Video and pictures of Britney at the AMAs. She just can’t quit the gum

Britney, I know the American Music Awards are not that big of a deal and you were just presenting, not performing. That doesn’t mean you get a pass to chew gum. Remember when we talked about this? The esthetician also told you to stop lining the bottom of your eyes because it makes you look cheap. Other than that you look pretty good and I like the dress. You did break up with that jerk and have started to accept help and that’s the biggest step.

Best Week Ever has a highlight video of the rest of the AMAs. Lionel Richie rocks.

Pictures from and Just Jared. Some taken by Getty Images.

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8 Responses to “Video and pictures of Britney at the AMAs. She just can’t quit the gum”

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  1. Badunks says:

    like they say, you can take the gal out of the trash……….

  2. VIX says:

    She probably chewed (yet) another gum to stop her from craving for a aonther cigarette. Ever since she married her one-ass-of-an-ex-husband, she has been chain smoking. Anyhow, she looked divine during the AMAs. So glad to see her figure is quickly going back to normal.

  3. chic mommy says:

    LOL! Old habits die hard.

  4. DogRunner says:

    There is nothing worse than the sound of someone loudly chewing on gum!

  5. frewtloop says:

    Despite the fact that she seems quite sweet (in a gormless kind of way). I doubt any amount of good styling or grooming will give this girl any class and thats fundamentally her problem.

    I think her mother has a lot to answer for and CB you cut her waaaay too much slack.

  6. Green tiger says:

    Why can’t she just get somebody to hold a kleenex up to her so she can spit the gum out, before she goes on stage? I hear its a killer gig!

  7. paris herpes says:

    The gum is for the chain smoking…her dress is ok, too low cut and her boobs look like they’re sagging…

  8. Poor Boopie says:

    She needs to get over her has-been self. Is she the only person to get a standing ovation for getting a divorce? Trailer trash, trailer trash, trailer trash……..