Courtney Love dumped Gavin Rossdale just before he met Gwen Stefani

Courtney Love may be sober now apart from the chain smoking, but she remains scattered and deluded, of that there is no doubt. In this interview with British Pop magazine, in which she bears her sloppy soul and body for some publicity for her scrapbook memoir, she reveals that somehow her daughter Frances Bean turned out ok despite having her for a mother. She said that Frances has never kissed a guy or tried drugs, that she refuses to get involved with projects related to her late father, Kurt Cobain, and that she’s a “square,” a term Courtney uses with pride.

Courtney also claims that Gavin Rossdale sent her a diamond ring in 1996 after she had dated him for about eight months. She says she was hanging out doing chores for Edward Norton at the time, and that she got Norton to date her by tossing Rossdale’s ring into the river. She seems to suggest that Rossdale would never have been with Gwen Stefani if she didn’t dump him first. She states that she doesn’t see Gwen Stefani as an “enemy or a problem,” but clearly she does or she wouldn’t phrase it that way:

Edward [Norton] was a tough one, too. It was about eight months of me pretty much going grocery shopping for him every day before we dated. Nobody knows this but I dated Gavin Rossdale for eight months and on Valentine’s Day 1996 or ‘7 I did not go and see Bush play in Little Rock, Arkansas. Me and Edward were in Memphis and I got sent a pretty diamond ring from Gavin. Not an engagement ring but it was… something. I said to Edward, “If I throw this ring that Gavin. Not an engagement ring but it was.. something. I said to Edward, “If I throw this ring that Gavin gave me into the Mississippi river, do you think that we’ll go out?” He turned to me and said, “There’s a slim chance… But if you do not throw it in the river there is no chance.”

So you did it? “Of course I did it. Gavin is such a gentleman. Nobody gives him credit, but he didn’t kiss Gwen Stefani until the next day that I didn’t show up in Little Rock. Isn’t that a sweet story? I adore Gavin. I miss him, actually. That’s one person who’s not in my life now because he’s married to Gwen and whatever. I don’t consider Gwen an enemy or a problem, she’s just… It is what it is.”

[From Pop Magazine print edition, Winter 2006]

Courtney goes on to tell some pointless story about how she told Gwen Stefani that she would write lyrics for her the one time she met her by accident at a studio or something. Somehow Courtney was nude sitting there with a woman in her panties when she met Gwen, but supposedly they weren’t doing anything sexual with each other. I didn’t really get it.

Courtney said Mel Gibson got her to go to rehab by camping outside her hotel room, and claims she knew that Gibson would get busted for DUI before it happened.

She attributes all her success in life to Buddhist chanting, and says that all the successful people she knows are spiritual.

She was in a rough relationship with Steve Coogan when this interview was given, but has since broken up with him. She tried to “save” him, but says that she “cannot have people that take drugs in my life.” She was also linked with comic Russell Brand recently, but claims they’re just friends after meeting up one night.

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  1. Fleegle says:

    “white shirt in swimming pool by Yves St. Laurent …”

    Yeah, I was wondering where I could buy that shirt …

  2. She is quite possibly the most deluded woman on earth. :shudder:

    Gahhhhh, put on some clothes, Courtney!

  3. AC says:

    hmmm gwen…. courtney… gwen… courtney…. GWEN!! hello!! Like THATS a tough choice.

  4. Gigohead says:

    Poor Courtney. She’s poor white trash but I tell you…she was excellent in that Larry Flint movie becuase she is that druggie woman she protrayed. that’s sad that she had to pretty much beg Edward Norton to bang her.

    I’m sorry…I just don’t feel anything for her. She’s pathetic.

  5. Clarimonde says:

    Courntney is such a wannabe, talentless, hanger-on, name-dropping bucket of horse piss. She makes me ill.

  6. aneurysm says:

    Well said Clarimonde.

  7. ok so I 'm mean says:

    I like her. She’s got personality. And she’s got track marks. You can see them all over those pics. Stay alive Coutney!

  8. Jenn says:

    I love how you guys badger her. Saying she was talentless. She’s gotten where she is for a REASON. She has talent. Seriously, go up to a record producer or a director of a movie and see if you could get into it. Especially a movie potraying Larry Flynt. And Courtney is talented. SO SHUSH. THIS IS IF YOU LIKE COURTNEY NOT HATING HER.

    If you dont like her GO SOMWHERE ELSE

  9. paris herpes says:

    She can act though, she’s not totally untalented, just, singing she’s not so good at, Live Through This had some power to it tho. The drugs get in the way for her, maybe if she weren’t such a mess she could do better….

  10. Action says:

    “Courntney is such a wannabe, talentless, hanger-on, name-dropping bucket of horse piss. She makes me ill.”

    So true, I’ll third that!

  11. dosmos says:

    who wants to see your ugly body anyway you fat cunt ?
    fuck off and die cunt… please.
    we all know you killed kurt, arse hole.

  12. Greg says:

    The writer of this blog is extreemly out of touch with reality, as are about 90% of the commenters, the” woman” she was nude with was melissa auf de maur, who was in courtneys band Hole and has been her good friend for years, people are nude all the time together and its not always sexual…your an idiot

  13. marc says:

    ccourtney is hot and hole kicked ass nothing more to say.

  14. d says:

    don’t believe me?

    she let “live through this” get released one week after her husband’s death?

    hole’s bassist kristen pfaff wanted to leave the band six months after that, had a uhaul in front of her house with all her belongings in it and planned on leaving the next morning but was found dead witht he same 3x lethal doseage of heroin in her body the next day?

    two weeks after kurt’s death she was bragging about being with billy corgan???

    the end of kurt’s “suicide” note says “for frances, for courtney, keep going, i love you, i love you” in COURTNEY’S handwriting???

    she is a murderer and nothing is a secret forever!