Beyonce: “I didn’t feel that I looked beautiful during birth, but who does?”

People Magazine keeps excerpting more and more from their “Most Beautiful” cover profile of Beyonce. We’ve already heard Beyonce discuss how she’s so “natural” with cutting her own hair and wearing flats, and we’ve already heard Beyonce’s reaction to those “gut full of pillow” rumors (“it wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy”). Now Beyonce is discussing THE BIRTH!! And labor. And how much “weight” she put on (50 pounds!). And she talks about breastfeeding and post-baby workouts. Come on, now, Beyonce-stans! At some point, doesn’t it feel like Beyonce is really going out of her way to convince you of something?

When she arrived at the hospital last January, Beyoncé came with the best of intentions for her daughter’s delivery.

“I did have a fresh eyebrow wax,” PEOPLE’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman says with a laugh. “I got my nails done, I got my feet done, had my hair done, and I had my little lip gloss.”

But, in the end, Blue Ivy’s birth trumped all the new mom’s primping and prepping to meet her baby girl.

“I didn’t feel that I looked beautiful during birth, but who does? After being pumped with all those fluids and gaining so much weight … I barely recognized myself,” she explains. “But after many hours of labor, I could care less about anything but my child. I didn’t care how I looked.”

The focus, she adds, was shifted to “the miracle” that she and husband Jay-Z welcomed into the world.

“I felt more powerful than I’ve ever felt in my life,” Knowles shares. “I felt connected to my body. I felt like I knew my purpose in the world.”

Losing the Baby Weight
The singer says she gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy – putting on the last 20 during the final month leading up to the delivery – and was determined to bounce back after baby as soon as possible.

“I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it; It’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself,” Knowles, who breastfed Blue for 10 weeks, says. Then, “about a month after” giving birth, the new mom tackled the remaining pounds with a strict diet and exercise routine.

“I counted calories. I worked out maybe three to four times a week,” she shares. “I did a lot of walking in the beginning and now I’m running. But I had to work my way up. I couldn’t just go right from being pregnant to running.”

All the hard work – including “staying away from anything delicious” and no cheat days – has paid off.

“I’m proud that my waist came back so fast. I’m proud of that and happy, but that was mostly from the breastfeeding,” the singer explains.

And not only is Knowles just “three to four pounds” away from her pre-pregnancy weight, but she has also acquired a new softness about her voluptuous body.

“My hormones are still in my body. Your body produces the hormones that make your body soft,” she says. “It’s just magical. It makes me so proud to be a woman because it’s just unexplainable what happens to your body – it’s incredible.”

[From People]

*throws up hands, walks away muttering to self*

OK. So Beyonce gave birth on January 7. Go here to see photos of Beyonce just two days before she gave birth, wearing heels and skinny jeans. Does it really look like she gained 50 pounds? Not to me. That was one of the larger parts of the “pillow” conspiracy – Beyonce is curvy girl, like Jessica Simpson. When curvy girls get pregnant, most of them gain weight everywhere, like Jessica Simpson. The only thing that got bigger on Beyonce was her pillowy bump, and even if you buy that the bump was real, do you buy that she gained 50 pounds?!? And yes, Beyonce lost the weight quickly. Very quickly. She had her little waist back by March 19 – like, six weeks after the birth. Whatever. Just toss this interview into the Conspiracy Cauldron with all of the other interviews.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr, People Magazine.

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  1. birdie says:

    She looks so much better, younger fresher without makeup!

  2. Iggles says:

    Ugh! Will this woman ever stop telling us her delusions???

    No way I buy that she gained 50 pounds! She must think the rest of us are stupid..

    • lw says:

      +1. I have wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt in all of this. But 50 pounds? No way.

    • Maguita says:


      Also, what kind of pregnant mother in a delivery room thinks about being beautiful???? Didn’t she say that she had a natural birth, and NOT a C-section (correct me if I’m wrong here, because it makes a HUGE difference)?

      Your water breaks, you are in labor, you are in f-cking pain… And you think of your lip gloss???

      Your pushing that huge melon out of your wazoo and you are thinking you are powerful and more womanly than you have ever felt????

      Wonder what she thought when crap came out the other end while pushing… Or stars don’t deliver the same way we mere mortals do?

      • bluhare says:

        Yep, my thought too. She was worried about looking beautiful while she delivered a baby??? Good lord, talk about whacked out priorities.

        And let’s assume that she gained 50lbs . . . it was all gone in less than 6 weeks? That was one hell of a lipo she had after vaginally delivering a child. And my proof? Exhibit A: Jennifer Garner.

      • dee says:

        I had 1 baby by C-section and 1 baby 100% natural and it makes NO difference. The last thing on your mind when giving birth is how you look. Until I read that headline the concept had never even registered as a possibility for so much as a nanosecond.

      • Maguita says:

        @dee, it sort of makes a difference: If you have a planned C-section, you have the specific date and time, then someone in Beyoncé’s position would definitely go beforehand for beauty treatments, early in the day.

        1- She can afford them, obviously
        2- She lives in such a superficial environment where such a behavior is expected.

        But if that was unplanned and she went for a natural birth… Than no, I don’t believe a word she said.

      • Coucou says:

        Hmmm…if she cared so much about how she looked during delivery, then WHERE ARE THE FREAKING PHOTOS…i mean, why else go through the trouble unless it’s not gonna be photo opped?

