Is Kirsten Dunst pregnant and will good genes cancel out bad

Kirsten Dunst could be pregnant! Star magazine claims that she has a baby bump, back pain, morning sickness and an unnatural interest in the pregnancies of her coworkers:

Kirsten Dunst has been generating rumors that she may be the next famous actress to be sporting a baby bump on the set of her upcoming film Spiderman 3. She has been spotted wearing baggy clothing, ordering big boxes of sweet chocolaty treats, and overheard complaining of lower back pain and nausea during filming. Her rep denies that these tell-tale signs are signaling that Kirsten is a mom-to-be, but her interest in co-star Tobey Maguire’s newborn daughter suggests otherwise. Kirsten has become fascinated by details about the pregnancy of Tobey’s fiancée, Jennifer Meyer, asking how she dealt with morning sickness. When Tobey replied that Jennifer felt awful throughout the entire nine months, Kirsten just groaned, “Oh great!” If Kirsten is anticipating her own nine-month struggle, fans wonder, who’s the daddy? Kirsten dated her Marie Antoinette costar Jason Schwartzman briefly in October, and recently announced her relationship with Orlando Bloom in November. But Kirsten was seen with former-love Jake Gyllenhaal this month too. They weren’t cuddling or all over each other, so maybe the old flames simply reunited to share some new baby news!

[From the Star magazine e-mail newsletter]

I don’t know if I quite believe this, but it could be true! Kirsten recently mused that she’d like to go to art school, and it sounds like she’s looking for interests outside of Hollywood. A baby could be just the fulfillment she needs to replace days of smoking, drinking and thrift store shopping.

Could it be Orlando Bloom’s baby, and will the notorious ladies man stick around long enough to help her out? These two just were linked together so it’s possible she was already pregnant when she met him. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

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  1. FF says:

    And it’s impossible that she has PMS?

    Wasn’t it a while back that they came to the same conclusion because she bought some vitamins for pregnant women?

  2. pistachio_xoxo says:

    Back pain doesn’t come until later is pregnancy. This is stupid.

  3. Samantha says:

    rumours rumours etc. you never know fact from truth in hollywood

  4. Manga1 says:

    There’s great coverage of Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette at!

  5. JADEDSTONE says:

    Kristen Dunst is a nice actress. Well,I don’t think so. Orlando may eb a ladies fine (that’s great w/me),but he’s not the kind of guy to get a woman pregnant before they’re married. It’s just a silly rumor. They look so cute together,though! They are both so real,nice and cute (Orando’s HOT,and she’s pretty.) They’re both down-to-earth too–inside and out,in a way. They make a nice couple–it probably won’t last though,but if it does,that would be great!

  6. tauseef says:

    she’s pragnent wow that’s great.
    conrats Dunst.