Daniel Craig brought his wife Rachel Weisz to Istanbul for ‘Skyfall’ filming

The header photo is from the Skyfall film set in Istanbul yesterday. Daniel Craig (James Bond!) was spotted walking around with his wife Rachel Weisz. Rachel and Daniel are so quiet and undercover, this is the first photo we’ve had of them together in months. We only have the one photo of them together, but can we analyze it to death? Of course! They’re holding hands. I might spy a shadowy bump too. And I like the Rachel is traveling with the Skyfall production too – I think that’s sweet that she and Daniel don’t want to be apart. Didn’t Rachel used to be with director Sam Mendes for a while? And Sam is directing Skyfall. I wonder if that’s awkward for her? Oooh, I just saw these photos – go here to see! Daniel and Rachel laughing and talking on the set. Rachel doesn’t look pregnant here, but she and Daniel are so sexy together.

Sam Mendes recently gave an interview to Collider in which he teased some of the plotlines. Mendes says that this film will have a lot of M (Judi Dench): “We’ve gone further into their relationship… I thought it was a master stroke when they cast Judi (Dench) way back… because the character… became this female figure, there was a maternal aspect to it. There was much more complexity in the relationship and I think we’ve taken that a little further. Judi, to me, is one of the great actors of the English-speaking world and so it’s a question of… what can we give her that will take her to another level we’ve never seen her before?” SPOILER: There are rumors that M is going to be killed off. Unverified rumors.

But! Daniel did tell The Sun that Bond is going to be funny this time around, saying, “The humor is not something we try to do but it just comes from the situations. I think there are some very funny lines in it but then I have a very dark sense of humor, so others might not agree with me.” Here’s some video from a press conference in Istanbul:

I’m also including some photos from the Istanbul photo call from Monday of this week – Daniel with Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe. I think Harris is Moneypenny, correct? And Berenice might be the love interest. Probably.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Reece says:

    I see blue and a weave sandwich in these pictures. Although woman on the left is less punch to the face with it.

  2. Ruddyzookeeper says:

    Just realized that when he smiles Craig looks like my hot tub repairman who just happens to be a Brit. God, I keep that guy here forever asking him questions just to make him talk to me! (for the accent and the adorable British slang–not because I’m a lonely creeper)

    Hmmm, I think there might be something wrong with my filters. Time to make another house call?

  3. Kaboom says:

    Istanbul again? That’s the third Bond movie that plays against this backdrop. Not terribly original as a location anymore.

  4. Sandra says:

    OMG, that picture of him in his jeans is TO DIE FOR!!!

  5. Amelia says:

    GOD I love these two 🙂 No fuss and shenanigans with them.
    Oh, and me being the pedantic Bond fanatic that I am (seriously, I learnt to play poker after Casino Royale) Naomie Harris is actually a field agent called Eve who’s supposed to be a bit of an upstart I think.
    And lastly; Where’s Ralph Feinnes news?!!!

  6. sup says:

    there were reports in the turkish press the other day, stating that daniel left a local restaurant, hand in hand with berenice. that’s why i felt disappointed like he sure likes to date his co-stars and suddenly the rumours about him and rooney weren’t so absurd anymore. the thing is, press couldn’t get a photo of him because his assistant held his flashlight directly against their cameras. so i don’t want to believe it’s true really. btw i do think rachel seems like an aloof lady, very much assured by her own physical appearance. and i thought berenice was the hottest woman ever (in her previous photos) but this hair just looks fake as hale, idk. anyway it’s a bit more relieving to read all this.

  7. dj says:

    Who knew a cardigan and jeans could be so sexy? Daniel Craig did! Good Bond.

  8. Ally says:

    He was handsome when he started out, but come on, he looks like 3rd Orc from the Left in “Lord of the Rings” now.

  9. Lila says:

    Wow, gorgeous couple. Love them together

  10. 69er says:

    Love them together too. Be happy, you beautiful people.

  11. ichsi says:

    i love both of them and wish them all the happiness in the world! He’s hot as ever and she seems back from the super-skinny trip she was on around ‘The lovely Bones’ and back to her gorgeous, slim, sophisticated self.

  12. Ahmad Islam says:

    Daniel is a true artist and enlightened human citizen. He treats acting not as a career but as a lifestyle, journey, and means of experiencing life differently. I hope the film attests to his atistic merit and his love for his wife.