“New TomKat Wedding Pictures” Links

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TomKat’s fairytale wedding: Tom and the Beanstalk, a fabulous new illustration by Gallery of the Absurd [Gallery of the Absurd]
– New TomKat wedding pictures! I love Katie’s reception dress, and that cake! I wish I could have put a slice under my pillow, although I’m already married so that doesn’t work anymore. [ICYDK]
Britney Spears’ weave looks so bad! [Celeb News Wire]
Britney Spears and K-Fed might release a joint statement saying the sex tape does not exist. Rose McGowan is confused about the whole thing. [yeeeah]
– Today’s dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving video is courtesy of Nickelodeon’s Family Double Dare [College Humor]
Lindsay Lohan got in another car crash – this time with a police car. No, this is not old news. Another one. [IDLYITW]
– Director Robert Altman, of “Shortcuts” and “A Prairie Home Companion” has died at the age of 81. [Pajiba]
Ed Norton says an average family could live on the insane amount of stuff in an Oscar gift basket, and there’s no way he’s paying the taxes on that shit. [Gabsmash]
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith homeschool their kids [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Rosie O’Donnell says that Kelly Ripa saying she didn’t know where Clay Aiken’s hands had been was homophobic. Ripa calls into “The View” and says that’s outrageous. Clay Aiken hides in shame because Rosie outed him. [Mollygood]
– What is wrong with Carrot Top’s face? [CityRag]
Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Are Faking Being Friends After Faking Not Being Friends. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Victoria Silvstedt caught whoring it up again [Bastardly]
K-Mart is open on Thanksgiving. Be thankful. [White Trash Mom]
Summer on The O.C. can’t decide whether she wants to save the environment or be gossipy and superficial like us. Ecorazzi says she can do both. Look, Leo drives a Prius. [ecorazzi]
Scarlet Johansson is my girl crush. Just look at her popping out of this gold dress. That pink nail polish and white plastic bracelet is kind of ruining it for me though. [Egotastic]
Scarlet Johansson is probably single, because Josh Hartnett was seen with a mystery chick in Australia [Socialite’s Life]
– Bet on the latest celebrity scandals and f’ups at Fafarazzi [Fafarazzi]
Courteney Cox in new pictures from her upcoming series, Dirt. She looks great! [popbytes]
– Is Jessica Simpson going out with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo or that bloated pseudo-intellectual singer John Mayer? That depends on which tabloid you read. [The Blemish]
Denise Brown was offered hush money not to protest O.J’s new book about how he killed her sister. Thank goodness that’s been scrapped. [Glitterati]
– Bank of America is getting sued by U2 after ripping off “One” for a stupid corporate cheerleading song for their MBNA merger. You can actually watch an over emotional banker sing this terrible song on YouTube, which is probably how U2’s lawyers got tipped off. [Suicide Girls]
David Blaine’s latest stunt began today [DListed]
Kirstie Alley flirted with a young waiter. [Celebslam]
Dora The Explorer uh, “Aquapet,” looks like it’s fun for the whole family. [Agent Bedhead]

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4 Responses to ““New TomKat Wedding Pictures” Links”

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  1. chic mommy says:

    How the fuck are these two dancing nose to nose? Show me the shoes!

  2. kiar says:

    Why are you saying that?
    How the fuck are these two dancing nose to nose? Show me the shoes!
    I do not get that. Is one taller than the other one.

  3. sassy mommy says:

    Looks like she took it easy on the fake hair. With Ken Paves doing it, I half expected her to have a big, blonde, J. Simpson chignon tacked onto the back. The bangs are busted, though.