Brandi Glanville won’t get ‘RHOBH’ promotion because Eddie won’t let the kids go on

Over the weekend, I discussed the Radar report that Bravo and Brandi Glanville were discussing a possible advancement for Brandi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. RHOBH has had a cast shake-up, and Brandi got the show some added attention, and it made sense to me that producers probably wanted to promote Brandi to a full-time cast member. Well, now it looks like that won’t be happening. Radar reports that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian refuse to allow Mason and Jake Cibrian to be featured in the show whatsoever, and now producers – who want to feature storylines with Brandi being a mom – don’t want to promote her.

Easy come, easy go! Brandi Glanville was all set to become a fully fledged Beverly Hills Housewife, but her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn Rimes managed to scrub her plans!

As previously reported, Brandi was to graduate from ‘friend’ to a full-fledged ‘Housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but has exclusively learned Bravo yanked the offer after Brandi was forced to tell the network that her kids couldn’t appear on camera.

“Bravo wanted her to have her kids on the show in order to expand story lines,” a source tells Radar. “But Leann and Eddie wouldn’t allow it.”

Eddie and LeAnn started an affair while married to their respective spouses, filed for divorce and married each other shortly after and LeAnn has often spoken about her love for Brandi’s two sons, Jake and Mason. However, despite the multiple photo-ops where the exes are seen smiling at the children’s events together, everything isn’t so rosy beneath the surface.

“Brandi didn’t expect that LeAnn and Eddie would have objections since the kids have been on the show before, but they did,” the source says. “Eddie said they did not want the children on camera on a regular basis. So Bravo said that Brandi would have to stay ‘friend’ and not become an official ‘housewife.’”

Brandi will be on season three of the hit reality show along with Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, Kim and Kyle Richards and the newest ‘Housewife’ Yolanda Hadid, music mogul David Foster’s ultra-rich wife.

[From Radar]

On one side, I don’t like the idea of these or any children appearing on this or any reality show. On the other side, if Eddie and LeAnn are really the ones behind this, they’re SO FULL OF IT. Eddie and LeAnn are basically forcing the kids to perform in a reality show already: THE LEANN SHOW. Where everything is all about LeAnn and she can tweet about her “bonus boys” and photograph them and post those photos on Twitter. Not to mention all of the times LeAnn calls the paparazzi and has them take photos of her and her stepsons together. Just last week, LeAnn was outed by a photo agency because she had given the photographer THE WRONG TIME for her stepson’s soccer game. Magically, the photographer was there at the wrong time to take photos of LeAnn being a doting stepmother. So, really, what’s the difference between what LeAnn is doing and what Brandi wants to do on RHOBH? Besides the fact that Brandi is the actual mother to those boys. Brandi should come back with an all-or-nothing proposition: either she gets to use the kids on RHOBH AND LeAnn gets to use the kids in “The LeAnn Show” or the boys just get left alone, and no one gets to “use” the boys for PR purposes.

Here are some of those photos of LeAnn being the best step-mother ever (except for not getting her stepson’s soccer game time right).

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Natasha says:

    Just another reason to despise LeAnn and Eddie. Vindictive is the word that springs to mind.

    Oh yes, and HYPOCRISY.

    Kaiser, you said the rest of what I’d like to say, and perfectly too. I don’t need to add anything more.

  2. mln76 says:

    Ugh Brandi is such a fame ho. It really doesn’t matter if Eddie and LeeAnn are being hypocritical (or the bigger famehos) in this case they are right.
    IT IS BEST FOR THE KIDS NOT TO BE ON A REALITY SHOW. Especially one in which their Mom gets blowjob lessons and brags about sleeping with Gerard S.T.D. Butler.

    • Happymom says:

      I’m with you. I know Leann is a whack-a-doo, and Eddie is a complete douche-but Brandi is cut out of the same famewhore cloth. I’m always astounded by her supporters on here who are so vocal and defensive.

      • mln76 says:

        yup. I used to feel bad for her because LeeAnn is horrid but as time goes by and after seeing her on RHOBH I think she’s trash too.
        The only people I have any sympathy for is those poor kids.

      • autumndaze says:

        Yeah, as I have stated before: kids should be off-limits all the way ’round. No pap shots with Leann/Ed no show with Brandi.
        And whomever suggested that it is harmless or not unlike the Smith family, Britney or Toddlers and Tiaras, etc. is making my point. Unhealthy results for all of the above.
        CHILDREN should be OFF-LIMITS. PERIOD.

    • Macey says:

      Yes, its so much better for them to stick be picture props so LR and Ediot can make money off their staged pics. I guess its also in their or best interest to limit their exposure to LR almost naked humping Ediot in front of them… definitely better parenting there.

      • fancyamazon says:

        @Macey what Min76 is saying is that neither side is blameless and that anything that will minimize the children’s time in front of the cameras is a good thing.

      • mln76 says:

        Your logic is flawed IMO. It shouldn’t really be a choice between a reality show or paparazzi photo ops. IMO the best would be for all 3 to act like adults and keep those poor kids out of the public eye.
        One would think Brandi the aggrieved wife would do her best to protect her kids, possibly go to a judge and ask that pictures of the kids not be posted on Twitter/ Facebook and that paps not be called for family events. Compounding the situation with further exploitation of the kids with bringing a camera crew into their home isn’t the action of a loving mother. It is just another example of ‘two wrongs don’t make a right.’

      • eileen says:

        MLN: So now let’s focus on the entire entity of Hollywood then. We have the Pinkett-Smiths hustling their kids and are opening movies on their own basiclly at 12. Fannings, Olsens, etc…who started at young children. So many reality shows FOCUSED at kids like Toddler & Tiarras, Britney Spears and tons more starting mucis careers at 14…and I could go on. But Brandi is a famewhore for putting her sons in the background of a show? I don’t get the leap in logic here.

      • mln76 says:

        @eileen I can’t stand the Smiths and I’m pretty vocal in my opposition to their kids ‘career’s , Same with Toddlers & Tiaras. As for child stars I look at a case by case situation some have genuine talent and seem to be grounded like the Fanning sisters and in those cases more power to them. In this case pretending that Brandi is some saint when what she’s fighting over is the right to exploit her kids is pathetic. We know that like the Kardashians, and the Hiltons no one would care or know about these peoples’ drama unless they shared it with the world.

      • eileen says:

        No one’s a saint-and Brandi does things I don’t agree with, but mothering isn’t one of them. Every single prime time show on tv has children in some part or another. Walking by in a mall as an extra, as children of the main characters or even headlining their own show.
        So where’s the backlash on all these “poor” children? Where is the disagreements on any kids being on these Real Housewives shows? No one has said a word about any other housewife putting thier kids in the background for 5 minutes. But now there’s a problem? I’ve seen many posts on here about other housewives and no one has never voiced that they have an issue with a kid running around in the background playing while mommy is hanging at home. That’s all I’m saying.

      • ya says:

        ya agree with mln – also Leann is a good example of how messed up mentally child stars can turn out – and isn’t Real Housewives scripted? So the kids would be working in a sense by appearing regularly on that show.

      • eileen says:

        Have you seen any of the housewife shows? What wife’s child has been on the show and involved in any of what’s actually going on in the filming and has a script? The only time I’ve seen kids is when they are playing in the background, its their birthday party so they get an extra 5 mins in front of the camera or if they are older they are getting married or in trouble. again-I don’t see the connection between that and all the other shows where they are major actors in the show all season and have major parts.

      • Heidi says:

        @mln76 I’m not here often enough to know, but since you regard this as a serious matter, Leann calling the paps for Jake’s soccer game- and giving them the wrong time-must have really ticked you off. AND elicited a heated response; because it was no longer conjecture but proven. She looked like she had something large stuck in her craw.