        And yeah, 50 pounds my azz…she is not at all talking like a woman who actually went through labor, she’s talking like an actress who studied some birthing scenes to prepare for a role.

    • Isabel says:

      Kinda odd that Jessica Simpson apparantly gained less than 50 pounds and still looks about 100 pounds bigger than this biatch. And Jessica was HUGE when she was still preggers.

      So Beyonce, if you want to keep your career/good girl image then STFU, you are only making your lie bigger and bigger.

    • Da Original Me! ;-) says:

      *yawn* enough already!

  3. mel2 says:

    So sick of her and her pregnancy lies.

    • LadyJane says:

      Totally. “But after many hours of labor, I could care less about anything but my child. I didn’t care how I looked.”

      That is the most phoney sounding thing I have ever heard. “Many hours of labour” – no woman has ever said that. They know the number of hours to the minute, it is emblazoned in their minds forever. “After SEVENTEEN AND A HALF HOURS of labour” etc.

      It was a pillow. All this pretending it wasn’t is just getting embarrassing. You know she is the type to pose naked with a full pregnant bump (not the nano lunch-baby bikini pics everyone touts as proof) – but she didn’t. I wonder why….

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Yep, it’s emblazoned on your brain forever.
      1. 72 hour labor, induced, 20 hours water broken, 2 hours pushing, vacuum, 16 stitches.
      2. 19 hours, induced (boooo!!!), 3 pushes, much easier.
      Everyone knows the exact timing of this stuff, if you actually HAD a damned baby yourself.

  4. dorothy says:

    Are you kidding me? Enough already. Stop trying to convince people.

  5. Claire says:

    I hate when women say they found out what the purpose of their life, their place in the world was when they gave birth. Or “the greatest job” comment also.

    • T.C. says:

      Me too. And I do not believe the I gained 50 IBs of pregnancy weight. That is too much weight to gain.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You beat me to it, Claire! Because as women, our sole purpose in life is to procreate. *eye roll*

      • BlackMamba says:

        ***wrong spot oops*
        @TheOriginalKitten…I totally agree that when it comes to Beyonce, this statement comes off false. I was more answering to Claire saying that she “hate when women say they found out what the purpose of their life, their place in the world was when they gave birth” and you agreed with her. I pointed out that some women do feel that way about motherhood and that’s ok, just like it’s ok that some women don’t want children or don’t define themselves entirely by their children.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Blackmamba-Let me clarify my original statement-I applaud any woman that choses the route of motherhood and devotes the endless amount of time and energy needed to raise a happy, healthy child (it IS a difficult job). I understand it’s a personal preference and I don’t begrudge any woman for feeling that their child is the best thing that ever happened to them. But what I despise if the sanctimonious tone and the inferred idea that women who cannot or don’t procreate are somehow inferior. It’s only my opinion-but I just find comments like that very divisive. *shrugs* Didn’t mean to offend anyone by it.

      • BlackMamba says:

        Got it…I’m about to be a mother in a couple months but I couldn’t even picture myself with children until like the 4th months or something so you won’t get any judgement from this future mama regarding wanting or not wanting children :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Congrats, Black Mamba! I’m sure he/she will be precious :)

      • It is ME!! says:

        A sanctimonious tone is what Bouncy is all about. No one is more perfect-er than her!!

    • BlackMamba says:

      Maybe SHE found HER purpose in motherhood. Just because giving birth is not YOUR purpose in life does not mean another woman can’t have that sentiment. Live and let live.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Really? If it was someone else that said it, meaning someone who doesn’t have 6 nannies, who didn’t shut down an entire hospital wing while giving birth, who didn’t patent her kid’s name then maybe the sentiment would come across as more genuine. It just strikes me as a little insincere for her to claim that she’s found her “purpose in life” after giving birth. Guess this means she can permanently retire from the spotlight?

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        ^^ this. As long as they aren’t projecting it onto you, maybe they DO feel like that is their purpose in life. Some women do long to become mothers, you know.

    • Seagulls says:

      Well, in evolutionary terms, it is the purpose. But you’re right, I always cringe when people say stuff like that. Also because I know many women who will not be able to have children and I know that’s rather an offensive statement.

    • BlackMamba says:

      @TheOriginalKitten…I totally agree that when it comes to Beyonce, this statement comes off false. I was more answering to Claire saying that she “hate when women say they found out what the purpose of their life, their place in the world was when they gave birth” and you agreed with her. I pointed out that some women do feel that way about motherhood and that’s ok, just like it’s ok that some women don’t want children or don’t define themselves entirely by their children.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      Without a doubt I felt intense self awareness and empowerment–personally, not so much as a woman or a mother. Especially in the knowledge that I am stronger than I thought I was … and MUCH stronger than my husband who had to get a hold of himself pretty frequently. But it didn’t come as some sort of epiphany like a burst of light from heaven. She’s such a drama queen.

      • Claire says:

        My comment was more.. this woman has done pretty freakin’ good in her life, i can imagine she has a great great one, even more probably now that she made a baby with the man she loves, but somehow it’s like she’s only “relevant” now, because she’s a mother…

    • LAK says:

      As i read the piece, i thought the words sounded familiar, then i recalled an eye -rolly interview that GOOP gave about motherhood in the past year. i swear she uses those exact words.

      Will find link and post.

  6. says:

    I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy- I’m not short and yet I looked like a balloon. So no way she gained 50.

