Prince William & Kate are “dull, boring homebodies,” royal propaganda claims

Prince William Duchess of Cambridge

Over the weekend, The Mail published this absolutely extraordinary piece of royal propaganda. I could scarcely believe my eyes. I snorted with laughter at several parts, especially when the “royal insiders” dared to claim that Duchess Kate has never enjoyed the London nightlife – of which there are years of evidence to suggest otherwise. What’s particularly interesting to me is A) the timing and B) how this propaganda is framed. This piece comes after Prince William and Kate have been on holiday yet again for the past week, a week in which they missed a royal memorial service for the late Queen Mum and Princess Margaret. As for how the piece is framed, the Mail makes it seem like William and Kate are being soundly criticized for their oh-so-humble, hard-working, low-key lifestyles. Seriously!

It was an understandably emotional reunion. After six long weeks apart, the Duchess of Cambridge drove to RAF Brize Norton to give Prince William the romantic welcome he would have dreamed of while serving in the Falklands. After such a tender homecoming, the couple might reasonably have been expected to take a romantic, secluded break with only each other for company. But although William has indeed gone away with his new wife – he also has the in-laws in tow.

The couple have spent the past week in the French Alpine ski resort of Meribel, along with Kate’s parents and her younger brother James. Sister Pippa and her friend George Percy were reportedly there, too – all sharing the same chalet.

It supports the idea – often jokingly mentioned by Prince Harry – that at 29 and 30 respectively, William and Kate are already becoming decidedly middle-aged, even dull. It is, they insist, just the way they like it, preferring DVDs and home-cooked meals at their Anglesey home to a night on the tiles.

They even turned down an invitation from their friends last week in favour of their holiday with the Middletons. Holly Branson, daughter of Sir Richard, had invited them to join her, Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark at a party at the Branson family chalet in Verbier, Switzerland.

A source said: ‘They were invited to join Holly and her friends on the slopes but William and Kate chose to go away with her parents instead. Their friends see a lot less of William and Kate these days.’

Indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have holidayed with the Middletons before, going to Mustique together earlier this year. The couple have vowed to holiday with Kate’s parents at least once a year, as William enjoys a warm rapport with both Carole and Michael, whom he sometimes jokingly refers to as ‘Dad’.

But at a recent shooting party, Harry was bemoaning his brother’s quieter new life. ‘He was joking that William has become rather boring and has stopped going out since he got married,’ says the source. ‘William doesn’t really go out any more, and Kate never did. They are both just happy at home eating home-cooked suppers, curled up on the sofa watching movies.’

Next week, the couple will return to Anglesey for more of that ordinary life as Mr and Mrs Wales, as they like to be known. William will report for his search-and-rescue shifts at RAF Valley as usual, while Kate will be settling back into domesticity. To make the most of this life, William has insisted that his and Kate’s diaries are cleared of Royal engagements for the coming months.

He is especially keen that his wife, who has been thrust into the spotlight in his absence, should have some time to herself. A courtier confirmed: ‘You will not be seeing the Duchess now for some time.’

While her husband was away, Kate delivered her first public speech – at a children’s hospice in Ipswich – later admitting she had been ‘racked with nerves’. She was said to be shaking like a leaf at the event last month. The Duchess has apparently jokingly said that the ‘stress’ of recent weeks is causing her to turn grey and indeed, she revealed the merest hint of silver hair beneath her jaunty Lock and Co headwear on a recent public engagement.

Kate, who visits the Richard Ward salon in Sloane Square every six weeks for a trim and colour, saw her colourist before William’s homecoming, but she has been so busy lately that her regular grooming sessions have fallen by the wayside.

Not that such cosmopolitan trappings are important to a couple who prefer to live life below the radar in their five-bedroom cottage in rural Anglesey. They love to walk and dine alfresco, often using the sausage maker Kate bought William two summers ago. They enjoy DVD box sets, and Kate has the latest series of acclaimed Danish crime drama The Killing lined up for their next sofa session. They do not have staff in Wales. Instead, Kate does the cooking, stocking up on supplies at the local branch of Waitrose. Friends of the couple say they both joke about getting old together – but their current quiet life is, inevitably, only a temporary one.

When the couple married, the Queen agreed to give them a two-year grace period, but by next year the couple will move into the late Princess Margaret’s home at Kensington Palace, where they will raise their family. William will then have to decide whether to stay in the RAF or embark on a life of Royal duty. The decision will not be his alone, and the Prince, aware that his destiny is already mapped out, has described this as ‘borrowed time’. But the couple are determined to make the most of it – even at the risk of jokes about their premature middle-age.

William’s balding pate is always the butt of Harry’s jibes – especially while the younger brother continues to lead a busy social life as part of the ‘Brompton Set’, a clique of well-heeled young professionals who dine at the Markham Inn on Chelsea Green and drink at the private Brompton Club. In contrast, while at their London base – Nottingham Cottage within Kensington Palace – William and Kate keep a lower profile.

Their only excitement is playing tennis together at the Harbour Club in Chelsea, where Kate has been taking lessons from a coach. They are fiercely competitive on the court, which is one of the few times they do occasionally bicker, but Kate is determined to maintain her game, which is stronger than William’s. It is one more small piece of normality the couple will be keen to hold on to as long as they can.

