Did Matt Lauer father his ‘Today’ co-anchor Natalie Morales’s 3-year-old son?

Honestly, I’ve heard the rumors about Matt Lauer’s zipper problems before, but I never really believed them. Maybe Lauer’s PR just works and I buy that he’s a “nice guy.” Maybe I just can’t imagine Lauer being the kind of man who would end up in a bar, having drinks with an endless stream of beautiful, available women. It’s not like I haven’t written about the rumors before – I have. But for some reason, this is the story that I’m choosing to put my faith in. It’s just SO juicy. It has to be true. It’s like an off-shoot plot of Mad Men. This week, the Enquirer claims that dark forces are aligning against Matt Lauer. Lauer has just signed a huge new contract, and everyone thinks he’s trying to get Ann Curry fired. So Curry’s people, plus people on other networks are all trying to throw some mud at Lauer. Thus, this amazing story – Matt Lauer might have fathered Natalie Morales’s youngest son. OMG!!!

Matt Lauer is caught up in an incredible shocking love child scandal! On the heels of Lauer signing a fabulous $25 million-a-year contract with NBC, insiders at competing networks ignited nasty and unbelievable rumors that the 54-year-old married newsman fathered a child with his news anchor Natalie Morales.

“I heard that Matt had an affair with Natalie, and he’s the father of one of her kids,” a rival network insider told The Enquirer. “Everyone’s buzzing that the boy looks just like him.”

Another industry source said: “The Matt Lauer love child scandal is the worst-kept-secret among the network morning shows. Everyone’s talking about it – even at NBC. He’s trying to get Ann Curry dumped as co-anchor, and those loyal to her also talking it up. Matt has enemies inside and outside the show’s Studio 1A, and if he’s got this giant skeleton in his closet, there are many who want to see it come out.”

Lauer does have a tortured past, it seems. In 2006, Lauer’s wife Annette – pregnant with their third child – filed for divorce before withdrawing the legal papers a month later. The divorce filing came while the rumors were surfacing that Matt had gotten involved with Morales during the Today Show coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

“They got very close and became extremely fond of one another,” a source told The Enquirer, “They saw each other when they returned to the US.”

Two years later, the rumors again began flying when Morales announced she was 12 weeks pregnant by husband Joe Rhodes.

“There was unbelievable talk that Matt could be the father of her baby!” revealed another show source. Incredibly, when we gave Rhodes the opportunity to shoot down allegations that his wife was involved with Matt, he did not deny them to The Enquirer.

And Annette’s fears about Matt’s roving eye are well-grounded. Sources told The Enquirer that Lauer carried on with Jessica Thorman, a married Florida woman, until just months before his 1998 wedding to Annette. Jessica’s husband Zoltan Molnar accused Lauer of wrecking their marriage, stating, “He’s not the goody-goody nice guy he looks like on TV!”

Sources say Matt is determined to have Ann Curry replaced with a bigger “name”. A rival network source says, “The morning show competition has never been hotter and Matt is the reigning king. Everyone wants to see him get knocked off his pedestal, and that’s why these outrageous baby daddy rumors have resurfaced.”

Morales remains part of the Today Show team, and she said recently that she still manages to cook dinner every night for her investment banker husband and their two sons, Josh and Luke. Meanwhile, Lauer just bough 40 acres of land in the Hamptons so he and his wife can extend their property into a horse farm. The network source says, “I think he’s trying to keep Annette happy after years of causing her misery.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

This story goes a long way towards explaining that situation in 2006 when Annette filed for divorce – someone might have told her that Lauer was having some torrid Turino love with Natalie. And when Lauer and Morales came back to NYC, their affair continued until she got pregnant with her youngest son, Luke? Of course, we have no idea if any of this is true, and we’ll probably never know. But now I’m going to watch Today and look for the hidden, long-buried sexual tensions.

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  1. brin says:

    Must-see tv (on NBC)!

  2. gee says:

    He’s gross.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Yes. He’s bald and by looking at him it seems as though he would have a very small penis.
      I don’t think a girl like Natalie would be into him.

      • mattlauerrocks says:

        He looks like that character actor on 24 who always plays Cheney-like VPs.

    • Ally says:

      Ditto. He always gave me the creeps. (And he’s glib! Ha.)

      Can we please also call him a homewrecker like we do with the ladies who troll for married strange?

      • Apple Vera says:

        Oh Natalie! Matt must drugged you or promised the co anchored desk!! You’re too attractive for him, and so is his wife Annette.,.

