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11 Responses to “TomKat marriage ceremony is over, whether it’s real is up to debate (update)”

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  1. What on earth is Katie doing in the window?

  2. Celebitchy says:

    She looks like she’s freking out, doesn’t she?

  3. DogRunner says:

    Maybe she could close the curtains and get a little revenge on the press?

  4. ER says:

    In the 4th picture (top right) is that Katie holding Suri IN THE CAR? No child safety seat? Hmmmmm? I thought she was smarter than Britney, but of course she married TC in a Scientology ceremony so I won’t give her too much credit.

  5. Trillion says:

    I can’t think of any two people as completely devoid of sexuality as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

  6. Anne says:

    She probably was gesticulating to some one because a while later, tom turned around and saw her and she mouthed….i love you,………how sweet!

  7. i heart lasagne says:

    That would be the horrified face that goes along with:

    “Help me! I’ve made a terrible mistake!!! Can’t you see the panic? Why isn’t anyone reacting?

  8. Viv says:

    She sort of looks like Debra Messing in the pictures.

  9. tina says:

    i think she is wondering why there is so much fuss over her wedding to tom, and why all the pap have camped out outside. personally i agree with her, why all the fuss?

  10. Fleegle says:

    Boy, she’s really changed hasn’t she? She’s gonna become one of those flipped out people who turn into a massive diva and everybody used to love them because they were sweet and innocent but now, just jaded and distrustful of everyone. Like Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson, etc.

  11. Poor Boopie says:

    Maybe she was about to pull a Michael Jackson and dangle baby Suri out the window. That would have made for interesting press coverage of the wedding.