Melissa Etheridge’s ex Tammy Lynn Michaels wants more than the 23k/month she gets

Melissa and Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2007

I covered the Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels split when it was happening, and I have to say I ended up not liking either of them. At first I had sympathy for Tammy because she was never legally married to Melissa under California law (in the window when same sex marriage was legal before it wasn’t again) and she seemed to be lacking legal protection to secure her rights as a spouse and mother. Reports claimed that Melissa was cheating on Tammy, her partner of nine years and the mother of their now five year-old twins, son Miller and daughter Johnnie Rose. Tammy confirmed the cheating stories last year in a blog entry in which she said that her twins told her about it, and that Melissa had a box of vibrators, presumably intended for sexy times with her new girlfriend, delivered to her by mistakes.

These two eventually worked out some kind of tentative monthly support and custody plan for their children, but they’re not successfully co-parenting by any means. Tammy Lynn has petitioned the court to increase her child and spousal support beyond the $23,000 a month she’s getting. She also claims that Melissa is alienating the children against her and that they act distant and are not affectionate after they return to her care. Plus Melissa allegedly didn’t give their son antibiotics he needed for his ear infection and she won’t get the children vaccinated. It sound like a big mess, with two little kids being affected by it. Tammy Lynn, 37, is a TV actress who was on the WB show Popular, which ran from 1999 to 2001. She has appeared on The L Word and Committed. Around 2005 she put her career aside for motherhood, and she just started working again on another film project recently. Here’s more on the their latest court drama, thanks to TMZ. You can read the documents in a PDF on E! Online:

Melissa Etheridge’s ex-GF Tammy Lynn Michaels claims she’s barely scraping by on the $23,000 a month Melissa currently pays her in partner and child support — and now, she wants a massive raise … this according to new court docs obtained by TMZ.

Tammy just filed the papers in the couple’s infamously bitter separation claiming Melissa makes roughly $177,882.00 PER MONTH … and got Tammy accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle while they were together … so the $23k is incredibly unfair.

Tammy — a former actress — also claims she has “virtually no savings” and would need “extensive retraining” if she were to rejoin the workforce.

Tammy claims Melissa is also brainwashing the kids — training them to be emotionally distant and rude to Tammy … and now they won’t even give her a hug.

Tammy also accuses Melissa of cursing around the children — including one instance … when she told Tammy to “get the f**k off my back” in front of the kids. According to Tammy, Melissa also refuses to let the kids get vaccinated.

As for the reason behind the mudslinging — Tammy and Melissa are headed into a settlement conference in May to determine support and custody issues … so it’s important for Tammy to demonstrate she’s the better mom.

On top of increased support, Tammy also wants Melissa to pay her $120,000 legal bill. Calls to Melissa were not returned.

[From TMZ]

$23,000 a month sounds like an insane amount of money to me, but I don’t have that lifestyle by any means. It’s worth noting that Melissa now lives in the house she once shared with Tammy, which is valued at $4.5 million. The court papers claim that Tammy “has limited income and virtually no savings.” They add that she “may also require extensive retraining before she is viable in the workforce.” We know she can’t write coherently. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true. There’s a difference between being poetic and not making sense.

Here’s Melissa with her new girlfriend, Linda Wallem, on 4-10-11. The Enquirer reported that Wallem was Tammy’s best friend and was a friend of their family for years before she took up with Melissa.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    I loved Tammy back in her tv days. She was incredible, I could not stop watching her.
    I’ll be on team Tammy, just because I really want her to be able to go back to acting.

  2. bea says:

    I don’t know/care about their relationship, but I do know that I have lived on $23k a YEAR before and lots of people do (and much less). Minimum wage in my state would get you about $15k a year. That’s working 40 hours per week, not just sitting around in a nice house with food in the fridge and the cable on, with nothing else to worry about than fighting with your ex. Just something to think about.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. My husband and I bring in about $3,000 a month and we have a good life, food on the table, the occasional trip, clothes, all the bills paid. The idea of crying poverty at $23k is ridiculous.

