Jessica Simpson gained “80 pounds” and Maxi is “like a little Butterball turkey”

Whenever I’ve written about Jessica Simpson in the past week, I’ve sort of idly wondered if she did end up having a C-section, as was widely reported before the birth of little Maxwell Drew. I wouldn’t blame Jessica if she did have a C-section – she was so big, and seriously, WHY NOT? I don’t get judgy about elective C-sections. This week’s In Touch Weekly – the publication that correctly identified Jessica’s baby name – says that Jessica totally had a C-section and that it was “painful.”

Of course, this piece of information comes in a story that I don’t put a lot of stock in – it’s all about how Jessica is going right back to work immediately, which… isn’t happening. Sure, Jessica has got the deal with Weight Watchers, but I don’t see her starting that for several months. In Touch also says Jessica gained a total of “80 pounds” while pregnant. Do you believe that? I’d say 50-60 pounds – remember, Jessica is a short girl, and remember where Jessica started out. Thankfully, In Touch says that Eric Johnson is encouraging Jessica to take it easy, to spend time with the baby and to not stress out over the weight. This seems to be the new theme in this week’s tabloids - “Eric is actually an okay father.” The Enquirer has a story about that too, and I enjoyed the hell out of it:

Proud mama Jessica Simpson says since she gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, fiancé Eric Johnson has turned from macho to marshmellow.

“Eric is crazy about Max and can’t stop staring at her,” revealed a source close to the couple. “He was excited when Jess told him she was pregnant, but he never dreamed he’d fall so deeply in love with his baby girl so fast.”

“Both Jess and Eric are infatuated with baby Max that she’s always in the arms of either her mommy or her daddy,” said the source. “She weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces at birth and is like a little Butterball turkey. Her chubby cheeks and roly-poly legs crack up Jess and Eric. Jessica is still tired from the birth and trying to catch up on her sleep. But Eric has been getting up in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning just to look at his new daughter and listen to her breathe.”

“Eric’s been singing silly songs and talking like a baby to Max,” said the source. “And Jessica is having a great time watching the two bond. Life has never been better for them.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

“She…is like a little Butterball turkey. Her chubby cheeks and roly-poly legs crack up Jess and Eric.” Are newborns ever that roly-poly? Aren’t they mostly wrinkled, and then they start getting the “chubby baby legs” when they’re, like, two months old? I have no idea. Because I’m not a baby person. If you want to talk about dogs, that’s my wheelhouse. Anyway, I did like that Enquirer story. I mean, of course Eric really doesn’t have anything else to do but be a good dad – it’s not like Eric has a job or anything. He’s a total K-Fed. But it’s nice that he’s being super-supportive and that he’s already enchanted by his little girl.

Photos courtesy of Elle, WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Um, if she starts dieting and the baby looks like a butterball turkey, Eric better watch the baby at all times.

  2. Britt says:

    They look genuinely happy, and if the baby was 9 pounds 13 oz it’s reasonable to believe she’s a total butterball turkey. I gave birth to a 9 pound boy and he was a total boofer by the time he was 10 days old.

    • Atl_goddess says:

      My son is six weeks and he is starting up look roly poly u believe is how they put it . He was six lbs at births but now he’s around eleven people are always asking ” what you feeding that baby?!! He was just born!!!” breastfed babies tend to be the biggest and juiciest in the beginning

    • ncgrits says:

      Me too. 9lbs. 15 oz. (that’s almost 10 lbs. y’all)! And he was a beautiful baby–when I took him to the pediatrician after a week to make sure he was thriving, the doctor said, “Now THAT’S what a baby is supposed to look like!” HA!

      We called him the human ham hock. So Butterball turkey sounds about right!

      (FYI now he’s 15, 6 ft. tall, and 130 lbs soaking wet.)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Mine were ALWAYSin the 95 th percentile for both height and weight. Cute, chubby babies.
        My boy just turned 12 is already 5’9″ and my girl a bit shorter. Some of us just grow me big. Oh, they are skinny, healthy kids training for their first 5k. My girl and I already share all our clothes. The little thief:)

        80 pounds! On her tiny frame. I was huge with seventy pound gains on a 5’9″ frame. Can’t imagine 80 on a tiny girl. Must feel horrid, I know I did at the end.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        My oldest was in the 100th percentile at 3 weeks. He was exclusively nursed, and was over 11 lbs at 3 weeks (he was 8lbs, 5oz at birth).

