Amanda Bynes thinks the Lindsay Lohan comparisons are “sexist”

A few days ago, People Mag reported that Amanda Bynes had another “incident” behind the wheel of her deathmobile. You think I’m joking, Angelenos? When you see Amanda behind the wheel of a car, you better get your ass far, far away. People Mag claims that around 10:30 pm on Sunday, Bynes was, according to an eyewitness, “holding up traffic and doing an incredibly slow … 3-point turn in the middle of Robertson… It was taking forever and she finally made it into the driveway… She looked wobbly – I guess it could have been the heels since she was wearing sky-high nude pumps, but she did seem out of it.” She also forgot to pay her valet. Because that’s just who she is. She’s the kind of girl who drinks and drives and rinses and repeats over and over again. She reminds me of a certain crackhead. That’s not the first time I’ve compared Bynes to The Cracken (and it won’t be the last). But, according to Radar, Amanda thinks the Lohan comparisons are “sexist”. What?

Just because Amanda Bynes has been arrested for a DUI and has been becoming a staple on the Hollywood club scene, she is telling friends that she shouldn’t be compared to wayward actress, Lindsay Lohan, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Bynes was arrested in the early morning hours of April 6 after she hit a police car. She was arrested and remains free on bail, pending her first court hearing.

“Amanda thinks its extremely unfair that people are calling her the new Lindsay Lohan,” a source close to the actress tells exclusively. “Comparisons between the two are just ridiculous as Amanda has never been arrested for drug possession or for stealing anything. Yes, she got arrested for a DUI, but that doesn’t mean that she is headed down the same road as Lindsay. Amanda doesn’t harbor any negative feelings towards Lindsay, she doesn’t even know her, she just thinks it’s sexist that the two are being compared. Men in Hollywood that get arrested for DUI’s don’t face the same scrutiny that women do and that is what really irks Amanda. She isn’t taking the DUI arrest lightly.”

However, Amanda’s friends are urging the actress to go to rehab, but she is refusing.

“Amanda has been in a downward spiral for the last six months. Even though her dad publicly said she doesn’t drink he knows she has a problem. It’s truly sad to witness. Amanda has been told she must go to rehab but she is refusing,” the insider revealed.

[From Radar]

Yes, Amanda hasn’t been arrested as many times as Lindsay, and yes, Amanda does not consider the courthouse her home away from home, and yes, Amanda has not reached a Lohan-level of cracked-out, entitled violence and idiocy. BUT! This argument is BS: “Men in Hollywood that get arrested for DUI’s don’t face the same scrutiny that women do and that is what really irks Amanda. She isn’t taking the DUI arrest lightly.” Men would be getting the same level of scrutiny if they were arrested for a DUI, and then continued partying for the next two weeks after their arrest, continuing to club-hop and drink and drive. It’s not sexist or anti-woman. It’s anti-alcoholic. It’s anti-drinking-and-driving. It’s anti-dumbass. Amanda is taking her DUI “lightly” – she’s continuing to party and downward spiral. Just like a Lohan.

Oh, and Page Six had this story this morning:

Hollywood’s newest troubled starlet, Amanda Bynes, is telling friends her Breathalyzer test was negative on the night of her DUI arrest. A source close to the former Nickelodeon actress, who was busted earlier this month after clipping a cop car, tells us: “She is saying she blew a 0.0 on the night she was arrested for DUI. Amanda is hopeful that she won’t be charged. But the bigger concern to her aides is her state of mind and her health. She hasn’t been herself in almost two years, and is clearly struggling. She has been told not to go out to clubs and to lay low. She is truly a little girl lost right now.” Despite the warnings, Bynes has continued to hit the party circuit. Her rep could not be reached last night.

[From Page Six]

Yes, she’s telling all of her friends that she blew a 0.0 – because she takes the DUI so seriously. Little girl lost.

Photos courtesy Fame/Flynet, WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. brin says:


  2. Would she feel better if she was compared to Mel Gibson?

  3. marie says:

    just because you’re too drunk to read the numbers on the breathalyzer doesn’t make them 0..dumbass

  4. Tapioca says:

    Yes Amanda, it’s totally sexist and not based on a justifiable comparison between two former child stars with alcohol issues and chronic denial. And while you’re at it, try partying harder because it really helps the general populace truly appreciate how much you want your complaining to be taken seriously.

