Nicole Kidman gets upset at Happy Feet premiere

British rag The Sun reports some vague story that Nicole Kidman looked upset at the Happy Feet premiere in London when a journalist asked an out-of-line question about her husband Keith Urban’s stint in rehab. They say she got visibly bothered by it, and suggest that she didn’t attend the after party as a result:

Nicole, 39 — who walked up an ice-blue carpet for yesterday’s premiere of animated penguin tale Happy Feet — reacted after she was asked about husband Keith Urban’s rehab for a booze relapse.

The actress looked upset as she spoke to other journalists, onlookers said. She later failed to attend the film’s after-party.

Nicole, who wed Keith in June, provides one of the voices for Happy Feet, the story of a dancing penguin which beat the latest James Bond film at the US box office.

It could be true that she got bothered by the question, but who knows why she didn’t go to the party afterwards.

Meanwhile The Mirror claims to have an exclusive with the news that Nicole is pregnant, but they seem to just be rehashing an old rumor. She was said to have told Keith when she visited him at rehab that she’s preggers, but I doubt it.

Lainey at Lainey’s Gossip thinks she’s some kind of manipulative super-woman and that she hires her own paparazzi, but it seems like her opinion is extreme. I think Nicole just likes to have control of her public image but that she still makes shitty choices in life and is trying to cope with them. As for not seeing her children much, which Lainey claims is Nicole’s choice, it seems like Tom commandeers them for the c0s and his own purposes, and she might not have control of that.

Nicole is just dealing with her all-too-public life by putting on a happy botoxed face, and one can’t really blame her.

Pictures from Hollywood’s Best and Lainey’s Gossip.

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Nicole is a classy lady. A person wonders why celeb’s always seem to get married to other celeb’s or celeb’s wanna-be’s? Well, once you are a public figure, the person forgoe’s their privacy. If Nicole can’t handle the heat, let her politely exit the kitchen.

  2. Rita says:

    OH Nicole, why did you leave crazy Tom? He is the coolest husband in hollywood, and can do things only done in novels, and fairy tales, I guess katie is prettier and younger. I cant stand the American obsession with youth!

    On the children, I really doubt that Tom can allow those kids near Nicole with all her problems, Mr I- know- it all- xenu -Tom, is such a perfectionist that he would consider the current turmoil in the Kidman- Urban marriage to be a danger to the kids.

    Stop the Botox Nic, it doesnt suit you at all.

  3. Gloria says:

    I think Nicole looks fabulous! At least what botox she does, she doesn’t look deformed like some of the other stars, ie, Meg Ryan…now she is over Botoxed. Also, I think Nicole sees her children more than the public realizes…she just doesn’t exploit them.

  4. millie says:

    I thought that Nicole didn’t look happy at the premiere. Her face and eyes look puffy on close-ups and she looks like she’s just trying to get though it. I don’t know if she hires her own paparazzis but I doubt that she abandoned her kids to Tom. I think there is a story behind it that nobody knows, most likely Tom not letting her near the kids except a few times a year. With the razzis being on her trail virtually everywhere, I think we’d have some evidence of her seeing the kids more. Watching those photos made me think she’s about to crack–husband in a rehab, no baby, not seeing her kids as much as she’d like… she doesn’t look like a happy woman.

  5. Action says:

    She needs some really great deep conditioner here. Her hair looks horrible.

  6. Fleegle says:

    Damn, she’s gorgeous. That last picture is great.

    Her hair is kinky hair which was straightened for the evening, so it doesn’t shine like naturally straight hair. I think it looks wonderful.

  7. sabine says:

    Katie Holmes prettier than Nicole? In your dreams! Not to be shallow, but come on! Katie is cute at best, Nicole is downright gorgeous and very interesting!

  8. frewtloop says:

    Rita are you serious? Katie Holmes doesn’t even come close to Nicole Kidman in the looks or talent or class departments.

    Whatever cosmetic procedures she’s taking advantage of to enhance her looks she’s doing very subtly and tastefully.

  9. Izzy says:

    She looks great, very elegant.

    The pregnancy rumors are flying again with these pics. Maybe the reason for her slightly fuller face and figure is fluid retention from fertility treatments or perhaps she is truly pregnant.

  10. shannon says:

    In all honesty I know she’s a famous celeb and all but some things going on in any celebs life should be private and not questioned by people who don’t know them.I’m guessing she’s having a hard time dealing with this as it is,I don’t think she should be constantly reminded and questioned about it by total strangers.I think the photographers should just stick to their job and take pics.If they want to talk to her about what’s going on in her personal life they should switch careers.The sad part of being a celebrity is that often (too often)in my opinion that people forget that they are just normal people (minus the big pay cheques and fame)and they go through the same ups and downs in life as the rest of us.In saying that we all know at some point in our lives we’ve all been through some crisis that we want to stay private and I feel celebs should be shown the same respect as we would want.We all know by now no matter how much money you have it really doesn’t make your life perfect.

  11. frewtloop says:

    Well said Shannon. How hard must it be to play out your life in front of the world and maintain dignity? If anyone does it well, its Nicole. By all accounts she and Keith are very much in love so it must be a tremendously hard time for her now and to have total strangers grill her about her it is a horrible invasion.



    PS Lainey sounds like a conspiracy theorist idiot to me

  12. AussieGal says:

    She is pregnant. She is not trying to hide it anymore. Leave the poor thing alone. I love celeb goss but for christ sake does everyone have to go on about how people look? No wonder there are so many plastic people in this world. Love the body your in Ladies!

  13. Action says:

    I’ve never understood why people fight their natural hair type! I loved her with curly hair (especially when it was a blondish red). Her hair looks truly fried!!! Looks nice and definitely full bodied, but GEEZ, she should give it a break now and then and let it be natural.

  14. miss cooper says:

    c’mon girls – you all are much smarter than this when it comes to hair. Nicole is wearing a weave or a full wig. This is not her hair. Have you all not noticed that just a few weeks back when she was visiting Keith in rehab, she had hair above the shoulders.