Jennifer Lawrence on “fat” criticism: “they are criticizing me for looking normal”

Well The Hunger Games shows no signs of slowing down at the box-office, where it passed the $253 million mark during its second weekend. Naturally, such a cultural zeitgeist can be expected to receive a certain amount of backlash, including some very rude audience members who took to Twitter and expressed their displeasure that the Rue, Thresh, and Cinna characters were portrayed by black actors. That sort of thing makes one imagine some serious reading comprehension issues.

Another equally troubling source of backlash has centered around Jennifer Lawrence’s weight, who delivered in her role but who some think is simply too “fat” to play Katniss. I think the descriptor that’s troubled me the most on this issue is “beefy,” which is something that I’ve heard not only within our comment section but on Twitter as well. First off, JLaw has a much more realistic body than most Hollywood actresses, but she’s anything but fat. Secondly, Katniss is a hunter, so her family isn’t nearly as emaciated as the other District 12 residents. She still has a very slight build in comparison to many of the other tributes in the arena, and I think this is reflected quite well in this movie still that shows Katniss’ relatively tiny waist in comparison to the Peacekeepers:

However, Hollywood prefers truly tiny women (remember, someone tried to make Zoe Saldana happen as an action star in 2011′s Columbiana), so JLaw isn’t getting off without a great deal of unfair criticism for not being utterly emaciated. Even the Chicago Suntimes, who claims to be on JLaw’s side, has actually titled their article “The ‘fatness’ of Katniss?” For her part, JLaw seems to have a good attitude about this very unnecessary kertuffle over her bod:

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has both a great sense of humor — and a very good sense of self.

A source close to the actress told me Sunday that the Oscar nominee had a sarcastic reaction to some of the critics of her mega-hit movie who basically claimed she was too chubby-looking to convincingly play Katniss Everdeen in the blockbuster, based on Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel.

“Jennifer told me, ‘This is hilarious. First, people say how so many actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticizing me for looking normal,’” the source recalled. The actress reportedly added that overly thin body images “are too often adopted by young girls and women — thanks to what they are constantly being shown as being attractive.”

Another point supposedly made by Lawrence was that nothing was written about her two main co-stars — Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth — who both also play residents of the film’s fictional District 12, where people are constantly facing starving conditions.

While most critics raved about the film and Lawrence’s performance, it was comments from the Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy (about the actress’ “lingering baby fat”), Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir (“well-fed” body) and Hollywood Elsewhere’s Jeffrey Wells (calling Lawrence a “big-boned lady”) that have unleashed a torrent of furious responses from the legions of loyal Hunger Games fans.

[From Chicago Suntimes]

Quite possibly the most outrageous aspect of JLaw being called too fat for the Katniss role is that these aren’t just idiots on Twitter. In fact, these are seasoned and fairly well-respected critics, and of course the vast majority of them are male. Naturally, not much of a fuss is made about the physiques of Katniss’ fellow hunter, Gale (Liam Hemsworth), and the very stocky Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), whose family never wants for (stale) bread and who definitely hasn’t gone hungry a day in his life. No wonder so many women have body image problems. Good on JLaw for focusing on the humor in this situation, and hopefully, her message will be received by an entire generation of impressionable young female fans.

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  1. Snowflake says:

    Boy, I wish I was that “beefy” and ” big-boned!” It’s nice to see someone of normal size. Although she’s smaller than most average people. I’m a US size 10 and she looks much smaller than me, like possibly a 6 or a 4.

    • kate says:

      I’d really like to know… who are the ‘thin’ actresses that are in Jennifer Lawrence’s acting league? Perhaps Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain? (also not emaciated), and…that’s it… I can’t think of anymore.

      Because Kate Bosworth is NOT an actress.

      These critics should get called out more publically than Bedhead posting their names here. (go bedhaed for starting a ‘weighty’ discussion. (haha)

      • mojoman says:

        @kate: I can think of a few thin actresses who are same caliber as JenLaw (meaning talent), such as Mila Kunis, Christina Ricchi (yes she is a veteran compared to JLaw but she is tiny AND Skinny) and Dianne Agron.

      • Liv says:

        @kate Ha! ;-)
        @mojoman Mila Kunis and Dianna Agron are not thinner than Jennifer Lawrence.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @mojoman: I agree with Liv, Mila Kunis and Dianna Agron are not thinner. And Agron is certainly not in Jennifer Lawrences’s league acting-wise.
        Christian Ricci has publicly talked about her weight and eating issues so she’s not a good example.
        They picked this girl for a reason. If they had found someone with the same talent who was just as good a Katniss but thinner? They would have cast another girl. But they went with talent over weight. And I love it. I love that they didn’t make her lose weight. I’d kill for her body.

        I don’t get by whose standards this girl is not slim.

    • Shaz says:

      One word for these fatheads: JEALOUS!

    • molly says:

      Agreed! I actually took a picture of Jennifer and hung it on the wall next to my workout equiptment. Its not because I want to be skinny, its because I want to have a healty toned look like she does. If you think that this girl is fat, I would hate to hear what you would say about me.

  2. lucy2 says:

    Good grief! She is not fat AT ALL, she has a fantastic figure. I think everyone’s too used to see starving actresses with hollow faces.
    That is TERRIBLE that 2 critics mentioned it (when “it” doesn’t even really exist). What is wrong with them?

    • Kimbob says:

      Absolutely! This is ridiculous, you know. Yes, we certainly are used to seeing “straw forms/stick figures” in action roles, and it’s made me sick to my stomach!

      AT LEAST Jennifer in this role is BELIEVABLE & I don’t have to really stretch my imagination in order to make it appear (in my own mind) a “stick figure” in an action role that’s kicking ass and taking names.

      I’m not going to name any actress names because THE FIRST ONE THAT COMES TO MY MIND IS ADORED HERE ON CELEBITCHY, but at least Jennifer is BELIEVABLE in this role!!!

      Gah! Makes me sick to have to “take up” for an actress that looks and plays a damn role credibly. Yes, I know probably Jennifer is “pushing boundaries” by H-wood standards, but AGAIN, those are H-wood standards and not my own.

    • Liv says:

      I just hope Jennifer stays sane and that she has good people surrounding her. It’s pretty hard for a young woman to be criticized by the public like that and not be affected by it.

      • sweetcrabsalad says:

        You nailed it, Liv. My worry too is that this gorgeous, grounded girl will soon show up emaciated as spokesperson for some *fashion* house or for *art’s sake*, because of respected nationally read critics. She’s 21, let her be!!

    • shawn says:

      I completely agree, lucy2. Anyone who looks at Jennifer Lawrence and says she is fat, is SICK. There is something psychologically wrong with these men.

  3. I want to be as “fat” as Jennifer Lawrence. Good God, what is WRONG with people that they look at the world through distorted Hollywood glasses. She is a well proportioned young woman who is actually thin by average standards.

    • OlsenTriplet says:

      Okay, there’s a disconnect here.

      There actually IS a problem with Katniss’s (Jennifer Lawrence’s) weight in the movie. And it’s all because of one scene.

      When Peeta throws Katniss the bread outside the bakery, they used Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence as they are. They did not use CGI on Lawrence to make her look starving (as they did for Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn), and they didn’t use ultra-thin child actors to stay true to the book. They just moved quickly and put a big ol’ rainstorm in front of Lawrence as a veil.

      So the audience was asked, in that scene, to believe that Jennifer Lawrence was a starving person. This is simply not the case. We know what starving people look like, and that ain’t it.

      Because we’ve read the book, we know that in THAT scene and that scene only, she is FAR TOO HEALTHY. But that has nothing to do with Lawrence in real life. And I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that it does.

      So when the movie asks us to believe a svelte and healthy young woman is starving, we all want to call BS on it, and these critics did. And they were right. The movie makers wanted us to practice some pretty crazy doublethink, where we simultaneously believed that Jennifer Lawrence was literally starving to death–too weak from long-term hunger to even move out of the rain–while our eyes were seeing her as a normal-looking young woman.

      If that scene were done any other way, really, this would not be an issue. It was a very poor choice by Gary Ross and whomever else.

      • WillyNilly says:

        Well reasoned argument. Would you mind quoting the exact passage that says at that age she was physically showing starvation? Its difficult to accept your argument without it since through the entire series she’s actually more svelte and athletic. I remember that scene but I don’t remember them declaring her as skin and bones…but obviously I might have forgotten it.

      • Liv says:

        If I remember it right, there are two scenes in the book where her weight loss is mentioned:
        1. when she’s at the bakery (they mention she leaves Prim’s baby clothing, which she wanted to sell, on the ground, because she was weak and afraid to fall and not get up again because of hunger) and
        2. when she and Peeta leave the arena (it’s said she’s looking at her body and recognizes she’s super skinny – she’s then treated by the capitol to look normal or healthy again)

        So the rest of the film Jennifer Lawrence’s looking super appropriate in my opinion. She’s supposed to be lean and strong. Everbody critic who says she should have lost weight because it’s the Hunger Games just don’t know the books well. So I agree, the producers (or Gary Ross) are to blame, because in these two scenes, they could have easily use CGI.

        But besides that it’s a shame that many critics discuss the weight of an young actress without getting their facts straight.

      • Liv says:

        Is lean the right word? I mean she’s supposed to be skinny, but strong and with muscles (sorry, not native speaker :-) )

      • Newmrs says:

        Her weight does not fit the main character. Someone built similar to a marathon runner would have been better. Am I mad and judgey about it, no. good to see a healthy body image in the lead role

      • WillyNilly says:

        Actually, there is no such thing as a ‘marathon’ body. There are many many many woman who gain considerable weight when training. But I get the gist of what you’re trying to say. Super low fat, minimal muscle.

        Liv – thanks for your help. Just wanted to make sure I knew what was up since I stupidly gave my books away when I was done!

      • dep says:

        Why do you think being starving means looking emaciated? I know that seems obvious but that’s not how bodies work and having some food some times often means people don’t appear emaciated even though they may largely be hungry almost all the time. It’s just biology/genetics you know? I think she appears quite slender and i’m tired of being asked to believe that super skinny actresses with no muscle can do anything much as physical as roles often demand.

