Madonna: “I don’t watch television… everyone’s a bit contest-obsessed”

Madonna has a new interview with the UK’s Now Magazine. Now Mag is a pretty budget, tabloid operation, so I came into this thinking “Did Madge really sit down for an interview with these people?” But I think she really did. And she hints at why she’s doing a print interview with a busted UK tabloid – her album, MDNA, bombed. And Madonna blames herself for the album flop – because she didn’t have time to do all of the promotion needed, because she’s a mother of four. Basically, Madonna is saying that no one bought her album because she’s too focused on her children. Au contraire, Madge.

She’s directed a movie, recorded a new album and performed at the Super Bowl — all within the last few months. So it’s not bragging when Madonna says: “Sometimes I think I’m Superwoman.”

In a new interview with a British magazine, Madonna opened up about her hectic work and personal life admitting that she’s “grumpy” from non-stop work and that she’s skimped on promoting her new album MDNA to spend more time with her children.

“Just going from my movie to my record and the Super Bowl and rehearsing for my tour I really haven’t had a break,” said Madge. “Sometimes I think I’m Superwoman and I can do it all. But right about now I’m thinking, ‘Maybe I should’ve taken a few months off.’ But I have four kids so that factors into all of my decisions. Being on tour in the summertime is better because they can be on the road with me and they don’t miss school. I don’t make decisions on my own anymore.”

One decision she has made is to cut back on promoting the new album, which set a dubious record for the biggest sales drop from Week 1 to Week 2.

“It’s hard,” Madonna told NOW magazine. “It’s always a juggling act. So often to the irritation of my manager I say no to things. I should be out promoting my record a lot more but if I do that then I have no free time with my children. I have to make sacrifices.”

And one thing she will definitely say no to – if asked – is a stint as judge on American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor or any singing competition show. In fact, Madonna reveals she’s never watched any of them!

“I don’t watch television,” she said, before expressing mild disdain for the shows. “Everyone’s a bit contest obsessed. I don’t actually like the idea of being a judge. It’s so, I don’t know, subjective – what’s good and what isn’t. I think perhaps we’re too obsessed with it.”

Proving that she is completely unfamiliar with the singing shows and their products, when asked about Simon Cowell’s group One Direction, Madonna said: “That’s a pop group, right? I haven’t seen them yet, sorry.”

[From Radar]

The kicker is that I think Madonna probably is a pretty good mother, as far as celebrity moms go. Years ago, she seemed really strict, but you can see Lola’s teenage drama infecting the whole household and suddenly barriers are being broken and before you know it, Rocco and Mercy and going to be eating Lucky Charms in front of the TV!

As for her comments about TV and reality shows – “Everyone’s a bit contest obsessed. I don’t actually like the idea of being a judge… I think perhaps we’re too obsessed with it…” -LMAO. Isn’t it a wonder that Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are no longer friends? Because I feel like Gwyneth would say or has said those exact words. Madge is throwing shade at reality shows, but she’s also pretending that she’s not a judgy bitch. So maybe Gwyneth wouldn’t say those words – I don’t think Goop has any problems acknowledging that she would be a natural at reality show judging. She sits in judgment of all the peasants on a daily basis. As does Madonna.

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  1. Lora says:

    I’m in the UK and I saw her interview last weekon a morning show called Lorraine and yes she did talk about not watching tv and everyone being contest obsessed etc. She seems to take herself too seriously though ugh.
    Here’s the link:

  2. Sue says:

    I can’t believe I agree with Madonna on something! Can’t get into these talent contest shows either. Not to mention all of the reality shows out there. Give me a good crime/drama anyday (and I don’t mean Kim K’s getting a divorce/but has a new guy 5 months later).

    • Patricia says:

      Have to agree with her on the TV. In the US at least it is not my taste at all. I haven’t had it for 2 yrs and don’t miss it. I catch it in hotels occasionally and think – yep still awful.
      Madonna is a piece of work but at least she’s not a train wreck like so many celebrities. I have to respect her for that.

  3. Melanie says:

    I admire Madonna tremendously for her work ethic but lets face it….it’s time for her to shut up and go away.

  4. Mingy says:

    she had singles with nicki minaj ffs..what was she thinking..of course her album went down the shitter.

  5. GoodCapon says:

    Way to stereotype ALL TV shows out there, Madonna.

  6. Cathy says:

    I don’t watch these contest reality shows either. The only reality show I’m guilty of watching is Deadliest Catch (Love Andy on the Time Bandit). Besides that, I leave them alone.

  7. cupidityrox says:

    She would resell her soul to the devil/baphomet to be @ the level of 1direction right now. Funny thing is she’ll probably connect with a whole new generation of younger fans if she probably did a stint on this shows she’s looking down on. Hello jlo?

