“Megan Fox hides her thumbs in a new ad for Sharper Image” links

Megan Fox stars in ads for Sharper Image. Girl, are you poor? They hid her clubbed thumbs too. [Starpulse]
Daniel Radcliffe to play a young Jon Hamm in a new miniseries. Er. [OMG Blog]
Chris Brown poses for some photos, didn‘t hit anyone. [IDLITW]
The world‘s first pro-gay rap song. It‘s not bad, honestly. [Gawker]
Shailene Woodley‘s blah ensemble. [Go Fug Yourself]
Ashley Greene has pigtails. Ugh. [Moe Jackson]
Kris Jenner wants Kim & Kanye to have a televised wedding. [The Frisky]
Another Kim Kardashian story. Because why not? [ICYDK]
Friday Night Lights movie kind of confirmed. [Videogum]
Frances Bean gets the rights to her father‘s image. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Have you heard this story about the college student & the DEA? [CDAN]
Good news/bad news for Community. [PopBytes]
Kim Zolciak is having another boy. [Life & Style]
Ice cube Richard Branson is creepy. [Hollywood Rag]
I don‘t really get why Daisy Lowe is a thing. [Celebs]
Olivia Wilde wants the UN to pay more attention to Haiti. [CityRag]
Jared Followill is engaged. [Bitten and Bound]

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  1. o_O says:

    Wow has that girl gone over board with the plastic. Can she even move that face anymore? Its the same EXACT expression – creepy.

  2. Ice Cube says:

    I thought that one link said Ice Cube the rapper was saying Richard Branson is creepy.

  3. Reece says:

    What are they selling at Sharper Image thigh highs?

    Daisy Lowe = daughter of Gavin Rossdale and girlfriend/ex(?) of the current Dr. Who. Beyond that I have no idea.

  4. Clea says:

    Damn girl, own your thumbs! I love my clubbed thumbs :)

  5. kazoo says:

    i may have missed it…has she confirmed that she’s pregnant? or is that still considered a rumor? i always wonder how people who’ve had extensive plastic surgery feel about their future offspring’s looks. like, they know the kid will come out with the parent’s original nose/face/etc.

  6. mia girl says:

    Good for Frances Bean. Must suck to have such a messed-up person as a mother.

  7. lucy2 says:

    FNL movie??? That is brand new information! I’m so excited, I really hope it happens, I loved that show so much.

    Sharper Image? I guess you take what you can get.
    I’ve heard that Community has a syndication deal lined up, so there’s a good chance they’ll give it one more season.

  8. Jdao says:

    Her face looks a little bit like Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest in the second pic.

  9. stinky says:

    wth is a clubbed thumb?-?-?

  10. David says:

    She’s not nearly as hot as Britney Spears. Nobody is.

  11. ryan says:

    As usual jealous girls will call her plastic to get relief for their own failure to get looks. For criticisers please post a photo of yourself, then I will tell you how beautiful you all are!!
    remember you people can only get temporary relief by bashing her out and feeling good by reading negative comments by others , but dont forget that she will remain as stunning as she has been!
    MEGAN you go girl! no one cares about your thumb, overall you are one of the most pretty women in the world!

    • Emma says:

      Is Megan Fox gorgeous? Yes, but only in photoshopped pictures. I’m not saying they photoshop her features (thinner nose, etc.) but they somehow make it in proportion so she doesn’t look plastic.

      If you look at her age 16 pictures, she looks nothing like she does at age 19 and onwards. She might not have had a huge amount of work done, but she’s had a decent amount.

      She’s one of the cases where there’s no doubt she’s screwed with her face. Like with renowned beauties Charlize, Angelina, and Halle, there’s no DEFINITE evidence they got their beautiful faces through plastic surgery. There are pictures supporting both they did and they didn’t.

      For Megan 100% supports she got work done, why?

      First off, Megan Fox had a bump on her nose. Now her nose is ski slope. Please don’t tell me you believe that happens in the course of a few months by itself when you’re 20.

      Secondly, I don’t consider this p-surgery, but Megan has had various chemical peels and fillers put in to smooth out her icebox acne scars. Most male celebrities don’t do anything to their acne scars and still 80% of female celebrities don’t either, so the fact that Megan is doing it suggests she’s all for work being done on your face.

      • HotPockets says:

        Halle Berry definitely had rhinoplasty, but she was still attractive even before hand.


