Brad Pitt is crushing on Berenice Bejo and Angelina Jolie is super-pissed

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Tabloids are still running analyses of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s awards show activities. Because they’ve got nothing else, I guess. Because everyone spent too much time talking about The Leg, and they forgot to make up stories about Brad Pitt getting it on with Melissa McCarthy (sidenote: wouldn’t you love that story?). Last week, we heard all about Brad Pitt’s “infatuation” with 21-year-old Jennifer Lawrence, whom he obviously wants to sleep with and Angelina Jolie obviously wants to devour Brad’s soul because of that. This Enquirer story is a lot like that, only they’ve changed up the actresses. Now Brad is infatuated with The Artist’s Berenice Bejo. You know, the actress who is married The Artist’s director, Michel Hazanavicius.

Brad Pitt flipped for fellow Oscar nominee Berenice Bejo – and Angelina Jolie is furious over his roving eye, say sources. Brad developed a huge crush on the Argentine-French star of ‘The Artist’ – and Angelina wants to make sure Brad doesn’t get to first base with her.

“brad can’t stop gushing about how talented and beautiful he thinks Berenice is,” divulged a close source. “He’s enchanted by her exotic beauty. Brad is determined to line up a project for the two of them to star in together. But Angie is fuming. She’s jealous of all the attention and praise Brad is lavishing on a woman she considers her competition, professionally and personally.”

Brad’s been gushing about Berenice ever since he and Angie went to the SAG awards in January. “Angie sat silently and steamed while Brad chatted with friends including George Clooney about what a knockout Berenice is.” Just a few days later at the Oscar luncheon, “Brad followed Berenice around like a puppy dog. He gave her his private cell-phone number and email and urged her to get in touch about working together.”

Bejo is 35 years old and married to now-Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius (‘The Artist’). Even though brad’s “latest discovery” is in a committed marriage, Angelina keeps driving home her fears to Brad “and even gave the cold shoulder to Berenice at the Oscars,” said the source. “Angelina told Brad there was no way he was going to work with Berenice and she has him on a very tight leash.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Bejo is completely lovely, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many dudes spoke about her beauty with affection. That being said… it’s not on. Bejo seems completely in love with Michel. Brad seems fine with The Leg. Oh, and was Angelina seething at the SAG awards? Was that why she got bombed on under-the-table-vodka with Tilda Swinton? It all makes sense now!

You know how I just said Bejo is lovely? It’s true. But I don’t think she should be a redhead. Her skin tone and eye color demand a lush, rich brunette, I think. Also – she kind of looks like the kind of girl Clooney would go for, right? She’s got a whiff of Elisabetta/Stacy/Sarah, right?

Berenice Bejo and Michel Hazanavicius

Berenice Bejo

Brad Pitt

Berenice Bejo

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. paola says:

    Nope, definetely too classy for George Clooney

  2. Bite me says:

    Of course

  3. notpretentious says:

    She’s got too much meat on her body for Brad.

  4. Jazzmin says:

    Brad was crushing on the girl from The Hunger Games, now he is crushing on Bejo..why don’t they print the real story? Brad Pitt crushing on George Clooney.

  5. marie says:

    “AJ obviously wants to devour Brad’s soul” ha ha ha, I just pictured AJ opening her mouth and sucking that bitch out.. I think that’s in a movie isn’t it?

  6. atlantapug says:


    That is all.

  7. amurph says:

    I love the default stories now for these two in the tabloids. They’re running out of repetitive stories and next they’ll go for the absurd – “She’s pregnant with twins, already world-traveling activists! He’s smitten by [insert young actress here] and she’s already planning where she’ll hide the body! He’s been blinking fiercely in Morse code to his ex-wife via the paparazzi videos and Angelina is learning it to catch them in the act!” Do they have the articles already written up and just throw in the additional information like Mad Libs?

    On another note, I’m on the fence with the red. I can see her rockin’ a dark red but I agree that a deeper brunette coloring would work better.