      • corny says:

        yes, but Starbucks keeps raising the price of those darn lattes…be compassionate for goodness sakes.

    • muppet_barbershop says:

      I can still live on about $1k a month, and often have to. (Part of why I don’t yet have a family at 37 is that I cannot afford one.) The comparison does boggle the mind.

  3. Franny says:

    Many people are used to a certain lifestyle, but have to make adjustments once it changes. Sorry but if you can’t afford to live where you do, move. I make slightly more than that IN A YEAR and I’m doing just fine.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Tammy and the kids have a right to the same lifestyle they had with Melissa. And $177K per month can afford alot more spousal/child support. The combined total can be up to 50% of the payor’s income – i.e. $85K per month in support. So $23K does look small when you see it that way. And how would you feel if you had to make do with less while your ex and her new piece lived the high life of luxury?
      Plus Melissa also did this with her 1st partner. Have a family and then move on to the next woman while the kids were still very young. It seems Melissa has a few kids with a woman and then they “grow apart”. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m not impressed.

      • Jezi says:

        ^^This! I totally agree with you. Just because it seems like a lot of money for most of us, doesn’t mean it’s ok that she has to scale down her lifestyle if she doesn’t have to.

      • Jackson says:

        Totally agree with you Elizabeth.

      • Franny says:

        I would be mad at myself that I couldn’t make that much money, but not mad that someone was spending their own money. It feels really greedy, since she is saying she can’t live on 250K a year. Like I said, no one is forcing her to live in a giant house with high taxes in an area with huge inflation on houses. You can have a very plush lifesytle on 250K a year. I didn’t say “move to a shack, you greedy harlot”. If your financial situation changes because your wife is a cheater and you are no longer in that situation, you have to make due with what you get…which is still a ton of money.

        I know some here may feel differently because of your own personal situations or friends with similar situations.

      • Johanna says:

        In my opinion, the she doesn’t have to scale down if she doesn’t want to argument will not fly with me. She proves that she’s irresponsible by not having any kind of savings. Really? Not.even for your kids? Oh that’s right, Melissa will get the bill, no worries. That’s mentality of a gold digger/grifter. ME deserves to pay some because that’s the mother of her children & she cheated but Hun if you can’t pay the bills do as the C list celebs & get your a** out of your mansion and hustle! Set an example to your kids, woman! Geez!

      • Jezi says:

        But Johanna, her lifestyle was fine with Melissa when they were together. Melissa had no problem with Tammy being a stay at home mom while she supported the family. What savings could she have without income coming in? So basically because she gave up her career for her children, she isn’t entitled to live the life she was living for so many years? She isn’t the one who gave up on the relationship yet she’s the one who has to downsize.

      • Johanna says:

        I find those as excuses for her misjudgment on her finances & an excuse to not move on emotionally. She had no income coming in yet she was still able to live in a luxurious lifestyle? Bull! She could have set money aside plain & simple but instead I bet she used her allowance on expensive clothing, trips, etc., etc…

        As far as her career goes… Was it a willing decision (I bet it was) or was she truly forced to give up her career? Either way I feel like it’s irrelevant. It’s never too late to make something of yourself. The truth of the matter is that she’s still hurting & wants to hurt ME. I get it & I feel for her to a certain degree but like Franny said, ”she sounds greedy.” She needs to move on.

      • Michelle says:

        Does she really deserve 85k a month? Seriously. She didn’t make the money, Melissa did. Honestly, I think 23k a month is a lot of money, especially since the article didn’t say anything with the kids (who are likely spending equal time at both houses), just that Tammy got used to the extravagant lifestyle and I’m sorry, it sucks, but I just don’t think Melissa has to provide Tammy with that lifestyle now that they’re not together. The kids yes, Tammy no.

      • max says:

        “And how would you feel if you had to make do with less while your ex and her new piece lived the high life of luxury?”

        Don’t agree. If your ex is the person that can generate that kind of income because of a particular business savvy, skill or talent, why would you feel entitled to the same just because you latched on to him/her in the past. I realize its the law, I just mean from an ethical standpoint.