    • Gina R says:

      He’s definitely going bald. He went from being so so attractive to just down right unattractive in such a short time. Wow. He aged quickly. They should replace him with another Man if they want people to continue to watch.

  3. KWM says:


    His poor wife.

    Can I just say, I LIKE Ann Curry! WTH?

  4. kazoo says:

    oh wow, she looks like a younger meredith viera.

    i don’t understand news anchor salaries. i mean, you can probably say that about most people making millions a year, but seriously…$25 million a year to read from a teleprompter and feign interest in guests?

    nevertheless, i think lauer is dilf. if morales’ son is his, i wonder how much hush money he’s paying her.

    • Esmom says:

      She looks like Maria Shriver 2.0 to me. I don’t know what to think. I can imagine an attraction and maybe even an affair but the rumor sounds mostly like mudslinging. So sordid. Like someone else said, “Welcome to the world you report, Matt.”

    • jc126 says:

      Yeah, that’s the real scandal on Today – Meredith Viera looks like she’s the mother or older sister to Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie. We joke about it ALL the time, that they’re all secretly related.

      But even though it’s hard to picture Matt Lauer doing this stuff, I’ve read about alleged infidelities for years, so I kind of believe it.

  5. marie says:

    wow, I’ll have to watch and see how this plays out..

  6. lucy2 says:

    That’s the worst picture of her I’ve ever seen! She’s very pretty.
    I would hope these people would know better than to get involved with coworkers like that, but who knows.

  7. baby says:

    lainey had a blind about this..where a the wife of the man confronted the co-worker with whom he was having an affair in front of a bunch of pple..she dropped a big hint about julia roberts going “WHOS NATALIE” at an award show some time…idk does that make sense in this post?? i’m like half asleep right now lol. but yea, juicy 😉

  8. CTgirl says:

    I have never understood his appeal. Yuck.

    • Lisa says:

      Nor have I, but I know this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about him having had an affair.

    • Gina R says:

      Must be the money. No way he can get any woman with his current looks. Yuck!

  9. Marjalane says:

    You know….if there was a big rumour going around that my son was fathered by someone other than who my son BELIEVED had fathered him, I’d get my ass out there and clarify the truth! If N.M. kid does look like Matt Lauer, and people keep whispering about it, eventually the kid is going to want to know whats up.

    Other than that, I think Matt lauer is a balding doofus- oh, excuse me- a glib, balding doofus.

  10. Jayna says:

    He came out and said he lives working with Ann Curry. His wife would never put up with this affair and if it is such an open secret she would know and would never put up with it since she walked out on him before. Plus she was an anorexic a while back. Her own family discussed worrying about her tiny frame. He did cheat back then, though, but they patched up their marriage.

  11. Jen34 says:

    I knew someone who had a one nighter with him when he was single. He likes dirty talk in bed.

  12. Thinkaboutit says:

    He’s so nice and actually very handsome in real life. His wife is a freak show witch. Our kids were in a mommy and me class back I 2003 or 2004, and she was so snotty and rude. She came with another mom and would only talk to her. I overheard her once hiss “I just wish they would all stop staring at me!” Since I didn’t know who she was then, I figured she just thought we were all enchanted by her beauty (she is attractive and super thin but lots of city moms are). She would never participate and always declined her turn the sing-alongs with a disgusted wave of her hand. It wasnt until another mom bitched about her later that I found out who she was. Fast forward a few years, I must have been on the same schedule as Matt out east for a few weeks because I kept running into him at a coffee shop in East Hampton. He was so cool with the staff (in a place where men tend to be curt with the “help”) and even started nodding and eventually giving me a friendly hello after a couple days. I got the sense that he was a genuine good guy, and it’s hard to fake those vibes IMO.

    • KWM says:

      Interesting! Thx for sharing… I dont think his wife is that pretty….

    • islandwalker says:

      His wife sounds more shy and insecure than snobby. Regardless of how charming he is, IF this rumor is true, he and Natalie are pigs. End your marriages then sleep with whoever you want.

      And $25 million for mediorce ‘reporting’???? That’s the real scandal here.

      • Erin says:


      • thinkaboutit says:

        No, this wasn’t shy, this was self-important and self-absorbed. We were there to sing to our babies not gawk at “celebrity” wives. It was not about her at all — trust me, no one was staring and no one cared that she was there.