[From The Mail]

Maybe Will and Kate got all of their partying and clubbing out of their system in their early and mid-20s, and they really do enjoy the quiet life at this point. A lot of people are like that – you get it out of your system, and then you figure out that you really do prefer quiet nights in. I just hate the white-washing of their pre-marriage lives. Kate and William both loved a night out, and they were often (almost exclusively) photographed stumbling out of nightclubs for years at a time. As for William “insisting” that Kate get some “time off” for the next few months after she slaved away, doing 2 events a week for six whole weeks – for real?!?!?! Dear God. I mean, they’re just so “normal.” I’m always astounded by how “normal” it is go on vacation constantly and have your extensive staff push propaganda about your work ethic to the press.

duchess of cambridge

duchess of cambridge

duchess of cambridge

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  1. Luise says:

    This really is amazing. Now come on. How could anyone forget Kate’s multiple photos of her crotch getting out of limos going to and coming from numerous clubs. The Palace must really think the public is naive and seriously stupid. Give me a break and give it a rest.

    • Loulou says:

      Nothing tops the current princess of Monaco’s former antics though. The hookerish cigarette dangling poses, the underwater Maldives fellatio and her Flashdance-ish wardrobe too. Kate doesn’t come near in debauchery.

      • bluhare says:

        WHAT? Underwater blow jobs?

      • Nancito says:

        Which princess are you talking about LouLou – Stéphanie or Caroline?

      • molly says:

        Charlene would never do that and she doesnt smoke either so that leaves Stephenie and Caroline. Still Monaco is much different than Britian and at this point, those were just rumors. We have physical proof of Kates antics and photos of her leaving sex parties as well.

  2. Bite me says:

    The heck she’s been so busy lately that her grooming fell to the wayside… Busy doing what exactly

  3. JulieM says:

    Wow, six long weeks separation. Try a real military induced separation of six months or more.

    As for dull, boring, geez, I could have told you that. What a vapid pair.

    Yes, I remember all the bleary eyed falling out of London clubs pictures also. PR BS in overdrive.

    • NYC_girl says:

      Agreed. If she actually had to deal with him being deployed in a war zone for 6 months, then I’d feel bad.

  4. Boo says:

    Poor dear needs time to herself. This makes my head want to explode.

    And I do not believe for even a fraction of a second that “they have no staff” in Anglesey. POPPYCOCK! Is Steve Honig their spokesperson, too, because the lies are not even remotely believable.

  5. backwards says:

    Well it’s not like they can hit the clubs now can they?
    Besides “Duchess Kate has never enjoyed the London nightlife”? The Daily Rag seem to have forgotten the endless amount of pictures of Kate, William, Harry etc leaving clubs at 4am

  6. Agnes says:

    they’re dull alright.

  7. Princess Lizabeth says:

    Grey hair?!

    I do like the Cambridges, but I hardly think Kate is under enough stress to turn her hair grey.

    • Sachi says:

      The article claims it was Kate who actually said her hair was turning grey from all the stress.

      What do you expect from a vapid, lazy, useless woman who has never experienced much in her life that a couple of charity events and a very short speech were enough to give her a lot of stress?

      Kate has a habit of talking about the most inane things and making moronic comments that don’t speak well about her intelligence.

      She seems to have a vault for shallow, silly comments about her weight and skeletal frame (“It’s all part of the plan” comment to a woman who asked her not to lose any more weight), her hair, her dog, the TV shows she loves, missing William and proclaiming it to the public every time she got the chance, her work agenda and royal duties (“William is in charge”), etc. that are supposed to endear her to the public, but instead makes her look stupid.

      A couple of hours attending 2 events were enough to cause her so much stress. The poor dear. How her life has changed for the worse since she got married. Now she couldn’t even visit her hairdresser because she was so busy. The Palace was making her work so hard and it was taking a toll on her. A time on the slopes was the perfect remedy to calm her frayed nerves.

      Give me a f*cking break. She behaves like she’s living during the Victorian times, when wealthy women were expected to feel stressed about the smallest things because that was what “real ladies” did, and were not supposed to put in much work in anything except their appearance.

      It won’t surprise me if William and Kate do fancy themselves living in Victorian times. William, as the man, is in charge, and Kate obeys and caters to him. Kate is allowed to go out on her own, but only with William’s approval. If William doesn’t want Kate to do any work, then Kate will not do any work. When William wants to shirk his royal duties, he just does whatever he wants…like some of his ancestors used to do.

      • Boo says:

        Sorry…my comment posted in the wrong spot.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        thank you sachi i said the same thing about her little comments and some british woman said that i was overreacting. her comments suggest her intelligence level also she is stressed ? no one should show her HM or charles calender that will give her a heart attack.all the articles that dm published this is the one that takes the prize. she never liked going out?so basically it was her ghost that we saw,also she did not go to salon but went on shopping after her daunting task of public speaking and what about reading thank you? 3rd class students know that. she is a Victorian wife ,she threw water on everything that every woman worked for the last century so we can have a life today.i just cannot believe that this age and time how can someone be so regressive?

        are you british?if yes will you please tell me why people in britain are so gullible when it comes to the royal family?i am living here for the last several years and this one english trait that i just can’t understand.

