Gwen Stefani realizes that her solo music sucks

Maybe Gwen Stefani is completely aware of how much her solo work sucks, because she says that she’s ready to do a “No Doubt” reunion:

Gwen Stefani wants to put her solo career on hold next year and resume her role as the frontwoman of No Doubt. The beauty has not made a No Doubt album since 2001’s Rock Steady and subsequently rocketed to fame in her own right with the release of Love Angel Music Baby in 2004.

But she wants to return to the hitmakers following the release of second solo LP The Sweet Escape next month.

She says, “I don’t think I will make another (solo album). I can’t predict anything, but I don’t plan on making one of these solo dance project records, I definitely feel myself going back to No Doubt after this to do a new album.”

At first I didn’t believe this, because it was an unsourced quote and sounded like something a journalist would make up considering how shitty her latest music is. Supposedly she said it to MTV Europe, though. It sounds like a good move for her.

Here are Gwen, Gavin and little Kingston out shopping on 11/25. She could have put on some jeans and sneakers to go out. Thanks to ICYDK for these pictures.

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    Self-Critism is a great thing to have if you are an artist. I salute her for that.

  2. Mr. T says:

    I enjoyed her first solo album but it seemed unfocused. Well Gwen is a classy lady, “no doubt” about that.

  3. She looks so much better without all that red lipstick.

  4. Vern says:

    Thank goodness. She was becoming a cartoon character.

  5. AC says:

    She’s always planned on going back to no doubt but I feel like she’s risking over exposure at this point. She shouldn’t have released this new album.. because now we’ll have all the possibly crappy (i love you gwen but its true) new singles and the tour for all the teeny boppers … and THEN a no doubt album.. which im sure will rock but… can we really wait that long! I loved L.A.M.B it was great… lets move on.
    No Doubt rules!

  6. Domidroid says:

    After building a career on imitating Dale Bozzio, and getting everyone’s hopes up,
    Gwen S. still looks like crap. Lord knows you can afford it, woman, BUY SOME CLOTHES! Jeez!

  7. Matt says:

    She looks great these days, and I’m glad she’s not shutting out the rock music.

  8. loulaboo says:

    I ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE WITH ALL OF YOU GWEN HATERS. I LOVE HER!!!! who cares about if she chose to go solo, it’s her decision, come on you can’t judge or diss on her being herself, her true origional!