    If you were a guy the only difference is they’d call you the new Corey Haim/Brad Renfro/Shia LaDouche.

  5. mln76 says:

    Eh it’s true to an extent. People are harder on her then they were on Shia Labouf for instance who’s done some crazy shite but still has a multi-million dollar career. But she’s still in some serious denial. Quite honestly she seems a bit dotty and ‘off’ whereas the Cracken seems like an entitled bitch.

    • Veruca says:

      I agree, but I wonder if things could flip into high gear now that’s she getting attention again. Isn’t that what started her spiral? The fact she wasn’t getting any (attention, that is)?

      Sigh. Hollywood & it’s “Look at ME!” issues. I’ve spent a lot of time in Calabasas (where a lot of these people, and those who want to be them, live) and was shocked at how %&^ up the majority (not all) were. Everything is based on image. EVERY. THING. It’s quite depressing.

      I was just surprised to learn that Hell had such nice weather. And horses.

      • steph m says:

        I totally agree, Veruca! I grew up there and it wasn’t until I moved away that I fully realized that it’s NOT NORMAL for looks, money, cars, etc to be the most important thing ever. I understand why Step 1 for these people is to control the image – because its more important than being healthy, honest, humble, etc, it has the most impact on your career and life. And if you’ve never known any different…Amanda’s an idiot and a mess, but I understand why she’s behaving the way she is.

    • ShanKat says:

      Totally agree, mln. I thought of Shia when I read the headline. It’s a sh-tty double standard…one I apparently support, since I didn’t care about SLB’s story, but I’m pretty fascinated by AB’s.

      They’re all child actors, so they should be treated as *equal* inebriated, pill-popping a-holes.

    • anon33 says:

      Wait…SLB still has a career?? I know he was in Transformers but what has he done since then? Couldn’t that be why we aren’t talking about him?

    • deehunny says:

      I was wondering if anyone would agree with her. And I sorta do. I do think they pay more attention when women get a DUI vs. a male celebrity (maybe residual temperance movement stuff concerning women?), but she is def down the Lohan path

    • Pilar says:

      Of course its true. Amanda hasnt done anything worse than shia. In fact his criminal offenses are worse but she gets compared to Lohan who’s list of offenses is endless. Come to think about it even Ryan Gosling has a Dui, how come no one talks about that?

  6. paola says:

    maybe one day she’ll be compared to Courtney Love, you’ll never know what the future holds…

    • gg says:

      She’s working on that.

      And they’re not sexist, they’re drunkist.

      • DreamyK says:

        No one is picking on her because she has a vagina.

        I liked her a lot better when she was “retiring” from acting and I didn’t know much about her.

        She’s not the brightest bulb, clearly.

  7. Julie says:

    if a hollywood man gets arrested for being drunk and being antisemitic he will be compared to mel gibson. thats also not sexist.

    im really sick of women using the term sexist so lightly it just takes away so much credibility of real sexism.

  8. cupidityrox says:

    She’s clearly enjoying the attention. She’s gotten more press since she started like a budget lindsay & she won’t easily let it go. I just hope she doesn’t hurt anyone

    • FFS says:

      Damn, a budget Lindsay! That’s harsh, cause Lindsay is already Family Dollar, so I reckon that makes Bynes a trailer park yard sale.

  9. paola says:

    She should really drop the booze as well as the make up! she looks like a hooker with that amount of slap on the face! I never understand why some pretty 20 years old girls insist on wearing so much make up, they look grotesque and ridicolous instead of fresh and enviable.
    so Amanda,
    step 1. Lose the bottle
    step 2. lose that eyeshadow, that foundation, that lipstick and most of all the PINK hair!!!

    • OlsenTriplet says:

      Her mugshot is 30x worse.

    • gg says:

      paola I agree with so many of your posts it’s frightning.

      I want to add how sick I am of the extension ringlets. I guess there isn’t much else you can do with them without looking too busted.