  4. RocketMerry says:

    Right. And the blonde who plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones (Emilia Clarke) is FAT too. I was just thinking the other day, they’re all positively obese! They should be banned from movies and tv and sent on a secret facility in the desert, where scrupulous and conscientious people will kindly disaffect them from this horrible, disgusting trend that is EATING.


    • flan says:

      You like Game of Thrones too?

      I love it.

      But to get to your point: I’m sick of all this fat-shaming of people who are actually thin. The war on women is real and I am beyond sick of it.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I love Game of Thrones! I can only watch it in English since it’s not still airing here in Italy, but I find it awesome even if I don’t catch every word.

        Just the other day I was thinking how gorgeous and fit Emilia looked, without being emaciated, and I was kind of making a point to my mother of how perfect and authentic she looked because she was not sickly thin. This Celebitchy article was right on topic.

      • Daisy says:

        The war on women has been around since the beginning of time. We were the first slaves and some women continue to allow themselves to be used in this way.

      • flan says:

        Exactly. Emilia looks amazing and like a real person at the same time. Am so happy the second season started.

        @Daisy: a certain group in this society seem to be very interested in waging it now. You’d think rational beings would bother with real enemies like bad education, addiction, criminals, etc, but they are solely interested in subjecting women.

        Why? Because they want to subject someone, and have found that they are at the lowest end of the picking order with their fellow men.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Emilia Clarke looks amazing (as does Jennifer Lawrence) but the girl could really work on her acting chops.

  5. Brittney says:

    My Rolling Stone with her on the cover arrived yesterday, and after reading it and seeing the spread, I have no clue how anyone could apply that word to her. She’s an incredibly active, athletic woman in real life, but she’s also pretty damn tiny. Like you said — her waist!!

    ^ That’s all besides the point, though. Thanks, male gaze. Way to persist.

  6. Liz says:

    A sensible reaction to a very stupid (and sexist!) line of questioning. Love her.

  7. Sisi says:

    she has a lovely figure and should not lose any weight. Katniss is one of the fittest people in the Seam. There’s a reason why the bakers wife says that district 12 will finally have a victor, because Katniss seems a strong opponent.

    I was expecting her arms & shoulders to look more toned. Archery and hunting in the woods will do that to ya. I’m an archer and my arms and shoulders are the most muscular part of me, and I don’t even climb trees ; )

  8. LadyJane says:

    I wouldn’t wish Hollywood on anyone I loved. It is so f’up. This poor girl. She is gorgeous. She will probably have an eating disorder and a drug problem before the year is out. It is a mean, mean machine, is Hollywood.

    • Esmom says:

      I know, my heart was sinking as I was reading. Yes, she is trying to laugh it off but I cannot help but think it’s getting into her head. Hopefully she has some people with the same good attitude as hers surrounding her to help her stay strong and not give in to any impulses to starve herself into bobblehead mode.

  9. Lara says:

    Liam – not Chris Hemsworth. Thou to be fair both of them would do!

  10. Tapioca says:

    As long as waifs like Zoe Saldana and Angelina Jolie keep being cast in action movies Jennifer Lawrence is going to be “fat”, no matter how much more realistic she looks. Audiences plain don’t like “beefy” looking women because they’re not used to them.

    Hollywood did try to make an action lead out of a woman who could actually kick-ass – Gina Carano in Haywire (a well-reviewed movie) – but it tanked like the proverbial Led Zeppelin.

    • Jen says:

      I saw that movie and she was incredible in it! Can’t believe it flopped!!

      • Addison says:

        The movie tanked because the story was not well told. I saw the movie only because Michael Fassbender was in it. Otherwise I would not have. If I had enjoyed it more I would have recommended it to people. It was hard to recommend a movie that was not clear as to why this woman was being framed.

        If not for the awesome fights it would have done even worse.

    • Oliver says:

      Hey, Tapioca…
      Don’t criticize others actresses to defend one; because by doing that… You are doing the exact thing that the people who are calling Jennifer Lawrence Fat!! It’s NOT okey to make fun of actresses that are skinny!! STOP being a HYPOCRITE

      • Tapioca says:

        Hey Oliver!

        Please point out where I “made fun of actresses who are skinny”.

        I’ll wait…

        I actually pointed out that H-Wood casts very under-muscled women as action stars and it’s incredibly unrealistic and skews audience perceptions. Unless, of course, you happen to know of any 95lb women into MMA?

    • Kimbob says:

      Hey, @Tapioca….I’m GLAD you said what you did! Be true to yourself! I made a similar comment, but “didn’t name names” because I knew the loonies would be on me….LOL! Good for you!

    • Daphne says:

      PRECISELY. The usual picks are not even believable in their action roles because we (the audience) are too busy imagining them getting blood transfusions and ankle wraps after shooting a two-second scene to possibly believe that they actually knocked a guy out. Or wielded a gun. It’s ridiculous. I had family members and friends walk out of that Salt show a couple years ago because they couldn’t stop laughing at the audacity of an action heroine looking like an addict the entire time. No kidding. And again, Jennifer Lawrence’s body is SICK. She looks amazing and healthy. Nothing close to “fat” or “beefy”. And she’d be gorgeous even IF she were heavier set. Hollywood is disgusting.

  11. T.C. says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is not even “normal” weight. She is slimmer than normal. The guy playing Gale should be the same as Katniss. So were are the critiques about Liam Hemsworth being too fat or not looking like he is starving?

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Than you!!!! She IS thin. Because everyone in Hollywood is so f*cking thin she looks normal sized when I’m about 95% positive she’s a thin girl.
      Also, can we not call her J Law. anymore? Talentless famewhores have those monikers. That is not Jennifer Lawrence.

      • BW says:

        Whenever I see “JLaw” I think people are talking about Jude Law.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @BW – me too! And I always do a double-take and think, “What? Jude Law? What’s he got to do with– oh.”

    • Emily says:

      Yes! What burns me up about these critics is they fail to mention that if Lawrence is too “big” to play Katniss (thought never crossed my mind once while watching the movie), then Liam Hemsworth is way to buff/strong to play Gale!

      Should every extra who played a citizen of District 12 (or 11, for that matter) have starved themselves for weeks just so that it would be more in line with the book? It’s such a ridiculous critique to make and it’s just body-snarking on a young girl who shouldn’t have to hear this crap about herself.

    • P.K. says:

      The first thing that leaps out at me is what a perfect little body the girl has. She appears to be slender yet not like an emaciated HW bobblehead. Defo on the slim side.

  12. Carrie says:

    She is a fantastic role model and truly talented, I hope this over rides the idiocy of this criticism. I would much rather be strong and healthy than a skinny waif!

    I can’t wait to see Hunger Games, need to drag my bloke! Now he defo thinks she’s sexy and I don’t mind! :)

  13. Ferdis says:

    ohhhh all this is ridiculous…
    the common sense:”I wish the cast of Twilight had to fight in the Hunger Game”.

  14. chloe says:

    Good God, if she’s fat I’m obese. I would love to have her body and anyone that thinks she’s fat has serious issues, I’m so sick of seeing actresses with their chest bones sticking out an no muscle tone. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  15. RhymesWithSilver says:

    In what way is she “big” in any sense? How can anyone look at her and see “big”? She’s so slight!

  16. Sarah says:

    If she’s fat then I should just go throw myself off a bridge right now.

    People are sooo ignorant!

  17. Samigirl says:

    “Katniss is a hunter, so her family isn’t nearly as emaciated as the other District 12 residents.”

    THANK YOU. I was getting sick of pointing this out constantly. Katniss and her family WERE on the verge of starvation when her dad died (she was 11), but had not been for years.

    I’m aware of what a nerd that makes me for knowing this. Idc though. If you don’t know about the facts of the book, then don’t try to talk about the situation.

    Re: JL’s figure. In the “girl on fire” costume, (first picture) you can see just how teensy she is. She isn’t “anorexic” looking, but she certainly isn’t beefy. She’s got a tiny waist and a flat stomach. She has an enviable figure.

    • marie says:

      agreed.. did the people making these comments actually read the books?!?

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        The answer to that is probably not. As popular as the books are, I’m sure many movie viewers did not read them. Or comprehend them.

        I don’t usually get into these weight wars, but this really bothers me. She is a tiny girl. Not a waif, but still very tiny. Stop bullying everyone into anorexia!

      • Diana says:

        I have read the books and my thoughts are that the three of them looked way too good in physical terms to be in a district, and a country for that matter, that’s starving to death. Sure, she’s a hunter with Gale, and Peeta also had a good position in terms of food but there’s no forgetting that they are inside a world where they are the best fed WITHIN the hunger. I by no means think Jennifer Lawrence is fat. She has a great body and I feel she is a great role model for young girls to see you don’t have to be a skeleton to look good (or great in J-Law’s case), but we are talking about a movie rol. I don’t think she needed to get much thinier than she is but this problem would have been easily solved with some make up on her face because for me that was the biggest issue, the well rounded face she has. Of course I also noticed the film didn’t emphasize much, if nothing at all, in the hunger aspect of the story. I remember very vividly when reading in the first book how it described the first time Katniss and Peeta see the opulence of the train that’s sopposed to take them to the Capitol; how she ate to the point of indigestion, also Peeta. The movie didn’t show them stuffing themselves with food the night previous to the beggining of the games because there they would not have food very easily. So at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s Jennifer’s fault; I think that was the Katniss of the movie: a Pink version of the one in the books.

      • rtms says:

        I agree @Diana by no means is the actress herself fat. But the character was indeed not well fed. Just because she was a hunter, doesn’t mean she was pulling down deer every time she hunted. Katniss was lucky if they got squirrels or birds to eat on any given day. The bread scene was because the hunting had been bad for awhile and they were starving etc. The producers really never emphasized the difference at all in the districts and the desperation they had. Katniss should have looked hungry. And with CGI they could have done so without Jennifer lose a pound. They did a great job in Captain America to make Steve Rodgers look very thin, but the actor did not lose any weight for the role.