  8. LAK says:

    i love how the piece is framed to justify their lazy ways vs going to clubs.

    Emphasis on the nights in means we can all relate and not criticize because you know the alternative to not working is going clubbing…..

    …but wait, Kaiser you missed the gem in there…the last 10 engagements that Kate did in 6 weeks gave her grey hair….the poor dear couldn’t go to her hairdresser she was that busy and stressed. so now she totally deserves to put her feet up….and damnit [excuse my french], her tennis game is suffering!!

    And that touching romance…so touching William took an extra vacation week in the Falklands before running back to the wife he missed so much the previous 6weeks….only to vacation with her parents in the touching reunion.

    I wonder what exclusives have been promised to Katie Nicholls for this Barbara Cartland fiction.

    btw:- That ‘cottage’ in Anglesea is a 5 bedroom house on the beach with surrounding land. They have a housekeeper, as well as day staff and full time security.

  9. lucky says:

    Also, being a public figure at a public event is a little different (and certainly more exhausting) than going to an office. Let’s get perspective here. When I go to work I can sit quietly for hours, I am not expected to smile and charm for hours straight. Also I don’t think anyone is saying they are normal as in, just like you and me. I think they just want to say they aren’t horrible elitist pigs. After all they are royalty why would we expect them to be like us?

    • lucky says:

      just a little peak from the other side of the scale for your morning reading pleasure.

      • LAK says:

        the propaganda really worked on you.

        Let me point you in a different direction for comparison…..

        one 85yr old woman and her 90yr old husband have to smile and greet and be charming to various people for many, many, many, hours every day.

        No one is suggesting or even volunteering to cut them any slack or allow them the time to blue rinse their hair [or whatever grooming habits of choice] and put their feet up and watch a few dvds.

        If anyone says that these two have decades to learn their role, i will vomit because the person who has done more than her share and REALLY deserves to put their feet up is 85yrs old. Even 90yr old hubby with his dodgy heart is out there being charming/greeting people instead of sitting by the fire in his armchair being fed cocoa and grapes!

        yes, HM may live to be 101 like her mother, but she is in the final stretch of her life. This isn’t a job you can study for. You just have to jump in, sink or swim. These two won’t get into the pool.

      • lucky says:

        Well, I never said that no one works harder than them…

        I am sure the Queen works very hard and kudos to her for that, but you can’t tell me that, for example, the first week at a new office job isn’t more exhausting that the next two years combined after you get things figured out. Also, do you know how many vacations the Queen goes on? I would wager that we hear much less about her than W&K and therefore have less to criticize.

        I understand, and don’t necessarily disagree with all the other comments to a point. I am just offering another perspective. In my experience hearing another persons perspective has always helped me flush out a scenario, it had never narrowed my mind… So rather than drinking the PR cool-aid I believe I am looking at another facet of a story.

      • LAK says:

        My point has always been that they should never have started putting out propaganda presenting an image. It built up expectations. I honestly can’t remember that anyone was clamouring for them to start royal duties until THEY started talking about it as an explanation for why Kate did not work.

        We don’t know ANYTHING about what HM and Hubbs are doing in their private lives, or even what steps they are taking to be better at their jobs [remember the Diana Funeral fiasco?], they simply get on with it and we wonder that 85/90yr old grannies are still out and about. we never hear how HM is ‘exhausted’ and ‘needs time to herself’

        Every time they lift a curtain to show us the other side, they simply emphasise how much they are NOT like us.

        The reason i say you are drinking their kool aid, is that the above article is emphasising their ordinariness, the very things you and i might do with our hubbs/spouse. How can we critize them for it, when that is what we want for ourselves?

        WHich detracts from the main point ie their explanation for NOT working ie they could be out clubbing instead but instead they are being magnanimous and staying in. As if either activity ever stopped anyone working.

      • bluhare says:

        Yeah, charming and greeting people like the guy in the wheelchair who/whom (I get so confused!) he asked if he’d mowed anyone down lately.

    • Jackie says:

      ya, i work in an office job and i don’t have luxurious cars, trains, and planes getting me to my job. i also don’t have people cheer and clap for me when i show up to work every morning.

      i would LOVE to only have to make small talk, shake hands, cut ribbons, and accept floral arrangements from people who tell me how great i am for a living.

      are you kidding me???

    • fairy godmother says:

      The difference is Waity signed on for this type of lifestyle because that is what she always wanted! No more excuses! She had years to prepare & practice her Cheshire-cat grin which is evident by every photo. Maybe why she is so stressed is because she has to pretend to be something she is not- compassion & kindness & genuine interest in people does not come naturally to her.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        good point fairy godmother, she wanted this ,the only thing that she was interested in ,she is not media shy,and i don’t like when people compare her lazy behavior to diana’s misery. she was rushed at the age of 19, miss informed about her role and husband (at least in the starting),young mother,new to media attention ,losing her husband’s love in the early years of marriage none of the case with waity. and if she feels rushed ,she is 30 not 19 it’s about time someone push her to do just anything.

        lucky i don’t know what is your job but yes 2 or 3 years of work is more than the first few weeks ,also she goes in for maximum 3 hours and people know about queen’s holidays because the whole schedule is published in the press with the iconic flag flying whether she is in BM palace or not. quuen mother lived that long because she was not doing 350 engagements a year ,she came out only on special occasions and people are well into their retirement when they are at her age,i know there is no retirement for her but under no circumstances she should be working the way she is and these two 30 years old children be resting and taking so many vacations. lastly i think lak is right waity is not going to learn anything by just sitting around,you cannot learn how to interact with people while sitting in your home.