      • paola says:

        ahah gg!! clearly we are very opiniated people… maybe we’re twins and we don’t know it! :)

    • polk8dot says:

      She’s drowning her face in makeup because that’s the only way she feels pretty. At her age, having been in H-weird for a while, she must already have a raging self-worth issues. I bet her self image is worped too. And honestly, she is not beautiful, she is not even pretty! Had she removed all that paint from her face/eyes, she’d be downright homely. It must be all the alcohol and drugs, and not sleeping, and partying every night, and god knows what else she’s doing. But the first place things like that show their side effects is on the face, and she has it real bad. Her whole mug is so bloated, her eyes almost disappeared! Without the racoon liner nobody would be able to see them!
      This girl must have had a serious dose of reality hit her in the face when she hit puberty, and suddenly the cuteness was not cutting it anymore, and the roles started to dry out. After some point in time you can’t skate by on your cuteness, pretty-ishness and childish precociousness alone. You start needing talent as a fallback option. Unfortunately for Amanda, her talent was only child-sized, just enough to make it on Nickelodeon and/or Disney.
      Now the game has changed. The reality is that she will NEVER AGAIN be a star or even an acclaimed actress. And with the partying, drug use etc. she is destroying any freshness she might have still had.
      Couple more years of that and she will start looking like the street walkers in West Hollywood. NOT a good look, Amanda! And if you think that I say this because I’m being sexist against you – you’re also stupider that anyone thought. Congrats! You’re lowering public’s opinion of you in a hurry…

  10. hillbilly in the corner says:

    She another product of Hollywood…….they turn out so well..

  11. Nanz says:

    I may be wrong about this, but isn’t she a year older than Lohan? Why do people keep calling troubled women in their mid-twenties “lost little girls” as if they have no idea about cause/effect oraction/consequence? Maybe thts Hollywood speak for they can’t care for themselves.

    • bondbabe says:

      ^^^This, exactly!!! THIS! She just turned 26 on April 3–I’m sorry but that is not a “girl.” I had just given birth to my daughter when I was 26.

      Just because they are in Hollywood and are attention-seekers (as most children are), does not make them a child. And acting like an out-of-control, drunk child also does not qualify them for that moniker and the accompanying “let things slide because they’re a child” mentality.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        My daughter was already in school when I was 26, and I can’t imagine behaving like this at that age. Maybe 16, but definitely not 20 something!!! And even at 16 I knew not to drink & drive. SMH…

  12. Justine says:

    She has super tiny eyes… The bold black eyeliner doesn’t help. Fail.

    • gg says:

      I agree – her and Katie Couric! It makes me wonder — if they close their eyes for longer than a few minutes, do the eyelashes fuse together?

      I was in Palm Springs at night in July once, and a hot, dry wind blew hard while we were waiting for our car. It was just like opening an oven, and my eyelashes did melt together and I had to unstick them to open my eyes again. I think of that every time I see extemely caked eyemakeup like this.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Wow. So she’s really stupid then, huh?

  14. Agnes says:

    drunks always have pathetic excuses and justifications for their behavior.

  15. LindyLou says:

    Wow. She really is as dumb as she looks.

  16. Cathy says:

    What’s she famous for anyway? Never heard of her before the DUI. At least with the Cracken I’ve heard of the movies she made, I never saw them, but I had heard of them.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Off the top of my head, some sitcom with Jenny Garth, a teen flick called “she’s the man,” and a supporting role in “Easy A” with Emma Stone.

    • Pia says:

      She was cute when she got her start on “All That” years and years ago, I stopped paying attention after that.

  17. jano1981 says:

    Yes she totally is taking the arrest seriously! It’s the driving while impaired she isn’t taking seriously.

  18. dorothy says:

    Sad. Another child actress going down the tubes.

  19. Rhiley says:

    Did she buy that hair at Walmart? It looks like the Hannah Montanna wig my niece begged me to buy her several years ago which ended up a knotted, dredlocked mess after several hours.

  20. Green_Eyes says:

    Instead of worrying about whether comparisons are sexist or not, she needs to be worried about her alcohol consumption & denial. Sexist? Ha that’s funny. The more these young women in Hollywood open their mouths..the more uneducated they sound. Common Sense can’t be’s in the gene pool or not, guess both Cracken and Cracken Jr share that along w/ their DUI & denial.

    And what is w/ all the caked on make up in the second photo I used to think she was sweet & was happy she didn’t turn out like Lindsay ( my niece watched her show all the time). Boy was I wrong!

  21. Relli says:

    With this recent onslaught of Amanda Bynes news and media frenzy and the extremely limited current photos. Makes me realize why she is frequently only photographed from her right side.