      • polk8dot says:

        It is a height of irresponsibility and greed to say that just because Melissa makes so much a month, her ex ‘DESERVES’ half of it.
        She was with Melissa for a few years only. She shares a joint custody, and I’m sure Melissa’s paying for everything the kids need, school, clothes, etc. She chooses not to work, but sits in the house twirling her hair and looking for things to spend Melissa’s money on.
        I absolutely go balistic when I hear that BS about ‘she/he made me accustomed/dependent on the lifestyle we shared so now she/he has to provide me with same for the rest of my life. That’s only fair, since she/he gets to keep the same high level of life quality’. BULLSH!T! This is not a communist Russia, and a marriage is not a pass to wellfare of riches, or a winning lottery ticket that ensures your stability and wealth.
        You want to keep the same level of lifestyle, get a job and become as successful as the ex. Otherwise, the money should only be spent on the kids, and I’m sure in this case Melissa already takes care of that.
        It boggles my mind that some greedy gold digger has the gall to say, ‘I used to live in a $5Mil mansion with my ex. Then we broke up. But because I am used to living in such great conditions, my ex has to support me and provide this for me for the rest of my life’. WHY??? HOW IS THAT FAIR???
        Work as hard as your ex, maybe you’ll be as successful. And if you have no talent or other gift to achieve the same level of success, be F-ing grateful that at least your kids still have a great life and you do not have to worry how to feed them, as happens to a lot of divorced parents.
        The greed and sense of entitlement in this country are sickening, and in Hollywood? I’m amazed anyone still dares to get married or become ‘coupled’ if this is what awaits them if the union falls apart.
        Greedy lazy ‘ho!

    • rosalee says:

      Does she assume responsibility for taxes on the child support amount and the house?We had a change in taxes on child support and alimony about ten years ago, we didn’t care whether or not child support was paid since we’d have to report it as income. Also, is she responsible for the taxes on property and considering the price of the must be a massive amount.

  4. Toot says:

    This is a mess. Tammy is still hurt and wants to stick it to Melissa. I don’t blame her, but poor kids.

  5. Agnes says:

    good god, woman. 23k a month? move to a smaller, cheaper house. and poor children, in the middle of this mess. (and this is the reason, kids, to always have a domestic partnership agreement drawn up. it doesn’t sound romantic, but it protects the rights of unmarried couples, gay or straight.)

  6. Jenna says:

    Wow. When did Melissa Etheridge turn into Ozzie O?

    As for not making it on $24,000 a month? Sweetie, welcome to the real world. Sell the mansion, get a nice fuel efficient car, buy a place in a good school system, find a new love, and freaking move on. There are kids going to bed hungry tonight, stop whining you can’t use a private jet anymore.

    • gg says:

      I have to agree. I think it’s down to where she lives, and the superhigh costs of living in upscale neighborhoods in California. Even so, she could find somewhere to work or start a boutique or something. If the kids are 5, they’re going to start school within the next several months anyway and she’ll need something to do. Because sitting around the house not working is the pits. Even if somebody else is paying your expenses. it’s a waste of life. And maybe she can still act somewhere, or teach?

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Doesn’t Melissa Etheridge have one or two other kids? With Julie Cypher? Do they live with Melissa or Julie? Much as I love her music, Melissa Etheridge seems like a bit of a dog when it comes to her ex-wives.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

      And wasn’t Julie Cypher with that La Bamba dude when she and Melissa got together as well?

      • Az says:

        I remember reading that Julie left Melissa because she (Julie) wasn’t sure she wanted to be gay anymore. But Melissa left Tammy for the chick that was”best man” at her and Tammy’s “wedding” so apples and oranges.

  8. Snowflake says:

    Money grubbing b*yotch! Boo hoo, only 23k a month! Poor lady, she deserves much more! *sarcasm*

    I broke up with my boyfriend as a result, my bills have doubled b/c I’m not longer splitting it w/someone else. That’s what happens when you separate and go back to living by yourself. It’s life.

    If she needs more money, she can always clean houses. I don’t think you need “retraining” for that.

    • NYC_girl says:

      When my mother divorced my father, in addition to working she cleaned the office to supplement her income.

