Demi Lovato signs on as “X-Factor” judge: great or bad for her recovery?

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has officially signed on as a judge for the upcoming season of “The X-Factor,” and my reaction here is much like Kaiser’s response to Britney Spears signing on last week. Yes, it’s a sweet gig for any pop star, but I have to question why Simon Cowell has chosen Demi and also how this gig could be a very difficult gamble for her in terms of recovery from her eating and emotional disorders. Actually, it’s pretty easy to guess why Demi has been selected for the job of reality musical competition show judge. Certainly, Simon’s camp signed Demi because she appeals to a very key demographic of viewers; that is, Demi has a raging fanbase of tweener girls (and the occasional boy as well):

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has officially signed her deal and will be a judge on the next season of “The X Factor” … TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Demi will be in NYC tomorrow for the FOX Up Fronts to announce her joining the show.

Demi is scheduled to tour this summer, but our sources say her “X Factor” schedule shouldn’t interfere with her touring.

Lovato should have company tomorrow … as TMZ previously reported, our sources say Britney Spears will be in NYC to announce she’s joining the show as well.

[From TMZ]

Here’s the thing — Demi has spoken at great length about her recovery, and her admissions include a public declaration of why she quit acting: “I know that I could be in a fragile state of mind if I go back in front of the camera.” So I don’t understand why she’s backtracking on that statement and has chosen to put her recovery in jeopardy as a result. Will Demi be able to avoid temptation, or will the diva pop star side of her begin to rear its proverbial ugly head once more? Remember, this is a girl who once punched a backup dancer even though she later owned up to the error of her ways. While Demi’s people certainly encouraged her to grab this gig, and it’s a great professional opportunity, I just see this as an ultimately bad idea.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato pictured at her album signing for Unbroken in London; photos courtesy of WENN

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31 Responses to “Demi Lovato signs on as “X-Factor” judge: great or bad for her recovery?”

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  1. Cherry says:

    Well, she’s an adult woman, isn’t she? I’m sure she doesn’t need us, people who don’t even know her, to be concerned about her being mentally stable enough to do her job.

  2. Jazzmin says:

    This is epic, Leann Rimes tried HARD to petition for the job of XFactor judge, Simon decided to go with Demi Lovato. Poor yodel clown in the music biz for more than 15 years and she gets passed over for a lesser known Disney star. Congrats Demi!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

    • brin says:

      LOL….that’s the first thing I thought of…sucks to be Leann!!!!
      Good luck, Demi!

    • Music says:

      I’m no Leann Fan, but she would been a better choice. She was a hardworker and had some level of talent and sucess in the music industry. She also dosen’t have a laundry list of personal issues/or in recovery.

      Simon chose Demi for the tween fanbase, and to see if she has a meltdown to get some controversy for the sagging show.

      He chose Britney for the same reason. People will tune in to see her do well, or to see if she is crazy, either way they will watch.

  3. marybeth18 says:

    My concern about her is the same as Lindsay Lohan back in the day- both are/were young women with evident emotional problems whose parents were more invested in their careers than in their emotional health.

    Now, Lindsay is a raging narcissist who couldn’t admit blame for a fart, and Demi is a young woman who seems well aware of her demons and triggers and has spoken at length about her struggles, so hopefully Demi won’t be following in Lindsay’s footprints.

    I don’t know if any part of Hollywood is really healthy, especially for people battling a lot of very real problems. Can only hope that she’s in a really good place with a lot of professional and emotional support in her life.

  4. Jenny says:

    Demi?! Britney?! They are really desperate for high ratings. One with serious drug addiction, another with bipolar disorder. Bring it on. Can’t wait for this mess.

  5. NONNIE says:

    She reminds me of someone who would be on Jersey Shore. She’s very Jersey-ish looking.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I say “chola” – hispanic gangsta or wanna be gangsta girl. I’m half Hispanic and in LA. They more or less look alike – cholas and Jersey girls. Trashy.

