Angelina Jolie on The Leg: “I do what I feel like doing, but don’t consider the effect”

Angelina Jolie has a massive interview with Entertainment Weekly this week, likely to promote the DVD release of In the Land of Blood and Honey. You can read the full EW piece here – I’ll just be doing some highlights, since the interview is so long (and a lot of it is about ITLOBAH). Some of you theorized that HuffPo got an advanced copy of the interview, and switched around some of Jolie’s quotes for their story about her reaction to The Leg controversy. It could be – Angelina uses some of the same wording, but my reaction to her statement in the context of the EW piece was less eyeroll-y. Basically, she doesn’t sound ridiculously full of herself here.

EW: Wow, so you caused quite a stir at the Oscars. That’s usually a pretty stuffy affair, but you definitely widened people’s eyes.
ANGELINA JOLIE: [Laughs] I don’t pay any attention to that stuff. I just heard something as simple as that and thought, well, I don’t know. I do what I feel like doing, but don’t actually consider the effect. I just try to, you know, be as I feel like being on a night like that.

Fashion websites say that pose is becoming a trend. Other actresses and models, like Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games premiere, are wearing dresses with the high slit and posing with their legs out. So on behalf of guys everywhere, allow me to say, thank you very much.
[Laughs] That’s funny, very funny.

You’ve heard of Tebowing, right? Where people imitate Tim Tebow by getting down on one knee.
Uh-huh, I have.

There are whole websites that popped up where people were striking your pose. That must have caught you by surprise.
What’s funny is when you have no actual, conscious thought of anything [like that]. You just feel like, “Eh, I like this dress. I feel comfortable in this one.” It’s interesting that you just really never know…

You pulled it off much better than Jim Rash [pictured, the Best Adapted Screenplay winner, who struck her provocative pose onstage after she presented him the Oscar.] Did you find what he did funny?
Of course! [Laughs] No, I had a great night. It was a really fun night.

Just before the Oscars, you came home from the European premieres of In the Land of Blood and Honey. I imagine that must have been pretty emotional. It’s a heavy movie to live with for a couple of years, but you were finally showing it to the people who lived through the Bosnian War.
Yeah, it was more challenging because we knew we’d be going face to face with the region itself. We went to Berlin first, then Sarajevo, then Paris and also Croatia. This whole process has been very nerve-wracking because it’s my first film, and I’m not that confident, but I wanted to do this because I love the subject matter and I wanted to learn. I had these great two years where I learned so much about a region and history and worked with these actors from another part of the world.

Let’s start with how it was received in Paris and Berlin.
It was also difficult for them. They were right next door. So there’s a question of when [the U.S.] got involved, but they were right next door and didn’t get involved. There are a lot of feelings for everybody, deep-seated guilt in all of us. Nobody walks away feeling good about this time in history. [The film] is supposed to make us look back and question what went wrong.

You’ve said you’re writing a script about the war in Afghanistan next. How’s that coming along?
I have been writing something, because I’ve been there a few times — Afghanistan and Pakistan — in the last 11 years, and it’s a part of the world we’re all quite aware of now, but… I’m not sure. I’m going to actually see this weekend what people think of [the script]. But I like it and I’ve enjoyed doing the research.

What’s next for you as an actor? You were in talks to do a Luc Besson film?
I do hope to work with Luc one day, but we haven’t figured out what that is. The next thing I’m doing is Maleficent for Disney. I start it in June, and it’s a really great script. I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve already got my horns fitted. My kids are very happy.

In this version, Sleeping Beauty is the nemesis instead of the good guy?
It’s not anti-princess, but it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman.

Is it sympathetic to her, or is she a straight-up villain?
It’s both. I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities. You have to figure out the puzzle of what she is.

So there are some redeeming qualities to Maleficent the witch?
It sounds really crazy to say that there will be something that’s good for young girls in this, because it sounds like you’re saying they should be a villain. [Maleficent] is actually a great person. But she’s not perfect. She’s far from perfect.

Since it’s a Disney film, will this version of Maleficent be close to the one we know from their 1959 animated film?
We’re still figuring out the look. We’re experimenting with different things. But the horns are the horns — you can’t deny them. You have to have horns.

[From EW]

OK, that interview actually got me excited about Maleficent! I like that Angelina is embracing the horns – I’ve always wanted Angelina to play a larger-than-life “cartoon” type of anti-heroine, like a Bond villain or something, and my guess is that she’ll excel at playing Maleficent. Can you believe that she hasn’t been in front of a camera (for a film) since The Tourist? Jolie needs to get to work!