    • mccoy says:

      Hey snowflake,I feel what you are talking about when it comes to your “man” but this was her wife. And she didn’t leave she was left. There is a fair amount out there and the judge will figure it out. Melissa seems to be like a bunch of men I know leaving babies with each relationship. Deadbeat?

  9. TXCinderella says:

    It sounds like Tammy needs to quit sitting around and whining about her situation. She makes enough from child support to live comfortably, but she may be living beyond her means. Time to downsize, put the children in daycare or school, get out and get a job or some kind of training. Melissa is not coming back to her, so she needs to move on and start thinking about being in a healthy frame of mind for those two children. Tammy-the best way to “stick it to” Melissa is to move on and find another love.

  10. Dawn says:

    Melissa is an absolute A**hole without question, but asking for more than 23k a month is just ridiculous. She is obviously still bitter.

  11. lucy2 says:

    “Barely scraping by” on $23K/month? Ridiculous. There’s no reason she and 2 children can’t live quite comfortably on that. Or 1/2 that!
    That said, Melissa should be doing everything possible to provide the best life possible for her children, as should all parents.
    I agree with Agnes, before deciding to have children, they should have drawn up some sort of agreement.

    • gg says:

      I really can’t justify in my mind her wanting more simply because she lived high on the hog with melissa and got used to that, so she’s entitled to continue blowing money to live in luxury. screw that. It’s wrong to sponge off others needlessly. And it’s unfortunately the price one has to pay for hooking up with a narcissistic performer who has women throwing themselves at her everywhere she goes. If you don’t want to get hurt, stay away from narcissists, because you will eventually get dumped.

      • max says:

        Well said!

      • mccoy says:

        gg, we are talking about a neighborhood we know nothing about. Who knows how much she is kicking out for mortgage and taxes, car note, school tuition, extracirricular activities, food, clothing, gas for the Benz…We just don’t know. Who are you to say that she can live off of what she is currently receiving. I do agree that she is bitter and that may take a moment to get over but I am sure the judge will make an unbiased decision about an increase to see if one is warranted.

  12. Zorbitor says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Profanity in front of the children….
    I think Tammy just got sick of her and froze – happens to dudes all the time.
    Melissa’s upstaging joss stone on the Janis Joplin tribute was worse than a box of broken vibrators.
    She looks like David Crosby.

  13. Blue says:

    Seriously the kids are 5, what lifestyle could they have become accustomed to at that age. Give me a break! At some point you need to down size. The fact that she can’t make it on 23K a month is troublesome.

    • mccoy says:

      Hey blue, if we were talking about more relatable people then perhaps you could see it from someone else’s shoes. If it was the lawyer that left is wife and now she is only able to afford living in the ghetto vs the suburbs that she was used to then maybe you would be able to see Tammy point of view. Because these people are celebrities and their needs are escalated we criticize because we cannot fathom what they would spend that kind of money on.

  14. AfroSappho says:

    It is my understanding that Melissa is paying Tammie’s rent and all the children’s expenses. If that is true, Tammie needs to sit her ass down. Twenty three thousand a month is more than enough.

    Let’s be real. Tammie is NOT the best actress, is a normal size, and in her late 30s. Her chances of getting good, well paying acting work are slim.

    I think she recognizes that, and that’s why she’s going for the jugular.

  15. mymy says:

    she is entitled to I believe 21 to 23 percent. Now this comes with the same laws that heterosexuals are entitled to.
    That is just child support. I would expect Melissa to buy her a house also. Spousal support.the least she should be getting for child support is 38,000.
    It is unfair to have the one parent have a large financial advantage. She carried the darn kids.Melissa seems like a narcissist to me. And who the heck thinks this woman can sing> Just awful.As far as vaccinations Melissa is on the right track. At least spread them out and do not let them convince you that the amount they give at once is OK. The courts side on the vaccination side of it.I assume Mellisa is trying to alienate the kids from her so she get custody and does not have to pay child support.