      • mln76 says:

        I actually thought it was hilarious that she was caught red-handed I honestly can’t stand looking at that woman so I don’t even bother commenting on her. Again she is much worse than Brandi. Still I find it odd that so many people champion Brandi as if she was this great women when she’s obviously cut from the same cloth and so desperate for attention. I’m running around in circles is getting nowhere with the back and forth comments have a good one guys :)

      • someone says:

        Eileen, I disagree with you that including the kids in the show as harmless. Take the example of the one episode last season where Brandi brought the boys to the pool party. Jake drops trou and pees and while the don’t **show** it it then proceeds to be joked about and publicized by the other Housewives. Brandi’s kids are not sacred and off limits for humiliation to the other ladies. They’ve shown that (especially Kyle). Something Brandi does in regards to her boys WILL be laughed at and joked about if she includes them. And they don’t deserve to even be mocked slightly. They just don’t. Better off leaving them out than subjecting them to that possibility.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Totally agree with this.

    • Guest says:

      @min76 at least Brandi hasnt slept with a married man like your idol Angelina, id say Angies worse..

    • Zelda says:

      Very much agree with you.

      Also, is there a minimum botox/hot-roller hair requirement for being on this show? I’m sure there is.

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        You got it Zelda! She is a gross fame whore. Been sayin it for a while now. But apparantly if u critisize St. Brandi its only because ur Leanne using another name *eyeroll* Howabout these three protect those boys from from exploitation and over exposure. Sad.

      • Zelda says:

        Don’t get me started. It’s because a lot of her friends come here to talk about her and drive hits on the Brandi stories, etc. Otherwise, there’d be no reason to comment on a d-level member of a tacky second-rate reality show.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @ mln-you say it best! I hate this trite saying but it holds true here: “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

    • Heidi says:

      By that reasoning, Brad & Angie should place a 100% ban on photos of their children. Yes???

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Heidi-I agree with you in theory (I actually find the obsession that the public has with the J-P children to be very creepy) but the difference is two-fold:
        1)If the J-Ps didn’t allow the photogs to get some shots, you KNOW the paps would be stalking the kids at school, hiding in trees etc. I think the J-Ps figure just allowing them to get a few snaps is the safer route.
        2) In one instance, it’s the paparazzi taking candids, in the other instance it’s a reality TV show that directly profits Brandi and would feature (however prominently) her children. It’s just not right to exlpoit your children, period. I don’t actively hate Brandi but she lost me on this one..
        To me, there is a BIG difference between the two scenarios.

      • mln76 says:

        In the US you can’t place a 100% ban on photos. They are celebrities and agencies have been known to pay millions for photos of them and their family even in a few cases stealing photos out of person cameras. Brandi LeAnn and Eddie are only out there because they want to be absolutely no one is chasing them.

      • LAK says:

        @Min76 – ‘In the US you can’t place a 100% ban on photos.’

        That explains a lot. In UK you can not publish the children’s pictures without the parents’ consent. If it’s a group shot, the child’s face is pixelated. Which is why you never see a picture of Kate Moss’s daughter giving the impression that she is never with her. Ditto Jude Law,Johnny Depp,GOOP, Madonna etc.

        As the Jolie Pitt kids are always shown in british papers, my assumption has always been that they gave permission. However, if you can not ban it in US, perhaps there is an element of they are unaware that it can be banned in UK and Europe.

        That said, for international celebrities eg Madonna, the published pics of the children tend to be when they are in another country and or at airports, so maybe there is a legal loop hole regarding those situations.

      • bluhare says:

        I’ve seen photos that were published with no pixelation over here published with pixelation on British websites.

        I wish the US would have a regulation like this. And that both parents would have to give permission for their children’s photos to be used.

      • mln76 says:

        Very interesting about UK laws but those are all but impossible in the US due to freedom of the press being written in as a pillar of the Constitution.
        I have a feeling that the UK mags that do print unblurred photos of foreign celebs are able to work around the laws or are at least betting that the stars won’t bother filing suit.

    • ya says:

      I agree… yes neither side here is very upstanding, but there’s a big difference between regularly appearing on a reality show on television and being papped occasionally.

      Also both sides show the kids in pap pictures and tweet pics of the kids.

    • Relli says:

      WOW i bet you also believe that John Gosselin just wanted to “protect” his kids from the camera too.

      • mln76 says:

        I guess I have to be clearer I DON”T THINK EDDIE AND LEEANN ARE GOOD PEOPLE in my first comment I agreed that they are hypocrites. In fact I can agree that they are worse that Brandi. That still doesn’t make her actions right. Neither were the actions of Kate Gossellin.

      • KJ says:

        min76, I feel kind of bad because you COULD NOT have been clearer with your opinion, yet soooo many people are either twisting it or can’t read.

        Simply because Eddie/LeAnn are making a correct statement (the boys shouldn’t be props for Brandi’s fame), doesn’t mean it’s coming from an honest place. This poster pretty clearly stated that she thought Eddie and LeAnn were huge hypocrites. Are we not teaching English in school anymore?

      • marie says:

        so, you’re saying Eddie and LeAnn are great people then?!? ha ha, I’m kidding, couldn’t resist though. I thought you were pretty clear about your position myself..

      • Lisa says:

        I agree with you..Eddie & Leann are vile,and the ex is trailer trash also. The less exposure for the kids,the better..and..both sides do the whole paparazzi thing. 2 big fat wrongs just make 1 more wrong.

    • Rita says:

      Do you think Brandi’s children will somehow be expoited or abused on the show? There are literally thousands of children on TV and it doesn’t matter if it’s reality, drama, music, or just entertainment. None of these children are exposed to a detrimental environment. Do you think they will be pulling carts full of garbage or performing illegal acts?

      No!! They would appear on the show for just a few minutes a week…at most. Just because the adults act like azz-holes doesn’t mean the children will be exposed to it.

      Eddie and LeAnn are vindictive to the core and Eddie should be force to pay Brandi the money she would otherwise earn if he’d stay out of her bussiness.

      This has nothing to do with protecting the children and everything to do with vindictiveness.

      • lil ole me says:

        My godchildren are on youtube, their school sports website, and ALL over facebook…. Their Mother sees no harm in that. However, I take issue with it, but they are not my kids

      • LAK says:

        I am with Min76 on this one and will add that it is seriously detrimental to have child workers whatever industry.

        The entertainment industry is a special kind of sweatshop that pays very well leading the adults in charge to overlook the adult demands and emotional scarring of the children.

        We should all be ashamed to enjoy the ‘entertainment’ that these children provide.

        There is not a single former child actor who isn’t emotionally scarred from the experience. They all talk about regreting that they started so young. Yes, they are grateful, for the most part, for the opportunities it afforded them, but in terms of their development, they all regret it.

      • bluhare says:

        I agree with your basic point, because I do think it’s at least “do as I say not as I do” on the part of Ed, but I’m with min. Neither side should be using the children.

        I hope they weren’t at that birthday party where Ducklips got shitfaced. At a kids birthday party. ICK.

      • someone says:

        I posted above that I think yes the boys will be “abused” by being shown on the show. Just look at last season. The boys were in one episode and got royally made fun of by Kyle and the other ladies for Jake peeing at the pool. Jake didn’t deserve to have himself humiliated like that. Can you guarantee other types of mean comments about the boys won’t be put out in the press if they happen to do something silly? Which, boys being boys, they are bound to do something silly that the other b%^tches will make fun of.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Then perhaps Eddie and LeAnn- who has no right to make ANY decision about these children- should stop selling the boys’ photos and papping them nonstop and stop making out with others and stripping off with the boys right there.