    • Meadowlark says:

      He’s been blinking fiercely in Morse code to his ex-wife via the paparazzi videos and Angelina is learning it to catch them in the act!”


    • MW says:

      That is the word for it. A default story. They are all so nearly word-for-word similar that they probably have them saved on their computers, make another copy when there is nothing better to “write” about, do a search and replace on significant names, etc., and change a few adverbs and adjectives. Viola. New “scandal/breaking news story”.

  8. mln76 says:

    Let me start by saying that Bejo is lovely, as is Lawrence. I’ll also add that all men no matter who they are involved with find other women attractive. That being said these Brad is leaving Angie for fill-in-the blank actress are pure B.S. . Now Brad doesn’t even have to co-star with an actress to be crushing on her he just has to have been the same room and then he’s packing his bags and leaving Angie and the six kids who believes this crap?

    • Nicole says:

      I dont think Brad will ever leave Angelina, if they are to ever break up Angelina will be the one that leaves.

      However I do think Brad would screw around on Angelina, if he hasnt already.
      Come to think of it I wouldnt be suprised if Angelina would screw around on Brad either, if she hasnt already.

      They seem like the ‘open’ relationship type.

      • Rhea says:

        I don’t even think they have the energy to cheat 😀 Yes, they have people to help them but still you need to be creative and sneaky to find a way to cheat, and with all that chaos in their house, I would use my spare time to sleep in peace instead!

      • mln76 says:

        Eh who knows what goes on behind closed doors but with the scrutiny these two have been under all these years if either one has been able to screw around in an open relationship without one person selling a credible story to the tabs they deserve a gold medal. Again I don’t think anyone is above cheating etc but these two have had huge targets on their heads for eons and very little has stuck whereas the Jessie James, Tiger Woods, and Ashton Kutchers out there have turned out to be the real serial cheaters.

      • lisa says:

        Please stop with the tabloid silliness.

      • Maya says:

        With all those kids, career and relationship obligations, i don’t know where he’d find the energy to cheat, but I do think that people with a history of cheating have that vulnerability, like a chink in the armour.
        Angelina doesn’t really have a good history of great relationship integrity.
        So I’m thinking if the benefits began to wane, either one of them has a propensity for cheating. It would be just a matter of who does it first.

      • polk8dot says:

        I do not understand how you can write such stuff? They ‘will or have already probably cheated on each other’???
        Based on what? They have an ‘open relationship’?? Based on what? Do you write for these tabloids too?
        They seem like any other couple who is dedicated to their kids, still love to be around each other, seem like they’d be a riot of a great time in bed, and appear to value honesty and integrity.
        Anybody can have a moment in life when something happens that makes you stop, realize that everything else is totally insignificant, and that the most important moment in your life is NOW. I believe that’s how Brad and Angie reacted to each other, and there is no helping and no escaping emotions like that. I believe that, just because they’ve been thru the cheating episode together, that they have a great honesty as one of foundations of their wonderful relationship. I think that if there ever was a reason to worry about some stray thoughts or urges, that they’d sit down and talk it out with each other. And I believe that they really, truly, and deeply love, respect and cherish one another, and they’d NEVER do anything to hurt the other person.
        This is my view of their relationship, and whether you agree or not, whether I’m right or not – it does not matter. All that matters is the two of them, their kids and their love and devotion that to me seems obvious and undeniable.
        I wish the tabloids find some other person/couple to use as their penatas at last.
        I’m seriously sick of there EVERY WEEK being a story about Brangelina, followed by a story about Maniston, and on and on. FFS, are we going to be reading these same garbage POS stories in 50 years? Oh, I hope the tabloids will go bankrupt financially, to match their moral bankruptcy, really soon.

  9. Tapioca says:

    Those pics don’t do her justice – watch OSS117: Cairo, Nest of Spies and she’s drop-dead gorgeous (and brunette).

    It also has Jean DuJardin playing a xenophobic doofus 60s spy with the most knicker-melting smile you’ve ever seen!


