Sean Bean arrested in England for harassing, threatening his fourth ex-wife

Sean Bean and his now ex-wife Georgina Sutcliffe in 2009, before they divorced (but after she accused him of assaulting her).

I’ve heard about Sean Bean’s sketchy relationships with women before today, but I never figured him for a stalker and harasser. Damn. I’m totally taking Sean Bean off of my “Dirty Skanky Bad Boys I’d Bang” list. This is a bridge too far. According to People Magazine, Bean was arrested yesterday after his ex-wife claimed Bean was making harassing phone calls and sending abusive text messages. He’s already out on bail.

Game of Thrones star Sean Bean was arrested Wednesday and questioned on suspicion of sending abusive text messages and making harassing phone calls to his ex-wife Georgina Sutcliffe.

“A 53-year-old man attended a central London police station by appointment yesterday, where he was arrested on suspicion of harassment and bailed until a later date,” a Scotland Yard spokesman tells PEOPLE. According to police, the man was questioned but not charged.

The Daily Mirror identified the man as Bean, 53, and posted a photo of him arriving at the police station.

Bean, who played Eddard Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones, married the actress Sutcliffe – his fourth wife – in 2008. They were divorced in 2010.

Last year Bean was stabbed outside a London bar by a stranger who reportedly made lewd comments toward a Playboy model.

Reps for the actor did not immediately respond to request for comment.

[From People]

You can see our previous stories about Sean and his fourth wife here – they married in early 2008, and just months later, Sean was arrested for assaulting her. She waited until 2010 to file for divorce. So… obviously, they had a pretty drama-filled marriage, and now they have a drama-filled divorce. I wonder what happened to that 22-year-old “glamour model” he was with last year, the one whose honor he defended at a bar and he was stabbed for his trouble? I get the feeling that Sean always has ladies around, and I get the feeling that he mistreats all of them. OVER HIM. Sorry, Bean. You are no longer dirty-hot to me. You are just gross.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Maguita says:

    That dirty-dirty boy needs a spanking.

    Those pictures are awful and don’t show the Bean I have the hots for. Those show the bastard who won’t leave his ex-women alone!

    • Genevieve says:

      Awwww, HELL. He was on my list of, “dirty-sexy, fully hot, nasty bad boys my husband would just have to forgive me for”, too. But this is NOT OK. Bummer :(

  2. shaboo says:

    if im honest, I think that during and even after a break up, people get upset/angry/frustrated. I don’t think it’s abuse to send text messages and to call up someone and end up arguing.

    Although I do concede that this depends on how much these texts escalated and whether they were stilling talking when it all started. I mean if they were then it’s a messy break up, if they hadn’t contacted each other for ages and then he started ‘harassing’, then its a bit odd.

    • Maguita says:

      “I don’t think it’s abuse to send text messages and to call up someone and end up arguing.”

      But assault is.
      The text messages, are to the woman he was accused of assaulting.

    • D1 says:

      If you don’t know the content of the text messages, it’s not clear to me how you can claim they’re not abusive.

      The police, who have access to information we don’t, apparently assessed the situation & thought his behavior met the legal threshold for harassment and merited an arrest.

      • shaboo says:

        and that is exactly what im saying. You need to understand the context before passing judgement.

        I do also think the system makes it easy to point the finger and then it’s up to prove innocence after questioning. So until further clarification comes along I’ll wait and just think of him as gold old Ned Stark.

        I’m in no way saying she’s made it up, I just like to wait. Partnerships are messy and the only people who understand whats really gone on are those that are involved.

        I don’t really know why I’ve bothered posting, I don’t give 2 shits about Sean Bean.

    • Willow says:

      Shaboo, I’m glad you posted (and LOL’d about the not giving 2 shits in hell about Bean.)
      You bring up a good point about there being 2 sides to every story. AND, that there is a line of communication that, while being inflamatory, isn’t breaking any law.
      Unfortunately, this isn’t Bean’s first go-round with this behaviour; and, he seems to not give a shit about changing.

      At this point, I wonder more about what type of woman would next enter into a relationship w/him knowing his documented past? As sexy as he is, I’d side-step.

    • scylla says:

      It is really inflammatory of you to bring Viggo M. in an abusive context.

      As far as I know he has a gf who was married when they met.

