“Zac Efron isn’t my cup of tea, but he sure cleans up nice” links

I‘m still not convinced that Zac Efron is a leading man, but here are some pretty photos of him at premieres of The Lucky One. [A Socialite Life]
Tom Hiddleston is a passionate Nerd King. I always call Christina Hendricks‘ husband The Nerd King, but Hiddleston might have him beat. [LaineyGossip]
The poster for Rock of Ages is just WRONG. [Dlisted]
OMG, remember when Ben Affleck took J.Lo to see the Red Sox & she did her nails? God, I miss Bennifer 1.0. [Pop Sugar]
International trailer for The Bourne Legacy. Damn, this looks so good! [Pajiba]
Rihanna went on a date with a lady. [Yeeeah]
Jennifer Lawrence needs to fire her stylist. The end. [Celebuzz]
Sharon Osbourne thinks Simon Cowell probably has a small dong. [The Blemish]
Anne Hathaway looks awful in Les Mis. [Evil Beet]
Women drive evolution. Wow. Radical theory! [Jezebel]
Vintage Joel McHale! CB will love this. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Marc Anthony is playing hardball! Ojani Noa, not so much. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Mike Tyson got a lady pregnant… while in jail. [CDAN]
So cops in the UK are pretty racist. We have the problem here too. [Bossip]
Tori Spelling in closeup is not for the faint of heart. [Celebslam]
Christina Aguilera simply looks better without lipstick. [Amy Grindhouse]
Watching p0rn makes you stupid. I think? [LimeLife]
Jesus, I wish I had Kelly Brook‘s body. [IDLITW]

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  1. celine says:

    how come everybody starts looking like scott disick?

  2. Psyren says:

    Never saw his appeal. He’s a mediocre actor with a creepy overly pretty, ken doll face, and his whole vibe just shrieks ‘douche’.

  3. DeltaJuliet says:

    I never looked at him twice but the commercials for that damn movie make me hot! lol And it’s not even my type of movie. Go figure.

  4. lizbet says:

    Whaaaa?! When did Zac Efron turn into Chuck Bass?

  5. Happy21 says:

    He turned into a man somewhere along the way but I don’t know where.

    I had never seen anything with him in it until I saw New Years Eve which wasn’t a great film but was entertaining. He was really good in it. I liked it.

  6. mia girl says:

    I don’t dislike him, but he and his people seemed to be trying so hard to position him as a hot grown-up ladies-man/leading man that it is bothersome and counter-productive. The dropping of the condom on the red carpet, the removing a girls bra strap stuff on tv, the “pap” pictures of him on a hotel balcony with his hands down his pants and later naked… It all seems contrived to me.

    Just let the guy act and see what happens. Why this type of push (to quell rumors)?

  7. mmhmm says:

    Are you kidding me?? Everyone I know has been flipping out over how hot Jennifer Lawrence looked in that dress. She has a killer body and that dress did it justice. And every time I see pics of her in a different outfit I think “damn. she must have a great stylist.” because her style is incredible- so cool, flattering & perfect. Lmao oh god I’m gushing.. can you tell I’m a fan?

  8. Belle says:

    I thought he was ‘cute’ back in the HSM days (yes, I had to watch with my girls!), but he had me at Charlie St. Cloud. He was damn fine in that movie… and even legal, I think? lol I’m really looking forward to TLO, if for nothing else than to see Zac Efron all buffed out and in what appear to be some pretty hot scenes!

    Some of these premier photos of him though… not the best. I’ve rarely seen a photo of him I don’t like (yep, I even liked the recent balcony photos… lol), but there are some funky ones in this batch!

    On a side note… while he does clean up nice, and I usually like his ‘slicked back’ look well enough, I tend to like his messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair a bit better… can’t imagine why(;

  9. corny says:

    I thought he was a wax figure! Wtf?

  10. Jade says:

    I liked him more with the tooth gap.

    Jennifer’s dress gives her Claire Danes syndrome ie a low a$$.

