Is Kristen Stewart “nervous” about competing with Jennifer Lawrence for roles?

Let me start this post by simply saying this: I’m honestly trying to give Kristen Stewart credit here. While I don’t think K-Stew is God’s gift, I do think she’s a pretty girl with more talent than most people give her credit for. She has many great qualities – she’s not a crazy party girl, she’s not a compulsive crack liar, and by most accounts, she works hard. I’m not the one who is setting Kristen up “in competition” with Jennifer Lawrence – the tabloids are doing it, and I’m just following their lead, because I think the comparisons are valid (they’re the same age, they’ll be up for many of the same parts, they‘re both the centerpieces of huge franchises), and because I think Jennifer and Kristen are on each other’s radars, for better or for worse.

Jennifer Lawrence has already made some direct and indirect comments about Kristen Stewart and the Twilight franchise, and yes, Jennifer did audition for Twilight too. But while Kristen was “the It Girl” for several years because of the Twilight franchise, Jennifer is currently riding high as The Hunger Games rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus, Jennifer already has her “professional actor” credibility – she’s already been nominated for an Oscar. So, is Kristen a little bit jealous/worried/insecure?

Kristen Stewart has turned into a green-eyed monster over up-and-coming superstar Jennifer Lawrence, who is wowing audiences in The Hunger Games. Insiders say Kristen, 22, is terrified that she and Jennifer, 21, will be vying for the same roles – and that Jennifer will win!

“The Hunger Games is now the talk of Hollywood and it’s predicted to do even better at the box office than the megahit Twilight series,” said the source. “Worse still, Jennifer is getting critical acclaim for her acting talents, which no one has ever given Kristen.”

In fact, Jennifer was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar last year for Winter’s Bone, while Kristen has yet to be recognized by the Academy for her work.

“Kristen is nervous about going head-to-head with Jennifer for roles,” the source continued. “Kristen doesn’t consider herself a natural beauty, and she knows Hollywood is so fickle that it’s always the pretty girl who wins the big parts. Jennifer has the best of both – talent and looks – which has Kristen fretting for her future.”

Kristen’s new film, Snow White and the Huntsman, is due to be released in June. “Kristen is desperate for it to do well, but she’s very insecure,” added the source. “She’s dreading the possibility that Jennifer could wind up her career nemesis.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

While Kristen’s shtick is that of a neurotic emo chick, lip-biting her way through life, I actually think she’s a pretty confident, self-assured young woman. Basically, I doubt that she’s descending into some kind of jealousy shame-spiral. That being said, she’s got a lot riding on Snow White and the Huntsman. It’s her biggest non-Twilight role in a big studio film, and if it bombs… well, it won’t be good for Kristen’s career. I don’t think SWATH will bomb, though. Even a non-Kristen-stan like me wants to see it. I think it will be a hit.

Did anyone else laugh at “…while Kristen has yet to be recognized by the Academy for her work…”? What was supposed to get nominated again?

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  1. CTgirl says:

    Going head to head for roles probably would mean that Jennifer would win. Jennifer is the better actor and can actually sell films in interviews. Do I think that KS is really worried? Probably not.

  2. OlsenTriplet says:

    Jennifer Lawrence > Kristen Stewart.

  3. Hipocricy says:

    They are physically their respective antithesis. I doubt they would be considered for the same type of roles.

    • OlsenTriplet says:

      Yes but doesn’t this make everyone wonder why KS was cast as “the fairest of them all?” I think KS looks pretty in a heroin-chic, totally-would-cut-a-b!tch, non-diva way. But more beautiful than Charlize Theron? No way.

      Doubt she even wanted it, but JL would have been more believable in this SWATH role. KS should stick to strippers and other bedraggled societal outcasts.

      Or they could keep KS and rename the movie Someskinny Whitegirl and the Huntsman.

    • ContoidCluster says:

      I agree with what you say in a way, if there’s someone KS should be scared of, it’s Saoirse Ronan or Mia Wasikowska… they have that kind of “ethereal” beauty and they are the Himalayas to KS… dunes? talent-wise.

      Not to say, J-Law and the other two will split the market from here on

    • deehunny says:

      I agree. I think that although JLaw is a better actress, there are just some roles that are going to call for a pale girl with black hair… like Snow White. I wouldn’t buy JLaw as a snow white. She was still too blonde and delicate pretty even when she was playing the dark Winter’s Bone (although her acting was fabulous)…

      Side note: Am I the only one who thinks this movie reminds them of
      “Snow White: A Tale of Terror” staring Sigourney Weaver which is on Netflix streaming now? It looks like they took the similar goth premise and redid it

  4. Steph says:

    I think I am on JL’s side. She tells it like it is, unlike KS who is insitant that her privacy is underrated. Which in Hollywood, yes it is, but most aspiring actors would love to be in her position and recognition. Plus JL is an up-and-coming actress, KL has been on the scene since she was young, so she knows the pro’s/con’s to Hollywood life.

  5. marie says:

    of course they will go head to head for roles, they’re almost the same age..but I don’t think either of them has to worry about the other. I’m not a huge KS fan but am really looking forward to SWATH, I think more for Charlize’s role than hers, but I hope she does well..

  6. Vic says:

    Doubt she’s nervous. She’s been acting since she was a child and has been very successful without crashing and burning. They’re both talented and I hope they continue to do well.

  7. Mel says:

    They are both so different I doubt it will be an issue. I think people liked twilight because of the chemistry between Stewart/Pattinson. Hunger games success was due to the storyline. Not necessarily the actors.

  8. foozy says:

    why should she be nervous. she’s obviously move talented and more beautiful. jennifer has talent too but is a little too common in looks and figure. KS is like a scotish princess..

    • normades says:

      I think there are way more JLaw fans on these boards, but I’m gonna have to agree with you here. But then again I just prefer brunettes in general!

    • kassie says:

      Exactly. JL is cute, but totally forgettable. Besides, there’s something about her face that bugs me. Stewart stands out while JL is a standard issue starlet.

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        But that’s part of what makes JL a hotter commodity. She doesn’t have a particular look that sticks out, but she can be styled into a range of looks without ever being ugly. She’s more convincing in more roles.

      • Snow says:

        I concur with the range of looks thing–Jennifer Lawrence can look like someone else with styling for sure, although I think the same can be said about Kristen.

        But the problem with Kristen’s acting is that she only gets half the equation right. She can feel and project emotion, but she never truly appears to be another human being a la Daniel Day Lewis.

        It’s probably due to her nervous ticks; you can never forget it’s Kristen Stewart. You don’t come out of the movie thinking about [Character's Name] and what that character means for the film. For most people their subconscious can’t buy it. You just think about Kristen/Bella/Joan/Melinda.

