Britney shows her vag and continued poor taste in company

Britney Spears has pretty much squandered all the goodwill points she gained for surprising K-Fed with divorce papers by hanging out with Paris Hilton constantly. In fact she doesn’t seem to have gone home to her multimillion dollar mansion in several days. She was spotted out in the same T-Shirt and shoes for a few days in a row, and was even seen buying new toys for her tots, with paparazzi agency x17 reporting that she is staying at a friends house and doesn’t want to return to her Malibu mansion with its lingering memories and weed stench of FedEx.

X17 notes that Britney was seen looking friendly with a new guy, who turned out to be an agent at the William Morris agency. He was not too recognizable, having gained a few lbs since he was last photographed with her. He seems to have reunited with Britney after a party at Paris’ house, and was seen out with her stocking up on children’s items and getting takeout lunch.

As for where Britney’s children are, little Jayden James is still a faceless mystery but Britney doesn’t seem to be foisting them off on the nanny full time. She told one of x17′s paparazzo that she had to get back to her babies. She was also seen out shopping with 14 month-old Sean Preston and Paris Hilton.

There is only one other 20-something psuedo-celebrity that could drag Britney down more than Paris and that’s Lindsay Lohan. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart dropped Paris at his teammate’s urging, and someone should tell Britney that hanging out with Paris could hurt her career as much as K-Fed did. I guess self-sabotaging habits die hard.

Case in point: Britney’s vag slip. (I would publish it here but x17 sent me a cease and desist a while ago.) She’s learning a lot from Paris lately, or maybe she just needs clean underwear and would rather go commando.

Pictures courtesy of Celebrity Puke and Splash News Online. All used with permission.

More pictures of Britney, Paris and Sean Preston are after the jump.

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    So, now Britney is now part of the club of the “Underwear-Challenged” Sorority with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Not good.

    And now the question is; How burned out Britney really is? She is an household name but it mostly stop there. Her singing carrer is dead in the water right now and her last album was propely ignored by many. From the last few years with K-Fed, she lost her sex-appeal and her superstar glamour.

    I am afraid that Britney is how a “Celebrity” instead of a “Star”. Just like Paris Hilton; everybody know her but no-one is ready to hear her sing again. Besides, what has changed since K-Fed received the papers? She dressed well for a little time and then she returned trash on us.

    I guess it’s the big problem with celebrities these days; way too much cash too soon in life. Kinda make them lose the sense of priorities…

  2. Poor Boopie says:

    Christ on a stick! These celebrities are multi-millionaires! Can’t they a afford pair of underwear??? Or is underwear “out of style” now?????

  3. D- says:

    Britney need to take her and her children home to Malibu. I can’t figure her out these days. It would be a joke to say that she refuse to go home because of the weed smell. Paris smokes weed too. Remember the picture of her purse with weed stash in it in a plastic bag. Making a big much ado about nothing on Election Day was selfish and immature. The world has more important things to concern itself with than Britney relationship problems.

  4. Wren says:

    Wouldn’t it be considered child endangerment to have your baby around Paris? It should be, anyway.

  5. paris herpes says:

    She’s committing A-List celebrity suicide, everyone knows that Paris is a bitch, she’s only hanging out with Britney cause she makes her look hot…or something to that effect. Everyone knows Britney’s already a LOSER!

  6. DogRunner says:

    I think these two are a peas in pod! Both fake blonds with hair extensions, trashy, sex videos available, bad dressers even though they have tons of money…..although Paris tends to pick men with more men.

  7. suzie says:

    Wow!! So much for Paris lying and saying she’s 5’10 or something… she seems to be the same height as 165cm tall Britney.. HA! Knew it!!

  8. Rita says:

    I actuall saw a picture of Paris caryying Sean Preston on another site and I threw up, Britney is now officially a has been, not that I ever thought she would recover from the K- FEDEX blunder

  9. Louise says:

    GAH! Just how much does the baby look like FedEx in that photo?!?!?!! I hope it’s just captured especially well in that frame and not the constant predominating impression of the wee lad’s visage! God help him.

    Note to Celebitchy: I’d love to see a photo retrospective of Paris. From the few historical shots I’ve seen, she’s had so much work done in the last 7-10 years that she looks like an entirely different person…not unlike that pathalogical woman who shows up on the talk show circuit in her surgical quest to look like Barbie.

  10. Caz says:

    I quite like that these two have gotten together to paint the town red. They’re entertaining to say the least and what Britney needs right now is to go out and relax and enjoy herself. I know she keeps flashing her bits but she’s always been risque even when she declared she wasnt going to have sex before marriage! She cracks me up and I like reading about her. Go and and get drunk Britters!!

  11. Cheryl says:

    As always, Paris’ BFF always get bumped or dumped and in alot of trouble with her..It will wear off…Britt is finally free from that Freeloader and needs to spread her wings and have fun..Believe me when I say, she is taking very good care of her baby’s..She loves them more than life itself ! So go and have some fun…

  12. nina says:

    They both look like retards!!
    Paris looks like an albino alien and britney looks like a trailer alien