      • Vesper says:

        What country to do live in? Eddie is the boy’s biological father and he has 50% custodial and legal custody. What this means is he and Brandi have equal power in making important decisions affecting their boys. While they are in his custody, 50% of the time, he has the legal right to make decisions on the little things without Brandi’s consent and vice versa.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I live in America, Vesper. Where stepmothers don’t have any legal say in their stepkids’ lives, no matter how much they try to co-opt them. Before you paint me as Brandi’s biggest fan, I will tell you now I am not on Twitter nor do I watch her show. I don’t agree with every single thing she does. However, as a parent, my blood boils when I see basic evidence and proof of cyberbullying, stalking and harassment of a woman whose life was already torn apart and then has to help her sons understand why Daddy is making out with his new girlfriend as soon as he moved out, taking this person to soccer games and making out with her in front of them and their teammates, why this person is now living with them and is acting as though she’s their mama and plasters their photos all over the place. She acts as though they’re a family unit, when she is simply married to their father. She is taking off her clothing and making out with her girlfriends with the kids there- that’s not famewhore enough for you? She is being called out by the media for selling pictures of herself, her spouse, and kids who aren’t even hers and alerting paps to where she will be. You’re like OJ’s lawyers: “Don’t pay attention to that mound of evidence! Look over here!!” Radar stated that Eddie and LeAnn didn’t want the boys on the show. LeAnn is not the mother of those children and she has no right to make statements about them, sell their pictures, plaster their photos everywhere or make decisions about their lives. It’s that simple. I know many stepparents and they step back and let the parents co-parent. They don’t shove their way into every aspect of their stepkids’ lives.

    • Lara says:

      Actually, Brandi DOESN’T WANT her children to be filmed at all. Just with her on the set so she can spend time with them on her days with them. How is that being a famewhore? Please get your facts straight before criticizing Brandi when she ALSO, is against the kids being filmed – so where is the argument?

  3. someone says:

    I’m sure everyone is going to be mad at Leann and Eddie but why not be mad at Bravo? There is no reason Brandi can’t be a full cast member without her kids being shown. She funny enough without them – they don’t need to add her kids to make her more interesting. I think Bravo is using this as an excuse not to promote her and pay her more.

    • brin says:

      I agree. It’s Bravo’s decision and they’d be crazy not to feature Brandi full-time.
      Brandi looks stunning in the top pic!

    • marie says:

      I’m with you, they don’t need to show her kids. Honestly what pisses me off the most about this story is that, in what world does LeAnn have a choice in the matter, her name shouldn’t even be in the story. LeAnn is the “bonus” mom, that’s it-the decision is not hers to make.

      • eileen says:

        Yeah but Eddie has no money-so they use her lawyers and her money to threated Brandi and so she puts her psycho head in it.

      • MW says:

        Regardless of whose attorneys are used, legally, LeAnn has no impact on telling Brandi or her kids what to do about anything. If EC doesn’t want his kids on the show, the decision is half his to veto, along with Brandi. Pap shots at least do not involve the kids having to talk, or be quizzed, or put on the spot by anyone. But after seeing that article/video of that child from Toddles & Tiaras, and seeing how she’s turning out, all I can think is that allowing the boys on Housewives could risk turning two perfectly sweet little boys into two overly-precocious, rude, entitled little brats, and I would not take that risk, if it were my kids. Seriously, the only one to benefit would be Bravo, because the added commotion and drama would help ratings.

      • I agree MW says:

        I agree MW. Photos are bad enough, but video involves talking and interaction. There is no way that is in the boys’ best interest. And you are right that the only one to benefit would be Bravo, because the added commotion and drama would help ratings.

    • claire says:

      I really don’t see an issue with Brandi’s kids being in the background here and there, which is how others’ kids have been handled, save for mostly Kyle, who seems to allow all her kids on in more prominent features.

      Brandi’s role of a mother is a big part of her life, and I imagine them having to side-step around any moment of her life where she might have her kids nearby, running in the house, whatever, severely limits when / what they can film with her. So that is likely where Bravo’s thinking is coming from.

      Eddie’s a scum. He lets his psycho wife use his kids for PR purposes nonstop, lets his psycho wife harass the boys’ mother, nonstop, and allows some pretty sketchy mean employees of LR’s around the kids to play “uncle,” men who also have a history of being horrible to Brandi, taunting her on twitter, etc. But this, THIS, being in the background on a show, is what’s detrimental to them??

      I also find the quote interesting: Eddie said they did not want… THEY? I hope that was used just as a figure of speech, because Leann has NO say on those kids.

      • I was going to say the same thing. Who the heck is LeAnn to have ANY voice in children that she has no legal claim to whatsoever?

      • surfing2day says:

        Excellent post. I so agree!

      • Vesper says:

        Brandi’s role of mother is a 50/50 split with Eddie so she has more flexibility in her schedule than u might think.

        As far as all of those nasty allegations about Eddie, LeAnn and the “uncles” there is no evidence to support any of it.

      • claire says:

        Vesper, don’t just out-and-out lie. It is documented in many places on the internet the vicious tweets that Leann’s employees would send Brandi, the vicious convos they would have publicly about Brandi on twitter, calling her a whore, a slut, a drug addict, a bad mom, etc. I’ve read them with my own eyes as they’ve happened, as have I’m sure many others here. If you really believe there’s no evidence, then you are just refusing to see, so there’s no point on making the statement. Just ignore comments if you don’t know what you’re talking about, instead of making absolutely wrong statements, to support your cause, when the evidence is pretty much ALL OVER THE PLACE.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Bravo wants her kids on the show specifically because they know it will cause trouble between the parents. It’s the same reason they wanted Camille’s kids on the show. They would trade the happiness of a child for drama and ratings. Sick

  4. fabgrrl says:

    Wow, that is underhanded.

  5. justsaying... says:

    If the LovEbirds cared so much about kids they would of considered them when they were ripping their lives apart………..#notfoolinganyone

  6. Gia says:

    Maybe it’s time for Brandi to play hardball and get an injunction to stop Leann from setting up press photos with the kids.

  7. Kimble says:

    Clearly they are all wonderful parents – NOT!

    These children should be able to live their lives without any of the parents fame whoring them …

  8. eileen says:

    The only camera time the boys would have on RHoBH is in the background of the show-and that is part time not the whole time of filming. Just like Kyle or Kims kids-you hardly ever see them.
    Where as Leann sells “Family Photos” to People for a profit, puts pics of the boys on her website which she gets money for when someone clicks on it and she gets half of the money her hired paps get for selling all the photos of her with the kids.
    And Radar jumped the gun with this story. That’s all I’m saying.

  9. Samigirl says:

    As much as this wouldn’t surprise me, fact is, LeAnn has no (legal) say in all of this. However, I’m sure she just has to pull up her account balance in order to get Eddie to agree with her opinion.

  10. Jezi says:

    I think this is beyond disgusting. If Eddie and Leann can pimp out the boys constantly then why can’t Brandi have the boys on the show. Brandi is a mom, this is part of her life and no one gets to see that side of her. I think it’s sad that they would even think of using the boys as a threat. Leann has the boys plastered all over her twitter, her own personal website and sets up these family photos with her pap agency she gets compensated with. Eddie just wants to control her.

    • brin says:

      ITA Jezi. I emailed Bravo in support of keeping Brandi full-time. Everyone on twitter should too!

    • jano1981 says:

      You are pretty much right IMO. I hate that nutless jerk Eddie and the crazy Leann.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      I 100% agree. The whole point is that Leann and Eddie are hypocritical because they have a deal with their own paparazzi to take photos of them with the boys and make money off of it. Mike Kamara, we all know. They call him, he shows up, they split the profits. That is not the same as paparazzi you cant control (for eg the ones that would follow jen aniston, etc). Leann likes to claim that the ‘razzi is everywhere, well you know what? They are not. I know what Calabasas is like and trust, they do not hide outside the gates of Hidden Hills (back entrance and front)or scope the Commons waiting for LeAnn & Eddie. I see Denise Richards in the neighborhood with her children and no paps are trailing them. Eddie and LeAnn set these photos up and expose those boys. It’s wrong and disgusting and we all see through it. Can’t a judge too??? Enuff!