      • ryan says:

        o really? did i ask you for that?? plastic surgery or not, i bet all women here are not even 10 percent as pretty as she is. If she had plastic surgery thats her problem. dont be a hypocrite. i bet if you are given free passes of any kind of surgery by an expert doctor, you would jump to recieve that.Dont you? (i know that you would tell a lie and make up a very a dignified answer, doesnt matter for me as i can read ur insecurity i.e by hunting all her post and rant about it to make her appear less perfect!!) She will earn millions and you loser will search everywhere if she had surgery!! haha.. Remember a 1000 surgeries would’nt make an ugly person pretty! I had seen her on the premier of Jennifers body(crap movie btw!) and i swear that everyone was just staring at her! My friend even got a pic wth her. She was polite as he said.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      It didn’t occur to me to blow Michael Bay for a new look back in the 90s when I was in my early 20s – now it’s too late, I would have to blow James Cameron – I’m still a sweet young thing compared to him.

      Does anyone know where I could find James Cameron – I would like a new nose, some opening of the eyelids and maybe new boobs. They are still OK but as long as I’m there may as well pull a less extreme Heidi.

      In short, Megan is beautiful – my fave is 2007-2009 Megan – BUT she wasn’t born beautiful and we too can look like that with a little financial help.

  12. Dee Cee says:

    She’s so pretty and working despite her handicap.. I don’t get why some are hating her for making money to live on..

  13. Skinnybetch says:

    Those looks are making her a fortune. And she turned her failing acting career into a successful modeling career. Girl has some hustle.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Very true – she would never have been hired as a model without making some name for herself because while she has a nice body (thumbs or not) she is way too short for a no name model — something which I object to because her little body looks cute in ads and print means she doesn’t talk.

  14. Hypocricy says:

    I think she is beautiful but not even half as much as she was once circa T2.

    After that it went downhill and she has lost her freshness and uniqueness being one beautiful among beautifuls instead of the incredible stunner she once was.

  15. ZenB!tch says:

    My problem with this ad has nothing to do with Megan… it’s too Reille(sp) Hunter for my taste.

    Megan is better than that (yes I said it). This thumb hating photographer must be fired.

  16. poppy says:

    is the sharper image ad an oxymoron or are they trying to be ironic? then again, the sharper image always sold stupid gimmicks.
    c’mon guys, she has a business shirt on so they aren’t objectifying her!
    she has a hell of a time texting and using any sort of touch screen with those king kong club thumbs.

  17. Natalie says:

    They cast the wrong HP alumni for Jon Hamm – that’s a role for too-hot Neville.

  18. daisyfly says:

    1. Kim’s still married, Mama Attention Whoredashian. She can’t get married on television unless it’s all for show…again.

    2. What’s wrong with pig tails? I wear pig tails. It’s the best way to keep my layered hair out of my face while driving and wrangling my children.

    3. Once Frances Bean has all the rights to her father’s legacy, Courtney Love will just be another bottled blonde looking for attention through the black hole that is her crotch. Watch out, Kate Gosselin: this is your future.

    4. Megan Fox’s acting is horrible, but her toe-thumbs have nothing to do with it. Now, her thumb-toes, on the other hand…that’s a different story.

    5. Who the fark is Kim Zolciak and why should I care that her crotchfruit is coming out with an extra stem?

  19. jover says:

    Agree zenbitch too short to model; tired of seeing washed up pseudo actresses doing this and taking jobs away from models – here’s a thought – why doesnt’ she take acting lessons and do local theater but we know why she would never do that – she’s a plastic airheaded blow up doll – if you want to talk beauty then any of the 80s/90s supermodels walk all over this plastic face; posters on this site are pretty savvy – have they not seen photo montages of Yasmeen ghauri on youtube – megan fox is a kindergarten rube to that glamazon.

  20. Mew says:

    This is how effed up images of the-must-be-perfect-in-order-to-have-permission-to-live comes to people’s head. Those are her thumbs, why to hide them? They’re not good enough thumbs? What’s up with that? This fabrication and the need of “the perfect” which a human being can NEVER truly achieve is ridiculous. This is a message out there: You are not good as yourself.

  21. Hotkatchina says:

    She looks miserable

  22. Pat Dorty says:

    Maybe she could swap em’ out with her big toes!? lol