  10. Marjalane says:

    Ha! Good call on the Clooney girl likeness! If Brad WERE to be fascinated by this woman, I’d have to applaud him for moving on to someone age appropriate, and more intelligent than the average H’wood bimbo. (and I’m pretty sure Angelina ate his soul a long time ago…)

    • HAHAHA says:

      Bérénice Bejo is actually a year younger than AJ and actually none of these ladies are age apprpriate for him since both are 14 yrs younger, except if you consider 14 yrs an age appropriate gap… so Ashton Kutcher was then perfecly appropriate for Demi Moore with a 14 yrs gap between them…
      Just sayin’!

      • Katherine says:

        What’s wrong with a 14 year age gap? These are all adults. Personally I always liked older men.

        Do people really still hold these rather old fashioned ideas about age differences? Maybe that’s why the divorce rate is so high because people worry about superficial things in relationships rather than the more important compatability factors.

        Another silly story like this about the Jolie Pitts just shows that the gossip media has zero info on the JPs. As far as their relationship goes I suspect they are just a typical couple with a bunch of kids.

      • Eve says:

        I thought Pitt was 12 years older than Jolie.

      • HAHAHA says:

        14 yrs age difference is not a big deal at all but it’s not what we can define as “age appropriate”.

        and oddly people find it normal between angie and brad but were scandalized when the quite same age gap was between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, I just find this double standard annoying.

        But in either case it’s not a big deal at all… but not really age appropriate too!

      • Janet says:

        I think Brad is 12 years older than Angie, not 14. Twelve years age difference is not all that big. It worked fine for my mom and dad who were happily married for 35 years until he passed away.

      • fabgrrl says:

        It’s (usually) not the actual difference in years which makes a couple age appropriate for each other or not, but the actual ages of the people involved. As the saying goes, “half your age plus seven years”. 18 and 30 = icky; 30 and 42 = acceptable; 42 and 54 = no big thing; 54 and 66 = who cares?

        Therefore, 48(?) year old Brad crushing on a 20 year old is “not age appropriate”, while crushing on a 35 year old would be.

      • HAHAHA says:


        Michelle Duggar is that you??

        “age appropriate” means dating in your same age bracket, someone about your age.

        This old saying was designed centuries ago and is very very offensive toward women since they are considered as a “good”

        so applying this old saying would be to be age appropriate: a 37 years old woman has to date a 60 yrs old? and at 28 with someone who is 50 and when you are 17 you whould date someone 34 ?

        Well this is 2012 not middle-ages so age appropriate means someone who is around your age so a 48 years old man with a 35 is dating an adult woman but not really age appropriate (but if you are michelle just ignore the previous typing;))

  11. monette says:

    Does Brad do anything else these days other than crushing on young, desirable actresses? These tabloid “writers” should start getting better material cause this is getting ridiculous. Seriously!!

  12. Lexi says:

    Brad Pit is so old. Sex with him is like necrophilia. Sex with old people should be illegal.

    • maggs says:

      Oh, Lexi, Lexi, Lexi…I personally C.A.N.N.O.T. wait until you hit 45. I am hoping this message sticks with you till then and realize what a foolish statement that was.

      • Viola says:

        Yeah…curse Lexi cause she’s not attracted to that old pathetic fool Pitt… It must be something wrong with her cause everyone must be attracted to anyone you are attracted to right? It’s out of the question to NOT looove that aging bimbo Pitt..

      • maggs says:

        I couldn’t reply to Viola so I am replying here hoping she will see.

        She said, “Brad Pit is so old. Sex with him is like necrophilia. Sex with old people should be illegal.”


        My comment was in regards to that part of the comment. NOT the fact that it is Brad Pitt. He’s not my type. At All. And I am not attracted to him, nor did I say I was.

        I only meant that his age is not really old at all, and when she is 45 and is still having sex, she would look back at her statement about having sex “SO OLD” as foolish.