  7. Sca says:

    You know I don’t really care if it was a pillow or not.

    But no way did she gain 50 pounds. You know who gained 50 pounds during pregnancy and announced it? Kate Hudson and Catherine Zeta Jones. Google them. Compare that to the picture of Beyonce (and CZT was about a month out at the oscars that year she was pregnant).

    50 pounds? No freaking way.

  8. MsCatra says:

    OMG. I’ve been a defender of her bump from the beginning, but no way in hell am I drinking the “50 pounds” kool-aid. Also, the “three to four pounds away” and “breastfed for 10 weeks” comments make me want to vomit.

    • Marjalane says:

      I’m still trying to figure out why they “pumped her full of fluids”. I didn’t get pumped full of fluids with either my C sec or my natural birth.

      I also gained 50 lbs on a 5’9″ frame and I looked like a brick walking. Beyonce’s desire to make us all think she’s just that much more of a perfect woman than the rest of us is pretty indicative that she didn’t give birth. She’s obsessed with portraying herself as super woman.

      • Peanut says:

        Maybe she was induced? I was induced and they do pump you full of IV fluid.

        Everything else in the article though… I’m giving it some serious side-eye.

      • Belle says:

        I was induced with my first baby as well, and while I did receive plenty of fluids, they didn’t pump me so FULL of them, that they contributed in any way to the way I looked… LOL I gained a lot of weight with each of my babies, and had large babies, so I was plenty big and puffy, but not from the fluids I received during delivery.

        Sounds like she is just trying to say what she thinks ‘sounds right’. Fail.

      • Isa says:

        *Raises hand* I was induced and pumped full of fluids. It took about 16 hours and I had an IV the entire time. I was retaining water anyway so I puffed up. When I look back at my pictures I was like, “Woaaaa!”

      • NYC_girl says:

        I was wondering about why she was pumped full of fluids too. IV? I unfortunately know nothing about pregnancy and giving birth; I don’t know what she means. I do know my mother gained over 30 pounds – she loved being pregnant, but she said she was so huge and she retained so much water, she felt like a bloated cow. She has one picture of herself pregnant, and there is no way she could have walked around in heels.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        you get an IV and fluids because they will not let you eat or drink in case of an emergency C.
        My first, the three day labor, I got IV fluids the entire time with just ice chips.
        Standard stuff, you need to be hydrated and can’t take anything by mouth.

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  10. Hautie says:

    I bet she now, regrets hiding in the house while she was pregnant.

    Had she did a few planned paparazzi shots every six weeks… none of this would be an issue.

  11. Leen says:

    Wow she looks really beautiful without the make up.

    Although I am not buying the whole 50 pounds thing, the pics 2 days before she gave birth, she does look like she has pregnant woman feet tho.

  12. Tapioca says:

    “after many hours of labour”

    Many? Every women I’ve ever known push out a human watermelon makes damn sure you know exactly how many hours of loin-splitting agony were involved. They wear it like a badge of honour!

  13. moopsie says:

    did she seriously say she cut her own hair? Not that cutting your own hair is a big deal but c’mon there is no way you can convince me that is not a weave

  14. lisa says:

    I don’t have kids.. but I do believe for many of not most women having a child changes your view of yourself and the world.

    nothing wrong with that. I think it is quite beautiful in fact.

    I work with kids/families.. and wished the majority of people I see daily would put their children FIRST..

    she sounds like any new mother

  15. menlisa says:

    I’m blind from all the eye-rolling I did!

  16. dahlianoir says:

    “Franckly my dear, i don’t give a damn.”

  17. Gia says:

    I gained far less than 50 lbs during my pregnancy (more like 25) and I looked bigger than Beyonce. Does she realize how huge 50 lbs really is??? Totally out of touch with reality this one…

  18. Dawning Red says:

    It’s kind of a shame Beyonce wasn’t at the same table as Kim Karda$hian at the correspondants dinner. We really missed out on a deep conversation.

    “I gained fifty pounds during my pregnancy!”

    “And I’m a size two!”

  19. Marjalane says:

    I wonder if Beyonce has a minion that goes to all the gossip sites and then reports back:

    “Nope, they still ain’t buyin’ it, Bey”

  20. NerdMomma says:

    I’m just struck by her obsession with her appearance. She prepared for the birth of her daughter by getting her hair done and a pedicure and her eyebrows waxed? What? And then People calls that “the best of intentions.” I get that this is an issue about beauty, but come on! Who thinks about that sort of thing that much?

    • kibbles says:

      Sadly, these magazines don’t take into consideration inner beauty. Beyonce has done a lot of ugly things in recent years. I hope to one day see a beautiful person not in the entertainment industry who does good things for humanity on a daily basis. These lists are incredibly shallow.

      • Kandace says:

        What are some of the ugly things that Beyonce has done in recent years? I want to know!

        I don’t like her! For some reason, her ambitiousness is off-putting to me. I feel like she wants to take over the world and nothing is enough for her. But she does it under this veneer of I’m so sweet and soft. I think she would cut people to get ahead – it’s all an act, in my opinion.

        And I believe that she would fake her pregnancy, absolutely.

    • Belle says:

      I know many women who try to ‘pretty up’ a bit before they deliver… nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Not only do most women feel big and awkward (and many feel unattractive) at the end of a pregnancy, and getting a pedicure, etc., helps a little… but they also know they won’t have time for these things for quite some time after the baby is born.