  10. Ell says:

    I doubt very much the Daily Mail is the voice of the palace. To put it simply the Mail is full of sh*t, nothing should be taken seriously. It has the worst stories and the most appalling writing, their spelling and grammar is shameful.

    • LAK says:

      The dm gets alot wrong, but you can believe their royal stories. They are the RF unofficial mouth piece. Loads of stories/propaganda are leaked to them.

      That said, it is only particular journalists that are used. Katie Nichol is usually the plant for false stories, but this particular story sticks of palace pr because the other propaganda story did not take so this one is being used to deflect.

      i would say, something is up. She’s the canary of royal propaganda so i will look out for the correct[ed] story in a few days or weeks.

      • bluhare says:

        What other propaganda?

      • LAK says:

        @bluhare – the one that tried to explain away ANOTHER vacation after only 6 weeks separation/work for these two who are just like us.

        ps:- i really dislike that they roped the Middletons into that particular piece of fiction because we are not entitled to an explanation from the Middletons but to add how much they enjoy the privilege William’s presence affords them is inviting all kinds of undeserved snark.

      • Ell says:

        LAK, you know this because –

        a) You work for the Mail?
        b) You work at the Palace?

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: The Middletons do enjoy the privilege William brings, right? If nothing else, he’s been huge for their bank statement balance.

      • RAIMOND says:

        This is definitely so, the comments written by PRservice look even more ridiculous! They always pursue only one idea, which is very obvious…

    • Nymeria says:

      “It [the Daily Mail] has the worst stories and the most appalling writing, their spelling and grammar is shameful.”

      I see what you did there.

    • GoodCapon says:

      It is an open secret that the Palace leaks stories to the DM. Remember how fast DM retracted that hair weave story?

      As for Katie Nicholl, she is always looking out for the Middletons. She would never say anything anti-Kate/Middleton.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Try this out 4 kicks:
        & other implications on RD along with Richard Kay’s recent article. News is leaking & does not reflect well on Willie. At least the 1st article cannot be bullied the way Will’s ppl did with a journalist at DM.

  11. Jackie says:

    gimme a break. do they really think people are going to buy this portrayal?

  12. kibbles says:

    I think the propaganda is in overdrive because both Kate and Will’s popularity have dropped since the wedding. I can just sense it from both personal conversations and from online comments. I predict that their popularity will continue to decline. Kate gets the brunt of the criticism but both of them are useless. William has more experience interacting with crowds so he appears to have a bit of his mom’s touch when speaking to commoners. Still, he seems like an empty vessel much like his bride. Kate is simply what she appears to be; a woman who has been sheltered and pampered for most of her life. The person who will maintain the monarch’s popularity will be Harry. Yes, he has made mistakes but the guy is incredibly charming, handsome, and knows how to have fun whether it is at a party or at a charity event. I would rather read about Harry any day than these two.

    • Sachi says:

      Harry for King!!!! 😀

      My Dad, who doesn’t care about royals and who lives in Canada, saw a Hello!Canada cover of William and Kate and said to me:

      “William is losing his hair. He has no charisma, he is boring, and he’s getting uglier as the years go by. The throne should go to Harry…at least he still has hair.”

      Silly reason to prefer Harry as King, but the comment about William having no charisma was spot on, IMO.

      Harry is very warm and personable. He doesn’t stick to protocol about not touching people (William dislikes it when people break protocol and get too close to him), and he isn’t reluctant about his role as Prince. He does his duties without all this mumbo-jumbo about how he’s normal and just like us commoners.

      When he takes vacations, he doesn’t have a PR machine that cranks out propaganda about how he’s so hardworking and he totally deserves a break.

      If anything, Harry has had the brunt of criticism while William has gotten away unscathed his entire life. William still looks a bit like Diana, so the press gives him a leeway all the time and doesn’t want to come after him since there have been stories about him sending out his people to “talk” to journalists about their criticisms of him or Kate.

      • Raven says:

        Don’t agree that Wills does not deserve the throne, but did you read that Harry revived some polo player in S. America who had blacked out after falling from his horse? Harry seems to have that larger-than-life persona that people like in their icons.

      • fairy godmother says:

        @ Raven- not only did Harry help he was the first one to jump off his horse & try to help while 3 other polo players sat on their horses just watching. One other player did begin to help Harry roll over the guy that fell. Swoon- Harry really is Prince Charming!

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      i agree harry is the one i can relate to,even without the pr . we all had our phase of underage drinking , experimenting,partying,doing things that we don’t want our parents to know,then we grow up follow what we want to do while still partying a little and then we get into our jobs and start building a life for ourselves while realizing our past mistakes well most of us.he is so lively and you can see the energy and happiness in his face and smile. for a very happily married man or a man madly in love william looks so miserable and unhappy most of the time like.

      harry grew up because he was not so sheltered ,he learned his lessons the hard way which is not the case with william . he is a man child,also did anyone notice that harry never spent so many holidays with his girlfriend’s parents who are also not divorced or anything and nobody says that the one thing that he loved most about her was how normal she was, he also lost his mother and did not had a normal family but it seems that he knows who he is and the fact that with all the perks comes a role ,a life in public ,a life that he do not run from.he is more realistic and built his life on the facts ,even with his friends you never hear that he was testing their loyalty or anything ,these are the things that make me think that mentally he is more suitable to be king plus the charisma and looks do not hurt.