        Cause I have to tell you, at 52 I can attest, there is plenty of sex to be had after 45, after 50, and when after 55 comes about, I’ll let ya know.

    • HAHAHA says:

      @Lexi: Ditto !! LOL!!

      he should be playing Jennifer Lawrence old dad in a movie… in no way a plausible love interest, but we have to admit these outlets are very creative!LOL

      What’s next Liam Neeson serenading Mila Kunis!!LOL!

      • LAK says:

        clearly you haven’t seen ENTRAPMENT where a 60+ Sean Connery is romancing a 28yr old CZJ.

      • deb says:

        27 years between Brad Pitt & Jennifer Lawrence is sort of nothing compared to the 35 years between Clint and Dina.

        (though wouldn’t it be funny if they do hook up and not too long down the line Jennifer Lawrence would subject the husband to a reality show (maybe based on the hunger games)).

        btw, these tabs are really grasping at straws, huh.

      • HAHAHA says:

        @LAK:LOL!! and clearly I don’t want to!;)as much as I find Sean Connery charming (but much more like a charming nice grand pa) I am not into gerontophilia!! what the screewriters were thinking?

      • HAHAHA says:

        @LAK: clearly!!LOL!! and sweet lord I don’t !!gerontophilia is not that much my cup of tea. What these screenwriters were thinking!!

        I mean I think Sean Connery is charming but in the nice and fun grand pa kind of charming

      • LAK says:

        @HAHAHA – it was standard practice to put a young thing [female] as the love interest of an old thing [male].

        The difference in the good old days is that women tended to look or perhaps were styled to look older then their ages, so often it wasn’t glaringly obvious.

        ENTRAPMENT was the straw that killed the trend. Thank goodness.

      • HAHAHA says:

        @LAK: thanks for your explanation and as yous say thank goodness!! LOL

  13. shruti says:

    Her husband( the director guy) is super cute with his dorky glasses

  14. Dibba says:

    She looks like Natalie Wood!

  15. DenG says:

    Another fill in the blank story. Brad lusting over ____ and Angie is furious. And that bit about the SAG awards–Angie was not fuming. Enquirer needs to clean its glasses and review the video.

  16. lisa says:

    So it took MONTHS for this story to come out..

    BS.. how long ago was the SAG.. and how many of these stories are they going to write just changing the name of the woman

    BORING.. can they at least after 7 years start to write about other celebs. These Brad is crushing Angie is pissed, Brad storms out have run their boring coarse.

  17. Sakyiwaa says:

    another crushing story.


  18. Sakyiwaa says:

    I guess non of the truly ‘eligible’ HW hunks are crushing on anyone…

  19. norma says:

    she’s lovely. i saw seacrest interview her on the red carpet for the oscars, and he commented on her lovely green dress. which he said was “mint”. she replied it matched his eyes. to which seacrest said “a mint green eye, thank you”. what a plonker. Jean duJardin is gorgeous, surprised more fuss about his hotness wasn’t forthcoming. enough with brad and george – pair of bores.

  20. More Lies says:

    It’s so funny that Brad & Angelina are “reported” as the couple that is breaking up every week/day- in the 7 plus years they have been together, NOT ONE of these stories* has been true. Meanwhile, dozens & dozens of “low key”, “great couples”, and “really in love” folks have split- some VERY ugly splits- that include kids. The more trash the media liars throw at this couple, the more I admire them- their love must be SO STRONG to stand up to this kind of jealousy & hate- kudos to them!

    *And they are under far more scrutiny than almost anybody else- if there was proof, it would have been SHOUTED from the rooftops (& made someone RICH beyond their dreams).

    • linda says:

      Well according to Lainey, the Brange is not stupid,THEY PAY WELL.

      • cameron says:

        Lainey? who knows nothing “All things Brad and Angelina”. I think that’s what upset her the most. She knows nothing about them.
        She’s based in Vancouver, Can for goodness sake not LA or NY, not even Toronto.