      • Samigirl says:

        I just reread THG and they make several comments about how Katniss and Gales family were better fed than the rest of those in the Seam and District 12. I got from the books (as did a lot of other people I know that read them) that Katniss and her family were well fed.

    • Eileen says:

      Totally agree with you. When I read the books I had a vague image of Katniss and JL really fits it -which is rare for me. She’s athletic but womanly and was NOT starving.

      • Hungry games69 says:

        How many women are going to post, “if Katness is fat, I’m obese”? This just in: you probably are! Lose some weight so you look sexy like Katniss. Have some pride, quit your feminist rants and stop taking out your fat self loathing anger on people who have the sense to know that Katniss did not appear starved.
        1. When water with mint leaves is a meal, you are too weak to stand, haven’t had real food in weeks, and are about to die from Starvation, you are going to appear gaunt and emaciated.
        2. If you don’t think she was supposed to be at this level of starving, you don’t know anything about the book/movie/story.
        3. If you think Katniss appears fit and healthy, your right.
        4. One can’t be fit and healthy while at the same time being on deaths doorstep due to hunger… Morons.

        This is whats wrong with america. You women need to cut the carbs and hit the treadmill. In conclusion, shut up, make me a sandwich and once youre thin, meet me in the bedroom.

        Ps. Hollywood treats women like the rest of the world, they just publicize it. If you’re hating on Hollywood its prob bc real people think your fat and you want to blame someone or something. Hollywoods not the problem, you are.

      • Hungry games69 says:

        How many women are going to post, “if Katness is fat, I’m obese”? This just in: you probably are! Lose some weight so you look sexy like Katniss. Have some pride, quit your feminist rants and stop taking out your fat self loathing anger on people who have the sense to know that Katniss did not appear starved.
        1. When water with mint leaves is a meal, you are too weak to stand, haven’t had real food in weeks, and are about to die from Starvation, you are going to appear gaunt and emaciated.
        2. If you don’t think she was supposed to be at this level of starving, you don’t know anything about the book/movie/story.
        3. If you think Katniss appears fit and healthy, your right.

      • Hungry games69 says:

        4. One can’t be fit and healthy while at the same time being on deaths doorstep due to hunger… Morons.

        This is whats wrong with america. You women need to cut the carbs and hit the treadmill. In conclusion, shut up, make me a sandwich and once youre thin, meet me in the bedroom.

        Ps. Hollywood treats women like the rest of the world, they just publicize it. If you’re hating on Hollywood its prob bc real people think your fat and you want to blame someone or something. Hollywoods not the problem, you are.

      • Hungry games69 says:

        4. One can’t be fit and healthy while at the same time being on deaths doorstep due to hunger… Morons.
        This is whats wrong with america. You women need to cut the carbs and hit the treadmill. In conclusion, shut up, make me a sandwich and once youre thin, meet me in the bedroom.
        P.s. Hollywood treats women like the rest of the world, they just publicize it. If you’re hating on Hollywood its prob bc real people think your fat and you want to blame someone or something. Hollywoods not the problem, you are.

  18. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    Well, it’s Hollyweird, a place filled wiith hypocrites. You can never win.

  19. Cel says:

    I’d like to see photos of these critics and others who say she is fat. Of course they will use the excuse that they are not actors, but critics who dish it out should be able to take it too. What a shame they are not focusing on her acting ability.

  20. dholmas says:

    She is far from fat. I agree with her saying she is a normal size. Myself I go between a US 4-6 which some people today think is fat. Guess what a size 0 is unhealthy and unattractive unless you are very petite to begin with. Been there you look like a BobbleHead.

  21. Micki says:

    If they wanted no fatty they should have casted KStew.She’s positively emaciated and not toned(in a bad way).But I suppose other more important features of Katniss would be underdeveloped too.
    Thanks God the JLaw got the part despite her “baby fat”

    • Eileen says:

      OMG-I would have lost my sh!t if they had cast a Lip-Biting Katniss…makes it hard to hit all those arrows right when your eyes are constantly rolling! lol ;)

  22. Akula says:

    No idea what they’re on about.She looks fantastic!

  23. mln76 says:

    I am so sick of Hollywood and the public and media. No weight is ‘good enough’ for anyone. Adele and JHud get criticized for being fat but when/if they lose weight they are traitors. Zoe Saldana and Angelina are too thin and couldn’t possibly be action stars (eventhough some of the hardest people to fight are thin and wiry as hell) and now JLaw is too fat eventhough she’s a perfectly normal size. Quite honestly I can’t remember weight ever being an issue for Tom C, Johnny D or any other male star. It’s sickening and even in this pro Jlaw article it’s disheartening that another actresses’ body(Zoe Saldana) has to be insulted in order to prove that Jlaw is good (I know the site is called CeleBITCHY). The only way that we can expect acceptance for different shapes and sizes in Hollywood is if we start accepting that women have different shapes and sizes and stop putting them down.*Steps down from soap box off to criticize Beyonce’s hideous pants*

    • Bite me says:


    • Gine says:

      Seriously, women in Hollywood just can’t win, period. Whatever they look like, critics will try to shame them for it.

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        And they never will win as long as Hollywood is run by men with warped opinions of women.

    • islandgirl says:

      Well Said!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Well put, mln76. The most ironic part is that we are so quick to blame Hollywood but really we need to have some accountability as far as what we as women contribute to the discussion. On various posts, so much criticism of women for being too fat/too skinny and this is coming from EACH OTHER. As you said, acceptance is letting women know that it’s ok to be skinny or a little overweight. Even women who suffer from overeating or anorexia deserve our EMPATHY, not our criticism. Women need to stop being our own worst enemy and start supporting each other.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes EMPATHY is the key! Sadly even in most of the comments talking about how wonderful JLaw is (and she is) the commenters are putting down other women because of their body type and/or possible issues. I also found the people attacking Adele yesterday for the possibility that she might want to lose a few lbs pretty pathetic.

    • Daphne says:

      This is very true. I come down hard on some actresses for being too thin, and you’re right in saying that the thing they probably need most is empathy for what they’re going through. It’s probably a self-esteem issue that caused them to get that thin in the first place, and my pointing that out can’t possibly help. That said, I wish that fans of some of these sickly-looking actresses would show their own empathy by admitting that there is a problem and urging them to like themselves and get help. Some people are naturally thin (my whole family is like this, and we have to try extra hard to keep muscle mass and healthy weight on), but a lot of these actresses have gone from beautiful, healthy women to emaciated stick figures. It’s obvious that they’re suffering in one way or another and their extreme weight loss isn’t normal or healthy. While promoting support for women everywhere, is it too much to ask that we at least call this for what it is? These women are social and media role models for our children. I think it’s ok to express discomfort in someone who is obviously taking a toll on their own body to fit an ideal. Just as it’s ok to say that Jennifer Lawrence is being unjustly criticized over nothing. She is and they are. Promote healthy views, not acceptance of obvious disorders. *shrug* Just my opinion. There are plenty of healthy looking, thin women in hollywood who don’t look emaciated/starving/sickly. I don’t mind if someone is heavier set or thin, so long as they aren’t promoting something grievously distorted to my daughter/sisters/mother.

  24. Haha I think the Critics are BLIND! Jennifer Lawrence is Not FAT she looks Healthy and Normal To me :D And Remember that No one Really likes Skinny Ladies!So Stop Criticizing Jennifer Lawrence.. She is PERFECT and TALENTED! Good Luck Jennifer ILY!!!

  25. kit says:

    This just makes me sad. Hollywood and the fashion world have such a distorted view of women’s bodies.
    How many women can be a size 0 or 2 on a healthy diet with exercise? Not me, i would still be a 6 or 8…
    If you think about it, how many actresses have we seen getting slimmer and thinner in the past few years?

  26. lflips says:

    Anyone who would call her fat has mental health issues.

  27. sarah says:

    She’s definitely not fat but her face is really puffy. That’s why she looks like she has never been starving in her life (and Katniss surely did)

    • fabgrrl says:

      She just has a “baby face”. Ah, to be young and have a nice full face and a lean figure at the same time!

  28. It is ME!! says:

    Uhhhhhhh, not seeing the “fat.”

    Love her hair.

  29. Rll says:

    They want to keep us frail and starving so we’re too weak to take over

  30. mia girl says:

    You know, it’s bad enough when people say stupid things, but it really pisses me off that “reputable” critics are trying to body shame this actress. It’s condescending and disgraceful.

    Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing figure, one that teenage girls need to see more of because there is so much insecurity and desire to be stick thin already at a young age. My 13 yr old daughter has friends who eat nothing at lunch in school so they won’t gain weight. Meanwhile, my daughter will be eating a healthy lunch and yet she feels like maybe she’s eating too much (bc others aren’t eating enough). The whole mixed message sent to these girls is crazy, so the emergence of a healthy, fit Jennifer Lawrence is much needed!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      This! I daily reinforce to my fourteen year old gorgeous daughter that at a size 4/6 and almost 5’7″ is perfect, her plump cheeks are radiant. This sh-t is rammed down their throats in every show, mag, game, friend, movie, pop star. What a shame.
      What a shame that it makes it so that by the time you feel good about yourself, you look back at pics and say, wow I looked great why didn’t I embrace that? I look good for my age, but I’ll never be 17 again. I just unearthed my prom pic and died. Damn. Why waste that worrying and starving?

  31. Chatcat says:

    This young lady is smart, talented, pretty and built great. Anybody that says anything else is jealous…period.

    • fabgrrl says:

      She really is. I heard her on NPR the other day, and she sounded so smart, warm, funny, and articulate. I can’t believe she is only 21 years old.

  32. Quinn says:

    We are a truly scary culture to be discussing this girl’s weight…she is incredibly fit, athletic and trim. When did we start failing to appreicate HEALTHY bodies? Lolipop heads on stick bodies are NOT attractive NOR healthy.