      Where Bey goes wrong (again), is making it sound like these were serious, important preparations for her delivery.

  21. Liv says:

    “Beyonce is a curvy girl, like Jessica Simpson. When curvy girls get pregnant, most of them gain weight everywhere.”

    EXACTLY! I’m curvy like her and I’m sure my butt will explode when I’m pregnant! My friend gave birth to her daughter a few days after Beyonce. She’s breastfeeding and not the curvy type and she didn’t loose the weight like that! She still has extra weight around her belly, which is natural if you are not starving and working out right after birth. Beyonce just looks like she gained a bit weight to make us believe she was actually pregnant.

    I don’t know, I really liked her a few years ago, but she semes to live in another world.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      But unlike Jessica Simpson (who had a problem with her weight ‘before’ she became pregnant), Beyonce is extremely fit and has muscle on her frame.

      You women need to get over yourselves! Not every woman looks, feels, or acts the same when they’re pregnant. Jessica Simpson has looked like she was ’10′ months pregnant for the last 5 months. But Heidi Klum–who wore heels throughout her pregnancies–hardly showed any weight gain at all.

      All of the Beyonce doubt and hate here would be entertaining if there hadn’t been a lot of it ‘prior’ to her pregnancy as well. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourselves if something more is fueling the hate.

      • Liv says:

        Nah, Jessica Simpson is probably not the best example. I know women who are not curvy and pretty thin and you couldn’t tell from behind if they were pregnant or not – but you knew it when you saw their belly, that’s for sure.

        Someone who is as curvy as her doesn’t look like she did days before giving birth.

        Two possibilitys:

        1. You are round and voluptuous – your belly is not really outstanding

        2. You are pretty thin/trained well – your belly is clearly recognizable

      • Tiffany says:

        You said, “But unlike Jessica Simpson (who had a problem with her weight ‘before’ she became pregnant), Beyonce is extremely fit and has muscle on her frame.”

        THANK YOU!!!!!

        It is freaking ABSURD for anyone to compare Jessica’s pre-preg figure with Beyonce’s. Beyonce had a 6 pack. She might have hips, but she was never “fat” or “pudgy”. She was very lean and muscular before she got pregnant. The belly on Beyonce and Jessica were lightyears a part.

      • Gia says:

        And by “extremely fit” you mean “tons of lipo”?

  22. mia girl says:

    Putting conspiracies aside, what woman wants to read this? Who are these women who will believe this load of crap? I’ve had three kids, all c sections and can not relate or believe any of these fantasy stories she is telling.

    Add the conspiracy theories and Beyonce has officially “jumped the shark” with this interview.

    • Chatcat says:

      Mia…this is called desperation…on two fronts…by Beyonce and by People mag. Remember Bey and JZ buy “everything” in life. Remember our parents analogy “what comes around goes around” or “you reap what you sow”? This is what happens when you lie/cheat/steal…it comes back and bites you in the ass. Hey everybody likes to say how JayZ is savy and smart! Hello savvy smart people don’t create a monster like this that they can’t put down. They’ll still be those that buy and follow this couple unfortunately, therefore we’ll get stuck with them in the media for years to come…sorta like the Kartrashians…but at least we have places like CB to come and vent our views/displeasures/opinions!

  23. Monkey Jim says:

    Repeating comments of other posters: 1) yes, mums always refer to the exact number of hours in labour 2) yes, I always wondered too why we never had an earth mother bump-clutching nakey photoshoot and 3) the pics you link to of her days before the birth of BIC, well… Both my bumps were ‘small for dates’ & I put on 28lb-ish due to chronic sickness YET I still had that ‘heavy’ look at 9 months so anyone could tell I was about to pop. And I’m taller than her!!

    How do these freaks look at themselves in the mirror every morning? Go away!

  24. jano1981 says:

    Before this interview there were probably people that believed she carried her own child. She really shouldn’t have rubbed this nonsense in our faces.

  25. angelina says:

    20 pounds in her last month? Is it me or does that sound weird? Kinda like almost everything about her “pregnancy”!

  26. Miss Thang says:

    Still don’t believe she was pregnant. She says she didn’t care how she looked while giving birth, but if that’s the case then why does she start this paragraph with “I didn’t feel beautiful during birth?” I have never ever heard a woman comment on not looking good during labor and delivery. If you’re giving birth you don’t care. If you do care you either A are not giving birth or B are extremely shallow. I’ll put Bey in both of these categories :)

  27. Blue says:

    Guess the magazine isn’t selling as well as they thought, otherwise I don’t see the point in releasing so much.

  28. Dee Cee says:

    50 pounds of ego.. deflated and now she has to scramble madly to convince us she’s legit on her story.. wonder why?

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  29. Nancy Kaye says:

    Blind Gossip had an extensive article about her putting her Latin American surrogate up in an apartment in NYC and keeping her away from EVERYONE. This woman did not speak a word of English, which probably reassured Beyonce she couldn’t blab as easily to the press. Beyonce allegedly took prednisone to make her look swollen, in order to mimic pregnancy. NO WAY did Beyonce ever carry that baby herself. She’s way too hung up on her looks. Years ago before she got married she also stated in a magazine article that childbirth terrified her and she was in no hurry to go through that kind of pain. Lastly, clothes do NOT collapse on someone’s stomach; pillows do. She & her husband are complete frauds out to milk the public of every dollar they have.