  21. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Daryl Hall is lookin fine these days.

  22. BlackMamba says:

    I think we should start a pool regarding which actress Brad will be crushing on next week :).
    And Kaiser, yes Bejo is lovely but now you’ve given The Loons ANOTHER innocent woman to trash just because she is mentioned in the same sentence as The Brange, like they did to that poor PA, Jennifer Lawrence and countless others nevermind that these articles are complete garbage. Now let’s hear the Loons go on and on about how Angie is the only beautiful woman in the world and that Brad could never ever find another woman attractive and that Bejo is ugly, chubby, boring etc…

  23. Coucou says:

    This is such a BS contrived story, in hopes to beef up some publicity for Bejo probably, who looks, at best, like the desperate housewife next door, i see absolutely nothing whatsoever exotic about her, if anyone is exotic looking, it’s Ange…when i see Bejo, i just think, it’s sooo obvious why she got the role. Maybe she can act, i haven’t seen the film, but she came from out of nowhere and i’m just not sensing a “star is born” vibe from her at all. I see her more appropriately in a soccer mom TV ad for laundry detergent or something.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I don’t see “exotic” as much as “perky” and “cute” in her. Pretty All-American, in fact. I’m guessing her nose is not original and perhaps she was more “exotic” prior to this nose.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Oh here we go…..the bashing of another innocent. Personally I dont see Brad and Angie lasting. He’s there for the kids. I think he jumped in with both feet before he realized Angie is somewhat unbalanced. Guess I’m gonna get slammed now for voicing my opinion which may or may not be correct.

      • Rhea says:

        @blonde on the dock : Why is it always Angie the bad one here just because she had a wild past? As I remember, she didn’t even want a biological kids at first, it’s always Pitt who said he wants to have lots of kids. Pitt has his own share in having 6 kids. So start blaming Pitt too, please.

    • LAK says:

      Berenice Bejo didn’t come out of nowhere. She’s been in films/Tv in France/Europe since the 90s.

      Please widen your viewing pleasure to include rest of the world cinema. SMH

  24. Linda says:

    Angie might be 12 years younger than Brad but she acts more mature than some 43 year old who acts like she’s still 20s. As for Angie sucking the life out of Brad, that’s stupid. Just because Brad doesn’t look like a 30 year Ken doll it doesn’t mean he is not happy. Does he have to smile 24/7 to be considered happy. Maybe he is happy or maybe not. None of us know. All I know is that they have been together for 7 years. That’s better than most hollywood couple.

  25. dahlia1947 says:

    Um I kind of don’t believe this one. HE’s talking about how gorgeous she is to the other guys in front of angie? I doubt that. I think She tells HIM what’s what in the relationship and threatens to devour his soul if he EVER steps out of line! 😀 She reminds me of a freakin’ King Cobra or somethin’!

    SHe just seems ready to strike whoever tries to get near Brad!

  26. wow says:

    Isn’t this called nonsense by the couple via gossip cop? at least you should have the decency to post that too. You must want to get suied or something.

  27. Cleo says:

    OSS 117! She looks like Natalie Wood in that movie. She should definitely stay Egyptian Barbie looking.

  28. skuddles says:

    I love how rag mags keep running the same story over and over but use a different woman each time as the supposed object of Brad’s infatuation. So lame…

  29. Lauren says:

    Pathetic. I have no bloody idea who this woman is. Brad is pushin 50, doubt he is crushin & being a horny old goat. Angie is a skinny superwoman..and gave Brad 3 gorgeous biological children who look like him (and her father-Jon Voight).

  30. blah says:

    Gross I don’t want to hear about douchebag Pitt macking on anyone.

  31. ImpC says:

    to me Bejo seems like a slightly tweaked version of Jamie Presley. When I first saw the trailer for the Artist and didn’t get a good look really thought that big ole smile and nose and eyes were Jamies. Pretty girl.