      I don’t know how her marriage was and so on… and I don’t believe in “homewreckers” at all. If a relationship is right people stay there.


  3. TheOriginalVictoria says:


    I love Sean Bean and don’t want to think this is true, and yeah those pictures do not show the hotness that is Sean.

    But like Viggo and so many others who are violent and/or homewrecks, I’ll have to put him into my shitty pile. So I hope this is all just a misunderstanding.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hey Victoria :) I think witholding judgment is always a smart move when it comes to celeb gossip, especially if it’s surrounding a domestic dispute (only two people REALLY know the details of what happened). That being said, I can’t stand it when people (like some commenters below) automatically start blaming/shaming the victim. Not saying that she’s 100% innocent (or guilty) but I wish people would give her the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

    • Carolyn says:

      Oh not good news. I am putting Sean into my category of “hot fantasy man” and just enjoy his onscreen characters and not project that onto what he’s possibly like in real life. I did hope that he was nice & heroic like Boromir & Stark.

    • flan says:

      Viggo Mortensen? What did he do?

  4. lolaluvsu2 says:

    So sad…over him too.

  5. T.C. says:

    He has a long history of this. Some jail time and therapy is needed. This man has a major problem. He is 53 years old and should know he has a problem.

    • Veruca says:

      And that’s where I have a problem withholding judgment. In England, it’s like one waits for Sean to behave this way, yet again.

      It’s sad to see such talent wasted on someone who acts like such an ass.

    • DreamyK says:

      I suspect Sean has an alcohol problem that spelled the demise of his marriage and is fueling divorce drama. He’s off the Hot List for me, too.

      • paula says:

        I’ve never made a comment on a blog page, but this issue has struck a chord.

        I hear people who have heard about something, make a decision, judge, and would like to execute–lynch mob mentality!

        Divorced and separated people get angry with each other. Things are said and things are done that are later regretted. If Sean Bean were not a celebrity, the world would know nothing of his marriages or his actions. Stay out of private affairs, hear both sides, know the facts. I agree that if Sean Bean did this there was some pushing, antagonizing, and perhaps some harrassment coming from the other side too. It’s easy to use your lawyer and the police to harrass someone; I’ve seen it done and I have experienced it. All you have to do is make the accusation and the police arrest and ask questions later…that seems pretty consistent here.

  6. Chatcat says:

    Just because he went to the station to answer the charges doesn’t mean he is guilty…my gut tells me here that she can be/has been pushing his buttons…mean bitches are like that…unlike us regular bitches (ref self). I’d like to know the specific details of the original “assault” and the content/amount of text messages AND if she was text messaging him back. If he was just texting her and she didn’t respond then that is one thing…if she was going back and forth with him that along with the nature of what SHE said in those messages come into play imo.

    I still have a thing for him but know that it would have to be a one night/weekend stand thing because he obviously cannot commit to anyone longer then that!

    • Meanchick says:

      “Pushing his buttons?” Did you read what you wrote? You sound crazy. That is what an abuser says. No one should be able to ‘push your buttons’ into assaulting them. You’re making excuses and blaming her? He is in charge of his behavior and you are insane. This guy has a history. I guess it’s all their fault since he’s a guy minding his own business when suddenly a mean ‘ole bitch comes along and pushes his buttons and he is forced to defend himself by assaulting her?

      • Anne says:

        Thank you! For the love of God, what is it with women? Bean has got form; he is an abuser. Jesus!

      • Chatcat says:

        Meanchick…define assault? Have you ever said “I’m going to smack you or I’d like to smack you upside your head” when you’re angry to anybody, ever, in your whole life? If you have then you have committed assault as defined by the law. Oh and your “a guy minding his own business when suddenly a mean ‘ole bitch comes along and pushes his buttons and he is forced to defend himself by assaulting her?”…uhh they were married/going through a separation…I am pretty sure no man or woman who is separating from a spouse was minding their own business…and you called me insane…jeez!

    • Laura says:

      Well said, Chatcat.There’s likely more to the story than we know. You never really know the dynamics in someone else’s marriage. But omg he’s still hot,i readily admit.