  13. Linney says:

    Yeah, the Daily Mail is just a beacon of truth and can always be trusted to accurately portray anything. Of course the royals would use it as a propaganda device…

  14. Lia says:

    Why does this matter? They are who they are. They don’t owe it to anybody to be exciting and entertaining. As for their popularity declining, that’s probably what they’re hoping for. They SHOULD be hoping for that.

  15. The Original Mia says:

    When you have to continuously explain why Kate or William/Kate are so great, there is a problem. They were noticeable this weekend by their absence. As an outside observer, they were not missed and that’s a problem. They are supposed to represent the new monarchy, instead people were talking about the Princesses and Harry. No one missed them. At all.

    • fairy godmother says:

      And finally a bit of praise for Anne who really does work hard with little recognition or appreciation. I would so enjoy hearing Anne’s comments on all this. It would quite entertaining!

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        she is a reflection of her mother . a true royal who deserves to be queen not kate but you know the rules .even Camilla will be one day

  16. Relli says:

    Sitting at home, making food and watching movies? Sound like a bunch of stoners to me.

    • Liz says:

      they’ve always looked particularly stoned to me too! Especially in the unairbrushed pics. Ahaha if that were true I would like them a whole lot more, honestly.

  17. bluhare says:

    I just don’t get it, I really don’t. What did William do before he was married and why weren’t you all getting all over him then?

    • fairy godmother says:

      Same thing he has been doing- nothing!

      • fairy godmother says:

        Forgot to say he was clubbing, partying, stumbling out of clubs along with Kate.

    • JulieM says:

      bluhare: I, for one, do get all over him. There is no way that his fellow squadron mates get the time off that he does. They are the ones covering for him and his endless holidays.

      If he was getting time off for royal duties, I might feel differently. A small fraction of time for duties, the rest for holidays.

      I’ve really become very disappointed in William.

  18. Sunny says:

    The Daily Mail is hardly the beacon of truth and if the palace propaganda machine was going to use any paper it would not be the DM at all.

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      the whole british tabloids or media are propaganda to promote kate,she is their princess they have to do it.

  19. Laura says:

    Woe is her, she couldn’t get her hair cut and coloured because she was just so darn busy. Busy shopping after that hospice visit huh. Is this for real? I just cut my own hair a few days ago because I can’t afford to go to the hairdresser’s despite working more in a month than she has in her entire life. Whether this article is true or not, she is seriously UN-inspiring.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Well in Waity’s defense I too feel the hardship of missing a hair appointment.(sarcasm) I had to cancel mine because my neighbor died suddenly & went to the only viewing to show my support for her 2 underage grandsons who lived with her. There are some things more important than one’s hair.

  20. Sachi says:

    William and Kate doth protest too much.

    I love how they’re on vacation and seem to be uncaring of people’s opinions, but then their PR goes into overdrive to justify why they needed a vacation in the first place.

    William and Kate care a lot about public perception. They just don’t care to rectify it with real work and responsibilities. They have their PR team spout some lies and melodrama about how sad their separation had been for both of them and that they’d done their jobs so well that they just had to go on vacation with Kate’s family for an entire week.

    It’s ridiculous, IMO, that William and Kate’s PR team is releasing all these lies to make the public feel bad about themselves for criticizing William and Kate and that we’re being made to think that we are all wrong about our criticisms and we should treat William and Kate with more respect since they’re just a couple of dull, boring people and we are being unfair to them. The blame is put on the public for misunderstanding William and Kate.

    What a steaming pile of rubbish.

    William and Kate are a joke, and the public’s goodwill is dwindling so, so fast the more they flaunt their spoiled behavior in public.

    The way William is spending more time with Kate’s family than his own, he should just renounce his title as Prince and adopt Middleton as his last name.

    Their memorial service absence was greatly noted by the press and the public. A lot of people I met expressed disgust at William’s callousness that he would happily skip his great-grandmother’s memorial service in favor of hitting the slopes.

    The memorial service would have been planned months in advance that William could have had enough time to take that day off and pay respect to the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret.

    I really wonder who thought about this vacation. Was it Kate? Was it her parents? If William truly wanted to attend the memorial service, he could have. He could have told the Middletons that he and Kate would have to attend an important family event that day and they’d either have to move the vacation or he wouldn’t be able to go with them.

    The fact that the memorial service was happening, but William decided to skip it anyway, tells me that William is a spoiled, immature, petulant child who is too used to getting his own way. He wanted a vacation NOW, so he went and got one. Not even a memorial service for his great-grandmother could stop him.

    But in a way, it’s good that they weren’t there. At least this time, we got to see more of the other royals instead of the two buffoons eating up camera time with William’s balding hair and Windsor teeth, and Kate’s hair-flipping, awful eyeliner, and what most like would have been a very short, inappropriate hemline on a skirt/dress. We were also spared of the possibility of Kate giggling and goofing off while the solemn service was going on. God knows she has a habit of inappropriate behavior during solemn/somber events.