As for the further discussion about The Leg – in this interview, she seems much less defensive, embracing an attitude of “whatever, I had fun, meh.” Also: she knows about Tebowing?!?

Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. paola says:

    Enough with the leg!! a lot of people have legs..her leg has become quite boring.
    Can WE PLEASE STOP TALKING about the freakin leg?!

  2. lynn says:

    See Kaiser, savvy fans knew it! Huff Puffington is a joke.

    • Toot says:

      Exactly! I knew that HP mess wasn’t real. I like the EW article.

    • Kim says:

      Huff Post is a JOKE! As is Ms Huffington herself.

    • cameron says:

      Yes, JP fans can smell a fake. It was obvious since there was no story behind the Huffpost piece , JP’s only interview when they are promoting a movie , charity, or their humanitarian travels. It’s not Angie’s MO to do a interview solely on something so trivial. The bloggers who are “so called” JP lovers should have known better or they knew and just as guilty as HuffPost of running the thread to get hits to their site.
      A day in the life of JP’s cut/copy/paste and change the wording or just downright lie.

      Why wouldn’t Angie know about Tim Tebow? He’s all over the mainstream media. You think she doesn’t follow the news in the US? He’s not just a football player his antics has crossed over to politics and religion.

  3. Bite me says:

    I can’t wait for to see her on the big screen again … There was so much wrong with that quote from huffingtonpost

  4. mln76 says:

    Ok, can we stop with the leg now??? Jeez. Maleficent sounds awesome I just have to LOL at the people who thought ‘the leg’ would have ruined her career the people who are behind this are some of the same people from The Lion King and Avatar. It’s probably going to be her biggest hit.

    • marie says:

      really? there are people who thought “the leg” would end her career? that’s really ridiculous..

      • Esmom says:

        I don’t think people really thought that…but they did seem to take pleasure in witnessing what they thought was a loopy crack in her otherwise tightly controlled facade. Maybe the first step in the downfall the anti-Brange have been waiting for? That’s how I read the reactions.

  5. lisa says:

    I appreciate that you posted the interview. Because it is obvious she did NOT speak to HP. but that they took parts of the interview and made it seem as if she gave them some quote. Thing is the negative directed toward her during the weekend was unfair. In the HP fake quote there was no author noted. So yes they took all the quotes without the questions leading up to the.

    and obviously she didn’t bring up the leg pose. The EW interviewer did. Why people are so negative towards her when others are the ones talking about it constantly. Seriously she had not said anything about it until this interview.

    but whatever. I’m sure her detractors will spin this some other way.

    I too and very excited for her to work again. It has been over 2 years. But when she said she was going to work less many had a lot to say on that too. But yeah she was telling the truth.

    • mln76 says:

      I think people who publicly blasted her without considering the source *AHEM LAINEY and Micheal K(as much as I love him)* should apologize but we both know no one will and that other quote will go down as biblical eventhough it was B.S.

      • pamela says:

        The way Lainey attacks Angie you would think Brad was Lainey’s man.

      • mln76 says:

        My own theory is it’s her Goop obsession she actually blamed ‘the leg’ on Angie being intimidated by GOOP. In Lainey’s words AS IF Goop is C-list now.

      • carrie says:

        Lainey is actually obsessed by Ryan Gosling/Leo Dicaprio,the golf ,the shoes and the tv series.
        and she was totally inacurate about Oscars

      • sakyiwaa says:

        Lainey is about as accurate as my safe period when it comes to Angelina. Her write ups have weirdisms, too much of her supposed jargon just becomes lame. She’s lamey” as far as I am concerned.and she’s obsessed with Justin bieber. She’s almost forty! It’s laughable at best and pathetic at worst. Shrugs…

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        I agree. But Angie is just one of her targets.

        I’ve read far too many comments at various sites stating “Lainey said it, so it’s true.” Sad that people just/still accept her word as Gospel. What’s worse is that when she’s wrong, she gets stubbornly defensive and antagonistic about the person (people) she was wrong about.

    • emmabee says:

      oh ladies, right on re: lainey and her irritating writing style. mln i remember when she wrote aj was threatened and intimidated by goop at the oscars…no one writes fan fiction like lainey, non?