      • Chatcat says:

        Laura…you got that right! All of us, and if you say it’s not true you are a big fat liar, have that person here or there in your life that just raises your hackles like no other…things you let others say/do and don’t let bother you yet this person knows just how to get you going. According to reports he was “questioned at the police station and not charged”. Obviously he is not the type of man you want for any type of meaningful relationship but again, my gut says there is something in this whole scenerio we are not privy too…like his ex has a new movie coming out, she needs publicity…how convenient that he was seen leaving a police station…I mean really, how many paps are hanging at obscure police stations in friggn London? And then it all hits the press with “Game of Thrones star arrested…”

    • Willow says:

      Chatcat, while I agree there are women who love to push buttons…wouldn’t it be Bean’s responsibility (especially considering his past interactions with the law over similar issues) to avoid any and all interaction with such a person? That way, he could easily file charges for HER harassing & threatening, if that were the case. Honestly, all we can say at this point is “relationship gone bad”. Hope they both get whatever help is needed.

      • Chatcat says:

        Willow…I agree to the toxicity of this relationship, and well one would hope he would have avoided tangling with it and ignored it, even the most dispassionate person can become over sensitized and react badly…that whole love/hate emotion can bite you in the ass! I am not condoning or condeming here, I simply believe there is a whole part of this story that wasn’t provided with the sensationalized headlines by People, TMZ, MSN etc etc.

    • Anne says:

      Victim blame much?

      “my gut tells me here that she can be/has been pushing his buttons…mean bitches are like that”

      It is this kind of thinking that leads to women not being believed and women being killed.

      Fault always lies with the person who threatens, stalks, or engages in violent behavior.

    • H says:

      It seems to me that since they have been divorced for 2 years already that this is a very strange thing to happen. I had it in my head that he was a nice guy but, who really knows? Why would he be calling and texting her after 2 years if she wasn’t calling and texting him too.
      I didn’t know that Viggo M. had a violent streak in him.

  7. stinky says:

    he looks like a ruffian & plays one well.
    i wouldnt wanna cross him …

  8. Kola says:

    He obviously has issues, ugh

  9. lassie says:

    He has the Sean Penn face: older, unshaven dickhead. Women need to stop trying to ‘fix’ him. Not happening.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Add Gerard Butler to that group. Not that he’s abusive but he’s weathered, worn and probably past the point of being helped at this stage.

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Um , can we just put the “she pushed his buttons” excuse to bed already? Like, forever?
    I’ve been textually harassed before and even though I was DYING to respond, I just ignored. Ignoring infuriates the harasser even more but more importantly, it’s called TAKING THE HIGH ROAD. Then I could look back and be at peace with the fact that I never sank to their level, which is more important to me than temporarily letting off some steam. Don’t let those f*ckers break you. Yeah, it’s easy to let your temper get the best of you but it really doesn’t excuse malicious/threatening behavior, regardless of *button-pushing* or whatever other excuse we grant abusers.

    • D1 says:

      It never fails – if a sexy &/or talented male celebrity is arrested for abusing a woman, a sizable segment of his fanbase will immediately rush in to shift the blame onto his victim and/or smear her, including inventing scenarios out of thin air in which the victim “probably” “pushed his buttons”.

      They will also demand that people give him the benefit of the doubt until he’s convicted, and in the next breath, state that his accuser is a liar, looking a publicity/$$$, provoked the abuse in some way, etc.

      In other words, the “pushing buttons” defense will never be put to bed.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Comments like those remind me why the majority of my friends are male. Women never seem to support each other, no matter how serious the need is. As I posted up-thread, it’s not that I automatically think the guy is an abuser and I take celeb gossip with a grain of salt but come on-this guy has been in trouble numerous times, been stabbed in bar fights, rumored to have a drinking problem, etc. Is it THAT unthinkable that he *may* have abused this woman? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

      • Chatcat says:

        Who said it was just male celebrity? Not me and certainly none of my posts could suggest that…I think Halle Berry is doing a bang up job of pushing buttons in celeb world right now…pushing buttons of an ex isn’t gendre specific and is as old as Adam and Eve.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Remember “two sides to every story”? None of us know, it’s all just speculation and it’s a pretty safe bet that Gabriel is pushing Halle’s buttons as well. I’m just saying-accusations shouldn’t always be directed at only women. Anyway, not trying to get into a big thing with you, Chatcat-I guess in the end we can both agree that none of us really know the true story.