    • Wow, I don’t think she’s at all attractive. She’s homely as can be, IMO.

      • thinkaboutit says:

        She was a pretty successful model, but that was years ago. I agree she’s not much to look at anymore — haggard is the word that comes to mind. But in case I was unclear in my original post, no one was actually staring at her, that was a figment of her overinflated ego’s imagination.

      • Jessica W says:

        I think she looks like a man.

    • Learned One says:

      I used to run into Annette at The Golden Pear in Southampton on weekends. She was so very, “How dare you look at me,” and quite frankly, not at all pretty in person. Verrrry thin and stuck up – and this was back in the day. I think at the time she was still modeling for Victoria’s Secret.

    • 234 says:

      it’s an actors job to schoomz. I wouldn’t buy that assumption

    • 234 says:

      think it’s dusgusting of you to imply cheating is ok if people think your wife is a btch

  13. lisa says:

    Doubt this is true. but it is interesting how the Morning Show people when interviewing celebs are always asking them about tabloid stories as if they were factual. These shows are not better regarding Entertainment then the rags… but I recall when the rumors started about Matt and his marriage when his wife filed for divorce or separation he was full of indignation about his life being on the rags and on gossip sites. but it’s fine when he does it with others.

    I guess we will see how this plays out in the rags and gossip..

    welcome to the world you report Matt

  14. ahoyhoy says:

    I noticed the sexual tension there years ago (I haven’t watched “Today” since around 2006, so they would have been ‘hot n heavy’ then).
    In fact, their totally gross sexual tension, plus the loss of any real journalism on the show, are what finally allowed me to break the “Today” habit.

    I wonder if Natalie gets along with Savannah Guthrie, who is really smart AND younger & perkier. And I wonder if Matt has seduced Savannah by now too. He’s such a skeeve!

  15. Whitey Fisk says:

    It’s possible they had an affair, but I really don’t believe the kid is his. Check out a family photo –


    I don’t think either kids looks like him. Moreover, the husband vaguely resembles Lauer, so it’d be tough to tell.

    One more pic of the kids –


    (Sorry, I’m old, so I don’t know how to do links, you’ve got to cut and paste. A tinyurl is as high-tech as I’m ever going to get.) Edited to add: It made my addresses into links! Huzzah! Thanks, smart computer people!!

    • momoftwo says:

      What a beautiful family. And I agree the boys look like their dad – it’s pretty hard to tell.

      When my son was born he was so fair he didn’t look like my kid (I’m Indian and my husband is American). But since I know he didn’t impregnate another woman and switch embryos in my uterus, I assumed the baby was mine.

      • ol cranky says:

        But since I know he didn’t impregnate another woman and switch embryos in my uterus, I assumed the baby was mine.

        brilliantly said

    • Bonnie says:

      I totally agree. Those kids look like their Dad. I don’t doubt they had an affair, but Matt is not the father. BTW, that oldest one has some behaviour issues. He was on the show with her one time and I was a little surprised. However, cameras and what not may have had something to do with it.

    • The boys look like each other and they both appear to have their father’s mouth.

      • DANAdon'tLIE says:

        Matt the Ratt and Natalie need to go on Maury! Swayback Savannah needs lip injections fast. Poor Ann Curry, she deserved so much better!

    • Violet says:

      Actually, it seems to me that both boys resemble their mom.

      I don’t think it’s out of the question that Matt Lauer fathered the youngest. From all accounts, he’s been unfaithful to his wife from day one.

      If Natalie Morales has nothing to hide, she should have a DNA test done to stop all the rumors once and for all. But I doubt she’ll do that if she had an affair with Matt Lauer, because a DNA test might backfire on her.

      In any case, the kid doesn’t deserve to be the in the spotlight like this. What with all the press, he deserves the truth because he’s definitely going to have questions when he gets older.

    • Feebee says:

      I think the boys share their dad’s eyes. Not Matt Lauer’s kid thank god. It would be a dangerous game but amusing if the other morning shows included the story in their newscasts.

    • Bobby sue says:

      Thank you for posting those pics. That kid looks so much like his father (small pug nose unlike Lauer’s schnoz) and very light blue eyes. Lauer has dark brown eyes and Morales has green..hmmm. That’s an extremely recessive trait to have a child with blue when both parents are carrying a dominant large B. They might have had an affair but this smear rumor is incredibly cruel to the child and the family.