      • Sakyiwaa says:

        But of course, there’s one where a grown-up Maddox is with Apple. Cute fantasy, lol! i like the part where Suri is into Rocco tho’…

        I like Duana and Sasha (the other writers) better. I love Duana’s VD recaps (tho’ I’m not into Delena :)) and the lifestyle tips are neat…
        Really interesting.

  6. Juno says:

    You gals think that when she was asked about Jennifer Lawrence, she thought of Aniston?

  7. samira677 says:

    Obviously the Huffington got their interview from EW. She didn’t sound full of herself in the other quote. I don’t think she cared. It didn’t sound like it too me. Also there was no context in the other quote so it sounded weird. But everybody bashes Anglina n matter what she sus or does. The leg thing will never go away. Look how everybody jumped on the first quote. Everybody will ask during her interview rounds. Probably with Brad too.

  8. atlantapug says:

    “I do what I feel like doing and I don’t consider the effect.”

    Brilliant way to describe her life in general.

    • Liz says:

      One of the biggest attention whore ever said that she doesn’t care about effects of her actions. What a joke! Does she really think that people are so stupid and naive?

      • boredsuburbanhousewife says:

        Too right. The only other attention whore who even comes close is Aniston. Maybe Paltrow too — hey, do I sense a pattern here?

      • sakyiwaa says:

        Of course not. I am wise enough to know she cant be serious. Of course, she thinks thinks through. She’s been called a manipulator. You should be wise too.

    • Tapioca says:

      Ah yes, the “Ted Bundy Mantra”, as applied by countless homicidal maniacs and the children of Scientologists.

      Damn, she’s such a maverick it’s almost like she doesn’t spend every waking moment wallowing in insecurity and craving adulation…

      • LaBetenoir says:

        Yeah, you’re right, sticking her leg out is *totally* on a par with sociopathic behaviour. And genocide

        almost, but not quite a Godwin’s Law moment.

      • Tapioca says:

        Please point out where I equated the two.

        Go on, I’ll wait…

        I was simply pointing out the ridiculousness of the quote Atlantapug highlighted. And that all her PR games suggest quite strongly that it’s BS! AJ is so desperate for public approval I almost feel sorry for her.

      • dede says:

        If she was so desperate for public approval she would dress Shiloh like a girl and not say anything controversial and gain weight so ppl wouldnt discuss her looking haters really slay me..Angie has tons of fans worldwide who like her flaws and all despite all the controversial things she has done in the past and Im positive this leg incident wont hurt her fanbase..i could of sworn you haters said the same thing after the brother incident in 2000(she went on to star in Tomb Raider which was a big hit) and after the supposed affair

      • Katherine says:

        Tapioca, then why would you even think to use such inappropriate and ridiculous analogies if you didn’t want readers to think of Jolie in the same vein? The same old tired and obviously false mantra repeatedly chanted by Jolie’s nonfans at FF and other unsavory sites is the idea that somehow Jolie is psycho.

        You knew what you were insinuating. Don’t play innocent now.

      • Daphne says:

        No no. Jolie isn’t desperate for approval. Her antics have NEVER backed that. What she’s desperate for is ATTENTION. Positive OR negative. That’s why she started dressing Shiloh like a guy when Shiloh was an infant (don’t start. NO young toddler picks out perfectly coordinating blazers and penny loafers in neutral colors like that. she had help and approval from mom). That’s why she talks about her children so much in interviews (where other celebs of high caliber tend to stay silent), why she (and Brad. and Aniston) mentions tidbits about the rumored affair, how they “fell in love” on set, etc. It’s why she feels the need to make a comment about every worldly situation, or let us know what her kids are doing, watching, eating, etc. She wants privacy, but she’s sold photos of all of her children to magazines. She and Brad have published intimate shots of her children and her body. For fun. It doesn’t make sense with someone who claims to want privacy. And don’t start on me about how I “must be” a Jennifer Aniston fan. She wants attention, too. She just gets hers in a different way.

    • Leigh_S says:

      She talked about that same trait back when she was modeling and just breaking into acting.

      I remember her talking about being on a photo shoot and next thing she knew there was a shoe in her mouth … she would just do things as the whim took her, which really is part of her appeal isn’t it?

      • Daphne says:

        I actually liked that about her at one point. When she was younger, and when she was with Billy Bob, she was a very open person. She was ok with admitting that she was disturbed, depressed, had a mental fracture for which she checked into a facility for a few hours, etc. She was personable, she was likeable and she was honest. She tries sooo very hard now. She used to get all sorts of attention without doing anything other than being her crazy self. It was refreshing in a way. Now she drops little tidbits when no one is paying attention to her or her movies, or she claims she wants privacy and she doesn’t care what people think, just before releasing new family photos or giving revealing interviews about her kids. And of course, claiming that she doesn’t care about the reaction of it all.