    • MrsBarneyStinson says:

      Foozy, I agree with you. I don’t get the KStew hate around here. She’s made of a different mould and honestly does stand out. Also, she’s more interesting than her peers. Behind that “nervous” lip-biting, eye-rolling bored appearance (which I like) lies a very talented girl.

      • Diana says:

        I’m gonna get in line with you guys. I was actually scare to read the comments because everyon seems to hate KS so much here. I’m glad at least some people agree with what I think of her. Also in regarding the thread, I just think Kristen doesn’t give a fluke about any of it. She strikes me as confident enough not to care.

      • mr_go_to_deep says:

        Lets just get to the point jennifer lawrence strong and beautiful has a cammanding presence very hot i might add.while ks just isnt a force to be rekend with jennifer lawrence kickin ass and takin names later and lookin o so good while she does it very talented very down to earth southern bred woman jennifer lawrence is the shit and ks is pissed cause she got a nose full of the suther beans and corn bread sorry ks but right is right

    • MrsBarneyStinson says:

      Please ignore this comment. Wasn’t supposed to be here. Lol.

  9. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    Yeah, Kristen will probably roll her eyes if she hears this piece of “news”.

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, freeze to death, you know ;-)

    • Tapioca says:

      … before apathetically chewing on her lower lip and exhaling forcefully.

      There’s a reason she’s barely in the SWATH trailer!

      • lindsay says:

        why are people so hung up on the SWATH trailer and the small screen time that kristen had? Its getting old already..The director Rupert Sanders said that the movie had more kristen in it than Charlize, and there was a reason why they focused on Charlize in the trailers instead of kristen, because they wanted people to show the Queen’s POV.

      • Tapioca says:


        In any advertisement for a movie you put your biggest draw front-and-centre. By cutting KS’s screen time right down it shows that the production team are well aware that she turns off a lot of film-goers. Sanders is clearly hoping that people will be hooked in by Charlize’s ice queen and Chris Hemsworth’s biceps and forget that the chick who made Bella Swan so punchable is in it long enough to hand over their $10.

        Compare and contrast with Wanted, for example – AJ was the focus of the trailer because she can bank in action roles, but barely has ten lines in the actual movie!

      • keats says:

        @Tapioca, not to be a kristen stewart apologist, but the chick who made bella swan punchable was stephenie meyer.

      • suzie says:

        why are people so bothered by this? Sanders already said at wonder con that Snow White and the Huntman’s advertisements would increase around May.

        Charlize imo has the easier narrative and as we have all seen, makes for an interesting trailer. I don’t think they’re trying to burry kristen at all. Especially since she got top billing.

      • Day says:

        Exactly. KS is talentless and a brat. Not to mention homely looking. Please point out to me what is so remarkable about her face? I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a line up if my life depended on it. She is ungrateful for all the fame she has and bitch constantly about it. In about 5 yrs, I see KS being a has been. All the hype over that crappy twilight series will be long gone and so will she. JL is around for the long haul. I can see her winning an Oscar. KS…not so much.

      • Lady D says:

        The studio said they were releasing 3 trailers for the movie, one each from the queen, Snow, and the huntsman’s perspective.

    • Open Mind says:

      Wow there. You just showed exactly where people’s hate towards her comes from. She’s ungrateful because? Because she doesn’t like being flashed by dozens of paps waiting for her at her doorstep every single day? Because she doesn’t care to glam up for a night out? Because she doesn’t want her private life to be printed on the front page of gossip magazines?
      Simply wow. I guess we grew up with different values.

      • MrsBarneyStinson says:


        I’m sorry, but I’ll have to disagree. KS and JL are the faces of two huge movie franchises. The stories of which have been adapted from books.

        Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, is the one who (like Keats pointed out) made Bella Swan so punchable and there was only so much Kristen could do with the character. Suzanne Collins, on the other hand, made a better and much more relatable character. Someone who goes through all those emotions a normal human being does. Someone who falls in love with a member of their own species. So, as you can see, JL had a lot more to work with.

        You can not call KStew “talentless” based on her one role. I suggest you see some of her other movies. And why is she “bratty”? Because she isn’t like every other starlet and rolls her eyes frequently? You sure have a lot of hate, don’t you? And remember: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. KStew is not homely. At all. Rather, I find her beautiful. And so is JLaw.

      • Diana says:

        I agree with you both @Open Mind and @MrsBarneyStinson.

      • Consider says:

        “I was like, ‘You [fans] are celebrating something that has not come true yet. So, you are really retarded and have nothing to do with this creative process and I really don’t want to hear you celebrate in front of me. Get out of here!” –Kristen Stewart

        “It’s so… The photos are so… I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.” –Kristen Stewart

        Kristen Stewart tells the paps to freeze to death (0:42):

        I know, I know. We’re supposed to move on, she apologized, she was just stressed out, she’s right, yatta yatta yatta. But contrast this to Jennifer Lawrence’s complete professionalism and I’d say calling K-stew a brat isn’t completely baseless, not particularly tactful, but not far-off either.

      • Open Mind says:


        Please. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t even get a tenth of the media attention Kristen does. So you can’t really compare them from this point of view, nobody knows how she would react if she was in her shoes.
        And she said it herself in an interview “I’d never want to be that famous”, referring to Kristen.

        P.S. The first quote was made up by MSN back in 2008. Check your sources before you post anything.

  10. T.C. says:

    I think Emma Stone and Emma Watson are more Jennifer Lawrence’s competition then Kristen Stewart. They are very different and will be cast for different kind of roles.

    Don’t think either girl is sitting at home worried about their future. This is just the usual girl on girl BS.

    • normades says:

      Yes, I was going to mention Stone. Both of them have more competition coming from Emma who seems to be getting first dibs lately. Plus Stone has her own franchise coming out. And she can do drama, romcom and comedy, something neither KStew or JLaw have proven yet.

      But I think SWATH is gonna be a big hit for Kristen AND Charlize.

  11. Jade says:

    Even though their the same age, Jennifer looks older. That’s probably why some of her love interest have been 30ish.

    That being said I find Kristen and career much more intriguing than jen’s. Kristen tends to stand out from her peers, who all seem to be cut from the same cloth.

  12. Aria says:

    Both are pretty and young and people like them so they both stand chances to get roles.