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    OT but does anybody else irrationally hate Ann Curry like I do? She just annoys the hell out of me and I don’t find her to be a very good anchor OR a good interviewer-WAY too soft.

    • Agnes says:

      she is a super-annoying twit.

    • Lisalou says:

      Yes i could never stand her. Shes awful. She doesnt seem genuine and she has stumbled in interviews. I stopped watching because of her.

    • Bonnie says:

      OMG Yes. Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Everyone…. And they way she flirts with some of the men (i.e. Brad Pitt) she interviews is sooooo uncomfortable to watch. Man I miss Meridith Viera!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yup! “and up next this morning, good morning, we’re talking about ____ this morning”.
        Yes she stutters and trips over her words-she sucks at interviewing, period.
        @Lisalou-that’s exactly it-She seems super fake and overly-nice. It just grates on my nerves..I also totally miss Meredith. At least she had some sass ya know? Not the perky robot that is Ann Curry.
        Yay! Glad to see there are other AC haters 🙂

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Good morning, good morning, in the news this morning, good morning.
        Joel McHale and The Soup love that one too.

    • texbrook says:

      I, too, am an Ann Curry hater. I used to count the times she would say Good Morning, and my neighbors probably hate me because I spend my mornings screaming at her thru the television. She GRATES on my nerves.

    • Feebee says:

      May I suggest Good Morning America instead?

    • QQ says:

      Dude! OMFG Me!! She is so bland, humorless, not funny, a terrible Interviewer, she cant do fluff nor relax, i hate the bullshit colorblocked mom clothes they put her on, her attempts at humor, her inability to read the prompter, some mornings is like a slow trainwreck of stumbles, and it seems no one likes her so as to play along, when savahnnah takes over is a world of difference.. Gaahhh!!!

      Its gotten to the point my sis calls me in te ams and “mmm hmmmmm” a la Ann Curry to piss me off

      (thanks for letting me vent ROTFLMAO)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Ha ha! EXACTLY!

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        And, its for ALL of those resons that I LOVE Anne Curry. 😉 shes like the bad news bears of TV announcers. These people are such self important asses …I’ll take Anne…who makes mistakes and knows full well she sucks! 🙂

    • Lady LaLa says:

      She’s the reason I DON”T watch that show. annoying beyond words……
      Good Morning
      Good Morning
      Good Morning go f yourself

    • Beck says:

      Absolutely, I cannot stand Ann now. I liked Ann when she only read the short news segment. Now I really hate her. She is so terrible that I get embarrassed for her. She is totally awful with interviews. I expect her to start literally kissing their a$$ during interviews. All of that fake sweet crap! And, when I don’t feel embarrassed for her, I can’t control my eye rolls. She needs to be fired or demoted back down to news anchor (reader). And, Natalie is the same as Ann IMO. As a news reader, she is fine but not good as a co-host/anchor.

  17. Mich says:

    Ooooohhhh! Now THIS is dish!

    I live overseas so haven’t watched the Today Show in more than a decade but I remember when he was considered the second coming. It was just a tad OTT at the time…

    I love when man-made idols (that seem to eat it up at the time) are exposed for being human after all. Even better when their human side is possibly salacious. Does this make me a terribly bad person?

  18. JudyK says:

    Is that why Matt is gone from Today this week? Hmmm.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’d guess it’s because this week his kids probably had off from school for Easter/spring break and they went on vacation somewhere.

  19. Roxy750 says:

    These peeps know how to get ratings and get you to watch one of these morning shows….everyone is getting sucked right in! That’s how they make their mooko bucks!

  20. Agnes says:

    i don’t understand why he has all these women all over him. money, i guess? meh.

  21. mia girl says:

    What the what???!!!!

  22. Hoya_chick says:

    No pregnant woman files for divorce from her husband unless something really crazy went down! I believe this. Even if is wife is a ice princess and she ended up staying he still seems like a prick. I hope it all comes out!

  23. garvels says:

    Matt also was accused of having an affair at the most recent Winter Olympic games with some random women and his wife threatened divorce. I think Matt is a player and his wife is a clinger and his model wife will never give up the glitz of the Manhatten lifestyle.

    I think the ratings are down at Today because of Matt not because of Ann Curry.

  24. Alix says:

    Now THIS is GOSSIP! Yum.

  25. texbrook says:

    Also, watch the sexual tension between Lauer and Giada when she’s on the show. Seeing as how she has slept with everyone, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve had some s*x on that kitchen counter!