    • dorothy says:

      Kind of like she did when she had an affair with a married man?

      • atorontogal says:

        REALLY??? 7 years later? What a purist you must be, I’m sure you are someone who has never ever crossed a line in your life. How lovely that must be. It enables you to sit up there on your perch looking down on people in judgement. BOTH of them fell in love. His marriage must have been in trouble if he allowed himself to fall for someone else. When one is in love that doesn’t usually happen now does it? But seriously it’s been SEVEN years!!!

      • Zelda says:

        The people obsessed with this are the women who are insecure about their own husbands. My theory. So when what they perceived as an affair happened, they clutched their rings and went into a tailspin.

        I’m not “team Angie”. I’m not team anything. But the way people harp on this? It borders on insane.

        Interestingly, Elizabeth Taylor DEFINITELY was a married man’s jump off (not speculatively) and I don’t recall anyone jumping on the Taylor memorial threads freaking out about it. But since you don’t remember it, totally cool, right?

      • Katherine says:

        Got any proof of that, Dorothy?

        In all this time there has never been any proof of any such affair between these two before he separated from his ex-wife. You’d think if there ever was any proof we’d have seen it by now. But we haven’t.

      • Liz says:

        REALLY!!! She is a home wrecker. She’s a maneater. And she’s bad actress. Time has nothing to do with it.

      • lili says:

        EXACTLY. Ms Taylor stole her best friend’s husband and noone said a word about it after she passed, she is all a lady and diva. I have nothing against her, everybody makes mistake just seems that people love to hate Jolie for every little thing.

      • FrowninPabloDread says:

        what do hens say. bawk bawk bawk bawk, and almost everything in this comment section written above my post. Over-reacting. This Jolie hate is getting really disturbing. Y’all do realize she’s an UN Ambassador, hardly the work of a sociopath. I really hope she never reads gossip comments because its appalling. It one thing to poke fun its another to spew psychological misinterpretations fueled by extreme hate triggered by comments about a hilarious sexy pose.

    • Marishka says:

      @dorothy: Seven years has passed and you couldn’t move on!!!?? Ohmegawsh!

  9. Nanz says:

    Can’t wait for Maleficent! She was my favorite Disney villian ad a child. Also, I’m sooooo tired of The Leg talk. I can’t believe interviewers are still asking about it. I quit thinking about it the Monday after the Oscars. I wish they would do the same.

  10. Hubbahun says:

    She knew exactly what she was doing and the effect. Skank.

    • Nicole says:

      She knew what she was doing alright, but she was going for the sex bomb effect, not the ‘I am having fun with my leg’ effect.

      • Mari says:

        I do not think she imagined her pose would become a trend in twitter nor become more talked about than the winners of that night.
        Those things cannot be predicted.
        JLo and Cameron just wish they got this publicity, and their backwards posing at the oscars is practically forgotten, meanwhile…

  11. YokoDMV says:

    i love angie but why couldn’t we just explain the leg as…”it was hot, i had on a velvet ball gown, the slit got me some air and i wanted to work some leg to really showcase a beautiful gown, it was a big night, but now it seems to have become much more than i planned, i don’t mind being the butt of a joke, my kids think i’m a fool, humor is a good thing..” then we could be done, to act like you are unaware just comes across as false…

    • lulu says:

      I agree, and also if she doesn’t stay up to date with gossip etc. how does she know the Ted Tebow thing? It’s kind of difficult to stay in the know about everyone else in the business, and yet be immune to what is being said about oneself.

    • Jaxx says:

      Yes, THIS! And if she would add in “I might have been a little drunk and having some fun…”

      I really don’t understand how she can be unaware of what a joke that night became. I wish she would just laugh it off, but if it was me I would be so embarrassed. Whatever she was up to that night, it bombed. All you can do is laugh. If she would laugh to maybe it would all go away. But I’m afraid it is never going to go away. Just like kissing her brother. I saw the kiss. There was no tongue. But years later all we hear…..So tiring.

    • pamela says:

      Angie NEVER implied she was unaware that people were talking about the pose,she just didn’t pay much attention to what was being said. What is wrong with that? She has always said that she doesn’t pay attention to gossip, and doesn’t read anything about herself. Why should this time be any different? The woman has six kids and a man to care for, do you really think she gives two shits what people are saying over something so innocuous as a pose?

