Tyra Banks just fired everyone on ‘ANTM’: Nigel, Jay & Miss J are all out

I haven’t watched America’s Next Top Model since Season 1. I really liked Season 1. From what I’ve seen of everything since then, it doesn’t really seem like quality television, but I understand that it’s still pretty popular – my mom watches it, after all. Well, my mom is going to be super-disappointed. Tyra Banks just fired EVERYONE. Breaking news: Tyra is a monster. She probably thinks she can do it all, too. TYRA ALONE WILL JUDGE EVERYONE. Tyra will single-handedly do this show!!!

Tyra Banks has one photo in her hand . . . and none of them belong to America’s Next Top Model’s Nigel Barker, J. Alexander or Jay Manuel.

Host and producer Banks, 38, has fired her panel of experts, The New York Post’s Page Six reported Friday. They were reportedly informed Thursday morning that their contracts would not be renewed for Cycle 18.

Banks later confirmed that photographer Barker, 39, runway coach Alexander, 53, and creative director Manuel, 39, will be leaving America’s Next Top Model via her official Facebook page.

“To my Nigel Barker, Miss J, and Mr Jay: Thank you for all of our years together on America’s Next Top Model,” Banks wrote. “Working with you is always an absolute pleasure. Excited for what the future holds for us.”

Barker, Alexander and Manuel have been with America’s Next Top Model since its inception in 2003. Previous judges include Janice Dickinson, Kimora Lee Simmons, Twiggy, Paulina Porizkova, Andre Leon Talley, Beau Quillian, Eric Nicholson and Nole Marin. As of Friday, judge Kelly Cutrone is expected to return for Cycle 18.

In a statement, executive producers Bank and Ken Mok tell Us Weekly: “Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander have been an integral part of the America’s Next Top Model brand and they helped turn this show into the household name it is today. They have been amazing assets to the show and will always be a part of the Top Model family. We will continue to actively work with each of them on future projects.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’m not going to get into every single little detail about who Tyra has fired and how all of her ex-employees say she’s terrible, and a void of narcissism and drama. Let’s just say that she has a long history of alienating everyone, from audiences to employees, and that most people would rather cut off a limb than have to deal with her. So while it sounds like Nigel, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander just had their asses handed to them, I’m sure all three are probably a little bit happy that they don’t have to deal with Tyra anymore.

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  1. paola says:

    HA! i can’t stand this woman! In my eyes she is the american version of Naomi Campbell (with less success and beauty)

    • Justaposter says:

      Exactly.. Naomi lite

    • kazoo says:

      yeah, they’re exactly the same because they’re both black and they’re both models. stfu

      • paola says:

        i never mentioned they’re both black, they could be blue with red dots and orange stripes and still be bitches who treats very badly their employees and everyone around them, so you stfu because between you and me the racist is you, i never mentioned the color, you did

      • X says:

        To be fair you can make a racist remark without actually using the word race or the color of one’s skin.

        And to be honest, Tyra has always pissed me off with the way she looked down on all of the models. It’s not really a science, and she ain’t got no p.H.D.

  2. Zelda says:

    Nigel was %50 of what made that show watchable. The other %50 was watching people fail at walking.

    Seeing Tyra try to make herself a bigger focus on the show and get cancelled just for that will be satisfying, though.

    And no one is going to miss Jay.

    • Lindsay says:

      Aw, I love Miss J! Such a diva!!

      • Zelda says:

        Oh Miss J is great.

        Jay Manuel rides my last nerve though. I live in Toronto and his face is HUGE on the side of a building in on Dundas Square. I am looking forward to this possibly putting an end to that daily annoyance of mine.

      • gg says:

        Miss J is my favorite! Upset when he stopped judging. I bet he and Miss Tyra got into some scraps.

      • JudyK says:

        Tyra’s so full of herself…always posing, always competing with the wannabe models on her show…she turns my stomach. She has always made it all about her, and it’s always been a total turnoff.

        Since she just fired the three (3) people I absolutely love on that show, there’s no longer any reason to watch. NONE.AT.ALL.