    • QQ says:

      YES but Giada is the subject of Many a blind item re: her sluttery

      On that Barbados trip when he was doing the where in the world is Matt Lauer is was like : Chick! Stand Down your Vagina is emanating Heat all the way to here!!

    • Esmom says:

      Gross, but lol. If you’ve seen Giada’s husband you could see that she might stray because chances are she’s not getting much at home!

  26. TG says:

    One night a few months ago, maybe even before Christmas, Piers Morgan was interviewing Merideth Viera and her husband and he asked her why she left the Today Show and she said “two words – Matt Lauer” and then the show went to commerical immediately. And she did not have a smile on her face and I think when she said it she thought they were not on camera and when they returned from commercial there was no mention of any negative stuff about Matt so I am inclinded to think she meant what she said and didn’t realize it was caught on camera. I tried to find mention of this the next day on the internet but could find no one commenting about it. I like Merideth and I think her comment had a lot of meaning behind it.

    You know I always think about what it would be like to be super rich and pretty and perfect but when I hear stories like this about his wife and these other crazy celebs it makes me grateful for the person I am. I know you can be both beautiful, rich and nice but it seems some of these celebs and their wives are too insecure to appreciate what they have to the only defense is to act like you are better than everyone.

    • celine says:

      TG – I actually saw that interview and you got it way wrong. Meredith was joking when she was talking about Matt. They actually have a great professional relationship – you are totally out of line when you wrote what you wrote. Meredith Viera would not say anything bad about anyone – that’s just how she is. I’m pretty sure her and Matt are very good friends.

  27. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Men and others like him in the industry have huge egos! Of course he’s banging her! and probably the rest of the women on his staff. . are people really surprised by this?

  28. Moi says:

    Josh and Luke look totally alike and they both look like their dad. Juicy story, but there’s no way Lauer fathered Luke.

  29. Sugar says:

    The only time I think I ever had a nano speck of any kind of like for Matt is when Matt was trying to man up one against Tom Cruise but I got over it fast. But I can’t help in asking “where in the world is Matt Lauer” worth 25
    million a year?

  30. Cinesnatch says:

    I’m glad to see she’s fighting back. Hope she wins. Matt is a douche. Team Curry.

    • Toni says:

      I agree! Even if she’s not the best host it’s unfair how they’re trying to railroad her!

  31. anti-icon says:

    I believe Matt Lauer has cheated on his wife from day one. This is a horrible experience for his wife, and my heart goes to her and their children. Also, I find Matt Lauer to be smug, arrogant and a hipocrit of the highest order. Morning news is a JOKE. No journalistic integrity at all with these info-tainers. And I miss Jane Pauley the most. (Bryant Gumble was even MORE GLIB than Lauer). Morning news “journalists” deserve this scrutiny, because there are lots of skeevy, very well paid players in the a.m. news world. I boycott the Today Show for all these reasons. (It seriously raises my blood pressure knowing what I know about these losers.)

    • Esmom says:

      Ugh. I used to occasionally watch GMA many years ago but after reading this I’m glad I don’t watch any of them.

  32. mymy says:

    I think the big story here is that Matt is going to get 25 million a year.He is so biased when he interviews people. He sticks to his own personal feeling in interviews even when it is going south. And most interviews he is out matched intellectually.Any network that would keep Ann Curry is not a network I would watch. They are so bad at what they do. This guy is beyond biased. And handsome is not a word I would use to describe him. This is a man who believes his own hype

  33. Moi says:

    Matt Lauer is a huge man-wh/ore. I know this as fact, but will leave it at that. He and his wife lead separate lives.

    • Mel123 says:

      I agree Moi! I dated him briefly in the 90’s (before his marriage to Annette) and he is nothing but a male slut…YUK!!!

  34. Newtsgal says:

    I dated a guy who worked (still does) on TV from the Hampton Roads area, and people would be shocked to know his private side. They all act “normal” when the cameras are on, they have too.

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      What? Do tell! You and Moi can’t leave it at that…more hints and details… we won’t tell anyone. 🙂

  35. Moi-1 says:

    Oh wow, someone else is using Moi. I will be Moi-1 now. 🙂

  36. BerMan says:

    I like this story. Bring it on !

  37. Ravensdaughter says:

    Yikes!. Don’t they know THE RULE about inter-office romance?

  38. Didi says:

    Highly doubt her 2nd son is Matt Lauer’s. Here is part of an interview she did with MOM Magazine

    When it comes to infertility, Natalie Morales has a message: Trust your instincts!