        He’ll be 22 in August, he’s 6’4″, and if he’s got body fat, I defy anyone to show me where it is. He is one CUT young man. He doesn’t have a “six pack,” he has a 12 pack!

    • Belly says:

      I had boofers too, a 9lb 1oz and the second was a 10 pounder! I looked down and said “I’ve given birth to a 3 month old!”

      I also stacked on heaps of weight, about 25kgs. I looked just like Jess. Except, you know, poorer.

      They do look in love, and so what if he’s a K-Fed, if he’s being a loving partner and supporting her, that’s worth more than any $$$

    • Iggles says:

      I don’t think so. Since he met her he’s been a “kept man”, so now he’ll probably be a SAHD.. even though they have nannies, servants, and Jess will be working..

      They look geniunely happy together about the baby. However, I can’t help but think – She left Nick for this guy?

      She dumped Nick thinking she could do so much better — a few public dumpings later she settles for a guy who is living off of her.. Eh

      • Molly says:

        The guy went to Yale and probably has a trust fund or something.

        I was watching Newlyweds episodes a few days ago and it struck me that Nick didn’t really love her. He was always saying things like, “My wife’s bitching at me.” I think she wanted to feel loved and he treated her like a mix of a pesty little sister and a prostitute. He was obsessed with blowjobs and asking for them.

      • Rhiley says:

        This is for @ Molly: I agree. With Nick it was all about his career, and I think he expected her to be the “perfect little housewife.” Papa Joe had other plans. But I genuinely kind of like and admire Jessica. I think she has been very true to herself and with Eric in the pictre, her relationship with her dad seems much less creepy.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Riley, I dunno. I met them at a wango tango show where nick was playing with 98 degrees and she was with him. My hubby played the same show and she was such a bitch all day to everyone.
        He was nice and seemed embarrassed, she was a stage 5 clinger with a huge ego, and that was before most people knew her.
        Anyway, nick sure seemed to be the better human of the two. She was a bitch to any woman within 50 feet of him. I got major side eye.

      • Emma says:

        @The Original Tiffany – That was when she was hot and skinny. Then she divorced Nick, gained a ton of weight, and got dumped a few times…now she’s nice and goofy. I don’t agree with what a lot of people say here. I think the girl has major emotional problems and this relationship she has going with this guy is whatever. But she got knocked up and everyone is all excited about it.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Definitely, this was a long time ago. Everyone this she’s all sweet and sunshiny stupid.
        She definitely was the diva, bitchy girl back in the day. Really bad outfit-could probably be googled. I checked it was 99. A long time ago, indeed!

        I just think Nick is a nice guy and her image was very controlled by Daddy when she really acted the opposite of her image.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Nick has a career? As a what? What do Nick and his wife do?

        I’ve been wondering what Mr. Jessica does since he first showed up.

  3. RocketMerry says:

    That’s the (gold-diggin’) way to go, Eric. Baby and marriage. LOL

    No, but seriously, I’m really happy for Jessica. I really hope everything will be great for her and her new family.

  4. Maritza says:

    They make an adorable couple! I can’t wait to see who the baby looks like, I’m sure she must be beautiful.

  5. Britt says:

    He’s an NFL player or something? I’m from Australia so not sure of the right term for it.

    • Dawn says:

      He is no longer playing in the NFL. I think he was a Pro football player for a very short time before he was cut. I may be wrong but I thought when she first met him he was married. But I am not a fan of Jess so I could be wrong!

      • holly hobby says:

        Yes he originally played with the 49ers. They traded him to New Orleans. He got cut from NO and we never heard from him again. He was a tight end. Ok but not spectacular.

        Yes he was married when he and Jess were shacking up.

        He looks like a hobo. Get a hair cut, it’s not like you have anything else to do.

      • Vesper says:

        I seem to remember he was about to start a Masters degree, around the time he met Jessica. He quit soon after meeting her so he could “dedicate” himself to the relationship.

