Tom Cruise is dying to be wedding planner for Isabella and her CO$ boyfriend

Isabella Cruise

If you haven’t heard by now, the tabloids have been all a-flutter lately over Isabella Cruise, who has been dating a young man named Eddie Frencher for the past half year or so. Until now, Kaiser, CB, and myself have agreed not to cover these stories because Isabella seems to strive for staying out of the limelight, and she does deserve some modicum of privacy for not acting like an attention whore. Like it’s not her fault that her dad is a both a global movie star as well as the Unhinged, Lift-Wearing Midget, right? Anyway, there have been a lot of Isabella-oriented stories lately, so we’re giving in and covering this one, but just take it easy on her in the comments.

This week’s issue of The Enquirer has a rather amusing story about how Tom Cruise really wants Isabella (who is only 19) to marry her lovely boyfriend because he’s wild about Eddie, who comes from a nice, proper Scientology family. Supposedly, Tom wants this marriage to happen so badly that he’s told Isabella that he will plan every aspect of the wedding and even the honeymoon. Who knows if this story is true or not, but you know Tom is just dying to pick out some fetching bridesmaids’ dresses:

Isabella Cruise Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has handpicked a husband for his daughter Isabella, says a pal, and the Mission: Impossible star is so delighted with his choice, he’s promised to arrange the entire wedding and honeymoon, The ENQUIRER has learned.

If all goes as Tom hopes, Isabella, 19, will walk down the aisle with 24-year-old budding music composer Eddie Frencher.

Like Tom and Isabella, Eddie is a member of the controversial church of Scientology. He’s been dating Tom’s little girl for more than six months, and her screen legend dad “loves him like a son,” according to a Cruise family insider, who added: “Tom wants to arrange everything for Isabella. He basically handpicked Eddie as a boyfriend for his daughter.

“Now he wants his daughter to get married to him — and, in return, he’d not only pick up the entire cost of the wedding and honeymoon, but he’d even arrange everything for the happy couple!

“That means Tom would arrange for the flowers, seating, everything. The wedding would be held at his mansion. I think Tom would even pay for the engagement ring his daughter seems to want so badly!”

Tom, 49, has not only given Eddie a big thumbs up, he’s also letting the budding musician live in a small apartment with his daughter in L.A. “Tom thinks the world of Eddie,” said a source close to the star. “He trusts him implicitly to love, protect and care for his daughter. And Tom wouldn’t let Isabella run off with just anyone.

Recent reports say Eddie’s already spoken to Isabella’s dad about proposing. Although she’s been insisting they aren’t set to tie the knot just yet. She recently posted a photo of a diamond ring on her Twitter page, stating: “I adore this!”

The insider said that Cruise has known Eddie’s family for a long time. His dad John and the rest of his clan are prominent members in the Church of Scientology. “It wasn’t important to Tom that Eddie doesn’t come form money, what was important is that the family has Scientology values,” said the source.

Isabella, along with brother Connor, 17, have lived with their father Tom ever since his high-profile divorce from their mother Nicole Kidman in 2001

[From Enquirer, print edition, May 21, 2012]

Dear Xenu, could you imagine having Tom Cruise for a father-in-law? Perish the thought. The man would seriously be exhausting to deal with on a consistent basis, and I bet he’d even be creepy enough to give poor Eddie a “man-to-man” speech before the wedding night. Aaaaand I just grossed myself out.

In related news, Isabella has recently discussed (for the first time) her relationship with estranged mother Nicole Kidman. As we’ve previously discussed, neither Isabella nor Connor have been seen with Nicole since the divorce from Tom. This report could be (and probably is) total crap, but Isabella says that she and Nicole are still very close:

As the daughter of two of the most famous stars in the world, Isabella Cruise has always kept quiet about her private life – until now. The young artist has revealed she has reunited with her adoptive mother Nicole Kidman.

The normally private 19-year-old has not appeared in public with her famous Australian mother for many years but is adamant they have don’t have a troubled relationship.

In an interview with New Idea magazine, Isabella rubbished allegations that she does not speak to Nicole. She said: “I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her. We’re a very close family. I love all of our family.”

The new claims are in stark contrast to what Nicole, who is currently filming The Railway Man, once said about both her adopted children back in 2007. Kidman told GMTV: “My kids don’t call me mommy, they don’t even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it.”

It was also widely reported at the time that Cruise’s current wife Katie Holmes admitted Connor and Isabella called her ‘Mom’ after just two years in their lives. The Batman Begins actor said: “His first two children are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me Mom.”