  6. T.C. says:

    Is she talented enough to be a judge? She has to work. This is better than the reality show.

  7. Reece says:

    Basically the same reaction I had to Britney: umm okay *side eyes Simon*…maybe being grounded in one place will be good for them.

  8. tru tru says:

    lord, I hope Demi and Brit don’t go on a bender together…

    Simon is the debil

    • mia girl says:

      I like Simon but he does seem to be surrounding himself with emotionally fragile women, first Paula for so long and now Britney and Demi.

      I hope it goes well for them both.

  9. Jen says:

    Of course she took the job . . . the whole “fragile” image is to cover up the fact that she’s still a hard partier. She needs $$ to buy blow.

    And who is Lovato to be judging actually-talented people? Could say the same for Britney but at least I get her marquee value.

    • tru tru says:

      I keep hearing that she is still using, if not more.

    • lil ole me says:

      You guys I’m getting old (34). I see this young lady in the tabloids a lot (eating disorder, rehab), but I have no idea what she does or who she is? I was always too lazy/disinterested to google her. But now, she has gotten a very good gig eh? Seems very young to be a judge. She must have been brought up in showbiz at a very young age to already be having such an abundance of problems.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        She’s the last of the “famous” Disney kids. I only know her because I worked for their website and I was forced to see the Channel stuff. I think Mickey finally put his paw down and squeaked “ENOUGH!”

  10. Nev says:

    Britney said in a interview she wanted Demi to do it alongside her.

  11. Nanz says:

    I’m paraphrasing here: Recovery can make someone intuitively know how to handle situations that were once baffling. So maybe recovery is working for her and she feels strong enough to do this kind of work.

  12. F5 says:

    what recovery?

  13. lizbet says:

    I hope she’s doing better, sounds like a train to crazytown if I ever heard of one, blah blah blWHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER EYEBROWS??

    Seriously, that’s the only thing I can focus on; they are so dark and make her face look so harsh! Get those chola brows lightened, Demi! (And this coming from a Hispanic woman.. believe me, those things will eat you alive.)

  14. jover says:

    Agree with the gist of these posts – these so-called talent shows are about ratings/money; any talent comes secondary; awhile back there was an article in an Elle mag interviewing a producer for AI and she said only half the show is about, you know, “singing” – we know what the other half is about; so we have a trailer park lip syncher and a disney product; I’ve also heard avril lavigne’s name tossed about lets go for the trifecta of absurdity – can someone please tell me what truly outstanding musical talent(s) in any genre Simon actually found and guided to stardom – Do the Spice Girls count?

  15. nope says:

    Buh by X-Factor and Simon! I will NOT watch 1 second of it because of those two worthless women.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I don’t watch any of these shows, I get all my info on the blogs – who is the other woman?

  16. Maxx says:

    …. prob needs the check to pay off rehab and all her mother’s other miscellaneous debts

    Keep feeding that monkey sweetie….

    • Music says:

      Some say Demi’s mom is just like Dina Lohan. So I don’t see this going well. She will take the 5 million paycheck, suffer from “exhaustion” in 2 months and leave the show.

      She is a grown woman so she can do what she likes, but don’t whine about it later how she was “used and spit out by Hollywood” when SHE decided to take the job.

  17. ZenB!tch says:

    That hair – eeek!

    That chola make up – double eeek!

    Lighter hair = lighter brows – triple eeek!

    I’d be more worried about her going on tour than being on some show.

    • Music says:

      No offense but I doubt Britney knows who Demi is. Lovato was never on a Miley Cyrus/Selena Gomez type of fame from Disney. She had a show, that did pretty well for two seasons (that she walked away from) but she wasn’t this “marquee star” or anything of the sort.

      She is a D-list celeb. Demi had a lot of problems, cutting herself, bulima, and drug use and she claims fame was the cause of it all. So why thrust yourself RIGHT BACK into the spotlight with a show that will be watched by 15 million weekly?