  6. gee says:

    Maybe they’re including the 20 or so pounds she put on before pregnancy? Jessica Simpson is always pretty no matter what, I really don’t doubt she’ll be back to fighting weight in the next 6 months with Weight Watchers and a trainer.

  7. Overrated says:

    Maxwell Drew is an ugly name for a girl.

  8. MommaK18 says:

    I feel bad when people rag on Jessica’s fiance. Sure, he’s not Nick Lachey and has some job….(does he still work?? Serious question?) But Jessica is super successful and any man she meets will seem more KFed like because she’s a multimillionaire and has tons of facets of income.

    Eric has the cushy life….but at least he doesn’t wear wife-beaters and his pants aren’t sagging….and doesn’t have a few other kids with other women.

    Can’t believe that’s all it takes in Hollywood to be deemed decent. Love Hollywood’s standards ha!

    • MW says:

      Yeah, agreed. I ‘m not even a fan, but whatever he does during the day is what Jessica wants. It bothers me when people say “get a job” to some of these men when they have no clue what they do behind the scenes. He is probably handling some area of her business, which is better than hiring some outsider. At least she loves and trusts him to competently handle things for her.

  9. Justine says:

    80 pounds? That is almost as much as I weigh IN TOTAL. That’s friggin’ crazy.

    • Oh, please says:

      You weigh just over 80 pounds? Really? What are you, 12 years old?
      Even at her Daisy Duke smallest Jessica didn’t go under 100 pounds and I think we can all agree there was not much fat on that body.
      The anorexia must really be paying off for you.

      • lunabell says:

        Jeez, that anorexia comment was presumptuous and unnecessarily harsh.

        My 20 year old cousin who is 5’1″ is only 80 lbs and she eats normal sized meals. She just has a fast metabolism and small bones. Other people in my family have similar stats. Just because someone’s weight comes in below average, doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. In fact, I’d imagine it can actually be a good thing seeing as how most people in America are overweight anyway…

      • Vesper says:

        What a mean comment to make about someone u don’t even know. Guess what, short girls with tiny bones don’t weight much.

        People can be very quick to label women as having an eating diorder even if they are naturally thin. On the other hand, how acceptable would it be for someone to say to an overweight woman, “Have u ever thought of losing some weight”?

  10. someone says:

    80 pounds is probably right. She had already gained 60 when she posed for the Elle cover/interview and she was six months pregnant then.

  11. Marjalane says:

    Oh, I think she probably gained about 80 lbs. I gained 55, and I didn’t have nearly the arms and legs Jessica was sporting, plus you do gain A LOT of water weight. I had a C section with my 10 lb baby, but had lost 31 lbs. at my one week check up.

  12. Eleonor says:

    Dear Jessica the secret is an army of nannies, discipline and a good spandex.

  13. Sisi says:

    “He was excited when Jess told him she was pregnancy”

    Seriously… who greenlighted that sentence at the Enquirer?

  14. lucy2 says:

    If she did gain 80, ouch! That’s a lot to gain quickly and carry around. I hope she doesn’t go nuts trying to get very skinny again though, just get happy and healthy.
    I hope that guy turns out to be a good one for her, but I don’t know.

  15. Sara says:

    There is good research to say that eating a lot of sugar and or trans fat while pregnant will lead to a larger baby.

  16. Jessica says:

    What is it that Eric does for a living again? I am happy for them, they seem like a cute couple, I cant wait to see Maxwell!!

  17. Samigirl says:

    I would have KILLED for a fat baby. Some come out really chunky but still wrinkly. Both of mine were just a little wrinkly. No chunk for my 5 pounder and 6 pounder.

  18. Agnes says:

    i don’t think they’re as wrinkly if it’s a C-section, right?

    they seem like they’re going to be good parents. good for them. :)

    • sluggo says:

      Not sure about the wrinkly part, but definitely a lot less lumpy and dented. A newborn’s skull is deliberately non-fused to allow an easier passage. Sometimes this translates into some really, REALLY odd shapes. My nephew, for example, came out looking like a conehead. A very cute conehead.