    • Zelda says:

      Uh, how about nobody puts their kids’ daily lives in front of a camera. Even “just a little bit”.

    • autumndaze says:

      Just because Ed and Leann “pimp out the boys constantly”, doesn’t make it right for Brandi to have them on the show.
      There is a group of us on Celebitchy, viewing it from the perspective of what is right for the kids, and that is no exposure.

    • Jezi says:

      Not everyone is going to agree about what is in the best interest of these children. We aren’t their parents. I don’t think Brandi has a problem with the boys being photographed when they are with her ex, even though I’m sure it gets annoying. The only thing she had an issue with was when the boys’ school was tweeted. So if she doesn’t have an issue, then Eddie shouldn’t either. The real problem is Eddie being a controlling, hypocritical douchebag.

  11. Ela says:

    she looks so pretty in that pink dress. I wish I was tall! Yea Leann and Eddie make we want to puke but on the other hand I don’t think the kids should be in the show. Although you never really see anyone’s kids, just glimpses really so it would not be that big a deal. I have never seen adriennes kids in show actually.

  12. Macey says:

    This is just BULLSH*T, I dont know how Brandi can stand it. LR is the one behind this b/c she cant stand that the public loves Brandi and hates her. LR is a disgusting, vile being. Hard to believe she is uglier on the inside than the outside considering her unfortunate face but she truly is. I cant believe with all of Brandi’s new connections that she cant find a good lawyer to fight this shit.
    She needs to draw the line and not let LR use them for her pap shots either. Its already been proven the LR uses those kids for staged shots AND makes money off of those shots, so why not let BG do her thing. Im not into kids being on reality TV either but they could set a limit to their exposure.

  13. Franny says:

    To be honest, I don’t really like it when the younger kids are on the RH shows. I find it interesting once the kids are older, like on RHOOC, with Vicki and her daughter, but the young kids? I just don’t care about.

  14. NerdMomma says:

    Uh, for once I have to agree with Eddie Cibrian. It is totally reasonable for him to say he doesn’t want his kids on that television show. Also, it is HIM, and him alone, that has the legal right to say no to this. LeAnn Rimes does not have any parental rights or say-so, and cannot be blamed.

    Yes, it’s total hypocrisy, because EC is pimping his kids out on a daily basis and exposing them to crazy SWF LeAnn and obviously doesn’t have their best interests in mind. I think he’s made nothing but selfish and terrible decisions probably his whole entire life. But in his selfishness and vindictiveness, he’s landed on the right one this time.

  15. Peg says:

    I don’t watch any of the Housewives to see kids. For instance, I notice that Adrienne’s kids are never shown and I think that’s a good decision.

    If I were Brandi, I’d get a court order to keep LeeAnn from tweeting pictures of the kids.

    • char says:

      100% in agreement. Mr rimes doesn’t care what Leann does, heis
      still pissed at Brandi for kicking his skanky butt to the curb

    • Jennifer12 says:

      It is probably about control, but it’s also about LeAnn not wanting people to see Brandi with HER OWN SONS. Because then it’s in her face that she and Eddie don’t have some nuclear family unit and those boys aren’t hers. She has NO SAY in those boys and the choices their parents make for them, however much Eddie sells them for the price of a vacation or car. And I think it will decrease the value of the photos she sells, which hits them in the wallet and which neither LeAnn nor Eddie wants. LeAnn, they are NOT your kids. Don’t f–k with someone’s motherhood because we moms are fierce when it comes to our kids. You are nobody’s mother. And Eddie, one day those boys won’t be little and they will see what you’ve done and sold them for. Good luck when that happens, because it sure will.

  16. Deedee says:

    And they wonder why they get such negative press and why so many dislike them. It’s not because of the affair, it’s because of things like this. And, why Leann would never get something like Xfactor. How convenient their two week anniversary celebration is over and this comes up. Leann needs to step back and take a long hard look at herself and somehow find her conscience. She has done enough to Brandi and it’s time for her to sincerely right her wrongs.

    • Veruca says:

      I don’t think anyone would dispute that your assessment is spot on, but the fact that Leann is an entitled, enabled, spoiled brat would make that kind of self-reflection virtually impossible.

      It’s just heartbreaking to see children raised by such self-absorbed pieces of …

      They all suck.

  17. ria says:

    F*orget Bravo. F*orget Factor and F*orget Eddie. Not watching now. Done w/rhobh and the rest of the series. Bad decision Bravo, she doesn’t need to have her kids on camera to become a rh. No wonder that ugly dog has been quiet. Her love bus pathetic posses needs to wake up. But the won’t as they are starstruck on being friends with a z lister has been. Ugly b. They can parade the kids all they like for the paps and leak the school that the boys goes too but she cant have them on a show to make money and better their lives. we need to boycott the mags that publish factor and ediot pap pics. Jj people, all of them.

  18. Baylor says:

    Brandi isn’t “broke” anymore. She can afford to consult/get a lawyer to see what can be done on this matter. Especially, once her book comes out, I expect her to fight these things more. She will have no excuse not to hire a shark lawyer at that point.

    The kids don’t have to be affected or be there in court. So no excuses now.

  19. Heidi says:

    How hypocritical of LR & Eddie. Where would Leann be today if her parents never gave her talent exposure. Has there been any child star more pimped out by parents than Leann Rimes?

  20. skilo says:

    I think Brandi’s supporters need bombard Bravo with messages that we want to see more Brandi with or without the boys because shes the one we want to watch!

  21. LeeLoo says:

    Well that’s stupid on Bravo’s part if it’s true. But does that mean Brandi is no longer allowing LeAnn to constantly tweet pictures of them? I hope so.

  22. Jayna says:

    I 100 percent agree with Eddie. I don’t agree with little kids on trashy reality shows. And RHOBH is beyond trashy and Brandi and the others act trashy, drunk, screaming, etc. BUT he and LeAnn are setting up photo ops with his kids. It happens too often to be random. So what a hypocrite. I would so want to call them out with proof on hiring paps for soccer games, etc. I would relish that.

    • Martian Marta says:

      Agree 100%. If I were Eddie, I wouldn’t want my kids on RHOBH either….but I also wouldn’t use “privacy for the children” as an excuse when their pictures are being SOLD every week to various Pap agencies. Leann and Eddie are barely C list in LA so there is no reason for them to be papped as often as they are unless they are alerting the paps. look at Britney…she lives in the area and you hardly see anything about her.

    • Rita says:

      Good grief. Brandi wouldn’t allow the boys to be put in the middle of a drunken cat fight. They would be shown discretely with a little cuteness thrown in as merely a reminder to the audience that Brandi is a mom.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Exactly what Eddie and LeAnn don’t want- the public to watch this popular show with his popular ex-wife and decrease the money they get for pimping the boys. Not to mention that the public will see who their actual MOTHER is and see the boys with their actual parent.

  23. Justaposter says:

    Some days.. really, not enough coffee and donuts in the world to deal with you guys!

  24. justsaying... says:

    This is simply case of little boy pulling hair of little girl he likes……the Ediot still inlove with B….he was cut off cold turkey from love of his life w/ no contact…….bad move LeRoy………..why you think he so “concerned” about boys in Brandi’s care…..key word…BRANDI….only means to her is to have perpetual tug of war with mother of his children…..why he doesnt give a f#$% about whats her names involvement with boys…….i mean LeRoy get clue…..if he didnt care so much about B…..quite simply he wouldnt care…………she seems to be taking up some major real estate in his head……….but i suspect you already know this #yourlifemustsuck

    • Jayna says:

      You must have a skewed vision of what love of his life means. He cheated on Brandi multiple times and while she was pregnant. After being caught publically cheating with LeAnn he let Brandi defend him publically and yet still kept cheating with LeAnn. I am pretty sure Brandi would say she isn’t the love of his life nor pining for her. LeAnn isn’t the love of his life either, maybe his love of right now. The love of Eddie’s life is his reflection in the mirror.