  33. ShayKay says:

    She gorgeous and I would hazard a guess that most men find her far more attractive than her fellow “bobbleheads.” Besides Christian Bale wasn’t available to play Katniss although I don’t doubt the man capable of it.

  34. fabgrrl says:

    What? wow! Talk about out of touch. I’ve never read the books, but even IF her character is supposed to be emaciated, is Jennifer Lawrence supposed to put herself on a near-starvation diet? Just for a role? It is called ACTING, not imitation. Not everyone has Christian Bale’s special kind of crazy and feels the need to starve themselves down to a disgusting level.

    • Gine says:

      Yeah, he and other actors get so much praise for things like that, but I think it’s unnecessary and a little nuts. I know some actors feel the need to “be” their character, but if you need to take it that far, how good an actor are you, really?

      • fabgrrl says:

        It really does seem strange. Where is the talent? the acting?

        Forgive my film nerdiness, but I want to make a point. I’ve heard that while filming Marathon Man 1976, Dustin Hoffman, the method actor, would put himself through grueling runs to *become* his character. Laurence Olivier quipped, “Why don’t you try ‘acting’, my boy?”. More relevant to Christian Bale’s weight – “Now, Voyager” (1942), Bette Davis’ character loses a good deal of weight. Bette Davis herself did not gain or lose 30 pounds, or wear a fat suit – it was her posture, movements, and clothing.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m just going to make a wild conjecture here and assume that none of you guys saw The Machinist. I don’t think any of you would be questioning Bale’s acting abilities if you did…

    • Poppy says:

      I stand by calling her too beefy for this role. Throughout the books, most everyone in her District is not getting enough food. It’s one of the central themes of the book. While the ACTRESS has a nice sized shape, she as the CHARACTER she is playing, is too well-fed. She constantly stuffs her face on the train to the city, in the city, and at every event she goes to. This says she is starving, can’t get enough food. I doubt she’s bulimic. You need to separate the ACTRESS from the CHARACTER. “The Hunger Games” isn’t some sort of holy work that isn’t allowed to be criticized. I haven’t seen the movie because I found the books to be so insipid and repetitious that I couldn’t finish the third one. This chick isn’t my version of Katniss. Deal with the fact that not everyone agrees she’s the Greatest Thing To Ever Hit Hollywood. And no…she doesn’t need to do the stupidness Anne Hathaway is currently doing for “Les Miserables”.

      • fabgrrl says:

        Oh c’mon! When do Hollywood actors EVER look like the characters they play? Do you seriously believe medieval people had perfect teeth and lush, healthy hair? “Ugly” in movies and TV is still better looking than your average person.

      • Lissa says:

        She is supposed to be doing okay to feed her family as a hunter in this story, am I right? (Sorry I haven’t read the books). She has a roundish face that makes her seem a bit less frail-looking and lucky for her, more youthful but the rest of her body cannot possibly be called beefy. She is probably between a sz 2, no bigger than a sz 4 and that is pushing it. Like you said, she isn’t YOUR version of Katniss, but that simply does not make her look like a person who is “stuffing her face” constantly. I think it’s her round face that’s making some people perceive her as bigger when she isn’t.

      • Samigirl says:

        You read the books…so you KNOW she is a hunter. She and Gale get squirrels, rabbits, strawberries, turkeys, even a deer every once in a while. They’ve got a goat for cheese and milk. The book says it over and over and over again…their family is better fed than the other families in the Seam and District 12. So no, she is NOT too beefy for this role. She is well fed, as is Katniss.

      • DeeVine says:

        I agree with you Poppy, I read all 3 books and thought Jennifer Lawrence was too big for Katniss, a starving young teen girl. Jennifer Lawrence as a normal person is perfectly fine and healthy.

        Even though Katniss was a hunter, she would still be skinny, but maybe more toned and sinewy. Whatever she caught would be shared among her family, Gale’s or sold in the black market for other food and staples. Jennifer has too much of a healthy glow and full cheeks.

        If Renee Z can be bothered to put on pounds for all the Bridget Jones movies, I thought Jennifer should have lost more weight for this role. Imagine the fans uproar if Renee Z said “my acting is so good i don’t need to gain the weight”. Hemsworth lost weight for the role. Peeta is supposed to be strong and stocky so I have no problem with their weight as it is true to the story. I really appreciate when actors try to change their bodies to fit a role better. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman did it for Black Swan, Christian Bale did if for the Machinist and The Fighter, Matt Damon gained for the Informant and lost for Courage Under Fire. She is being paid millions, so she should put in 100% to be as close to character as possible.

      • Liv says:

        Samigirl, you are so right! But some people just don’t wanna understand that. I suspect most of them don’t even know the books and assume it’s the Hunger Games, so because of that she need to look like that. It is also mentioned somewhere, that kids from her district never had a chance to win the games because they were too weak of starving all the time. In my opinion she would never have won the games if she wouldn’t have had a well fed body like the careers.

      • Pirouette says:

        So what you’re saying is that they should’ve found a genuinely STARVING person to play the role, to create a believable character. Either I’m confused or unable to believe what you are saying. Please clarify.

  35. Rux says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with her physique. She looks healthy.

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    THE saddest part about that whole situation is that the young actress who played Rue is aware of all the racist garbage being spewed about her.
    This should be an exciting time for the little girl, but instead she has to suffer through racist diatribes.

    Sometimes the anonymity of the Internet makes me sick. The people saying these things should be held personally accountable (instead of sitting in their mom’s basements, in their dirty underwear trolling the Internet because they’re miserable losers who want others to feel as pathetic as their lives actually are).

    • maemay says:

      I also think that the actress who plays Rue is multiracial herself. So these people are dumb, racist and blind.

    • Calli P says:

      That is undeniably horrible.

      I kept looking at that little girl in the film and thinking, ‘She’s so pretty, she’ll be just beautiful as an adult.’

      I often think biracial kids are the most beautiful-perfect skin color, melding of ethnic features- but that’s just me.

      I hope she kicks ass as an actress & model in the future.

      Ignorant racists.

    • marlee says:

      Clearly I am not defending the fact that those people tweeted that her being black “ruined the movie, etc etc” but I did notice that most of them seemed to be young (teenagers.) In this day and age where everything is anonymous online, you see people losing any accountability for their words because they are hiding behind a computer screen. Think of all the vapid shit that comes out of celebrity twitter accounts (Rhianna I’m looking at you…) Hopefully their parents took away their phone/computer privileges.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Mort, I think the little girl who plays Rue looks perfect for the role. Rue reminded Katniss of Prim in her MANNERISMS; it never says she looked just like Prim.

      Shame on people for being so cruel to a child. (And as the mother of 2 BEAUTIFUL mixed-ethnicity kids, this seriously gets my goat!) I haven’t read the nasty comments, nor will I.

      As far as Thresh, they’re from the same District, so it’s not unheard of that they would share similar looks, just like the people from The Seam.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      That is disgusting and I won’t read it. Rue’s district was in the agricultural south, while Katniss is from the Appalachian coal mines. Rue looks beautifully just as she and Thresh should. Why would the two regions or all of Panem have to be white? It says that nowhere in the book and makes no sense. Everyone left is one race? Idiotic. People in one area resemble each other. Crazy, huh? With some differences but you get the gist.
      Katniss was cast perfectly. That girl is slight, thinner by far than your average female and lean. Not beefy.

  37. betty says:

    people get grief for being too “fat” and then some get grief for being too “anorexic” what is wrong with the media…

  38. FiveO says:

    SMH. Jennifer Lawrence is BANGIN. Wtf is wrong with white folks and their idea of beauty consisting of being able to see a woman’s ribs and them being shaped like a microphones and surfboards??? Real women have SHAPE. Do white boys get off on bangin skeletons or somethin? Somebody please explain this to me. :/

    • Kimbob says:

      Haha…I think you’re “onto something” @FiveO! Like your name, by the way.

      If you go to the website “” you’ll see that this is EXACTLY the case. It’s disgusting, but true.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      No, actually real women come in ALL shapes and sizes. And no, you’re not really contributing anything positive to the discussion (although you probably think that you are) by calling thin women (who may be so naturally) “skeletons” or “surfboards”. Sorry but FAIL..
      This comment also begs the question-what do REAL men look like? Please tell me. Or better yet, let me dictate to you what the ideal male image is. That seems fair and equitable to me.

      • janie says:

        Thank you.

      • FiveO says:

        Lmao wow, you must be one of those “surfboards” i was referring to or something, because i see no other reason why you would get THAT upset about my comment.

        A hit dog will holler…womp womp. :/

  39. JCamp11 says:

    I am so relieved to read the comments above. There is so much pro-anorexia sentiment floating around today. . . Yay for Celebitchy readers! As a mom raising two daughters, I fear the day one of them looks at her normal, healthy and strong body and says, “I look fat.” And as a mom raising a son, I hope I help him develop a way of appreciating women that is based more on intelligence, humor and compassion than just the sum of her physical parts. Hollywood and the media aren’t allies in that endeavor. Cheers to Jennifer Lawrence! I want to see her go far in film (and maintain her healthy additude and physique).

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Very well said. It sounds like you have a very healthy attitude and, therefore, a great chance of instilling these important values in them. Good luck.

  40. Pamela says:

    What I wouldn’t do to look like Jennifer Lawrence.

    It is truly a sad day when someone as gorgeous as her is criticized and called fat.

    I have a 2 year old daughter and it pains me to see this crap. I don’t want her to grow up thinking a size 6 is FAT!

  41. Wif says:

    I think her physique worked mostly in her favour. In the book you can buy that someone who is on the brink of starving can win the games, because you get to picture it how you want. In the movie it wouldn’t have seemed at all realistic for her to be a competitor if she was too small.

    The only point where I felt she looked to healthy was in the flashback with Peeta and the bread. She did NOT look starving there. But you can’t blame her for that. That whole bit didn’t work nearly as well as in the book, so that’s something gone awry with the direction.