  12. Maya says:

    God, that first picture is so gorgeous. I was just gazing at it for like a minute and a half. Forget about The Leg; The Face is incredible.

  13. LadyBird83 says:

    Angelina only does things to get attention. I think that was established early in in her career. She is very smart, narcissistic and calculating. And of course totally full of bullshit.

    • mymy says:

      So we understand the true narcissistic injury she suffered. And her acting like it did not phase her is beyond fiction.

      As far as it being seven years get over it. I mean people are known long after they die for the things they did. So really seven years is a drop in the bucket. It is part of her now. Nothing will change those facts.Some people understand this and conduct themselves with this in mind.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        What facts? There are no facts nor prove that Angie and Brad had an affair before he and Jen separated or even before Jen filed for divorce. None at all.

        The only ‘facts’ are these: Brad and Jen issued a joint statement announcing their separation in early January 2005. Couples going through a bitter divorce don’t usually issue a joint announcement. Their split was described by both their camps as ‘amiable.’ You can go back and check for yourself, but not a hint of scandal or a suggestion of an affair between Angie and Brad appeared in print until a month or so after the formal separation.

        Photos from the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (supposedly proving chemistry and hookups but were really just set photos) didn’t hit magazines until late April and May of 2005, ‘after’ Jen had filed for divorce (which she did on March 23, 2005). When the pictures hit magazines everyone ‘assumed’ that Angie and Brad had been having an affair and that’s why Brad and Jen’s marriage ended. I still can’t believe how many people still think that Jen and Brad broke up around the time “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” came out in June 2005, and that Brad and Angie had been having an affair all along behind poor Jen’s back.

        Brad has said several times that they got together during the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” re-shoots from late April to Late May 2005, which was ‘after’ Jen filed for divorce on March 23, 2005.

        And if you want to get technical and say that it was ‘still’ cheating because the Aniston-Pitt divorce wasn’t final until October 2, 2005 … then Jen cheated too. Jen and Vince Vaughn began their relationship in the summer of 2005 (June or early July), which was before the divorce was final as well.

  14. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Couldn’t get through the whole interview-just so boring…

    • spinner says:

      The interview was dull & boring. No sparkle there at all. When she said I do what I feel like doing & don’t actually consider the effect…I was stunned. How could an adult human being say something like that? She doesn’t take cause & effect into consideration? That is extremely disturbing.

      • Emma says:


        What’s more disturbing is someone who doesn’t really contribute to society other than posting on gossip blogs and attacking the same person again and again…you’d think adults would be over this high school hating on the “popular” girl mentality…guess not.

        Now THAT’S disturbing.

    • teri says:

      Why such a negative thundercloud?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hi ASLI!!! How is Denmark? It got cold out here-was so warm for weeks! 🙁
      Yeah the interview (or the portion that I could actually get through) was just..ZZZZZZZ. I mean, I feel bad that she gets asked such boring questions but still, the leg thing was the dumbest, most idiotic non-event I have ever seen in my life. I don’t even understand why it was an issue at all. The woman posed with her leg out-HOLY SH-T! Who cares? Just sad that a woman as seemingly intelligent as Jolie has to answer dumb questions in a boring, evasive way that makes for a dull-ass interview.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @ Asli-REALLY?? You should send the heat my way! 🙂
      I already miss what we New Englanders termed “sprummer” (spring-summer) 🙂
      Grass is alwasy greener huh?

      I’m going to use the term second-hand embarassment from now on-PERFECT way to describe The Leg Incident! 😉

    • carrie says:

      it’s an interview in a movie/tv magazine so she talks much about her work

  15. Lisa says:


  16. Sakyiwaa says:

    much, much better interview.

  17. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    As always her comments are thoughtful, seemingly honest, and true to herself. Love her.

  18. From France says:

    World conspiracy against this great woman.

    Jen Aniston has envy

    Her body is so healthy, nothing of anorexia

  19. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    The leg is a good actor, Ang, not so much as Mr and Mrs Smith was a boring movie.

    • teri says:

      I liked Mr and Mrs Smith movie, it was so much fun to see.

    • pamela says:

      REALLY? You are going back to 2005 in order to get your knocks in?

    • Nan209 says:

      I thought it was boring too. I think a lot of people only watched it because it was the movie where BP and AJ fell in love. A lot of hype.