  16. claire says:

    Melissa Etheridge is not known for being great to her partners. She’s a total cheater. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the alienation that Tammy is feeling with her kids is of her own doing.

  17. stinky says:

    these chicks and their CLOTHING !!
    … all that money, and THAT’S what they’re wearing? criminal.

  18. SolitaryAngel says:

    The part that upsets me is Melissa’s “turning the children against her”. THAT is dirty. Using 2 innocent kids that way is unconscionable.

    • gg says:

      That’s what hurts to hear. There is no need to do that, if it’s true. There is a chance she’s just paranoid though.

  19. Turd Fergussen says:

    Melissa looks beat. Someone should have slid a bottle of Oil of Olay her way back in the day. It’s hard for me to respect her, knowing how she’s treated her last two partners. (Like a baby treats a diaper.) And not surprised that she took up with Tammy’s bestie. The lesbian world is so incestuous.

  20. Jayna says:

    I have no judgement on the money issue as I don’t know all the facts, I.e., is the home paid for, school tuition, etc. But I no longer feel sorry for Tammy, which I did early on. She is a perpetual victim, whiner, martyr.

  21. Rhiley says:

    These two women are nuts. Tammy Lynn was a rebound and then Melissa got sick. Melissa got better. Melissa moved on. Sounds to me what Melissa is paying in support is more than fair. What is stopping Tammy Lynn from getting back into “acting” to supplement her income? Or she could move back to the midwest and probably live very well on 23,000 a month.

  22. Jazzmin says:

    Gay people have the same drama from divorce that we heteros go through. They need the marriage certificate that cements that.

  23. bluhare says:

    For the sake of argument, let’s say Melissa makes $10K a month. Based on what Tammy gets now, $23K on a $200K a month income, her child/spouse support would be $1,250 a month or somewhere around there. So you have $10K and $1,250 per month. Still sound fair?

    Of course, Melissa’s probably paying Julie Cypher too, so from Melissa’s point of view, she’s got huge chunks taken out of her income; however, that’s not the issue. She chose to have children with two different women; she needs to pay for those children. FAIRLY.

    • Michelle says:

      I actually think an 1/8th of your income in child support is quite reasonable.

      Especially since the article says that TAMMY got used to the extravagant lifestyle, not the kids, but Tammy. No I don’t think she’s entitled to have the same lifestyle off Melissa’s money, she’s entitled to child support, but that’s it. She’s young, she can do something worthwhile and figure out a way to support herself.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      But isn’t that a false equivalency? If we put percentages aside for a minute, it’s clear that in no way is this family living below the poverty line. It would take nothing less than divine intervention to get any support from my old (garbage) man, and even after the courts got hold of him, it was still never more than 50 dollars a month. THAT’S barely scraping by. I’m hardly what you would call ‘aged’ so we don’t need to adjust for inflation and the paleozoic era, and I wasn’t an only child, he got too sick of it by the time I was coming around, so he REALLY checked out that time around.

      Why bring it up, as a bragging right? No, actually. Just to illustrate a truth that some people are made to learn earlier than others, and that truth is to stop believing that the world is employed by you and every moment of difficulty is akin to a worker defying your orders who must be punished. Bad stuff happens to everyone and all of the time. I’ve never said to a person, ‘oh, you always seemed so damaged in passing, but know that I know you and know your life, you have it way easier than I could have ever imagined.’ I’ve met people with varying levels of happiness and success, but I’ve never met a person who has had a life of uninterrupted ease. Pursuing something better is admirable, feeling entitled to to someone else’s life can often leave you in the realm of the greedy and thick.

      No one likes being caught in a storm, but the trees either bend in the wind or they snap and get flung into oblivion.

      Here’s what I see: I see one profligate and unpologetic adulterer who rivals Don Draper in her pursuit of new tail–loyalty be damned, and one bloviating, semi-literate sitaround who seems to be the only who didn’t notice that her career ended years before she ever got pregnant–or, are you not allowed to work when you’re dating someone? And newsflash, Tammy: Melissa has a whole bunch of other kids who aren’t 37 years old that she has to neglect, too. I wonder how much Julie gets?