  30. kay says:

    That first picture creeps me out.

    Could be because I didn’t like people touching or rubbing my pregnant tummy, so I am projecting.
    But it disturbs me.

    • kibbles says:

      I wonder how much they paid that woman to pose for the photo AND keep her mouth shut about any issues dealing with this pregnancy. How much hush money have Bey and Jay-Z given out to their associates to go along with this charade? It’s probably in the millions.

  31. janie says:

    Is that last photo in the birthing room?? Ummmm that looks like a burrito baby. Never going to believe this bitch.

    And she wore scarves and jackets to cover up her “bump” her entire pregnancy. Every other celebrity showed theirs off proudly, and you know she would’ve too if it had been a real bump. I feel like she didn’t want to risk it after that folding incident.

  32. Katie says:

    I want to believe that Beyonce gave birth to her daughter and all that but come on, 50 lbs? I just can’t buy that. If Jessica Simpson said she gained 50 lbs, I would totally believe her but Beyonce never looked like she gained that much, not even nearly that much. And I’m sorry, but you don’t lose 50 lbs in 6 weeks, even with breastfeeding. That’s not even fathomable. I call shenanigans on Beyonce.

    • Miss Thang says:

      Breastfeeding burns an extra POUND a week. ONE POUND. So if she lost all her pregnancy weight in 6 weeks and most of that was because of breastfeeding (as she says it was), then she didn’t gain much more than 6lbs. Whatever. She’s so full of it.

  33. Adrien says:

    Beyonce’s the most beautiful woman in the world? Not Samantha Brick?

  34. some bitch says:

    50 pounds!? Suuuuuure. That must have been one hell of a pillow.

  35. Hanna says:

    I’m really want to believe she gave birth to her own baby. It’s really hard though… :/

  36. BlackMamba says:

    I’m not one of those people who think she faked her pregnancy but she is losing me with this “I gained 50 lbs thing”, she did not. She is not Posh spice, she is a curvy girl so 50 pounds on her would show. I am currently pregnant and so far I’ve gain about 30lbs(*tears*), although most of the weight is in my belly and my boobs, you can still see it in my face and everywhere else that I’ve gain some weight. To me beyonce stayed the same as she was pre-pregnancy except she had a belly and the short period of time it took her to lose that weight is astonishing. *Scratch head*

    • Katie says:

      I’m currently pregnant too and I’ve gained 21 lbs. so far and it’s showing up all over. I’m probably the same height as Beyonce and just the 20 lbs on me is super noticable, I can’t imagine how monstrous I’d be if I had 50 lbs on me. Don’t be sad about your weight gain! It’s all worth it!

  37. Brannie says:

    I’m a short, curvy girl. When I was pregnant I stuck to a very healthy diet and only gained 34 pounds. I actually lost weight on every part of my body and only had the belly. So curvy girls do not necessarily gain weight everywhere.

    That being said, at 9 months I was noticeably pregnant and those pics of Beyonce at 9 months look like a bad bloat.

    • Mae East says:

      Yeah, I’m up 8 pounds at 24 weeks and my stomach looks like her “9 month pregnant” picture.

      Also, I don’t know why the black-and-white pic of Solange worshipfully touching her belly should be convincing. To me, it’s a lot less revealing than that shot of her around the same time in a transparent purple swimsuit cover-up. A lot of people have already pointed out the odd shadows on her bump in this photo, suggesting that it was some sort of attached prostheses. The black-and-white of the Tumblr shot is far more forgiving, I think.

  38. SolitaryAngel says:

    27 hours of natural labor here; and I did not care what the hell I looked like! In fact, I was very shy about my nudity but I’ll tell you girls this–that went out the window during labor/childbirth–it felt like every doctor in the whole hospital had come around to take a look. I was in real danger of developing a Pavlovian response too–everytime I saw a doctor I had the urge to pull my paper gown up over my head. Thank God I only had one baby, lol. ;)

  39. gamblea says:

    Shallow, her beauty is skin deep.

  40. lover says:

    i think she faked it but lets assume fakeyonce was pregnant, she had lipo on her stomach and even if she gained weight the lipo section would be obvious im not sure, but is this the reason why she cannot show a large bump cos its well bumpy lol.. in all the pics of her large belly it looked like a sack of patatoes…anyway back to the reality the bitch faked it…

  41. Anon says:

    Seriously go away so we can miss you.

  42. Crystal says:

    I don’t think it’s a stretch that she gained 50 lbs. You are forgetting how small Beyonce was immediately before getting preggers. Here she is in May 2011 (either immediately before or after getting pregnant) at her nephew’s college graduation:

    And the Jessica Simpson references are inapposite. At best, she was “fluffy” (as my granny would say) pre-pregnancy, and at worst, she was slightly overweight. Add to that the fact that she ate fried cheetoes and mac & cheese throughout her pregnancy, and that’s why she was grossly overweight throughout. Not because she was “curvy” beforehand.

  43. mel says:

    I scanned the article because I could not stand to read all of her sanctimonious garbage that spewed from her mouth. She is FULL OF IT!

  44. mel says:

    I use to love her now I can’t stand her…this is what overexposure will do to do a celebrity…

  45. Isa says:

    I don’t think she gained 50 lbs. I figured the reason why she didn’t look pregnant is because she was working her ass off to not blow up. I thought she was probably on a strict diet and workout program. 20 lbs in the last month? Really? Typically you don’t gain much weight in the last month. Everything I’ve read said not to worry if your weight gain slows down or even stops during the 9th month. I found that my weight would go up and down a few pounds at the end. I know every woman is different, but man that’s a lot. How did she not end up with stretch marks everywhere?