  42. maemay says:

    OMG don’t give away the twist about Jesus!!! Spoiler Alert!!!

  43. IAmSam says:

    I do not agree with the Hollywood standards for attractiveness. And I think Jennifer has a lovely, athletic figure. However, having said that, in the book she is described as slim – even more so when she is starved in DURING the games. The book specifically describes how thin she is following days of no food.

    I am not saying that this is an image we need young women to desire – however the book tells a story which can legitimately be argued not to be sufficiently represented by ALL THREE of the leads. The boys too are too build and healthy – all contestants were thin to begin with, and lost even more weight during the games. You cannot deny that – its in black and white in the book. And as much as Renee had to be fuller for Bridget Jones, and Charlize “uglier” for Monster, to be truly accurate Jennifer, Liam and Josh should have been slimmer for the Hunger Games.

    All I am saying is that I can see where the critics are coming from, from the point of view of having a truly accurate depiction of the book.

    • Diana says:

      Those are my exact thoughts. I also think in Jennifers case it could have been solved by make up. She did not need to lose weigth on her body, but her face looked really puffy, with a great make up artist she could have looked more appropiate for the context the books set.

  44. Blue says:

    I really hope those “critics” don’t have youg females in their families. Hollywood has made reality so unrealistic.

  45. Michele says:

    She looks fine. She’s a healthy weight for her body type. She’s a big boned girl so she is never going to look similar to the tiny framed girls like Nicole Ritchie, Kiera Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez, Kristin Chenoweth, etc. Jennifer also has a very round face which gives the allusion of her being heavier. Just look how fit she was on the red carpet for her Hunger Games premieres. She wore some very slinky and revealing dresses which showed a lot of skin. She didn’t look heavy at all. She is not fat and never has been!

    • Calli P says:

      When did normal, feminine curves become ‘big-boned’? Such sad commentary on our society.

      Her wrists do not indicate a ‘big-boned’frame.

  46. Brannie says:

    No wonder our daughter are bullimics or anorexics at 10 years old. This is getting out of control.

    Hollywood is so effed up. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    JLaw is a stunning, healthy and FIT young woman. People need to leave her alone.

  47. Jordan says:

    Wow, I’m glad they named names of the so-called ‘professional’ critics. I shocked that they actually think Jennifer is fat or big boned. Please, I wish I was that ‘fat’.

  48. Alexis says:

    I knew the haters would come at her as soon as I saw her (lovely, btw) body. I’m around the same size as Lawrence (although less toned and with smaller boobs), and I usually wear size 2-4, depending on the brand (usually 2). It’s crazy now that they are going after a pretty woman who is 21 and literally around a size 2. What’s next?

    It’s sad when only tallish women with naturally small frames who are clearly taking pains to stay about 5-10lbs below their happy weights (Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.) are able to escape being called fat.

    • Hipocricy says:

      But they are not able to escape the skelletish or anorexic comments which is even worst than FAT because it implies they are not even human anymore or stricked with some severe lethal desease.

      • Alexis says:

        What’s truly sad is being called anorexic is less bad than being called fat these days. Being called bigger is somehow done more often (and in more subtly mean ways, like calling someone “healthy” or “substantial”) than being called out for being too thin. You rarely see people caving to public pressure to gain weight. When that happens, I think it’s because the person becomes more mature (for example, Nicole Ritchie) or gets treatment (I seem to recall Knightley recognizing that she had an ED and dealing with it, so she’s still thin but not as painfully thin as the height of her ED).

      • mln76 says:

        ALL comments about people’s weight hurt. If you are thin it hurts to be called anorexic and if you are heavy it hurts to be called obese. If you are heavy and choose to lose weight it hurts to be put down and denigrated for your life choices. Especially in cases like Jennifer Lawrence and Adele when there is so much more to talk about then just their weight. Both are talented as all get out and should be appreciated for their talent!!!
        The idea that one is worse than the other is possibly a justification to start putting someone down for something you don’t like I suspect.

  49. JessSaysNo says:

    While I really hate conversations on womens bodies because it IS sexist and wrong, there is a difference between saying she is unconvincing at Katniss (due to weight) and saying she is chubby in general.

    She is not fat AT ALL– she is healthy and looks great. Not sickly like Kstew often looks. But in some respects I feel that Katniss WAS supposed to look starving and JLaw never did. That’s OK but the whole book/movie is about food and hunger and it doesnt really make sense that Katniss would be healthy looking.

    • Calli P says:

      I don’t think as many tickets would sell if she were to stay completely true to character.

      So much of the story is so ugly- brutal, really- that there needs to be some beauty as a balm.

  50. D1 says:

    Let me know when all these critics claiming that Lawrence looks “unrealistic” for someone starving, malnourished, & poverty-stricken also complain that she didn’t have missing/decaying teeth, thinning hair, and sallow, flaky skin.

    Oh right – that will never happen. Apparently, some types of realism are more desirable than others, especially for actresses you want to be able to wank to. Missing teeth may be realistic, but they’re definitely not hot.

    • Lila says:

      Actually, that bugged me more than the weight…Give the parents yellow teeth, make Gale have a missing tooth…there were a lot of things that were Hollywood.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Absolutely spot on comment!! I agree with everything that you said. It amazes me that HW wants to push unnaturally thin women into being the desired body type. Never mind, that these women DO literally starve themselves on occasion to attain that “ideal” weight. Further w/o trainers, nutritionists, vitamins etc., even they wouldn’t be able to subsist on the few calories they take in and even if they could, the flip side of that would be the hair loss, bad skin, and everything you described above. It’s unnatural, time-consuming, and budget-breaking to try and look what is essentially an extremely hungry lollipop head!! Recently read an article about a few stars pre-award show diets in which they talk about when they start on all liquids or a greatly reduced calorie intake. Really? That’s what western society has driven females to? Why in the hell do we all accept it? FFS, I’ll just shut up b/c at this rate, our daughters, sisters, our very selves will all but disappear. Maybe, when the “ideal” gets 10-15 lbs lighter, they’ll just get wheeled to movie sets/red carpets on hand carts so everyone can ooh and aah over their beautiful dresses plus how “sexy” they look. Seriously, HW can’t insist on too much smaller b/c the actresses aren’t even going to be able to move!!
      AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Hope this makes sense b/c this seriously pisses me off!

    • Liv says:

      Good point!

    • I Choose Me says:

      I agree with you. While in my mind Katniss was supposed to be shorter and smaller (I’m thinking wiry not thin) I really didn’t care about it too much as Jennifer did such a great job. What did irk me though was that I thought she and Gale and Peeta looked too well-groomed. Hair shiny, teeth perfect, eyebrows nicely maintained. That scene where they were beautifying her, well, they didn’t have to do much. Also I expected more injuries. I’m not a gore-phile by any means but a little bit more realism would have been nice.

    • Pirouette says:

      D1, I totally agree. People loooove to think they are being objective, but they are just doing what they are told. Yay for critical thinking skills!!!

  51. Jennifer12 says:

    My four year old daughter looked down at her legs yesterday and said, “Mama, am I fat?” I wanted to cry. This is where this sh!t comes from. How is Jennifer Lawrence fat? This is why Jennifer Hudson finally has a career as a thin person. Sick, sick, sick. We have a bunch of lollipop heads and this is why. Not just the racist jerks on Twitter I’ve heard about, but “real” critics?? I hate people.

  52. jc126 says:

    She looked awesome. Buff and thin, super fit.

    But, she didn’t look like she was starving or at risk of doing so. I haven’t read the books so don’t know how she’s described therein, but I kept thinking “aren’t they supposed to be starving?”

    However, on that note, a super-skinny heroine wouldn’t look strong enough to fight in those games, either. I think Angelina is too skinny to play action heroes, for instance.

    • Gine says:

      The people who live where her character lives are generally very poorly-fed and some are starving, yes, but Katniss herself has become a hunter to help support her family, so it’s not unrealistic to the books for her to look healthier.

      She’s described as short, though, which Jennifer isn’t, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone! Wonder why.

    • Sisi says:

      My impression from the book was that katniss has an inferiority complex. Its written in the first person and she thinks she her competitors are intimidating because of their size and assumptions that they have never lacked in food. She feels frail and small. But the guys say she’s unaware of herself and people in the district think she’s a strong contestant, so they obviously see something else when looking at her. She’s not like the others in district 12.

  53. Calli P says:

    You go, Jennifer!!!

    This is a gorgeous, nubile young woman.

    She has such a beautiful and feminine face, lovely full lips. Just a sensuous being.

    Such a tiny waist & curvaceous hips! I wish I had that type of figure rather than the short-waisted ( which always looked a bit thick)one I do. I would work it!!

    You keep telling them to eff off, JLaw.
    You’re natural & gorgeous & that is threatening to the Hollyweird stickwomen & the misogynist directors upon whom they are dependent.

  54. HadleyB says:

    I think that actors should try to look like the characters in a book or movie they portray.

    I haven’t read these books so I don’t know what she is suppose to look like based on the books, or her character but as a regular person: she looks fine. Not fat not thin just normal.. better than normal!

    I think today there is a too big of a difference in today’s “real” society of over weight people and the too thin people in Hollywood. Yes, people are over weight all over and too many of them and it’s suppose to be acceptable to be obese .. why should it?

    We should try to be more normal. Not very thin, and not fat..

    And why are not critics talking about Jennifer’s co star who is so very short for a boy? Is he suppose to be that short in the books?

    Weight bothers women, height bothers men. It’s never ending…

    • fabgrrl says:

      It’s such a self perpetuating, downward cycle. The “ideal” is a good deal thinner than most women can healthily achieve. So they feel “fat” and worthless because they aren’t “pretty”. They give up on themselves, and this leads to ACTUAL fatness. {Sure, I know there are a whole lot of other factors leading to the American “obesity epidemic”.}

  55. Linn says:

    She’s about the same size as me and I work as a lingerie model! And people I work with has never critisized me for being too fat, and my job still basically consists of looking good in underwear. I think it’s truly sickening that an ACTRESS whose job is portraying a role, not looking a certain way, gets so much crap for her looks.