  11. Gene Parmesan says:

    so sad to hear he cray cray!! I just want to see him as the noble and honorable Ned Stark. Sean, Ned will never have been this f-ked up!

  12. Ellerey says:

    not surprised

  13. Roma says:

    Sean Bean has major anger issues. It is known.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist dropping in a little GoT).

  14. Gine says:

    He’s been in trouble for things like this (or worse) many times before. he may be talented, but he’s a total ahole. And man, it’s disheartening to see how quickly women make excuses for this kind of stuff, or start blaming other women for it, just because they don’t want to admit that someone they find attractive isn’t the person they’ve built up in their minds. Gross.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “it’s disheartening to see how quickly women make excuses for this kind of stuff, or start blaming other women for it, just because they don’t want to admit that someone they find attractive isn’t the person they’ve built up in their minds”


      • Chatcat says:

        Now Kitten…you don’t want anybody to be judgemental and yet here you do the same…against me in multiple posts. We don’t know all the facts for certain and we won’t ever know all the facts, but I am not young enough, naive enough, dumb enough or smug enough to think there are not two sides to EVERY story in a marriage/relationship. Sure, the guy is an apparent disaster in relationships, seems to have the typical hollywood ego and is in mid-life stage. Just because I may think there maybe more to this whole story then him just coming out of the blue and going after his ex and harrassing her via text messages/phone messages doesn’t mean I condone assault/battery/abuse nor blame the victim…far from it. I think in this case there is more to the story then we know or ever will know and so I am suspect.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Did you read my posts or are you automatically jumping into defense mode? I wasn’t directing it specifically to you but to posters in general (and there are many) who use the “she pushed his buttons” defense when it comes to stories of abuse. If you have been on this blog long enough then you will remember when many Mel Gibson-defenders were using the same defense. I’m not attacking anyone, just making general statements based on my observations.
        I completely agree that there are two sides to every story, which is why I gave Fassy the benefit of the doubt with his whole “abuse scandal” (that was one incident BTW, not many like with Bean). That doesn’t mean that I immediately started blaming the victim though. TWO stories, meaning there is HER story too and no, I will not agree with you that her story should be discounted or that she brought it upon herself by “pushing his buttons”. Just my opinion, you’re entitled to yours as well *shrugs*

  15. Jen34 says:

    I still would.

  16. Orly says:

    This is so disappointing. Me love him long time.
    Too bad he is a dick.

  17. foozy says:

    love him! wish he was still in game of thrones

  18. Stacie says:

    I so agree with you he was on my Dirty sexy bad boy bang list too. But I think it’s best if I just cut my losses with him now. Sad :(

  19. sup says:

    i always hated him and wondered what people saw in him. just because he badly acted in one lotr movie and spawned some inexplicable meme

  20. gast says:

    Oh, how I used to love him :) But that’s over for quite some time now. There is nothing left of that sexy-dirty-hot-bad guy I fell for. He always looks just dirty, gross and even smelly, not to mention hungover. I don’t doubt for a second that those ugly rumors/stories are true. When it comes to him, I do believe where’s smoke there’s fire. He is/has the problem and not his ex-wife.

  21. Twez says:

    He’s pretty much been outed as a full-blown alcoholic in other articles, so this isn’t really surprising. He might manage to hold it together while he’s working, but his personal life is a shambles.

    Also, four or more failed marriages should be a diagnostic criteria for (unmedicated) bipolar disorder in men.

  22. Reece says:

    Awww, I don’t want Boromir to be bad. But…
    Clearly marriage isn’t his thing. Maybe some issues he needs to work on.

  23. Boromir's bytch says:

    Sounds like he’s been a total tool.

  24. Chatcat says:

    Kitten…I mean Gab pushing Halle’s buttons…cuts both ways…no big dispute here…we both seem to be big enough girls to deal with the differences of opinions, or dare I say, pushing each other’s buttons! lol

  25. Caroline says:

    I’m always happy to see more Bean coverage, but this is far from what I was hoping to read :( 4 wives, 4 divorces, one common denominator with history… *sigh*

  26. Caroline says:

    I’m always happy to see more Bean coverage, but this is far from what I was hoping to read :( 4 wives, 4 divorces, one common denominator with history… sigh

  27. iseepinkelefants says:

    I wouldn’t completely tar and feather him just yet. According to the people who regularly drink at the same pub as Bean and his now ex, she was a bit of a nutter too. I’ve heard them say that Bean is a nice drunk while his [ex] missus would turn into a nasty drunk who would get all domestic violence on him.