  8. shontay says:

    She looks good here. I am sad to see the route she’s taken with her music. I am a huge fan of Madonna 1983-2000, but this new sound eludes me.

    I agree with her on the reality tv bit. Although, I think her distaste for it is mostly because it’s below her. No self-respecting star should stoop to being a reality tv judge. Your relevancy completely drops once you sign on.

  9. Bite me aka aniston says:

    It’s hard out there for an aging pop star with questionable talent

  10. Jules says:

    She even manages to make TV about her! Although I agree with her.

  11. Carrie says:

    unless she doesn’t know real tv show…the happiness of “don’t understand who are the Trasdashians”

  12. Carrie says:

    and i guess she has no time to look tv

  13. ZigZagZoey says:

    “Ugh, how dare any of you little people even think I have a tv….”
    Madonna is so above watching tv. GAG.

  14. Lisa says:

    She’s right. EVERYTHING is made into a competition now, even outside of the music industry. Rachael Ray has games on her show, okay? She’s a TV chef and she’s up there with these screaming women who think they’re on The Price Is Right. It’s embarrassing.

  15. skipper says:

    I would like to see some serious harm come to this lady. I don’t know why she bugs me so much. Maybe I should get some couseling but seriously, it’s all I think about.

  16. SamiHami says:

    It’s funny that someone who is obsessed with trying to look younger than she is, to the point of mutilating her face with plastic surgery, would judge other people for enjoying harmless tv shows.

  17. zina says:

    What is this whole “little people” talk? Some of you seem really to have low self esteem that everything that comes of the mouth of GP or Madonna brings out the “peons” and so on?

    I’m just a very ordinary accountant and still I don’t feel belittled by comments from them. And I even agree on the bad quality reality shows and contestant shows have. I’m living very happy without a TV and only stream certain WRITTEN shows with actual ACTORS who can ACT. 😉

    And to say that OneDirection is bigger than Madonna was in her hey-days… please…. I don’t think anybody knows in 30 years who they are!

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:


      To explain….GP has a bad reputation because she has a long history of being very condescending and she has very very rich tastes. She then started her own lifestle blog which made her image problem really bad as on it she would “advise” women to buy themselves Very expensive items, way too expensive for ordinary people to afford. Anyway, her website was a PR disaster and she has never repaired the damage done and now she is refered to as a elitist, royal wanna be. Madonna and her used to be BF….and so , this is the history of why people refer to these two with peon, peasents etc etc….just as an fyi……….for more background I suggest you go on a website called video gum and look for gabes posts on GP….Ive never laughed so hard in my life….:) brilliant comedy

  18. Happymom says:

    Every time Madonna speaks, I feel my eyes rolling back in my head. Even if I agree with what she says, she’s always just so damn condescending and affected with how she does it.

  19. Gene Parmesan says:

    the album was shit and that’s why no one bought it…duh!!

  20. Jayna says:

    I saw an interview. She did little promotion be ause coming off the months long movie promotion, the rehearsals for the Super Bowl, she is now in long hours of putting together her tour and rehearsals. Any other time is for her children. Even her limited interviews for the album are after 11 at night when her children are asleep. She basically said she has no time for TV these days.

  21. autumndaze says:

    Yeah, women this narcissistic DO NOT make good mothers; celebrity or otherwise.
    You can bet her kids are less than excited to spend their school break tagging along with Mom on tour; but you can bet they weren’t asked for their input.

    It was, is and will ever be, all about her ….

    • Jayna says:

      It’s been four years since she last toured, but how dare she tour this year. Her two on the last tour seemed to have a ball. Lola worked in the costume department and she and Rocco got to play piano a few times a dance on stage a few times nd they seemed to love the dancers. They had plenty of time to swim, play, and did spend time back at home with their fathers also. Funny how a man like Bruce Springsteen isn’t dissed when he and his wife had their children on tour. It isn’t like Madonna tours every year all year. I guess Angie and Brad are awful parents too, as their kids never have a homebase,
      unlike Madonna’s who have been home in one place, living in New York for four years.

  22. Skinnybetch says:

    It’s not just shitty shows like dancing with the hasbeens, American idol, and the voice. Tv just sucks in general. I haven’t watched it in years.

  23. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I just have a problem with any entertainer who contributes to the pollution in entertainment, trying to attack or be above it all.

    I don’t watch television either because it’s crap, so I understand thst part, but Madonna has cotributed nothing of meaning or value in her artistry since Ray of Light. She is now oficially a part of the problem, so have a seat with all that because your daughter is still doing what all the other kids are doing times ten, I’m sure even with all your ‘strict” guidlines and hypocrisy.

  24. Genevieve says:

    So watching tv is bad but making & watching crap movies (i.e. everything she’s been in or made) is a-ok?

  25. Madpoe says:

    Of course Madonna doesnt’t watch tv. She’s far too busy watching herself!

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