  13. jenna says:

    To be fair to KS, the role that she’s known for is, frankly, kind of a sucky one. Despite being the central character of the series, we all know Bella is kind of flat, and he obsessive love for Edward means that there isn’t much room for character development. Bella is boring and not very likeable. Which means that even if KS was an amaaaaaazing actress, there’s only so much you can do with the role. JL has much better material to work from with Katniss, and she also had much more to work with in Winter’s Bone, so OF COURSE she is going to look like the better actress, even if they actually have similar levels of talent. I know I am really curious to see KS in a more “rounded” role where she has the opportunity to show more of a range in acting skills. I think if she nails her performance in SWATH, she can probably start to really move on from Twilight and people will stop thinking of her as Bella Swan.

    • Mimi says:

      You should watch Cake Eaters. KS”s role in that movie changed my opinion of her alot. Not saying it’s Oscar worthy or anything but it def showcases her talent a lot more than Twilight. That aside, I am a big JL fan. She was so good In Winter’s Bone. I think she has a big future ahead of her.

      • jenna says:

        I will have to check it out!

        I agree, JL is a great actress and I do hope she goes on to do more awesome stuff. I just think that KS gets a lot of hate that is (probably) really due to the fact that she’s starring as a boring, very anti-feminist character, in the movie adaptation of books that have been widely criticized for their terrible writing, shallow plotlines, etc. I know these movies have made her mega-$$$ and propelled her to stardom but I imagine she is desperate to move beyond them at this point.

        I do think JL has a much more engaging/endearing public persona and that is something KS might want to work on going forward. She doesn’t have to be super accessible to the media or what have you, but she needs to work on seeming a little more likeable, you know?

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        I don’t think we can measure an actress’s worth in a role like the Cake Eaters. She was able to hide her bad acting behind an affected disorder/disability.

        A much better role to see her skill was Welcome to the Riley’s, which proves she can act, but again, never as an ingenue, which severely limits her market value as an under-25-year-old actress.

        Let’s be honest. She’s a bad actress who basically won the lottery by encountering someone as odd as Catherine Hardwicke.

    • Kara Ann says:


      You make a very valid point about the awful material that Kstew had to work with. For those of us that find the Bella character to be a whiny, boring, vampire-obsessed doormat/idiot, it has been hard not to translate that dislike into dislike for Kstew simply b/c we wish the entire Twilight mess would simply go away! Having said that, I am withholding my verdict on Kstew as an actress. Very possible that she could do well with good material or just a more likeable character. I do think that SWATH will do well b/c of Charlize and Hemsworth. That will however be an opportunity for non-Twihards to be exposed to KStew even if they have avoided her b/c of Twilight up til this point. I actually hope that she does well. I don’t want to dislike her.

  14. Agnes says:

    maybe once KS gets away from her ridiculous twilight character and starts doing other stuff (like SWATH) she’ll turn out to be more talented than she comes off to be?

  15. TXCinderella says:

    No comparison. JL can actually act and make facial expressions. I seriously doubt Kristen would be intimidated by any other actress, you know with her being so tough and all.

  16. Linn says:

    The amount of people here defending KStew’s acting “talent” is insane. While I have nothing against her as a person and think she can be quite pretty with the right styling she is a TERRIBLE actress. And I’ve seen her other movies besides Twilight too, she plays almost the same character in all of them.

    There is frankly no competition, no casting director that doesn’t specifically want an emotionless, bored emo would EVER cast her against Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Jenna says:

      Right?!?! Kristen being more talented than Jennifer Lawrence? Yeah, okay. Right. Sure. Looks are debatable since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but talent shouldn’t even be a competition.

    • NO hate says:

      Well, your opinion is very different than many who are ACTUALLY involved in casting and directing movies. She has received nothing but praise from everyone she has worked with, and is in demand. (As has JL, obviously). I think they are both talented, but bring very different things to characters. I don’t see a competition here. Just 2 actresses with great futures ahead.

      • the original almond says:

        Uh, good god, not the director/people-in-the-industry argument again. The fact that she keeps getting jobs is not an irrefutable proof of her “like, awesome” talent.

        And, of course, before, I get counteracted with the “she’s so much better in other movies beside twilight” I’ll say I’m acquainted with most of her filmography because when I first saw that twilight monstrosity I thought she’d done a great job of making Bella less annoying.

        So I checked out her other stuff. Was blown away by Speak, then underwhelmed by every other role. I have nothing with her personally; I don’t know the girl. But professionally, I hate to see someone who does nothing but play the same persona – apparently, a close facsimile of herself – over and over again regardless of the role requirements.

        So spare me the “She’s so talented you just don’t see it” schtick. Anyone with eyes and means to watch movies can tell you this chick is a one trick pony.

    • NO hate says:

      to original almond –
      Glad to hear how much smarter you are than the industry professionals. You have an OPINION, which you are freely entitled to have, but you sound like an complete idiot to disregard and put no importance on her reputation within the industry. YOu may hate her, but clearly she has something many others (whose opinions actually matter) admire.

      • the original almond says:

        Dear No hate

        I have never heard anything bad about her in the industry. She has a good reputation work-wise and she’s certainly far from the Hollywood starlet template. But the fact that she’s a good person who maintains good relationships with industry people does not a talented actress make her. She may be god’s greatest gift when it comes to work ethics; it does not take away the fact she has absolutely no range. She is good at exactly one type of role, which she does ad nauseum. It gets old really quickly.

        Regards, person who didn’t insult you.

        P.S. Lots of undeserving people get hired again and again in the industry. It does not make them unquestionably talented. Your argument is weak and reaching.

      • NO hate says:

        Dear almond –
        Next time you are not insulting someone, perhaps you should not use the language – “spare me the schtick”. Maybe you will get a less defensive response.
        And I still think your opinion is worth far less than those who actually judge talent for a living. Not everyone will like her acting, but when critics, directors etc praise her ACTING (not just work ethic), there is probably some talent there. No one says you have to like her but this wholesale dismissal of her seems a bit absurd to me.

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        NO Hate, our opinion kind of matters more than industry people because we’re the ones who buy tickets. It’s industry the people’s job to gaze into the crystal ball and know that KS will draw a crowd instead of flies.

        For a few years the crowds will come, but soon the Twihard girls will grow up and KS will have to take an acting class or smear some bitter apple anti-chew spray on her bottom lip.

    • lunabell says:

      @Linn – Agreed!

      While I think there is always room for improvement, it’s one thing to say that one has potential and another to say that the talent is already there, it’s just hidden under sucky roles.

      It’s kind of like the sports argument of “we’re better than our record.” … No you’re not. You are your record and as you get better, your record will reflect that.

  17. one hung dude says:

    i would do both these females at the same time. they would worship my manhood.

  18. aenflex says:

    There is no camparison. Lawrence, baby.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    Stewart will be competing against Lawrence in terms of SWATH. KS has played a weak character for 4 yrs; she has to show her Snow White is a match for Katniss Everdeen. SWATH looks like a box office hit; but if the critics and audience howl at KS’s performance it would not bode well for her.