  56. Jordan says:

    I have a bigger problem with the Salon dude’s quote:
    “If that sounds like too much intellectual heavy lifting to apply to a girl-centric action-romance that mashes up a bunch of disparate influences and ingredients, from Greek mythology to Orwell to Stephen King, well, it probably is.”
    You know, because anything that applies to girls can’t be intellectually heavy.

  57. TG says:

    Agree with most on this post. Jennifer looks fantastic. And can you imagine an emaciated actress being believable in that part? Please. It is very hard to look both very skinny and tough, usually only young teenagers can pull that off. I can’t see the Jolie’s starving body being believable. Apparantely many men don’t agree with the critics either. Wasn’t she one of the top 10 on Maxim’s list? I loved the movie and thought both Lawrence and Hutcherson did a fantastic job. I don’t think she has anything to worry about apparently her fatness helped earn the movie well over $200 million. Geez, I know we are bitchy on here but there are a lot of jealous people out there to call her fat.

  58. Mel says:

    I really like Jennifer Lawrence and thought she did a fantastic job in Hunger Games. I guess it seems to me that not everyone on this thread has read the books. The first book delved into great lengths about being hungry, nearly starving to death, never having enough food,etc. The description of Katniss was reinforced on how tiny and little she was…and that was clearly not portrayed in the movie.

    On one level I applaud the movie for not making her weight an issue and not making Lawrence lose weight. BUT – her figure did not actively portray what was written in the book and I thought that took away from the integrity of the character. The book is called the Hunger Games for a reason…

  59. Keis says:

    I suppose Jennifer Lawrence could have lost a bunch of weight for this role, but not everyone has to be Christian Bale, Beyonce, or Natalie Portman, and if the movie was concerned about being faithful to the book they could have requested the actress be thin (like how Bridget Jones is ‘fat’) or could have even written a screenplay with less emphasis on the ‘love story.’ They did not however, so I don’t see how any of this becomes the fault of the actress that was selected for the role – presumably because she brought the character to life best.

    If I were her and 22, with such an amazing body, I would hate it if I had lost the weight for this role, only to be perpetually reminded of the public preference for my former figure (like Scarlett Johannsen), even if I did get some praise for providing a more ‘authentic’ Katniss. Moreover, even if she were thinner, she’d still be getting crap for not being ‘ethnic enough.’

  60. Lila says:

    She’s not fat, but she and the guys all looked healthy. Clean skin, white teeth, and the bread scene was ridiculous. I blame the make up team and the special effects. That bothered me more than the weight thing. I do get where a few of the critics are coming from, not the ones who call her fat but the ones who say everyone looked healthy. The books clearly state that she is much lighter than the other tributes, despite being strong, and at the end of the games she and Peeta are pretty much emaciated…She is a hunter, but she gives her food first to het family and still enters her name a lot to get the extra grain. However, Josh and Liam also did not fit the weight description. All three were of a normal weight. Normally, I would not think anything of it but the books do emphasize hunger and starvation.

    • Diana says:

      I thought that scene where she’s sopposed to be beautyfied by the stlylists was ridiculous. She was gorgeous from the start. The least they could have done was gave her bad hair and bad looking skin so when the time to the big transformation came she would looked transformed.

  61. Danielle says:

    loved the books and movie, but while we’re discussing weight, i love him but i think woody harelson was to thin to play Haymitch;-)

    • Diana says:

      I thoght so too! My exact words were, The ones the should have looked malnorished, looked perfectly fine and the one that should have looked completly obese looked way too thin.

  62. Dragonlady sakura says:

    This is a sad society when all some people do is knock each other down. This girl is beautiful and looks healthy, but because we can’t see her damn bones, she’s considered fat?! WTF?

  63. aenflex says:

    Haters gonna hate.
    She’s awesome and beautiful. The people calling her fat are probably plauged with ED and/or deep self esteem issues.

  64. Jenna says:

    Did it ever occur to those criticizing the actors for their weight to consider the HEALTH implications of it all? Do you honestly consider them to lose tons of weight to appear emaciated, only to gain it back, then shed that weight all over again for a sequel? Guess what, books are great because you get to IMAGINE all the aspects of it. When there’s a film adaptation nothing will ever be the same, and I’d rather have a great performance like Jennifer’s than have a half-starving actress on screen because she looks like we “thought” she would. Sheesh.

    • Liv says:

      Exactly! Because of imagination (when reading books) there are so many different opinions of how characters have to look like. Good god, in times of CGI no actor and definitly no actress should loose or gain that much weight. And I never imagined Katniss being like Miranda Kerr by the way!

    • jenna says:

      Agreed (nice name, btw;)). Also, if the movie were going to be totally true to the books, JLaw would have had to appear at several totally different weights, meaning that she probably would have had to lose/gain weight very fast during filming, or that filming would have been much more drawn out (i.e., film scenes where she’s “normal”, stop filming and wait for her to lose weight, film scenes where she’s a little too thin, pause, film scenes where she’s super thin, etc.). It’s pretty clear in the book that she gains some weight during the training period and then loses a fair amount during the games–depicting that weight loss “authentically” (i.e. by making Lawrence actually lose a ton of weight) would have been a nightmare, I imagine.

      Also, the fact that Katniss was able to lose so much weight during the games and still be in (sort of) decent shape at the end of it (i.e., not actually dead of starvation) implies that she must have had some weight available to lose coming into the games. If she was emaciated and starvation level skinny at the Reaping, she probably would have dropped dead from hunger after a week in the arena.

      Honestly also, even if it’s not authentic that JLaw didn’t emerge from the Games looking like a famine victim, I think that’s a fine and responsible decision given the movie’s target audience. You KNOW tons of young girls are going to see this movie and on some level are going to want to look like Katniss, even if Katniss looks unhealthy. If she’s shown looking severely underweight, that could potentially screw with a lot of teenage/preteen minds. It’s not like this is an adults-only film where the audience should be responsible enough to realize that “hey, this super skinny person I am looking at is way unhealthy, don’t try for that at home!”.

      • Jenna says:

        Oh yeah, definitely a great name! Lol. ;)

        And I agree with your statement on so many levels, it would have been almost impossible to ask a person to endure that. If they wanted her to appear on the brink of starvation, they probably could’ve done so. But honestly I wasn’t so rabid about comparing the movie to the book. At the end of the day, I still liked it. And she gave a great performance.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        And don’t forget how well-fed these kids were on the train ride to The Capitol, as well as once they were there.

        Food the likes of which they’d never seen nor even knew existed!

      • jenna says:

        Also, replying to myself to point out that in the book she is totally shocked by how thin she has gotten at the end of the Games. That suggests to me that “normal” for Katniss (i.e., what her body is like when she’s out in District 12 doing her thing) is NOT an emaciated figure of protruding bones. If it was, she’d be all “oh, I’m back to normal now”, not “damn, I have gotten shockingly thin, WTF?!”

  65. ciel says:

    So, the people who actually criticize her are all male??? what the hell? i bet those men are gay if they actually find emaciated actresses hot/fit etc. hollyweird is f–ked up. i hope jennifer would never take those words seriously.

  66. moonriver says:

    I think she looks average and there s nothing special about her body. I find it ironic that she’s praise for being normal and for having healthy self esteem, will Scarlett Johansson is bashed.maybe its the difference in the two women’s personalities. I don’t know, nor am I looking for someone to explain it to me. Its just funny how e can love and hate such similar things.

  67. bluhare says:

    Ferheavensakes, she played the young Rebecca Romijn character in xmen! Naked except for body paint. Did they not see that movie?????

    Second, I hope she does not let this affect her psyche.

  68. jenna says:

    So ridiculous. Okay, she doesn’t have super prominent cheekbones so her FACE may look a little rounded/not gaunt, but her BODY? Is clearly tiny. It was reported that she DID lose some weight for this role, and personally I think it’s great that the director decided she did not need to starve her way down to looking like a famine victim. I am pretty thin by mainstream US standards (size 4-6), work out a lot, and there is still no way I would look as good as she does in a pleather bodysuit. I would have to lose a lot of body fat to do that. So, sorry, not fat. I’d guess she’s probably at the lowest possible healthy weight for her height/bone structure, and that she’s mostly bone and muscle.

    If you go to areas where hunger (not raging famine) is the norm, you do see people who look to be at a healthy, if thin, weight. We have this expectation that if you are frequently going hungry you must be completely emaciated, but there is definitely a broad spectrum of “underfed”. The books make it pretty clear that Katniss had a brief period of extreme hunger/desperation (after her father died), but that after that she was able to hunt/gather enough to keep her family fed, which suggests that she was not starving to death (come on, she had to be getting enough food to have the energy to go out and get more food). And since her father was hunting/gathering before he died, it seems likely she was well-fed as a young child (i.e., no reason to expect permanent stunting of growth from chronic undernourishment early in life). Basically, I think her body was totally believable, maybe they could have done some stuff with makeup to make her face look a little more gaunt, but definitely she did not need to lose more weight.

    She is described as having lost a lot of weight by the end of the games, but honestly, given that the games were “only” about 2 weeks long and she does seem to be able to get SOME food pretty regularly, I think that is a “weight loss” that could probably be achieved largely through makeup, clever camera angles, etc.

    Ugh. What a totally stupid thing to zero in on. I thought she was great as Katniss. More to the point, Collins thought she was a great choice for Katniss, so she can’t look that far “off” from “reality”.

  69. Happy21 says:

    We as society needs to stop making weight such a huge deal. Almost every single actress is asked questions about their body and size in interviews and we are constantly having celebrity diets and workout plans shoved down our throats in magazines and on talk shows.

    Its sad. Of my 5 closest friends, 4 of them talk all the time about their weight. Some need to lose, some don’t but are near obsessed with staying thin. Its so sad. We don’t have a conversation where food and/or diet is not mentioned. I’m not completely innocent but must say that I am the most real about it. I manage to eat well and exercise mostly because it makes me feel good but I don’t feel the need to obsess about it. I am what I am, I try.

