Jason Segel & Michelle Williams were majorly loved up at the Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival opened last night with a premiere of 5 Year Engagement, that movie with Emily Blunt and Jason Segel playing an engaged couple who simply can’t get married for various reasons. Jason was there, of course, but there were barely any photos of him, the star. Maybe he didn’t walk the carpet for very long? People Magazine explains why – Jason’s girlfriend of a month and a half was there. There are no photos of Michelle Williams, but People still managed to detail all of their loved-up PDA throughout the night:

New movie, new love. Michelle Williams and Jason Segel had plenty to feel giddy about Wednesday night, as the new couple attended the premiere of his movie The Five-Year Engagement at the Tribeca Film Festival – and snuggled together at the afterparty.

They were affectionate throughout the night. As the movie ended, he gave her a little kiss on the cheek, as she took off and he stayed in New York’s Ziegfeld Theater to chat with friends and well-wishers.

They were practically inseparable at the afterparty in the Museum of Modern Art. Segel held Williams’s hand and took her around to tables, whispering in her ear. They looked very new and very happy. At one point, he pulled her behind a curtain and she came back out and pointed at him jokingly.

Williams, 31, left before Segel, 32 – she leaned in, kissed his cheek, said something quickly in his ear, rubbed his back and dipped out through the curtain.

Speaking generally, not talking about Williams specifically, Segel, who co-wrote, the film about engaged couple who keep delaying their wedding, told PEOPLE about his own grand plans for getting engaged.

“My plan is to get her to marry me as quickly as possible before she finds out who I really am,” he said with a laugh. “I’ll do it romantic, but I’ll do it like over a three-day weekend. We’ll meet on Friday, have our first date on Saturday, engaged on Sunday and married on Monday.”

Segal certainly seems closer to making that kind of commitment than he used to be. “I hit my thirties and enough became enough,” he said. “I’m ready to enter phase three. I put the puppets into a closet. I’m getting nice furniture.”

Segel said his goal in making The Five-Year Engagement, which he co-wrote, was to show how complicated relationships are over the long haul. “A lot of people say ‘I do’ to a moment, but they don’t realize they’re saying ‘I do’ to a lifetime,” he said.

Asked if he would relocate for love, like his character does, Segel replied: “I would, absolutely.”

[From People Magazine]

Wow… he sounds like he’s ready for a major commitment. I’m a big believer in the theory popularized by Sex and the City – when most men are ready for to get married, they “put their light on” (like a cab), and the next girl they meet is “the one”. For Jason, it seems to be about timing – he got older, he entered his 30s, he made the choice to stop partying so much and he started thinking about settling down. And Michelle was the first quality woman he met within his new mindset. I guess that’s the storyline now – that’s “the love story” between Jason and Michelle, and it conveniently explains his past as a player. Still, lots of guys do make these kinds of changes as they get older, and I’m starting to see why Michelle and Jason are “happening” all of a sudden. Maybe they will end up getting married.

More photos from the 5 Year Engagement premiere – Olivia Wilde’s new blonde hair is awful. It doesn’t suit her at all. I’m not crazy about her Yigal Azrouel dress either.

LeeLee Sobieski in Band of Outsiders. Why does she keep wearing full-length gowns?

And Emily Blunt in Jason Wu. She loves this silhouette. I like the green-and-black combination – it suits her coloring. Plus, the pop of the emerald earrings is really nice too.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. horizonte says:

    love this couple! my girl crush got together with my guy crush! yeeeeey!
    and now i feel totally lame to even care. but i do! they’re cute!

  2. Stubbylove says:

    Had no clue how Olivia Wilde could ever look plain or common – but was wrong – she achieved it here! Emaily Blunt looks gorgeous – love the color pop on the lips as well.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I was totally going to write that it takes effort to make Olivia Wilde look this bad. She is someone who NEEDS to be a brunette. She is stunning with darker hair and just plain meh as a blonde.

  3. Alexis says:

    No to Wilde as a blonde. Makes her look boring, ordinary, and plain, when she is so interesting-looking as a brunette. The blonde hair distracts from her striking features.

  4. Jean Asiago-Romano says:

    I think that is the best I have ever seen Emily Blunt look, just lovely

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Agree. She has never looked so fantastic. I will forever be jealous of her for snatching John Krasinski ;)

  5. Marianne says:

    “when most men are ready for to get married, they “put their light on” (like a cab), and the next girl they meet is “the one””

    I feel that was the story with Russell Brand and Katy Perry. He was ready to settle down and he let that blind him..

    • Liv says:

      “When most men are ready for to get married, they “put their light on” (like a cab), and the next girl they meet is “the one””.

      E – X – A – C – T – L – Y – !

    • Kaiser says:

      Cosign, Marianne! I think Brand was just ready to settle down, and Katy was the “nicest” girl he met in a while. Plus, he was hypnotized by boobs and wheelchair porn.

  6. Aiobhan says:

    Emily Blunt looks stunning; much better than the schmatta that she wore to the Fishing in Yemen screening (sorry for getting the title wrong).
    I think Jason is super sweet and hope that it works out for both of them.

    I am sorry but Olivia’s hair looks like dirty dish water and the dress is the rag that you wash the dishes with. Pretty smile though.

    Leelee’s strapped down boobs make me uncomfortable.

  7. Axel 5 says:

    Emily Blunt looks amazing here, wow!

  8. Turd Fergussen says:

    LOVE love love Emily’s whole outfit. Classy girl, that one.

  9. evie says:

    Michelle: boring
    Jason: boring
    Michelle + Jason: perfect couple

    • Jane says:

      Skanky + Skanky = SKANKY COUPLE

      Not that I believe they are a couple. PR stunt written all over. I guess they are waiting util she finally can get another A-lister with cool vibes.

  10. Kelly D says:

    ewww Olivia’s hair looks an awful green blond color. yuck

  11. Jayna says:

    I don’t know what he sees I’n Michelle

  12. apsutter says:

    I agree about that theory! Maybe that explains why if a man is happily married and loses a spouse they get re-married rather quickly. Also I feel like Jason was just sowing some wild oats. He had very serious relationships in the past where he was the one who was dumped so maybe he just wanted to be a bachelor for a while.

  13. skuddles says:

    I’ve never noticed this before but I see a bit of Heath in this fellow’s features.

  14. sup says:

    in a way i’m happy about this because maybe, just maybe she’ll stop namedropping the late heath from now on. if she still does her calculated facade will show too much (more).

  15. Bek says:

    I love Emily Blunt’s outfit. She looks amazing.