[From Daily Mail]

This odd story has been supplemented by an Us Weekly story that sounds suspiciously like it’s coming from the CO$:

“Isabella does still speak to Nicole, as does Connor, just not as much as they used to when they were younger and Tom and Nicole were together,” an insider explains to Us Weekly; Cruise, 49, and the Oscar-winning actress divorced in 2001. “They stay in contact. Nicole is far away and doesn’t visit LA often so there’s naturally going to be that distance.”

Married to Keith Urban since 2006, Kidman has daughters Sunday Rose, 3, and Faith Margaret, 17 months, and the foursome spend much of their time in Australia, with Isabella and Connor opting to live in Los Angeles.

Cruise married Katie Holmes in 2006 — the same year the couple welcomed daughter Suri. “Both Isabella and Connor are really close with Kate, much more so than Nicole,” the source continues of actress Holmes, 33. “They do see Tom often, whenever he is in town.”

[From Us Weekly]

From the way that Us Weekly’s source refers to Katie as “Kate,” one can infer that this information is coming from inside the CO$. Cults often change their members’ names and, after all, Tom was the one who initially revealed that he referred to his then-girlfriend as Kate right before he jumped all over Oprah’s couch. In addition, I would assume that the CO$ is putting out this denial of Nicole’s estranged relationship with her first two children because they don’t want prospective members to realize the truth of their disconnection policy.

The truth of the matter is this — Isabella and Connor have been photographed with Nicole only very rarely since CO$ engineered her split with Tom. Naturally, Isabella is often photographed alongside new “mom” Katie these days.

Isabella Cruise Katie Holmes

Here are a few photos of Nicole and Isabella in 1998 just a few years before Tom and Nicole divorced. These are adorable pictures, and clearly the two girls were very close, but not for long. Such sadness.

Isabella Cruise Nicole Kidman

Isabella Cruise Nicole Kidman

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Rin says:

    Scientologists are weird. They get married young, they all act like complete freakazoids and claim its the magic of LRon. If Juliette Lewis and Tom Cruise are the end products of Scientology…I’m glad not to be a member.

    Isabella is too young to marry, but I doubt that will stop them.

    As for Tom planning it…let’s look at the reality, his Frankenbaby with Katie is pretty much all he talks or cares about. He never spent as much lavish attention on the other two. If he plans it it will be nothing like if Suri gets married. It will be a low rent affair.

    • Rhea says:

      At least if they let him to be the wedding planner, he would make sure there would be a sofa when they need to toast the groom & the bride—-so the one who deliver the speech gets to jump up and down sharing his/her feelings about them.

  2. PHD in Gossip says:

    Katie has a bald spot I am guessing from all her extensions and weaves.

  3. Eve says:

    Who knows if this story is true or not, but you know Tom is just dying to pick out some fetching bridesmaids’ dresses

    He’s probably dying ot wear them.

  4. Britt says:

    Oh Tom Cruise is a total nightmare, I can’t imagine the pressure he must place on his children. He totally gives me the shivers, for all the wrong reasons.

  5. mln76 says:

    It makes me really really sad to see those pics of Nicole & Isabella together. They seem really close and to have a lot of affection plus Nicole has her real face and is sooooo gorgeous.

    CO$$$ is such an evil bunch of Mofos.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I love the last picture. Isabella looks like she is so happy to be Nicole’s little mini-me! Too sad that COS tore that apart for its own selfish reasons.

  6. RocketMerry says:

    Sure he is! He can’t wait until it’s Suri’s time to get hitched… he’ll make it a HUGE event, with big reception, an exceptional white dress designed expressly for her, a tear inducing ceremony, all the pretty flowers and the most adorable invitations…
    Yeah, Tom. Plan away.

  7. gee says:

    I saw a picture of Nicole and Isabella holding hands a year ago or so?? I swear I saw it somewhere.

  8. Lindy says:

    There’s just so much in this story to be sad about. Sad that Tom seems to want to purchase a husband for his daughter, sad that she seems so eager to get married at such a young age. (Not knocking all young marriages–I was a pretty young bride, so I know it works out sometimes, but it doesn’t usually, and it sounds like Isabella is a kid who has never been allowed out of the compound). Sad that Nicole was forced to become alienated from her two kids (because does anyone really doubt that anymore?). Sad all around.

    • Agnes says:

      i agree, very sad. and i wonder if isabella has ever been in a normal, CO$-free environment, or if she could ever exist in one. tom seems to want to keep her in the crazy cocoon.

  9. Reba says:

    They are NOT an attractive couple, poor Isabella, she’s not hot.

  10. Marjalane says:

    My take on this, aside from it just being another ho-hum day in freaky Scientology world, is that the whole thing is a speculated, fabricated, nothingburger. EXCEPT, that Tom probably is anxious for his daughter to marry into the fold so he can concentrate his efforts into finding a suitable Sci-bot for Suri, (*with the fringe on top*) (I HAVE to do that when I say her name. I HAVE to) to marry.