      • corny says:

        she was the best…maybe rupaul can find room for her, must be devastated poor girl…tyra is a beast

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t think I’ll watch anymore… I love Nigel. And I’ve grown quite fond of the J’s but like you said, Nigel is 50% of the show D:

  3. moonriver says:

    God, I dislike her.

  4. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Can’t stand her either – she comes across as so fake and insincere

    & I’m sure she was sleeping with Nigel up until a few seasons ago when there was a distinct chillier atmosphere b/wn the 2 of them

  5. venny says:

    Kelly Cutrone is staying?! I’ve never seen a bitchier, meaner, uglier (on the inside) judge in all of ANTM’s 17 seasons.

    I’ll miss Nigel and Mr. J.

    • backwards says:

      Agree. She is vile.

    • Lisa says:

      They must have offered her a ton of money. ANTM is everything Kelly was supposed to be against.

    • Tyra: Y U FIRE EVERYONE? says:

      I absolutely agree, I hate Kelly… I’ll miss Nigel and Mr. Jay though… I really don’t know if I’ll watch this show anymore (I’ve watched every season so far!)

  6. cmc says:

    Ummm the biggest thing in this story is that Miss Jay is 53! Whaaatttt?!

  7. Jenna says:

    I haven’t watched since season 1 as well, but I loved Miss Jay’s outfits and antics and Nigel was great too. Oh well, best to them.

  8. Rhea says:

    Whaaaaaaaatt??? But it’s more fun with them!!! 🙁

    I always thought she is a nice person but my friend who worked part time at a yogurt store in Manhattan met her several times at the store and swear to God that she requested for the workers not to looked her in the eye and never left any tips too.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’ve read the same thing about Aguilera, Tom Cruise and Kathleen Battle (only the orchestra members, who she called the ‘underlings’–no amount of talent, beauty or star quality and neutralize that kind of toxic insanity).

      I’m a very shy person in real life, so I made a concerted effort to work on eye contact when I was younger, but I don’t get the feeling that they’re making these demands based on anxiety over social cues, or something.

  9. Jayna says:

    She has created an empire. I like her. I believe only half the gossip about what a bitch she is to work for. Typical how powerful females get slagged as bitches but men are just praised as tough.

    • Zelda says:

      Hitler created an empire, too.

      Anyway, screaming “mysogyny” everytime women dislike each other is sexist in and of itself. I don’t have to support her just because we both have vaginas. Women aren’t so weak that we need to blow smoke up each other’s asses just to make it in the world. Call it like you see it. And in this case I’m calling “self-absorbed, phony try-hard. Who thinks McDonalds cheeseburgers are appropriate christmas gifts for grownups.”

    • Jilliterate says:

      You’re not incorrect — the media frequently jumps on a female celebrity while turning a blind eye to a male celebrity doing the same. But to rectify that, I think there just needs to be more criticism of misbehaving male celebrities, not giving the females a free pass. 😛

      Banks really does come across as an unpleasant person to me. I suppose criticizing the personality of someone I’ve never met isn’t fair, but I also don’t think it’s fair to excuse said personality based on their personal achievements. After all, just like I don’t know what her personality is REALLY like, I also don’t know how much of a role she even had in said achievements.

      • I really like the show. And y’all are absolutely right that Nigel was at least 50% of the show. (Isn’t it weird how much better he looks with his head shaved than with hair!? WTF!?!?..But I digress). I can’t speak to how tyra is as a person, but the main reason that show worked is because of the dialoge between the members of that panel, and the passion they all had for the industry. now it is just going to be Tyra with more weird ideas like the last season when they did that shoot based on her creepy young adult novel. That left me feeling sort of weird. Uneasy weird….like I just had a bad mussel or something.

  10. kay says:

    I used to like this show, but it got boring, and they always picked the wrong girl to win.

    This is a mistake though, because the Jays were the best part- their banter. But Mr Jay has a lot going on, his own fashion line and make up, he does public speaking engagements. Meh, it’s time, so I doubt they are that upset.
    They probably already knew, and it just plays better that they were “fired”.

  11. francesca says:

    Nigel is beautiful. His face is just gorgeous.