  11. cupidityrox says:

    That Tori Spelling picture.. I have no words..
    *washes eyes with clorox*

  12. dahlianoir says:

    Efron gives me the creeps, I dont know why :/

  13. Hanna says:

    He looks like a freaking doll. Just too pretty. Nah, he’s not my cup of tea either.

  14. QQ says:

    Every time i see that movie preview on tv and hear him moantalk about “you should be kissed…every…” i grimace, who the fuck talks like that

  15. KelBear says:

    Even with the warning, I will looked at the Tori Spelling picture. I really shouldn’t have.

  16. vic says:

    Kind of a baby face. Maybe he’ll get better with age. Plus I know a lot of women like scruffy and he’s just too well groomed.

  17. Pia says:

    JLo, what a bitch…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FENWAY!!!!! :)

  18. danni says:

    I like zac efron as a personality, but I don’t think he’s going to be able to keep up with his competition. He’s doing Nicholas Sparks adaptions while Robert Pattinson is working with Cronenberg and Daniel Radcliffe has earned some great roles post Potter already.

    Also the whole sex image he’s trying to sell is not working for me and I’m in his target demographic.

  19. mel says:

    He is very cute and has a great body..but seriously…he has to be gay?? right???

  20. hatekyle says:

    He looks like a mix of Scott Disick and Adam Lambert

  21. Mauibound says:

    Man I want Kelly Brook’s body! I would be the $hit if I looked that good! Major girl crush!!!

  22. janie says:

    I was going to start complaining about Kelly Brook and her stupid perfect body but luckily I got distracted. DAMN that British firefighter is the sexiest man I have ever seen. How has nobody commented on this yet?!

  23. Nik says:

    Google Zac and Taylor Swift singing on Ellen and try to tell me you don’t fall in love with him. The boy can sing. Also watch the clip of him and Taylor “Dance Darïng” behind Bette White and Selena Gomez … hilarious. The boy can dance. Then google him and Michelle Pfieffer dancing at the end of the credits of (unfortunately a very crappy movie) New Years Eve. He is divine.

  24. Penguin says:

    He is too pretty, I prefer more rugged type men.

  25. Rachel says:

    Kind of feel bad for Zac Efron. He kind of needs to pick one path or the other. He is in a film going to Cannes, but is also making Nicholas Sparks films? I kind of feel that they usually doing those type of films after they are already established…They have to prove themselves first. He’s kind of screwed, too. As someone pointed out, Radcliffe has a bunch of indie roles in the waiting…Who knows about Pattinson, but he is working with Cronenberg and has a film going to Cannes so that bodes well for him.

  26. Esmom says:

    Ann Hathaway has morphed into Hugh Grant. Crazy.

  27. daphane says:

    I spy my with my little eye lipstick/lipgloss on the second picture.

  28. Itwillrain says:

    By all accounts Zac Efron is a nice guy and consummate professional, so he’s not likely a douche..

  29. danielle says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who misses Bennifer 1.0!!!

  30. me says:

    I wasn’t into him at all during HSM days, but then I say him in a movie called “Charlie St. Cloud” and boy oh boy did he look good in that movie ! Now I’m seeing the trailers for his newest movie called “The Lucky One” and he looks damn good in that one too. His hairstyle and whether he is sporting facial hair or not really make a big difference. The pics above aren’t appealing to me…go figure !

  31. LovenWorth says:

    I always thought Zac was attractive but in a disney sort of way. He is certainly growing up to be a very handsome and distinguished looking man, I just wish he would finally come out of the closet.

  32. BrookeB says:

    Um, this would make a good addition to the links:

    Oliver Stone doesn’t get or sort of disses The Hunger Games. I’m sure ‘Savages’ will be great summer fun but THG is still really good book series! When you pay attention the violence is crazy…they may not have adapted it as well to screen but it was good. Or will Savages be more violent somehow? and gratuitous?


  33. Just U says:

    I get a Leonardo diCaprio vibe off him.

  34. Eva says:

    man he is so dam sexy here whoa. I am having such dirty thoughts lol

  35. dahlia1947 says:

    Eh. I think hee looks hotter in casual clothes. Jeans and a t-shirt and leaather jacket. That’s just me.

    Hey Zac, call me! ;)