  20. shaboo says:

    who cares, the media should stop trying to make rivalries happen.

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I really want to see what KS can do after Twilight. I thought she was terrible in The Runaways (it takes effort to make Joan Jett seem so boring)but liked her in Into The Wild and In The Land of Women.
    Maybe if she got a roll that really allowed her to flex some chops she would shine? I dunno..

    • Eve says:

      Just yesterday I watched “Adventureland” on HBO — for my third immaginary husband (Jesse Eisenberg), of course.

      I’ll say this again: Kristen Stewart CANNOT act. Sleepy/bored expressions throughout most of the movie; annoying lip biting and eye shifting (there’s a scene where she is supposed to show she’s distressed/nervous, so she shifts her eyes really fast, delivering her lines without looking up) and even more annoying: a lot — I mean A LOT — of hair touching. She usually touches the top of her head and messes her hair up (which resulted in rather funny continuity mistakes, ha!).

      • the original almond says:

        Ah yes, the great performance of Adventureland, where Stewart showed how awesomely talented she is at playing herself.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well that seems to be the big issue for her right? She carries with her all these strange mannerisms into every role that she plays. In fact, she seems to rely on theses mannerisms like a crutch. And Eve-she definitely does the annoying hair and lip-biting thing in every movie I’ve seen her in. That being said I can’t say that I think she is TERRIBLE, just that she could be much better. She never seems relaxed or natural in interviews and it translates to her on-screen performances as well-she always looks so damn UNCOMFORTABLE ya know?

      • amurph says:

        I agree – I think she does rely on the same mannerisms in all of her movies. As much as I like Speak, all of those twitchy, eye-rolling, lip-biting moves were all there BUT it worked for her character. The other roles…not so much. If Snow White scoffs and bites her lip in SWATH, I might just scream in the theater.

  22. D1 says:

    Kristen is an interesting case – she’s given well-received performances in indie, art house pictures like Adventureland & The Runaways, so she has “street cred” and respect she wouldn’t have if she was only known for Twilight.

    But she hasn’t yet been given (or sought) a “Winter’s Bone” or “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”-esque role – that is, the type of flashily “gritty”, challenging part in a “prestige” film that rakes in critical raves and award nominations, and which is basically a prerequisite for being seen as a “serious” actor & (mostly) undisputed talent.

    Because SWATH is an action fantasy movie, even if it does well, it will only establish her bankability, not give her the prestige Jennifer Lawrence already has – if she wants that, Kristen needs to give a great performance in a “Winter’s Bone”/”Monster”/”Almost Anything Kate Winslet Starred In During the 90s Except Titanic” of her own.

  23. Juno says:

    Hunger Games already surpassed all twilight movies box office wise

    • so says:

      This has very little to do with JL or KS. 4 quadrant movie vs 2 quadrant movie. Also, just fyi, HG is unlikely to beat the Twilight series when you factor in international box office. (And before you brand me a crazy Twi fan, I am a big fan of BOTH series.)

  24. hoya_chick says:

    Jen has a new movie coming out with B. Cooper it’s a period piece set in the 1940s and they’re a married couple. The plot sounds interesting and I may see it. I think Jennifer has a lot more range and acting chops. I think her Oscar nom for Winters Bone was well deserved. I loved the book and thought she did it justice and then some. I find KS wooden in most of her performances. The last movie I liked that she was in is Panic Room. She would not be anywhere as famous without Twilight and it remains to seen if she has the crediblity/skills to open a non Twilight movie. I think most people will be seeing the snowwhite movie because of Charlize and the story not KS. In fact, she may keep some folks away. If the twihards do not continue to support her and she doesnt deliver in a non Twilight role her career will not last very long. Look at Sparkles? His non twilight roles so far have been very dissappoining and a box offic let down (the one with reece and the one about 9/11). I also don’t think she is beautiful, pretty sometimes but not beautiful at all. Like someone else said, I don’t think these two are up for the same roles. But the media/tabloids want to pit them against one another because.

    • Open Mind says:

      I have to disagree. The issue with Pattinson is exactly the same with Kristen. I happened to read some reviews of his other works, and well, they were more mean comparisons with the Twilight flicks, rather than actual reviews. Kinda prejudicial.
      Yet, Cronenember, and I’m not talking about a random director, cast him and has been praising him all along.

  25. mia girl says:

    I agree that Lawrence looks older and frankly more voluptuous, so she is more apt to compete with someone like Emma Stone (as mentioned by others) and even Scarlett Johansson for roles. I saw a picture of Lawrence on a new period film where she is Bradley Cooper’s wife. I can’t imagine Stewart being considered for a role like that.

    Lawrence is regarded to be more talented, but she still has a difficult career path to navigate at this point because she already has critical acclaim. There is a high standard for her and with the tight production timeline for the next Hunger Games (and lack of director) that movie could really go either way – I hope it goes well. Her next choices and performances are important.

    While at this point, a good performance for Stewart begins to build her critical acclaim – since so many expect the worst from her based on Twilight (I think on Pajiba someone said the Twilight movies suck the acting talent out of every actor on screen). There is something intriguing about Stewart and I’ve seen some good performances from her – Cake Eaters, Adventureland, Into the Wild – so I think she can breakout critically.

    I like them both for completely different reasons.

  26. jess says:

    Kristen is okay in some of her movies, mostly her older work. I’ve seen some of Jennifers work and I find her to be overrated. Oscar nomination or not shes just blah. Personally, I dont think their are any really good (young) actresses out there right now.

  27. Jenna says:

    Meh. I don’t think they’ll be competing; they look like they’ll go after completely different roled. Jennifer may go for the more adult roles (like her new movie ‘Serena’), while Kristen still looks like she’s going after teenage roles.

  28. shailee says:

    Why should she be worried?? they’re completely different,Kristen has been getting roles WAY before Jen and will continue to get big roles, Kristen doesn’t have an Oscar but she has critical acclaim outside of twilight,people in the industry respect her, and directors want to work with her, people forget that she has played some tough roles as a kid, way tougher than anything Jen has done so far. Not to mention that Kristen love or hate is way more intersting than Jen, people like to latch on to whatever is new, and of course use that to hate on Kristen, the girl has done nothing to deserve hate, she is a quiet actress, does her job with NO complaining, is not going out there getting drunk or high. Why people need to compare them is beyond me, they’re both talented and beautiful in their own ways, stop trying to pin girls against each other. The one thing I think that Jen has over Kristen is the ability to look older, Jen can look 30 while Kristen still lopks very young, but Im not worried, if SWATH does great Kristen will be on fire, ohh and add OTR to that too

  29. suzie says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is a fabulous actress and I’m aware that she has a lot of supporters on this board. She is a smart woman who knew when she signed on for THG what she was getting and her press tour was nearly flawless. Such was not the case for Kristen as much as people claim she should have known, she clearly didn’t and gained a reputation that in my opinion, she has disproven in recent months.

