The yellow Wiggle Greg may quit the band!

In case you’re not familiar with the Wiggles, they’re four singing Australian guys who have a massively popular children’s television show. Celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears, and Travis Barker have mentioned that their children love the Wiggles.

The yellow Wiggle, Greg, who sings and drives the Big Red Car, has been suffering a mystery illness for months. He’s been having fainting spells and doctors have yet to figure out what’s wrong with him.

The Wiggles Racing to the Rainbow Show is due to start in Perth tomorrow, and they’ve released a statement saying they’re going to make an announcement soon. it is expected that Wiggle Greg will not be touring due to his sickness:

A press release, issued this morning, states: “The Wiggles are set to make a major announcement relating to members of the group before they begin their national … tour in Perth tomorrow.”

After months of battling a mystery illness, Page is expected to announce that he will quit the group.

During the group’s recent US tour, Page was replaced by his understudy Sam Moran in July because of the illness.

Page has been under a cloud in recent months, after contracting the illness, which has included regular fainting spells.

The Wiggles publicist, Dianna O’Neill, would not discuss what the press conference was about, but did confirm Page’s illness.

“We don’t know what’s wrong with him – he’s had a lot of fainting spells, he’s had a lot of tests done to work it out. I spoke to him this morning and he said ‘Yes, I’m tired, but the doctors haven’t put a name to it yet, they just don’t know,’ ” she said.

She denied the illness was a nervous breakdown.

“It’s definitely not … it’s frustrating for him and everybody. We just want him to get better.”

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There is no announcement yet on the official Wiggle website.

My son loves the Wiggles, and this is sad news. Best wishes to Greg for a complete and full recovery. The band won’t be the same without him.

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  1. The husband says:

    Wish you a wiggly fast recovery! Does anybody think that he got whatever he got from Jeff??? I always thought that his dozing looked contagious.

  2. The husband says:

    Wow, I found this on wikipedia:
    “They (The Wiggles) are currently the nation’s highest-earning entertainers. According to an April 2006 survey published in the Australian media, The Wiggles grossed more in 2005 than AC/DC and Nicole Kidman combined.”

  3. sassymommy says:

    This has been going on for a while now–we took our 2 year old to see the Wiggles in August, and Sam was filling in for Greg then. It’s hard for people who don’t “get it” to understand, but these guys have an almost cult following among adults as well as children. They’ve been together and touring for something like 15 years, so this is a big deal, and really sad.

  4. Well, that sucks. I confess that Anthony is my favourite Wiggle.

    The least fetching one is the purple narcoleptic Jeff. Whatta freak!

  5. Canadian fan says:

    How sad. I did hear that Greg had a double hernia operation a while back, and I am just wondering if it is post operative complications that his Dr.’s have not figured out yet.
    Get well Greg Wiggle, you are a big hit in Canada too!

  6. van says:

    Agent Bedhead…I’m with you! Your comment totally cracked me up. Get well Greg; my son loves when you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  7. Viv says:

    Aw, I hope he gets better. Maybe some fruit salad would help.

  8. sassymommy says:

    LOL,Viv! Yummy, yummy!

  9. Bernard says:

    Greg Is the best singer, the other guys have terrible voices… the Wiggles are dead!