of the trashy cannibalistic ratrace that is reality entertainment, and maybe finding some friends who gave a damn about her, would make a difference, too. When people do this to themselves, it makes me think they are really hurting, and it is a shame she doesn’t have a friend or family member or even a manager she trusts and who cares about her to get her the right tools to fix what’s actually broken. There’s a pretty girl in there. I hope she finds that out, for her own sake.

  56. B says:

    She looks like a cross bw a kuntrashian and anteater leann.

  57. Chrissy says:

    She looks much worse to me. She didn’t have great features before, but they were natural and unique to her. Now she just looks like a botchy plastic surgery job. And before she looked young. She has aged herself at least 10 years, maybe more, with this surgery.

  58. Scandalous Candice says:

    I actually think she looks better. Yes she looks older and her second nose job is bad, but she has her eyes open now, and her chin and neck fat have been contoured in a way that Bristol Palin should have had done. Who ever did Bristol’s chin… LOL! Damn. But I think Deena looks better she just has gross makeup on and bad eyebrows.

    She was never much to look at to begin with and that was mostly her own doing with bad makeup, crappy clothes and being overweight for her size. But she looks a little thinner in the face. It’s more suitable. Just wash her face of faux tanner and make her grow her eyebrows back.

  59. JT says:

    Her face is going to look pre-sneeze until the botox wears off. :(

  60. hillbillygirl45 says:

    Just another nasty, drunken, plastic, pathetic little troll-doll. The girl is nothing but a hot mess, just like the rest of that Jersey Shore bunch.

  61. aenflex says:

    Trash, and shouldn’t be famous at all, any of them. She still looks like trash and acts like it too, so the self esteem issues are no mystery to me.

  62. bokchoi says:

    i hate when girls pierce their lip with a diamond stud. It always looks like a shiny wart to me.

  63. SFRowGuy says:

    Umm … err … oooh … I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know what she used to look like, but what is wrong with her face? (holy crap)

  64. dahlia1947 says:

    Sorry, but I cannot name you the first woman EVER to look improved after plastic surgery.

    Another one bites the dust. You can now join Joan R., Meg ryan, Megan Fox and the others who have jacked up their faces with surgery.

  65. mollination says:

    Oh no…. I hope it settles. I don’t mean this to be encouraging, but if any of these hard partiers are going to get botox why don’t they get it on their foreheads? They all seem to have premature wrinkles there (see LL and the like) because of their dehydrated lifestyle. All of the other face fillers/botox are unneccessary and make them look like people twice their age trying to look 25. You’re already 25! Stop messing with your cute face! Nose jobs? Fine. Breasts? Sure, I guess. A bit of crow-feet or forehead botox to smooth out wrinkles that could simply be fixed by drinking more water and drinking less booze? Ugh, if you have to. But FILLING YOUR FACE SO IT LOOKS YOUNGER AND PUFFIER?!?!?! NO! NO! NO! You don’t need it and it makes you look worse! Gah! When will they learn?

    Deena was one of the naturally pretty girls on the show (she and sammi). Too bad.

  66. cari says:

    Looks like she found her plastic surgeon on Craigslist. And your right, she looks many years older. I would guess 50′s if I saw her on the street. No kiddin. She has deeper lines than me in her forehead, and I just turned 50.

  67. roberta says:

    She is not attractive at all. Geez take off some of that makeup…bleh!

  68. roberta says:

    she should’ve gotten some new lips, or lips period. That girl has reptilian lips..nothing there!

  69. Gracie says:

    I actually thinks she looks very beautiful now. Of course, the eyebrows and make-up make her look cheap, but that’s just Deena being Deena. The work looks great and will help her age well, if she stops tanning.
    Overall, I think it was the right decision for her. Congratulations, Deena!

  70. Sunny says:

    I can’t feel sorry for any of these idiots. They all grew up with the reality show craze, they all knew how social media operates, and they signed up to be filmed getting wasted and acting like total a**holes. Then they got their checks, and they signed on to more seasons. Dignity? Yeah, that clearly wasn’t in the contract. Lets face it, NO ONE who signs on to be in a reality show (ok, maybe a few exceptions on like HGTV or the food channel)can possibly be a mentally sound person…sane people don’t make for good ratings. I think she wanted the money and fame, saw an opportunity, and the cracks just got bigger and bigger. At some point I really have to question why they continue to allow themselves to be in this situation (and then plead “exhaustion” ahem…addiction…ahem). Then again I’d like to know why they make more than teachers, social workers, mental health counselors, doctors, police officers…you know, people with real stress and big people jobs??

  71. Stubbylove says:

    Bottom line is she’s just not an attractive girl by our western cultural standards. Her original face looked very old world Italian with harsh/strong features. Now, she just looks like a complete idiot. I don’t feel sorry for her AT ALL but damn, it’s just SAD.

  72. Noora says:

    Look, if only she would have stayed away from the booze, the late nights, smoking and perhaps drugs and the many myriads of men, she wouldn’t have looked like she used to before.

  73. lizeth says:

    This girl just wasn;t ment to be pretty as she wants to be, and the more she tries the more her looks get worse, and doesn’t know how to do eyebrows for sure…and she looks twice times her age..which is bad..just stop Deena.

  74. Steph says:

    Looks like she got vaneers also!!

  75. Hannah says:

    Are you blind? She looks a million times BETTER than she did before. Her nose, hair, teeth are perfect now and she’s not fat anymore. She’s actually pretty now whereas before she was ugly by the world’s standards.

  76. Calibeach says:

    She also had veneers,sometimes when you look too fabricated on your face…you look wierd or alien.

  77. tina says:

    Ya, she def got her teeth done too

  78. L.L. says:

    She doesn’t look Guido nomore.. more like a native american

  79. pinky says:

    Time to lose the Jersey tramp eye brows and the glittery highlighted eye shadow.