    The Today Show co-anchor, 37, notes in a new interview with the premiere issue of Mom that it took 2 ½ years to become pregnant with her second child, 15-month-old Luke Hudson, and even then it was only after undergoing intrauterine insemination.

  39. Annie says:

    What’s up with the Matt Lauer hate!?!
    I’m not surprised at the bad press and I don’t doubt for a minute it’s a result of the disgruntled Ann Curry camp.
    She should be grateful he put with her this long…she has no business co-anchoring and I think he called this from the get-go. I’m certain he only signed if they would get rid of her so he’s
    done us all a favor.
    He is a great interviewer (always prepared and asks the ?’ s everyone wants to know and in the right order..it’s a gift and he’s got it)Ann is incapable of spontaneity and her interviews are atrocious.
    As for his wife, I have never seen a candid of her where she doesn’t seem full of bitterness. The encounter in the blind item sounds exactly in character for her, paranoid and inappropriate. It was reported that she filed for divorce because his job was to demanding and he’s wasn’t devoting enough time to her…well that’s part of the deal…I don’t condone affairs but there’s always 2 sides.
    Lastly I think he’s gorgeous and allot of that is cause he’s so self deprecating….when he shaved his head because he was losing his hair he poked endless fun at himself…
    It’s also clear the crew love him!!!
    Please lay-off my Matt!!

  40. Onyx XV says:

    Most of the morning shows now suck. Since the departure of Chris Cuomo and Diane Sawyer, GMA has become nothing more than a recap of DWTS. That is ALL they ever talk about. Needless to say, I don’t watch. And I am hanging on by a very thin thread to Today – that thread is Matt Lauer, and Matt Lauer only. If he left, I wouldn’t watch it anymore. He’s the only decent reporter (although Natalie Morales isn’t half bad) that they have left! Ann Curry sucks. This story is titillating, but highly unlikely. Let’s move on.

  41. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    I used to work for the Barefoot Contessa in East Hampton when it still existed. Matt and his wife/girlfriend…I dont think they were married yet came in. She ordered a pint of Gazpacho from me and walked up to the rejister with it where Matt was waiting. They had other foods on the counter. When he saw how much food they had he felt they didnt need it and sent her back to give it to me. She came back and apologized as she handed it to me. As I reached out to take it he changed his mind and called her back. she went back to him with it. Do you know he sent her back to me and changed his mind twice more?? She looked like a fool in front of everybody and he looked like an ass. I actually felt totally sorry for her. By the time they left the store she looked miserable and he seemed like a sour humorless cheapskate. So, in the end I was silently wishing she’d just pour the Gazpacho over his head saying “Maybe this will help you make up your mind Matt.”
    Personally I loved Charlie Gibson and since he retired I stopped watching morning so-called “news” altogether.

  42. Carpe Diem says:


  43. BU says:

    Her sons look like her and her husband together. The youngest son looks more like Natalie’s husband. Someone is out for Matt, but those kids DO NOT look like Matt.

  44. JamTam says:

    I have absolutely nothing to base my opinions on re: this, but Mr. Lauer gives off this…. Vibe. I could see him doing dirt like this.

    Oh well.

  45. DetRiotGirl says:

    I work in the entertainment industry. But, I pay the majority of my bills by doing promotions, events and marketing when I’m not acting. I’ve worked all the NYC morning shows (except The Early Show) in one capacity or another over the years so I feel compelled to offer up an opinion on this story. I totally believe that Matt Lauer cheats on his wife. In fact, that’s pretty much an open secret among people who work on the show.

    I know someone else up thread had a story about a positive interaction with Matt Lauer, so I’d just like to do a counterpoint here and say that he’s always come off like an a**hole to me. The Today Show has the most negative energy on set of all the morning shows I’ve been to. The PAs consistently seem miserable and the stars of the show barely interact with the crowd that spends hours outside waiting to see them.

    Matt Lauer is the worst out of all them. One time I was there in the front of the audience working a promotional event. Matt came over to me during the commercial break and asked if I wanted to take a picture together. I politely declined (I’ve been to the Today show enough times that I really don’t need a picture with Matt Lauer. Better to let him move on to someone who cares.) and he got the bitchiest look on his face, like he couldn’t believe someone might NOT want to take his picture, and said “then why are you in the front of the audience?”. I thought about saying “For a paycheck. Why are you out here making nice with us peons?” but I managed to hold my tongue.