      • Jezi says:

        I agree, the only person Eddie truly loves is himself. He is a narcissist and the rejection from Brandi was about his crushed ego over anything else.

      • eileen says:

        I agree Jayna-I think Eddie is Eddie’s love of his life.

      • justsaying... says:

        You are right…..maybe i should of clarified “love”… can “love” someone but be incapable of monogamy…guarantee at end of day he will have put in MUCH more time with B…he took care of her…he wasnt bought but chose her… i think he is “pining”………but he is spoiled brat…..wanting control of his once possession……….LovE

      • Jezi says:

        @justsaying Yep I totally agree! I think in his own twisted way he did love B. You can see it in their wedding photos versus his wedding pics with Leann. But at the end of the day, he’s incapable of loving anyone in a functional and healthy way.

      • justsaying... says:

        @jezi love you….read your personal story…every word i felt to my bones…i too went through like experience…little different…separated after 12yrs marriage…my choice but when he got gf i HAD to get him back…couldnt lose…his gf knew he loved me but he was very easily persuaded by d#$%sucker…my point being…SHE became obsessed with me…STALKER…like police report stalker….she loved talking about ME with him…of course it was spiteful and vindictive talk about me as person/ mother….she became so hyperfocused on our relationship……even if he wanted to forget me she wouldnt let him…dont think that her intent…..she drove him right back to me…..when she realized it over she became so mental she called me crying….wanting my shoulder……then best part……asked if she could join us in bedroom… joke…..i see alot similarities between my exs (the reconciliation short lived) d#$%sucker and LeRoy

      • Jezi says:

        @justsaying Aaawww hon, I love you for saying that. I’m so glad my story touched you. I think a lot of people have been there. All feelings we can relate to. You went through a rough ride with that crazy. I am so sorry that you experienced that. She sounds EXTREMELY damaged. Hope you’re in a much better place now.

      • justsaying... says:

        @jezi xoxoxo….thanks so much….yes she was CRAY CRAY…me and ex laugh about it now…but at time…heartbreaking….and totally get the preoccupation with his phone…my experience why i became interested in the LR/B/EC triangle….was at same time….only thread i comment on….i feel such empathy for B…..and such distain for LR… out LeRoy……ever see a mamma bear in action……..think with this last stunt theyve awaken a beast

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @justsayinh, wow. So sorry you had to suffer though all of that. Sounds like you handled it much more gracefully than I would have.

        @jezi, do you have a blog? Where can I read your story?

      • Jezi says:

        I do have a blog. It is about 7 entries, I haven’t finished writing it. I stopped because people were using my story against me. But it is

      • justsaying... says:

        @mort thank you…it was very hard time…fortunetly my ex came to his senses…we are best friends now…helps hes not a narassistic sociapath………@jezi personal story so raw….honest….BEAUTIFULLY written….i recommend to any person going through like experience

  25. justsaying... says:

    Also isnt he pulling the “husband” card on B……trying to dictate her life, household, income………he did always like her at home…………all to himself

  26. judyjudy says:

    How dare Trashy and Trashy not let Trashy be trashy!

  27. Chell says:

    Why isn’t this beteween Eddie & Brandi…Leann is NOT the parent & has NO say so!!! Just because she has proclaimed herself the ‘bonus mom’ doesn’t mean shit! There are just some things she needs to keep her ugly horse head out of!

  28. Relli says:


    Think about it.

    As long as Brandi is not able to fully support herself she will always have to depend on Cruddie and Me-Ann for support and therefore their permission as well. There would be no reason for them to dangle her kids in front of her as bargaining tools and their lascivious gifts wouldn’t be so great if the boys mom could afford equal or better. Unlike many of you who know their whole story i only jumped in at the point when the affair started. But it appears to me that Brandi does not have many marketable skills other than being a former model and wife to a C-list actor; a RHW stint and possible catapult to “reality star” is working with what she’s got to support herself and her boys… and that is what parents do.

    Cruddie and Me-Ann’s decision to “protect” the boys is nothing more than a front, they dont really care about the safety otherwise they wouldn’t take it upon themselves to make sure they are photographed for everyone (and perv) to see. While I agree that RHW is not exactly quality programming, especially lately, I have tried to watch it and I just can’t. But I AM really disappointed in all the slut shaming on here… really y’all never done things you aren’t particularly proud of? HMM I doubt it.

  29. oxa says:

    Camile and Mahoof both filmed last season without their kids so what is the difference in allowing Brandi to do the same.

  30. bagladey says:

    There are more photos of Leeann with Brandi’s kids than there are of Brandi and her own kids. Leeann is jealous that Brandi is regularly on TV. I agree with the poster who said that Brandi should put a legal stop to Leeann whoring out her (Brandi’s) children the way she does.

  31. qtpi says:

    I understand not wanting the kids to be pimped out on a show… but they are already being exposed to this stuff! I’m not sure how else Brandi is expected to make money. I would imagine she isn’t getting enough from Eddie.

    Can’t blame her for wanting to make some dough to support herself.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You can’t imagine how else Brandi is supposed to make money? Um, she could always try a good old-fashioned JOB. Crazily enough, there are ways to make money OUTSIDE of the entertainment industry.

      • jano1981 says:

        As c or d list as Brandi is (not a insult BTW)it would cause pandemonium if she were to work at Kohl’s or something. And its not really that easy to find an office job even with experience if you have a 7year employment gap from being a stay at home mom.

      • claire says:

        I honestly believe if Brandi’s income went too low, as a result of a “regular person” salary, that EC and LR would go for full custody, citing her inability to keep them in the life that they should have, and EC/LR could give them full-time, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know if you can win a court case with that, or it would actually go the other way, EC would be ordered to pay more custody $$. But, I don’t trust those two snakes, so that’s where my mind goes…

      • eileen says:

        Kitten: I usually agree with you on your posts on this site but let me say that I take this comment somewhat personally.
        My husband and I just recently seperated, its been very hard and we are working on our marriage but in the mean time we felt that it would be in our best intrests to give ourselves some space.
        I’ve been a stay at home mother for 9 years (exact same years as Brandi in fact). I gave up my career that paid me very well to now be the mom and wife for my family and it was my #1 priority. While I stayed home and cared for the kids: went to every school function, stayed up all night helping them get better and made every meal while he worked his butt off at work. He’s now has a successful position in his company for all his hard work.
        My kids are at school full time so I went back to the work force-making what I was making at 23 years old! You can’t disappear from work and then turn in a resume and successfully compete with someone who has been working all this time. Shoot-with unemployment what it is, you’re even competeing with former VPs who are desperate for a job as well. I got lucky and am working, but I’m hardly pulling in anything-not enough to care for my kids. My husband is caring enough to understand and is helping me-even though I hate it because I want to do this on my own.
        Brandi gets hardly anything from Eddie-he doesn’t work so he doesn’t have to pay even though he’s living a lavish lifestyle. She was a model in the 90′s, and very good one in fact. She gave it up to start a family and had stayed out of the spotlight. Then she gets thrown into it when her a-hole husband cheated on her. So you think she’s going to waltz into an office and get hired as a secretary?
        She took what was offered because unlike my situation, her ex wants to distroy her and wants her begging him for money and being destitute because he’s pissed at her.
        Being a Real Housewife IS a job-a good job. If she sued him for more child support everyone on here would be yelling at her to get a job, now she has a job and its not the job people would pick for her. I don’t see how she can win.

      • brin says:

        I’m sorry to hear that, Eileen. I wish you the best and hope you and your husband continue to work things out amicably.