    She’s grown up, is no longer 18, and I’m looking forward to SWATH. I’m sure they’re sent some of the same scripts because of their age but Jennifer looks much older than 21 and is probably being offered roles that kristen isn’t because of that. She has the critical acclaim and I think she’ll do great thing.

    To sit here and question why kristen still gets cast is beyond stupid. Elle magazine reported subscriptions doubled once they announced her as the June covergirl. She’s popular where it counts. However, she’s been judged, a little unfairly because of how badly twilight sucks in general. She has talent and has fought against her own stereotype to prove that. SWATH will be a success no doubt in my mind.

    Despite not having the critical acclaim, kristen still has the indie street cred so it was good for her to do a commercial film outside twilight and she picked a good one. They’ll always be compared but it’s only because of the twilight/hunger games feud tabs are trying to make.

    In reality JL probably competes with some older actresses and KS probably competes with the likes of emma stone, felicity jones.

    sorry for the essay lol

  30. rtms says:

    Saorise Ronan kicks both their asses as far as I’m concerned,lol. SWATH is more of a ensemble cast and I’m betting that once we see the full movie, the critics will hit Kristen hard. She plays the same person is every movie now. JLaw is much better and much more versatile.

  31. Open Mind says:

    They’re so different from one other, both privately and artistically speaking. Hence, they will never get in competition, unfortunately for the media who’s always trying to put people against each other.
    I think 90% of people who hate Kristen Stewart’s acting have only seen the twilight movies. I’m not saying she’s an Oscar actress, but she’s kinda good in her other works, and she’s done a lot. She just happened to star in a big franchise (that was supposed to be another indie at the beginning) that people don’t like.
    I love Jennifer Lawrence, but there’s something about Stewart that drags me in. I say thank God for her shyness and awkwardness, which people use as a reason to hate on her. Finally a down-to-earth girl, who’s not selling her ass to Hollywood.

  32. shailee says:

    thank you Suzie, people judge Kristen way to hard, she was 17 when her life changed, with no preparation at all, Jen is 21 and knew her life was going to change, but even with that Jen doesn’t have people obsessed with her, or stalking her or has crazy fans after her the way Kristen has had for over 4 years, Kristen struggled with fame in front of everyone and people have this wrong idea of her. Most people that know her say she is a sweet girl,shy and nervous,those are not reasons to hate on her

  33. Hubbahun says:

    Why set the women against each other – it’s such a tired thing to do! (not you, I mean the press in general). KS was great in Speak, Panic Room and The Runaways (sorry The Original Kitten!!) – and fab in Adventureland and In to the wild. I too like the fact she’s not a screechy, party crack girly – lip biting or not! She only gets the stick she does because of Twilight – all of the scripts for all 4 films were appalling. And no, I’m not her mum hahahah!!!

  34. jc126 says:

    I doubt she’s nervous, but comparing those two crappy movies, Jennifer Lawrence is a FAR better actress than Kristen Stewart. I couldn’t believe how badly acted Twilight was (just saw the first two).

  35. aud says:

    I’ve seen Kstew in a lot of roles, and I’ve only ever actually liked her performance in one. The Cake Eaters. She did a good job.

    But other than that, she seems to take things for granted and not give her all to roles. Or she’s choosing parts that she can’t actually perform well in.

    Jennifer has been great in each role I’ve seen her in. Her best is obvs Winter’s Bone, but the role had the greatest range to it as well. I think she has the greatest range and can play almost any part.

    Kristen needs to be choosier, she’s not as talented as Jlaw but can be okay if she chooses parts that suit her abilities

  36. bkiddo8660 says:

    So where’s the article on Sparkles being nervous about competing with Liam Hemsworth or Josh H.? For once I would love to see the media play up non-existing feuds between male actors and let the young female actresses co-exist in peace.

    I think both actresses are great and there is room for BOTH to be successful.

  37. Memory27 says:

    And she should be Lawrence is so mas pretty funny humble and TALENTED than Stewart besides Lawrence is happy and proud of her work unlike Stewart whose always has a shit face.

  38. jesstar says:

    LAME! LAME! LAME! I think the tabloids are trying to create a Jennifer/Angie rivalry for the next generation & it really blows. Its kind of mysoginistic how they play up much of today’s female talent as catty or jealous

  39. The Original Mia says:

    She’ll never be considered for the same roles Jennifer will be given, so she shouldn’t worry about competing with Jennifer.

    • Sugar says:

      true I was going to add into my reply to Jesstar along the same that they aren’t the same style of actress so why & no now who knows as they mature into their late 20′s & 30′s. It will be interesting to see how this new young hollywood acting set turns out. Makes me miss Jennifer Jason Leigh:(

  40. suzanna says:

    I agree–Jennifer and Kristen couldn’t be more different than one another, and I think that is a good thing and they will go after different roles. Jennifer has that cheerleader/athlete, homecoming queen appearance about her, while Kristen has an edgy, cool and mysterious look. I am partial to Kristen’s style, I think she is beautiful. I do think both will continue to be successful.

  41. Shannon says:

    I HAVE seen KStew in movies besides Twilight, & she plays the same character each time. It’s just a derivative of herself – mumbling, stuttering, disbelieving look on her face, eye-rolling, lip-biting, etc. I mean, I liked Adventureland (mostly because of Jesse Eisenberg) ok, but she was basically playing herself. She needs to work on that. Jennifer is more of a chameleon, I think.

    Regardless, it’s disgusting when tabloids try to pit actresses/women against eachother.

  42. emma says:

    Kristen is not as bad as people make out but Jennifer Lawrence is far superior simply because she’s capable of a lot more range and a lot more emotion than Kristen is capable of showing.

  43. yep says:

    im always surprised when people say kristen is pretty. that girl looks like underfed trailer trash.

  44. Sarah says:

    Kirsten Stewart shouldn’t be worried about Jennifer Lawrence as much as she should be worried about Charlize Theron upstaging her in Snow White In The Huntsman or men or whatever. The trailers for it have been rife with Charlize looking like she’s knocked it out of the park and Stewart is just playing Kirsten Stewart again.

    • suzie says:

      explain this, because I really don’t understand. she rides horseback, breaks out of a castle, etc. and has had a few lines in the trailer … how the hell is that kristen playing kristen?

      these excuses get old honestly. Charlize’s character also has an interesting narrative that has been used in the ads thus far. I think they started promoting her early because she’ll be doing a lot for prometheus around the same time and will be missing some events.