    • bluhare says:

      Wow. I actually haven’t seen William and Kate protesting too much at all; however, I will say that calling a five bedroom house on land a cottage is stretching it a bit.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Better yet- Willie could have arranged to come back one day early for the memorial. Oh, but one week was not good enough for him
      Kate’s hemlines have gotten shorter after she married. I have seen other ppl post pictures with side-by-side comparisons and she raised her hems at least 5-6 inches above her knees. Although some appear even higher. Inappropriate for “future queen”.

      • GoodCapon says:

        I think they already planned the vacation in advance, there was no way there were going to make it back in time… which leads me to conclude that they didn’t have any plans to attend the memorial in the first place.

    • fairy godmother says:

      All the same -even if it was planned prior to memorial (but wasn’t this reported as a spontaneous romantic get-a-way for a few days?) He was gone for a week & should have come back one day early. Do not forget he snubbed his the Falkland memorial after the church memorial which he is the official patron of which was planned well in advance of either memorial! No excuses for Willie. In 3 months he has had 3 holidays plus an extra week sight-seeing after his 6 week RAF duty. So about in 90 days he has holidayed for 5 weeks (about 45 days). I so want to be his kind of “normal” including having his house staff to take care of the house.

  21. Reece says:

    You know…They kinda threw Harry under the bus in that write up. Deflecting to Harry to distract from W&K. Not cool!

    • bluhare says:

      Why does Harry get a pass? I don’t see him doing anything different than his brother ever did, but he’s a paragon of virtue?

      • LAK says:

        no one is pretending that Harry is a paragon of virtue who works especially hard. If anything, he is shown in a bad light and always slanted against his virtuous older brother.

        And there is no advance publicity story/propaganda leaked to make us think that Harry is anything but what he is.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: I was actually referring to the tenor of comments here. It wasn’t clear; sorry.

        I do disagree that he’s shown in a bad light, though. Maybe a few years ago, but these days he is not.

      • Reece says:

        No no I’m not giving Harry a pass. Harry likes to go out & drink = understatement of a lifetime.
        What I’m saying is they, whatever the source, threw Harry up front to “compare”, to deflect from W&K taking a vacation twice in less than 3mos. (Which people are clearly ticked off about) As if to say look at him he does all that. What W&K do is nothing compared to Harry. *wink wink* He still parties. *nudge nudge*
        That was my interpretation. I don’t remember Harry being brought up in comparison at all before.

  22. Eener says:

    Zzzzzz sorry I just nodded off, her hair sends me to sleep. Yawn.

  23. Brannie says:

    Meh. Before they even got married it was stated that they would both have minimal official duties during the first couple of years of their marriage.

    Let them enjoy their downtime. When they move from Wales into Kensington Palace they will be on *official duty* till they die.

    I am by no means a lover of Kate, but I seriously don’t get all the hate.

    • Luise says:

      She’s hated because of all the crap the Palace spews, hair flipping, inappropriate comments etc. She’s boring and apparently unintelligent as well.

      • Ell says:

        Luise, she’s not hated generally, especially in her own country and in a lesser way the commonwealth, which is all that matters at the end of the day. The Royals should not be relevant to the US.

      • Henry says:

        @Ell: “she’s not hated generally, especially in her own country”. how do you know that Ell? care to share? don’t confuse your own positive opinion of her as representative of that of the general public. if i were to take the comments coming from CB, DM, even the Guardian and the Telegraph as a good representation of the British General Public.. MANY people dislike her and don’t see the point of the RF. so your opinion that she’s “not hated generally” is based off?

        and i live in one of the Commonwealth countries in Asia. NOBODY, and i really mean NOBODY gives a shit about the British Royal Family, let alone W&K. you don’t hear people discussing them or their pictures plastered across our newspapers all day everyday. they do not impact our lives in any way AT ALL for us to care about hating or loving them. so i don’t know what you are talking about.

      • GoodCapon says:

        The only people who like her are those who follow her fashion ‘style’, which doesn’t really bode well for her if the only thing people can talk about her are the clothes she’s wearing.

        Even in other gossip sites, the public perception towards Kate ranges from lukewarm to plain indifference. She was never liked from the start unlike Diana. People aren’t going to start liking someone who was called Waity Katie for years. She never had a clean slate even with all the Palace PR makeover, and that’s where she’s going to fail.

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      agreed henry i am asian too and i never hear from my friends or family or local media from my country telling anything about her. as far minimum duty is concerned well they are 30 it’s about time they get started and Hm is old she should take it easy and these two should be sharing her work load.also i don’t really believe the queen giving them permission story ,even it is true she really do not have a choice does she ?she can’t force her 30 years old man child grandson to work now can she? and kate is disliked in britain because we are seeing her for what she really is from the last 7 years ,it’s america where she is adored because of all the media lies

  24. Serenity now says:

    They like to stay home? So what. So do I. I have never liked clubs or seedy bars. I have always thought the music was way too loud. My ears ringing the next day and me smelling like cigarettes. The only bars I have liked are sports bars.
    I would prefer going hiking, going to a sport game, dinner with friends and going to the park with my kids. If Wills and Kate need some boring company to do something boring let me know.