      • janeo1981 says:

        Eileen: I agree! And good luck to you and your husband may things work out and you be together again if that is what you desire. I had the same situation as you. I was lucky enough that the hubby and I worked through stuff and we are happy, I wasnt lucky enough to be able to find a job as a bookkeeper like i used to be and ended up going back to school. I couldn’t find a job after 7 years staying at home even though my resume was awesome if I do say so myself. In 2 of the few interviews I did score I was asked if I was sure I would really be able to go back to work and also asked if I would need to leave if my kids had an emergency or if I had “someone” that could do that. Since I had to explain my employment gap those 2 interviewers felt it was ok to ask questions like that. It is not easy.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Eileen-VERY sorry to hear about your troubles. Keep your head up!
        As far as my comment about Brandi-I wasn’t insinuating she work at a Kohl’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but more along the lines of starting up her own business, investing, etc. I know that costs $$ but there are loans and I’m pretty sure that Brandi is far from poor (maybe “poor” by Hollywood standards which = rich by most of our standards). I just meant there are other options for her. Everybody makes their own decisions in life and must accept some level of responsibility for the outcome. Life is a combination of luck (both good and bad), hard work, ups and downs, calculated risks and spontaneous decisions-we never really can predict where life will take us. Brandi CHOSE to be a model, she CHOSE to marry an asshole actor who lives in the public eye, she CHOSE the path of spotlight and attention (sorry I don’t believe that it was “forced upon her”) and she can choose to continue or she can choose not to and live a life of a working mom with privacy (plenty of women do this every day). Many stars retreat from the limelight and live successful lives pursuing other professional endeavors. Again, sorry to hear about your rough patch, Eileen-my thought are with you but I know you’ll pull through-you are a touch chickadee!

      • eileen says:

        Thank you guys for the support! Either way it will work out. I always land on my feet one way or antoher. :)
        I totally see where you are in that assessment, but as a mom faced with being on my own and not wanting to fall back on anyone, I understand her actions. Opening a business is a risky gamble, Bravo is giving her a paycheck she can count on for now. I’d go with the one that I can count on and pays my bills and keeps me from waiting to see if my A-Hole ex decided to send a check to help support his kids that month. When they were married she was not in any spotlight, Eddie was the one who was successfully “working” and was the name known in Hollywood. Not until the whole Leann Rimes scandal hit did anyone even know who Brandi was. She was happy just being a mom and wife-now circumstances have dramatically changed and she is going with it. IMO I see nothing wrong with it. I wish nothing but the best for her-she deserves some happiness. :)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Best of luck to you and the kids Eileen.

      • beclove says:

        Ditto Mort.. x’s and o’s to you nice ladies.

      • brin says:

        Double ditto and a big group hug!

      • Len says:

        I’m gonna use my imagination and imagine Eddie getting a job. There are other ways of making money, besides “acting,” yes? After all, he was the one who had his child support payments reduced because he was out of work. Why can’t he flip burgers? Instead of going on vacation? Or walking around all the time with a cocktail in his hand? Original Kitten, I found your post downright insulting.

  32. lil ole me says:

    I hope this gal don’t hold NOTHING BACK when she writes her book! I’ll buy it, and I’m not even a fan of Brandi’s. Don’t Leann and Eddie pimp those kids to the paps every chance they get? Brandi was real understanding about it also, more so than I would be. She even defended Ed and Le on her twitter when people said the kids shouldn’t be papped! So why do Leann and Ed object to the kids being filmed?

    Personally I wouldn’t want my kids filmed or photographed, but I’m not famous.

  33. Baylor says:

    According to twitter, Brandi is going to be “fighting back.” About time! I hope she does.

  34. rosesarefree says:

    apart from RHONJ, which is beyond scary, little kids are only pictures for a hot second on the RH franchise! I honestly think they put on cute parenting moments with the kids to lighten up the mood and break from all the drama. They always show videos of kids in that awkward 2 minutes of airtime they have between commercials. I don’t think that is necessarily “exploiting” children on the show…these women are too selfish to let anyone have airtime besides themselves!!

    • Deedee says:

      The kids will be no more exposed on RH than they are in every day life with Leann and Eddie. How often do you see pap pics with Brandi and the kids? Almost never. Leann, Eddie and the kids? All the time. Leann can’t function without a camera on her.

  35. Macey says:

    Brandi was just tweeting that she is fighting this b/c her kids are always papped when they’re with their dad and also said that Bravo did not stipulate the kids being on the show for her to be on there FT, I think thats ROL spin on things but looks like she’s going to fight this.
    This should get interesting, I really hope she gets a cut throat lawyer that will put a stop to them interfering with her livelihood and tell LR to STFU when it comes to those kids.

  36. Erica says:

    If Ediot was sincere in his desire for his kids to stay off camera he would not allow Mrs. Cibrian 2.0 to put their pictures on Twitter. She has more pictures of Brandi’s boys on her Twitter than Brandi does. Ed and his booger flicking ho have the paps photograph them on purpose ALL THE TIME but that is OK? Mr. and Mrs. Ed should get called out for doing exactly what they say they are opposed to. FOUL!

    Since Ed is obviously still trying to exert control over Brandi by preventing her from working, she should sue him for more child support. He obviously has alot of money since he is on constant vacation. This whole mess is HIS fault since he started it has always had the power to stop it. He found the perfect flunkie to carry out his anger on B. Makes me sick.

    • lil ole me says:

      @ Erica ^^^: I don’t know if Leann could afford more in child support payments. I think her cash is running low. And I would bet everything that she is paying the child support, thus her feelings of entitlement over those kids. She probably thinks of them as her own because she pays for them. Nice little family she bought herself

  37. Rita says:

    Message to Brandi Glanville

    Have your attorney subpoena LeAnn’s photographers to testify as to their financial arrangement and how LeAnn and Eddie benefit finanacial by having the children photographed. Get this testimony in detail and make it public.

    Just the threat of doing this will have Eddie running for cover because LeAnn will not want this info made public.

  38. Kim says:

    Im sure if Eddie was still married to Brandy him and the kids would be on the show.

    This screams LeAnn & stupid Eddie (going along with it if he wants to keep getting LeAnns money). She is so jealous of Brandy and im sure pulled the “its not good for the kids” card.


    Yeah Eddie & LeAnn have an affair and put the kids thru a divorce, a major move – basically hell but the show is bad for them to be on.

    They are so pathetic!

  39. jesstar says:

    I find it funny Eddie has totally given up his twig & berries to keep the gravy train rolling. “What, Leann? You don’t want Brandi to have more screen time? Yes, we should try and screw with her, whatever you say Porshe you’re right, I mean, of course you’re right.”

  40. Girlygirl410 says:

    I think Eddie is jealous that his ex has a job and he has not worked in months. Brandi’s success is just another realization, for him, how pathetic his life has become.

    Why would a father want to hold the mother of his children down? This job will be great for her career and her pocketbook.

  41. Kim says:

    Kyle probably paid Eddie to do this since she is so jealous of Brandi and wants the entire show to focus on only her.

    Get rid of Vile Kyle and bring Brandi on full time!

  42. Sarah says:

    Nailed it, hyposcrisy doesn’t begin to cover this situation.

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    How in the fame-whore hell is that even possible, when ME!ANN paps those boys at every opportunity?!?

    And Eddie, two words: ASS. HOLE. You didn’t give a fig about what was best for the boys while you were boffing your current ex-wife-to-be, and now it’s all about what’s best for them? It’s not like they’d be onscreen full-time.

    • beclove says:

      Agree. It’s pretty obvious which parent has the children’s best interests at heart. I will continue to maintain that Brandi will do what has to be done to get her financial situation in shape to fight back against these two pigs. And call me crazy but everyone who could possibly care knows EXACTLY who those kids are now…and that was not Brandi’s doing. Good Lord if I had to deal with Ed and Leann I would probably be in jail. If that makes my argument less valid so be it!