      My second child was one ounce larger than Jessica’s … 9lbs 14oz, and I am not as petite as she is. Near the end, just before delivery, it’s like you’ve got a 40-lb bowling ball hanging from your waist. I really feel for her, and I also hope she doesn’t rush into having another one for quite a while: in many cases, each subsequent baby is larger and heavier. To have a nearly-10lb. whopper her first time around? Wow. I didn’t have a C-section but am glad I didn’t, because I’d imagine a baby of this size would mean a lot more cutting, don’t you think?

      I can believe little Maxi is a butterball but that’s not always the case, it depends on an infant’s length as well. If she takes after her mama, she’s probably a petite little girl and might indeed be roly-poly. But no two babies are alike, and the same goes for pregnancies, each one is different. Congrats to Jessica.

  19. Melly says:

    My 11 pound son was SO chunky when.he was born! He had fat little legs and the most adorable chipmunk cheeks. I gained 70 pounds with him but I lost over 60 pounds during the birth and in the first 6 weeks. The last 10 pounds are kind of…stuck.

  20. Nilber says:

    My nephew was 9 lbs and looked like a mini sumo wrestler as soon as he was born. Cute little weeble wooble, I adore that chunky monkey.

    • bluhare says:

      My 22 year old nephew told me the other day I’d always be his Auntie Wee Wee. Not for that reason!! Because when he was a baby, he was a fast developer and talked early, so I had this deal going that I’d teach him French. So I’d ask him a question, and he’d answer it.

      Me: Are you going to eat all your dinner?

      Nephew: Oui, oui!!

      So Auntie Wee Wee I am. I love kids.

      In case anyone’s wondering where that came from (like I just did when I reread it) it’s because Nilber was talking nicknames.

  21. LeManda says:

    My 9lbs 9oz boy was chubby. It actually looked like he had muscle definition. It was crazy! So I understand what Jess is saying. Most of his nicknames at the time were food related…Meatloaf, Meatball….Cheeks and Chico…Awww now I miss his baby years!

  22. SirSnarksalot says:

    I wish someone would sneak a picture of Jessica so we can see just how little of her weight gain was baby. I have a feeling she’ll be in lockdown away from paps for at least another month. But more so I’d like someone to leak the untouched photos of Jessica’s nude preggo photos. Don’t tell me you’re all proud of your body when we all know those shots were ‘shopped to hell and back. And I hate the daddy-kissing-belly-while-throwing-your-head-back pose. blech.

  23. Darlene says:

    My daughter was born at 9lbs 11oz and the lowest she ever weighed was 8lbs 3oz. She was ALWAYS a butterball. Now she’s the tallest, thinnest girl in her class.

  24. Jenna says:

    So he’s an “okay father”? What the hell does that mean? He doesn’t drop the baby when he holds her? o_O

  25. Erinn says:

    It looks like they did a lot of ‘shopping on those legs.

  26. Shelly says:

    My little brother was roly-poly, right from the beginning. His baby pics are hysterical. He had rolls and rolls of chub. So it’s totally possible.

  27. Mary jones says:

    Noone cares if you all lost all your baby weight in a week! Or that you only gained 5 pds. So sick of all the people who brag about it on this site. Everyone is different get over yourself. Personally id rather be like Jess and gain 90 pds and know that I can lose it and be hot again. Than be skinny and ugly like im sure you are.

  28. Ginger says:

    My son was born 2 mos. premature (I had acute eclampsia and nearly died so he was taken by C section at 29 weeks) He was five pounds when I finally brought him home and so he looked like a wrinkly little old man doll baby for a while but in about a month I fattened him up to roly poly. I was on a mission! That should have been about the time of his original due date. The nurses all said if I’d carried him to term he would have easily been a 10 pound baby. So, basically I would have probably been as big as Jessica if I’d gone full term. I can’t blame her AT ALL if she had a C section. That’s a big healthy baby! I’m so happy for them, they seem like a cute couple.

  29. missyaggravation says:

    I think they’re purposefully putting her “starting weight” a few years/pounds ago. Can’t imagine why, though I think it’ll become clear in a few months when she “loses” all that baby weight through an endorsement of some sort.

    Still, I think her little family sounds wonderful!

  30. Holden says:

    All I took away from this is it is way easier to have a baby when you are rich and don’t have to worry about money.

  31. Penguin says:

    So she nearly gained the weight of an adult person just to give birth to a 9 pound baby.