    • sakyiwaa says:

      It was such a thrill. Way better than Killers and This Means War. I love the genre. But hey, to each his own.

    • Rhea says:

      I love their chemistry, and it’s a fun movie to watch for me and hubby 🙂

  20. teri says:

    Angelina looked great in that dress and worked every inch of it. I’m thrilled at all the attention her leg has gotten. Only the Jolie can pull it off and weeks later it’s still being talked about.

  21. lynn says:

    Who won the Oscars?

  22. Cathy says:

    The leg got what it wanted…it wanted attention and it got it. Time to move on.

  23. Dibba says:

    Lipstick color is good. Bright red makes her look to washed out

  24. Dibba says:

    I think her arms are as long as my legs

  25. Gene Parmesan says:

    I just don’t get her. i cant decipher her personality.

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      well, THE NEW YORK TIMES said she walks a fine line between “known entity” and “complete enigma”…

      • pamela says:

        That’s the power of The Jolie, and that’s why her detractors are losing their minds. You got to love it.

      • Gene Parmesan says:

        exactly.. she’s soo publicized yet soo mysterious n enigmatic

    • Janet says:

      That’s probably what her fascination is all about. Nobody really gets her and everybody keeps trying to figure her out. Known quantities tend to be boring.

  26. kira says:

    I think she was trying to pose like a model and it looked ridiculous…she’s not a model, obviously.

    The fact that this whole thing is some sort of controversial incident is ridiculous, too. Will they start interviewing her leg now? Maybe, her leg needs its own agent? At least it should have its own dressing room. So silly.

  27. Sakyiwaa says:

    “As JP’s fans guessed it the huffpost blurb was a cut/paste job from Entertainment Weeklyinterview that Angie did recently to promote the DVD release of ITLOBAH.

    As part of the interview, she was asked about the leg pose at the oscars.

    It was so obvious since there was no topic behind it, no quotation around her comment, the JP’s only interview if they are promoting a Movie or event. Angie would not out the blue or almost a month later address something so trivial.That’s not her MO.

    Lastly, the HUFFPOST? really?”


    What cameron said.

  28. Nan209 says:

    Good lord – who ever cared about a pose that exposed her leg??? I didn’t think anything of it when I saw it…they all pose ridiculously and un-natural ways on the red carpet. BFD!

  29. pamela says:

    Tapioca says:

    LOL, you are kidding me right? Angie desperate for public approval? Try again. LOL.

  30. Psyren says:

    Interesting interview, I enjoyed hearing about Maleficent, it sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool. She really needs to gain some weight though, what happened to her curves?

  31. serena says:

    “But the horns are the horns — you can’t deny them. You have to have horns.”

    this quote is amazing.

  32. Nicole says:

    Personally I cant wait to watch Jolies movie about an American soldier serving in Afghanistan who falls in love with a local Afgani woman whose family is involved with the Taliban, or the like.

  33. lisa says:

    Why do some people actually think every celeb is lurking on Gossip sites reading what random people are saying about them. Sorry we are not that important. And I work and during the day not one mention of celebrity gossip. and I work with people of varying ages. Not everyone spends their day on the internet reading blogs. If she cared so much she would be tweeting or talking about the endless stories that are printed every single week. That is not happening. Regardless of what some think

    Sorry folks you may think you matter that much in her life or the lives of every celeb. But truth is I’m sure she is not that focused on the crap. Especially since it has been going on for all these years. I think she and Brad do what they want and when they want. I don’t see them adjusting their lives based on public opinion.

  34. lucy2 says:

    You know what’s sad? Meryl won another Oscar after a LONG time. Octavia won her first for a career making performance. Jean Dujardin came out of nowhere. Christopher Plummer finally won after a 60 year career. And what’s EW doing? Interviewing a presenter from that evening about her leg sticking out from her dress.

    Maleficent sounds interesting, but it looks like Charlize Theron’s fairy tale evil queen is going to get out there first, and be a tough act to live up to. Julia Roberts’ on the other hand, not so much.

    • Annie says:

      AJ sure seems determined to make the 2012 Oscars go down as being remembered all about Jolie, Jolie, Jolie. You know what? I’m starting to think that Angelina was just pissed off that her and her boring war flick that nobody saw didn’t get any nominations for best screenwriter or director. So she thought she’d try to steal the show anyway, Jim Rash, Octavia, Meryl, Christopher and the others be damned. Even her comment when presenting the award “people think writing is easy” struck me as so bitchy.