      • Sarah says:

        Its not about what’s around her, its about her acting. She has exactly three expressions: Bored, annoyed bored, eyebrow scrunched annoyed. She is such a bad actress that she has to do things as forced as eyebrow lifting (not too mention alllll the lip biting and licking and hair tugging she does in her other movies, what that video mentioned in this article.) to give any emotion to her face. Her acting is as forced as the mustachioed villain tying a girl to a train track in a silent movie, if that villain was baked out of his mind.

        Her natural go to expression is bored and annoyed. She can’t stop seeming bored and annoyed in movies. Therefore, she always plays Kirsten Stewart. Ta Da.

  45. Serena says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is way hotter and beautiful than Kristen. Kristen f–ked up her career with that vampiere movie. To be honesly her acting was BAD and she still plays the same damn role in all the other non vampire movies. Jlaw atleast have the gift of acting unlike Kristen.

  46. Daisy says:

    I love both actresses they are so different and both are greatly talented imo. As a previous poster said JL is now held to a higher standard and is not expected to fail which is so dangerous at such a young age while KS is still in development and will be allowed more room to grow until she finds her niche which might just be SW/OTR who knows we still haven’t seen them. Great things are expected from both girls and I’m sure that’s just what we’ll get.

  47. Stephanie says:

    Team JLaw. The girl seems like an awesome person and she can act her biscuits off! Girl crush all the way.

    I will give it to you Kaiser, Kristen does not seem to be a coked-out party chick. I like it that she has a good image.

  48. Lila says:

    What I find funny is that Roger Ebert, etc give Stewart props…but the Internet commentators rip into her. I think she’s a good actress, not as good as Jennifer obviously, but good. She’s better than Emma Watson. What will help her I think is that she has a distinctive look. Personally, I don’t think Jennifer is all that pretty because of her chipmunk cheeks but she’s all-American…Emma Stone is all American too. No matter how talented both girls are, I could never buy one of them as like a Russian, hipster, or foreigner. I could totally see Stewart playing a Russian in contrast. Casting directors consider talent but someone also has to have the right physical look.

    • Rebecca says:

      Really, COME ON! How stereotyping is that comment? “JLaw is All-American, Kristen looks foreign”? I’m from Europe and I see just as many girls on the streets that looks like Jennifer Lawrence as girls who looks like Kristen Stewart. There are pretty, athlethic, confident blondes from other countries than the US, just as there are awkward, lip-biting hipsters from all around the world :)

    • flan says:

      Where do you think blondes and white people originally came from?

      Hint: it’s not the US.

      In Northern Europe women tend to look like Jennifer, not Kristen.

      Also taste a flavor of anti-foreigness in your comment. European does not mean hipster. Watching a foreign movie also does not mean you are a hipster, just that you try to broaden your horizon a bit from your narrow world.

      • Lila says:

        Seriously? I am French (Lyon is a city in France, not a foreign movie you moron). I moved to America as a child…People come in all colors and looks all around the world…But it is naive to pretend that most people don’t stereotype certain looks with certain countries. Even my educated, wealthy relatives were somewhat surprised when they visited my family in Los Angeles that people were not more blond and in shape.

  49. Ro says:


    I really doubt Kristen is concerned about it. I’m also pretty sure that if KStew is becoming a “green-eyed monster,” it’s a totally different kind…

    I’m not sure about how often they’d legitimately be competing for roles. Very different looks, body types, attitudes, etc. I think JL could be either your average girl or the smoldering type. Since she refuses to lose weight for roles and is a bit “Amazon-y”, I don’t think she could do just anything.

    KStew might be slightly less talented in the acting department, but she’s already done quite a few movies, and has been working since childhood. I think she also has a beauty that kind of transcends JL’s, but can do the sort of street-gutter look, too. At best, maybe she will grow out of the awkward demeanor and poor posture. Unrelated, I also really like Kstew’s red carpet style. JL’s is, uh… sitting in a spectrum between trashy and ill-advised.

    And I like JL and her acting all right, but I think the down-to-earth insistence is getting a little tiresome. Still think she was a crap choice for Katniss, but I’m in the minority there…

    • jenna says:

      You know she DID lose weight for THG, right? I suspect if the right part came along and a major weight loss was required, she would do it. The fact that she was not emaciated in THG was not her refusing to drop weight, it was a decision made by the director. And I know that this has been hashed out before, but if you actually read the books…her figure in THG is a reasonable representation of the character, and I think not presenting her as an emaciated little girl was probably a smart choice in the larger context of all three books.

  50. shailee says:

    lol Jen is not all that, her WB character is very similar to Katniss, one can say that she plays the same type of roles too,and she is not as perfect as people make her out to be, she is well media trained I give her that, but stop acting like she is the next Meryl, she is one of many talented young actresses. Kristen has nothing to worry about or envy her, they’re both very different, and again Kristen had a career before her and she will STIll have one, If she had only one expression then how come she has over 25 movies?? answer that haters

  51. Lila says:

    What I find funny is that Roger Ebert, etc give Stewart props…but the Internet commentators rip into her. I think she’s a good actress, not as good as Jennifer obviously, but good. She’s better than Emma Watson. What will help her I think is that she has a distinctive look. Personally, I don’t think Jennifer is all that pretty because of her chipmunk cheeks but she’s all-American…Emma Stone is all American…Stewart could be Russian, American, etc

    • Really, COME ON! This comment “JLaw is All-american, Kristen looks foreign” is just so stereotyping that it’s insane. I live in Europe and I see just as many girls that look like Jennifer Lawrence on the street as those who look like KStew. There are pretty and athlethic blondes from other places than the US, just like there are edgy and nervous emo-girls from all over the world…

      And Jennifer could easily play all of the above mentioned things, since she knows how to ACT.

    • This comment “JLaw is All-american, Kristen looks foreign” is just so stereotyping that it’s insane. I live in Sweden and I see just as many girls that look like Jennifer Lawrence on the street as those who look like KStew (just like Rebecca above said!). There are pretty and healthy blondes from other places than the US, just like there are edgy and nervous emo-girls from all over the world…

      And Jennifer could easily play all of the above mentioned things, since she knows how to ACT.

  52. Jolly says:

    I’m going with Stewart I like what I’m seeing and she keeps getting better which is a good sign. JLaw is good but the girl talks tooooooooo daaaaamn much!! Stewart is genuinely chill her personality is odd but in a good way.

  53. muppet_barbershop says:

    Maybe she said something in passing that occurred to her briefly, and someone overheard it. She may even have been joking. These lame stories have to start somewhere. But I really don’t think it keeps her awake at night. I agree that she has a lot of confidence under the nervous veneer.