  32. mayamae says:

    Kaiser you may not judge her if she had an elective c-section, but I will.

    Having major surgery for convenience of patient and doctor is one of the reasons our health care system is out of control. But more importantly, complications are significantly increased to mother and child.

    Obviously, if the surgery was advised by the MD due to size of baby and narrowness of hips – that’s entirely different.

  33. Sandy says:

    The weight gain will include 9 pounds of baby, plus whatever a placenta weighs, plus amniotic fluid, increased blood volume, uterus,boobs, milk. Most of it will have already gone.

  34. Isa says:

    Yes, they do! Well, my baby was 9 lbs 6 ozs and he looked like a football player. My daughter was 7 lbs 4 ozs. She wasn’t wrinkly though. She’s petite and always has been.
    I don’t judge elective c section but I don’t understand them in most cases. I do understand Jessicas bc there’s a chance she would look like she had a csection “down there.” My vaginal birth was waaay easier than a csection. With my csection I was in pain for a week! Yes, I was up and walking around then next day but it still freaking hurt!

  35. Gah says:

    I was so pleased when she finally gave birth as I had hoped that the Pram Brigade might finally shut up and stop oversharing about their bundles of joy. This is a celebrity site, not friggin’ Mothercare. I don’t care how much your baby weighed at 3 weeks or for how long you pushed, so please, can you give it up and get back to discussing what the story was actually about??

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      The story was about how much weight a pregnant celeb gained. Not sure how the mother brigade isn’t on topic. Maybe you shouldn’t read these threads if they bug you so much.
      Your new rule? Stay away from any thread mentioning pregnancy or kids under five?

      • Gah says:

        Hahaha! Precisely the reaction I knew I’d get!
        The story is about JESSICA SIMPSON. Not how much any one here has experienced in their own lives. But, as usual, the Mummy Nazi’s think that just because they have pushed out a baby, they have the right to take over and make it all about themselves. Not everyone in the world wants to know about your vagina or birth or the size of your third child. The story is about Jessica, Eric and THEIR baby. NOT yours.
        That is the point of celebrity sites – to discuss THEM. Not you. Go and create your own oversharing site.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Gah:

        The “Mummy Nazi’s”. U are very RUDE, and I am not even a child person.

        Since the title of the article is “Jessica Simpson Gained 80 Pounds…”, and most of the article consists of comments about Jessica’s weight, as well as that of the baby, all of the commentor remarks are related to the topic of the article. Your comments, however, are not.

      • normades says:

        “That is the point of celebrity sites – to discuss THEM.”

        If this was just a site just to fawn over celebrities, I wouldn’t come here.

        I love this site because people share their own experiences, rant, go off topic…etc.

        I really could care less about Jessica Simpson, but her “issues” do interest me and my opinions are based in my own personal experience. And other people’s opinions/experiences interest me too.

        Any time there is a post concerning pregnancy, diet etc on CB…people are going to talk about their personal opinions and experiences. So maybe you’re on the wrong site?

  36. Palermo. says:

    Hmm. The story has already changed. Before she gave birth it seems like she had gained around 40 in her words but now it’s 80. They are really gearing up for the big WW success story aren’t they.

  37. riri says:

    That is wonderful that he is a supportive father.

    I know a guy who didn’t have to work when his child was born(a professor and that was summertime) and didn’t take care of his baby and was far from supportive.

    We make fun of men when we finally see some that are actually involved and supportive. We should do the opposite.

    I loved the picture esepcially because I loved his expression as he was kissing her belly.

  38. jennifer says:

    I totally buy that she gained 80 lbs because I gained 70 with my first and I’m only 5’2…

  39. Snowflake says:

    I feel for this guy. I mean, he could be holding down a job and we just don’t know it. or working in her business somehow. or he could be wealthy enough that he can take some time off while she’s pregnant. Give him a break, ffs! He looks like he genuinely cares about her. kfed never looked at brittney the way jessica’s man looks at her.

  40. Alexis says:

    ugh of course these Jessica Simonson-sunshine-lollipop-and-rainbow baby stories are going to come out the ying yang now. Jessica’s underdevelop mind can only process thoughts about BABIES, men, marriage and food.