      • Rhea says:

        But it’s true, I found that a lot of people think that writing is easy. That you just need a struck of an idea and you would be able to write the whole story until the end easily, when in fact you need a lot more. I fail to see why it’s sound bitchy.

      • Nikki says:

        How is it bitchy if she’s saying what has been written for her to say?

      • Annie says:

        I thought it was bitchy because it could be interpreted as belittleing the proffession. I’ve personally never met anyone who’s thought writing was easy, in fact I get the impression that rather people think it’s very, very difficult to make a career out of writing and one needs a lot of talent and luck to succeed – which is probably closer to the truth. Well, my apologies to Angelina if she didn’t come up with that line, but I still think it was inappropriate, in fact it struck me as damn rude whoever wrote it.

      • Rhea says:

        @Annie : I guess it depends on each people perception. As for me, there’s always 3 out of 5 people I met that thought writing is easy, only sitting down on the table, making up words and not a real job. 🙁 So for me, what she said didn’t sound bitchy at all. More like understanding some people perception about writer. On the other hand a lot of people appreciate a writer too. Well, to each of his own.

      • Annie says:

        @Rhea Interesting that you picked up exactly the opposite. My SIL is a screenwriter and when she first started out everyone was like “Writing? Hahahahah. Good. Luck.” My job involves a lot of writing too (although I’ve never written whole screenplays which sounds daunting to me) and when I tell people I always hear stuff like “whoa, I knew someone who wanted to do stuff like that but never got anywhere” and I also had family members pooh-poohing the idea that I was ever going to succeed. I believe also JK Rowling before she was famous had people telling her she was delusional etc – so that is why the line about people thinking writing is easy irritated me but you are right, it does come down to personal experience.

  35. blonde on the dock says:

    The *leg* isnt going to go away because the pose was ridiculous, the leg was unattractive to say the least and she came across as desperate. Just like when she kissed her brother!

    • lisa says:

      How many years are you all going to make more her kissing he brother. It has been over what 15 years.

      wow she really stays in your thought a lot. She didn’t make the media obsess over. Web site and people tweeting posting about it make it more. So who is the blame again.. her or the 78+ comments on this topic.

      I think people are pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Check the mirror first.

    • Rena says:

      Angelina Jolie never comes across as anything but a self confident woman full of love and grace. “Desperate” is not a term that EVAH describes her. LOL She walks a path in life that elicites constant envy in some who wonder why their lives are so dull and gray.

      Maybe if they embraced who they are, if they reached out of their closed boxes to be of assistance to others, if they loved with all their hearts, if they stopped their whole piece ingesting worthless gossip as truth and not as a joke, if they bothered to open their eyes to what is reality, then maybe they would not be full of the negativity of envy and spite that consumes them.

      And HP as usual “steals” material from other sister Time Warner publications and adds a twist of bitter to reel in the miserable ones. Business as usual.

  36. Runs with Scissors says:

    “If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.”

    Angelina Jolie

    She doesn’t care. She has better things to worry about for god’s sake.

    What I find entertaining is that all she has to do is stick her leg out, and insecure people’s heads explode. Now that’s power.

    After all she’s seen and done in the world, she probably finds it puzzling and amusing.

    • proth says:

      Kind of like when Aniston get’s a haircut?

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      Here’s the difference between Jolie and Aniston for me:

      Jolie sticks her leg out to “take the piss.”

      Aniston sticks her leg out “to take A piss.”

      Just a joke 🙂

      • Magoo says:

        Wow, it appears you have got a lot of pinned up anger. Maybe a little time off the PC is in order. What has Aniston ever done to you? Yes, that is what I thought!

  37. Phool says:

    thanks kaiser for this article this goes to show what bad journalisim can do, when not only misqouting someone, but also adding more from themeselves to spice things up shame on Huffington Post it was full of Huff as usual not only they nicked part of EW interview but twisted it around shame on them.

    • sakyiwaa says:

      Shame on HUffpo indeed! I was glad to see the post had only 6 comments. Haters, of course. But I doubt fans would read such an inaccurate blog. Shame on Lainey too. Such poor journalism. At least. Kaiser has remedied the falsity.

      • pamela says:

        Lainey is still mad that Brad left Goop, and that Angie is his longest relationship,with no signs of stopping. She is just like the hens.

    • blah says:

      Lainey is just as hard on Jen as the Brange. She talks out of her ass sometimes but she definitely does NOT seem to have some kind of anti Jolie agenda. In my mind at least?