  12. Gene Parmesan says:

    Nigel was the bets thing on the show. Tyra is a world class bitch!! narcissistic to a core. i remember her talk show she always inadvertently turned everything back to herself. ‘Oh look at me i’v been fat too’ every single thing had to relate to her

  13. cupidityrox says:

    Oh please!! The show sux ass! I saw an episode of it & all Tyra(nny) did was gloat about how awesome she was/is as a model. Besides no girl from this show has gone on to have a semblance of a great modelling career. If anything it’s the kiss of death. Tyranny probably just sux the potential out of each girl like the vampire she is

  14. bns says:

    I stopped watching 11 seasons ago.

  15. pebbles says:

    no! not Miss J???!!

  16. Zelda says:

    Anyone want to talk about how annoying her speech is at judging? The way she’ll draaaaaaaaw it out so her moment lasts as long as possible?
    “In my haands….and ththtreeee pho-tos….And theese pho-tos…represent… the ththtree….”

    Oh shut the Hell up.

    And “represent” the girls? No, Tyra, they are OF the girls. It’s not like there are 3 crayons in your hand and each crayon represents a different girl. THEY ARE ACTUAL PHOTOS OF THEM.

    Eighty-seven seasons and not one person had the balls to tell Tyra she was using English wrong? That speaks volumes right there.


  17. NeNe says:

    If they are leaving, I definitely will not be watching the show anymore.

    I also liked that Leon dude. I think she dumped him too, right????

  18. Stacia says:

    I only watched that show to gaze into that chiseled handsome face of Nigel.

  19. mln76 says:

    I haven’t watched regularly in years but if there is a marathon on cable and I’m free I definitely watch. I have to give credit where credit is due Tyra’s narcissism does make for good TV in small doses but Nigel’s lovely face and the J’s were like 75% of what made that show work.

    • Zelda says:

      And girls crying when they got haircuts. Don’t forget the crying about haircuts.

      Actually, come to think of it, they should just make a show called “Watch People Get Hysterical When We Give Them a Makeover.”

      I would watch that. I’d watch the shit out of it.

      • layla says:

        Zelda – you are on fire today! haha!!!

        And yes, I’d totally be all over “Watch People Get Hysterical When We Give Them a Makeover.”

      • marie says:

        ah hahahaha, I’d watch the hell out of that!

      • Karen says:

        I’ll tell you what show I’ll watch the hell out of – Zelda Presents: A Reading of Her Celebitchy Comments of Tyra Banks and ANTM. Someone needs to make this happen NOW. Or should I say it Tyra style, “Some-body neeeeds to ma-ake thisssss haaaaapen noooooow!”

      • Zelda says:

        Karen– the end of your comment actually made me think of the way Oprah talks. And that was very inspiring to me. It made me think: “Hey, Zelda– if Oprah can be a massive narcissist who says things just to hear herself speak, then you can too!”

        Ahh, if only there were blog readership for a snarky hangover queen to recap her way, episode by episode, through back seasons of ANTM. I do need a new writing project.

      • Karen says:

        I’m sure the Celebitchy would give you a shot by letting you post those recaps on this site. I would totally read them!

        I’m behind on my ANTM because the last cycle (I *can’t*…why is it not called “season”??) I watched was when McKey (or McKee) was crowned. Don’t ask me to Google it.

      • Zelda says:

        You know, I think I might give it a go. I wasn’t joking about needing a writing side project. Something silly like this might be a good diversion. ..

      • bagladey says:

        Yep, I’d watch the hell out of that too!:)

  20. layla says:

    Nobody watches this show for Tyra… I watch it for Nigel, the Jay’s and the ridiculousness of the “cat scratch fever”.

    With two of the three no longer, I’ll get my lame-girlie-tv fix elsewhere.

    Oh, and I can not STAND Kelly Cutrone. She adds absolutely nothing to this show.

  21. Iggles says:


    How in the HECK is J. Alexander 53!!!!!

    My goodness! That’s incredible…

    As for the rest, two thoughts: First, everyone *knows* Tyra is a witch; second, Nigel is always hot but he looks hotter with the buzz cut..