    • georgiapeach says:

      Wouldn’t a 20 pound weight gain in one month or less also make her doctors rush to deliver? In all my pregnancies I was warned to tell them if I gained a lot of weight fast.

      • dee says:

        Her doctors would have freaked about that kind of weight gain in one month. When I was in my last month I put on 4 pounds in a week and my doctor recommended I get induced then rather than risk continuing at that rate. It can cause all sorts of complications because your blood sugar levels are so high.

  46. serena says:

    “gaining so much weight … I barely recognized myself”…. Say what??

    Whatever Bey.

  47. lolas says:

    She is a hard working lady, and from a professional perspective I totally respect her (and like her songs). But it’s weird and sad she felt the need to go through this total charade, and to make it worse, she has to go on with the ‘look how fast I lost the weight’?? Also, vote me in for another person who saw ‘after many hours of labour’ as HUGE point towards fake pregnancy.
    FAKE PREGNANCY. How crazy is that?? What is wrong with the world that the more I read about celebrities (admittedly, not good habit), the more I respect Jessica Simpson? JESSICA SIMPSON???
    I need to find better role models.

  48. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Come on Stans! It’s eerily silent in this bitch.

    I thought so.

  49. mymy says:

    Fluids are given if your water breaks and you are not in labor. As far as I can remember . And i was in labor 36 hours. Many years ago.

  50. Ally says:

    The pain of childbirth is on a completely different level than what she is describing. Right before you start pushing (sorry) you are literally out of your head, in a complete state of full-out, adrenaline-filled SURVIVAL mode. All other ‘beautiful’ thoughts are out the window. When it’s over, you’re positive you could have literally pushed over a car. That is all. Discuss.

  51. lucy2 says:

    I’ve been back and forth on the fake or not thing, but this interview does not help her.
    If she was pregnant, I very much doubt she gained 50 lbs – that would be super noticeable and I’m not seeing it. And whatever she did gain, I’ve heard a celeb trainer moved in with her and she probably has a chef making all her meals, so spare me the breast feeding magic.

  52. Kayla says:

    The 50 pounds is completely believable considering the fact that she was super skinny or even underweight when she got pregnant so there is a difference between underweight beyoncé gaining 50 and “bootylicious” beyoncé gaining 50 pounds. This is an article about beauty not the rigours of childbirth so she’s answering accordingly and I’m sure if she was detailing everything someone would still say ” the lady protesteth to much” so she loses either way, and I’m tired of people saying they’re tired of her unless you’re made at gunpoint to read her articles/stories pls STFU about wanting her to gl away cos obviously you get some type of thrill from beyoncé stories

  53. Dawn says:

    She threw in the breastfeeding comment twice too, just to make sure we knew she lost the weight because of breastfeeding. I have two kids and bf does help you slim down cause you are burning a lot of calories but it does’t happen overnight. And wasn’t she out with Jay to a basketball game shortly after the baby was born? Not that she couldn’t pump milk but your boobs get so full of milk its painful I don’t know many Moms that go out for hours with a newborn (breastfed) baby at home.

  54. nancy xl says:

    what’s this obsession with this fake pregnancy. geez. she does look fatter in those skinny jeans and is obviosuly covering it up with the jacket, scarf and hair around her face. think ..why would she lie about all this. i guess unless you pose naked with your bump or becme a slob, then it must be a fake pregnancy.

  55. M.F says:

    Oh wow! It’s so great that there are so many pregnancy experts out here in Celebitchy-verse. Every woman is different. I don’t doubt her story because it happened to me as well. Let it go.

  56. jover says:

    Nerdmomma she’s obsessed with her appearance because she’s devoid of substance; good point trillium, I had forgotten about that; these two are caricatures of human beings and among the most repulsive of our 1 per centers; why OWS doesn’t go after them well we know why lets face it; they are lionized by the sheeple media and black (but not black conservative), I was indifferent to boucny as i don’t listen to pop music, but after reading this site and many others on this heffa’s antics, she and j camel are detestable. THe public should boycott her that would destroy her narcissism.

  57. Lindy says:

    So, I was kind of on the fence before about the pillow baby conspiracy. Having read her quotes from this interview, I’m now pretty much sold that it was all fake fake fake. She is full of it.

  58. Riri says:

    Her comments are so odd.
    Who thinks about being beautiful or not during labor?
    You are in pain or excited or scared or concentrating or many many other things but I have never heard of any woman thinking whether she looks pretty.

    That is just so odd.

    Other than that, she didn’t gain or loose any pounds and looks exactly the same as she always has before during the “pregnancy” and after.

    There’s something really odd about her if these are her thoughts and if she indeed faked her pregnancy. These people need to be examined by a doctor. Seriously.

  59. kiyoshigirl says:

    I have three children. The first two deliveries were rough. I listened to too many people around me and went the “natural” route with very little pain control. The first was long and laborious (26 hrs). The second was VERY fast and stressful (2.5 hrs). The third was induced and with the use of an epidural was like a walk in the park. I still had my makeup and jewelry on when I was holding my son for the first time. If I had known for my first two what I knew for the third, I would have never suffered through all that pain with the first two.