  22. grabbyhands says:

    “Amanda Bynes thinks the Lindsay Lohan comparisons are accurate”. Fixed it for you, Amanda.

    Plus, I can’t help but think that this is more an orchestrated PR stunt so get attention without actually doing serious damage to her reputation.

  23. fluffyrabbit says:

    While it is true that males in Hollywood do not face the same stigma and negative publicity as women when they get in trouble, this should be the absolute least of Lohan 2.0′s concerns. A normal person, when arrested for being inebriated while driving, which could result in KILLING innocent people, would be ashamed, repentant and making changes in their lives. Instead we are seeing excuses, denial and a complete lack of responsibility for actions. This will not end well.

  24. shaboo says:

    TBH plenty of people drink a little too much when they’re young, I think Americans are way too focussed on sending people to rehab. Being drunk occasionally is not always some big drama a la American Teen shows.

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Agree with u about the over reaction to the partying…BUT getting behind a wheel whilst intoxicated is disgusting and there are no excuses to even risk killing someone through pure selfish behaviour

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Amen! I can’t understand Cali law. My niece got pulled over for a DUI & first offense her license was suspended til court hearing in which she was sentenced to a drivers course ( personally to linnet for me as she didn’t learn her lesson either). But at least she was kept from behind the wheel a good 4 months. Bynes gets. dUI & is driving again right away.

    • Noi says:

      some ppl do yes but not all, and only those that have a serious problem go to rehab. it’ not like we ship ppl to rehab for the hell of it watching to much tv?

  25. hillbillygirl45 says:

    It’s probably been said already, but, I don’t think the police keep you overnight if you are not impaired in some way. That said, she may not be in Blohan-land yet, but, she’s headed there pretty quick. Why are some of these people so frikkin’ stupid? YOU CAN NOT DRINK/DO DRUGS AND DRIVE!! Dammit, they can’t be that dumb, can they?

  26. Ruby Red Lips says:

    And sexism is her biggest concern?!?!

    Think that says it all really

  27. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I ain’t picky about a lot of things in life but texting and driving makes me so freakin mad – if u can’t stay off ur device then stay off the road.

  28. JB says:

    Who are these dimwits texting and talking to 24/7? It’s so obnoxious.

  29. Carrie says:

    she will be the new Lilo at her 4th rehab,her 6th arrest and after the bad plastic surgeon

  30. juju says:

    please take off all the makeup, its so caked on !!!!!!!!!!!

  31. skuddles says:

    She thinks comparisons are sexist?? What??? It appears she’s about as bright as Lohan too.

  32. fabgrrl says:

    No, no. You see she was drunk and slurring when she said “that’s sexist”. She was trying to say, “that’s sexy”, being compared to Lohan.

  33. Shy says:

    This is Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato wannabe. I would even say that Amanda Bynes is like the spawn of Lohan and Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt. Remember how those two famewhores (Heidi and Spencer) arranged anything, any event just to be noticed and so that press would write about them?

    I strongly feel that Amanda Bynes is doing all this only because she wants attention from press. She wants to be famous. And Lindsay Lohan showed how you can be famous if you will party and be arrested all the time.

    And it’s funny that Bynes has fall so low. I used to think about her as one of those harmless Disney/Nickelodeon kids like Selena Gomes, High School Musical kids, Miley Syrus, Jonas Brothers, Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato…
    Lovato was the first to go Lindsay Lohan road. Now Amanda Bynes. And look at Selena Gomes. Began as the same teen, C-lister star on some kids channel. And then Justin Bieber began dating with her and look at her now. Look even at Hillary Duff.

    And then we have Amanda Bynes who grew up and went in “where are they now” list and then decided that easiest way to become famous is to copy Lindsay Lohan. That’s reality now. That what those TMZ and Radar sites teach young girls.

  34. jnemarquis says:

    Amanda got pregnant when she was a teen or pre teen and was forced to have an abortion cuz the baby daddy was her producer dan schnieder. She’s never been the same and i suspect suffer from mental illnesss at the hands of a pedifile she may be drinking or doing drugs but i dont think thats her main problem but she def needs help. She’s also been working as a call girl for diana jenkins just like hayden paniteire

  35. muppet_barbershop says:

    She is correct that it is sexist. It’s really a shame, though, that the only recent mention of sexism in celebrity news comes from someone totally disreputable (regardless of their gender).