60s-Style Shift Dresses

Celebrities are channeling Gidget these days, stepping out in minidresses with a classic 1960s silhouette. I’m definitely a fan of this shape; it’s not the most sophisticated of garments, but it’s certainly a fresh, playful look. And because a lot of these dresses have long sleeves, you can still show off your legs during the winter months without getting hypothermia. (It’s worth a shot, anyway.)

So how are the stars adapting this style to suit their personal mojos? J Lo. updates her burgundy number with rich-looking accessories and the usual bronzed-to-perfection skin, while Sienna (seen here shortly before her latest breakup with Jude) is pure 1960s fashion icon thanks to the graphic-splash neckline on her dress. Last but not least is one of the Olsen twins (I’m afraid I’ve lost the ability to tell them apart) in the pages of Teen Vogue, wearing a decidedly Austin Powers-esque go-go girl shift.

What will be next in the retro parade?


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  1. Hulda says:

    J Lo is just way too cute in this getup…does anyone know who the designer is?

  2. AussieGal says:

    My god she is gorgeous!

  3. Jenny says:

    Expect to see more and more shifts/minidresses once Factory Girl is released. Sienna stars as the late Edie Sedgwick, so she’s obviously borrowed some style ideas from the film.

  4. chic mommy says:

    I love J.Lo’s dress, but I would wear dark navy skinny jeans underneath.

  5. millie says:

    to wear this style well you have to be flat or almost flat and very, very thin.. I hope Jessica Simpson doesn’t try it. It will make her look like a linebacker.

  6. ER says:

    These dresses are very cute, especially JLo’s. I agree I can’t tell the Olsen twins apart, whichever one that is looks adorable; better than I’ve seen in weeks. Usually they look frumpy in oversized clothes and messy hair!

  7. vanessa says:

    gulp..skinny jeans underneath…er, why?way too eighties and you’d be far too covered- J.Lo flashes some leg on a good purpose- there is no cleavage, no shoulder-baring…showing some skin is good right there, and totally sexy!

  8. Fleegle says:

    Why do the Olsens always do that wierd lip pose where they’re not really smiling? It’s getting annoying, after several years now …

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  10. paris herpes says:

    J. Lo looks too thin actually. Dress is lovely tho, with dark navy skinny pants would like great too!

  11. Action says:

    Argh, I can’t stand skinny pants/jeans. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Way too much of an 80’s flashback for me. No one looks good in them either–models just look too skinny and everyone else looks like they are wearing mom jeans.

    Speaking of, I can’t help but laugh when I see women wearing leggings. In the 90’s I looked back at the 80’s and thought, “What was I thinking?!” There’s NO WAY I’m ever going to back to leggings again!

    J Lo does look fab though. The Olsen twin looks a bit posessed.