  44. Baylor says:

    At the very least, Brandi should be able to get a judge to have LeAnn not post pics of the boys on her offical website, to not have them mentioned in interviews and no photos in magazine shoots, and to not have kids papped at bday parties, vacations, and soccer games. AT LEAST THAT.

  45. Rita says:

    Actually, I saw all this coming a few years ago. LeAnn has always intended to stop Brandi from becoming a celebrity. She even went as far to say,

    “Brandi, doesn’t deserve any recognition because she hasn’t paid her dues”.

    The arrogance and jealously in that statement speaks volumes.

    • brin says:

      Didn’t she learn from saying the same thing about Carrie Underwood?! Leonn (my new name for her) should be careful because everyone is doing better than her.

      • Rita says:

        You must be mistaking about LeAnn saying Carrie doesn’t deserve success because Carrie hasn’t paid her dues. You’re posts are always right on but in this case you really should check your facts.

        Carrie just earned her 14th number one single which went gold only three weeks after release. She’s the only woman awarded country music’s “Entertainer of Year” two consecutive years and next week she’s releasing an album destined for platnum and begining a tour which sells out 10′s of thousands for every show.

        Any person who would say Carrie isn’t do her success would have to be a petty, jealous, insecure, no-talent, has-been still pining for the limelight….hmmmmm. Wait here while a pull up a new tab for a little fact checking….hummm…doodoodoo…hmmm?

        Okay, apparently it was Stephen Hawking who said that about Brandi’s winning her Nobel Prize in particle physics.

        Anyway, if CB runs a thread about him, we’ll rip him a new one as well.

        Fact checking is part of being a good writer.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Frankly, I think having been married to that Ediot and having to deal with ME!Ann means Brandi has more than paid her dues.

      Guess that’s just me…

  46. skuddles says:

    Well MeAnn should be offering Brandi some financial compensation in that case (I know better than to assume Eddie has two nickels to rub together or that he gives a damn if kids are on tv or not). I’m not a big Brandi sympathizer but I do feel for her here – she’s being cockblocked in her attempts to earn a good living by a selfish attention whore who has those kids getting papped every ten seconds.

  47. Lee Butte says:

    While I agree that the children should not be on tv, it is the timing that I find mean-spirited. EC should have made his objections known a long time ago when it was apparent BG was in negotiations with Bravo. Instead he waits until it is announced that she is to be a full-time housewife to spring this on her so that her demotion to friend has to be pubically announced. All three are pathetic, but EC with his cheating, his hypocracy, and his meanness is the worst of the bunch

  48. SleepySmurf says:

    am I the only one that thinks she looks like a burn victim that required a lot of reconstructive surgery? I don’t know how to describe it…but her face just looks so waxy to me….

  49. Jayna says:

    You didn’t think the bikini photos from the renewal vows vacation were over yet, did you? They aren’t even pretending to be papped anymore. Just outright posing for a pap to sell to the Daily Mail. LeAnn is obssessed with her rear. Eddie must have told her he liked it.

  50. lori says:

    This has nothing to do with the kids and everything to do with Eddie trying to get revenge on Brandi and attention from her. He can’t stand that she doesn’t want him anymore and wants to hurt her in anyway he can. If he has to use the boys or Leann to get back at Brandi he will. Everyone must pay because Eddie’s ego is bruised. What he is doing is called “Narcissistic Rage” it is really damaging and dysfunctional and will hurt his kids. I believe they will grow up to hate him. Brandi needs to get professional therapists to give an opinion to the court about his and Leann’s stalking of her every move and the revenge b.s. Get it all out there in court so the kids will know when they grow up that she tried to protect them from these psychos.

  51. ria says:

    Insecure little falcor, funny how shes on today talking about legos. She is cuckoo beyond belief. Like she really gives a damn about those boys. Shes more concerned with using them to get back at their mom. I don’t understand her fascination with Brandi. She got le douche, it seems she wants brandi’s life. So creepy. SWF strikes again. As I stated earlier if this is indeed true of bravo then I am permanently switching off. But reading more into it this seems to be that its not the case as a bravo insider confirmed it was not true and that Brandi was a rh with or without the children. She should take more effort into fixing that face of hers. Not pretty.. The ugly duckling who became a horse. s

    • claire says:

      Brandi just mentioned on her twitter that no one knew her status or Bravo talks, then one conversation with Eddie about it, and it’s all over the internet. She pretty much implies that ER/LC are the source of the story, and I’m inclined to believe it. They’re idiots. I feel for her that she has to deal with these psychopaths.

      • brin says:

        Ugh….and not just psychopaths but desperate famewh0re psychos. This has been a bad week for LR with her paid paps story out in the media and Britney getting Xfactor and now and Brandi returning to RHOBH. Since she and her gigolo won’t fade away, karma has to take over.

      • MW says:

        I am not sticking up for anybody here in particular, but if Brandi said that comment on Twitter, then why did Radar call their story an “exclusive, and make the story sound, to all of Brandi’s fans, like EC and Leann are the bad guys who ruined Brandi’s chances to become full-time on her show?

      • rosesarefree says:

        maybe in her twisted head LR thought this was a good move PR wise? make her seem “concerned”. I think she truly believes she has everyone fooled about the paps.

        I don’t understand how any woman could stand up for LeAnns actions/defend her. You don’t even need to like Brandi to feel her pain as a woman and mother.

    • Jezi says:

      @MW She said that this afternoon after this story was already leaked.

      • claire says:

        What a mess!
        From what I can gather: Bravo isn’t giving Brandi any issues about whether or not she is full-time or not – per Brandi’s statements on her twitter; Brandi had a convo with the kids being on the show with her and voila, that private convo was leaked to Radar Online with this spin on it. Soooo…someone in the LR/EC camp leaked it, and maybe they (EC/LR) did think Bravo would not let her on, if they said no to kids? It wouldn’t be the first time LR leaked “wrong” info to Radar Online, remember the story about her meeting with Nigel Lythgoe for the XFactor…a guy who isn’t even involved with that show??

        Anyway, sucks that Eddie is a huge hypocrite, but glad that Brandi cleared it up that this, in fact, does not determine her status as full-time or not with Bravo.

  52. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi, it’s time. Open your mouth. LeAnn destroyed your family and now she’s telling you what to do with your own sons? Eddie, you piece of garbage, your wife is not the mother of those children and you let her sell them like they have a shelf life. If Brandi can’t have her sons on the show, then Eddie can’t allow his wife to sell photos with them as props. Enough already! It’s repulsive. How dare LeAnn make decisions for children who aren’t hers, much less the children whose parents’ marriage she destroyed,, much less the kids who she deliberately paps? How dare Eddie allow/instigate this crap!?

  53. Rita says:

    Message to AndyBravo

    Please send all material concerning any other Housewife from RHBH to Kaiser who will write a thread on each one and take note of the number of comments.

    Pay the housewives according to the attention and publicity they bring the show based on the number of comments posted for each housewife.

    Seems fair to me and I’m sure Kaiser would love to write the threads for all the BB posters….maybe.

    • Annie B says:

      Hey Rita. No snarky snark for me…yet. ;)

      Just want to mention that Bravo has the ladies write their weekly “blogs” for this exact reason. You KNOW they have interns reading EVERY comment to get the feeling of the audience. Number of comments to each post/woman is definitely counted and noticed. Whether her kids can be on the show or not, I very much doubt this will have ANY bearing on negotiations.

      Funny thing though? No matter who it was “leaked” by Brandi is getting great press and Falkor and the gigolo are getting slammed left, right and center. Brandi truly is the Energizer bunny in all this BS. They keep trying to swat her down and she comes back being known and liked by more people. As in potential fans for a TV show. Dear wewenlove should have stayed in school cause she is a huge dummy.