    Ladies, do what YOU want to do, and if you have the option, go for the epidural! It’s safe for you and baby. There is NO reason to needlessly suffer.

  60. Annaloo says:

    She must have gained 50 pounds in her large intestine bc that is the BIGGEST load of SHIT I have ever heard. Her age, her weight gain (and loss), and her HAIR — all of it doesn’t add up unless you believe in falsehoods and suspended logic.

    This woman is nothing but a STUNT.

  61. Me says:

    Im a medium height curvy girl (curvy meaning big boobs, small waist, big hips – not overweight)and I gained 15 lbs with my first and 18lbs with my second. I wore heels until the end of both pregnancies which was around 41 weeks with both. I never waddled. I bitched and moaned a shit-tonne but no waddling. Pregnancy affects everyone differently, there are no set standards. Its unfair to judge her this way.

    • Chatcat says:

      Me. Yes all of us who have been pregnant all carry/look/deliver differntly (I have 3 kids)…we get that. Go to youtube and find the Wendy Williams coverage of is Bey preggars and see if you still think/feel the same that Bey delivered a full term child as she claims.

    • HN says:

      I wore heels too! My baby boy was born last month and when I read all these comments, I feel bad for her because it’s seems like whatever she says gets taken out of context. She can’t win with you guys. I didn’t look 9 months pregnant when I was 38-40 weeks. People thought I was still 6 months pregnant and my baby boy came out 6.5 lb.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree. Every pregnancy is different, every woman’s body handles things differently. The way some people are going on and on saying they KNOW what went on in Beyonce’s womb is disturbing.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      One of my friends was the same way – she had a waist when you looked at her from behind BUT her tummy didn’t look squiahy like Beyonce’s it looked like she was holding 15 lbs of baby, fluid and placenta in there. She looked more like a taller version of that photo of Reese.

      She wore heels and regular tops with her maternity pants. She had 6lb girls both times.

  62. HN says:

    Wow.. You guys are ruthless.
    I had a baby boy last month. I was induced and I was pumped full of liquids- pitocin to be exact. I also had an epidural even though I had a natural birth. I don’t understand why everyone is picking at every little word she is saying in her interview and making it into a big deal. I was 100 lbs Pre pregnancy and gained 35 lbs. Most of the weight gained was in my third trimester but you know what? I barely looked 6 months pregnant. Every women’s body is different. And with the whole labor hours thing… I was in there for a long time but I don’t get into detail of how many hours I was into labor for. When people ask me, I don’t even tell them because I honestly don’t remember. I could sit here and calculate but I don’t care to.

    • Tiffany says:

      “I don’t understand why everyone is picking at every little word she is saying in her interview and making it into a big deal.”

      I completely agree. People are crazy when it comes to Beyonce recently. It is starting to get creepy.

      • Isabel says:

        If Bey is such an honest person, how do you explain all of this:

        I hate liars, and she clearly is one. Since she fired her dad her good girl image is slowly slipping and what shows aint pretty. This already started when the other original members were fired/left Destiny’s Child, look up info on that, it isn’t pretty. Dad did the damagecontrol then, but she really cant talk herself out of this one. I can seriously say I would pick Paris Hilton over her, because she is at least honest about feeling selfabsorbed/important and a famewhore :/

  63. Eric says:

    She should stop already, her own cousin
    Angie Beyoncie now admitted she used a surrogate read this link, Bownce is delusional, and the baby is hispanic

  64. e.non says:

    “But after many hours of labor,”

    don’t most women know down to the minute how long their labor lasted. that just seems odd phrasing..

  65. I Choose Me says:

    You know I was willing to believe that she gave birth. I’ve gone back and forth on this opinion but this, this interview right here is the icing on the bitch-didn’t-birth-no-baby-cake.

    She sounds so f*cking scripted. Talking up breast feeding and how empowered she is now that she’s given birth and is a MOM. Thing is while I was never what you’d call a fan, I always thought she was a pretty woman and a talented performer with a great work ethic. But the fame-whoring, beginning with her announcement at the Grammy’s and the branding of their baby, plus the strategic release of those pics of Beyonce and the baby from a couple who’d always been soooooo private, has turned my ambivalence into active dislike.

  66. BabyCakes says:

    All else aside, I love their couches.

  67. Jessica says:

    10 weeks of breastfeeding? How thoughtful…

  68. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m not a mom and I have an irrational, pathological fear of being pregnant (what if I give birth to the Elephant Baby???)… but…


    I always thought I would adopt if I ever manage to get married and it never even occurred to me what I would look like when I first got the baby and I can prep for that and look all sorts of hot but IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. It’s about the baby and the family and all sorts of thing. AAAAAAAAAARGH!

    • HN says:

      I got a pedicure the day before my labor cuz I didn’t want my OB to see my scary toes. I even wore make up during my labor because I knew my family would come in to see me and the baby. YES we do care about our looks and I think this is because all through out the 9 months, our image and body changes so much so we feel a bit, how do I say it… Insecure? Not like we can control it but we no longer look like our former skinny selves so yes, I’d understand if Beyonce cared about getting her nails and toes done just to feel a little bit normal. I’m not a celeb but I felt like this.

  69. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen…

  70. Kim says:

    I like what she says about who care what you look like during delivery and how she felt powerful, etc.