    They’re both very talented with long careers ahead of them, even if they take occasional missteps (for example, if SWATH bombs, Kristen can come back from that, and Jennifer has similar star power and adaptable talent). They’re different people with different traits in their work. The gossip industry will find any excuse to pit women against each other.

  54. Lucky LuLu says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is a good actor but she’s also overrated. The girl has trouble with her emo faces too. Just study her closely and you will see she’s a bit
    wooden in some of her scenes, she got lucky with WB and in HG I got tired of looking at her face/expressions at times b/c she overacted. I’d say they’re at the same level.

  55. Rachael says:

    Look, I’m a JL fan more than KStew (though I don’t hate KStew), but this is a RIDICULOUS statement:

    “Kristen doesn’t consider herself a natural beauty, and she knows Hollywood is so fickle that it’s always the pretty girl who wins the big parts. Jennifer has the best of both – talent and looks – which has Kristen fretting for her future.”

    For anyone to call Kristen “not a natural beauty” or to say that “she has talent but not looks” is ABSURD. If anything I think she’s MORE “classically” pretty than JL is, but that’s part of JL’s charm for me, haha. Anyway they are BOTH beautiful.

    I think there has to be SOME level of apprehension there any time you’ve got competition for roles, BUT, I can’t imagine Kristen would be freaking out THAT much. I agree that I think as long as SWATH ends up getting decent reviews, it will do well at the box office. Everyone (including me) seems to think it looks good from the trailers.

    • Jade says:

      “For anyone to call Kristen “not a natural beauty” or to say that “she has talent but not looks” is ABSURD. If anything I think she’s MORE “classically” pretty”

      That’s always been one if the things that intrigued me about kristen. She doesn’t play up her prettiness. It’s not a crutch used to further her career.

      • Rachael says:

        Agreed and that is something I’ve always liked about KStew also (even though her awkward personality does kind of irk me sometimes). She doesn’t seem to know she’s cute as much as the rest of us do, which is endearing.

        BUT what I was annoyed about with the statement in the article was that it seemed like the Enquirer was AGREEING with KStew’s low opinion of her looks. That’s what’s absurd, given the fact that I think you’d be extremely hard pressed to find anyone who does NOT think KStew is incredibly good looking.

  56. Katelyn says:

    Jennifer kind of annoys me. She seems really obnoxious, loud and one of those “I’m so different than other girls, I love dirt!” girls.

    Her image just seems really disingenuous and contrived. And her acting is overrated, she was awful in X-Men and mediocre in THG.

  57. Euphorima says:

    JL’s acting wasnt all that terrific in HG….I think people are more drawn to the character Katniss than to JL herslef. I dont get all the hype, her acting was just average in HG. Thats just in my opinion of course….OK movie, OK acting, nothing spectacular.

  58. Holden says:

    Wasn’t Jennifer Lawrence nominated for an Oscar. Kristen Stewart has one way of acting, one character, and its old.

      • Peaches says:

        yeah… she was nominated but she didn’t get it awww too bad. I think ppl like you just like to critique to be mean and out of dislike for Kristen coz the directors and important producers that chose to work with her (you know, the ones that put down the project funds) aren’t in agreement with you, they think she’s perfect for their project so they go ahead and travel from one continent to the other to personally meet her and hire her like RS did for SW. So there ya’ go… you fail.

  59. Canada says:

    Look they are both very smart talented girls, both are serious and in control of their lives and careers unlike what HW is usually about only thing different which I respect is Kristen has her shit locked down tight while Jennifer likes to be more out there and spill on her life.

  60. katie says:

    Oh where to begin…
    I honestly doubt they will actually be in head to head competition for roles. Their body types are totally different and they look completely different. They are the same age. The similarities really stop there. Twilight has been overwhelmingly critically panned while Hunger Games has actually garnered a fair amount of praise. I’d say Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence are in greater competition with one another than Kristen and Jennifer. Kristen is a one trick pony who pouts and complains her way through life. I’d much rather work with Jennifer who seems to have a sense of humor about life and has the good sense to at least appear to be gracious in public.

  61. the original almond says:

    They will hardly compete for the same roles. I’m curious to see how much longer KStew’s monotonous and stiff acting will pass as good performance. It can’t be all that great when she’s 30 and she’s still biting her lips, stuttering, and exhaling forcefully through every role.

    • Hey Silly Hater says:

      You’re such a drama queen! Don’t be silly the lip=biting/ touching=hair thing is sooooo 2009 and so are you. Move on, let it go lol. The girl has much improved acting wise and you need to move on from that because it’s really old now. Come back if you see that in Snow White or OTR ok thanx. Whether you hate her or love her truth is KS has a great future ahead of her and her fan base has grown thanx to the bullies and haters out there.

      • flan says:

        I get that you have a different opinion, but the way you write is juvenile: “hater”, “ok thanx” etc. The people who use ‘hater’ are generally teenagers.

      • the original almond says:

        It’s very unhealthy when you become so emotionally invested in someone who doesn’t even know you exist and with whom you have no connection. I’m criticizing an actress’s overall performances. Not to mention, I can hardly see how my points are “so 2009″ since she keeps relying on these mannerisms as a substitute for actual acting.

        I’m glad you wish her well, but I’d definitely like what you’re smoking if it makes you see so clearly into the future. Tell you what, if she dispenses with all those tired gestures in SWATH I’ll be the first to concede that she’s improving. But I highly doubt it. Track record and all.

        P.S. By the way,being a jerk on the internet is easy. I try not to say anything I wouldn’t say in person. Insults are the last bastion of a failed argument.

  62. Jaxx says:

    I don’t see how they are in competition at all. Roles that need someone capable will use Jennifer and roles that need a wilting flower in need of saving will use Kristen. Where’s the overlap?

    I can see Jennifer in action roles that require strength, can’t say the same for delicate, lip-biting Kristen.

  63. Janna says:

    Yawn. What a ridiculous article. I highly doubt Kristen Stewart is worried about her career due to Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is a good actress and has the edge in that department, but the “natural” beauty part I had to laugh at. Kristen Stewart has that in spades whether she looks like a street kid or on the cover of a fashion mag. They all will be competing for the same roles. Emma Sone, Mara Rooney, etc. etc. Kaiser obviously is using their disdain for Kristen Stewart to create a controversial entry where Stewart haters can post for hours in the comments section. Whatever. Oh and this was a National Enquirer print article? Which edition?