    /end of shallow comments/

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      If J is 53 and looks like that, Tyra isn’t the one who should have her own show. Cathodicus, god of tv, rectify this.

  22. Laurie M. says:

    The ladies of season one and two were model caliber. After that..,it has been a steady stream of model wannabes that (for the most part) do not have a REAL shot at being a SUPERMODEL.
    The show has turned into a bit of a joke. Girls fight like mad for a reality tv show and think they are big time models. Really, 99% of the girls on that show will not see themselves in print or on the runway after they are sent off the “reality show”. I believe it was a previous judge that said the number one thing these girls do to ensure they will NOT be a real model is to appear on ANTM!!!

    • Carolyn says:

      The credibility of the show is rather in tatters when(easy breezy beautiful) Covergirl doesn’t renew the winners’ contracts. That’s Tyra’s fault. There have been some winners of these types of shows in Australia who have gone on to do Paris etc runway shows and get major campaigns. And hook up with Leo DiCaprio. Oh I hope Nigel/Jay/Miss J get another gig together.

  23. oh dear says:

    i stopped watchin the show 2 seasons ago cos i couldnt take the weird ass drama stuff anymore, you know, like when they came out in matrix coats. thats just so retarded i felt like i was way too old to be watching that stuff.

    but way back i thought jay and nigel were the best part of the whole show! jay always made the funniest comments.

    but anyway, why was there never a male version of this show? or was there and i just didnt know about it???

  24. Ana says:

    ANTM has jumped the shark! If a season without them happens, I don’t expect a new one after that. Besides it has already gone on for too long.

  25. Stubbylove says:

    I stopped watching years ago – prob after season 4. Tyra just got too annoying but it’s good if you’re sick and need something mindless to watch if it’s a Bravo marathon. Good Luck to Nigel and the Jays! Still am in awe of Miss J being 53!!! God knows what they put up with over the years between Tyra and the sucky models who never even become “America’s next top model”.

  26. mmhmm says:

    She comes across as very narcissistic. I’ve always watched ANTM and loved it, but after the first episode of this season (which was different from the others- dull and budget) I stopped. The SHOW sucks this season…not her amazing team! But of course…in her mind it can’t be that the SHOW sucks its that everyone else does! Sheesh…Well, they’re better off without her I guess :/

  27. Jackson says:

    Ugh. This woman.

  28. boo says:

    I know of this show and my daughter sometimes will watch it, but I can’t stand it! Tyra makes me so nervous with her head always tilted down and that mega forehead looking at me, it makes me so afraid (sarcasm here please!) I did watch some of the first season and I though Miss J was hilarious especially teaching the girls to walk, that was fine. But trying to watch Tyra be all serious and talking to the women like they were slow or something. Just as an aside, if I was working at a coffee shop and someone told me not to look her in the eyes, I would have to do it anyway, cause that kind of shit really gets on my nerves. What the hell, don’t look at me in the eye, I don’t think so. That is just rude.

  29. Flim says:

    This season is interesting-Brits vs. Americans. The Americans are self-centered attitude factories, and the Brits are happy-go-lucky, humble, and cohesive by comparison. As an American female, it has turned my eye inward a bit.

  30. grey says:

    IF and I mean a huge IF, any of the contestants on any of the cycle’s had “made it” as well known model, then I’d take it more seriously. Yes some have gone into acting and branched out in smaller model success. But I’m talking what say American Idol did for Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson.
    Tyra’s a success in her own right. I don’t care if people like her or hate her, I’ll bet the only thing on her mind right now is wanting to have kids.

  31. Erinn says:

    Wait… isn’t it already on cycle 18?

  32. Blue says:

    I haven’t watched a full season since cycle 5 or 6. Nigel is so beautiful. I can’t stand Tyra. She is always making it about her and she’s so phony.

  33. Hootie Hoo says:

    I’ll miss Miss J. Nigel was great eye candy. Tyra is beautiful but crazy

  34. Janet says:

    Wish she would fire herself and have done with the whole thing.

    Has anybody who won ever become a top model in real life? I can’t think of a one. But some of the losers have gone on to have pretty successful careers, which says a lot about her judgment — or rather, the lack of it The losers do better than the winners.