    It doesn’t excuse his after the fact stalker behvior but these two weren’t right for each other. My guess is you get them anywhere near each other and they just implode. This is why drunk (and crackhead) love is not the one.

  28. Mia says:

    This sucks. I really like his films and the man can definitely act. He’s one of the best in that field IMO. But this is unacceptable, image tainted forever.

  29. mike says:

    The problem with “just” witholding judgment until we know “more” is that Bean has a long history of documented abuses toward women and difficulty in anger management. The man’s documented history fits the classic stereotype of a controlling abuser.

    It’s possible that Bean was “provoked” in this particular case, but given his documented history of abuse and general d-baggery, it’s perfectly fine to condemn him in the court of public opinion. After all, this is a gossip site and we condemn people with far less verifiably documented history ALL THE TIME.

    Why should Bean get the pass?

    Talking about lynching without proof, to Chatcat and other people who’re counseling people to “withold judgment,” are you folks also giving John Travolta the same benefit of doubt?

    After all, unlike Bean’s documented history, everything about JT has so far been undocumented gossip & innuendo. If anyone deserves the “beneift of doubt,” it should be John Travolta, not that documented abuser Sean Bean…

    • Chatcat says:

      Well now Mike and abuser is an abuser if and when proven. I’d give Bean the benefit of the doubt of “assault” until I know what assault he has committed and been convicted of…same goes for JT, he has not been charged with or convicted of assault but has civil lawsuits against him for assault. My problem with what I have have been following on JT is that he is gay, then the facade of the wife and kids is a lie to the public (paying public I may add) not very different from Bey’s, IMHO, farce of delivering a child and parenting a child just for the sake of misleading the public (for God knows what reason). At least with Bean there is no big “cover up” of who he really is and how he is living his life…may not be the best book but at least it is an open book.

      • mike says:

        How in Carmen Sandiego do you know Travolta’s gay? For that matter, how do you know Bey’s baby was fake?

        Selective gossipmongering, much?

    • Chatcat says:

      Mike…did I say I “know” he was gay? Did I say I “know” the pregnancy/delivery was fake (although having carried and birthed 3 children gives me a bit of an edge over you on that one)? Now pay attention, I said “following the stories”…you do know we are on a celebrity gossip blog right? Please get down now, somebody else might need the wood. Jeez

      • mike says:

        Not only is your logic sketchy, but so is your reading comprehension and grammar.

        First of all, you didn’t say “following the stories…” You said:

        “My problem with what I have have been following on JT is that he is gay, then…” implies that you believe he’s gay. No other commonsensical way to parse that.

        Second, yes this is a gossip site, so why are you so quick to condemn Travolta & BeyBey, but so eager to give Bean a benefit of doubt?

        Becauss it’s you who said that you have a problem with JT, e.g. in you own words, “my problem with JT…” Why a problem with JT and Bey, but not with Bean?

        Later on, you say, “At least with Bean there is no big “cover up”…” Orly? How do you know? Again, why this benefit of doubt for Bean, but not for Travolta?

  30. Alti says:

    four ex-wives? Wow…

  31. Booka says:

    There’s something cruel looking about his face. I would stay clear of someone like that.

  32. galaxygirl says:

    Sharpe’s Revenge (can’t imagine him any other way!) & Why was Judd casted with him in Missing? how is she believable as an operative? odd….

  33. Anne de Vries says:

    Aww man, I really used to love him. Ten years ago.

  34. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    What is this allegedly documented history of abusive behavior toward women? I have been reading about him for years and never heard anything like this with wives 1-3. The worst thing I recall is Melanie saying he left his dirty socks on the floor. There was something very toxic about the relationship with Georgina & his press changed. Not saying he is blameless or she is crazy or a liar but I am withholding judgment since we don’t really know the facts.