  64. Jilliterate says:

    Part of me feels sorry for Kristen Stewart — I think she’s forever going to be typecast because of the association with Twilight. I haven’t seen Stewart in much else, but I think the role of Bella inherently is doing her a disservice, as are the scripts she has to work with. I don’t blame her for taking the part, because to turn down the lead role in a franchise that huge would be foolish. But the other part of me remembers Stewart’s abhorrent personality and those ludicrous comments she made about how as a child, she expected her public school teachers to cater to her busy acting schedule, and then I think she deserves anything she has coming to her. It’s not much of a comparison anyways. Stewart might be saddled with a poor script or bad direction, but Lawrence has blown me away with every role she’s taken. It’s like comparing mediocre apples with super-talented oranges.

    • Anomaly says:

      I don’t see much difference between the two actors at all. Kristen Stewart is definitely prettier imho. Yes, you could give Jennifer Lawrence the edge on acting due to her her Oscar nom and the fact she was great in Hunger Games (although there are a lot of former Ocscar nominated actors that are out of work). Someone directed me to see Adventureland and The Cake Eaters and I was very impressed with Stewart’s acting. Cake Eaters blew me away actually. I think each of them will be successful in their own way and don’t forget Snow White and On the Road coming out for Stewart this year. I will reserve judgement until I see those.

      • Kay says:

        Jennifer Lawrence is a critic’s darling, and that is the BIG difference between her and Stewart. The Hunger Games wouldn’t be nearly as praised if it were not for her performance. Even the negative reviews point to her as the highlight of the movie. It is very rare for critics to praise the acting in a mindless blockbuster so the success of HG will do wonders for Lawrence’s career. She already had critical acclaim and now she has box office clout. Her career reminds me of 90s Leonardo Dicaprio when he had the hit with titanic.

  65. Rachel says:

    Personally I never got the Kristen Stewart craze, but my husband works for one of the big agencies (not hers) and says that she is one of the most sought after, in demand actresses out there right now especially from a male perspective. She has this mysterious sexy allure kind of thing going on that drives guys crazy and male producers, directors, etc. want to work with her. Go figure.

  66. Onyx XV says:

    KS should be nervous. That girl has easily 5x as much personality as she has. What am I saying? JL HAS a personality, KS does not. ‘Nuff said.

  67. Kay says:


    Jennifer Lawrence is wayy ahead of Kristen Stewart at this point. She is making great career choices. I love how she always chooses strong females characters (katniss, ree, mystique, the upcoming serena) and she works with a lot of female directors (jodie foster, debra granik, susanne bier etc). She is also very likeable in interviews, which will help her big time. She sort of reminds me of Emma Stone.

    Kristen Stewart has never impressed me. I have watched most of her movies and she is awful in all of them. She’s a very pretty girl though, so I can see her still getting roles after twilight ends. I think she is far more conventionally attractive than Jennifer. Jennifer isn’t very pretty at all in my opinion.

  68. Anne de Vries says:

    Well, maybe it will inspire Steward to take some acting lessons and improve her range of emotions that don’t involve biting her lip…

    • LOL says:

      see this is what I mean about KStew she’s just mesmerizing she even has her loser haters mesmerized they can’t take a break from her even when they are poor JL fans. I actually feel sorry for JL trying to be cool like KStew doesn’t she know you can’t imitate cool you have to be born that way. But it’s ok maybe some day she’ll stop being so boring and blah and her fans will devote some of their time to her like they do to kristen lol.

      • blah says:

        I feel sorry for K-Stew with insecure fans like you. Who knows where she’ll be next year? New teens actresses are rising up all the time. Can she play older or even her actual age? Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have the same problem. Some of us came to read this because her name is in it. But unlike some people I’m not ready to write Kristen Stewart off because I think she can improve. It’s just unlikely she or Jennifer Lawrence will compete.

  69. justaguy says:

    I don’t hate K-Stew. She wasbearable in The Cake Eaters, but she can’t really go out of her comfort zone of acting. I think she started okay and got parts where she was the only young girl willing to play drama. She should get some lessons to help her bring it all together. The real actresses that will be competing for parts are Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mia-I can’t spell her last name. They all the street cred and blockbuster status. K-Stew is limited because of Twilight. If Snow White does okay; it could lead to more action parts but she still has to prove that she can really act.

    I don’t buy that K-Stew is worried about Jennifer Lawrence. It’s apple to oranges. Jennifer will be offered all kinds of parts and K-Stew will get mostly teen or depressed girl options. K-Stew is probably more worried that she won’t get another movie if her Snow White doesn’t win people over.

  70. Nonny says:

    Your acting’s poo
    your style is crap
    and your hair is too

  71. cee says:

    JL is a WAY better actress than KStew. KStew is the WORST actress I have EVER seen, i’m sorry but it’s true. IDK how she got the lead in SWATH. Charlize Theron can act circles around her. Snow white should have been another actress, maybe Ann Hathaway, but KStew, girl cannot act to save her and someone else life. Not only that, but as a person, KStew comes off as a ungrateful brat who complains about everything. She turns me off w/ her complaining, she’s living her dream as an actress, she’s rich, her family is healthy, she’s healthy, she has a guy who loves her, so WTF is she all bitchy about? JL and CT aren’t that way, THEY’RE GREAT ACTRESSES WHO ARE VERY APPRECIATIVE OF WHAT THEY HAVE IN LIFE.

  72. Lila says:

    Seriously, what is it about this chick that causes people to lose their shit? I like her but find her vaguely annoying…but some people act like she killed their kitten. Well, more like this one poster who also thinks the city of Lyon is a foreign movie so that says something. Kaiser made a valid point in the beginning of this post I think. The ironic thing is, Kristen Stewart gets good reviews from most of the major critics, Dargis, Scott, and Ebert among others, outside of Twilight and yet some people flip out and insist you are a twilight person or a moron if you agree with Ebert…Like, the people who hate this girl can get a little looney…I dislike Jennifer Aniston, but I don’t carry it that far…I t
    This new Snow White film is most likely going to be a hit…so she’s going to be around for a while.

  73. Alexis says:

    Seems like if you don’t have a role that requires KStew’s look and persona, JL will be the better pick. So they probably won’t be competing that much. I see JL having a longer career in front of the camera (or a least one of comparative length with more meaty roles). Maybe KStew will end up directing after she leaves her 20s (roles that are cast based on “look” tend to be for 20somethings and younger). By all accounts, she seems like a nice, easy person to work with, and she might be able to have build enough goodwill to have a running start in directing.

    I mean, we’re talking Carey Mulligan v. Drew Barrymore here, Keira Knightly v. ScarJo, JL and KStew are not gonna really compete.

  74. Meanchick says:

    There are more than enough roles for young white actresses. Obviously, the ones who get nekked will make more money.

  75. Bad Fairy says:

    Its not going to bomb, unless it is just REALLY bad.