      In ten years, if things continue to go this way, those kids will think, ‘Why is my mother’s job and libido more important than her family?’ and ‘If my mother’s so miserable, why won’t she do anything about it? Why is every single little imperfection in her life everyone else’s fault?’

      Life is flux, you have a right to have and pursue your dreams, but if you refuse to let reality cast shadows on your plans or adapt with the changes life throws are you, even with an iron-clad defense, you’re being dumb. Evolve or die, try to do and be good. THAT’s life.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Hear, hear!

      • mccoy says:

        now that you have cashed in all your 50 cent words, the bottom line is that “bad things do happen”. I get it, but we have all had our time in court, we have padded things so that the judge or whomever the deciding party will look at things in our favor. Tammy maybe a has been in acting but she has a starring role as mom. Once she has swallowed her bitterness this will no longer be an issue. Let the judge decided whether the amount she is being given is fair.

  24. Kellie says:

    Leave the bank book, credit cards and take everything you came with. No amount of money in the world is going to make her happy or help her find peace. The kids are alright.

  25. lisa says:

    Tammy needs to stop. I don’t understand how anyone can not survive on the amount of money Melissa is paying out. Tammy needs to adjust to her new situation and get herself back into acting again on tv. This is the very reason no one especially women should give up their careers in order to raise a family because you never know what the future holds.

    • mccoy says:

      Lisa, is it just me or didn’t anyone read that Melissa is in the house with hew new lover. The house she once shared with her partner and children. You kick you baby mom and babies to smaller home so that your new piece can wiggle her toes more freely. Heck No!
      Hey new piece, the way you get them is the way you lose them!

  26. portlandmermaid says:

    “There’s a difference between being poetic and not making sense.”

    This should be the first sentence, first day of class out of any poetry teacher’s mouth.

  27. Gossip Hound says:

    Yikes! I just read her blog and she is obviously living in the past and regretful that she stopped working to stay home with the kids, only to be dumped. I think she feels she would have been the next Jennifer Aniston or something. Apparently she made 15,000 per week on Popular. She is braggy and annoying and complains about her bills. Then she gives a bunch of excuses about why she can’t possibly really return to acting, because she needs re-training and to lose weight. Jeez! Go live in a cute little house by the beach, collect your 23,000 per month and enjoy life. Have fun with your kids, cook meals, smell the flowers and find something meaningful to do.

    • Michelle says:

      I think what irritated me the most was her comment that she made over 2 million dollars in her acting career. Yet she has no savings at all and she’s spent the last ten years living off Melissa. Where did all her money go? I’m sorry I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for her.

      • Anne says:

        Agents, assistants, clothes, housing, etc. $2 million is not much for an actor or actress. Everyone you need to have in order to even get a foot in the door takes their cut. It doesn’t shock me that she doesn’t have any money of her own.

        The lesson here is no matter what, a person needs to have economic security outside their partner. She made the same mistake that many people make and didn’t think about what would happen if her relationship didn’t work out.

  28. muppet_barbershop says:

    Oh gawd, I will ~only~ comment to say that Missy, who I think is a total jerk, looks surprisingly good (I have always loved her style), but still: run, Linda, run! xP

  29. one hung dude says:

    disgusting lesbian drama! who cares?

  30. Amanda_M87 says:

    I can’t decide which one of them is more stupid. Wow.

  31. mccoy says:

    Linda, I can’t wait to read your blog. I wonder how many bambinos she will talk you into having. Melissa will have more baby mama’s than most NFL players.

  32. ezra says:

    Tammy can come across as a bit of a whack-job and somewhat whiney, however Melissa is totally disgusting.
    Don’t forget, Tammy is the woman who stood by her side when Melissa had breast cancer.

  33. Kiyoshigirl says:

    That sucks. It’s hard enough to have your spouse/partner cheat on you, but to have them cheat with your best friend quadruples the pain. Now I get why Tammi was so devastated by this whole thing. She didn’t only lose her lover, she lost her best friend too. It will be a long time in hell, if ever, that Tammi will be able to fully trust another woman. The ex-best friend sucks.