    Its everywhere. Its hard to get away from and its ridiculous. We are women and we come in every shape and size. Some of us are healthy and some of us are not.

    Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent actress. She was wonderful as Katniss and she has a beautiful body. I wish!! Its such bullcrap. More people need to accept who they are and stand up for themselves. Not just celebrities.

  70. Ally says:

    Someone may have mentioned this already, but didn’t the author of the book series hand select her for the role? That speaks volumes. I may be mistaken about that, though.

  71. Jenny says:

    It’s just another way for men to keep women feeling bad about themselves and try to keep them submissive.

    • YEP_ITS_HER says:

      Yep, that’s the long and short of it. It is hilarious to me that women are still seen as the bitchy gender.

  72. InVain says:

    This girl looks AMAZING. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Nuf said.

  73. Rachel says:

    This makes me very angry. She is amazing in the movie! AMAZING. And her body is absolutely bangin. There’s a scene right after the tribute parade when they’re being lead back to their apartment. She’s in her black lycra bodysuit & they show her from behind… her silohuette is stunning. Just stunning.

  74. erica says:

    I hope she lets NONE of that criticism about her body get to her at all – she is gorgeous and slim and the worst part of any of this would be if she started to believe what those idiots are saying, even just a little bit.

    Good to know sexism is alive and well, sheesh.

  75. Beth says:


    • MacScore says:

      Agree with most of the posts here, and of course with the lead article. jennifer lawrence is a talented, normal-weight young woman. thank goodness. Okay, now I’m going out on a limb: I hated the movie! Boring boring boring. I actually almost fell asleep. I thought it was trite and overly sentimental, and failed to problematize the issue of violence. I’m sure no-one will agree with me. (**runs for cover**)

  76. Meanchick says:

    Welcome to the jungle of Hollywood. A whole other kind of Hunger Game, where you are not accepted by many unless you are perpetually hungry from starving yourself. H-wood is one thing, but there are so many “fans” that have bought into that. Movies should portray some semblance of reality, right? Most women in this country are JL’s size or bigger. Talk about delusional.

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    Good on her for her healthy body image and shame on the critics (ALL of them!) for being such assholes about her body.

    READ the BOOK! Katniss is in excellent physical shape because her father took her hunting and fishing as a child, which is why she was able to feed and support her family from age 11 on, when he died!


  78. the original bellaluna says:

    I have a loaded question: Why isn’t anyone complaining that Rue & Thresh are from the Agricultural District 11, picking the fruit?

    I mean, if someone’s gonna bitch about their skin colour, at least be thorough.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I get you, but see my above comment. I thought of it as if you divided up the nation into regions like that, the NE and Midwest would be primarily whiter, while the south and the west would be darker. Now if Panem made everyone there do as a whole what the resources were, then you’d probably have similar looking Appalachians mining coal, maybe more people of color in the southern regions that can grow. Not everyone would be the same, but if CA was a region, I’d bet we’d have the central valley farming dominate as the breadbasket so maybe we’d see more Latinos there. It doesn’t make sense to me that we would all be one race. It does make sense that different regions might have a typical look and the jobs are dictated by the resources and not by racial motivation. I hope I made sense, and I clearly never expected to see all the characters one race. No country in the western world is one race, hardly any in the world anymore. Except we are all just the human race and come in different versions by a little tweak here or there…
      Racists are shitty people who are ignorant. The end.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I agree about not everyone being one race in Panem. I just don’t see how that would be possible. We’re too diverse now, as we are.

        But we DO know that much of the North America (which includes Canada) was destroyed and land-mass was lost. We have no way of knowing if there was a massive (or even minor) land-mass shift, or if Panem includes parts of Canada (which it well may).

        We also know that The Capitol is protected by or located somewhere in the Rockies (I personally think District 1 is in the Rockies, due to Mockingjay), and the Districts basically form a ring around it, spreading out from around The Capitol.

        District 12 is in the Appalachias, thus the coal mining. However, there are two different “looks” of people (that we know of): those from The Seam, who have grey eyes and dark hair; and those from the “better part” of District 12, who have blond hair and blue eyes.

        So who knows how many other different looks there are? Finnick is supposedly the god-like creature from 4 (seafood) who swims like a fish, whilst Johanna is the skilled ax-woman from 7 (lumber), and Nuts and Volts are from 5 (electricity/engineering/weapons, I assume).

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I totally agree. You had fox face, the big tributes from 1 and 2. I just don’t get how people could complain that there are non whites in the movie. Us other ethnicities live everywhere. Love Rue no matter her color.
        Just makes sense that there ethnicities even in Panem, the Capitol being in the Rockies.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      TOT, totally agree. Again. We also have no idea how large each District actually is; as in, how much square mileage does each encompass? And from what point in relation to The Capitol? (Yes, my mind tends to go into overdrive when it comes to the written word – I do love a good book, and have since I could read!)

      So the idea that everyone looks the same (aside from the ridiculous alterations of Capitol citizens) is just stupid.

      And yeah, Districts 1-4 supposedly consist of life-time trained Tributes. The closer the District, the better the treatment, IMO. More food; better training; more highly qualified Tributes.

      Someone, correct me if I’m wrong.

  79. Ruth says:

    “big boned lady”? can I have a little time-out to roll on the floor laughing?
    Utterly ridiculous and she is very beautiful.

  80. GirlyGirl says:

    When you register for Twitter there is no IQ test

    This is the downside, we have to treat the tweeting of idiots like it means something.

    Also movie critics need to get this kind of attention to fill their wallets. They are often paid a few bills if any of their reviews get mentioned in another paper/website

  81. Kelly says:

    She’s awesome. The people criticizing her are ridiculous.

  82. Cinesnatch says:

    If you read the Todd McCarthy review, he’s actually using the “baby fat” comment reverently.

  83. MST says:

    She looks great. I really, really hope she doesn’t succumb to the pressure and becoming another “lollypop” — stick thin body with a big head on top.

  84. The whole “Hunger Games” thing is overrated. The actress, the books, the movie….it’s silly. I saw “Winter’s Bone”. She walked around with “Where’s my Daddy? Have you seen my Daddy?”, got beat up a time or two, and came home. Not exactly superb acting skills. OMG SHE’S SUCH A ROLE MODEL FOR MY DAUGHTER(S)! Get a grip. Actresses/actors/pop stars/ athletes/models aren’t who you should want your kids to be.

  85. the original bellaluna says:

    Why aren’t people complaining that Rue & Thresh worked in the Agricultural District 11, picking fruit? Because if you’re gonna choose to bitch about something, at least be thorough.

    The whole “race” thing is seriously pissing me off, and this is the first I’ve heard of it. (Sorry, ladies.)

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @bells, best NOT to read the comments. They’re truly disturbing and nearly brought me to tears.

      I have yet to read The Hunger Games, but I plan to get there after I’m finished reading A Song of Ice and Fire.

  86. Amanda says:

    She is simply stunning and incredibly talented. I will never forget seeing her in that red dress, wearing her blonde hair down, and walking the red carpet at the 2011 Oscars. I was shocked – especially after having seen her in “Winter’s Bone.” She’s showing so much more potential than just another “Flavor of the Month” and I hope that she doesn’t give into Hollywood pressure and become another stick figure. I can see her having a long career as a character actress as long as she continues to buck the Hollywood too-thin trend and focus on character driven roles.

  87. sup says:

    i agree. she is not even remotely fat, her arms and tummy are extremely thin. some people are very slim but have puffy cheeks and i have known quite a few people irl like that. nothing wrong with that imo, even if you look chubs at first glance, it’s a good vantage because your face will not age as badly as of the women with very slim-thin faces. having some baby fat in your facial area is a great advantage especially for your mature ages.

  88. Deann Baldwin says:

    Honestly, this is a movie. We are forced to believe that gay actors can be our love interests, dogs talk, anorexic women with no muscle tone are super heros, that pasty faced men turn into vampires…..I mean give the girl a break. She is not fat, she is an actress, and apparently a good one judging from box office on this movie, She looks healthy, probably has some common sense and morals. And the majority of critics are catty little men who wished they had been actors or actresses. I would make my millions and lmao to the bank. Who cares what the critics say. Hopefully she will not get sucked into that dark abyss like alot of others who had potential.

  89. Kim says:


    What in the world, this girl is thin! She has full cheeks but is by no means even close to being chubby let alone fat.

  90. Bella Bella says:

    If JLaw is Beefy then I’ll be Beefy any day. She’s so gorgeous and her body is killer!

  91. Isa says:

    I thought she has a beautiful body. One that I would strive for. I really liked it in the shot when she’s walking down the hallway in the cargo pants and the black t. She seems strong, yet feminine. Perfect.

  92. I Choose Me says:

    Saw the movie. Jennifer Lawrence was awesome in the role, Donald Sutherland made for a chilling Pres. Snow and Elizabeth Banks is a terrific Effie. Having said all that, I thought the movie was just ok.

    On topic – I must admit that the image of Katniss in my mind was of someone slighter and shorter but Jennifer Lawrence is far, far from fat. Sheeet, wish I had her tiny waist.

  93. Lisa says:

    She’s not fat. She’s not skinny or toned, but that doesn’t mean fat. Her body isn’t my ideal – I prefer more muscle, but to act like she’s a whale is pretty crazy.

  94. dan says:

    Today’s standards and obsession with beauty and weight is causing so many problems. What does it take for this world to change? We have teens killing themselves, bullying, eating disorders, severe depression issues, and plastic surgery obsession and no one is doing anything to change it.
    The human race has become beyond disgusting, we judge other’s on their weight more so than their character. You know Ozzy’s daughter made a great point. People were more concerned about her looks and weight than her drug and drinking issues. That’s sick!
    There are serious issues out there but oh my, we care more about how many rolls a woman has or the lack of them.