    • paula says:

      Seans first three wives did not call the police or report abuse. However, was it not Georgina with which Sean actually canceled the wedding? Was there a problem before they ever married? Did he have a gut feeling about something being amiss? It his sad that he is sad. His arrest did come at a convenient time for her career. There are so many questions that are none of our business.

  35. lil ole me says:

    He looks to be a drinker. Prob makes bad decisions while under the influence. I think he has crossed over to Gerard Butler territory. No longer hot…

    I always loved that he dies IN ALMOST EVERY SINGLE MOVIE he is in. Cool montage of his dying scenes called “The Sean Bean Death Reel” The man Hollywood, refused to let live….

  36. Camille (The original) says:

    I can’t believe it took till *this* incident for you to be turned off by him Kaiser!

    Personally I think the guy is a great actor but he seems like a raging a**hole. I respect the actor, the man not so much.

  37. C.Lynn says:

    For those declaring there is a long history of Sean Bean and abuse of women that is not true. All of the accusations against Sean have come from one woman, Georgina Sutcliffe. Georgina is also known to be drunk and violent. There are multiple incidents of Georgina’s drunken rages in public and the police once wanted to charge HER with domestic violence against Sean and he said no. None of his previous ex-wives or girlfriends has ever had a bad word to say about him, as a matter of fact they’ve had very good things to say. I’m not condoning or criticising Sean for his behaviour with Georgina, just correcting people on that one point. There is no long history of abuse of women.

    This has obviously been a disastrous relationship. They both need to get off the booze, go into therapy and stay the hell away from each other. Before people try to tar and feather me with the “blame the victim” brush, I am not excusing Sean’s conduct. No matter how abusive she has been to him, he has a responsibility not to engage in the same behaviour. He is responsible for his own actions, not her.

    Let’s also remember that when Georgina accused Sean of assault, she accused him if pushing her during an argument. There were no charges in the case, as Georgina later recanted. Whether he pushed her or not, I don’t know. What I do know is there is no history of Sean being abusive with other women, and it’s jumping the gun to declare he is with any woman currently in his life. All of the accusations have come from Georgina and she has done the very same things she accuses him of. What the truth is between these two, I have no idea, nor does anyone else.

    I do hope Sean gets off the booze and gets his ass into therapy.

  38. Just the Facts says:

    1. Where does it say he “threatened” her? I don’t see that anywhere in the original story or the police statement.

    2. He has NO record of ever abusing/harassing any of his other wives or girlfriends.

    3. This incident just happens to be reported the day that his ex-wife is starring in a new play?


    • C.Lynn says:

      Sean didn’t threaten her. This was the statement given to the Mirror by one of Georgina’s sources.

      “There’s been no suggestion of there being violence involved or threats but police take harassment ­allegations seriously.”

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        Agree with everything CLynn said.

        Age and booze are exacting a heavy price on him, including his looks. Watching Missing where the flashback supposedly shows the couple 20 years ago. Just wished we could have magically transported to the way Sean REALLY looked 20 years ago

  39. He also didn’t treat Frodo Baggins very well…

  40. patricia says:

    With things you can never tell. I saw some pics of them together and they appear to be seated at the bar of a pub. She is crying hysterically and gesturing and he sits just staring at her. Who knows, she could have jumped on him got pushed off, bumped her head and now she’ s been assaulted. I would like to know what the texts say I am sure they were flowing both ways.

  41. LeeLoo says:

    Sean is definitely a “get in the kitchen and make me a pie” when it comes to women. I believe Georgia but I think this was a very toxic relationship and I would not be surprised to hear that she may have egged him on and instigated some of these threats.

    Sean Bean is a Peter O’Toole type drunk. He gets drunk and probably treats his women like sh**. I haven’t heard of there being a long documented history but when you have 4 ex wives…let’s face it you didn’t get there by being a sweet angelic husband.

  42. flan says:

    Okay, another famous man off my cool guys list.
    Keep it up boys, you’re doing great.


  43. WinterisComing says:

    I like the characters he plays, not him. That could also be because I don’t personally know him.
    Being an equestrian, I know through trainers viggo’s horses and they are super well treated, plus he does well with Iberian breeds. I put a lot on how my horse or other horses, especially how hot horses judge a man. I can’t judge if viggo is having an affair, but he treats his horses right. Now that’s prioritizing! Sean just needs to get a horse and let that horse knock some sense into him.