    Fox and Friends is a weird set. The green room is kind of small, and you sort of get the vibe that they know no one watches their show. However, I did meet the Tai Bow guy there, and he even gave one of the girls I was with a Tai Bow gift set when she said she was a fan.

    My favorite of all the morning shows is GMA. I’ve had nothing but good experiences there. In contrast to the Today show, all the PAs there seem really bubbly and happy. You can always tell what kind of set you’re on by how the (forgive this term) little people are treated. The stars of the show are also very nice. They actually make an effort to interact with the crowd, and they even feed the audience Emmeril’s left overs once in awhile.

    Among my other favorite GMA moments; I got George Stephonopolous (spelling??!?) to dance to a Lady Gaga song with me during a commercial break once. Another time I was there when Emmeril was showing the audience how to make cherry pie (my favorite!). When the show went to commercial I started joking around with Robin Roberts about how jealous I am that she got to eat the pie, and do you know what she did? She gave me a huge piece with whipped cream! She even went and found me a fork! It was awesome. She’s by far the nicest person I’ve met from any of the news shows.

    For my last comment on the subject of morning shows, (I apologize, I know this was a long post) I’d just like to say I find Sam Champion oddly attractive even though he sort of looks like an aging Ken doll. Am I alone on this? Let’s discuss. Lol

  46. Nev says:

    don’t cheat.

  47. Laura says:

    When they lead out with a story about Pippa Middleton, you realize what a joke the morning ‘news’ has become-it is really just an earlier version of Entertainment Tonight..one more story about Lindsey frigging Lohan and I’ll shoot the TV Elvis style..and yes ABC is now just a running advertisement for Disneyworld/Disney cruises, etc.

  48. PunkA says:

    This is a total fabrication. Do the math people. 2006 Winter Olympics were over 6 years ago, and the Natalie’s youngest son is 3. Which means they had to have carried it on for another year after the Olympics, and this does not jive with the timeline of Annette’s filing at all, does it.

    Sounds to me as if this is heating up simply because GMA is starting to catch up.

    By the way, I have been to The Today show many times over the years, and it is always great. They treat fans well, and the vibe is not weird at all.

    And no, I do not work for NBC.

  49. Stlchicago says:

    I’ve been waiting years for Ann to get this job; and she does a great job to me. What’s Matt’s problem? Oh Matt, you’re over rated sir. You’ve got to have an outstanding PR agent and great Attorney, because you’re not worth $25_million.

  50. Gary says:

    Matt needs to be paid $25 millon a year to help pay child support and hush money for keeping his baby with Natelie a secret. If this is true, then I have lost all respect for Natelie. I never had respect for Matt and if I was NBC, he would be in the streets looking for a new job.

  51. Stlchicago says:

    DNA testing – Matt, it’s Maury Povich’s show on line one.

  52. Daniellie says:

    It sounds pretty made up to me. If it is his rivals doing this, they really should not be dragging two families into these vicious rumours.

  53. Carla says:

    Whoever was paid by the National Enquirer ran with the money. Not only does this story contain “ifs”, “mights” or coulds”, I looked at both boys, the oldest looking just like his father and the other looking nothing like Matt.

    How horrible to repeat something that has no facts to back it up. I feel for Natalie, her husband, children and Matt’s family too.

  54. MaryAnn phelon says:

    Ann curry, beautiful, classy, lady. Too good , for these news shows. Matt lauer , met him on flight very nice man, very friendly.

  55. mimi44 says:

    Natalie is way to smart to have an affair with Matt. She also looks very happy with her husband and her boys. AND her son, actually both of them, look like their father, Joe Rhodes! It’s all just gossip, that always helps ratings, now doesn’t it….

  56. Jim says:

    here you go

  57. ManWithTaste says:

    Has Savannah Sluthrie ever heard of Spankx? Her rippling, bulging, lumpy, hips, thighs, and jutting pelvis in those skin-tight dresses… so unladylike! Ann Curry sure could teach her how to be attractive AND ladylike at the same time. NBC’s execs Bell and Capus must be her fashion advisors. Savannah’s a tremendous mistake. Bring Ann back!

  58. Jack says:

    Matt is a jerk.

  59. jj says:

    NBC doesn’t care about his extra marital flings

    NBC cares about TV ratings

    NBC has never been known for objective reporting and their morning “news” show is TMZ / Perez Hilton -esque