  95. ichsi says:

    I wanna live in a world where ‘normal’ women look like jlaw. Even if I was considered a total lard ass, it would worth it for the beauty!

  96. skeptical says:

    WTF??? I wish I was as “fat” as her!
    That girl is GORGEOUS!
    The critics are the lardy lumps of lardass! Stop the body bullying of women and girls!

    • Susan says:

      Amen! I’d like to see what kind of flab those critics sport when they’re naked. On second thought …

  97. aud says:

    she’s normal but still thin.

    I had concerns about her being too “big” for the role, but just cause she has a huge presence. She isn’t a big person at all, but she’s magnetic and so full of life and personality that she seems to always stand out and make everyone else seem small/meaningless.

    But they did a good job casting and her acting was good. She seemed tiny in the movie.

    I think the problem is the expectation that she would be emaciated when her character is never described that way in the book at all. just as small

  98. LittleFATMe says:

    I finally went to see it today and I loved it, but I will tell you I actually thought twice that she was great and to quote my inner head me, “I hope she doesn’t get all hollywood scrawny for the next two.”

  99. coco_chatel says:

    Yuck. There are plenty of times in the book where Katniss mentions that she is a lot healthier and better off than most people in her district because she can hunt.

    AND even if that were not the case and it was an artistic decision of the Director to make Katniss not skeletal and emaciated, Jennifer would be a fine choice because she is, first and foremost, an amazing actress and secondly, a super hottie.

    So, congratulations, critics, for perpetuating unrealistic image expectations for young girls. Bloody loons.

  100. Vera says:

    My dad (who I got to read the first book before the movie) questioned her body type as Katniss. In part he had just finished and at the end it does say she can see her ribs, but it was still strange to hear him say it. It was later that he said he thought she was too voluptuous because the only other thing he’d seen her in was X-Men where they play up her curves A LOT. So, sort of understandable, but at the same time it was sort of like, “Really? She looks normal, not huge.”

    But once he saw the movie he didn’t have any problems with it.

    • YEP_ITS_HER says:

      Still rude, though. I find men who critique women’s bodies even more offensive than women who do the same. Often these male critics are nothing much to look at themselves but feel entitled enough to put down women. It’s disgusting.

  101. d says:

    Read the books finally, didn’t think they were that great, but out of the 3, the 2nd was my fav, for lack of a better term.

    Not sure if it’s because they were written for young adults or just bad writing or a combination. But…meh.
    (the THEMES though, I did find interesting)

    I also did not really like Katniss that much in the book. I responded more deeply to Peeta and everything that happens to him. Katniss treats him like crap, imo. Both she and Liam dont really grow as characters, imo. Peeta goes to hell and back.

    The games last less time in the movie than in the movie, it seemed to me, hence less time for Katniss to lose weight.

    I think filmmakers made a conscious decision, for whatever reason(s), to NOT emphasize the starvation so much. Whether that was a good idea or not is debateable, for sure.

    They could have made them (Katniss, Peeta, etc.) appear more ragged and dirty though, because food shortages aside, it was still tough living. And I don’t think people in their district had the wherewithall to discreetly plump up their potential players, as they did in other districts.

    I did wonder if they filmed it in such a way as for young audiences, whereas if they were making it for adults, they would have made different choices.

    The what is too thin issue is a whole other debate.

    Movie critics being too lazy to really critique the filmmaking? You don’t say.

    I also wondered if the whole race debate and now the size debate are deliberate tactics to prevent people from talking about some of the other themes in the book, which are just as disturbing if not more so, in terms of how they relate to issues in our society today.

  102. merc says:

    She’s not fat in the slightest. I don’t find her looks appealing with the full face and tiny eyes, but she’s a good enough actress and seems like a decent person so who cares.

  103. Rachael says:

    Oh my god, the absolute B.S. that has been thrown around about J-Law’s weight has been absolutely disgusting!! And like you said, the fact that some of it showed up in reviews of the Hunger Games movie from “respected” publications is even more infuriating, because it could not possibly be LESS relevant to the quality of the film. The fact that someone could watch J-Law’s performance and then still focus on how much she WEIGHS is just mind boggling to me.

    I really, REALLY hope she can keep her head on straight with all this cr*p flying around, because it must be extremely hard when the entire world is putting a magnifying glass on you. She seems to be extremely well-grounded, so hopefully that will help her brush off all this nonsense.

    And if you want my opinion on her looks, girlfriend is HOTT and any sane woman would LOVE to look like her. People are simply jealous and are therefore acting like a-holes and trying to bring her down.

  104. misrule says:

    They’re Young Adult books, and so the movie is targeted at a Young Adult audience. Personally, I think it would have been irresponsible to have the leading actress, a role model, being emaciated and sick looking – regardless of whether it was requiredfor the part or not.
    Let’s face it she’s going to be in a ton of press. Do we really need another actress giving interviews targeted at pubescent / pre-pubescent girls talking about how she starved herself for a role? What sort of example would that set?

  105. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I don’t get it. She looks small to me … she just has some muscle which is normal for a character that hunts. My job is very physical and I’ve gained muscle all over my body. Any woman who actually exercises will gain some muscle. I think people in Hollywood are confused because they thing starvation is the only way to get fit and “thin”. She looks skinny to me … -sigh- … I’m just going to ignore all the news I hear about this movie and book from now on. I can’t even look down on the Twilight people anymore. A small portion of the Hunger Game fans have totally emberassed all of us. Thanks guys.

  106. Reece says:

    After reading this I had to go find the actual quotes
    “Lawrence is one of those performers the camera loves; her appearance alters in different scenes and shots — lingering baby fat shows here, she resembles a Cleopatra there — and she can convey a lot by doing little. An ideal screen actress”-Todd McCarthy
    The “baby fat” is actually part of a compliment. It’s an entire paragraph he dedicates to her talent as a actress.

    “The problem really isn’t the lack of explicit violence; far more important, we get no sense of the hunger, thirst, cold, disease and harrowing physical torment undergone by Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), the shy, blond District 12 baker’s son who has long loved her from afar. OK, they get a few superficial nicks and scratches, but they look as well-fed and runway-ready in the second half of the movie as they did at the beginning.”- Andrew O’Hehir
    This guy says they all look “well fed” so he was not attacking her either. In fact I’ve seen people on here say the same exact thing.
    I personally disagree with this. I would rather have a healthy looking Katniss/Peeta/Gale than some emaciated but half as talented actor up there.

    “Lawrence seems too big for Hutcherson. She’s a fairly tall, big-boned lady (I’ve been in a hotel room with her) who’s maybe 5′ 8″, and he seems to be something like 5’7″. Male romantic figures have to be at least be as tall as their female partners, and we all know most girls like guys to be at least a little bit taller, so Lawrence and Hutcherson don’t seem like a good fit. It almost looks like she has to bend over a bit to give him a hug. (Hemsworth, a six-footer or thereabouts, has no problem on this score.)”-Jeffrey Wells
    This guy(d-bag) will send me on a essay long rant. So I will just leave this as it is. First and last time I click on that site.

  107. Ginger says:

    Seriously?? I kept wishing I had that great body when I was watching the film…in fact I used to about 20 years ago…she should enjoy looking so fab…she sounds like she appreciates it. I know I appreciate seeing someone like her on the red carpet because she doesn’t look emaciated. She looks fantastic!

  108. YEP_ITS_HER says:!/ToddMcCarthy

    Referred to her ‘lingering boy fat’- from The Reporter

    Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir!/andohehir
    Referred to her ‘Well fed body’

    Hollywood Elsewhere’s Jeffrey Wells!/wellshwood

    called her a ‘Big boned lady’

    Funnily, all these male writers look like they have been beaten consistently about the face with an ugly stick. Male entitlement never ceases to amaze me.

  109. Mike says:

    Yeah yeah yeah – we all get it. Jennifer Lawrence is too healthy-looking to ‘believably’ portray a starving teenager. However, some things have to be considered.

    1. Suzanne Collins was heavily (no pun intended) involved in the production of this movie, so she had a huge say in what actors and actresses play what characters. If she felt that Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t fit (sorry) for the part, she wouldn’t have let Lawrence be cast. She was more concerned about my next point.

    2. Jennifer Lawrence does an excellent job ACTING. Sure, the casting crew could have went out and found some uber skinny, frail-looking girl to play Katniss, but if she can’t act, the movie tanks.

    3. At the end of the day, it’s a BUSINESS. The overlying purpose of a Hollywood film is to make money; so, if Jennifer Lawrence is a bankable star whose performance reaches those who haven’t ever read the books, then Hollywood has done a great job casting.

    All in all, Jennifer Lawrence is not fat by any normal stretch. Does she look starving? No. Does she do a really good job as her portrayal of Katniss’s personality and actions as shown in the novel? Absolutely. When it comes down to it, performance outweighs what our minds imagine a character looks like based on a book’s description; no actress will ever satisfy EVERYONE’s mental image of a character from a novel.

  110. Perry Rhinitis says:

    How can Katniss believably kick ass if she were a bony waif anyway? All this flak about Jennifer Lawrence’s body doesn’t make any sense. She’s actually more believable as she is.

  111. Jessie says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is NOT fat. Her physique is perfect. It shows how pigheaded and stupid the reporters are for saying shes fat. They should be ashamed. In this decade, we are trying so hard to stop girls the ages(12-18) from becoming anorexic and having eating disorders that theyre willing to call someone fat when clearly she is not fat. Jennifer has a naturally beautiful body. And she totally kicked ass in that movie. It just shows how retarted people can be for their comments .

  112. Skye C. says:

    This is reason number 5264 why Jennifer Lawrence is my hero. She isn’t being vicious at all these dumb critics who can’t tell the difference between “fat” and “healthy”. She thinks it’s “hilarious” and I love that. I just hope her attitude stays that way.

  113. Christopher Chance says:

    Definitely one of the more attractive women in Hollywood today. If I could find a woman like that I would be a lucky man. Some (crazy) people say fat, I say healthy.