  25. Nan209 says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why I should give damn about these two…or any royals…they are about as useful as Paris or Kim.

  26. fairy godmother says:

    They were gone at least 12 days & returned home in a economy flight- jetblue? to make it appear as if they care about economic conditions & pension cuts. Willie is so dedicated he not only snubbed the memorial he also snubbed the service for Falkland wars which he became patron of in 2009. He really cares about duty & service. Other (propaganda) PR spin put out for sympathy that poor Willie’s motorcycle electrical system was eaten away by rats. Only it is lux ducati. How can Willie cope with such a tragedy? I think HM should send them on another holiday. There were a few more silly articles to plant into the public’s brain how incredibly “normal” they are? Yes, lets tell all the serfs over & over as much as possible so everyone will believe & history will be written the way Willie wants it to be so he is seen & admired.
    Better yet, lets start to trash Harry again because he was out drinking & dancing in the streets with his buddies til 3:30 a.m. Even though there was a media black-out when Will was the same age with Will was “plastered” and obnoxious. The world saw how genuine Harry is so it time for PR to undermine Harry’s efforts so Willie is the golden-boy once more. And just for kicks lets insult & offend the Queen for making Waity be responsible. This 2 year deal to be kept from any duties is ludicrous considering they are suppose to be adults. The reminder of how “normal” they are spin is foolish. What is highly offensive to the RF & worse is how media put out how relaxed Willie is and comfortable with Mids so being with them is essential since he never had a family that cares for him the way the Mids do for him.
    I still think the money the queen mum left to him should be taken away along with interest since he could not support the Queen at the memorial. I am sick of seeing him & Waity plastered on every front page. Willie does not deserve any praise or fawning over. Just because he was Diana’s son does not mean he should be admired. As for Diana’s death as tragic as it was many children suffer because we lost a parent too soon- just not so public. He has had a free pass since then & it always seems to be an excuse to sweep away his lack of effort & duties. Grow up Willie you are nearly 30 & a grown-a$$ man not a child!

    • fairy godmother says:

      And signing for 3 more years with RAF & insisting on where he wants stationed will prolong his reluctance to earn his keep so to speak.

    • JulieM says:

      fairy godmother: I think your comment about dragging Harry down to make William look better is very interesting. Hadn’t thought of that angle before.

      I’ve never been a big fan of Harry, but he does seem to have a much more intuitive common touch, like his mother, than William ever will.

      • fairy godmother says:

        JulieM: That is exactly what they have done to Harry from early teens into his twenties. Willie was a blackout about his hard drinking, obnoxious, condescending behavior to “protect” the image of the future king. And just to make Will look good to the public as the golden boy the media usually followed on Harry’s poor behavior. When that Nazi costume came out no one wrote that it was Willie who egged Harry on to wear it. Both boys were = insensitive.
        Now that the world has seen Harry for who he really is it really shows what an overbearing spoiled brat PW is & the PR game is spinning out anything to improve PW’s image including their original plan to trash Harry. Did you seen the effigy of PW being set on fire in Argentina outside British embassy? It was the 1st news I saw this morning. (Except too much hair).

      • JulieM says:

        More interesting stuff, fairy godmother. I remember the whole Nazi stormtrooper costume fiasco and I understood that William knew his brother was going to wear it but didn’t try to stop him. I did not know that Willy boy actually encouraged Harry to step in it. Goody goody William set his brother up? Bad big brother, bad.

        Didn’t see the PW effigy on fire. I think that might just be domestic Argentine politics, though. UK/Argentina fought a war over the Falklands and Willy’s presence in the Falklands provided a useful target.

    • JK78 says:

      For someone that detests W&K as much as you claim to, you sure know a lot about them!
      I know this website is called Celebitchy but come on!

      Why do you waste so much time and energy on these people if you can’t stand them?

  27. taxi says:

    What are Chuck, Camilla, Andy, Eddie, Anne and Sophie doing? Will is HM’s grandson, so why is he expected to do perform duties greater than those of his parents, aunts, and uncles?

    Until Chuck is king & William becomes PoW, I don’t see why he has to do anymore speechifying than his cousins do.

    • The Original Mia says:

      This was a memorial service to honor his great-grandmother and aunt. They could have come. The others did.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        what chuck and anne doing?where exactly do you live .chuck do 450 or above engagements ,anne works even more than chuck while her children do not receive any perks or have title. both andrew and andie and sophie work way more than william and yet there are still so many engagements for queen .queen is 80 years that’s why william should work more ,also william will receive 7 million pounds in trust fund from queen mother whose memorial service he could not attend.

  28. Cirque28 says:

    Yes, too much with the “just average folks” try-hard PR nonsense. Kate would love to go out, but she has to stay in the ‘cottage’ and clip coupons tonight, sorry.

  29. Michelle says:

    My mother and I were discussing this and she was feverently defending William and Kate, so I think that there are a lot of people who aren’t irritated. I do think it’s a bit in bad taste for them not to go, personally.