  71. Jordan says:

    First of all, have we ever seen Beyonce’s real hair? Who cares if she cuts it herself with the lace-fronts that she wears. Second, she is not the only woman to have ever given birth. I hate when celebrities try to educate us on things we’ve learned from real women before, as if it’s the first time we’re hearing it and they must share their knowledge.

  72. Meanchick says:

    During delivery, I thought about smacking my ex, wanting the pain to just end and begging to be put to sleep until it was over, I may have even asked for a meatball sub afterward, but not once did I give two farts about looking beautiful. I call BS.

  73. Meanchick says:

    Not that it matters, but when her sister (much smaller than B) was pregnant, she was HUGE! Her face spread, her nose and mouth spread and that belly was ginormous! Check her out in DC’s ‘Soldier’ video.

  74. Liberty says:

    So fake. She just sank her pillow boat.

  75. pearl says:

    My sister in law lost the baby weight in three weeks! and by the 2 she was wearing sky high heels and even corsets! (not saying that’s ok, it isn’t, doing that it’s bad for your body after giving birth) but what i’m saying is every woman’s body works in a different way and some of them are just lucky and can loose weight very fast BUT i agree it’s harder for curvy gals like bey and it’s weird that she didn’t look like jess while pregnant, my sister in law is very skinny and has always been and even pregnant she looked skinny just with a big belly so who knows maybe her pregnancy was real or maybe it was a lie either way she will never tell

  76. Elliejo says:

    I have no idea if she was pg or not. But, really, everyone is different. I was going to the gym every morning to do cardio, wearing heels, and not slowing down much up until the end. Baby was full-term and healthy. I was also back to “normal” body weight wihtin about six weeks, and without any crazy dieting, trainers, etc.

    And as for labor stories, those are all different too. I had an elective c-section, which I caught a lot of crap for from the natural crowd. Whatever. It was a fantastic experience that worked for us, and I was up walking in twelve hours, out of the hospital in 48, and back on the treadmill within two weeks. No problems.

    I wish women would just respect each other’s choices. Beyonce is a mom now either way, right?

  77. jc126 says:

    You know what’s funny? When a liar keeps talking, keeps filling out the lie. Invariably, they add a detail or say things that undercut the whole story and let you know they’re lying. In this case, NO WAY did she gain 50 pounds, and I agree also about the “many hours” of labor statement.

  78. Emma says:

    Wow. Didn’t realize people were so stupid. Of course she was pregnant. People are really delusional.

  79. Lizzie says:

    Beyonce is so full of it. I’ve had 4 kids, all while in the military and she is so obviously fake. I lost my weight as much as possible having 4 babies in 3 years. The only weight she lost was when she took her pillow off! Even Jessica didn’t make it to the end in heels. Doesn’t Jay-Z have an incurable STD? Beyonce would also have it and chances of a vaginal birth are slim. Being a nurse, I saw Blue’s first pictures. That baby was way too awake and aware to be a day old. There is no shame in surrogacy, so why did she make herself out to be a con artist? Guess she didn’t want stretch marks. BTW, Beyonce, if you had been nuring, you would NOT have been able to go clubbing without leaking. I’m sick of hearing this.

  80. Pat Dorty says:

    Ahhh come off it! You looked exactly the same because you didn’t give birth to any baby. I don’t know who she’s trying to convince at this point us or herself? I guess she believes in that old saying that “If you say it enough it becomes true” What a joke. Were there any pictures of her pregnant belly taken from the side? I only saw the ones taken from the front for some reason, hmmmm that’s strange huh?

  81. Pat Dorty says:

    You know that with an ass like her it would have blown up if she was really pregnant. I don’t buy it.

  82. S says:

    People are really nuts. So cause she didn’t look like you looked or like Jessica Simpson looked, or didn’t think the same thoughts as you all did before labor, or didn’t use the same words to describe her experience, then she wasn’t pregnant.

    Yeah, that’s totally rational.

  83. jaye says:

    Can you please just quit it with this ish? I’m not a huge Beyonce fan and I find this constant speculation and “pillow” digs just tiresome.

  84. Eric says:

    The more she talks about it the worse it gets, she never gained 50 lbs, even super skinny Victoria Beckham looked pregnant, Bowonce must have had the flattest stomach pregnancy in the history of mankind.
    No one’s bying it Bey.

  85. Eric says:

    This woman actually promoted her fake pregnancy, and brought this career-ending publicity on herself, and now she is upset that no one believes her?
    She does not need to prove anything anymore, because no one believes in anything she says.

  86. Katy says:

    I don’t believe she was pregnant. She never gained 50 lbs. She probably injected or ingested something to cause some weight gain to give the appearance of weight gain but then again, she’s even admitted to working to keep her figure because she gains weight easily. I saw those pics of her right before she supposedly gave birth and she looks almost the same, her thighs as she did at that Gala event a few days ago so 50lbs sounds ludicrous and only makes her claims of childbirth less credible. She’s not the brightest girl so she should better prepare statements in advance because not only did she make herself look incredibly superficial but she made herself looking dumber than before.

    It’s mind-boggling that a woman with that much money would be diving into so many projects. She had some contractual obligations with the Clint E. project but another album being worked on so soon? Really? Why not raise your kid, you never have to work another day in your life. If I was a multi-millionaire, I wouldn’t be planning 4 different heavy projects when I have a newborn. She really does love the limelight, just doesn’t like to be out of it.

    I hope her narcissism doesn’t rub off on her daughter, that would be a real shame.