      • Rita says:

        Hi Annie!!! Brandi always generates big comments so I think AndyBravo is jerking our chain in keeping us in suspense about Brandi’s place on the show.

        When Brandi’s on the show, more people see her in one week than will see Eddie and LeAnn combined for the rest of their lives….and that includes the two bit photo-ops.

  54. Mela says:

    Omg. Psycho Leann is bullying Brandi as we speak!!!! because some random twitterer told Leann that Eddie only messes with Brandi because he still essentially cares about Brandi. Leann replied to that random Twitterer and tweeted her über defensive response to Brandi too… Biatch!!! Who is honeypiegrl btw??! Leann is so insecure!! I hope Brandi gets a hold on this situation, I’m sick of seeing her treated like dirt from Eddie and Leann. Leann sure has earned her hell ticket with all this!

  55. Melanie says:

    Aren’t there other Housewives that don’t really put their kids on the show? I don’t remember seeing much of Camille’s kids or Adrienne’s kids for that matter. I think they were on the first season for a minute but I don’t actually remember any story lines with them. Also, I think Dina Manzo had to stop putting her kids on the show.

    I’d rather watch the show without these people’s kids anyway. IMO, innocent children don’t have any place on my guilty pleasure television show comprised of petty vengeful housewives.

  56. NinaS says:

    I had much the same situation. Ex never forgave me for leaving, married an ugly woman who, with him, has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make my life miserable for the past twenty two years. Wife wouldn’t allow my children to mention “Mom” or have a photo of me, and both referred to me as Mrs. B. Ex spent tremendous energy trying to destroy me emotionally, legally and financially. I beat them though – I am so happy…have the best husband in the world, a beautiful home, financial security, good relationship with kids, and everything I’ve ever wanted. Them? Still bitter and doing everything they can to try and piss me off. I just started ignoring them and stopped playing the game. That’s why this story is so fascinating to me. I can’t wait to see LR go down in a ball of flame.

    • Linda says:

      …and she will NinaS, she will. It’s been foretold.

    • lori says:

      Nina I’m sorry you had to go through this, it stinks. I was stalked and SWF’d by a jealous sister-in-law, and had to go through some of the same stuff. You are right that the best strategy is to ignore them. I also think that Brandi needs to legally document and stipulate everything that is occurring because it could get even worse and they will try to take the kids from Brandi for the publicity. I am interested in them because I think it is such a clear case of Eddie using Leann to hurt Brandi. Eddie can’t stand rejection. I think Leann knows it and that’s why she is lashing out about it in her tweets. She married Eddie and tried to turn herself inside out to perform for him (since her career has tanked and she is a performer.) But she can’t please Eddie, he doesn’t want happiness with Leann, he wants revenge with Brandi. He wants her to beg him to come back. It’s pathetic for Leann. But scary for Brandi and the boys.

  57. Elizabeth Rose says:

    I just can’t fathom why she decides to go barefoot so often. I may be a poor student who lives on ramen noodles but I’d happily thow her $10 for some flip-flops!

  58. Vesper says:

    I’m sure this is the story Brandi is putting out. Once again she is the victim and everything is Eddie’s fault. In reality, the producers have likely come to the conclusion that Brandi has nothing to offer the show. Snark, mean girl comments, sex talk, potty mouth, and nipples only get u so far.

    Brandi needs a story line, but this seems impossible when u consider her superficial lifestyle. The one and only exception to her vaccous life is her boys. In that sense, I can understand why the producers may want to create a storyline which includes her children. I do find it strange, however, that the other housewives have not been pressured to include their children on the show.

    Anyone who choses to expose their child to an exceptionally trashy reality show is not putting the best interests of the child first. Pap pics are more difficult to control as they don’t need consent to take pictures. But, parental consent is necessary to have your child filmed for a reality show. Also quite interesting, is the fact that Brandi stated at the beginning of season 2 that her kids would not be involved with the show. I guess a child’s involvement is easier to stomach when it is helps their mom retain her famewhore status.

    • claire says:

      Vesper, that would make sense if several things weren’t so blatantly wrong. Bravo has already made a statement that she is on the show, Brandi has already said the story is wrong, and Bravo still has her on the show. EDDIE himself has been quoted that he got lawyers involved, as Brandi herself has also admitted. And then you’ve got all the evidence, and her own admission, that LR sets up pap shots. So, I honestly don’t get where your comments are coming from.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Have you ever watched a reality television show? You’d be surprised at how far people go on snark, mean girl comments, sex talk, potty mouths, and nipples. It’s a vacuous form of entertainment for a vacuous society. Them’s the breaks, huh? I guess we can’t all be brilliant, philosophical artistes with flawless integrity and morals like LeAnn Rimes. ;)

    • Linda says:

      …”an exceptionally trashy reality show”

      Is that what you told Lisa Vanderpump when you frequented her restaurant and tweeted her, LeAnn??

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Women should be allies, not enemies. Brandi struggles daily with a difficult situation. I cannot understand how you think Brandi set this situation up. She doesn’t want to be a victim, but her ex and his current sure want her to be. Hard for me to understand why you feel the same way. You don’t want conspiracy theories, but it’s okay to blame Brandi for everything that happens? LeAnn is being called out by media as a person who sells photographs and stories. No one even questions it anymore.

  59. wewenlove says:

    vesper STFU. It isn’t even worth explaining how wrong you are because you and a handful of “fans” are alone in your delusion. So who are you anyway?

    whoever you are I feel sorry for you. you are one twisted little child

  60. Snowpea says:

    I find it astonishing that Brandi has managed to maintain a dignified silence after all the unbelievable things that Leann and Eddie have done to her.

    I really really admire her for that. As a mum of two boys who mean the world to me, I know that if I had to put up with someone like that loony Leann baiting me, bullying me, taking ownership of my children and carrying on like a pork chop, I would probably have committed a homicide by now ; )

    I say, go for it Brandi! I actually know nothing about you and I don’t own a television but I think you’re bloody amazing. You have a lovely quality that I really relate to. It’s so obvious to me how much you love those boys.

    As for your kids appearing on a telly show – whatevs! It’s not like they’re regular kids. They’ve grown up in Hollywood for crying out loud. You do whatever you gotta do to stop those boys from falling into the hands of that crazy Leann, because I can tell ya, she is a PSYCHO.

    Anyhoo,the judgements on here today have been somewhat astounding.

    I say, There but for the grace of God go I.

  61. Jennifer12 says:

    LeAnn is being called on out on every sneaky thing she is pulling and while some people want to, amazingly, point the finger at Brandi, most sane people see the simple truth: LeAnn took what she wanted when she wanted it without regard for anyone involved, most especially two little boys. She copies and bullies the ex-wife and generally tries to turn the situation into a family unit while trying to get rid of the actual mother of the children. She sells herself as a product and while her husband is a willing participant, they have no right to use the boys as props and they do and then they bleat about bad Brandi as though they’ve been endlessly victimized. Brandi may not be perfect, but she is not the villain in any of this. And she refuses to be a victim, or go away quietly, which pisses LeAnn and her minions off. If LeAnn had been quiet, sincerely apologetic, let Brandi and her children alone, let Eddie and Brandi co-parent, and stopped her endless papping, tweeting and posting, things would have quieted down. You can tell any story you’d like, but the truth will out, and it is: LeAnn sells stories and photographs and does so with others in the bylines and by any means necessary.

  62. Baylor says:

    Please tell me Brandi has already taken care of this or is in the process of.

  63. Pat Dorty says:

    That guys an asshole, he should pay or make up the difference in her pay I should say.

  64. Anon says:

    I guess I don’t get the concept of housewife on the show, don’t watch it. Why would anyone want to put their kids on a reality show anymore or the first place? I don’t care what so and so has done, children deserve better then greedy, fame-ho (lack of talent) parents putting them on some sleazy reality show. Or on their public fame-hoing twitter fights.