  35. lenny says:

    Those that say “oh I wont tune in” yeah you will , you will if only to complain hee hee
    Tyra baby,I will tune in, you are hot and sweet My mom met you.
    Nigel is a know it all, Miss J is nice, but too old Jay is narcissist

  36. Kat says:

    I actually still like the show, but Tyra herself is my least favorite part of it. I hate the drama, and she’s SO melodramatic and always comes off as so full of herself. No, what I like is the picture-taking process itself (the set-up, and themes, and the results), and I love Jay, Miss Jay, and Nigel. They’re the brotherhood/sisterhood that keeps the show interesting… and Tyra’s just fired them. Bad move, Lady. I think it’ll lose audience because of it!

  37. Amy says:

    ANTM is a guilty pleasure of mine. I can’t imagine it without Nigel or Miss J! Ugh. I can’t stand Tyra, but I did enjoy the panelists.

    I didn’t watch the last season for lack of interest. How on earth was alcoholic Lisa ever a viable model in the first place?! And then they brought her back!? And let her win!? On a good day, she looks like a 40-year-old Corey Haim clone. Actress or comedienne, I could buy. But fashion model? What a joke.

  38. FOREVER says:

    I loved that man Nigel,

  39. Myria says:

    One thing I have noticed (how could you not) how increasingly manic and crazy eyed Tyra gets with every season. All of the catch phrases, ie, “potledumb” “smize” thing just seems like a cover for some irregular thyroid hormonal eye bulging bi-polar condition. Tyra is a cringe inducing thing to watch and those poor model wannabe’s.

  40. Viv says:

    Des anyone else think it’s not weird at all that she is best friends with Kimora Lee?

    • Minty says:

      To me, it says a lot. Kimora Lee is materialistic, pretentious, vain, shallow, and entitled. She would not be a “successful businesswoman” without the help of Russell Simmons. Her children are spoiled. All of this was very noticeable on her stupid reality show. The fact that she and Tyra are best friends suggests to me that they have a lot in common and that Tyra is not as nice as she tries to appear.

      Tyra has admitted she’s a cheapskate. Maybe she fired Nigel and the J’s because they wanted a raise? They were valuable to ANTM and helped balance out Tyra’s crazy antics. Firing them was a BIG mistake.

      Kelly Cutrone is useless. She’s as mean-spirited as Janice Dickinson, but at least Janice gave useful advice and was a successful top model. I made the mistake of watching a few episodes of Kelly’s 2010 reality show and she was a horrible boss. She always looked dirty and untidy, too, as if she never showered.

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  42. TJ says:

    Different opinions matter in any judging situation. One judge may see things a little different than another. It opens the door for more than one way of giving an opinion. Even God doesn’t force His way on us. Tyra, what is the real reason girl?

  43. bri bri says:

    I won’t say she’s a bad model cause that wouldn’t be true she’s been able to come in the industry after women like Ms. cambell and retire from modeling and still make billions somethin other models hasn’t been able to do I mean she had models like Janice twiggy on her show that’s crazy but I im gonna say she has made a really bad move by letting the whole team go I have been a fan since season 1 never missed an episode or season I thinks this may be my first missed season

  44. LovenWorth says:

    I had no idea this show was even still on the air, She needs to fire all these tired old Queens let’s get some new blood circulating in this show.

  45. skeptical says:

    You know what I would like? I’d like lindsay lohan to throw a drink on tyra banks. Two narcissists = double the drama fun!

  46. Twez says:

    Someone needs to give Nigel his own modeling reality show — maybe one where they actually train girls with some potential — because I’d totally watch that.

  47. 2Hilarious says:

    I love Tyra not this show. She start a new one with brand news youngsters.

  48. It is ME!! says:

    BITCH!! No one fires Miss J!!!!

    (Sorry, but I love me some Miss J.)

  49. Haiden says:

    Wow, this show will be terrible with them gone… I’ve never hated Tyra, until she fired all of them!!! Actually, I heard they left because they couldn’t stand Kelly, not because they were fired… if that’s true I totally stand by them!!!