  11. Hautie says:

    I am surprise that the couple get to live alone without “The Cult” living in the apartment next door.

    Or that they are living in some shady part of town without the CO$ goons being near by…

    Why not encourage them both to go to college? Pay for them both to attend somewhere local and let them grow into adults. It is a much better investment than some big money wedding.

    But if Isabella was to ever get a good look at normal kids at the local college. She might have a few questions about “The Cult” that would not have a
    positive answer.

    • Agnes says:

      exactly – she might want to start questioning the cult. i wonder, btw, what level of education these kids have? i assume they were home-schooled through high school? sad that they’re denied normal experiences like college, non-CO$ friends etc. and i bet you that their apartment is being heavily monitored.

    • mln76 says:

      on the college issue CO$ schools are infamously terrible I doubt she actually can go to college with that kind of education. I feel really, really bad for her. Maybe Nicole can reach out to her now that she’s older?

    • polk8dot says:

      There was a story a couple of years ago making the rounds on the net, about the ‘education’ Isabella and Connor were getting and their living arrangements. It was a follow-up to an article in which Nicole said she was really sorry that the kids ‘chose to live with their father, in LA, and did not want to see her’. Someone did some digging, and found out the true details of their daily lives..
      Apparently they both lived in Oregon, outside Portland, with Tom’s sister, FULL TIME, and were both attending a CO$ boarding schoold there. So they were at school all week, then weekends ‘locked up’ with ‘auntie dearest’.
      They’d get to visit with Tom and Katie only very seldom, and then would be paraded around as a perfect family they are so NOT.
      Then Suri started growing up, and Tom completely lost any interest in the two older kids, so they were just left to vascilate in Oregon.
      Only now that they are older and wiser, are they becoming more of a part of the perfect family unit Tommy is trying so desperately to present to the world. And yet we all know he is a total nutjob, and that those kids never stood a chance.

  12. Agnes says:

    OF COURSE he wants to be the wedding planner! hahaha! (i don’t mean to stereotype gay dudes here, tom is just hilarious and a walking joke.) run, isabella, run!

  13. lucy2 says:

    I don’t believe for a moment that those kids ever had a normal parent/child relationship with either Tom or Nicole, and whatever was there with Nicole, COS cut off when she got out. Everything seems to be about creating a certain image for Tom.

    I hope she doesn’t get married so young, but I’d imagine that’s exactly what the cult wants her to do.

  14. Cleveland Girl says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that Isabella was a lesbian? Or am I hallucinating?

  15. Zorbitor says:

    Where’s Bobby Trendy??? (remember him?)

  16. bluhare says:

    I’m not inferring that Nicole Kidman doesn’t love her child, but I didn’t see it in those two photos.

  17. TG says:

    I know people are going to disagree with me but I think this girl has a lot of emotional problems as a result of the sepration from her mom and likely just being raised in a cult with tommy boy as a dad and he and katie worshipping little suri. I mean she was a cute little girl and now she is overweight and unattractive, almost like she doesn’t want anyone to look at her. She always looks like the nanny in the photos with Katie. Hope she can escape and maybe move to Australia with Nicole.

    • polk8dot says:

      I agree. She seems completely unhappy, lacking self-esteem, and trying to blend into the background. And on those ‘family’ trip pictures, she does look, and behave, like a fricking assistant to Katie, not like another child in the household.
      Almost exactly the same goes for Connor – only he seems to be more assured, and not so scared to put himself out there. But he too looks like an incidental member of the family, there only for the convenience of the 3 CO$- brainwashed cyborgs.

  18. Beep says:

    Katie looks like a freaking GIANT compared to Isabella!

  19. Heebeegeebee says:

    This is a peeve of mine and I know it’s been mentioned before. Is Isabella Tom & Katie’s personal assistant/nanny? Consider the above photo. Tom is walking, unhindered and upfront, while holding Suri’s hand. Perfect shot for the paps. Isabella, is behind, carrying Suri’s stuff. I have seen this set up time and again with this family. Also, I dont think I have ever seen a photo of Tom talking, hugging, or even nodding to Isabella. Also what sane parent would be “thrilled” that their 19 year old has moved in with their partner?

  20. Violet says:

    It seems like Isabella turned out normal, despite having superstar parents.

    I’m sure Tom is freaking out that his teenage daughter is shacking up with her boyfriend in a not-so-great part of town, but I doubt he’s eager to marry her off.

    I hope that Isabelle and Nicole are back in contact again, because I really do believe that Nicole loves her oldest two kids and has missed them tremendously. The worst thing about the CO$ is how it destroys families, isolating followers from so-called suppressive persons.

  21. Jenna says:

    “Lift-Wearing Midget” … I don’t know why I laughed so hard at that, but I did.