  34. deb says:

    bad things happen to good people, but it doesn’t stop worse things happening to the children.

    i am sorry that she was cheated on, it’s always painful. but there are the kids to think about. and being sorry for herself does not feed the children, does not help the children build their self-esteem, i am no shrink, but i hate to think what all this negativity will do to the state of the children’s mind.

    we all have our share of misfortunes, and yet, we’re not measured by the amount of woe-is-me a person can spew. instead of waiting on things that are out of her control (whether the law, the ex, the world will give the increase in support), why not take hold of what she can control? she are not so much defined by our past, but how her past can help her shape her future.

    get up, get over it. if not for herself, then for the people she love (the children). unless she doesn’t love them. and that’s a whole different ballpark to play in.

  35. skeptical says:

    Why does Melissa keep convincing her then-gfs to have babies if Melissa clearly doesn’t want to be a mom?
    Twice in a row she’s done this..convince a woman to have kids then dump both the woman and the kids. Twice. In a row.
    And she also kicked Tammy and the kids out of the house those kids grew up in?
    Selfish much?
    AND Melissa took up with Tammy’s best friend? Who had also been in the wedding party?
    It’ll take decades before Tammy can trust again. Why can’t Melissa just admit she doesn’t want to be a mom, she doesn’t want to settle down? Maybe she likes collecting a jar of hearts too?

  36. Tanguerita says:

    Melissa seems like a real douche.

  37. Jezi says:

    What makes me feel bad is when people say “get over it”. It isn’t that simple for everyone. It also bothers me that people think that being a mother is a bullsh-t job. It’s not easy and when it’s agreed upon by both parties in the relationship that one be a stay at home mom, well then the one that did stay at home shouldn’t be mistreated when the other decides to walk away. Being a SAHM means you give up your life and control to the person you are with. Everytime she bought something or went somewhere I’m sure she had to answer to why she spent money. It’s not so easy to pick up on a career you left years ago. Especially one in Hollywood. You have to remain relevant. I’m sure Tammy will pick the pieces up of her life but we really don’t know what Melissa and her new lover do. Maybe Tammy is bitter and maybe she has every right to her feelings about the situation. I would love to see the same people who tell her to “get over it” experience the same thing and then maybe they will be a little bit more compassionate.

    • lower-case deb says:

      maybe some people who said “get over it” said it precisely because they have experienced, if not the exact same thing, then a variation of the same thing?

      walking the same mile possibly without the fortune of walking in the 23k/month shoes?

      actually, i’m just bitter and jealous. yep.

  38. Laura says:

    Celebitchy please do a story on how this one turns out, I’d love to know what the courts decide about this whole deal

  39. sandy says:

    Tammy is a scorned woman and she’s going to make sure Melissa still feels the wrath that was brought upon her when Melissa left her and supposedly cheated on her. I don’t blame her for wanting to milk Melissa when she has more than enough to offer.

  40. Michelle says:

    Has anyone else figured out that Tammy is on her 2nd girlfriend since the breakup with Melissa?

    • Marla says:

      This is crazy…..Tammy needs to move on, and yeah… i agree Melissa… Tammy should get off your back…Tammy u have done enough damage, i know Melissa has done damage too, Melissa has 4 kids, u have 2, u cant take away from the other 2 that melissa has with julie, im sure julie appreciates what melissa does for the older 2, u have to start appreciating stuff too. Tammy u are way to GREEDY….i want u all to be happy but Geez….Yeah no one should curse bt im sure u slip as well…every family that has problems, says things they shouldnt…..Melissa i am a true fan….love your music, you keep on doing what u do, a suggestion….dont commit in a marriage or thing that u did with tammy, it is too much for u, the public and the kids,…as long as your kids are ok with what u do Melissa thats what matters….they know u love them and thats all they need to know….tammy is going to be tammy, but just remember KARMA… will come back to tammy ..not u, because you are not a DRAMA-MAMA like tammy u melissa, i saw u in las vegas,9 times, once in florida and once in desmoines, iowa…..please come back to desmoines iowa, i miss you singing…..always, marla….