Nicole Richie vs. Rachel Zoe, it’s on

Rachel Zoe issued a response to the news that Nicole Richie fired her as her stylist, basically saying that they’re no longer friends. She kind of couched it in a lot of flowery PR-speak, so it’s hard to tell, but there are some mild disses in there:

Rachel issued the following statement to TMZ: “There has been a lot of speculation as to the cause of my parting with client Nicole Richie. The tabloid reports have no merit. After trying to be a good friend to Nicole, we made a mutual decision to sever our working relationship. Changes are inevitable in any business relationship. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful life, I have been married for 10 years and have been a stylist for more than 15 years and am lucky to work with such a diverse group of women of all shapes and sizes that inspire me everyday. I have nothing but love for Nicole and wish her only health and happiness.”

Nicole wasn’t having that, and she posted the following “blind item” on her myspace, basically saying that Zoe has an eating disorder and has tried to make it seem as if Nicole is the one with the problem, not her:

What 35 year old raisin face whispers her order of 3 peices of asparagus for dinner at Chateau everynight, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used her last paycheck I wrote her to pay for a publisist instead of a nutritionist?
HINT: Her nickname is lettucecup…

[via ONTD]

I really like the way she wrote that “whispers her order” and “deathly disorder.” She spelled publicist wrong, though. She would make a decent blogger.

Rumor had it that Zoe was dealing drugs to her “girls” and that she encourages them to be stick-thin so that they’ll fit into the tiny samples she gets from designers.

Whatever transpired, Nicole wants everyone to know that she’s over it and that Zoe is the one with an eating disorder, not her. Get to a size six, Nicole, and maybe we’ll believe you.

Nicole is looking good, but maybe she does need some fashion advice, because this Beetlejuice outfit is just not doing it. At least she’s keeping it under wraps though, which is more than I can say for Paris’ other “friends.”

Pictures from HauteGossip.

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11 Responses to “Nicole Richie vs. Rachel Zoe, it’s on”

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  1. FF says:

    “I … am lucky to work with such a diverse group of women of all shapes and sizes that inspire me everyday.”

    LOL, salvage job.

  2. AC says:

    …. i liked nicoles response but why does it start with What… shouldn’t it be When?

  3. millie says:

    It’s on! Notice how Rachel throws her husband into the mix–looks like she’s quite shaken by the whole thing. Nicole is doing a good job blaming someone else for her problems.

  4. Viv says:

    Raisin Face! LOL. I still feel sorry for Zoe; she does have problems.

  5. neelyo says:

    Back when she was styling Jennifer Garner, she showed up on that Fashion Police show after an awards ceremony and came off as a very unlikeable person. Definitely the type of stylist who hordes gowns so that no one else can get them.

    And I’ve always thought Nicole Richie had no sense of style so it seems Ms. Zoe is extremely overpaid.

    By the way, can anyone tell me one actual accomplishment of Nicole Richie and why anyone cares about her?

  6. Gris says:

    She misspelled “peices”, too… ;p

  7. chic mommy says:

    Zoe should have used that paycheck for some botox on her forehead. Those lines make her look WAY older than 35.

  8. ER says:

    Chic Mommy…I totally agree. I was shocked to read she’s ONLY 35, she looks considerably older. I’m glad that Nicole is hashing it out with her though because now it’s been voiced what we have long suspected….Zoe is eating disordered and encourages her clients toward that same pattern.

  9. mimosa says:

    According to wikipedia, she was born in 1962 which makes her 44..

  10. clarimonde says:

    Wow! Good spotted mimosa. Lying about her age. Doesn’t surprise me at all. She does not look 35!!!

    I am surprised that if she’d go to such lengths to stay skinny that she would not get some botox and dermabrasion on that face.

  11. solitaire says:

    God she does look like an evil hag! urgh, how can someone who looks like her advise others how to look! WOW that world is a crazy one and boy do I feel lucky not to be a part of it – sooo warped!