  30. Ali says:

    I always take DM articles about Duchess Kate with a pinch of salt because everything is so made-up, exaggerated & manipulated – they have as much to do with lowering Kate’s profile as is with raising Camilla’s. DM may be working with/for C&C PR brigade but not really William’s. They’ve certainly been very snobbish about the Middletons & anti-Kate. Poor girl, she is in a no-win situation imo. Kate has captured the public imagination (worldwide) from the moment the engagement was announced BUT she’s only the wife of the heir of heir, not the next Queen. Charles is determined to make Camilla his queen no matter what, William may have to wait 30yrs to become king so all this furore about 2yrs-grace, reduced workload, too many holidays is inconsequential … It won’t matter in the medium/long term. What’s important is what Kate is learning & achieving behind close doors, how important & relevant she’s become to the royal family and for the monarchy’s future – being asked to accompany HM the Queen for the opening & closing of her Diamond jubilee celebrations speaks volumes. So far Kate has not put a foot wrong in spite of the intense scrutiny, huge expectations & nasty criticism. She is restricted in her appearances & assignments by “royal protocol” – I think keeping Kate in a box not to “overshine” (upset) C&C, while people berate her for not doing/caring enough is the most risky move made by the palace so far… It seems absurd to me and may prove deadly. If I were Kate, I would just take as many nice holidays while I can and surround myself with the people I can trust & love – in complete privacy (it’s a looong wait

  31. wendy k says:

    Wow . . . I live in the US and had no idea that so many people in the UK have this negative view of the Prince / Duchess! I think most Americans have no idea as well.

  32. ANGELIC 20 says:

    it is amazing that even with queen’s outstanding service the approval of royal family is 75% ,when charles will be king this number will go down .as far as william and kate is concerned well not the masses are liking her,she comes out ordinary so i don’t think people will love her the way they loved diana ,also in this difficult time people who are suffering will never forget her and william extravagant behavior and will not like her, the more she will not work the more people will resent her and once a public opinion is formed it is very difficult to change at the end i think for the monarchy to survive william and kate should be popular and really loved in not only britain but also in the other commonwealth nations and by not working she is digging her own grave and if they keep on going like this they will un officially become the poster boy and girl for the republic movement, Jamaica and Ireland i think are already pushing for republic status.

    • JulieM says:

      Interesting comment but a clarification please. In your last sentence, you speak of Ireland going republic. Are you referring to Northern Ireland? If so, I can’t see that ever happening. The remainder of Ireland has been a republic for about 90 years.

      Not trying to nitpick. Just curious.

  33. Tiamet says:

    In regard to Harry’s partying, while I don’t know any personally, if we did a poll of young, single combat pilots, whether in the US or UK, I suspect most of them would choose a night out at a bar over a night in with a cup of cocoa.

    Add in the fact that Harry is rich and has girls throwing themselves at him.

    As a British person, I give him a pass because firstly he doesn’t seem to treat his job as a hobby (how on earth is William getting so much leave?) and secondly, he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than himself.

    He’s done some really stupid things in his time, but he’s learnt from them and from public opinion of his behaviour.

    I don’t think William cares. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a job for his PR. His behaviour doesn’t need to change.

    As for Kate. I refuse to feel sorry for someone who is left prostrate by doing far less work than the majority of her future subjects. She’s a spoilt rich kid and she’d be better off not pretending otherwise (I’m pretty sure William likes her exactly the way she is or she’d change).

  34. Boo Boo says:

    Guys, just for Royals there was bought same PR team that worked for George Clooney and Charlie Scheen. So expect result. Just royals are good pals they make it to hold on longer 🙂 Have you noticed that these famewhore bitcches have very positive images, as Camilla’s too?!

  35. Laura says:

    While I enjoy seeing photos of Catherine due to her (now)lady-like fashions, I do see the point of many of the arguements on here that she and William are spoiled and lack the ability to truly identify with “common” people. They are not, in any way, “normal” – they are rich and without the responsibility to have to work regular hours to earn a modest income, like the majority of “normal” people do. Catherine’s responsibilities are limited to modelling elegant fashions at public events and eventually bearing children. I do not see her becoming the same sort of icon that Princess Diana was. I think Catherine will remain the way she is right now – quiet, happy to spend her time at the salon and shops, playing dress up at public events, and being a housewife. I don’t think she possesses the charisma and personality required to capture the hearts of the public. I don’t think she has a sincere interest in charitable work or living modestly. There really isn’t anything wrong with that, except that she and William constantly insist they are “normal” and that their lives as royals are difficult. I wish they would just admit that they are in a special situation with so many benefits not afforded to regualr people. They are very blessed and should be grateful for all that they have instead of blantantly flaunting with via multiple annual vacations, expensive clothing, etc, and should cease the complaints about a lifestyle many of us “normal” folk would gladly welcome. I believe that although some of the royals may be nice and genuinely dedicated to their role as “public servant” (such as the Queen and Princess Anne) it is an institution that is out of touch with the way the world is now. I think that eventually the monarchy will cease to exsist.

  36. marle says:

    Let’s not forget Kate underwear modeling when she first caught Pr.William’s eye and her crotch shots galore all over the tabloids for years. She’s common and trashy imo and the press is doing a whitewashing of her now.
    I’m so sick of the press trying to build up Kate, she’s plain anorexic looking Goldigging, lazy Wag. Don’t like her at all.

    • Luise says:

      I’m with you Marle. She also has no substance. Imagine laughing hysterically at somber events. She should be “fired” from her job.