  32. Original Lucy says:

    In the above pictures, Brad is prettier than Bejo! She is very average looking to me…

  33. mummy says:

    Open marriage, tight leash. Which the heck is it???? I think BP is too tired to do much of anything anymore, especially chase after women. Cheating yes, chasing no.

  34. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Are they STILL finding someone interested in these weak lies?

    Someone would spend money to read this, only to have their hopes dashed when it fails to come true?

    Can I see a super-pissed Jolie in action? Can I see a crushing Pitt following someone BESIDES Jolie like a puppy dog? Has anyone seen any of this?

    So many years gone by and the page has still NOT turned? Most pick SOME female, ANY female I guess. In the meantime, Jolie and Pitt are still together with their family intact. I know, until the next time a story like this pops up, perhaps next week.

    Okay, so be it for those who need it. For the rest of us, as usual good times ahead. Just wait for it.

  35. Caroline says:

    There was a story in people about how Brad Pitt’s crushing on Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina was so pissed she stormed off for three days

    • Oliver says:

      That story was NOT in People magazine, it was in Star magazine!! This tabloids don’t realize that first saying… that Brad has a crush on Jennifer Lawrence and then… Berenice Bejo, they are alerting people that they are LYING!! I mean, they don’t change the story but just the name of the girl!! DUH!!

  36. hatekyle says:

    She looks like a 100 times prettier version of LeAnn, without the eyes and the horse mouth. I know, it’s sad to be compared to LR but I did say 100 times better right?

  37. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    The wealthier and more powerful a man is, the younger the woman he beds will be. I’ll bet the whores Jack Nicholson hires are in their twenties. Clooney looks like Stacey’s dad. No one in Hollywood would blink at a Brad Pitt Jennifer Lawrence pairing. Every other man in Hollywood would be green with envy. The couple I can’t stand is Alec Baldwin and his 27 year old yoga teacher. He’s so bright and interesting, but he doesn’t want a woman on hislevel. He wants a tight young body.

  38. ZenB!tch says:

    I think this girl is too accomplished for Clooney.

    As for Brad, she should worry, it wouldn’t be the first time he left an alleged committed relationship for someone else, still my money is on AJ leaving Brad for Tilda Swinton.

  39. Purity kit says:

    The team is floating these stories because he is gonna leave her, no doubt. She is already chatting up amber heard how much more public embarrassment can he take. The relationship was a fraud, no doubt. A good publicity stunt that took on epic proportions and literally out of control. Without bp, aj is just another desparate look at me actress. The beans are gonna spill on this toxic relay, rdj is working on it as we type. Clooney has a riding bet on this and is gonna win big,Vegas style for the toga wearing batman!

    • autumndaze says:

      Don’t be an idiot. Nobody brings 6 children into a family for a “good publicity stunt”. Idiot.

    • pamela says:

      LOL, today is April Fools day, and the joke is definitely on you. It’s scary to know that there are foolish people like you populating the world. No wonder the rags are still in business.

  40. Laura says:

    She’s just another desperate look at me actress? I’m in no way Team Brange (or Team Aniston, they’re all adults ffs) but I’m pretty sure she had her own rather well-established career prior to Brad. Granted, her films may not always have been the deepest, but no one makes perfect films 100% of the time. I think she’d still be doing what she’s doing with or without him. Although I’d be interested to see who she may have ended up with had Brad not come on the scene.

  41. SpunkyPR says:

    Now I’m confused, so we’re not suppose to believe the tabloids, because they lie when they say Brange is not happy. But these are supposed to be 2 of the best actors in Hollywood, so they’re speaking the truth when the tabloids say that they’re so happy and in love? Ugh, let’s just let the actors make movies and leave it at that. By the way, I read the blogs and gossip for entertainment not because I think they’re real, everyone else should too.

  42. cannonball says:

    BeJo’s last picture here in the lavender dress looks awful. Frumpy is the word that come to mind and below average looking.

  43. daben says:

    angelina jolie and jennifer aniston will soon form a support group.