Madonna tells Gwyneth Paltrow to stop talking about her divorce

here was a story few days ago that lonely Madonna was “begging” her friend Gwyneth Paltrow to move to NY to spend time with her. They could swap 700 calorie a day diet tips and work out for two hours a day together with their scamming trainer. Gwyneth is busy with work, but it’s not she has to stay in London for the sake of her husband and can’t bring her kids with her to New York. Their dad, Chris Martin, has been away from home touring with his band Coldplay since the summer.

Gwyneth told the press in late October that she was supporting Madonna during her divorce. Her comments were vague and noncommittal but spoke to their deep bond over a shared body image obsession. She said, “She’s a dear friend, and I’m supporting her in all [the] ways that I can. I’m just here on the other end of the phone, really. I speak to her a lot.”

According to the National Enquirer, Madonna’s wasn’t happy with Paltrow’s comments and told her she better shut if if she wants to stay in her temperamental.

Madge slapped Gwyneth with a gag order after her Oscar-winning pal went dishing to the press about how she’s been “helping Madonna through her divorce.”

The public declaration left Madonna furious.

“If you want to help me and be supportive of me, then keep your mouth SHUT! Say nothing about me or my divorce,” the tense Material Girl has warned her friend.

[From PopCrunch]

You can see Madonna fuming at Gwyneth for daring to talk about her divorce even in general terms. Gwyneth gets all pouty and whines that she’s just trying to help. These two only recently worked out a truce over the fact that Gwyneth won’t give a large chunk of her cash to Kabbalah in exchange for faux enlightenment. Madonna likely considers Gwyneth spiritually challenged and is just barely tolerating her. She won’t stand for any comments about her divorce that she doesn’t pre-approve.

Madonna and Gwyneth are shown leaving Madonna’s home gym on 4/14/08. Credit: Bauergriffin

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Please, please U.K., take them both!

    Actually, though, I bet this is bs – Gwyneth’s comments actually made Gristle seem vulnerable and human. Why would she be mad about that?

    Oh, right. Because she’s The Gristle.

  2. Jerkweed says:

    Madonna is a ncut.

  3. vdantev says:

    Think these two are swapping spit on the side? Their body language is awfully intimate for friends.

  4. Codzilla says:

    Who’s the greasy twat in the velour tracksuit?

  5. Lisa says:

    This story is too lame to be true. The greasy chick is their trainer Tracey Anderson. She has so much plastic in her face it isn’t even funny.

  6. Lisa says:

    This story is too lame to be true. The greasy chick is their trainer Tracey Anderson. Saw her on Oprah and she is loaded up on plastic surgery just like Madonna.

  7. whattheheck says:

    Good gosh…Madonna needs to carry 2 phones and an iPod?

  8. perpetua says:

    So does this crap surgery people inject & worship over cross the blood brain or placenta (whatever?) barrier… would that be enough to make them stop. Yay a future with plastic enhanced garbage gets fused with our genes.

  9. Anne says:

    The greasy track suit girl is Tracy Anderson, their trainer.

  10. says:

    Poor Gwynie will soon become like Rosie O’Donnell and Sarah Bernhard – ex – Madonna besties that matched whatever phases she was into at the time.

  11. IMO says:

    Gwyneth seemed happy to jump on the bandwagon of the media attention to the divorce of her “friend”.

    What kind of friend goes on to brag about how she is helping and supportive of her friend.

    Isn’t that exactly what friends are supposed to do?

    Why even bring up a sensitive issue such as a painful divorce- that is not even YOUR OWN personal issue, but rather of your friend.

    If she want to talk about personal matter, she has plenty of issue in HER OWN marriage that she can dicuss.

  12. Trashaddict says:

    Anorexia a deux