Nicole Richie tells Joel Madden he better marry her if he wants more kids

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have adorable 10 month old daughter Harlow together and recently moved into a new home. They’ve confirmed their engagement, with Joel saying in September of last year that he would definitely marry a then-pregnant Nicole. He said “Obviously, marriage is in our future. I don’t know when or where or how, but right now our priority is our family and is the baby.” It’s over a year later and we still haven’t heard about wedding plans for these two.

Joel told People Magazine in an interview this October that they wanted more kids and “If it could be as easy as Harlow, sure.” As for their wedding plans, Nicole was noncommittal saying simply “When we get married, everyone will know. It will happen when it happens.”

Maybe Nicole has just learned to have lower expectations about her wedding because Joel keeps putting it off. According to the National Enquirer, Joel wants another baby but Nicole has told him that he better put a ring on her finger first.

Marry me or we’re not having any more children! That’s the ultimatum Nicole Richie has laid down for boyfriend Joel Madden as he pleads with her to have another baby, sources tell the Enquirer.

Nicole… welcomes the idea of adding to their family – but not until Joel gives her a ring and commits to a wedding date.

“Nicole’s ultimatum has been a long time coming,” a pal revealed. “She’s sick and tired of Joel dragging his feet every time the subject of marriage comes up.”

Joel has a long list of reasons why he thinks their wedding should be postponed. Earlier this year, he said it was because he wanted to wrap up his band Good Charlotte’s tour. But when the tour started winding down over the summer, Joel said he didn’t want ot get married until they bought another house in LA.

The two spent months house-hunting before finally settling on a home in the Hollywood Hills, but Joel then announced he wanted to focus on the Nov. 25 release of Good Charlotte’s new album, “Greatest Remixes.” He also wants to follow through with plans to open a tattoo parlor with his twin brother Benji.

“It’s pretty evident to Nicole that Joel will keep coming up with excuses unless she puts her foot down,” explained the pal.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 24, 2008]

There was a story in June that Joel told Nicole he wanted her to convert to Christianity before they got married, but maybe that was just another way for him to put it off.

Another tabloid story in Star this June had Nicole and Joel planning a lavish wedding over the summer. In retaliation to what he called a fake story Joel posted a photo of a wedding cake on his blog with the title “WE DID IT!! NICOLE AND I FINALLY GOT MARRIED!! click here for the pictures!!” Inside was a Photoshopped picture of two monkeys in wedding attire. Maybe that revealed a little more about Joel’s feelings about marriage than he intended.

Nicole and Joel are shown leaving a hair salon on 10/13/08. Joel looks like he’s lost weight. Credit: Fame

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    She looks great. her make over bods have done a fine job

    I call BS on the story

  2. cara says:

    Wow! That just sucks. I feel anytime that a man does that, the hurt in the woman must be immense. Good christian, my ass if he can still find it in himself to “boink” the mother of his child, contimplate another child with the woman, and not marry her. That’s just awful.

    I may not be a big Richie fan, BUT…she seems like she’s rather intelligent, naturally, and is a great mother…I think he’d be a fool to let her go.

    P.S. And she seems to adore him.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Joel never seemed that *engaged* in any of it. I feel for Nicole and Harlow.

  4. yadira says:

    Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? 🙄 Her hair does look cute like that though

  5. Baholicious says:

    If he’s so concerned about her “converting to christianity”, I am assuming he’s of the Born Again/evangelical variety, what’s he doing fathering children out of wedlock?

    If he wanted to marry her, he would have done so by now. I think she should cut her losses on this one and bail. Both Madden brothers look like they’d be more at home at an arcade or anywhere that involves skateboards or air guitar in someone’s parents’ basement.

  6. Feebee says:

    “If it could be as easy as Harlow, sure.” Spoken like a true man.

  7. Lisa says:

    She let her life turn out the way it did, I don’t feel sorry for her. Why should he marry her when she gives him the goods without commitment?

  8. Megan says:

    I love her eye makeup!

  9. Rosebudd says:

    There will always be another thing to focus on to put off marriage. Every time the sun comes up, life happens…. I think they have a beautiful little family and should step outside of the Hollywood norm and have a fun-filled wedding soon. They seem to be great parents. Harlow is gorgeous and needs a sibling. Kudos to Nicole for quite a transformation from “Simple Life” days.

  10. Jenna says:

    Honestly, I don’t see Nicole pushing the wedding. I think she’d like to get married but I just don’t see her telling Joel that.

  11. Kristin says:

    She made her bed now she has to lie in it.

  12. nathan says:

    LOL…ya really need to get a life and let them live. There young no need to rush in gettin married, they’ll do it when there ready.

  13. paris herpes says:

    He probably doesn’t want to get married to her. Even though they have a baby together. Looks like he went on the same diet she did…yeah, uh huh, the cocaine diet is a helluva diet!

  14. lindsay says:

    does everybody really think that just cos u make mistakes when ur young u cant learn from it or move on or deserve any happiness later in life? Get over it people!

  15. JaundiceMachine says:

    I thought I read somewhere once that he helped encourage Nicole to eat during her pregnancy by eating tons of food around her. I thought that was kind of sweet, considering Richie’s past problems with a pro-anna lifestyle and the coke diet.

  16. vdantev says:

    He’s starting to get that ‘gnaw through my arm to escape’ look in his eyes.

  17. RaraAvis says:

    Honestly, what’s in it for him at this point? And what religion is he trying to convert her from?

  18. Baholicious says:

    @RaraAvis: good point!

  19. sasha says:

    Joel’s looking really skinny lately, all of a sudden. Wasn’t he pudgy just a month ago? Wonder if he got the gastric band, like Nicole supposedly did!

  20. Rio says:

    You know, I said this when she was pregnant and the stories were circulating about him not marrying her unless she “turned Christian”– if you’re so very Christian yourself, WHY ARE YOU HAVING A CHILD OUT OF WEDLOCK?!?
    Seriously, at this point it’s like closing the barn door after the horse is out to pasture. If you’re so concerned about your ladylove’s spiritual salvation you should have taken her to Vegas once the stick turned blue.

  21. Trashaddict says:

    I’m reading everybody’s posts and I feel like I walked into an Ann Lander’s column in the 50’s! “Why buy the cow”? Can we please get past the “women as livestock phase”? Or did Sarah Palin sneak on the site now that she’s got nothing better to do?

  22. Jenna says:

    Trashaddict 😆

    Cocaine doesn’t make you drop weight too severely in the course of like a month. It’s that meth that can make you lose a backstreet boy in a month flat. 😉

  23. ff says:

    Personally I’ll always believe she got knocked up to avoid prison. So if the relationship is falling flat now I can only assume it’s a conflict of interests.

    I kind of feel the reporting is bunk though because if he’s such a staunch Christian they wouldn’t have had a child out of wedlock. A bit weird to be coming on strong with that stuff now.