  22. Cindy says:

    I’m sorry, but a father who is actively encouraging his teenager to get married is in-freaking-sane. I’m not saying that young marriages can’t work, but people change a lot in their early 20s, and he should be staying out of it and letting the relationship happen at its own pace. Not trying to bribe the kid with a big wedding.

  23. Dap says:

    Poor girl. Her dad is nuts and her mum abandoned her. Yes, I know what you’re all going to say: NK didn’t have a choice, yadi, yada. Well, it’s not true. You always have a choice in life. Do you think NK would leave Sunday-Rose and Faith in the hand of a dangerous cult and move way from them to another side of the planet? I don’t think so. She would fight teeth and nail (as a mother SHOULD). There are family courts, there are media who would be so eager to bash CO$, there is an ex-husband who relies on public opinion to earn his life. She had cards in hands. She refused to fight. Shame on her for that. As for Isabella’s interview (“I see her sometimes”?…who talks like that of her mother?), assuming it’s true, I take it as a cry for help. I hope NK will step in. She owes that to her.

    • holly hobby says:

      If you read Inside Scientology, it goes in depth about Tommy Boy and Nicole. Actually Nicole can’t go through the normal legal circles because the cult will destroy her. When she divorced Tommy Girl, she wasn’t that popular (this was before Moulin Rouge & her Oscar) so it isn’t likely she got an arsenal to fight against the cult.

      The whole thing is sad all around. Isabella shouldn’t settle for the first boy (a cultist!) who looks at her. Yahoo had an article about them eating at Subway. How Eddie Frencher didn’t even bother to stop smoking when she went and kissed him.

      On the other hand, I totally believe Tommy would want to plan the wedding. After all, he planned Nicole’s and Katie’s. Yes I read Tommy’s bio too.

  24. renata says:

    I actually give this girl a lot of credit — she kinda gets a pass from me on any criticism over who she is or what she does.

    Think of how easily she could have led a life attempting to profit from her lineage! As it stands, she could be right in front of me on a grocery store line, and I wouldn’t have a clue as to who she is — and that’s how she seems to want it. Good for her! I’m getting bored with attention whores who are in the limelight for no other reason than that they feel they have to be in that limelignt. Isabella’s path seems like one that should receive a quiet nod of approval and appreciation from most of us.

  25. Liv says:

    Yeah, but they are old enough now to choose who stays in their lives and who not.

    Hope they would just leave the “church”!

  26. lu says:

    Hey isnt that whole white dress ,ceremony ,vows a catholic thing. now that i think about it he had a “wedding” too. just when it is convinient. make your own crazy scientology, alien ceremony crap tom

  27. Snowpea says:

    Oh gosh, I know I’m late commenting but I’m just gonna say it! That poor girl is as plain as a pumpkin! She has massive thighs, bad skin and, judging from her body language, the self esteem of tofu.

    Having said that, I, too, had very poor self confidence at 19 and if there were photographic evidence from that time splashed across the international press, who knows what conclusions one may draw?

    BUT, and its a large but, there is something very fishy going on here. Why does that child not see her mother? (Nicole is her mother). Coming from Australia, where the CoS is confined to a gaggle of crazies handing out leaflets outside a run down old building in the middle of the city, its hard to understand this sinister, fucked up organisation and its stranglehold on Hollywood heavies like John, Will and Tom.

    Why the eff don’t they just say, ‘Eff you, I’m going my own way’? WHAT is this whole caper about?

    In Australia there would be an outcry. Admittedly, we are a tiny nation, only 20 million people, so our affairs are alot more intimate and people are made accountable alot easier.

    BUT STILL! Why is this family so goddamn WEIRD!?? Katie = depressed, anxious, weird. Tom=bizarre, repressed, odd. And now this CHILD, Isabella.

    Honestly, what the EFF is going on????

  28. Chrissy says:

    While I think the scientology people are a bunch of nutso’s, I’ve heard too many weird things about Nicole too. I think it’s a bad situation all around. I doubt the prospective groom would be bothered too much by having Tom as a FIL, because he is certain to be deeply brainwashed by the cult too. If it’s true that Tom wants Isabella married to the guy, it will happen.

  29. Shoe_lover says:

    reading between the lines- Tom is happy that the BF is living with Isabella because that way there is always someone from the CO$ watching her and if they were to marry him she would be even more trapped. Isabella run for your life. i just came back from a trip to LA and i was shocked by the amount of CO$ facilities there

  30. Mr. Greek says:

    From the CB post:

    “Anyway, there have been a lot of Isabella-oriented stories lately, so we’re giving in and covering this one, but just take it easy on her in the comments.”

    LOL! Oh man, best laugh I’ve had all day! Thanks, Celebitchy!