  38. Katherine says:

    I don’t quite understand how people accepted the HuffPo article as Jolie giving an interview to HuffPo. I don’t recall any writer or reporter being attributed. The article just said she talked to “us.” Well, who is “us”? Does Huff Po actually use reporters – do they actually go out and get interviews with people like Angelina Jolie? I thought they essentially just copied other reporters’ articles or linked to them.

    I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone can think she sounds full of herself. And this reporter just wouldn’t let go of the leg – how many questions did he need to ask about it?

    Jolie’s DVD of ITLOBAH deserved more attention than her leg did. She has garnered a lot of respect from her peers and in the industry in general for this work.

    So kudos to Angelina Jolie for just doing it. From Prefontaine on down through the years my generation has adopted the rather zen like mantra, as adapted by Nike, of “Just do it.” Leave the navel gazing and hemming and hawing to those who will never get things done.

  39. blonde on the dock says:

    Typical loons! So defensive…..insulting someone they know nothing about simply because they dont share the same adulation of AJ.

  40. Francesca says:

    That sums her up completely! I bet she likes the phrase, ‘let them eat cake’ and also thinks her sh*t doesn’t smell.

    It is so funny when privileged people speak. They have no reference points other than their ivory towers.

  41. mummy says:

    Oh, yes … she thinks things through alright, but sometimes miscalculates. I guess she is going to make the witch the heroine in some twisted way and our beloved Sleeping Beauty will be the villain. I’m skipping this movie as it sounds too much like her autobiography.

  42. prancer says:

    I like how hardly anybody at all cares about the movie she is now making or written script. We shall see if she continues this mass manipulation about war ans genocide

    • lisa says:

      Think whatever you want. Trust if she wants to direct or produce or whatever regarding her next film. She won’t have any problems getting it financed.

    • pamela says:

      How do you know “hardly anybody cares about the movie she is now making or written script”? (not that what you wrote makes any sense).

  43. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I don’t think she really wrote and directed in the land of blood and honey. Now she’s doing a movie about the war in Iran? lol I used to really like her until she turned political. And I lost all respect for her as an actress when she publicly came out in support of Phony 2012. She’s an actress with a high school education. Seriously what does she really know about the world. Photo-ops with refugees in other countries doesn’t make you an expert in my opinion. Their is nothing genuine about this woman.

    • lisa says:


      she didn’t “COME OUT” and supported Kony 2012

      she supported the fact that YOUNG people were getting involved. You really should do research before knocking someone.

      and your comment shows the major lie you posted.. YOU were never a fan. Why it was necessary to say that then go in to write only negative.

      • Prancer says:

        Actually if you do your research, Lisa, you will find an older interview of Angelina talking about Joseph Kony. She says, “I hate him.” And when asked who she would take out if she could, she said, “Joseph Kony.”

        Interesting she doesn’t talk about the actual president of Uganda who is responsible for many more atrocities and has children soldiers. Hm, perhaps because our government is backing him and she only mouths off about what is acceptable.

        She is an advocate of the invasion of Uganda and the detaining of Kony. Do your own research. Go youtube, you will hear the words that come out of her mouth.

        I miss the blood tricking brother kissing heroin addict she once was. She was nuts, but she was sincere, now she has taken her insanity to new heights. I disapprove. She is a woman with a huge audience, she could voice so many things, but she always stays within the lines. She never talks about the things going on within our own country. She’s a bullshitter.

    • pamela says:

      When did Angie say she was writing a movieabout Iran? Hon, you need to do your research before you start bashing. What you say will have more weight then.

  44. badassninja says:

    These Jennifer Aniston fans need to stop being bitter and move-on.

    • pamela says:

      You think? You would think Brad left them. LOL.

    • Magoo says:

      So, let me get this straight. If someone says something negative about Jolie or Pitt, they are automatically an Aniston fan? You could not be further from the truth! Please except the fact that there are people in this world, such as myself, who are neither Jolie, Pitt or Aniston fans. Yes, WE do exist!

      So sick of the Jolie fans bashing anyone and everyone that makes a negative comment about her. It only shows your ignorance!!!

      • Prancer says:

        lol If you say you like neither, they insist you are still out to get Jolie and you are lying. It’s so silly. This is a silly made to be fun site and people go bonkers. Let people say what they want! We don’t even know any of these fools, so it’s impossible to defend them beyond their artistic tributes.

      • Diana says: